Jerry O'Connell: My Life As a Dad

08/25/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Courtesy Jerry O’Connell for PEOPLE for use on CBB

In PEOPLE’s latest issue, Jerry O’Connell — proud dad to fraternal twin daughters Charlie Tamara Tulip and Dolly Rebecca Rose — gives readers a peek into his life at home with the girls, 8 months.

Sharing personal photos snapped by the actor and wife Rebecca Romijn, Jerry discusses being a stay at home dad — and learning to love pink!

Click below for the story and photos.

Jerry (with Charlie) and brother Charlie (with Dolly) take the twins to a Dodgers game July 24 — Courtesy Jerry O’Connell for PEOPLE for use on CBB

I grew up with all boys in my family, where there was no place for girlie stuff.

But it’s amazing to walk into my house now.

Everything is pink!

When we first brought Dolly and Charlie home, Rebecca would say, “We’re going out, let’s put them in this dress.”

At first I thought it was impractical.

They’re going to poop and throw up in it anyway.

What’s the point?

But now I understand dressing girls: Kelly Ripa gave us the nicest girlie dresses.

They’re their go-to fancy wear — they’re so fancy, I can only wash them in Woolite!

Jerry, Charlie and Dolly — Courtesy Jerry O’Connell for PEOPLE for use on CBB

When they were being photographed for InStyle, I found myself brushing their hair.

Now that there’s a little more to work with, I can experiment just a bit more. Listen to me, I sound like Paul Mitchell! I can do mini-pigtails on Charlie, and on Dolly I can get barrettes in her hair.

One of my favorite things is putting them in their carriage, walking them around, and having people stop me and saying, “Tell me about your girls.”

Charlie likes to interact with people, and Dolly likes to study things.

There’s something fun about it. It’s like having a new car except it’s two lives. I’m proud.

Charlie and Dolly — Courtesy Jerry O’Connell for PEOPLE for use on CBB

Rebecca wants one of us to be home with the kids at all times. So while she’s working, I’ve been at home, and it’s been really fun.

My wife likes to give them milk when they wake up, but I’ve made some changes to the system. I like to let them play and then give them solid food.

I get in a lot of trouble, but I feed them in front of the TV with Sesame Street. They love it.

At bedtime I softly sing rap songs like Slick Rick or Biggie Smalls — without the curse words. I have favorite little bedtime nighties I put them in that say, “I love Project Runway.”

It’s a different experience to be with your kids when your spouse isn’t around. We have an area where they play; I go in there, and they climb all over me like two pet monkeys.

We have three dogs, if I act like one of the dogs with the dogs, they go crazy — we’re talking Richard Pryor in his heyday. I’ve never had people laugh at me so hard.

I think of myself as a funny guy but nobody thinks I’m funnier than my daughters. Whenever I try to scold them — if I’m feeding them and they put their hands in the food bowl, or when they’re pulling each other’s hair — they think it’s the funniest thing in the world.

There’s no better feeling than making your little girls laugh.

Jerry and Dolly — Courtesy Jerry O’Connell for PEOPLE for use on CBB

When you have little girls, you’re the coolest person in the world.

I know at some point that’s going to end; in their adolescence I’ll become the opposite of that, especially if I’m parked outside a high school party.

When that time comes, I’m going to read up on Judy Blume, rent some Molly Ringwald films and watch Twilight.

The amazing thing about all this is that it ends at some point.

My wife said, “The factory is closed.”

That’s not a lie. The factory is closed! You can’t make anything else.

You just have to appreciate every moment.

Charlie and Dolly — Courtesy Jerry O’Connell for PEOPLE for use on CBB

For more celebrity babies, check out the August 31st issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

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Amber on

How much fun is this family having with these girls? Too cute!

Amber on

LOL! “I love Project Runway”.

Me too girls, me too.

Andrea_momof2 on

Those pictures are so adorable!

Jill on

awww, he is so cute how he is savoring every moment with them! brought a little tear to my eye

Niki on

omg… that last one is fantastic!

Laura on

Awww – such beautiful little girls. I loved reading this. Reminds me of my husband with our daughter.

Tina. on

OMG! the twins are so cute! the pic of him, his brother Charlie and the twins are priceless! i love them! πŸ™‚

elle on

awwwww…super darling!

thanks,jerry, for being “real” and sharing these intimate and candid pix with us πŸ™‚

dee on

When that time comes, I’m going to read up on Judy Blume, rent some Molly Ringwald films and watch Twilight.

That’s my favorite quote from this article. Hilarious!! Those girls are adorable and I love the first pick with Jerry and his brother with the girls.

Cortney on

So they aren’t having anymore kids or what? What does he mean by the factory is closed? LOL

paperskyyy on

I was hoping this would be posted here! I saw this People over the weekend and nearly died looking the pictures!

jessie on

cute photos!

kaitlyn on

Aww, he seems like a great dad and those girls are seriously adorable. I totally cracked up when I saw that pic of them at the game. Baby-wearing men are sexy!

Jen Dc on

Each brother with a sister is the cutest. Look at those boys enjoy those babies!


My God! These girls are so adorable and cute!!!

Jerry seems so happy being a dad!

I would love to see Charlie and Dollys closet!! lol

lexi on

Awww this is the cutest article. Jerry O’Connell is so funny–and you can clearly see that he adores his little girls and that he’s a hands on parent.

My fav quotes: “When they were being photographed for InStyle, I found myself brushing their hair.” and

“At bedtime I softly sing rap songs like Slick Rick or Biggie Smalls β€” without the curse words.”

Carolyn on

Wow, reading that made me a bit teary. How sweet! He seems like a great dad.

Marilyn on

I read Rebecca said she probably won’t have anymore kids. This will be it for her and Jerry. Dolly and Charlie are so cute.

danda_lion on

Jerry is so awesome with his girls!

Lisa on

Those girls are adorable!!!! what beautiful pictures.

Just one question and I know it’s silly but I’ll ask anyway?! but what does Fraternal mean? Does it mean that the twins don’t look alike? I hear that often Fraternal Twins and always wondered what it meant??

Micheley on

I love the picture of Jerry, Charlie, and the girls. Its probably my favorite.

Erika on

He seems so sweet and fun with them!! And what adorable babies! It’s amazing how different they look, they don’t even look like sisters! And Charlie looks bigger than Dolly! Beautiful little girls!

Victoria on

Sooo sweet! What a fun, involved dad! The pics are beautiful – those girlies are adorable (and he’s not bad either!)

jenny on

When I was about 17 I went to the bowling alley with a bunch of friends, and as I left to go home, I saw my dad in the parking lot. Making sure I was ok. I still thought he was cool. Don’t worry Jerry πŸ™‚

Karm on

I teared up.
Sounds like a great dad!

Stephany on

Aw…those girls are so cute! They look like fun little babies…with their big smiles.

Patti on

Thankyou – Thankyou Jerry, for sharing this awesome adventure into your twin’s lives!!! Simply Scrumptious!!!

KC on

Such a cute story! Kinda had me choked up – LOL!

I love how intently Dolly is studying the ticket at the Dodgers game – that is priceless!

Sadie on

Lisa, fraternal twins come from two separate eggs and sperm, as opposed to identical twins, who come from one egg and sperm, but which splits in half. That’s why identical twins look exactly the same (100% same DNA), whereas fraternal twins are no more alike than other sibings (50% same DNA).
I have fraternal twins and they are polar opposites – one is dark skinned and dark eyed with curly hair, the other is blonde and fair skinned with green eyes. You wouldn’t pick them as sisters!
There is also another theory, yet to be proved, that an egg splits in two and is fertilised by two separate sperm, creating another “type” of twin which shares 75% of the same DNA. The Olsen twins, who are not identical but do look incredibly alike, are believed to be like this.
Hope this helps!

Meredith on

Fraternal twins refers to the fact that that at conception 2 eggs were present and each was fertilized by seperate sperm. This type of twin is no more similar than any two siblings and can result in same gender or opposite gender twins. Fraternal twins are genetically unique and may or may not look alike, just like any siblings(or in this case, sisters)
Identical twins are different because they are genetically identical to each other. At conception there is only one egg, fertilized by one sperm. Then, after fertilization has occurred, the zygote(fertilized egg) will divide, creating two babies with the same DNA. These babies must be the same gender(seeing as their DNA is the same) and will look the same(with exception to small differences like beauty marks)
Hope this helps!
Also, the girls look really cute and Jerry talks about them in such an amazing way. He seems really down to earth with them.

Lauren on

Aww I’m another who teared up. Made me love him even more.
Those girls are adorable.

And Lisa, fraternal means “non-identical”, as in, the twins were conceived from two seperate eggs, not one that split (which is the case with identical twins). Though these two don’t look alike, fraternal twins can still look very similar, though they don’t share the same DNA.

Brianne on

LOL Loved reading that! The girls are beautiful and he seems over the moon with them. Nice pictures, too!

Anna on

The girls are so cute! I like him, very nice interview.

Marilyn on

Lisa: Fraternal means they don’t look alike, i.e. they aren’t identical.

Whitney Sterk on

the girls are adorable and except the hair they look so much alike….

Amber on

Fraternal twins are from 2 separate eggs (thus, not identical)rather than one egg that splits making the twins identical. I think. Maybe I should shutup.

Laura on

Lisa says “Just one question and I know it’s silly but I’ll ask anyway?! but what does Fraternal mean? Does it mean that the twins don’t look alike? I hear that often Fraternal Twins and always wondered what it meant??”

Lisa it isn’t a silly question. Fraternal twins means that there were two separate eggs in the womb. And therefore the twins have different DNA and different looks, etc. Identical twins means they came from one egg and split into two (I think after it connects with the sperm but I’m not 100% sure) so they have the same DNA and look exactly the same.

Jazz on


Fraternal twins come from two different fertilized eggs. Basically, they don’t have to look alike and can be different sexes. They’re like any other siblings, they just were born at the same time. Identical twins come from the same fertilized egg that split, so they’re genetically the same.

And the girls are absolutely adorable! Jerry really loves his girls!

Allegra on

I love Jerry. He seems so “real” when talking about his daughters and I love how involved he is.

Lisa- Fraternal means the girls came from two separate eggs, rather than one that splits with identical twins.

meghan on

There’s no such thing as a silly question, Lisa! Basically Identical Twins come from one egg that splits. Fraternal Twins come from two separate eggs.

Mary on

So cute!

Lisa, fraternal twins are twins that are not identical. Identical twins come from one fertalized egg that splits in two, while fraternal are two seperate eggs that were fertilized. Identical can only be boy/boy, or girl/girl. However, fraternal can be boy/boy, girl/girl and boy/girl. Identical twins are, just as their name implies, identical. They have the same outer features, as well as the same DNA. Oh, and it wasn’t a silly question. My husband (for the longest time) was under the impression that you could have identical twins that were boys and girls. πŸ™‚

Jennifer on

So cute! I think it’s adorable that they each look like little mini versions of their parents- Charlie looks just like Jerry and Dolly looks just like Rebecca! πŸ™‚

In response to Lisa’s question, I think that while identical twins result from one egg being fertilized and then “splitting” into two separate fetuses, fraternal twins result from the mother ovulating two eggs in a cycle and both being fertilized at the same time, resulting in two fetuses from separate eggs as opposed to two fetuses from one “split” egg (hence them looking the same when identical vs. different when fraternal). Also explains why you get fraternal twins sometimes more than identical when you use fertility treatments…they increase your egg production so each becomes a separate fertilized egg as opposed to one that gets fertilized and then “splits”. (Hope that helps!) πŸ™‚

Sarah M. on

Lisa – Fraternal means they don’t look alike. Identical means they do.

The first photo is great, but my favorites may be the last 2 photos. They are very cute babies and Jerry seems like he’s loving fatherhood. Great for him!

L on

I ❀ Jerry after this article…so funny & sweet!!!

Both girls are so precious!!!

New Shoes on


“Fraternal” means that two separate eggs were fertilized. Identical twins result from a single egg being fertilized, which then splits into two eggs. Identical twins have the same DNA. Fraternal twins do not have the same DNA. Identical twins are always the same sex. Fraternal twins can be either both of the same sex or boy/girl. Fraternal does not necessarily mean that the twins won’t look nearly identical. The Olsen twins are a good example of this, particularly during their Full House days.

Cortney on

You can totally see Charlie has the same chubby cheeks Jerry had in Stand By Me. So cute!

gianna on

Are these little girls beautiful or what. They favor rebecca a lot, so darn cute. And rebecca said she is most likely done having kids

CelebBabyLover on

Awww, what a sweet article! I love how, in the picture from the ball game, Uncle Charlie is holding his namesake. πŸ™‚

meglovestombrady on

“When that time comes, I’m going to read up on Judy Blume, rent some Molly Ringwald films and watch Twilight.” Hahaha…SUPER funny. I seriously love Jerry O’Connell, and I loved the show he was on Carpoolers. Too bad it was canceled. But adorable babies!!! Oh and I usually skip the longer posts, but this one was so much fun to read. lol

Ruby on

Reading this made me blub too! Jerry sounds like an amazing dad and he just can’t hold back his love for those beautiful little girls!

They’re very lucky babies and Rebecca is a very lucky woman!

Kath, UK on

Those little girls are lucky to have a Daddy like Jerry! Reading his words I could feel the joy he felt (sounds odd I know!).
I had a smile on my face the whole time I read his article. Dolly and Charlie are so cute and they look so happy, the pics are priceless πŸ™‚

hoorayharry on

For a guy who grew up in a boy household he knows a fair bit about girl culture: Twilight Judy Blume etc. sounds like Rebecca’s had quite an influence.

hoorayharry on

Can I also say how much more I like these candid snaps than the forced photoshoots of families? How nice of him to share…

Hea on

Hmm, I wonder if his brother is single? πŸ˜‰

This family is too cute for words.

SAR on

I like how Jerry says that Charlie likes to interact with people, while Dolly likes to look at things — and in the Dodgers game picture, Dolly is holding the tickets and looking at them.

Jerry is obviously thrilled to pieces with his daughters. I can imagine that, at first, it was a bit confusing, being as he grew up with all boys, and now he’s got a wife and not just one but two girls! He’s outnumbered, so to speak. But that seems to be fine by him.

sam on

dolly is soooo adorable πŸ™‚

merry on

Beautiful story. Two big guys with two pink little girls, that is just awesome. Jerry sounds like amazing dad. I love the way Dolly holds and looks at the tickets on the first pic.

Sophie on

Wow, Jerry and his brother look so alike… What a sweet article, it sounds like he’s enjoying every minute he gets to spend with his girls (soo many cute little quotes in that article), and the pictures are just too cute! Gorgeus husband, Gorgeus Wife and Gorgeus children. Me, jealous? noooo =P

CTBmom on

Oh my goodness….too much cuteness all at once! Beautiful girls and daddy is pretty cute himself! He is obviously smitten with those babies, and who wouldn’t be? πŸ™‚

Willa on

I don’t understand people like Lisa who are confused about something (apparently for years) and finally learned the answer by asking posters on CBB? She obviously has access to a computer so why not search the term fraternal twins and find out on her own? I just don’t understand the passive nature of people. I search for everything from bumps on my skin to how to pronounce people’s names on the Internet. Besides when you rely on the answers from random people, you’re not always going to get the right answers (though clearly most people know what fraternal twins are and the answers were all very detailed). People have access to so much info these days because of the Internet. They can double check their doctor’s diagnosis and side effects on medicines and the popularity of baby names and what your congressperson’s views are on issues (real views, not just what they say when you’re looking).

Instead, I have a friend who thought Emma was an uncommon choice for her daughter to be’s name. This is a woman who lives on Facebook but she didn’t have the time to lookup her baby’s name and instead figured since she had never met a baby Emma, it was therefore an uncommon name. Uh, right.

I also had a friend who was diagnosed with a condition, didn’t understand what her doctor said about it, and then just sat around not knowing. Geez, I just wish women especially would be more forceful when it came to attaining knowledge.

The fact that posters here babied Lisa with the “it’s not a silly question” doesn’t help. This isn’t elementary school and she should be grown up enough(even ten year olds know how to Google) to answer her own questions. Rant over.

Lis on

I agree, very sweet interview.

I hope Charlie (the brother) and his girlfriend, Sarah get married soon and have some babies of their own! They are so cute together and were so good on the Bachelor πŸ™‚

JMO on

Sweet article and the pics of him and his brother with the babies is super cute!!

jen on

Relax Willa. Maybe it is something she wondered, but never cared enough to bother to look it up. Some people are busy, and don’t have a lot of time to spend on the computer.

Jerry’s kids are adorable!!! Great daddy.

Sadie on

Gee Willa, it’s not your way or the highway. Just because the whole world doesn’t subscribe to your way of doing things, it doesn’t mean they are wrong.
And by the way – there is a ton of inaccurate information on the net. Googling a topic or an illness does not mean you are going to be a full bottle on it.

jingle jangle 81 on

I brought PEOPLE just for the baby special inside! Jerry’s article was my favorite and reading it was funny and I definitely sensed the amount of love and happiness he has from his little girls! He seems to be an A+++ dad, and congrats to him on going back to law school! Rebecca and Jerry are the best and absolutely a beautiful family!!!

kmf on

Wow, this might be one of the sweetest interviews I’ve ever read… so nice to see things from the proud papa’s perspective. He’s so candid, honest, and so obviously in love with those babies. Great interview.

Tee on

I’m sorry, Willa, but your comment was really rude. Why on earth should everybody go about obtaining information the same way that you do? Lisa asked an honest question and got several correct answers. Heaven knows that she could have googled it, but the internet isn’t always known for having accurate information. Your rudeness to Lisa and the people that chose to answer her was completely unnecessary.

Sofia on

He seems like the perfect dad πŸ™‚ and his girls are just so pretty! It must be fun to have twins, my little sisters Tatiana and Anastasia are twins and my parents always say that it’s fun to have them around πŸ™‚

Brooklyn on

Aww! Charlie & Dolly are adorable =)

dawn on

maybe willa is a tad bit envious that people don’t give her the time of day. jeez! it was just a simple question. people chose to answer…relax! Jen #63 pretty much summed it up…

on a side note. the pictures were cute!

2little on

Those babies are tooo adorable for words. Those daddy stories made me smile.

Yikes Willa….how bout googling “deep, cleansing breaths”, or “calm tf down”. Do you need a hug? There are plenty of trivial things I’d like to know but I ain’t gonna look it up. Not that important. I’m pretty sure no one’s gonna give me a tongue lashing over it. Geez, lady!

2little on

Oh, & by the way Willa, Lisa did go to the internet to get the info she needed. She went to CBB!

janie on

gorgeous babies! so sweet!

Susan on

No Willa is right. People need to learn to use google and not be passive.

Jen on

Willa may have come across a bit strong, but unless Lisa is a child or not a native English speaker, it does seem really out of touch and uneducated to now know what fraternal twins are.

I’ve known, and most people I know have known, what the term means and how they are different from identical since I was a kid. I’m not sure where Lisa missed this info.

Tee on

It doesn’t matter if Lisa “missed” the information somewhere or not! There is still no call to be rude the way Willa was. I really wish adults- assuming Willa is an adult and not a child- would learn to speak politely. You can say just about any thought in a polite manner.

Shannon on

Okay seriously digging on hot Uncle Charlie!!!!! A man willing to carry around a baby that’s not even his is soooooo HOT! Such adorable, fun little girls. Jerry seems like such a wonderful dad. Many congrats to him and Rebecca.

And Willa, just because you’re a computer saavy indivdual who looks up EVERYTHING on the net, doesn’t mean everyone is. The way you responded, totally unprovoked, was completely uncalled for. As someone else said, maybe Lisa doesn’t speak English as a first language. Maybe since we were on the subject, she figured that by simply asking someone on the site she was already on. she could just get a quick answer that way. No matter what, her question, and the answers given, were no reason to lash out like that!

Tonya on

To Willa: I’m seriously surprised you have any friends at all, with that attitude. Lighten up already…
No one is perfect, not even you.

Daisy on

This is one of the sweetest articles I have read in a long time. I am not really familiar with Jerry and only know Rebecca because of Ugly Betty but I do love articles about their family. Their girls are so adorable. Jerry reminds me of my brother whose wife just had a baby. After years of a huge family of boys and lil old me being the only girl my brother is loving having a little girl to dote over. She is a week old and he can’t stop buying her dresses and little outfits already. My mum said to me that he will now properly indrstand the term “daddy’s little girl”. Seems Jerry is getting it as well.

Lisa on

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who answered!! I appreciate it. I had a feeling that Fraternal meant not identical but then I heard the the Oslen Twins were fraternal and to me, they looked alike and I think that was where I was confused and so I asked the question.

Willa, I appreciate your honesty too and as i said it was a silly question and so you agreed with me. Honestly, it wasn’t like I have been sitting here for years and years wondering what the term meant and never bothered to look it up. It’s just now and then, when i hear stories about twins and that word came up, I always wondered and I had a feeling but was never 100% sure about the answer. So I thought what the hell, ask people on CBB for the answers, it is a baby site after all. I appreciate every single person who answered the question!!! Now, I definitely know what Fraternal Twins mean!!

Loving them... on

There there, Willa, there there. Sssshhhhhhhhh. It’ll be alright. Looks like you’re the one who could use a little babying.

Stefanie on

Oh my gosh what a sweet kind thoughtful hubby…if he was not already taken I would want to marrry this man! If all fathers can take just a little bit of what he has to offer these adorable girls we would have a better society. I mean how much more can he show his luv for all his girls. He is truly blessed in all ways.

Erin on

First off: Willa- you are rude. Don’t post ‘rants’ on websites about babies. This is supposed to be a HAPPY site to celebrate.

Now, the main reason for my post: I was glad to see the People article didn’t talk about Jerry ‘babysitting’ his daughters. I read an article in the paper and it said he was quiting acting to go to law school and ‘babysit’. Its being a parent! Raising his girls! Not babysitting. Glad people go it right. Not rant here… :):):):):):)

Jenna on

I have fraternal twins and I can’t begin to tell you how often people ask me what that means. I remember my own father, an internet GOD, asking me what frat vs. identical meant after my twins were born. It’s not that he wouldn’t look it up, I’m sure it was more that he didn’t ever think about it until he asked the question in person. Lisa, your question was a good one, and why not ask on this board especially when the blog is about fraternal twins!

BTW, beautiful twins girls Mr. and Mrs. O’Connell! I praise Jerry for his enthusiasm and the obvious adoration he has for his girls.

Laura on

Nobody attack me…but did Rebecca use fertility drugs..IVF or something to get pregnant?

Sadie on

Hi Laura,
From what I’ve read, Jerry and Rebecca tried for a while to conceive. They’ve never admitted using fertility drugs, but considering it took them so long to get pregnant, it does seem quite likely they may have used them considering they ended up with twins. I know it doesn’t matter either way, but it is great when celebs share their infertility success stories. Of course, maybe Jerry and Rebecca did just get lucky and conceive naturally. I guess they are the only ones who truly know!

Angie on

So cute! Loved the picture of them at the ball game; that’s great!

cali_grl on

I LOVE HIM! I don’t have kids and now I know I will not have any unless he has as much passion as Jerry does. I wish them the best in life.

Christa Bledsoe on

What a great guy and father. That was really sweet to read.

Kerri on


I’m so glad you said it! I had the same thoughts as you regarding Lisa’s question. I even went on a mini-rant (inside my head) of my own. The inability to search for answers is part of a much larger problem IMHO.

CelebBabyLover on

Laura- Well, Rebecca said that she tried Clomid for awhile….But didn’t like the way it “messed with” her hormones, so she stopped taking it. Her rep also said shortly after (or even at the same time, I forget which) the pregnancy was announced that IVF wasn’t used.

What Rebecca HAS admitted is that she concieved with the help of acupunture treatments. πŸ™‚ Personally, I believe her and her rep about not using IVF and such. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Rebecca is in her mid to late thirties. Women 35 and older have an increased chance of concieving fraternal twins naturally (identicals are just pure luck, no matter how old you are). Also, it’s possible that Rebecca has twins in her family. πŸ™‚

Erin on

To Kerri: “The inability to search for answers is part of a much larger problem IMHO.” What bigger problem? Chill out…

Lisa on

Kerri, Oh yeah, I have HUGE problems because I asked one little question. How did you guess???? Give me a break!! I didn’t realise it was against the law to ask one little question? Next time, I will make sure I ask for premission first.

I have been coming to this site for close to five years now and have never asked a question. I don’t think I will ever again.

rIj on

these two little girls are gorgeous! jerry and rebecca seem to have transitioned into parenthood very well. lots of luck to them in the future! what a wonderful family!

Jane on

They are beautiful! Jerry seems like a fun Dad.

Briana on

My Hubby actually sat next to Jerry at that very Dodger game with our then 6 1/2 month old baby girl, and he was telling me that they chit chatted a little bit because they were both guys with their little girls at the game without the wives and he was so down to earth and funny! He said the twins were adorable πŸ™‚ On a side note my Hubby isn’t to up to date with celebs and when he told me he sat next to this famous guy, he called him Chris O Donnell…lol I chuckled a little bit πŸ™‚

Layla on

Thoes girls are such hams for the camera!

Q on

No sadly Kerri, you & Willa’s over the top rudeness is part of a larger problem.

Jerry & Charlie look so adorable w/ the girls. I loved his article. My favorite was Jerry explaining the different hairstyles he has for his girls. I know most guys who won’t even bother touching her their daughter’s. hair.

Patty on

So great that he is an involved Dady! What a wonderful story.

SofieBee on

Sadie, I had heard that theory, too, about the “third” type of twins. I have to say that I think it’s quite possible, with the Olsen twins being the most prominent POSSIBLE example. You just don’t see non-twin siblings looking as much alike as the Olsens…when they were younger and had not developed their own unique styles, I could not tell them apart. Now, obviously, I can. I could totally see them being a POSSIBILITY of that third type of twin, where the egg splits then is fertilized by two different sperm. They look more alike than any fraternal twins I ever seen!

SofieBee on

My previous post should have read “I have ever seen.” Just thought I would clarify before the self-appointed, unofficial CBB Police accuse me of not being able to spell, type, speak correctly or look up my use of the English language on the internet.

Those babies are adorable! Jeremiah “Jerry” O’Connell is so sweet and funny. He was a cute, chubby little kid in Stand By Me (Released in 1986 – Jerry was 11 years old at the time it was filmed, I believe.) Jerry’s been in 50+ movies with Stand By Me as his “debut” role. Rebecca has had her own share of success and, before Ugly Betty, was probably best known for her roles in X-Men, Femme Fatale and Godsend and was a Victoria’s Secret Model, the face of Christian Dior and posed for Sports Illustrated, as well as Elle magazine and a bunch of other modeling gigs. She and Jerry have fairly long careers…definitely no newcomers to the business…and they make beautiful babies.

SofieBee on

Oh, and for all of you ladies swooning over Charlie (the, um, 6-feet+, male Charlie) he was in a reality show some years back (I THINK it was The Bachelor) and was supposedly trying to find a girlfriend. Before that, he had some success of his own in several movies with the most memorable roles (that I personally remember) in Dude, Where’s My Car? and The New Guy (Jerry was in The New Guy, too! Their roles were Highland High Party Twins #1 & #2, LOL!) DJ Qualls had the lead in that movie and he happens to be from my hometown.

Elisabeth on

The babies are so adorable and so is Jerry!! I love Rebecca too. What a beautiful family!

Funny story – I have identical twin boys (10 mos) and I was approached at Target the other day by a friendly old woman swooning at my babies. She asked, “Now, are they fraternal or maternal?” LOL!!

natalie on

Jerry O’Connell just seems to be the most amazing dad; those girls (and I mean Rebecca too..) are sooo lucky. And vice versa, I guess, cuz he seems so happy! The pictures are just too lovely for words. And the girls are very cute, can’t wait to see more of them. Oh, and I hope they’ll enjoy those Molly Ringwald movies, I know I sure did as a kid… πŸ˜‰ ;D

bakinbaker on

That’s so great that he’s having such a good time with the girls. He seems so down to earth and it’s wonderful that they’re not being the typical Hollywood family and just hiring a nanny. Daddies L-O-V-E their girls and girls love their daddies! This is just so sweet.

Ashley on

OMG He has to be the proudest dad EVER! I love it so much. I wish more dad’s were like this with their kids.

Lyn on

Great photos! It is important to see fathers enjoying their children. Some men just don’t get it. God bless, Jerry!

Cheri on

Wow this story made my heart melt. He seems so in love with his girls. What a great daddy.

JT on

what a beautiful story. so sweet…brought tears to my eyes. the girls are soooooo precious.

Stefanie on

Hi Jerry! I love the pics of your family – the girls are beautiful. You look so happy and proud. We go way back – Montauk. Well, I have three boys (5, 2, and 3 months). Having children changes you and all for the better. Enjoy your family!
Take care.

Jillibean on

You can just tell he loves those girls like no other!

Amy on

Love this! Men like Jerry O’Connell certainly help to make up for the Jon Gosselin’s of the world. It’s a nice change to see someone like Jerry in People.