Gabriel Aubry Totes His Tot

08/24/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

Dinner time! Gabriel Aubry carries daughter Nahla Ariela, 17 months, into Nobu in Malibu, Calif. on Sunday evening.

Following close behind was mom Halle Berry.

If you missed them, be sure to check out photos from the family’s Florida beach vacation last month!

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Annie on

Wow she is such a beautiful little girl! 🙂 She’s got Halle’s beautiful skin and her dads eyes! Gorgeous little girl!

Andrea_momof2 on

Looks like he’s carrying a little Halle there! She’s such a pretty baby

crimpe on

Um, wow. To both of them.

Ashley on

Look! Kevin Federline is carrying Halle Berry! lol jk..just what it looks like!

Melissa on

gosh he is hot.. and what a beautiful baby

MissMissy on

They are both *ridiculously* good looking. 🙂

Elzbieta on

She’s too cute and definitely takes after mom and grandma. I hope the pregnancy gossip is true! Halle seems to love being a mom.

Mandy on

I have seen recent photos of Halle and there is a definite bump. It could be she had a big lunch but I don’t think that’s the case ;). Looks like Nahla’s going to be a big sister.

Sophie on

wow, thats a lot of beauty for one picture to hold. What would Gabriel be? you have yummy mummies, so would he be a delicious daddy?

Patricia on

one of the cutest celebrity babies, for sure!! she is a little doll!

Jem on

I think Nahla has really grown into her looks. I didn’t think much of her when she was a few months old but now she’s beautiful! Gabriel isn’t bad either 😉

Becky on

Remember “Thor” in Adventures in Babysitting? He reminds me of Thor in this picture! 🙂

JMO on

A stunning baby!!!

Mary-Helen on

What a beautiful lil girl and Dad’s no slouch himself! That man is gorgeous! Halle Berry is one lucky lady to have that fine looking man, her beautiful daughter and her great career! She’s got it all!

Christa Bledsoe on

Nahla is such a beautiful baby! How could she not be with her parents though 🙂

gaia's mom on

Cuties. And on top of it Gabriel and Halle seem like lovely people. Not too effected by their fame or anything. Nahlas feautures seem to have gotten darker, her eyes, eyebrows, hair. She, zahara and shiloh would make the cutest friends in a few years(I know that’s a ridiculously odd comment but they’re all so cute).

Sandra on

OMG that is such a beautiful sight to look at. Absolutely not hard on the eyes to look at those two beautiful faces, especially the Daddy!

Kim on

I want them both, can I have them? Please? Just kidding……..SO BEAUTIFUL ( almost as beautiful as my daughter, almost! )

cassie on

she is just absolutely beautiful!

Mari on

Oh isn’t he adorably beautiful? Er…she. I meant she! Isn’t she adorably beautiful? 😉 LOL 😀

terri on

she is gorgeous and daddy is not so bad!

HeatherR on

What a darling duo!

MissMissy on

Becky– Oh my gosh, you’re totally right! 😀

L on

Oh My Goodness! I don’t even know what to say to this picture…beautiful..gorgeous…adorable…handsome! YUM! Halle Berry, you are a lucky woman!!

Tina on

Such a gorgeous little girl.

Mia on

Ok, he is so ridiculously gorgeous LOL. I think Nahla is all daddy, but has her mommy’s coloring + expressions.

I hope they do have another baby!!

Ruby on

Nahla is possibly the most beautiful child I’ve ever seen (and that includes my own lol!). Wow wow WOW she is stunning.

Oh and Daddy’s not bad either ;o)

sil on

wow….just wow! (and baby Nahla is sooo beautiful! and i love her name)

Nanny-Emma on

Gorgeous little girl! Her father is pretty cute too.

mae on

She has to be the most beautiful baby around ! Nahla is wonderful. Love her. (I don’t mind sounding over the top btw)

Honey Beezy on

I can already see that Nahla’s going to be a little heartbreaker when she gets to pre-school. lol

SAR on

Nahla is one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen. But that’s not surprising, considering she has such gorgeous parents.

dawn on

I really don’t think she looks like him. she’s all halle! wow,and so adorable too

Jen Dc on

I agree with whomever said Nahla is growing into her looks. She was an “ok” baby – cute as most babies are – but now she’s getting really a lot prettier than she had been. And now with her face as close to Dad’s as it is, I think she will look more like him than like Halle. She’s got his lips, and I think his cheekbones, although they are hard to see under that sweet baby face plumpness. And definitely his brows: They are both working an arch in the right brows that seems identical.

And I could just die for the dimples in her elbow.

I hope Halle continues to be successful in this relationship. It seems she has what she’s wanted for some time and I’m pleased for her.

Rach on

People on other sites can be so cruel to this child, its disgusting. She is a little cherub and if I were one of those that thought she was otherwise, I would keep my mouth closed.

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Nahla is such a beautiful little girl!! She is the perfect mix of both parents. IMO, she has Gabriel’s eyes, chin and lips with Halle’s nose and coloring. What amazing genes this little one has!!

janie on

Wow! He is so gorgeous! Oh, I mean she is so gorgeous!

Ashley on

I know that everyone thinks Nahla is a beautiful baby but I think I am in the minority by saying something is off with me about her. I don’t know if it’s her eyebrows, and her eyes are a bit wide but she just never has looked like a baby she just looks like a mini adult.

gianna on

nahla is cute, defintley favors halle more. Other than her eyes, she’s all halle. Gabriel is hot.

Whitney Sterk on

Ashley – her eyes have always made her appear older – and that is not a negative comment – sometimes children (boys especially)look like old men as babies and sometimes they never have baby features…. I think she is a lovely combo of both of her parents.

Dee on

Beautiful Fam!!!

SofieBee on

That is one gorgeous little girl. She takes my breath away. But, look at her two gorgeous parents and it’s not hard to see how she ended up so beautiful.

All Women Stalker on

She is truly beautiful!


jbmotherof3 on

what a GORGEOUS child (daddy too!)

Jane on

That baby won the gene lottery. She is just as beautiful as her parents.


bellisima bebita wow! and dad is so handsomeeeee

lulumay on

So pretty it actually hurts! Nahla’s adorable too! 😉 She has her mommy’s lips – so cute. This family is so gorgeous that it is beyond silly! SOOOOOOO beautiful!

Kait on

I love going through celebrity family photos and identifying what their child(ren) inherited from each side of their mother and their father’s genes. I see she has her daddy’s lips and the perfect combination of the skintone against her hair and eye color… she is going to be such a beautiful woman, she’s such a beautiful baby already. I would love to see what combination they’d make if they had a boy.

Alex on

Gabriel looks like Sawyer from Lost.

NikNak on

That man is so beautiful!

Nahla looks like her daddy with a tan.

CelebBabyLover on

Whitney Sterk- I agree! I think that is also at least partially why a lot of people were convinced that Suri Cruise was older than she actually is during her first year and a half or so of life (very occasionally, someone will still comment and say she looks older than her actual age….but I have not seen any comments, at least on this blog, insuinating that Suri actually is older then Tom and Katie say she is for over a year).

She simply never really had a “baby face”, but instead had very adult features from a very early age. 🙂

Ally on

there’s something poised about her, which is lovely to see in little kids. Anyway, I agree with almost everyone–I think she’s the most beautiful celebrity baby so far.