Victoria Beckham: I've Been 'Blessed' With a Brood of Boys

08/20/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
F. Micelotta/American Idol 2009/Getty

Happy husband, happy kids, happy home, says Victoria Beckham. After relocating her family to the United States, the Spice Girl admits that she recently faced a whole new set of challenges when her soccer star husband David Beckham took an extended trip — after signing with the Los Angeles Galaxy he temporarily joined the AC Milan team — back across the pond. “I’m really happy with being here so it was difficult for me going backward and forward trying to make everybody happy,” she says.

Fortunately, life for Victoria, David and their boys — Brooklyn Joseph, 10, Romeo James, 6 ½, and Cruz David, 4 — has settled into a normal routine. With her children “very happy” at school, Victoria tells Ryan Seacrest that she now has a true understanding of multitasking! “I get up early in the morning, get the kids ready [for] school, take them to school, and then while they’re at school, that’s when I manage to get my work in,” she explains.

“I have to be done by 3 o’clock in the afternoon so I can go and get the kids again…they will always be our priority, both myself and David’s.”

When not splitting her time between her career and her sons’ school schedules, the 35-year-old can be found on the soccer field! “They stand me in goal and they just kick footballs at me,” Victoria jokes. To that end, noting that her three boys are “a lot of work,” Victoria says that any plans for a future fourth child are currently on hold.

“Everybody keeps asking me that and I think, at some point if I’m lucky enough to have another baby, that would be great — if I’m blessed enough — but right now, three boys…that’s a lot!”

Source: On-Air with Ryan Seacrest

— Anya

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Whitney Sterk on

From personal experience – her boys are really grounded and not jaded. And Beckham did NOT deserve that red card on Saturday!

Erika on

I can’t even imagine having 3 boys. I’m sure she must have been disappointed when she had a 3rd boy (well happy about the arrival but a little upset it wasn’t a girl- who wouldn’t) considering she’s so into fashion, but her sons are adorable. I think anybody who can handle three+ boys is amazing! But if they did have another, I would want to see them with a daughter. She would be adorable.

Andrea_momof2 on

She’s great!

stephanie on

She has 4 beautiful boys 🙂 lucky lady!!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I can’t imagine 3 boys either! We have one son, and as much as we love him of course and wouldn’t change it (I was even more keen on having a boy while preg with him. We had a delivery surprise and it was a nice surprise, not being girlie I was more keen on a boy if we were lucky enough), one son is full-on now he’s 4, nearly 5 years old, full of testosterone and energy, lol. Would be full on, 3 or 4 sons, boys lots of fun though. I could see her with a little girl though too, so am sure she’d love a little girl too if she has a 4th child one day – although I know some mums are happy with a tribe of sons – not that you know any diff I guess.

I couldn’t imagine having a daughter but since ours arrived 19mths ago I can’t imagine not having a little girl now either, same with hubby, he’s enjoying the different, father/daughter bond (much as he loves our son too, best of both worlds we’ve been told, rough and tumble with son, gentler with Freya), natural that you can’t imagine life without them (regardless of their gender). Have to say though with a little girl I’ve found it a lot more fun when it comes to clothes…!

Julie on

I have a son and would actually be very happy to have another boy.
I know a lot of people want one of each or want to keep trying until they get a girl (or boy) if they have all one sex, but I think it would be fun to have all boys. She is enough of a girlie girl for one house anyway! Love her! 🙂

Mary-Helen on

I am expecting my third girl and I always get so offended when people ask if we are disappointed that we don’t have a boy. I think having three girls is fun and have never really felt a “loss” @ not having a boy. I’m sure Victoria feels the same way. She has beautiful sons and I’m sure she feels very fortunate to have what she does and likely doesn’t pine away wishing one of them was a girl.

It seems like people are missing an internal sensor when around someone with children all of one gender. I get alot of “You must be so disappointed” or “Your poor husband” and the like, alot of the times with my eldest daughters standing there! They’re kids, not salt and pepper shakers, you don’t need a set.

Andrea_momof2 on

I don’t think Victoria feels a loss either. You can tell how much she genuinely adores her boys (who seem pretty attached to her too). My husband wanted a son so badly and I think he was a little disappointed whne we found out we were having a daughter. BUT, the second she was born he was in love. He was excited to have our son but I don’t think it’s any different than having our daughter.

Jaime on

Kourtney Kardashian should take pointers from Posh.

This is the way to release a statement. I love this family!

Vanessa on

Mary-Elen, I know what you mean. I have three boys (8 in a few weeks, 6 and 2 this Monday) and when we found out we were expecting boy #3, people looked at me as if I was pregnant with a two headed baby. The day of my ultrasound, a nurse asked me if we found out the sex and with a smile on my face I gladly proclaimed we were having another boy, in which she replied, “Aw, that sucks”!

What some people fail to understand is that my life is NOT lacking at all because I don’t have a daughter. I absolutely adore being a mom to three boys and I wouldn’t have it any other way — and contrary to popular belief, I wasn’t “aching” to have a girl. I would’ve been happy either way and there were no bummed feelings when the tech said she saw a penis. 🙂

Anyway, congrats on expecting your 3rd baby girl! You won’t hear anything negative from me. I can’t even put into words how fun it is to have a clan all of the same sex! LOL

Erika on

Mary-Helen- I think having three girls would be fun! I am sorry if I offended you with my statement, I meant Victoria must have wished for a girl to dress up, based on her fashion sense, but I could see how I was offensive. I personally (don’t have kids yet) would love 3 girls! It’s probably easier because you can reuse clothes, and stuff. Congratulations though, little girls are so much fun (well I’m sure you know) and I’m sure your daughters must be so excited to have a baby sister (a live baby doll). I know I was when my sister was born!

I know I want a girl when I get older and will probably be disappointed if I have a 2nd (3rd??) son, but I will probably be upset for a few minutes, then be happy that I have a (hopefully) healthy child, and get very excited to have a new baby.

Moon on

Oh yes..she has FOUR very beautiful boys!!! I can imagine that in the Beckhams’ house..Victoria is the MOST PAMPERED one as all of her boys would want to please her and not to live her alone in everything..and perhaps she was the one who they should be scared too coz the fact that she’s the only female in the family would make her being more powerful than them as they wouldn’t want to upset her. Hahaha..whichever way..Victoria IS the only “soft” spot in their life and of course they couldn’t live without her.

I think it would be really fun to be in their house, even just for a day, and watch how their daylife going from one to another.

Mary-Helen on

Erika, you didn’t offend me but that was very sweet.

I just find alot of people say some very negative things when they find out all of your children are the same gender. I’m sure some people are disappointed, but it really wasn’t a huge deal for me.

Missy on

Victoria always seems so down to earth when talking about her family. I would love to see a video of her playing golie LOL. I would love to see her have a little girl, I bet her big brothers would spoil her

QueenB on

My Goodness i admire this woman……she seems like a normal mother who takes her kids to school and picks them up…wow:)

i personally would love to have all boys, i have a 4yr old and i would love to add another 3 to make is 4boys….i dont c ma self having a gal i’m too much of a tomboy ma self so i would not know where to start dressing a gal LOL……that’s why i thank God for giving me a boy.

UK mum on


While you may not have offended Mary helen in all your gushing to have a daughter BUT you have offended a lot of Mums who have 2 or more Sons!!
As you say you don’t have children yet so can’t assume to know how it would be to have only boys!
Why would it be any harder on someone having 3+ boys than someone with 3+ girls or someone with 3+ mixed gender???
Surely you realise that stereotypes are not true!!! Not all boys are rough playing dynamos just as not all girls are dainty and quiet!!!
I suggest you maybe wait until you have a family of your own before you comment so negatively on another persons family again.

Erika on

UK Mum- I didn’t mean to offend you either. I am really sorry. The reason I was gushing over little girls is because SHE has little girls, and I was sorry if I offended her. I personally would love to have sons too, and I’m sorry if I came across as rude. I said I want one of each because everyone in my family has at least one of each, but I know I can’t choose and will be happy either way. Like I said, healthy is all that matters 🙂 And I have babysat for sweet, gentle little boys, and have met some wild little girls so I know the stereotypes aren’t true. And I don’t have kids yet, but I know most boys love their mommies. I reread my post and I realized how it could have been offended, but really I was trying not to offend her because I felt bad. My first post may have come across wrong, I meant Victoria herself probably wanted a little girl to dress up (and I would too). There’s absoulutely NOTHING wrong with having all little boys. I’m sorry if I offended you, that wasn’t my intent, and I wasn’t trying to comment negatively on anyone’s family. I’m so so sorry I offended you. Whether you accept my apology or not, it was not supposed to come across like that!

(And FWIW I really only said I wanted a girl because I want to dress her up, not based on personality or anything.)

Morgan on

UK Mum, was that attack on Erika really necessary? She apologized quite profusely and whether you agree with it or not, she has the right to her opinion. And maybe, rather than suggesting she wait until she has a family (as though at that point, then her opinion MUST change) to comment, you should consider taking the time to re-evaluate your communication skills? See, I’m a mother and my opinion differs from yours, (*shocker*) but I am adult enough to understand there are ways to disagree politely, rather than attempting to be some sort of internet bully. Back the heck off, calm the heck down or tear a page out of your kids’ book and take a nap. Maybe you’ll play more nicely when better rested.

daniela on

Personally I always wanted a house full of girls, never wanted a boy. I had a girl alright, and she’s the biggest tomboy ever! LOL! 🙂

Yulia on

What a wonderful family!

Ruthella on

I have two boys and was DESPERATE for a girl. I used to get so upset thinking I may never have a daughter, and knew I would never be as happy as I could be unless we were blessed with one.

My third pregnancy was another little boy, whom we sadly lost, and we decided not to try again. I never recovered though, and was very depressed until we finally decided to try once more.

Happily, along came our little princess and I have never been happier. I don’t love her any more than her brothers, but she completes our family and I like to think that her other brother made room for her, as there was no way we’d have gone for a fourth baby!

I hope the Beckhams do have a daughter someday, personally, I think older brothers and a little girl is the PERFECT combination!

Alex on

I’d love to have only boys. I never thought of myself as a girl mom lol. I’d love to have 4 boys like my auntie.

gianna on

I tend to see more women who want more boys than girls, especially when they have multpile kids, because I often hear women say raising girls is harder than boys. I personally never cared, healthy kids was important to me, boy or girl, didn’t make much a difference. I don’t think victoria will ever have a daughter, just don’t get a girl vibe from her, but her boys are adorable and healthy, that’s what counts.

Emily on

I don’t see anything wrong with Erika’s post and she was nice enough to apologize TWICE for it anyway…UK Mum needs to calm down and realize that people are allowed to have their own opinions.

jes on

i just love this family!!! they are so dedicated to their boys. it’s wonderful!!! i’m currently preggers w/ baby #3 & we already have 2 boys. i think it would be awesome to have a girl, but would absolutely LOVE to have a trio of boys. we’ll find out in march when it comes out! go victoria for being such a loving mommy!