Levi McConaughey's Sunny Stroll

08/20/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Stepping out for a walk to the beach with grandma, Levi Alves McConaughey, 13 months, looked California cool in rolled up pants and a hoodie on Wednesday in Malibu.

While her mother took care of Levi, Camila Alves — who’s pregnant with her second child — used her baby-free time to bring the family dogs to the groomers!

Camila and Matthew McConaughey expect their new baby in late December/early January.

Click below for a photo of Camila!

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Jamie on

he is SOOO CUTE!!!

jen on

He looks just adorable in this picture. Cool and laid back like daddy. His mommy is pretty too.

Megan on

Are you kidding me…this kid is way too cute!

Mariia on

He’s adorable! And those little shoes are so cute.

Alex on

He’s so cute, but he still seems so tiny to me!

KK on

This child is precious. Haven’t seen a kid this cute since August Hermann.

Jazz on

He is adorable and he looks absolutely tiny!

Skipsie on

I could possibly eat him.

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Ohhh my gosh!! He is just so darn cute. I just want to squeeze him and kiss his little face.

Natalia on

He is so cute…but too small for his age.

Shirelle on

Levi is so cute and Camila Looks great

CTBmom on

Levi is beyond adorable!! And I love how he is dressed.

Brittany on

Are you kidding me? He is the CUTEST! Pretty mama too!

Marcie on

Does she have a ring on her finger?

Amity on

This is not being mean in any way, because I have nothing against little people, but I think that kid is a midgit. He is 13 months old and is the size of a 6 month old. And his legs look bowed. He is adorable tho.

girlJordan on

He’s seriously an amazingly gorgeous little boy!

Stephany on

OMG! I could gobble him up! He’s adorable. I love how small he is but he seems like such a big boy, too!

bungalowbliss on

Oh, he is just too precious–and Mama looks amazing, as always!

Megan on

How can people even say he is too small? What are they comparing him to in the picture? If he was next to a 6 month old…then we could compare….but he isn’t.

Trish on

beautiful baby!

Jess from Ohio on

I don’t think he’s a little person, I just think he is petite, and adorable nonetheless!

alice jane on

I’m not sure why him being short is a problem for some… Not every toddler fits the general statistics. He may be a little guy, but he looks perfectly healthy to me. Not to mention adorable!

Alex on

I don’t think he is a little person (sorry, don’t know what term is not offensive in the US, I’m going with the most neutral I could think of), I think he’s just tiny for his age. One of my friends has a four-year-old daughter who still wear age 2-3 clothes. Some kids are just a little more compact than others at this age! He sure is a cutie though.

Julie on

Of course he’s not “too small” for his age. Good grief.

He is ADORABLE! πŸ™‚

nettrice on

Cute! When he grows up with his father’s body some of you will take back your words.

I’ve read both oriental and midget on this blog. I feel like I’m back in 1954. That’s bad.

Elisa on

my teacher of pediatrics in college said that the “high” genes may start to work at the age of two… both Levi’s parents aren’t short… if you see that is true and can be seen in babies that born really big and end up being short people…one of my cousins (same gender) was born with the same hight as me and I’m like a head taller than her now…

Susan on

This is the cutest child!!!

Patricia on

What a cute little boy!

that face is just to die for:)

Skipsie on

Nettrice- Well said.

I have twin cousins who are six, and one of them wears clothes for a four year old, while the other wears clothes for a seven year old, not because of weight, but because of height. Both of them have been tested for growth disorders and they’re fine. Children just grow differently.

Hea on

He is just the cutest thing ever!

Susan on

Daddy Matthew is extremely long waisted and short legged and I believe this little guy got his proportions from him.

L on

He is adorable! He’s starting to look a little more like his Daddy!

JustMe on

He’s just a small toddler… my oldest who is now 21 yrs old and is 5’11” was a little bitty thing just like Levi! I know most people like round chubby cheeky babies, but I love when they are tiny like him! They’re just cuddly and kissable to the max


he is just so precious!!!

is he a little small for his age?

Sarah on

I don’t know the correct term either so as far as the term ‘Little Person’ I have always thought Matthew seemed to have some of that genetic (?) trait, his arms are too short for his body and that was just one of the things I’ve wondered is if maybe somewhere in his family there is that gene. It’s possible I suppose.
Levi is adorable however though! And tiny =)

Karen on

He’s just gorgeous!! I love love love him he just melts my heart!! He does look small but then he is only 13 months!!

jessie on

he’s so cute!

Emily on

OH MY WORD, he’s a cutie pie!


he is so cuteeeeeeee..
my son was like him at the same age and now at 19 ,he is 6’5

NettieB on

A little of that genetic trait? What?! Wow. I AM back in 1954.

Keep on rocking Levi Alves McConaughey. Before long you’re gonna be putting us all to shame!

Dianne on

He is a cutie but I must admit his body seems really small. He has the belly and legs of a little person, not that it matters. Perhaps that’s why they had another baby so soon. I hope I’m wrong about this.

Terri on

I’m amused and disappointed at people on this site. I find it incredible that people are so quick to defend a little kid without knowing anything about him or his genetic make-up. I also noticed that those who insult and criticize others for speaking their opinion or presenting a possibility are those blindly defending the child of someone they don’t even personally know. What makes you know that this child doesn’t have dwarfism in the family? Rare, yes. Impossible, no. It’s possible to post your comment on here without ridiculing others. Just my two cents.
Anyway-cute kid, adorable really. I didn’t notice he was so small until I read how old he is, maybe it’s the photo. If he grows, he grows. If he doesn’t, he’s still a cute kid.

JC on

The correct term would be Little Person. And Matthew’s arms possible being short of whatever someone was saying has nothing to do with a dwarfism gene.

marimel on

haha wow Amity, your post made me laugh out loud (not in a good way)…. did you seriously use the term “midget?” I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you didn’t realize how offensive that term is, but for future reference you’re probably better off sticking with little person or dwarf.

Levi is so freakin cute, i just wanna squeeze him!!! Momma Camila looks stunning too! I’d love to see what a little girl of theirs would look like!

MZ on

The photo is cropped! How can any of you say he is short for his age when there is nothing to compare him to? Honestly, I think people just forget what a normal size for kids is. My son gets called “Fatty” and “huge” by people at church all the time and he is in the 50th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference. You can’t get a more average size kid than him. It usually doesn’t bother me b/c I think chubby babies are cute, but sometimes it really gets annoying to hear “oh my gosh your kid is fat” when he’s really not. I think Camila might be equally frustrated by people using such terms as “midget” to describe her baby.

Sarah M. on

Dianne – Not judging, but why would Levi’s size/health have any bearing on when they had another child? Just curious to your thought process with that. πŸ™‚

Sarah M. on

He is an ADORABLE kid, though, regardless!

Sarah K. on

“Perhaps that’s why they had another baby so soon.”

Dianne, what? I don’t see the correlation between Levi’s size and them having another baby. I can’t imagine you meant that they were trying for a more “perfect,” healthy child, right? Explain please.

Anna on

He might seem tiny because we are not used to seeing one year old year children walking on this website. All the other children are always carried.

He looks too cute!

christina on

Beautiful little boy!!!!

I do agree that his father is the butt of many a joke w/my friends for his short arms…their are entire web site/blogs devoted to Matthew “T-rex” arms!

HeatherR on

Many of these comments just disgust me! Each child is different. Children are not “one size fits all”. Both of my kids are small for their age and the insensitivity to it just baffles me. Neither one of my boys have a medical condition they are both just petite. I don’t see why it matters as long as they are happy and healthy….and I have no doubt that they will be completely averaged sized adults.

paperskyyy on

WOW… If he is the average size of a 6-month-old, then my niece must be mega small for her age of 6 months.

anyways… Can I like have him, lol! Just Kidding… Can he be any cuter?!

Elizabeth on

Levi is the most precious little boy. He keeps getting cuter and cuter. I just love the way Matthew and Camilla dress him. His little shoes are great.

Katie on

Adorable little boy!! Does anyone know the details on his shoes and his hoody? He looks so comfortable in them.

Leanna on

My 19 month old daughter weighs 22 pounds and is all of 30 inches tall and all I hear is how “tiny” she is and “wow, she’s SO thin.” And my favorite, “does she eat?” These comments actually had me running SOBBING to her pediatrician who calmly asked me how many of the people who commented about my daughter actually had medical degrees!! He told me that my little peanut is perfectly healthy and that babies come in all different sizes!! Fat, thin, short, tall… He loooks like a healthy happy baby who happens to be a little peanut, just like mine!! LOL

dee on

Small baby boys run in my family. A lady once asked my mother, “is that little thing walking?” when referring to my now 6’1″ brother. They are usually in the lowest percentile in height and weight, but eventually grow to be 6′ or more.

Anyway, Levi is just adorable. I love his green shoes.

CelebBabyLover on

To the person who mentioned his legs being a bit bowed….Most babies are bow-legged when they first start walking. It’s normal and usually goes away on it’s own. πŸ™‚

zeezee on

god, you people are weird. He’s 13 months old! how freaking big do you expect him to be?! He looks no smaller or less taller than Zuma Rossdale, who just turned 12 months old. Are you all over on that posting calling him a midget?! Honestly, I think you all pick which celebrities you like, and you go gaga on all the posts….and the ones you don’t, or that you don’t relate to…you become monsters and criticize every little thing you can find about their children..to the point of making up nonsense. Just like the Stefani posts about taking their children on a rock tour…OMG! what little world travelers they are, people write. Yet, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt travel…and they’re monsters for it and are ruining their children’s lives forever by not providing stability. Seriously. How transparent can you get?

CelebBabyLover on

HeatherR- I couldn’t agree more! I’m short myself, and I certainly don’t have any sort of growth disorder. The reason I’m short most certainly IS genetic, though…My father is also on the short side. Similarily, my mother and my older sibling are both quite tall. People come in all different shapes and sizes!

QueenB on

Amity…..sorry but i have to disagree with u, and shame on your for even using the word midgit…..all children are different, the grow differently, your 2yr old may have stop using a pacifier when he was 1 and a half and mine may still be using pacifier until he was 3yrs….so ppl are different and kids grow differently. My 4yr old was tiny when he was 2 and it did not bother me as me and his father(especialy his father) are tall, now he is 4 and he’s grown so much, so that could happen with LEVI, he will continue to grow…..BUT I REPEAT……HE IS NOT A MIDGIT AT ALL…..I C A NORMALLY ADORABLE, CUTE KID WHO IS GROWING PERFECTLY.

claire on

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but in the last couple of pictures of Camila she has always been wearing what looks like a diamond ring on her left hand. I have seen one recent pic of her at the playground and it def looked like an engagement ring AND a wedding ring… Just wondering…

Anna on

He is 13 months, Zuma just turned 1. No one is saying Zuma is tiny! You are just forgetting that he is still very young.

Jane on

I think he looks like Dad with Mom’s hair and skin. So cute!

Toni on

I often look through these pages without saying a word but this post particularly has hit a raw nerve. For future reference, the correct term is “little person”. “Midget” is horribly ofensive and outdated and I would urge everyone to erase it from their vernacular. As to the person who stated “perhaps that is why they had another child so soon”. I dearly hope the implication of that remark was not that they hoped to have a “normal” child to balance their potentially not normal child. I will give the benefit of the doubt that it was not the motive behind that statement. Regardless, it is clear that others have picked up that feeling. As the Auntie to a little person I can only say that watching our little spitfire grow has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. As she approaches her tween years I can only say that like many other adolescents out there, she is smart, loving, creative, full of attitude and a royal pain in the bottom when she wants to be. Sounds like every other kid, doesn’t it? Reading the posts, I am reminded of the day that her best boy friend at school told her he couldn’t ever be her “boyfriend” because his mom laughed at him for “liking a midget”. A kid who never saw her as different now does because of what his mother said to him. Remember that even the most innocuous but uninformed statements can have an effect, especialy on children. Ok, off the soapbox. That kid sure is a little cutie!!!

Lorus on

Leanna – My daughter is 20 months, 22lbs, and about 32 inches. Kids come in all shapes and sizes! I’m 5’6 and my husband is 5’10 so I guess she’ll catch up one day and if she doesn’t then it’s no big deal! We have an 8.5yo daughter who was a little heavier but shorter than our toddler and she’s still that way. She’s always been between the 10th and 25th percentiles for both height and weight. She eats like a horse (healthy food) so that’s just the way she’s meant to be. My younger sister was quite tiny until highschool when she went through a big growth spurt and caught up to everyone.

I don’t really get the height comments about Levi. He’s not standing beside anyone so you can’t tell how tall he is. Maybe it’s his baggy clothing that makes him appear smaller?

Lilly on

Jeez, people. Lay off the “he’s too small” comments. He’s not too small for his age. He doesn’t HAVE to be a certain height. He’s the right height for HIM. And he’s the most adorable little boy.

sil on

he’s really tiny, and adorable!

Asha on

I get this all the time with my DD, she’s tiny for her age, people can’t believe she’s almost 3, she’s itty bitty. Who cares? As long as she’s healthy, right?

Jen on

I think he is cute, and no he doesnt look small for his age he is only 13 months he looks perfect to me.

Jen on

Its just the way his pants are there not bowed legged lol dont no where u got that from, he is a cute normal 13 months old kid lol

davefromfarm on

I can’t believe some of these comments! Do you expect all babies to be a uniform size and shape? What about all adults? HUMAN BEINGS COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES! He is a beautiful little man. He looks very similar in size to my daughter who is 15 months old. Why is it better for babies to be fat anyway? It’s not better for adults, after all.

Kristi on

I was so surprised when I saw this adorable picture and then saw 70 comments. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what about the picture would warrant 70 commments because lets face it the only pics/articles that get a lot of comments are the controversial ones. All I saw was a perfectly adorable little boy….never ceases to amaze me what people will say.

MissHeather on

It’s weird because every time I see photos of little Levi, I’ve always thought he looked really small for his age.

Nobody is JUDGING him or saying it’s a bad thing! The posters are simply just stating an observation. 99% of the posters that said he “looked small for his age” also said he is adorable, cute, etc. It’s not like anyone is saying “He looks small for his age, poor kid, I feel sorry for him, he’d be cuter if he was bigger”. The other 1% of the posters were just plain stupid. (Midget????)

JoAnn on

He looks just like his mom….gonna be a knock out!!

Amy on

WOW….do any of you people actually have–or even know–a thirteen month old baby? I’m guessing that most of the people who wrote those bizarre comments don’t have children. My second son is 13 months and looks pretty much just like this…as do all of his playgroup friends. They look like babies only they’re walking, which is the most adorable combination. Not only that, butLevi’s pants are baggy and rolled up, which is so cute, but doesn’t exactly show off his shape. Baby clothing sizes never seem to be right; my first son wore size 12 months at 7 months, and my second son was wearing size 9 months at 12 months. They are both perfectly proportioned, though.

I swear the comments on this blog have been getting stranger and stranger. I like how the staff used to intervene to clear things up… guess they don’t have the resources to do so anymore. Too bad.

Shaya on

I have to say that when I see Levi I have had some of the same thoughts as others as far as him being a little person. I know kids are all shapes and sizes, my daughter is small for her age, but it seems that his proportions *could* be that of a little person. I think for the most part people who are commenting on this aren’t being cruel, just stating what they see. He is absolutely adorable and I know his parents love him no matter what. I think Camila is having another boy!

A. on

As a nanny and former pre-school teacher, I’ve been around a lot of infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers. The thought of Levi being a little person never even crossed my mind. From that picture, he looks like any other 13-month old. I’m confused as to what people are seeing here…and really, who cares either way!

Mariel on

too cute for words
i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah M. on

My cousin was always short growing up. At 15/16 he looked like he was 12. Right around that time, he shot up and is now an average-if not taller-height for a 28 year old. My brother was the same way. It was later found out that he had problems with his Pituitary Gland and he had to do daily shots for awhile. Now, at 24, he is also average-if not taller-height for his age. My 4 year old cousin looks like a 3 year old. But he started talking early. We’d be out in public and he’d start talking and walking, and other would ask if he started bot activities very early. They’d calmly be told what his age was and that it was perfectly normal.

I agree with others, too. The term ‘midget’ is horribly outdated. It is much like calling an african-american by the ‘n’ word. Or an Asian person ‘Oriental’. I’ll give the original poster the benefit of the doubt and say that she may not have known that was the case, though.

Love this kid!!!

Alex on

He’s cute, looks just like his mom.

Gina on

You people are killing me! He’s one! One year old’s are short. My kids didn’t even have hair yet at one.

Lola Marie on

Awwwwwww he is so tiny and cute!!!!! He still looks like a baby.

Katie on

He’s probably just petite, like his mama.

Janet on

Levi is the most preciously adorable cutie! Agree with many of you that you just want to kiss his little face and pinch those precious chubby little cheeks… what a little love bug… and this height thing… geez… My niece was 5lb2oz when she was born and up until she was 4 years old, tiny, tiny, tiny. Now she is one of the tallest little girls in her pre-school class! So… I wouldn’t worry about his height. Camera angles can make you look smaller than youa re too… Besides, he looks totally healthy… and so beautiful! Can’t wait to see baby #2!!! They are great parents!

Kadi on

He is cute, but that whole outfit does not match.

Mel on

6. KK Says:
August 20th, 2009 at 1:52 pm

“This child is precious. Haven’t seen a kid this cute since August Hermann”.

–took the words right outta my mouth!

Mommyof3 on

OMG Levi has to be the most adorable celeb baby out there! He get’s it honestly tho…just look at Mommy and Daddy:)

As for Levi being tiny, yes he is. But that doesn’t mean that there is a growth problem at all! Any parent knows that no two babies are alike. Yes there are “growth charts” that range from Below 5th % to Above 100th % for both height and weight but these guidelines that “they” set out are not always accurate. My daughter was SGA born below the 5th %. She was born at 37 weeks at 4.10lbs and 14 inches long (very tiny) Until she was 14 months old she was in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothing! On her 18th month check-up she reached 17lbs and 32 inches wearing 6-9 month clothing!! You would assume that my daughter has a growth restriction of some sort right? Well she doesn’t, today she is 6 years old and is nearly 60lbs and 4’2!! She basically towers over most children her age….she CAUGHT UP!!!! Levi could just be growing at his own rate as my daughter did. Just because he is timy doesn’t mean he has a problem:)

CelebBabyLover on

claire- Both Matthew and Camilla have repeatedly said that they aren’t going to get married. If the rings DO have any special meaning, my guess is that they are commtiment rings, showing Camilla and Matthew’s commtiment to each other. πŸ™‚ Or maybe Camilla just likes rings. πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Anna- I think you mis-understood zeezee’s comment. What she was saying is that Levi is only a month older than Zuma…and they seem to be close to the same height. But yet it’s only Levi getting the “short” comments. In otherwords, she was saying that there seems to be a double-standard going on.

Karen on

Adorable! I am sure the 2nd baby will be just as adorable, just look at the parents. Good genes on both sides.

JP on

When I saw this pic I immediately thought,
“Wow, he looks like Michael Jackson’s eldest son!”

leonor on

Why are people surprised that he’s small? Matthew McConaughey is about 5’6″!!!

brannon on

Perfection! Wow Dianne – really!-oh my.

lesley on

i think the only reason he looks small is because he has quite a mature face (for 13 months) and he seems to have been walking around for ages so u dont think of him being as young as he is. he’s prob just average sized

gianna on

Levi is so cute, he looks like matthew but with camila’s complexion and dark eyes. TMZ says the next baby is a boy too, which I believe because that was my gut from the start.

Mia on

He is just the most adorable little boy, his parents must be head over heels in love with him. I think he looks a lot like his father, but has his moms coloring + such.

I think Levi just looks older in the face (+ all that hair!) + people forget that he just turned 1 last month. I’m sure once he turns about 2 he will be pretty huge, considering both of his parents are tall. I think MM is like 6’1 (or 6’2) +I don’t know CA height, but she is a model, so anything about 5’8 or more, guessing.

I can’t wait to see his new brother/or sister. It’s another baby boom. Last year it was ‘Summer” this year its “Winter” year or so before that it was ‘Spring” hmmm.

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- Actually, another commentor said that Matthew is only about 5’7. πŸ™‚ Good point about the baby boom! Maybe next year we’ll see a “Fall” baby boom! πŸ™‚

Brandi on

No he isn’t. He is 5’11, there was a big joke in a magazine a couple years ago about how his bathrobe is monogrammed with his height instead of his initials.

kristin on

I think a lot of you are forgetting how small 13 month old children are. As one person said, most are being carried at that age. To me, he looks to be about the same size as Zuma Rossdale if not a little bit bigger and Zuma is 12 months old. So I would say that Levi is about right for his age. He just seems smaller because he is actually walking and not being carried.