Ricky Martin Hits the Beach with His Twins

08/19/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

He used to live the “vida loca,” but life has slowed down considerably for Ricky Martin since welcoming his fraternal twins, Matteo and Valentino, by gestational surrogate last August.

Sharing personal photos of himself enjoying the sun and surf with the boys on his Web site, Ricky, 37, says that fatherhood “feels amazing.”

“I’m so happy! Everything they do, from smiling to crying, feels like a blessing,” Ricky says of his 1-year-old twins. “This has been the most spiritual moment in my life.”

Matteo, Valentino, Ricky — Pablo Alfaro

Many more photos below!

Matteo, Ricky, Valentino — Pablo Alfaro
Matteo — Pablo Alfaro
Valentino — Pablo Alfaro
Matteo, Ricky, Valentino — Pablo Alfaro

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Corina on

Those boys are so cute!!!

Jaime on

OH MY GOSH! These pictures are amazing! I love them, and both of the boys look just like him in different ways! I love Matteo’s hair such cute little boys πŸ™‚

Jazz on

Wow, they are gorgeous! Ricky has a pair of future heartbreakers on his hands!

Sandra on

Oh my god, so cute, wonderful, gorgeous πŸ™‚

sil on

how cute are the twins??? and daddy is not bad either πŸ˜‰ I’m a big big fan of Ricky since he was with “muΓ±ecos de papel”

Elle on

Such handsome little guys. So can somebody help me out with this…when they say gestational surrogate what does that mean exactly? Like is there more than one type of surrogate? I don’t know anything about surrogacy. Also, did they use Ricky’s sperm for the boys or no?

Shannon on

Awwwww, how sweet are those boys? How HOT is that daddy? LOL! Love it!

kai on

crazy cute! and ricky hasn’t aged a day since he became famous, wow.

mom to boys on

very cute pix, but I’m not a Ricky follower. Is he a single dad? is he gay and that’s why he did it, or did he explain why? Not that it matters, just curious. Ricky looks like he’s been hitting the beach without the boys with that tan line.

Elizabeth on

What a beautiful family they make. Super cute.

Liliana on

Those boys are beautiful! Ricky seems like such a wonderful father.

Elle, in gestational surrogacy, fertilized eggs from another woman are implanted into the surrogate’s uterus. The surrogate and the child or children have no biological connection.

Liliana on

To add to my comment, traditional surrogacy is done through artificial insemination and uses the surrogate’s egg with another man’s sperm.

Ann on

What gorgeous photos and sweet boys.

daniela on

@ Elle – gestational surrogacy is whean a surrogate can carry embryos that have been created from the eggs of the baby’s intended mother and sperm of his intended father. The eggs are retrieved from the intended mother and fertilized with the sperm, allowed to grow, then transferred into the surrogate’s uterus through a catheter. On the other hand, in a traditional surrogacy, the surrogates eggs are used.

The boys are absolutely adorable!!! I agree they both look like Ricky but in different ways. And those names….they are just beautiful! Who would ever mind dating a Matteo or a Valentino? πŸ™‚

Daisy on

The boys look alike, obviously, but also so much different. Both are so cute. They make such a sweet family.

And I have never ever seen it before, but Ricky isn’t a bad looker either.

madylane on

Ok, is it bad that I just wanna rub Ricky’s chest in that 2nd photo? Ricky Martin is so, so hot!

The kiddos are stunners too. Already gorgeous and will just get handsomer by the day!

Brooklyn on

They are so cute!

Marta on

Precious, precious kids!! ADORABLE! And Ricky looks so peaceful and HAPPY. CONGRATULATIONS!

All Women Stalker on

I gasped, literally, when I saw this photo. HOW CUTE!


Robin on

What gorgeous babies! I’m LOVING this family! I remember reading an article written when the babies were born, with Ricky basically saying he wanted children but wasn’t married and decided to do it anyway. I think it is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

Philippa on

Oh my those babies are so gorgeous! Those pictures of Ricky and the boys are so precious. They all look so happy πŸ˜€

natalie on

those babies are just the cutest! i love the fact that baby matteo appears to have somewhat red hair, while valentino certainly lives up to his name with those pale eyes and dark hair..! i bet these two are going to grow up to be real heartbreakers!



victoria on

congratulations!!!!!i love you ricky!!!!!

Mia on

They are so cute + I think I see a bit of Ricky in both. They are both going to be gorgeous boys when they are older LOL between them + Knox Jolie-Pitt, the next few generations better watch out LOL.

Chris on

They are too cute! All three of them! πŸ˜›

ElenaS on

What a beautiful boys. I think Valentino is pretty much the same as in the first pictures we saw but Matteo looks so changed to me

FC on

Those boys are adorable. I adore the black and white photo of them. Ricky all pensive, and the boys with their own expressive faces. Too cute. πŸ™‚

Erika on

gorgeous little boys!

Julie on

RICKY IS SINGLE, He said (Hola Magazine) that he wanted to have children (family) and he have not found the right person in his life. So he decided to use a surrogate mom in order to enjoin the fatherhood!!! He looks happy and his boys looks healthy N precious!

Gabriella Neves on

Oh my God, I want one of each. Baby number one, baby number two. And yes, papa’s included!

L on

Swooon! That 2nd photo is absolutely gorgeous! Ricky has some handsome little boys on his hands, he seems like a wonderful father who is loving every single minute of this!! Blessings to you Ricky!

pelin on

those photos are precious!!! they are so adorable, theyre cutie pies!!! so so cute!

Harley on

OMG, a year already!? They look so cute πŸ™‚

Elle on

Thanks for the help with that info ladies! We don’t know who the “mom” is right? I don’t remember ever hearing anything about her. But could the surrogate still be the “mom” even though it was gestational? If they did everything before and then implanted them into her? I’m totally new to this type of reproduction!

Rebecca on

If it was a gestational surrogate then no, the woman who carried the twins would not be the genetic mother, it would be a seperate egg donor. Many women prefer to be a gestational surrogate because they don’t want to carry and give up a baby they are the genetic mother of. I think if the surrogate used her eggs but they had to be fertilized by IVF she would still be considered a “Traditional” Surrogate because she would be the genetic mom.

Lyssia on

Does anyone know which baby is which? I thought Valintino had the darker hair but I’m not sure. Either way they are both adorable and will grow up to be heartbreakers!

Their names are underneath each photo.

– CBB Staff

Kay on

yes, Ricky’s gay, but as for why he did it, nobody knows 100%

Blondiebear on

What a beautiful family. Good on Ricky for starting a family on his own terms, it seems evident he is completely devoted to his boys.

Danielle on

SO is Ricky the biological father of these children? Curious.
I do hope he has a good female around that can be a positive role model in their lives as they are motherless.

Mary-Helen on

What a fine looking man and gorgeous children!

As for Ricky being gay, really no one knows if he is or isn’t, he has never “come out” publically. However, much like Calista Flockhart and many other celeb moms, Ricky didn’t have someone in his life but wanted to be a father, so he went this way.

Rebecca on

Kay, why the assumption that he’s gay?

Hilda on

That hair, those eyes, those lips, yeah the babies r cute too! lol
Very beautiful pictures. He’s never has come out as being gay, but, whatever & however he became a daddy, doesn’t matter. :)He looks blissful w/ his 2 boys!

TMia on

What a handsome little family they are. The boys are so cute and I love their names too. They all seem super happy! Loves It!!

Thanx to those who detailed gestational surrogacy. I too didn’t quite grasp that concept until now.

Jane on

They are beautiful babies!

Sophie on

Kay- I don’t think you can say for definite like that, that Ricky is gay as he has never come out, its all speculation until he says otherwise (not that I particularly care either way)

Those boys have the same eyes, and are so incredibly cute! Such a beautiful little family.

Disney Bedding on

Love the white and black pic, the three of them are gorgeous!

Minka on

Kay, Ricky has not confirmed whether he is gay, straight, or bisexual. I don’t really think it’s any of our business anyway.

brannon on

He did it because he wanted children. Can’t imagine there being any other reason for people to use a surrogate? Gorgeous family. Wow!

Elodie on

Still remember the 1st pic of them and now they are 1 year old!
They are so cute!
However everytime I see babies born in ‘non-traditional way’, I feel kind of…… Growing up not knowing who your biological father or mother is, I wondered what would go through those kids’ minds. Of course most of these celebrity parents are rich and loving their kids, but the case of that single mom who gave birth to 8 kids, oh she is definitely having some problems!
We are not supposed to playing god and just because you’re lonely or feel the need to be a parent, you go ‘create’ a child for your own use. There is some serious ethic and moral issues involved.
Maybe when these kids grow up, they can form a support group to discuss the problem uniquely to them. And scientists can have research and studies on this topcis.

sdfsd on

Actually Kay, Ricky has never spoken publicly about his sexuality, so we really don’t know whether or not he is gay, straight, bi, or asexual.

The Writer on

Elodie, your comments are totally off base. Adopted children, in many cases, don’t know who their biological parents are, either, and I’d hardly call that a “problem.” I am thrilled for Ricky that he has been able to become a father. His boys are adorable.

michelle on

Elodie, there are actually numerous psychological studies that have been done on the children born through alternative methods. The first generation of anonymous donor sperm babies are now of age and there have been multiple studies that have been done throughout their developmental stages. Almost 90% say they have no issues with not knowing one or more of their biological parents. Those that have issues have suffered because they were told later in life, but those growing up knowing their birth story are very well adjusted. They are statistically more adjusted than children who are adopted.

I support every perso’s right to become a parent of that is their dream. I will be going the route of single mother with anonymous donor sperm. Would you rather I just go out and “hook up” with a random guy to get knocked up instead?

(I do love your name by the way).

Lily on

In Puerto Rico, it’s well known that he’s gay. It’s kept so hush-hush here in the States though…and why I don’t know. Ricky doesn’t comment but he’s never denied it because he prefers to keep his private life to himself. Anyway, about his sons, the darker-haired boy looks EXACTLY like Ricky. The lighter one with colored eyes must look like the birth mother because I don’t see much resemblance. He may look like his mommy.

CelebBabyLover on

Elodie- Well, what about adopted children? Most of them grow up without knowing who their biological parents are.

Hea on

This is a man who obviously loves his boys who, by the way, are super cute. I don’t care if he so shacks up with an elephant.

I have to ask though; is he their biological father? I don’t see much resemblance.

courtney on

Beautiful family!!! All three are so handsome!

Shannon on

Actually Ricky confirmed his bisexuality in June to a Hispanic magazine saying his “heart could belong to a man or a woman”. Just throwning that out there for those who were curious!

marilyn on

heaven is the word for those two precious boys! those little baby boys are being raised with a tremendous amount of love. 100% cuteness all around! and Ricky is one hot hot daddy! love to them all!

QueenB on

Those Babies are soooooooo cute……….wow and he seems like a really good father

JM on

Elodie there is currently no evidence to suggest that adopted children, or children born via surrogates or sperm donors etc., are statistically any more likely to have “problems” than any other kids. one could argue that they are even less likely because if you go through those long processes then obviously you really really want a baby and your child will always know that.
“playing god” is such an unfortunate term i find as it is us who make babies not “god” and it is our decision. i think it is wonderful that there are nowadays many more “non-traditional” methods for having children.

Taylor on

With gestational surrogacy, does one KNOW they are having twins or is it “luck of the draw,” as with traditional pregnancy?

KrisAndBiMom on

KAY- At this time he DID NOT confirm his sexual orientation.

and LILY.. Here in Puerto Rico is the same as in US, it’s just rumors. He did not talk about it in public and it’s just this.. RUMORS NOT CONFIRMED.

Anyway, focus on his help for needed children and not in his sexual life. I’m pretty sure this boys will have more love, nurtures and emotional stability than others raised in heterosexual marriages.

Susan on

God doesn’t make babies, we do? Hmmm….Personal view I suppose. I don’t agree.

Silvermouse on

They’re so cute πŸ™‚

IntendedMom2Be on


With gestational surrogacy typically more than one embryo is transferred so there is a greater chance of twins, but it is not a guarantee. I am currently expecting twin girls via a gestational surrogate. We transferred more than one embryo, so more than likely they are fraternal. Hope that helps.

JM on

susan, actually it’s a scientific view based on evidence and fact. any proof that god makes babies? no. any proof that we, when sperm meets eggs, make babies? yes.

Hilda on

When Ricky, said his heart could belong to a man or woman, it wasn’t to confirm nothin’. It was meant to keep us guessing. Or a nice way of saying “it’s none of your business”. I know we r all curious, but, it should never be the the most important thing.
Back to the subject of the article, they do make a beautiful family! πŸ™‚ And those pictures r just stunning!

jessie on

they’re so cute!

CelebBabyLover on

Anonymous- I couldn’t agree more!

May on

So gorgeous. Who cares if it’s unusual, props to him for going through with this because he knew he wanted kids and could give them all the love and support they would need. And look how healthy and happy they look! So adorable!!

Li Santos on

BEAUTIFUL!It melts my heart… πŸ™‚

phoenix mattress on

living LA BABY LOCA!

Alex on

Matteo is adorable & the looker of the 2. Ricky Martin has always been super hot. I wonder when he’ll come out. I don’t think the twins look like Ricky.

CelebBabyLover on

Alex- He may not have anything to “come out” about! πŸ™‚

That said, in response to some other comments…Why wouldn’t he have used his own sperm to create the boys?

Dora on

The family is adorable! It’s about time we saw some more beautiful latin family shots instead of the usual Jolie-Pitt family. Yes, I agree with many of you, they will steal hearts just like their dad. They are already doing that at 1 year old. Ricky looks more CALIENTE than ever! Fatherhood agrees with him completely. I think it’s great that we have a well known celebrity being a single dad just because he wants to. I admire his talent, dedication to helping children and now the strength he has for meeting this challenge as a single parent. I totally understand his desire for privacy about parts of his life. Not everyone wants all their business out there.

Cricket Seranade on

Actually, I think both boys look really similar. If you look they have the same eyes and nose. Matteo has his Dad’s mouth and they both have the same over-all shape of their Dad’s face.

As far as the orientation, who cares. He is an awesome Father and those boys are so lucky to have him.

Mia on

Yes, the boys are his (biologically). And I actually see a strong resemblance in both babies to Ricky in different features, but I think they both have his eyes.



What is the difference between gestational surrogates and traditional surrogates?

Gestational Surrogates have an embryo transferred into them that is not genetically related to them, carry a baby/ies, delivery them and create a beautiful family. Traditional surrogates are the biological mothers to the baby they conceive, give birth to, and relinquish all parental rights to.

Lorelei on

What a beautiful family. He is blessed.

CelebBabyLover on

Dora- Not sure what you were getting at with your first comments…But we actually haven’t seen the Jolie-Pitts since last month, when we saw Angie and Maddox going to and from Iraq (there were pictures of the Angie and the girls shopping at Toys R Us a few weeks after that, but CBB did not post those).

gianna on

Those babies are gorgeous and defintley his bio kids, they look exactly like he did as a child. Out of all the celebrities with twins, these are two of the most beautiful twins ever in my opinion. Gorgeous eyes and complexion, and I love their names

Michele on

Simply beautiful.

Elzbieta on

Ricky Martin has said in interviews that he is not gay, so I’m gonna go ahead and take his word for it.

C.Smiles on

The babies are so cute!!! I’ve always wanted to have his kids! Lol!

Denise on


piri on

i am so glad this man is finally realising his true happiness and i hope he has learned a valuable lesson about being free to be whoever you want to be – i hope if nothing else that he passes this down to his beautiful children. It is no big deal to be who you want to be now ricky – good for you !!!!

Dreamer on

I love those pics! Ricky looks so happy, and the twins are so cute… Two of my brothers are twins, too, and sometimes you can feel like crazy taking care of both at the same time.

About the other comments, I have to say that the more I read, hear and know about Ricky, the more I admire him, because he’s able to stay away from rumours, and do the important things to him, as being father. If I could, I’d do the same…

Andrea Geddes on

Its refreshing to see a male single parent congrats ricky, ignore the bad press enjoy your time with your babino,s love, health and joy. Andrea.

Susan on

I met him back in the Menudo days and he is a very nice, sweet person. He has said that he is not gay, if he was he’d have no problem saying it.

Rey Ray on

ouhh they look like the perfect family this just gives me hope of been a daddy some day …