Kourtney Kardashian Agonized Over Whether to Keep Her Baby

08/19/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
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Kourtney Kardashian‘s unplanned pregnancy forced the shocked reality TV star to make one of the most difficult decisions in her life: Would she have the baby or abort the pregnancy?

“I definitely thought about it long and hard, about if I wanted to keep the baby or not, and I wasn’t thinking about adoption,” Kourtney, 30, who was shooting E!’s Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami at the time, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I do think every woman should have the right to do what they want, but I don’t think it’s talked through enough. I can’t even tell you how many people just say, ‘Oh, get an abortion.’ Like it’s not a big deal.”

Scott Disick, the baby’s 26-year-old father, was supportive either way. The pair had split in November after two years of dating, but reconciled shortly after finding out she was pregnant. “He wanted me to talk about it more, but I just kept to myself,” she says. “He said, ‘I really want you to keep it, but I will support you whatever you decide to do.'”

Confused and concerned, Kourtney says, “I called my best friend crying, and I was like, ‘I don’t know what to do.’ She said, ‘Call your doctor, and at least find out the risks and stuff.” So Kourtney discussed abortion with her physician, and then headed to the Internet to do further research.

“I looked online, and I was sitting on bed hysterically crying, reading these stories of people who felt so guilty from having an abortion,” she recalls. “I was reading these things of how many people are traumatized by it afterwards.”

After scouring the Internet, Kourtney says she started to realize that an abortion wasn’t an option for her. “I was just sitting there crying, thinking, ‘I can’t do that,'” she says. “And I felt in my body, this is meant to be. God does things for a reason, and I just felt like it was the right thing that was happening in my life.”

Kourtney says she did some intense soul-searching. “For me, all the reasons why I wouldn’t keep the baby were so selfish: It wasn’t like I was raped, it’s not like I’m 16. I’m 30 years old, I make my own money, I support myself, I can afford to have a baby. And I am with someone who I love, and have been with for a long time.”

Although Kourtney sought out the advice of others, she says it was her decision — and hers alone — that was the most important.

“I really wanted to think it through for myself, and not hear what my sisters were saying, or what Scott was saying. Even though I took it all in, I wanted it to be my decision,” she says. “My doctor told me there is nothing you will ever regret about having the baby, but he was like, ‘You may regret not having the baby.’ And I was like: That is so true. And it just hit me. I got so excited, and when I told Scott he was so excited. But I think if I had said I’m not going to keep it, I really think he would have pushed me into keeping it.”

Source: PEOPLE

— David Caplan

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Bumbles on

I have no idea who this person is (I don’t think her shows are on UK tv) but does she not want to keep some things to herself? I understand she’s a reality tv star but seriously some things don’t need to be put into the public domain. I get the feeling we’ll hear a lot about this pregnancy and she will no doubt get a new series with the baby when its born.

LovelyRita on

Uhmmmm, this info is probably best kept private, considering that the baby who she talks about considering aborting may someday read this.

Meg on

It’s refreshing to hear someone speaking so candidly about having this choice. It’s not an easy decision (but thankfully we still have the right to make it in this country), and kudos to Kourtney for maturely weighing her options before deciding either way.

Shirelle on

I am glad that she didn’t have an abortion

Mary-Helen on

What a horrible interview, and not just because I’m very pro-life. Someday this child could find these “gems” of knowledge she is putting out there, like the baby was a result of her not taking the pill, considering aborting the baby to make her life easier, the baby was conceived during a one night stand, like really, how badly will this child feel if s/he ever learns this.

The fact that she proudly brags that she didn’t consider adoption @ all makes me sad. There are lots of people out there who would give their right arm for the chance to parent a child while this woman brags about a one night stand and not taking the pill and how she seriously considered termination just so she could go party again. I don’t know much about her and would like to give her the benefit of the doubt, but she seems like a vapid little girl with no internal sensor who sees her unborn child as a promotional tool more than a life. Sorry, I’m done now.

HeatherR on

I think she has every right to make these decisions for herself and her baby. With that said, I don’t know that it is wise to share such personal information. Someday her child may become prive to this information and I don’t think that ANYONE wants to think that their mother considered aborting them.

Me on

Oh, whatever! I am so over her already and it’ll still be months before the baby is even here.

I’m sorry, but whether or not she struggled with the idea of an abortion, that’s not something that needs to be broadcast to the entire nation. What if her child reads this one day? Or finds out that its mother almost aborted it? These people disgust me. If she wasn’t ready to have a child, then she shouldn’t have been having sex! Plain and simple. I think it’s so rude and selfish to not even consider adoption. Instead, we’ll just kill the baby and act like it never happened. Abortion is NOT birth control, people!

With that being said, I’m relieved that she decided to keep the baby, as annoying and immature as her comments are.

Georgia41 on

Will this 30 year old “girl” stop at nothing for some attention??

All I have to say is, I hope someone explains to her how to take birth control pills after she has this baby so we’re not subjected to another “unplanned” pregnancy!!

Lauren on

Thank you, Meg. I totally agree. I find it VERY interesting that when it comes to such a topic as abortion, suddenly these thnigs are too private. But you obviously come here to read about how much weight a celebrity has gained during there pregnancy or whether they’re getting a divorce or “who’s the father?” etc etc – non of THAT is too private?!?! This issue isn’t too private when politicians are elected (or not) based solely upon their views of this subject!!!!! Anyway, I say THANK YOU KOURTNEY. This is VERY VERY brave to be so honest and open about an issue that SO MANY women – young and old – face very single day. My feelings about Kourtney have definitely been altered this morning. I think more people should speak out about what goes into making such a decision and I don’t think I know many people – nay, ANY people – who would come out and talk about this to their friends, never mind the whole world. I guess I missed the memo and suddenly its 1957 where all of this “unpleasantness” should just be brushed under the rug.

Jas on

Bravo to Kourtney to being open about her pregnancy. What she went through is what a lot of women have gone through and they need to see that they are not alone. There is nothing wrong with how she initially felt because those were her true feelings and in the end she did what was right for her. Keep talking Kourtney because there are people they need to hear your experiences because they can relate.

Ruth on

Regardless of your stance on abortion, I applaud Kourtney for weighing her options and talking to her doctor about her decision. I have had many friends that had abortions both as they got older and self-sufficient as well as friends who had abortions while in high school. Both sets did have regret for the first couple of weeks yet years later it was the right choice for them. Kourtney did what she felt right for her and I’m glad that choice is still available.

Kristen on

I agree with Meg. I think it’s brave of her to talk so candily about abortion because I’m sure she’s going to get a lot of flack for it. I also agree with Kourtney that it’s not talked about enough. Kudos to her.

momof3 on

I agree with Meg. We’re lucky that there are options when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

N.S on

LovelyRita – I agree, how can she blurt this stuff out to the media, that is very private business, and considering that she is keeping this child – that is information best left quiet after the decision.

I’m really not sure how some people can talk so flippantly about a subject as delicate as abortion.

marilyn on

yikes…a bit of advice ms. kourtney…some things are better left unsaid

Bella Mama on

i completely agree with you Meg..

sillyme on

This is great! I’m not a fan of the Kardashians, but this is something that I think all young women should hear and read. It’s very thoughtful.

As for whether her child will someday grow up and read this, I don’t see the problem. She CHOSE life for her child. That’s the most important thing. The Kardashians are very close and supportive; this child will grow up with a lot of love.

Jess from Ohio on

I appreciate the fact that she is speaking about this. As Meg stated, it is refreshing. It’s a difficult choice for many women, young and old, a decision that isn’t made lightly.

Jill on

I can’t believe we have another 6 months of this girl spilling her guts about every tiny detail some of which should be kept private.

Jessica on

Do we really have to hear about this topic on this site, some of us accept that it’s a reality and live with it, but despise it. do we really need to hear about this CBB and Kourtney? I accept it because I think it’s the lesser of 2 evils, I can’t even begin to imagine what some mother’s of these “unwanted” babies that they think they were “forced” to have would do to them.

Julie on

Wow, there is something you don’t hear people say. On the one hand, I applaud her for being so honest and candid. On the other hand, as another poster said, some things should be kept private. How would her child feel after reading that some day?

Lilly on

I don’t know about this woman either, except that she’s always on this website recently……

I’m a bit uncomfortable reading this. It’s not due to my opinions on abortion. I’m all for it being discussed openly and honestly so people know all the facts and can make informed decisions. But, seriously, did she have to discuss this in public?

Sandra on

Babies are a blessing and little miracles, how could anyone choose abortion! If someone can’t take care of the baby they should always choose adoption so the child has a chance at a better life. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it.

Elizabeth on

What a thing to put out in the media!!!!! Do these celebrities not realize that these quotes will be around forever, and that one day her child will know …”my mother first of all didn’t want me and second of all was considering killing me” What damage will be done to that child if it ever reads this.
It is fine to think about anything, but for Gods sake keep it private!!!!!

Lissette on

I think this is something she should keep to herself as well. I love all of the Kardashians but this is TMI. I dont think it’s something her child will want to read about in the future.

Emily on

This woman needs to stop opening her mouth. Think about this child reading ALL of these things she keeps saying. Not to mention she seems to daily come out with another thing to say. How much publicity can you suck out of an announcement? God help everyone when the kid arrives.

Emily on

I totally agree that Kourtney is being WAY too open in talking about her pregnancy. It’s almost like she’s still holding on to her 15 minutes of fame that are almost up. Some things should be kept private.

And I agree with you Meg that thankfully we still do have the right as women in this country to decide what we do with our bodies.

Amber on

I 100% agree with Megan!

Jamie on

As risky as it is for her to be so candid on this topic, I very much respect her for taking the risk to do so. Good for her, to be honest and straightforward! Maybe now we can have an educated, civil discussion about something so many women are afraid/ashamed to speak. I only imagine this post will generate some serious heat.

Good for you, Kourtney, for doing what is best and most appropriate for YOU and your situation.

Melissa on

Wow! This article gave me new found respect for Kourtney. Having a child is alot of worj and everyobe should think about it before they have one. It is great to hear Kourtney be honest. Mistakes happen and you have to deal with them. Once again congrats Kourtney!!!

AJ on

Kourtney Kardashian has been pregnant for all of five minutes and I’m already sick of hearing about it. Coverage overkill on this non-celeb!!!

jessie on

I’m sure every woman going through an unplanned pregnacy has these thoughts going through their minds about adoption, abortion etc… so i’m glad she brought this to light. even women in their 30s have the same fears and thoughts as a girl my own age(21).

erinbeth on

i agree with kourtney’s feelings that the choice to abort is not thought through enough and the after effects certainly are not discussed in depth by the drs performing the procedures. an abortion is a tramatic experience often leaving women sterile and certainly with many emotional scars. i applaud kourtney for researching her options (not that i personally believe abortion is ever an option), and choosing to keep her child.
with the amount of children born out marriage in our society (40%), i’m sure there are many children who will be hearing stories about how their moms chose to keep them even though it was going to be a hard road, and what’s important to her child is that he/she was valued enough to keep and love.

gaia's mom on

I actually appreciate her candor for once. Its a topic many many women contemplate after finding out they’re pregnant. Its nothing to be ashamed of, and if more teen girls would hear this type of information maybe they’d think twice about missing their pill or going without a condom. Its a very tortuous position to be in.

And I don’t see how this will be detrimental to a child, learning that they were un planned and their mom had a choice? That’s just being frank! Mummy and daddy didn’t pick them up in a cabbage patch. Elizabeth, obviously she wanted the baby because if she didn’t I’m fairly sure she’d have gotten an abortion.

Bb on

I agree with Meg. Whilst it’s something i would keep private, its very refreshing to hear someone talk very honestly about a difficult issue. I wish her a healthy pregnancy.

Jana on

First off, other than wanting to be a career party girl, why would abortion even cross Kourtney’s mind? She’s 30 years old and financially stable with a loving and supportive family. Why would she willfully participate in such reckless behavior if she was so unwilling to deal with the consequences? She practiced unprotected sex and was completely blasĂ© about the birth control pill…but strongly considered abortion? I’m speaking from a “pro-choice” mentality but certainly don’t understand how we can “applaud” someone in Kourtney’s predicament for “weighing her options” and speaking candidly about this. Like a previous poster said, abortion is not birth control! I still find it hard to believe that someone 30 years of age was so shocked about a pregnancy and “didn’t know what to do.” If I didn’t know better, I would think this woman was 16 years old! She really needs to keep her mouth closed when it comes to the media because everything that comes out sounds ridiculous!

Angi on

Here is the thing. People love to talk about all the positives when to getting pregnant or pregnancy. There is the other side of it. It think it was VERY brave of Kourtney to discuss this topic that people are more to campainon, but when it really comes to discussing it, those same people say keep it private. I truly think this country still has a long way to go when it comes to this subject. If it was really talked about more and not just the medical side, but also the emotional impact it could really open people’s minds.

girlJordan on

This time I have no issue with what she has said. People are so worried about her child reading these articles later – maybe she is going to be open and honest with her child and tell them how they came to be in the world.

She made an informed decision to keep her baby after talking to doctors and getting all the facts. There is nothing for her to be ashamed about.

Elle on

THANK YOU Kourtney! I think this is a great article. Having a child is not a walk in the park, it is something you should think long and hard about. As for those who say her children might read this, whats wrong with that? Her child will know he/she had a mother who wanted to make sure she could afford and handle a child before bringing one into the world.

I do not want this to be an abortion talk, but getting an abortion is not a easy option. I do not think women go into sex thinking they might have to get an abortion. As for all the pro life people, I am happy to know your life has been filled with happiness and good relationships. To me, there is nothing worst then having a child that reminds you of someone you hate. Adoption is an option, but you still have to carry the baby and for 9 months, have an everyday reminder of situation you endured. Once again, thanks Kourtney for speaking wise. Having a child,abortion and adoption are not for everyone. Everyone has to make up her mind on what she wants to do with her child.

Chris on

Another case of T.M.I. She has no filter whatsoever.

Jessica on

gaia’s mom, my mother had me at 17, when I was a teenager I heard this rumor that she was thinking of aborting me. It DEVESTATED me; To think my whole life wouldn’t BE if she was having a particularly bad morning sickness and was like “to hell with it!” or if she didn’t really think it through. So yes it is absolutely detrimental to a child, It took me a long time to forgive my mother. I would think, “don’t you come here and hug me, you didn’t even WANT me, Im only here because you felt guilty” .I know I wasn’t plucked from a cabbage patch, how condescening, I usually agree with everything you say, but on that particular thing I think you’re ay off base.

Diane on

Does anyone out there EVER consider the rights of that unborn child, who has absolutely NO SAY in whether it lives or dies? NO!!!

It’s ALWAYS the right of the women to decide. Yes, I’m very pro-life. Abortion is wrong. There are many other options. It’s made too easy for the women. Think about that life.

Jana on

I also wanted to add that I believe this article simply sends a bad message. Kourtney’s basically saying have all the unprotected sex you want and take your pill whenever you feel like it because abortion is an option if you happen to get knocked up… I have no problem with someone advocating a woman’s right to choose but I believe Kourtney is the wrong spokesperson. Plain and simple.

janie on

This is very, very private information and she should have not blabbed this to the media. She has no class!

Elizabeth on

Gaias Mom – She wanted the baby??? If that were true then she wouldn’t have considered an alternative, would she?!!! She chose to keep the baby because she didn’t want to feel guilt after aborting him/her. Let us put her up for mother of the year!

Jessica – I’m sorry you went through that, but it was nice to hear a real opinion from someone who has dealt with the situation 🙂

cat on

All I could think of when reading this article was, isn´t anything private and personal for this girl? That said, I´m glad she is happy with her decision to keep the baby

Monique on

She is 30 going on 13.

Lis on

I am so sickened by this article. I completely disagree with those who are applauding her for discussing this “serious” issue. Honestly? She’s just saying anything she can to keep herself in the media and it is at the expense of this innocent little life. I cannot believe the stupidity/thoughtlessness of discussing this on record when this baby someday may hear about it.

“I agree with Meg. (Meg says: ‘It’s refreshing to hear someone speaking so candidly about having this choice.’) We’re lucky that there are options when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.”
– What a disturbing thought. I guess adoption is too difficult? Killing a baby is much easier? I do not know how anyone with half a heart could consider “terminating” their own child.

em on

Seriously, it does not destroy or have to harm a child to know that you were unplanned, that your parents didn’t know what to do when they discovered your mother was pregnant with you, that she even considered aborting you. This is life. Not every person has a wonderful fantasy story of how they came into being planned and wanted and everything was rosy. By the time any child, teen, or adult would find out about this part of their mother’s or parent’s past, it is going to be much more significant what kind of parents they have been and how much love they have given you than whatever struggles there were in the early months before you were born.

Heather on

While I find little merit in the celebrity status that seems to surround Kourtney and her family, I do applaud her for being so open. An unplanned pregnancy, at any age and/or financial status, brings with it a wealth of decisions that must be made. Regardless of anyone’s personal opinions, its great that she said she spoke with her physicians and really did figure out what was best for her.

As far as the psychological effects of this on her child, everyone reacts differently to different things. My mother has discussed with me that she considered all of her options when she found out she was pregnant with me. I don’t fault her for that in any way. I grew up surrounded by love, care, and encouragement and was never left wondering if my mother questioned her decisions all those years ago. I have never met a woman who, when faced with a decision about pregnancy, made that decision on a whim or bad bout of morning sickness.

Linda on

I think it is time that we have more interviews like this. This is really brave of her and I am very glad she is open and honest to talk about it. It NEEDS to be said.
First of all Abortion is LEGAL in this country and I believe its a Woman’s RIGHT to choose. Yes babies are beautiful and a blessing from God. But its completely native to think that there in no other side to this coin that needs to be talked about more often. I went to a planned parenthood with a friend my freshman year in college and in the waiting room were three 13, 14 year old white girls with their moms getting abortions….I’m thinking they are way too young to even understand the consequence of their actions. People NEED to talk about abortions more because the knowledge itself is a form of birth control

Erin on

She just disgusts me- First of all its because she decided that birth control was optional, so then because of her little error she contemplates abortion and tells us all about it- What has she really done? I am so sick of her candid stories- go be pregnant and seclude yourself-

JMO on

Abortion is an irresponsible decision when you “forget to take your pill!”

I am definately pro choice. Would NEVER tell a woman what to do with her life or her body especially when it comes to circumstances out of one’s control (i.e. rape/incest). But when your having unprotected sex or not taking your birth control properly you are being irresponsible and know that pregnancy is a risk. To me it’s a selfish act to even consider an abortion. Adoption is always a better option especially when you could of possibly prevented this from the beginning.

I don’t know if her speakin about it really does any good. I think it just shows that she was irresponsible and then was almost thinking about doing something even more irresponsible! Like I said it’s her decision and I’m glad she chose to keep her baby and hopefully it will change her life for the better. But hopefully her actions instead will teach young girls that there are better ways to be responsible about sex and pregnancy!!

best of luck to you Kourtney – for you’ll need it.

Lisa on

Whether you agree with it or not, abortion is still an option. I don’t care for her or her tv shows, but I do applaud her for opening up about her decisions. She has a lot of people watching her life on TV, some being young women, and it doesn’t hurt to remind them they have choices should they find themselves in her position.

sil on

if you don’t want to have a baby, then give him/her for adoption…instead of just kill him.
She is a 30 yr old woman, she is not a girl! and anyway, this is so private, why speaking of it in an interview??? these people do whatever to have some attention….how sad.

mary on

Good for her, great honest interview.

JMO on

btw her and her boyfriend reconciled after finding out she’s pregnant. Let me just say from experience these situations never work out. I know people who found out they were pregnant and got back with the fathers only to spend months even years being miserable and unhappy.

Babies are not supposed to be the one’s to fix your problems! I hope it does work out for them. But I would not be surprised if this rekindled relationship goes sour after the baby is born! There are reasons why people break up and a baby should never be the one reason to get back together….of course that’s JMO.

Denise on

I like her honesty. Although I have had three pregnancies resulting in three beautiful daughters (11, 14, and 17), I am also prochoice. I myself would not consider abortion but I am happy that my three daughters will have the right to choose.

Yes, it was probably best to keep this decision process to herself but that is her choice to talk about it. And what is the big deal the kid reads something X number of years from now knowing that they were an “oops” and Mom was considering her choices? I got pregnant with daughter #2 while on the pill (so she was an oops) and now that she is a teenager, I used that as a learning tool…you can get pregnant on the pill. (not that she is on the pill or even sexually active yet but she was old enough to discuss these things). So she was an oops, she isn’t less loved than the other two who were planned. And she knows that.

Robin on

Hello Kourtney…your baby is going to grow up and could look back and see all these statements that you are saying…the pregnancy is a shock, I considered an abortion…etc. Don’t you believe in privacy? I just hope that your child won’t be upset by these candid statements that you are making. Some things are better left unsaid dear!

Beverley on

Kourtney is using this pregnancy to get herself more attention. And I hate the fact that she is getting it, left right and center. What’s next? A pay-per-view package to see her baby shower and delivery all for $19.99?

Many months of publicity and then she’ll like the attention so much she’ll get pregnant again quickly to get more. Tori Spelling suddenly became “relevant” when she was pregnant with her first, and got her picture taken every day in her different maternity clothes and liked being followed again. It strokes the ego. Then she quickly got pregnant again and more attention followed.

I can see Kourtney following this route.

Alice on

It’s good that she talks about it because it’s an important topic and as some said we’re lucky to have a choice… However, I wish it was someone els than her saying it becaus she’s in a position where she is old enough and should be responsible and careful enough so that she didn’t have to consider abortion at all if pregnant – planned or not.

sil on

oh and for the people saying “This article gave me new found respect for Kourtney” “and kudos to Kourtney ”
are you serious????????? can’t believe sometimes what I have to read in this blog, it’s amazing. And I’m not saying that considering abortion is something wrong or right, of course I’m not pro- abortion since I had a miscarriage last year and was the worst thing that can happen to me, so I can’t even imagine to decide to kill your son/daughter…anyway, but I understand that is a free desition, what makes me feel bad is people that think Kourtney is great for speaking about this in a magazine…wow, just wow.

Shelby on

This girl needs to learn to keep her mouth closed. I couldn’t even read past the first paragraph because that was enough for me or read through the comments because someone is probably defending this girl. Well someone needs to defend this poor child is being brought into a bad situation. Do you think once this child grows it that it won’t be able to see this quotes? Just because you think something doesn’t mean you should say it out loud….and now it’s never going away. Gosh, I hope she disappears until the baby is born and really thinks about what she needs to do to mature before becoming a mother…grow up.

zeezee on

I agree with others that it’s refreshing to hear someone talk openly about this. It shows the thought processes and fears and uncertainties that people go through…and she shows some maturity by actually thinking it through, searching her feelings and doing her research. The irony is that this is the perfect outcome and scenario that pro-lifers would like….that people do not just jump to abortions. I mean, isn’t that what all the protestors are yelling outside the clinics: think about it! think about that life! think this through!

Yet, here’s someone showing that they did that, and deciding to keep the baby, YET, pro-lifers are still complaining!

It’s so funny how people are so offended, saying this is too private to talk about when interviewed and asked about how she made her choices, but it’s not too private of an issue when politicians are elected on it, protestors traumatize people walking into clinics yelling at them and making it their business what that person is doing. Oh, the irony.

Diane on

What also sicken’s me here, is she chose to have a “fling” with her ex-boyfriend, concieved a human life,and then can’t decide what to do. Did she ever think about her unborn baby, or just how selfish she is. That baby should’t ever have to pay for her one night stand. Gawd this makes me so mad.

erin on

I’m surprised how many people are against her discussing this. First off, if her child feels loved, if and when he/she finds out about the potential of an abortion then I’m sure he/she will understand that the right decision was made and all is well. And since she is open about this in the media I’m sure she’ll be an open parent and talk abou these subjects. This stuff happens all the time and no one talks about it. So let’s just put our head in the sand and never talk about it? She may very well be helping women who are quick to make a very important decision.

Hea on

I applaud her for this interview. This is a subject that needs attention. I understand pro-life people but to each their own. I am pro-choice.

Emaline on

In my opinion what horrible thought to even pass through one’s mind. I hope by her choosing life she will influence other women considering abortion to make the right choice.

Elizabeth on

Does this girl seriously have to share every single thing with the public? I am already so sick of hearing about her unplanned pregnancy, skipping of birth control pills, and just overall ridiculousness. I am not looking forward to reading about another one of her moronic interviews every other day for the next 5 months.

Lilly on

Anyone who thinks that they need a “celebrity” to bring this topic up to make them realise the emotional impact of having an abortion really isn’t mature enough to be contemplating getting themselves in that predicament in the first place IMO.

“Its nothing to be ashamed of, and if more teen girls would hear this type of information maybe they’d think twice about missing their pill or going without a condom. Its a very tortuous position to be in.”

Really, Gaiasmum? Maybe if they got decent information about healthy sexual relationships, or even better, knew the facts about contraception maybe they wouldn’t take the risk in the first place. If someone believes that skipping a pill is okay and then is surprised they fell pregnant….well that’s just plain stupidity. I’ve never been on the pill and I know that you have to take it at the same time, every day.

Ugh, the fact people are appluading her honesty is sickening. I don’t think there’s anything to be proud of. Sure, this might have been a shock to her but to splash it all over the media is nasty.

Diane on

What also amazes me is, people speak of how precious human life is, what a blessing and a gift from God it is, but still kill it.

Moira on

If we have to have a new article every day for the rest of her pregnancy with this person, I think I will be avoiding CBB for a long time.

The article also says that they broke up in November but got back together when she found out she was pregnant. It would appear that in addition to not being able to take one pill daily and have responsible sex, math is not this person’s strong suit. She clearly didn’t get pregnant before they broke up in November because she would be due this month or early September if that was the case.

Courtney on

A new found respect for Kourtney??? FOR WHAT? Not keeping up with her birth control pills…having sex with someone she was “broken up with”. Being horribly selfish by not even considering giving the baby to a loving home. Or is it the part that she “seriously” thought about aborting an innocent baby?

TOTAL lack of respect for her…in fact she makes me skin crawl.

KateRose on

I don’t really care one way or the other if she discusses this particular aspect of her pregnancy – but I am beyond sick of coming here and to people.com and seeing the daily “I’m using my unborn child to get attention” posts from her. Does she intend to publicize every single aspect of her pregnancy – because I’m half expecting to come here or people.com and see “Kourtney goes to the bathroom a lot more now that she is pregnant.” Enough already.

Linda on


Bugs on

I agree Elizabeth. But the Kardashians have no life but exposing their own. She knows this pregnancy is giving her more exposure to the media which is the only thing this family wants. I think i’m the only one who doesn’t believe her. I don’t think abortion even crossed her mind. She’s just coming out with this just to get yet another reason to be on front page. Yes, i sound cold, but i just can’t take this family seriously on anything.

And if she’s keeping the baby then why talking about that? Yes, attention and more attention. There are abortion boards everywhere on the net, it’s not like she’s a spokesperson about something no one talks about.

Anna on

This is the first thing I heard from here where she actually sounds somewhat intelligent. She thought things over consulted a doctor, the father and friends and in the end made her own decision.

She chose for her child to live, I don’t think it will harm her child to read this in the future. If anything she made a very concious decision to keep and love this child.

wowfornoobs on

Linda said, “People NEED to talk about abortions more because the knowledge itself is a form of birth control.”

Linda, I totally agree! While her motives beyond revealing this information may not have been to help others (but rather to share), I think that this is a very real, candid, maturely-handled look at a situation that far too many people have been in. Perhaps by hearing stories like Kourtney’s will help others.

Bottom line, I am proud that we live in a country where a woman can choose. I don’t think ANYBODY is pro-abortion (I certainly am not); however, I *do* respect and believe in a woman’s right to choose what is best for her situation.

noelle on

I don’t know Kourtney and I don’t know her show (nor do I want to), but it’s about time someone public speaks out about abortion. If no one ever does, it’s still this thing women/girls need to be ashamed of and are not allowed to talk about. There is nothing wrong with talking about abortion.

Mary on

Everyone needs to calm down. Not every unplanned pregnancy is welcomed with open arms. There are women who do not want children, or who feel they will not be good mothers. I bet many women think about abortion if the baby was unexpected before they decide to have their babies, they just don’t talk about it because they get slammed by pro-life people. Everyone is still upset that she talked about her forgetting to take the pill, and were outraged she would ever mention it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve read about “uh-oh” or “surprise” babies in the comment section of this website. No one was angry with you for calling your baby an “uh-oh” baby, were they? And as for her child reading this particular interview, I’m sure they will see that their mother was scared and reviewed her options before realizing she could never do that to her baby. Kourteny is choosing life for her child, which I’m sure the child will be grateful for. Perhaps if more people discussed abortion it wouldn’t be such a taboo subject/act. I also do not see anything wrong with what she’s talking about. Other celebrity mothers open up about how their breastfeeding is going, how much weight they gained, Heidi Klum even recently told everyone how close to her ovulation she and her husband had sex, and no one asked her to keep things private. I think it’s more about WHO the celebrity is than by WHAT they’re saying. I’m feeling more and more that people are judging her already and deeming her a bad mother.

Lauren B. on

As a lurker on this site for over a year, I tend to keep my opinions to myself, but after reading the comments to this article, I HAD to voice my opinion.

As someone who was a product of an unplanned pregnancy (in a similar situation to hers) I can completely appreciate her candidness. It has never been a secret to me that I am here because my mother WANTED me to be. We applaud women for giving birth and raising us, yet beat them down when they choose to do something that’s best for them at that point in their lives? That’s unreasonable and illogical. I think a lot of people let their religious/political views cloud the real issue. Kourtney Kardashian chose to HAVE her baby. I think that every woman who is NOT trying to get pregnant and does must have a moment of complete terror – if only for the reason that there IS A REASON that she was NOT trying to get pregnant. It’s so unfair to give women the right to choose and then to judge them based on their choice. If she had not given this interview, people would still be out there speculating and calling her names just based on the relationship background. Just reading comments on other articles sickens me to see what people are saying about the unborn baby!

My point (from a long-winded post) is this: Why not celebrate the fact that she did keep the baby, she is able to care for it, and give it a life that a lot of people don’t have the opportunity to get; and beyond that that this kid was really WANTED.

I’m completely impressed that she even brought this subject to light – I think a lot of people out here go through this situation – being pregnant is SCARY when it is unexpected. Good job, Kourtney!

Kristi on

I am pro-choice and truly believe that every woman has a right to choose what she will do if faced with an unwanted pregnancy but I do believe it should be a private matter. I’m sure Kourtney is not the first “celebrity” to consider abortion and I’m sure there are celebrities out there who have had abortions but to my knowledge this is the first time someone has openly discussed it. I do believe it is important for woman to make informed decisions, I just don’t believe that the whole world needs to know about it.

Jessicad on

I figured she’d come out with an interview after that clip of the child’s father asking her if she was going to keep it or not. It’s HER choice, she’s being honest and I applaud her that. She’s obviously not being selfish because she’s keeping the baby, but even is she didn’t, it’s HER life and she can be selfish if she wants. Of course children are a blessing, a miracle, but not every child is meant to be here. It was her choice to skip and pill and bring that baby into the world, and it could be her choice to take it out. Some of you may think that’s harsh, but it’s true. If you don’t like her, stop reading about her. There’s not point in everybody pissing themselves off if they don’t like her. Just avoid it. I think it was brave of her to come out and talk about the truth.

marimel on

regardless of my stance on abortion, i have to give her props for realizing the seriousness of the options she was considering and for educating herself so she could make an informed decision. I wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Jenna on

Just saying…

I found out in my early teens that I was supposed to be aborted. The doctors found blood abnormalities (pre-DNA?) and told my mom she would not have a normal baby (Down Syndrome or spina bifida) and should abort.

The doctors recommended abortion.

My mom chose to give birth and raise me however I was.

That was not hurtful to me. I thought, “wow Mom had the choice between getting off easy or having a difficult baby to raise, one that might cause her lots of pain, and she still chose to love me??” It spoke volumes to me about her character, and about her love for me.

I probably appreciate this story more than if she had had me thinking it was going to be easy, and I hope Kourtney’s baby is the same way (whether or not she should be saying all this to the media)…

P.S. I was born completely healthy and still am!

Sandra on

I couldn’t agree with you more, Kristi.
I do believe in weighing your options, but keep it quiet. It’s personal, and she should have kept this to her self.

Shaya on

I’m pro-choice and love when people (us mortals and celebrities) are open and honest about their lives. However I truly believe the things this woman has being saying over the past week aren’t heartfelt confessions, they’re for publicity ONLY and I find that really sad and pathetic. She’s giving out TMI and while I found her show to be mindless entertainment when I’m up in the middle of the night feeding my daughter, she just really rubs me the wrong way now. All of her talk seems really self-serving and not something she’s revealing to help others.

Leah on

So in 10 years, when her baby can read…and finds a copy of this interview, what is she going to say? I am pro-choice but oh my GOD do I wish this chick would learn when to shut up.

Diane on

After reading all of the comments here,I’m still so shocked at how everyone is talking about the “women’s right to choose”. Are none of you thinking about the unborn life that CAN’T CHOOSE? Obviously not. Abortion is a selfish act.

workingmum on

I had an abortion at 15,so what.Abortion should be less of a taboo subject.I applaud Kourtney for being open about making her decision.Do you women on this site not work,is this how you fill up your day.

aroundtheywaygirl on

I completely understand were Kourtney is coming from and I support her right to choose and to discuss it publicly. As for the so-called, pro-life people, I’m done with the lot of them after the murder of George Tiller and constantly saying that President’s Obama’s mother would have, could have, should have aborted him.

gerry on

I can’t believe how much attention she is getting because of her pregnancy. We are hearing about her on a daily basis. She is totally using this pregnancy for media attention. There are real celebrities who are much more famous than she is who do not use their pregnancies to gain media attention. She seems to be very self absorbed. Yes I am glad she decided to keep the baby. But it annoys me than people bashed Jaimee Lynne Spears about getting pregnant at a young age. Ms. Spears seems to be much more mature for her age and she does not look for media attention.

Linda on

Yes, every woman has the choice abort or keep a baby. Most woman that do abort are in devastating situations (too young, poor, not healthy, condom broke etc.)

BUT, Kourtney said that she forgot to take the pill numerous times.
If you do that knowingly you have to live with the CONSEQUENCES aka a BABY!

It is so hilarious to risk a pregnancy by not using the pill correctly and then -upps- as it happens thinking about abortion!!!
That is a SHAME!

Diane on

I work full time as a mother! The hardest job in the world I’m a mother of 5 children, all of who are alive today, because I chose to give them life, rather than take their life. Think about the millions of unborn babies that have been aborted, that could be alive and well today. They never got that chance.

Erika on

Good for her for not having an abortion! It shows that she has class and intelligence, and is not selfish like many others who get pregnant and chose to get rid of their child.

Micheley on

Im personally glad Kourtney talked about this, its a subject that isn’t brought to light enough.
The best part of the whole interview IMO was when she made this statement
“For me, all the reasons why I wouldn’t keep the baby were so selfish: It wasn’t like I was raped, it’s not like I’m 16. I’m 30 years old, I make my own money, I support myself, I can afford to have a baby. And I am with someone who I love, and have been with for a long time.”

Because Im not against abortion for certain situations, but other situations are purely selfish and if you made the decision to get yourself there then you should deal with consiquences (ie. keeping it or giving it up for adoption) So Im glad that she talked about different situations, and I agree with her. She is in a pretty good one. So Im glad she is keeping it.

And Im not bashing anyone who has had an abortion, family and friends have had it and I still love them dearly. This is just my opinion

Diane on


Since 1973, this is the number of abortions that has taken place. AND, this number is still growing daily. All of these lives could have been spared, but instead they were all killed, due to the selfishness of a “woman’s right to choose”.

Ana on

I feel so sorry for kourtney…alot of people seem to bash everything she says! give her a break.

I think its good that she talked openly about her choices and regardless of my beliefs i think it was her choice and no else should judge her!

Jen DC on

While I appreciate the message, the messenger is questionable.

First – is this a(nother) publicity stunt? “K&K Take Miami” opens, she announces her pregnancy after weeks of previews featuring seemingly drunken behavior, public girl-on-girl makeout sessions (not a homophobe, just pointing out the seeming hypocrisy of playing with sexuality as a selling tool for your show) and really revealing outfits… You’re selling young and wild on TV but now you’re putting out this personally revealing statement about your decision to keep the baby? I’m not buying. If you are 5 months pregnant, this happened three or four months ago, this decisionmaking process. If you were at all honest, the discussion of your pregnancy and this decision would weigh more toward maturity if it were NOT bound up in your show’s premier!

Second – Because you are at least tangentially “famous” (ugh) this is going to be on public record forever. Your child will be able to read this. If these facts are revealed to your child prior to him or her learning it from you, the ensuing conversation is going to be agonizing. This increases the chance that your child will learn of his or her possible abortion long before either of you are ready to hear it aloud. If you are really thinking of the baby’s well-being, STOP TALKING. Shhhh. Enjoy your new boobs, your big belly and all the rest, but sit down some damn where and be quiet until you know what to say outta your mouth.

Third – I gotta say that it’s a total cop out to put this on “God.” Hon, you made DAYS worth of choices not to take your birth control and additional choices to skip condoms or other back up methods; God didn’t have anything to do with that. Accept responsibility for your knowledgeable and deliberate decision to get pregnant and leave God out of it. It’s really convenient to put religion into it as a code word for “guilt” or as a way to wiggle out of the inconvenient truth that if you’d been a responsible 30 year old woman (instead of playing at being a popular teenager) you would not have been “sitting on your bed, crying your eyes out,” making this decision.

Also, I’m unsympathetic because most people making this decision are making it based on REAL LIFE considerations, i.e., can I AFFORD another child in this economy, given my circumstances, will I have to get a second job, what about my insurance, etc. Your decision is based solely on selfishness and possible inconvenience to your otherwise wealthy, genial lifestyle. You don’t have less of a right to an abortion because you’re rich, but no one needs to hear about how “hard” it was for you. If it was so damn hard a decision, I’d think you’d avoid placing yourself in a position to have to make it, right?

Yeah, we all need to talk about keeping legal, safe abortions as an option. But Kourtney Kardashian, opening her new store in Miami, hooking up left right and center for some unsafe sex isn’t the messenger I want for this topic.

I’ve recently read a few blogs posted elsewhere on this very subject. In one, the woman had had about 7 or 8 abortions over the past decade or so. I found that abhorrent, I really did. How do you mistakenly get pregnant more than once (and it’s not rape)? She basically said people didn’t have the right to judge her decision to continue to have as many abortions as “necessary.” Reading Kourtney’s statement brought that blog back to me. Is it hypocritical to say that I’m pro-choice, yet deride Kourtney’s choice? I think so. I’ll defend her right to have an abortion, but I won’t defend her stupidity for deliberately placing herself in a situation in which she needed to make the decision.

GROW UP, Kourtney. Yeah, abortions are emotionally draining, depressing, possibly dangerous procedures. But in other peoples’ lives, having a baby is potentially MORE devastating than the emotional fallout from having had an abortion. And that’s what’s missing from this announcement of yours: The fact that after all, either way, your rich, sheltered life would have continued and in those terms, the decision wasn’t that hard for you after all.

Erika on

Like Mary Helen, I am VERY pro-life. I believe it’s a child, and killing it is murder. That being said, I am kind of with her discussing not having an abortion for one reason and one reason only- because maybe people who are considering abortion will look at her and decide not to make this horrible choice that they will regret. I do think it’s sad that she considered it, but at least her baby will have a chance at life. Unfortunately, people can make this choice (which isn’t really a choice for the baby) in our country :(, so I think any inspiration for young mothers to keep/put their babies up for adoption is good.

That being said, I do agree with your opinion on her not considering adoption. Realistically, I don’t think putting her baby up for adoption would work well, because of her fame everybody would know, and there would probably be paparazzie swarming around that kid and it’s famiy, however it felt like she put adoption down. I think adoption is an amazing, powerful thing and I don’t think it’s selfish like she said.

I do feel bad for this child who will eventually have to read this.

gaia's mom on


It wasn’t my intention to be, condescending. My point with the cabbage patch comment was that pregnancy and the circumstances surrounding pregnancies aren’t always rosey and nice. I was an unplanned pregnancy and for most of my life I thought I wasn’t . When I found out I wasn’t I will admit I was knocked down a peg because there is something nice about being “planned”.

I’m sorry that you were impacted by that rumor so deeply and since you’ve been through that situation your opinion has more weight than mine.

Gingi on

More power to Kortney for asking questions, doing the research and making the best informed choice she can make for herself.

Abortion may not be the right choice for YOU or for Kortney, but it is still a choice in this country. No one has the right to tell me what I can do my with my body and vice versa. Trust me, if we started legislating the reproductive rights of men in the country abortion would be free, legal, and a non-issue.

Lily on

I’m private and no way would I ever do a reality show or even discuss something like this to the media. However, I’m all for women (of every age) knowing the ramifications of unprotected sex. It’s not like in the movies where everything is perfect. Women get out of bed every morning with make-up on, couples kiss first thing in the morning without morning breath, women find out they’re pregnant and it’s utter bliss. If we can show naked women on t.v, have cursing on t.v., promote violence in video games, degrade the concept of love in music videos with words like ‘ho’ and ‘bitches’ (along with all the other crap that’s in the media today), it’s about fine time the world showed oversexed kids (and promiscuous adults) the TRUTH! You have sex, you can get pregnant….and it’s not always ‘wonderful’. You’re going to be faced with some gut-wrenching, soul-searching decisions. So be ready for the biggest reality check in your life.

Elle on

I don’t know how I feel about the words she chose to use becuase IMO she still sounds immature. But I think it is ok to talk about this and to have opinions.
When my mom was pregnant with me they told here there were problems and that I was probably going to have downs and they were trying to talk her into an abortion. Of course she said no to all the testing and I was born healthy and totally fine.
The same thing happened to my sister. She was having complications with her pregnancy…she was bleeding and they even did an ultrasound at one point and said my niece had died. Well a few days later they did find the heartbeat but told her all these crazy problems my niece would have…maybe even be deformed in certain ways and they were trying to talk her into having an abortion. She didn’t and guess what??? My niece is a happy and VERY healthy 7 year old today. I think sometimes we make it TOO easy to have the abortion…even though the decision to go through with it may be tough.
I’m glad that as a 30 year old Kourtney made a responsible choice after her poor choice of forgetting birth control.

Heather on

I am a fan of the Kardashians but as a Pro-Lifer, I am disgusted by this article.

I don’t know how any woman in their right mind would even consider aborting their child (unless rape or incest is involved).

Abortion is NOT a form of birth control, so if you think for one second that you would abort your baby, then you need to either close your legs or use something other than the pill that you can’t mess up.

How can you take away the life of your baby, a part of you, you will never see their chubby cheeks, hear their silly giggles, watch them take their first steps or get big drooly baby kisses. Trust me, one day when you decide that you DO want a baby, it will finally register in your brain what a horrific thing you did and you will regret it forever, wondering what your baby would be doing today, wondering if they look like you. It may not be the easy road, but it’s the morally right road. Would you murder your baby once it’s born? Hopefully not. So what makes you think it’s ok to murder it just because it’s inside your body?

I am not attacking anyone in particular here, I just wanted to voice my opinion, just as the Pro-Choice folks did.

A side note, I was 23 when my boyfriend and I got pregnant with our daughter. She was definitely unplanned and never ever ever for a second did we even consider aborting. Now she is two years old, we just got married on Friday and can’t wait to have more babies!

Jessica on

Gaia’s mom, no harm no foul, no one’s opinion is more valuable than another, I just wanted to give some light to everyone who thinks that once the kid finds out “it’ll be no big deal” for some maybe not, but it might hurt others-like me.You usually are saying just what I’m thinking! Diane, I totally understand where you’re coming from, and I personally could NEVER have an abortion, I do think women have the right to choose, they have the right to choose not to have sex. Since, I found out my mother considered aborting me, I’ve done a lot of thinking on this subject. Sometimes when I think about all the poor little babies, and how they CAN feel pain, I looked into how they perform some of these abortions-hooks, acids, etc…to me it seems like we’re more humane to animals. On the other hand, these babies don’t deserve to be born to women who don’t want them, or who won’t love them to the fullest, or even god forbid, abuse, harm, or even kill them. I think both sided need to stop arguing about who’s wrong or right and come to a compromise. I think that the first trimester should be the legal cutoff…that way babies really aren’t at a developmental stage where they can feel pain or suffer, and pro-choice women will still have that option. There’s no reason to need to wait until the 20th week or even the 15th week to decide, at that point I think it most certainly is cruel and selfish. I read on here once a woman said she was in an abortion clinic and the girl next to her was 24 weeks along and told her that she had just gotten a promotion at work and her 6 month fetus just didn’t “fit into the plans anymore” THAT is selfish. My point is, if you going to do it, do it early. I saw a bumper sticker once, it said “God, why don’t you send someone here to cure cancer, God replied, I did, but you aborted him”

Chris on

“Good for her for not having an abortion! It shows that she has class and intelligence, and is not selfish like many others who get pregnant and chose to get rid of their child.”

Wow. This thread has officially turned into an abortion debate with Ms. Kardashian as the Chosen Example on both sides. LOL!
I will keep my political ideology to myself. I didn’t know Scott was only 26, I thought he was older than Kourtney. It’s good to know they are TRYING to work things out. At the very least they will have to co-parent their child. I wish them the best.

Stella Bella on

Every time this woman opens her mouth, I feel more and more sorry for this kid.

mari on

I am not a fan of the Kardashians or their show but BRAVO to Kourtney for being so honest and forthcoming. She took into account ALL of her choices and picked what was best for her.

BTW…I am pro-choice. It is always the woman’s choice and no one else’s business what her ultimate decision is. She’s the one that has to live with it and no one else. Read the September 2009 issue of Marie Claire, article “What Would You Do?.

J on

It’s so boring to read about other people trying to tell other women what to do with their bodies. People really need to mind their own business. If you decided to have your children, good for you, you have no right to tell anyone else how they should feel and how awful they are for having abortions. Mind your own business and raise your kids. You should have enough to do. Fanatics.

Lis on

“After reading all of the comments here,I’m still so shocked at how everyone is talking about the “women’s right to choose”. Are none of you thinking about the unborn life that CAN’T CHOOSE? Obviously not. Abortion is a selfish act.”

Exactly, I couldn’t agree more. Especially the last sentence. Anyone who thinks they are ready and mature enough to have sex had BETTER be ready and mature enough to handle the consequences. Your child should be your FIRST priority, not YOU, your child. So, if for whatever reason you feel you cannot raise this child yourself, put him or her first, don’t be so freaking selfish, and do what is best for your baby. Give him/her to a family who will provide for them, who has longed for a baby for years. I could cry just thinking about all the women (and men) who have struggled for years to have what others so selfishly “throw away”…

I don’t understand how it’s not obvious to everyone that abortion is murder. Can somebody shed some light?

Bella on

I am not a fan of the show or the Kardashians however, I can appreciate anything that can spark a healthy discussion about an important issue.

I found out I was not planned as a precocious 5 year skilled in math. I compared my birthday to my parent’s anniversary. Years later my parents explained that they considered abortion & in fact, my father’s previous girl friend before my mother had one. So, if she did not have one, I would not be here. I was very appreciative of the information because all of the facts including all options were presented before me including abstinence. I was also greatful for being here on this earth but everything happens for a reason.

Someone in an earlier post stated “I do not believe people are pro-abortion.” That is correct. People are pro-choices. With adequate education and resources, unplanned pregnancy is lessened and therefore abortion is lessened. This is represented in states that do provide education and resources v. states that do not. Additionally, politicians & constituents need to realize that it is not an issue of if but how abortion will be available. Would you prefer it to be safe & legal or in a back alley with a hanger. Many married mothers died from unsafe abortions pre-Roe because they were tired of having numerous children. I would recommend anyone not familiar with these cases reading, “These Were the Worst of Times” by Patricia Miller. I personally would rather it remain safe & legal.

Erika on

Diane- I agree with all of your comments. I am more quiet about my beliefs, but it makes me so happy to see people like you standing up for the unborn. Abortions, (unless for a medical reason for the mother- thats a TOTALLY different story for me) sicken me, they just seem so selfish. I think WAYYYY more people regret their abortion than those who have their child. I know adoption is difficult, but it is such a wonderful, selfless act.

I know several people (family members even) who had unplanned pregnancies. My parents had one in between me and my youngest sister (my middle sister). None of them ever considered abortion and they all love their kids. Yes they were married and financially stable, but what difference does it make? Other kids can’t chose whether their parents are married and stable or not and they shouldn’t be punished for that.

babyboopie on

I’m English and I’ve never heard of this woman and I don’t know what she is famous for but abortion is a topic we all need to talk about more because it affects so many women in different ways. However, having said this, I do not have any respect for Kourtney or her boyfriend from what I’ve read about her on here- I am only 24 but I think I am a lot more mature than her. And I will not read any more of her posts when I can read more about other interesting celebrities like Salma Hayek and Nicole Richie.

Tee on

I’m a little lost on why this is so complicated to most people. For me and my family, it’s really simple. If you DON’T want to get pregnant, DON’T have sex! See, simple! If you choose to have sex, no matter if it’s protected or unprotected, then you are choosing to get pregnant. Therefore, there is no such thing as an unplanned pregancy. There is also no justification for making your child pay for your so-called “mistake!”

Lily on

As much as I think Kourtney is going to have to turn her life around, it seems she is starting. I’m sure this was the most difficult decision she has had to make, and I am glad she tackled it properly. It takes a committed person to attack an issue and find out all of the information they need to, make a decision and stick with it. If I was her, I never would have said these things, but it’s nice to see someone being blunt for a change. Maybe her speaking out about this will encourage other scared women and men to do the same.

Jessi on

I sure hope that she quiets down about this!

I would give anything to have my baby back. She needs to stop thinking that she is special because she missed a birth control pill or because she kept her baby.

Probably she isn’t mature enough to have a child. I was and still am 18 when I lost my child. I don’t see her able to go through this. God forbid something happens I think she could be one of those people that could not survive a child’s death.

I wish her all of the luck in the world, but I sure hope that she grows up in the 6 months until she has that baby.

Anni on

For everyone saying “Don’t have an abortion! Put the baby up for adoption!” Do you really think that is a better option? Do you know how many kids are in foster care right now waiting for a family? Yes, they are alive, but they have no say in what happens to their life or where they go, they can be happy and making friends and the next morning find out they are moving 500 miles away. Then, at 18, it’s “It’s been a blast, good luck in life!” How is that much better? What is the purpose of quantity of life if there is no quality?

txgal on

I think the 100+ posts on this topic proves the point that we do need to talk about it more whether that means privately or in a public forum. Though some of you have expressed your “disgust” or how “sick” abortion makes you it should still be discussed. An informed decision is always the best decision regardless of if others agree with the outcome.

Tina. on

i think that shes right, every woman has a right to choose. see, im the type of person that thinks abortion isnt wrong. if thats what you want, then thats what you want. if a star got one, i wouldnt judge them. i think that shes very open and honest, come on now, if one of us were in her position wouldnt the option of abortion cross your mind? were all human. that family used to really get on my last nerve, but then a few weeks ago i watched True Hollywood Story about them, and now i read every interview that they do on celebrity baby blog 🙂

Erin on

I love how abortion is being talked about openly for once. Regardless of the messenger, it’s an important topic. This is one of the main reasons I’m an advocate of openly discussing/distributing contraceptives. The world is not as you’d wish it to be, people make different choices than you might. Even Sarah Palin said she considered ending her last pregnancy when she found out the baby had Down’s Syndrome. She contemplated it, thought about it, and kept him. I don’t hear any pro-lifers criticizing her. She did the same thing Kourtney did. And then used her “courageous” decision as a plank for how pro-life she is! Yeah, she made that decision after considering the very alternative she denounces for others. It’s all about choice, whichever side you’re on.

Jordie on

I don’t see ANYTHING wrong with her discussing this. You can’t pretend things like this don’t happen. She made a MISTAKE, like alot of women do- God knows I’ve made that same mistake and ended up pregnant. I personally couldn’t ever have an abortion, but I don’t look down on women who choose to- it’s CHOICE. I applaud her for being honest with this- now the 16 year olds who watch her show and look up to her (even though there ARE better role models out there!) might think twice before thinking getitng pregnant is “cool”- they might read this and realise that it’s a difficult decision, and if a 30 year old woman agonized over it, then it’s not going to be any easier for them.

You can’t pretend abortion doesn’t exsist- doesn’t matter if you’re pro-life, or just don’t care. It exists, and for a reason. I am glad Kourtney decided to keep her baby though, and seemingly for the right reasons.

lolita on

I dont think that her child need to feel bad when he read it in the future, SHE CHOOSE TO GIVE HIM HIS LIFE, TAKES CARE OF HIM, AND LOVES HIM!!!!! and she did it only AFTER she thought about all the risks of it……
I dont like her at all but I think that shes did a great thing when she bring this issiue up!
*sorry abouy my bad English.

Lis on

Anni – most of the children who end up in foster care are there as a result of being taken away from their parents or given up later in life. The very, very sad truth is that the majority of people want a baby. Therefore, when you chose to give up your baby (instead of aborting), you find a happy, stable home for the child right from the start. It’s not how it was in the 1920’s where you drop your baby off at an orphanage.

Sophie on

While I think its important to talk about the issue of abortion because its one that usually gets brushed under the carpet- people know it happens but don’t talk about it leading a person who does have one feeling isolated. And thats not even mentioning women who get pushed into having an abortion by partners or family members before they even get a chance to look or think about the alternatives out there. So i do think its important to discuss such a serious matter.

On the other hand I do think kourtney needs to think about what she says, her child will one day be old enough to read what Kourtney said about considering having an abortion. And I know from personal exprience that it can be quite detrimental.

My mother told me that when she was pregnant with me that the doctor said i had down’s syndrome. She was 31 and she told me she truly thought about abortion and came very close to having one. Of course the test was wrong and i was born a healthy baby with no mental or physical difficulties. I know the situation is completely different- my mum wasn’t sure if she could handle a special needs baby it wasn’t some mishap with contraception, but for quite a while i was just completely devestated that i had come so close to not existing. It took a while before i was normal around my mum again. Its not a nice thing to find out at all that the people who gave you life actually thought about not giving it to you.

Emm on

I am pro-choice. However, no one is pro-abortion. Most people either feel it is totally wrong, or they feel women should be able to choose, but preventing unplanned pregnancy is best. Taking care of yourself, your body and practicing safe sex or abstinence make most sense.

That said, two of my closest friends were told their mothers would have terminated their pregnancies, but could not. One friend’s mother told her it was simply because it was not legal everywhere yet. These friends had to grow up with this knowledge their whole lives. Makes me really sad that they are aware of this, as women in their 30’s.

It would have been one thing to discuss this with family, but it is quite another to put it out there for the world to read and remember.

ada on

Haha. Some of these comments are absurd… people are bashing her for even considering an abortion, even though she chose not to have one. What a joke.

I find this article very refreshing. I applaud her honesty, even though it obviously isn’t going to win her many fans. Good for her for talking about something that so many women go through, regardless of the controversy.

I am behind her 100% and I am glad she made an educated decision.

ada on

And for all you pro-lifers… try to keep religion out of it. It’s annoying.

This is a free country where no one has to share your faith. You don’t get to push it on others.

kelly on

How about keep your legs closed. If you open them you know getting pregnant can happen especially being a 30 yr old woman. So why then would abortion even need to be an issue? To me it is an excuse for her to still act like a child. Time to grow up. Yes I’m sensitive to these topics especially not being able to get pregnant and have a child. Some of these “stars” act like their stories will change the world. If you don’t want to get pregnant then don’t have sex. Not realistic for the most part then be prepared to have this happen. Just frustrating to read. Abortion should be talked about but not with a “celebrity” like this one who will be cashing in on the baby as soon as she/he is born.

Jen DC on

How is abortion not murder? Well… For me, it really is about the math. Until viability (around 26 weeks for 50% chance of survival outside the womb), it’s not a child. It – this collection of cells wholly dependent upon my life for its life – is merely potential. Sure, that potential is infinite – but it’s infinite in both directions, good and evil. So I don’t succumb to the argument from the bumper sticker, God said, “You aborted him.”

I have no problems with pro-lifers, other than the attempt to demonize people who believe in safe, healthy, medical, personal choice using language like “pro-abortion.” NO ONE is pro-abortion, except for individuals we should all be ashamed to associate with, like people who would rid the planet (or their section of the planet) of minorities or those with disabilities.

I have admitted to the fact that I’m a hypocrite on the subject: I find it hard, very hard, to understand or accept or approve of multiple abortions for a woman outside rape or incest or health reasons. But the alternative is worth it, to me. I would prefer a world full of wanted, loved children. I would like to believe that adoption will work for every child or that the foster care system weren’t so broken as to be largely untrustworthy. But that’s not where we are. Not only that, but I find it strange (hypocritical, infuriating) that social conservatives who hate big government, who are fighting tooth and nail against a public option for the un- or under- or impossible to insure feel ok forbidding abortions, which only involves an individual’s decision in her own healthcare. Now I’m not saying that those asking how abortion isn’t murder fall into those categories, but I can’t help but think you might…

Amanda on

What is disgusting about this is so many people are judging Kourtney for considering abortion. You may have have never considered having an abortion, but there are millions of women out there that have. It is nice to know that there is a person in the public eye that has gone through the same thing as so many women.

Jana on

I think Kourtney made more than just “a mistake.” It’s not like she forgot to take one or two pills and ended up pregnant. Kourtney said herself, many times she forgets to take her pill and forgoes the remainder of the month and starts over with a new pack the next month. This has happened on multiple occasions according to Kourtney. I think this is more than just a mistake, sounds like a habit to me! Kourtney also said she didn’t think missing her pill was “a big deal.”

I personally don’t think a woman who is outrageously naive and sexually/biologically uninformed and absolutely clueless when it comes to the proper use of contraceptives should be advocating abortion or anything else for that matter! Kourtney obviously knew nothing about abortion since she had to read up on it when she became pregnant. And now she’s a spokesperson? Having a bun in the oven certainly doesn’t qualify her as one.

So to those who say “it doesn’t matter who the messenger is,” it definitely should matter! I don’t think my daughter or your daughter or any woman or you girl for that matter should be influenced by someone as self-absorbed and uneducated as Kourtney Kardashian. Her naivety is astonishing! Instead of filming mindless reality tv shows, maybe she should take a sex-ed class!

Danyell on

seriously, she’s acting like she’s 18, she’s needs to do some growing up.

Jen DC on

Just so we all know what the stats are, instead of relying on individual assurances that “adoptions happen,” here are the government’s latest stats on the issue:


(And yes, adoptions happen… but there are hundreds of thousands of kids awaiting it or in foster care.)

meghan on

I guess that makes it 48,589,993 children not languishing in the foster care system, aging out and ending up on welfare. Or being raised by parents who treat them horribly because they resent the child they didn’t want in the first place. And don’t say adoption. Do you think it isn’t traumatic to cary a child for nine months and then never seeing it again?

The bottom line is no one solution can be applied to all the unplanned pregnancies of the world. That is why abortion and adoption have to both be available.

This should not be an abortion debate, this should be about a young woman who can’t keep her mouth shut and who is using her unborn child for publicity for her reality show. Oh yeah, she’s gonna make a great mom! Finding out ten years from now that s/he may have been aborted will be the least of this child’s problems with a mom like her!

Lola Marie on

I’m glad she kept her baby and I’m glad she spoke about it. I know what its like to have that eternal regret because others made the decision for you. I have more respect for her and I liked the line where she said all the reasons for not keeping the baby were selfish. Good luck Kourtney! God bless you and your baby, I hope he or she is happy and healthy and the love of your life.

Micheley on

Emm- I feel horrible for your friends, that would be something horrible to know. But in this situation, yes the information is out there, and Kourtney’s baby may grow up and read it someday. But lets not forget that SHE chose not to have an abortion, which is different then not being able to or being scared to. She made the decision that she wanted to keep her baby. Abortion is always an option and she decided it wasn’t for her, which should be a comfort to her future child. Because it shows that Kourtney wanted him/her. So I do think its not as bad as saying “I was to scared” etc.
So I get why people are concerned that the child will find these words in the future but I really dont think its going to be a huge deal. Especially in that family, they have a way of talking about everything and being fairly comfortable with uncomfortable topics.

Mimi on

Gingi, abortion is legal because men made it legal. They need it legal because their sexual freedom is dependent on not having to pay for every kid they concieve during a hookup. If they dump and ignore a pregnant woman, she’s more likely to “choose” to abort, thereby ridding the men of the problem.

This is why the original feminists (even Margaret Singer – the founder of Planned Parenthood and raving racist)were against abortion. They saw it as a way for men to use women sexually then to rid themselves of any expensive problems. I’m sorry that you don’t know that.

Also every woman I’ve known who has aborted did so based on relationship issues, ie, he didn’t want the baby, he dumped her, he cheated on her and she wanted to get even, she got pregnant by the wrong guy… Yes, women have the legal right to choose to kill their child but they got that right from the men who need an easy way out. It’s why so many men get angry about paying child support to some chick they knocked up. They figure she could have just gotten rid of it so why should he pay? She has a choice so why shouldn’t he?

I really hate the way women have been conned by men in this way. They’ve even gotten us to think killing our children is no big deal as one of the posters stated. Her own child is dead by her hand but who cares? She can just have another one later. That’s a man’s way of thinking. That’s a man’s version of equality.

Lea on

I’m glad to hear someone talking candidly about a difficult choice. If my daughter asks me, of course I’ll tell her I considered having an abortion when I found out I was pregnant. My daughter will know that she wasn’t a mistake; she was a choice. I know that my mum considered terminating the pregnancy that resulted in me, and it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m pleased she had the right to choose and wasn’t forced into having a baby.

erin on

You know sometimes I wish my mother had aborted me and I would’ve never lived. But I didnt’ get to have a choice in that decision. The world isn’t rosy for everyone, so maybe just those w/great, happy lives should have children. Then the rest of us should never have sex. But, ugh, God hard-wired us to have a sex drive. Guess there’s really no easy solution as much as some try to make there one out be.

Real Deal on

PRO-CHOICE…YEAH I SAID IT! i think it’s more of a tragedy when we hear stories about women drowing their kids in the lake or bath tub because she went “crazy” or didn’t want them in the first place. this is why we need to be supportive of women and their choice to have the baby or not.

Kat on

I am really curious and pretty disappointed that she seems so glad to say “I never considered adoption.”
I am pro-choice, but I think that people really don’t seriously consider adoption. I personally think it’s a better option over abortion or keeping it if you aren’t ready to be a parent.

Why do so many people brush this option away so quickly?

Tracy on

Judging by the responses in this thread, it’s clear abortion is still very much a taboo. I feel sorry for all those women who are facing similar doubts as Kourtney, but have no one to talk to because it’s such a taboo. Good on Kourtney for bringing this in the open, an issue many woman face but no one wants to talk about.

As for all those people who say abortion is selfish, so is having a child. Why do people have children? It’s because they know children will make them happy. Everything we do in life, we do for selfish reasons. We all strive for happiness.

Also, should I mourn every time I have my period, mourn for an egg that could have become a baby? Am I selfish for letting an egg die instead of having it fertilised?

415mama on

I think once this child is born she will regret having been so open about all the issues regarding this pregnancy. It may seem surreal now but once that baby is in her arms her protective mother instincts will kick in and she will feel awful about the things out there in the public…jmo of course 🙂

RIP Michael on

No matter all these arguements are about the most important thing is that a life will be born in four months!

Lyndsey on

I’m all for a womans right to choose. But good lord Kourtney…shut your mouth already!!! If you keep it shut maybe the rest of us will forget all your dumb comments by the time your baby is born.

Shannon on

You know something, a woman should have a right to choose. And if she doesn’t want a baby, she should CHOOSE to keep her legs closed! Abortion is murder, plain and simple. It is the taking of another human beings life, and it is absolutely disgusting that we live in a country that makes it perfectly legal for millions of women to get away with it. If a woman thinks it would be too hard on her body, or her mind, or she couldn’t afford it, or she hated children, or just wants to go out and party it up, THEN LEARN HOW TO SAY NO TO SEX. It’s not that hard. Otherwise, you deal with it. You raise it with love and everything that a child needs. If you cant do that, you put the baby up for adoption. If a woman is raped, I understand that is a completely different circumstance, however, again, there is the route of adoption. None of those should EVER be a reason to allow someone to kill another person. Sick, sick, sick.

Good for Kourtney for not choosing this horrifying route for her own baby.

ada on

Tracy… i shall mourn my un-fertilized eggs with you! haha

HappyMommaToBe on

“How is abortion not murder? Well… For me, it really is about the math. Until viability (around 26 weeks for 50% chance of survival outside the womb), it’s not a child. It – this collection of cells wholly dependent upon my life for its life – is merely potential.”

I’ll tell you something. I am 12 weeks pregnant with my first child. I went to my first ultrasound two days ago. It was the most amazing, miraculous, happy moment of my entire life. I saw my little baby moving around, waving his/her little hand, kickng their little feet, and I SAW the little heart beating. Then I got to HEAR the little heart beating. I’m tearing up again thinking about it.

To say that my baby is not a child (just a “collection” of cells) is so completely, unbelievably wrong! Because my baby is still living inside of me, does not make it less of a child! Ugh, that makes me so mad! Maybe I’m just hormonal, but that comment just really struck a chord with me…

ada on

Mimi –

Your view of abortion as a “man’s decision” is utterly foolish. I can tell you with full certainty that if I were to have an abortion, both the reasons for doing so and the decision itself would be entirely my own.

But thanks for the laugh… I hadn’t heard that pro-life argument yet.

Julie on

So, Mimi, you’re basically stating that women NEVER have the option to choose whether or not to have sex? And they NEVER choose to use birth control? I know of a few women who had abortions because they KNEW they couldn’t raise a child. What you said is very ignorant. I don’t care whether someone is pro-life or pro-choice, but I DO care when someone is so blatently gender-biased as you so clearly are.
I’d like to know what kind of a world you are in where men have so much say and control over women. Because, honestly, that is not at all the case.
For the record, I’m pro-choice. Not pro-abortion. Pro-choice (as in, whatever YOU want to do with YOUR body is YOUR business).

RIP Michael on

The Kardashian’s have a reality show on TV. Nothing about these people is private on TV so its not surprising that she’d be open in print as well.

My mother told me that she almost aborted me (she was 15) and I sat there shocked thinking “wow I am so glad you didn’t!” 🙂

But its not like I was outraged by knowing? All that mattered to me was that she didn’t. What a loss that would’ve been for the both of us because we are as thick as thieves and best friends. She can’t imagine her life without me. I’m 25 and she tells me that at least once a week and I hope it’s the same for Kourtney.

sat on

I think it’s good to hear a woman’s thought process so the world can understand the kinds of issues and decisions that women have to deal with on a daily basis. We are the bringers of human life into the world and we deserve to be cherished, supported, listened to and respected. The choice to bring a life into the world is a human right.

anonymous on

about the abortion as a man’s decision, and “every one” that the poster (can’t remember which) knew doing it because of a man – i’ve had one and i can guarantee that my choice had nothing to do with what the potential father had to do with it. and, to others, yes, sometimes i do wonder what my child would have been like, had i not, but, you know what, I still know that I still made the right decision for me at that time (which, yes, I guess does mean that I agree, in a way, that it is a selfish decision), and so I have no regrets about it. It wasn’t a mistake, however, and while I don’t think it’s the right choice for everyone, or that all abortions that have been had were for the “right reasons,” it was the right choice for me.

I will say that the comments (not all necessarily here)about people who’ve had abortions that some people make are absolutely disgusting – how can one defend their belief in a right to life while systematically defaming and defiling women at the same time? I would think that the first step in showing compassion and love for human life would be respect for all of it (no matter when you think it begins) – I, and the many others who have had abortions, deserve respectful conversation and argument, not the name calling and disgusting comments that some people make.

Good job to her for talking about it; and i COMPLETELY agree with the poster who commented about Ms. Palin comments vs. Ms. Kardashian’s and how hypocritical some people have been. Regardless of your opinion, I think the conversation is a really good one to have in the public eye – I, for one, was shocked that People/CBB even did the article, but I was really glad that it wasn’t so taboo anymore to talk about!

Ummm on

Wait a minute, so she’s keeping this baby because she didn’t want to feel possibly gulty if she had an abortion, or traumatized rather.

Yeah that’s a Great reason to procreate.

I had an abortion and it was a snap decision. I don’t want kids (but I love em) and I haven’t had one tiny ounce of guilt about it. But I would have chosen the right decision for me even if I had thought I would feel guilty.

eva on

When we were teenagers my sister was one of those monsters who didn’t use the pill properly and got pregnant.Her and her boyfriend decided to terminate the pregnancy and me, being a little older than her, felt moved by the dignity with which they handled their struggle,even when people physically and verbally attacked her for her decision and the brutality of saintly,godly women who like to cast the first stone.She cried many nights while taking a decision and slander didn’t help matters but in the end she emerged confident and with a clear mind decided that motherhood at 16 was not something she could handle.Call her a slut and a coward all you want,she never asked for understanding or support, just tolerance.

Those nasty baby killers actually go through hard and emotional decisions,which are only theirs to take.Now she and her husband have a healthy and beloved girl,and unfortunately for those who demonize her,she has no regrets or wishes to kill herself over an abortion.In fact,her experience and those of many women around me made me the “selfish” and “homicidal” feminist I am today.I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I don’t care much for this woman’s fame or pregnancy.I hardly know why she’s famous for and by being so public about the trials of her unplanned pregnancy I guess she’s prepared for criticism. That’s the risk of opening up and everyone must assume it. However,I wanted to say that despite anyone’s desire to censor her and be offended by her,she and other human beings do consider abortion seriously and it’s not a party with cake and balloons.No one that I personally know (and I know many)has been singing their way to a clinic to terminate a pregnancy.I know it’s too unimportant to care about those feelings,since they are the feelings of selfish and promiscuous nobodies, but the fact that you chose not to care doesn’t make them less real.Ideally people would keep those feelings in mind before being sick and vicious about it.Of course there are some who are only thinking about the baby’s feelings and desires,as much as we all recall having at week 11,but there is another factor involved:the woman.

Di on

Kudos to CBB for actually addressing this very controversial topic. I want to say that I totally belive that Kourtney is milking this pregnancy for every ounce of publicity that she can. She is not an actress or a singer, so the only thing she can sell is herself and her story.

I am pro-choice but I do not understand why the pro-life people are upset with Kourt’s decision. At the end of the day she decided to have the baby because she realized she had the support and the resources necessary to care for it. Other women are not as fortunate therefore I do not see her decision being a factor for other women who maybe poor and struggling.

As far her future child possibly reading about the abortion discussion, it should have little impact because she ultimately decided to have the child; she was unsure about her choice but made the decision that was best for her.

I feel like in this abortion debate, the pro life people always want to put the unborn fetus regardless of its viability ahead of the woman’s right to choose. No one should be forced to carry a child if they do not want to. Secondly, I have no doubt that a lot of the people who are against abortion are the same people who are against welfare, food stamps and other programs for unwed mothers. They do not want you to have an abortion but once the child is here, they do not want offer any government assistance.

marimel on

happy momma to be…. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! and, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve never understood the argument that a baby is a fetus (or as someone so eloquently said (sarcasm) a collection of cells) until x-weeks gestation. If there’s a heartbeat, there’s a human being. Movement happens at 15 weeks usually, you can tell the gender usually by 18 weeks, etc. So much happens before the period of viability, I just don’t understand how anyone could deny that an unborn child isn’t a human until he/she reaches viability. If that were the case, they wouldn’t give a birth and death certificate if something should happen starting at 19 weeks.

and Tracy, your comment about mourning an unfertilized egg…. is that really the impression you got from the very vocal pro-lifers here?

Personally, I am pro-life, but I know people who have had an abortion. An abortion isn’t something I would ever consider and I pray that it isn’t a situation any one in my family ever has to consider, but I think people need to realize that what is right for them isn’t right for everyone, so what’s the point in bashing the crap out of each other? I really think some commenters on this site either A. like to say something totally outlandish to see what kind of response they’ll get or B. are certifiable.

JMO on

Abortion will always be a heated debate. And it always comes down to the question of when does life begin?

Not everyone is going to agree so I actually don’t see why it has to be debated at all. There will ALWAYS be two sides.

Jaime on

Kourtney and Kendra are no different. They are both reality tv stars that are going to milk there pregnancys for more publicity.

That is how they keep there ratings up. It doesn’t shock me that she is speaking publically about this.

Diane on


I’m not telling this woman what to do. I’m standing up for the unborn child that has no choice. Yes, it is a women’s body, but that baby has a body too, heart, brain, hands, fingers toes, etc too. Does it get a say? NO!!!! Abortion is murder. It’s the selfish killing of another human being that doesn’t deserve to die. Look up pictures of aborted babies online, and tell me this is okay!!!

Tina. on

stop saying abortion is murder, its not murder!

Janet on

Wow, she’s really milking this pregnancy. Guess what Kourtney – you’re not that important. So irritated of seeing a different article each day about this girl and her sob stories ever since she announced her pregnancy!

*AJ* on

I am pro-life for ME…and ME only I have NO right to inflict my personal beliefs on ANYONE in this world, JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED people…You want Christianity and religion there it is in its finest. You as a Christian have NO right to inflict your beliefs on anyone else, nor judge them for one’s you do not believe is right.
Use your time in this world wisely instead of wasting it judging and critisizing others. Think of how when you judge someone what it really says about you as a person.

Momta2 on

I have not read the comments yet so I am probably repeating some things; when I first saw the heading of this message, I just sighed audibly.

I mean really, do we really need to know all of your personal business? Regardless if she’s a celebrity and was most likely asked a question about it, WHAT’S WRONG WITH SAYING, “I’m sorry but that information is a little too personal even for ME to answer ha ha”?

It’s so annoying…I am am not even commenting on the pro-life/choice aspect just the aspect of her sharing this at all. We know tooooooooo much about the circumstances surrounding the courtship, dysfuntional relations, sexual behaviors, conception agonies, family disclosures, etc, etc, etc, than anyone needs to know…expecially the PUBLIC.

(I know, momta2 why don’t cha tell us how you really feel:)

Patrice on

Bless Kourtney for being brave enough to come forward and openly discuss such a hush hush topic. Although abortion is not something I personally am comfortable with, far too many celebs (with money and access to the things that many of us “average Joe’s will never have) make it seem like dealing with an un planned pregnancy is the simplest most breezy uncomplicated thing in the world and clearly it is not. Bravo to her for being so vocal! I’m sure she will be dealing with lots of backlash for her honesty.

Pro-ChoiceTOO on

Can I ask those that are “pro choice” a question??? What exactly are you pro-choice about? Maybe I’ve missed something here but are there people going around making women get pregnant? I believe that it’s every woman’s right to choose when and with whom she personally, through her body, brings a child into this world. However, I am very much against a woman having the choice to kill her (unborn) CHILD. I believe that there is a difference in the two choices. At 30, I have no children. I wanted to wait until I was financially ready to care for them and emotionally ready to put them before myself at ALL times. More than anything, I wanted to wait until I was married. I have so many other reasons why I have waited but the point is, the choice of ‘when’, ‘with whom’ and ‘if at all’ was mine to make alone. So to ensure that I didn’t have a child before I was ready, I used birth control. It’s called birth CONTROL because you can CONTROL whether or not you get pregnant if you use it responsibly and effectively. There are MANY forms of birth control today and I really wish above many things that abortion was not considered one of them for so many people. I’m not judging. I’m really not. I just wish that people would think about what the are supposedly pro-choice for. I agree that not all women are ready for all that parenting a child entails for it is a HUGE responsibility. HUGE. By all means, women, PROTECT your rights and the rights of your potential children and take birth control responsibly and make sure that the man(men) that you have sex with uses a condom.

By the way, the birth control that I used was abstinence. Now, that’s just the form that I used. But as I said, there are many forms available. Educate yourself, educate the young women around you and make it a priority, if you are having sex, to use it effectively and responsibly. If you can’t handle that, don’t have sex. Even if you are in a long-term relationship with someone, if you both haven’t mutually decided that you’re ready to have a child together, continue to responsibly and effectively use birth control until you are ready. Be responsible. Take control. Don’t leave the right for you to have a child in the hands with government. That right existed before birth control was legal and it will exist even if they make it illegal.

megan on

I wish celebrities would realize “oh duh, maybe I should only share these things via my diary / therapist’s office / close confidant.”

Bitsy on

I applaud the doctor’s wisdom and what he told her.

I think the ladies/folks here who chastise Kourtney about sharing her situation because they deem it “private” are laughable. You chastisers are nothing but peeping-toms of the gossip world. You come here to invade the privacy of others because you are “curious”, but you chastise her for sharing something she went through because you think it’s too private? Hypocrites every last one of you.

I’ve no doubt that lots of you pro-choice (AKA “LIFE FOR SOME, BUT NOT FOR OTHERS!”) ladies/folks are the ones who have their panties-in-the-most-uncomfy wads. It just gripes your behind that someone would say, “I didn’t go with the abortion.”

No baby is an accident. No life, no matter how “abnormal” by your definition, ought to be extinguished by another human being. What gives a mother the right? Her own life? Well, if you don’t want a baby, just stop having sex, darnit. That’s the only answer. And you say that’s too hard to stop doing? Well, get ready for consequences! That’s life. And it’s wonderful, really, it is. If it wasn’t so wonderful, the women who casually abort wouldn’t mind giving up their own lives.

Pro-choice isn’t the compassion parade you pretend it is. Is it right to kill or is it?

Pro-ChoiceTOO on

“birth control” in the last sentance of my statement above should be “abortion”.

And I want people to know that I’m not judging the people that have aborted their children. I’m judging the act. Just like the act of stealing, abuse, lying and killing are wrong. There is no question about that. If I walked into someone’s house and robbed them no one would question whether or not I was wrong. The act of stealing is wrong. So is the act of abortion. Abortion is killing. It is what it is. Let’s call a spade a spade. Just because good people do it in the name of ‘being responsible’ doesn’t mean that it’s right. My own mother aborted her second out of four children. I love her more than ANYONE except God and I KNOW PERSONALLY that she is a good woman that made, in my opionion and her’s too, a bad decision. But as I said before, women aren’t left without choice when abortion is no option. They still have a choice and no one can take the right to choose away from them.

Again, I’m not judging. I have no Heaven or Hell to put anyone in.

Bitsy on

By the way, AJ, disagreeing is not judging. It’s simply taking a stand and having a convicted backbone.

I’m standing up for the innocent unborn human being. Somebody subverted your mind, AJ, and made you think you were being un-Christian for taking a stand? Beware of being shouted down by those on “the other side” who will turn your religion and convictions against you. Know what your about and keep your wits.

It’s NOT judging to say, “I disagree” and throw out some of your own food for thought for the other side. If they are truly open-minded as they like to claim they are, they will actually listen. But face it, most of them aren’t. Don’t be fooled.

Josie on

Someone mentioned that rape is ‘difficult’ but the woman should still be forced to give birth and give this child up for adoption. Childbirth is horrible and traumatic, and very often the woman is left with all types of scars and other issues. Why force an already traumatized rape victim to go through childbirth which is really one of the most awful experiences in existence? Why do people pretend it’s no biggie and that rose petals rain throughout? “You can still give it up for adoption”? Piece of cake, right? That is beyond cruel. Childbirth should only be for women who want babies, not for women who had a child forced on them. And for crying out loud, Kourtney did not even have an abortion! Why are so many people slamming her?

Erika on

I think I came across as too harsh in my other comments. I reread them, and sounded like I have no sympathy for women who are faced with this very difficult situation. I am very sorry if I offended anyone, I truly did not mean to. Trust me, I do sympathize. I hope if it were me in that situation, I would have the courage to either keep the child or put it up for adoption, but I have not been in that type of situation. But the thing that really gets me is the fact that everyone just talks about it like it’s a blob of tissue. Nobody seems to think life is precious. I don’t have kids yet, so I can honestly say I have never dealt with this, but I just feel that in this situation, the baby doesn’t have a choice. I wasn’t trying to offend those who have had one. I still stand by what I said about it being selfish because it technically is- it is putting yourself before someone else. I honestly did not mean for any of those posts to be offensive to others, I was really trying to say that I give Kourtney a lot of credit for not ‘taking the easy way out’ but it did come across as offending those who had abortions. I am not saying I agree with your choice, or even understand why, but I never meant to offend anyone.

Natalie on

This girl just cannot win! If this was anyone else, they wouldn’t get half the bashing she gets, just because she’s a reality star, at the end of the day she’s still human, regardless of how she got famous. Some people are just too quick to judge.

I’m sick of the holier than thou attitude on here, and I really don’t get how people complain about being sick of reading about her…well guess what YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

Shannon on


Yeah actually it is.

Josie on

P.s I really wish people would realize that casual sex is not the only way to get pregnant. Sometimes the ‘selfishness’ that preludes conception is the selfishness of a rapist who does the unthinkable. To follow that up with being forced to carry this monster’s offspring for nine months and then have to go through hours of labor is a bit much.

John's Mom on

@ Diane

You say that 48,589,993 abortions have been carried out and the # will continue to grow. What about the statistic that 1 in 50 children are currently homeless!!!! in the United States!!!!! That number will be much larger if abortions were not happening. There are many reasons why women choose abortion and the cost of raising a child is probably a big one. I know abortion is a touchy subject but it def. is one that needs to be talked about more. And like many other heated topics you are going to have people on both sides with great reasons why they believe in what they believe. If people were more accepting and were less likely to judge someone based on certain actions this country would be better off IMO!!!!

Diane on

Since when is childbirth the most horrible thing in existence? Your bringing a human life into the world. I went through it 5 times Yes it’s painful, but the reward is priceless. It’s a miracle.

Mary-Helen on

I am one of those people who said that she should keep some things private and I resent being called laughable. The fact is, there are some things that are better left unsaid in public. I mean, I think discussing the options in an unplanned pregnancy with the child’s father and family, but to blast it on the front page of People Magazine “I had a one night stand with my ex boyfriend and forgot to take my birth control and got pregnant and then almost aborted my child because he or she was an accident! Oh and watch my show!” Imagine how that child will feel when they get older and this gets back to them.

I think pimping your show is all well and good but to put out information that can potentially damage him or her down the road is disturbing. I think abortion is a subject that while we may not agree can be discussed in a mature forum. It doesn’t need to be a talking point for a TV show or for Kourtney Kardashian to be on the cover of People.

Diane on

Bitsy, I completely agree with your statement.

Pro-ChoiceTOO on

Josie I agree with you that rape is disgusting and horrible and I am so glad that at this point in my life, I haven’t had to go through that. But rape is the rare exception. Many people do not get pregnant from rape. But I personally know a woman that did.

This woman, at the age of 15 was raped by a man much older than her and who had children just a little older than her as well. Although pregnant at 15 and by a man who rapped her nonetheless, she had the baby. She is the only child this woman has had her she can’t imagine her life without her or her granddaughter. I believe that the love that she has for them and they have for her has helped her heal and move on from the experience. It took her from JUST being a victim of the horrible experience, to being blessed beyond her imagination by the horrible experience. I have never been faced with it with the decision of having a child by a man who rapped me so I won’t even begin to pretend that it is an easy decision. Before meeting this family, I always felt that though I didn’t agree with abortion, I wasn’t so sure that I could have the child of man who raped me. I thought it would be hard to look into the face of the child and be reminded of the horrible experience. But this woman gets to look into the face of her child and see what a beautiful woman she raised and that she couldn’t love more and enjoy a granddaughter who is the apple of her eye and who she might not otherwise have, and she doesn’t regret that for a second. I think it would have been more of a tragedy for THIS woman to have gone through rape and had to think about it everyday, with nothing but pain from the experience and the abortion, rather than the blessings she was left with. Again, this is a very true story. As I said, I know these people very personally. The daughter was my roommate a few years ago and I knew her mother very well.

But as I said, pregnancy by rape is rare. Why in the world would we allow the millions of women who acted irresponsibly to kill their children to protect the few women who got pregnant through rape. Can we make it an option for the few (after counseling) without making it an easy option for the others??? I think we can.

TLG from Texas on

I’m sure I will be in the minority with my comment but here goes: I’m pro-life for other women because I feel that having or not having an abortion is the women’s choice (not the government) and if God or whoever you believe in condemns that act then that is between that woman and her God. That is her cross to bear and no one else’s.

As for myself abortion is not an option for me, but keyword being “for me”. It is my decision to have my child and it’s the right one for ME but I cannot force my view/decision to have a child onto someone that doesn’t want theirs. No matter what the circumstance of their pregnancy was.

Who are we to make that choice for someone else??? Even though I am not a fan of abortion I know my place and my place is not to be the judge and jury of someone else’s life or their actions.

leslie on

Anti-Choice people-
If you spent more time caring what happens to babies AFTER they are born, you will find that many are born drug addicted and abused to mothers who were never prepared to have babies in the first place.
Obviously, I believe adoption is the most selfless and giving option if a woman finds themselves pregnant with a baby that they cannot take care of, HOWEVER…many women are not strong enough to make that choice.
Why don’t you people spend some time volunteering for Child Advocates or CASA and you can find out what happens to unwanted children, not fetuses. What some of these kids have been through is heartbreaking.
As sad as it is for a woman to have an abortion, it is 1,000,000xs worse to see a child abused or neglected. Volunteer and take care of the kids WHO ARE ALREADY HERE and you will see what I mean.

Kate on

As someone who is a rape survivor that resulted in a pregnancy. I had an abortion and honestly have no regrets about doing so. You pro-lifers can call me what you will. But you must have no idea what its like to go through a brutal rape only to be told you have the seed of that crime in your belly. It felt like I was being permanently raped all over again. One thing I am grateful for is that I only came out pregnant and not with any STD. I am so tired of people preaching about how its murder. You don’t even consider situations where it could be warranted. Yet how many of you pro-lifers are for captial punishment. How could I ever bring a child into this world that was a product of the worst night of my life. I wish everyone would step into the victim’s shoes, nobody ever does.

Diane on

How can you even compare homeless children to aborted ones. This is ridiculous. It is sad that so many chiildren are homeless, BUT, at least they were given life. I’m not chastizing this woman because she’s pregnant, but becuase she even thought for a second about killing this life.

Diane on

Tina if abortion is not murder,then what is it? Your killing a human being. This is MURDER!

wowfornoobs on

Kate–my thoughts are with you. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.

leslie on

Diane…what do you mean, “at least they were given life” do you know what some of these kids go through? Give me a break. You want people to have children that DON’T WANT THEM and let them know every minute, of every hour of every day. You truly don’t get the connection??????
Spend your time helping the kids who are ALREADY here and unwanted.

Diane on

Kate, I’m so sorry you were raped. You could have made the choice to put that child up for adoption. Rape is horrible, but the child should not be punished for something it had nothing to do with. God gave you a life. Ungortuntately the life was not conceived in good circumstances. You took that life away.

Diane on

And nobody EVER steps into the shoes of the unborn either. Noone cares.

Jessica on

People I learned to compromise in preschool, why can’t a bunch of adults learn to do the same. Rape is horrible, abortion is horrible, capital punishment, you name it, this world is a horrible place. I’ve peeked in and out of here all day and all I see is women comaplaining and arguing over who’s right and who’s wrong. I dont see anyone offering up solutions. Why don’t we just have abortion legal during the first trimester, if it takes you longer than 3 months to decide than you shouldn’t be having one in the first place. There everyone wins (almost). Diane, I’m sure you’re heart is in the right place and all you other strict pro-lifers, I’m pro-life! but not everyone has a heart of gold like you. I do have 2 children and have miscarried, I have no clue how someone could abort BUT, are you aware that about a month ago a mother sawed her 3 week old sons head off with a steak knife in Texas? When you look at the big picture, people can be crual and I’d rather have seen that baby aborted at 11 weeks than brutally murdered and mutilatd.

JMO on

I don’t think anyone can judge until someone has walked a day in the life of a rape/incest victim! I would hope it never has to happen to anyone but stop the judgement since you have no idea what it is like!

Josie on

Kate, thank you so much for your comment. It is people like you I’m talking about. Your comment about being raped over and over says it all. I’m so sorry for what happened to you, and I hope you’re recovering well. Don’t let any one of these people try to make you feel like a murderer, because you know you’re not. I hate when people brush situations like this aside and say ‘oh that’s rare’, like rare means irrelevant. It might be rare, but it happens, and the people it happens to may not be able to just brush it aside.

Lola Marie on

I also wonder how people can be against abortion but support capitol punishment???

Kate my heart goes out to you and thank you for sharing your story with us. You are a prime example of why it needs to be the WOMAN’s choice and no one else’s. Can you image being brutally violated and then told that you cannot get rid of the physical reminder of that ordeal? Not only would she have to deal with the mental reminder but now a child? Would that not be cruel? And what if the child was a product of incest? The woman should carry and love that child anyway even if it were her father’s or brother’s or uncles? What will become of that child if she can’t love it and can’t give it the life it deserves?

Kudos to Kourtney for making the decision she made. I find it hard to believe that people are hating her for making the decision that they support? She kept the baby and you’re still not happy? Some people are just unbelievably judgmental!

Kerri on

Kudos to her for speaking honestly about this topic. Abortions are a reality, guys, and I’m sure plenty of people who unexpectedly get pregnant at least consider it. I’m happy to hear someone being open about it for once…it IS a difficult decision. That said, I’m glad she made the decision to have the baby.

Shannon on

Thank you Diane, it’s good to see someone else willing to stand up and call it like it is. I don’t care if people hate me for my opinion on this. This is one subject I will fight to the death for. It’s wrong, I don’t care what the reason for it is. An innocent baby should NEVER have to pay for someone else’s mistake or crime. Those babies didn’t do anything to anyone. It’s one or both of the parents that screwed up, and yet the child pays the ultimate price.

Nina on

Wow, why are women always bashing each other on these sites?? how old are you seriously!
Diane you say you can’t ever step into the shoes on an unborn child- well you can’t step into the shoes of any other woman either so how can you judge??? Of course this is a heated topic but what’s the point in bashing everyone… no one’s opinion will change from it!

Diane on

Leslie I have 5 children of my own. I chose to give life to them. Homeless children live in deplorable conditions, which is why there are SO MANY advocates out there, going to these countries with food and medical supplies to help these chldren survive. My daughter’s teacher from last year, went to Africa to help these children. Don’t tell me it would have been better to kill these children. We are trying to save them. Adoption is there when babies are not wanted. So is foster care. Abortion is not the answer.

Gianna on

Diane, I respect that you have differing views, but now you’re just being offensive. Why is it that you have compassion ONLY for the unborn? Your comments to Kate are despicable, and you’ve lost your credibility. Kate has gone through something hideous, and to have people like you, who have no idea what that type of torture is, stand on the outside and make statements as if having a baby and giving it up for adoption is just a piece of cake, is ridiculous. Christianity is based on compassion, and right now there is NOTHING Christ-like about what you’re saying. Honestly, people like you are who turn people AWAY from church. Some people are only concerned about human life BEFORE it’s born, but don’t give a damn what sort of trauma occurs afterwards. The height of hypocrisy.

kellirc on

That “collection of cells” as you call it, are in the shape of a human being. So even though they may not be able to live outside of their mother they are still a baby. I don’t understand how any woman can contemplate killing her own child. Even if you don’t love or want the child why not give it to someone who will care for them. At least you could do something for someone who really wants to be a parent. And, yes it is that simple.

Kinsey on

My mother was in a similar situation when she was 30. She was pregnant with my oldest sister and considered aborting, and with my other sister and my self as well. We knew about and are fine with it. These laws wre brought about to make it safe and clean for girls. It’s one of the hardest decisions to make, not a party. It must be lonely up on your pedestals for some of you…

Y. on

Diane, do you realize how ridiculous you sound?
So its okay that there are homeless kids out there *just* because they were given life?
There are millions of children on this planet suffering. There are ones starving and suffering from various illnesses (including AIDS), there are others being abused and neglected, there are ones who don’t have a stable family and keep moving from foster home to foster home. How can you say any of this is okay just because they were given life?
If I were in any of those positions, I know I’d wish my mother would have aborted me.

The world is NOT perfect. Abortion has been around since the beginning of time, and no matter WHAT the “Pro-Lifers” say or do, its NEVER going to go away.

I agree with what one of the other commenters said: HAVING a baby is the selfish thing to do. Don’t we have babies because we want someone to love and someone to love us back? Those are selfish reasons.
Life is complicated, and the selfishness goes both ways.
I also believe having an abortion is the responsible thing to do. Why bring another child into this world? For what? Is it really necessary? Can you offer this child the best life possible?
Its a cycle, children often do the same things their parents do. What kind of example are you setting for your own children bringing them into this world as “mistakes” not being fully equipped to raise them? Just like the teenage mothers, for example…. Their kids usually end up becoming teenage parents themselves.

A woman’s right to choose is and always will be more important than an embryo or fetus. A fertilized egg is not a baby. Just because it has a heart beat, doesn’t mean its a baby. If heart beats were THAT important to you pro-lifers, than you wouldn’t eat meat or kill insects, because those animals have heart beats too. So I believe its time to find a different argument, because the “It has a heart beat!” argument is getting old.

Up until viability, its an embryo or fetus. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. Also, up until viability, the fetus is completely physically dependent on the mother much like a parasite, and as a woman, I have every right to stop being the fetus’ “life support” at any moment I please.

Josie on

Diane, I don’t know about YOUR God, but MY God has nothing to do with rape, and would probably not appreciate you using His name to further brutalize a rape victim. I simply cannot understand what type of Christian would say what you just said. There are just so, so many false people masquerading and using God’s name to attack other people.

Elisa on

abortion is NOT an option!! a woman has the right to decide what to do with HER body not the BABY’s!!

Diane on


I am a Roman Catholic. This should tell you where I stand. I do not condone rape. God does not condone rape, murder, theft, etc., but it doesn’t make it go away. I think that he is saddened by the choice to kill. I feel sorry for any women that is raped. Yes it’s a horrible act. But, the life resulting from that act is innocent. I’m not masquerading or using God’s name to attach anyone.

Diane on

Y, I honestly don’t care if you think my comment sounds ridiculous. This is how I feel. No child deserves to be aborted.

You may not agree with my comments, but there are others who do and understand. I’m glad that Kourtney has decided to give life rather than take it.

Y. on

Oh, one more thing, please leave all religious comments out of debates. I am an Atheist, so don’t tell me about the “God” you have no proof of existing and about the fictional stories you’ve read in the bible. Let’s use science and logic in this debate, not myths and superstition. Separation of church and state!

Diane on

Gianna, I feel horrible that Kate was raped. No women should ever have to endure this. It was not Kates fault, but the fault of the person who did this despciable act against her. I’m not a horrible person. My comment was not to offend. My appologies if that’s how it seemed.

Diane on

Thank you Shannon. I will stand up and fight for the unborn. Abortion may never go away. It’s a sickening act, and one that I will NEVER condone.

Jessica on

oh no, please leave catholocism out of it! I am roman catholic, go to church every sunday, i don’t agree with abortion, but I know that as a GOOD catholic, it’s not my place to judge. God gave us free will and someday we will all meet our makers (whomever it may be)we will all be judged then, not only by who had abortions, but those who condemn them as well. I don’t think women get pregnant on purpose just so they can have an abortion. I don’t care if other’s agree with my religion and I dont try and force it on others I wouldn’t want laws passed based on Muslim, or jewish, or confucious principles. Im not saying there’s anything wrong with those religions, im just saying i dont want them forced on me, so we shouldn’t force our beliefs on them. Ever hear of a little thing called the Crusades? I’d rather see a baby aborted in the first trimester then tortured and killed after it’s born.

J-Lin on

Well I’m happy if Kourtney’s happy. Maybe E! will give her and Kendra baby showers and make it a week long special. Someone can get voted off the invite list. There can be alliances and backdooring!!!!

If you don’t like aborttions, don’t get one. Easy as that.

Diane, put your money where your mouth is. Open you home up for foster children. Mentor teenage girls. Support a homeless family. Do something besides spew ignorance through cyber-world.

Mary on

OKay, some of these comments are really out of hand. Like someone further condeming someone who was raped and chose to have an abortion. If a woman is pregnant (whether by mistake/foolishness/rape, etc.) SHE HAS THE RIGHT TO DECIDE TO CHOOSE. I am happy to live in a country where I have control over my own body. Would all of you pro-life people rather thirteen year old girls give birth to babies? You only care that the baby gets born, but then you don’t care about what happens to it afterwards. No one should have to go through pregnancy and childbirth if they don’t want to. So, yes, I am pro-choice. I am for having a choice. But, like other people have said, I am not for abortion. I had a surprise baby and I was in a good situation in my life to welcome it with open arms, but not everyone has that choice. You do not get to condem someone for their choices simply because of the ones you would have made. No one is perfect, and to you abortion may be murder, but for someone else it is a blessing. You do not know everyone’s situations and shouldn’t make broad claims that abortion is murder and evil. You have no idea what people are going through on a day-to-day basis.
I would also like to say that my mother had me at eighteen. My mother told me that she considered having an abortion. My “father” had left her when he found out she was pregnant. I am thankful that she told me. I see how difficult and scary it must have been for her to decide to have me. To have to go at parenthood all alone. But I am so happy she had a choice. I know that she fell in love with me, and rather than “devestate” me, it made me happy. She made a choice on whether or not to have me.

Jessicad on

I believe if you have faith in a higher power helping create life, then you must believe that power also guides to the path of taking it away. Whether it be through abortion, or being hit by a car. I believe everything happens for a reason, whether it be a choice or not.

Elzbieta on

I think one of the above posters has an excellent point. For the pro-lifers, if you think every baby should be born no matter the circumstances, what are you doing to help after these children enter the world? The ones that are born crack addicted,born to unfit parents? Some of these kids are being born into squalor and a destitute life and will NEVER get out of it. I think abortion is fine, if I’m going to support a woman’s right to an abortion I can’t pick and choose the reason.

I understand Kourtney’s situation which is why I’ve always been really good about taking my b.c. I don’t want to have to make that choice, because I know what I’d do in that situation. I weighed my options long ago and I’ve never even had a child(of my own). Yes, abortion is a selfish decision….and?

Baby Carriers Backpacks on

Always a difficult choice to make for anyone.

Tee on

Jen DC- Any time I leave a comment that disagrees with another person’s comment, I make a point to be polite and respectful. You’re really going to put me to the test on this one, though. Are you serious? Please, tell me you’re joking… I beg you, tell me you’re joking. A collection of cells? Is merely potential? I don’t even know where to start! Have you ever been pregnant? Have you ever seen or spoken with a pregnant woman? I’ve never been pregnant, but I have interacted with and guided a number of pregnant woman through their pregnancy and child-birth. You claim that a baby isn’t a life until it is 26 weeks along. Tell that to the the woman who’s 16 week collection of cells just kicked for the first time. Tell that to the woman who just heard the heartbeat of their 12 week old collection of cells. Even more, tell that to the woman who just suffered a miscarriage at 14 weeks. What would you say? “Don’t cry. It was just a collection of cells.” Your attitude is absolutely unbelievable!

Tracy- Your statement is silly and even a little stupid. An unfertilized egg is of no comparison to a unborn baby.

Ella on

@Diane: I’m Roman Catholic, too (Okay a German one, but Catholic nonetheless), but I couldn’t disagree with you more.
1. My religion tells ME not to abort but that doesn’t mean I can make the decision for everyone else. Not everyone is a Christian, so why should they follow the rules of the bible?
2. Luckily I have never been in the position to make that decision, so it’s easy for me to say “I would never have an abortion”, but I’m not 100% sure what I would do in cases like a pregnancy after rape or one with severe health risks for the child and myself.
3. What do the pro-life people think would happen if abortion was forbidden? Would all the women have their unwanted children and live happily ever after or wouldn’t rich women have an abortion in other countries and poor women would be forced to use unsafe methods which could lead to the death of the woman.
I’m 100% pro Choice, for me it’s important that women can choose what happens with their body, even the thought of what a law against abortion could mean for women makes me shudder. Luckily this is not a controversy in Germany.

Elisa on

Please watch this… =o)

Pro-ChoiceTOO on

It’s funny to me that pro-choice people have to use rape in order to win their argument when assault rape pregnancies are extremely rare. Are you saying that it’s okay for Sarah, Rebecca, Julia, Tracy, Bonnie, Lillian, Lacy, Monica, Tammy and Pamela (who all had unplanned pregnancies because of irresponsibility) to have an abortion because Veronica was raped? Do you understand what I’m trying to say? It’s not okay for many many women who acted irresponsibly to get an abortion because very few women are raped. Stop using rape as your argument for all women who abort their baby when rape isn’t the case for all of these women. It is only the case for very few.

There are about 4 to 10 assault rape pregnancies per state per year. In one year there are more than 6 million pregnancies in the US. Roughly 3 million eventuate in live birth, 1.5 million are aborted and 500,000 miscarry. I’m assuming the rest are still-births. While each assault rape pregnancy is a tragedy for the mother (not for the child), such pregnancies amount to a small fraction of the total annual U.S. pregnancies. Further, less than half of assault rape pregnancies are aborted, even though it tends to be vigorously pushed by those around the woman.

But Kate, for what it’s worth, though I don’t know you, I love You and I honestly HATE what happened to you. I honestly hope that you find healing if you haven’t already. I wish that no one had to make the choice that you made. God bless you and I hope you live a full and prosperous life after your tragic experience.

Ash on

All I have to say is that some of the people in this thread are too fanatical. I find it really ironic that people who are so vehemently pro-life are usually pro-death penalty too. It’s disgusting. You claim to value human life but, in actuality, you don’t. You don’t think women should be allowed to have abortions, yet you don’t care what happens to all of those millions of unwanted children rotting away in foster care, homeless, and/or starving without proper medical care, love, or attention. The hypocrisy is sickening!!!

If you don’t believe in welfare, food stamps, or universal healthcare for children then you don’t really value their lives, do you? Quality is far more important than quantity! When are people going to realize that? How selfish of you to insist that a child be born yet turn away from them when they’re sleeping on the streets and don’t even know where their next meal is coming from. The few non-profit organizations that are out there trying to help are struggling because they don’t have enough funding from the government (some of the local shelters in my town are completely out of food!!!). Ironically, it’s usually the pro-lifers that are against paying more in taxes to support all of these homeless starving children.

You also claim that adoption is an easy solution, yet most of you will probably never adopt yourselves. Put your money where your mouth is. If you think adoption is so easy, cheap, etc. then you need to lead by example. Start adopting these unwanted kids and give them loving homes! The fact of the matter is that there are currently more kids in foster care than people who are willing, wanting, or able to adopt. Morally, abortions might be considered wrong, but it’s not practical to outlaw them either.

Dee on

I am happy to see someone so candid on this subject. It made me realize that everyone is human and we all face some of the same challenges. As a mom of 2 and as someone who has made the decision to get an abortion at one time I am grateful for the options that are given to us.

J on

What will Kourtney’s big dramas and epiphanies be tomorrow or next week? Good Lord, she’s just keeping them coming.

Elisa on

I’m Roman Catholic too, but that alone ain’t the reason why I am totally against abortion… do you know that the baby has a heart beating in the THIRD week?? ok it’s a heart like ours still is a heart!! if you don’t want to have a kid,then don’t get pregnant!! close your legs…it’s a 100% effective against pregnancy… if you still want to have sex than face the consequences, be a grown up… even people who don’t believe in God, wouldn’t you keep saying abortion is ok if their mother was going to have it… what if it was you there dying, having your arms and legs pull out of your body?? the baby ISN’T a part of the woman’s body… just study Embryology to check that out…

Pro-ChoiceTOO on

Y, I am VERY happy to tell you that the events of the Bible have been proven. MANY who don’t believe have researched the events and people of the Bible, resulting in many (though not all) of those researchers becoming believers. As I said, though that doesn’t happen with all of them, not ONE person has been able to DISprove the events and people of the Bible. It is what it is boo. There is a God.

gaia's mom on

Ash, kudos!! Well said.

Y. on

I think its best to ignore the pro-lifers, honestly. They have no real argument, and no matter what they say, abortion will always be legal in this country. Pro-Lifers are a minority, and their “cause” is weakening and weakening every single day because this country is shifting more to the “left” and more people are leaving their religions behind.
In South Dakota, They introduced proposition 11 to the ballots in November which would have banned all abortions (except in the case of incest or rape), but 55% of voters voted “NO” on it, and it never got passed. Abortion in all cases is still very legal in South Dakota.
South Dakota is a red state where the majority of people are conservatives, yet over half of the voters are pro-choice. That says a lot about this country. If South Dakota has 55% pro-choicers, just imagine California and any of the other Blue States. In California, we’d probably turn down a measure like that by 85%.
My point is: Pro-Lifers are a minority, let’s stop paying attention to them. Statistics show that this country is becoming less and less religious, which only means that people are becoming more liberal and less likely to be pro-life.
And let’s remember, America is still a fairly religious country (but it won’t be for much longer). In Scandinavia, for example, 90% of the population is Atheist and almost everyone there is pro-choice.

So really, as time goes on, America (and the rest of the world) will only continue to become less religious and less conservative and pro-lifers will be even more of a minority.

Courtney on

I do not agree with abortion at all either. And every single person i’ve met in live who has had an abortion says they regret it. Its murder. I just can’t see how women can go through with it, knowing that it hurts the innocent live. How the heck could you purposley inflict pain and murder onto a baby, just coz its not convenient for them. Disgusting.

Pro-ChoiceTOO on

It’s sad when people who want to save children from being murdered are thought of as the “bad guys”.

Ash on

I’m a Christian myself, but even I have enough common sense to see that I can’t force my religion and personal beliefs onto others. Many pro-lifers are also republicans who protest loudly against the Muslim theocracy in the Middle East, but what makes you think a Christian theocracy would be any better? (Especially considering that not everyone shares your same religious beliefs?). That’s exactly what’s going to happen if we allow people to make laws based solely on religious beliefs and personal convictions. Our country has a separation of church and state for a reason. It’s one thing to legislate based on societal norms, but it’s not logical or practical to make laws based on religion.

That said, I would really like a pro-lifer to address the points I made in my above argument. Isn’t it hypocritical to be pro-life and also pro-death penalty? Isn’t it hypocritical to be against welfare, equal opportunity healthcare and health insurance for children, etc. and still be pro-life? Isn’t it wrong (and in my opinion, downright evil) to bring children into the world when you aren’t willing to share your money and resources to give them the things they need most to thrive in life?

Jessica on

Y, dont be so rude, just because you dont like someones opinion doesnt mean you need to demean them and that they should be ignored. I like to think I have conservative values, I’m Catholic, but I’m also somewhat pro-choice, I accept abortion as a cruel inevitability-to a point. I don’t think babies should be aborted after 13 weeks, I’d rather see a baby aborted in the first trimester than born and tortured and living a miserable abusive life. You are just as obnoxious as the fanatics, I say pro-choice because it sometimes is a better alternative, and there are women who are viciously raped. I don’t say pro-choice because you forgot to take the pill, were’nt careful, or just decided at 6 months pregnant you don’t want the baby. And I’d rather my tax dollars go to help children, rather than to these drug addict mothers who keep popping out kids for the extra cash assistance-those mothers wouldn’t have aborted anyway.

TLG from Texas on

Please read Jessicad post. I couldn’t agree more with what she said. I feel the exact same way 🙂

God is omnipotent…knows all and sees all and supposedly has preordered our steps before us. If that is true then He knows every path that we walk and He knows every action that will lead up to it. God gave us all free will to do with our lives what we choose and even though He knows this He is still forgiving of our sins. We are born sinners and one sin is no less or worse than another in God’s eyes…sin is sin. Abortion is no worse than adultery yet we are still forgiven.

We have a God-given right to make our own decisions and no one on this Earth should take that away from the other. Sin or no sin.

Erin on

Diane, for someone with such strong views and little empathy for Kate’s story perhaps it’s best if you moved on to another site. Yeah, you have the right to your opinion. I think we all get the point. For having five kids you sure have a lot of free time to post your (repeatedly stated) argument. Your faith I respect. Your restating how you feel subject more than ten times, I don’t. It’s dogmatic and unnecessary.

C on


I just read through these comments and felt a couple things were missing. First of all, sex is not only for procreation. I agree with the poster that said if you are not responsible enough to deal with birth control, you should not be having sex. But I don’t think you need to be ready for a baby before you start having sex. In fact, sexuality is an integral part of being a woman. Having a child is as well, but I don’t think that one is necessarily linked to the other.

Secondly, I want to expound on what leslie said. I do work with CASA. My mentee has been in the foster care system since she was a baby, a product of the worst experiences you literally can imagine. She now has 2 kids of her own and she’s only 19. Her kids are sort of wanted, and I definitely don’t think she’d say that she would rather have not had them. But I do know she’d rather not have them right now. I think it is SO hypocritical to yell about abortion=murder and just don’t have sex, when the common ground here is dealing realistically and honestly about sex as a part of life and teaching/enabling/empowering the teenagers in our society–both rich and poor–to use birth control.

And, another little note about rape. I don’t know the statistics about how many rapes end up in pregnancy, but its irrelevent. In the United STates as well as around the world, in many many many cultures and groups, women do not have the power to even say “no.” Would men having sex with them be considered “rapists?” Not legally. But in terms of that woman’s empowerment, certainly. I just think circumstances are so so complicated and that is why we need to have choice. Only choice allows the flexibility to address that complexity.

gaia's mom on

I don’t agree that the country will continue to go left. The popularity of religion always sways constantly going back and forth from early history. Its just a matter of whether these old religions can manifest themselves in a new way that will appeal to the change in the audience. and the pro-lifers do have a point, to a limited extent imo. I just don’t think that all their valid points(I agree with about 3) trump a womans right to do what she wants with her body.


I don’t find this to be TMI. I find it refreshing yet again that someone is OPEN enough to be able to talk about such a personal and private matter that alot of young women go through. It may help someone who’s going through something similar…reading that a celebrity or that even another woman is going through the same thing.

I think its great that she took that decision so seriously and did her own research before deciding what was best for her.

Erika on

Elisa- Thanks so much for posting that! 🙂 What an amazing person! I can’t understand how you could watch that and still be for abortion.

Y- you are very rude! I am Christian and the way that you put us down, and say we won’t exist is very rude. I don’t put down any of my friends who are Jewish, Muslim, Hindu etc, so why should you put down me. (no I don’t only talk to Christians, I am tolerant of my friends of all religions)That is extremely obnoxious to tell others their religion is going to end soon or whatever. And FTR, it’s not my religion that makes me pro-life, I simply believe all humans should have the opportunity to live, and that has nothing to do with my beliefs in religion (now my religion does also play a part in it, but I won’t get into that- I am tolerant of Christians who are anti-abortion but prochoice).

Jessica on

ok ladies get ready for this, Usmag is now reporting that Kourtney is saying she’ll pose nude while pregnant. At first I thought she’s just so excited, but NOW Im agreeing this is all for publicity. Yay, now we know what we’ll be here arguing about tomorrow lol! I wonder if she has a thought that she doesn’t immediately call a reporter to share.Can’t wait to see pics of the afterbirth!

skunknuggets on

I think it’s great she is willing to talk so openly. I’m sure a lot of women think the same things but are afraid to say it out loud because they know they will be judged by other women. It’s hard enough to be a woman/mom in the public eye without having to worry about being judged for everything you say.

Jaime on

NEWS FLASH: Until she delivers every post about her is going to be nothing but a battle ground.


anonymous on

Regardless of where you believe the country is headed, or your beliefs in the bible (which, has not, in a validated, controlled scientific examination been proved 100% true, that’s why it’s called FAITH, like evolution is a THEORY), what matters is that this is the United States, where one of the fundamental tenets of our government is separation of church and state and pressure to change laws to “fit” one religion or another is RIDICULOUS and UNACCEPTABLE, as is condemning (disgustingly, I might add) some women for being courageous enough to discuss their abortions and the circumstances surrounding them.

stevie on

Good Lord! does this girl not have a publicist? she needs to keep her mouth shut! some things are private, wether you thought about having an abortion is one of those things you don’t need to tell the world!

Ash on

“I simply believe all humans should have the opportunity to live…”

Erika, so what is your definition of life then? Is it just the mere fact of existence or is life more than that? Because, in my opinion, life should be more than that and allowing children to live in foster care or on the streets, unhappy and unloved and starving, is not truly living.

Elena on

My mom considered aborting me because she wasn’t sure she wanted to have another child, but she didn’t and I have a very healthy and loving relationship. She was very open with me about it, and it never occurred to me to be hurt or offended. After all, she decided to keep me! I think Kourtney’s child will be fine if he or she ever reads this article.

However, it still rubs me the wrong way that she decided to talk about this, because it’s nothing but a cry for attention. She is wealthy and she doesn’t do anything for a living. Why is the thought of having a child so frightening, and such a struggle? Because she’s a 30 year old with the maturity of a child herself?

I think she is taking away from the very real concerns of women who abort because they can’t afford to raise a child, or would be bringing their child into a terrible situation like an abusive home. I would much rather that women who make truly brave decisions like that talk openly about their experiences. Kourtney isn’t someone that 99.9% of the world can relate to.

Nikki on

Yeah I didn’t need to read this.

Good on you for having your own choice, but announcing it to the world isn’t really going to win people over.

I don’t even know who this person is.

wowfornoobs on

I do want to thank CBB for allowing this discourse–I appreciate you allowing us all to speak our minds, and I give kudos to all of you commenters for leading a respectful discussion about a difficult, and emotional, issue.

That we’re talking about this is good. It’s important for us to not only be able to share our personal beliefs, but to see those of others. Thank you for sharing each of your beliefs, stories, and experiences–this has been an incredible thread to read.

Jessi on

I have been through a situation where I was dealt with an unplanned pregnancy and that pregnancy was with a person that should be in jail now because he forced me.

But I kept my child because I wanted to have a child. Yes I was only 17, but 18 when she was born and she passed away soon after birth.

But I still like that I would have had that choice of having an abortion. I am pro-choice because I don’t think that anybody can tell a woman what to do with their bodies.

Jessi on

How did she get pregnant, if she and her baby’s father split in November? Unless they had relations after they split.

Julie on

I just…wow. I really need to stop reading interviews with this person. I am pro-choice so my opinion has nothing to do with that, I just can’t believe the stuff she is putting out there. Does she realize her child will one day read this? Does she understand that some things SHOULD be private? She is 30 years old and sounds and acts like she’s 15. It’s not cute and I’m embarrassed for her. I *sincerely* hope there is a mature adult with a brain in their head that can take proper care of this child.

*AJ* on

Well Bitsy disagreeing and Telling someone that their choice is the wrong are too completely different stances. Many MANY so called Christian or religous women believe that their beliefs are the ONLY right ones and critisize and judge others for them not believing the same. NO one has the right in this world to tell someone they are right or wrong…thats GODS job not ours. We can say what we believe in our own opinon but you know as well as I do that MANY people don’t. They rather force their opinons and beliefs on others and then condem them for not choosing the same options. That is my point. And many religous organizations that sit there and condem women and look down upon them for not thinking like them. They themselves are doing exactly what they preach to NOT do which is judge. I didn’t single anyone out on here I simply stated a statement as a whole. If you aren’t part of the people I was referring to, don’t feel the need to defend yourself. But if you are one of the people labeling and otherwise judging them by calling them names like Murders or Babykillers remember that there were people that did that to someone who was the son of god as well. They also spit and taunted and threw judgements upon him. And yet he bared no ill will to any of them. So if anything these women who make these decisions in life who are already draggin that cross don’t need people in society to put more weight on it. And if they can still stand tall after having to go through the scrutinty of it all then good for all of them!

Ashley on

I am so proud of Kourtney for speaking out about her second thoughts about carrying out this pregnancy. It’s hard to admit to thinking about and or having an abortion.

I had an abortion on Feb 15 2007 and I regret my decision every single day. There isnt a day that goes by without me thinking about my child and what he or she would have been like. Yes it is a woman’s choice but sometimes the clinics should have to make the process a little more involved. I really did not have time to think about the consequences and my emotional state afterwards. Had I thought about these things for a couple of days I would have definitely changed my mind but I didn’t and so I live with a horrible regret and am disgusted in myself.

Sarah on

Doesn’t she have millions in the bank and a relationship with the babys father AND so far a healthy pregnancy.? Why the hell wouldn’t she keep the baby.?

This family is sick.

hello on

im so happy for her! their child is going to be so beautiful and so loved by that family!

Erika on

Ash- personally my definition of life is being born. I know it is unfair for children living in poverty. I get that and I feel for them.

I believe everyone has the opportunity to turn their life around. Look at Barack Obama (I don’t really support him or agree with his politics, but look at him as an example). He was born to a single mother and is now the president of the United States. Liz Murray (homeless to harvard) is also a great example. I also think every mother has the opportunity to give their child a better life. If you go to an adoption agency while pregnant, they will in most cases be able to find a home. Yes foster care is overpopulated, but mostly with kids whose parents either died, were arrested or were found unfit, when they were older.

Diane on

Erin Says:
August 19th, 2009 at 5:55 pm
Diane, for someone with such strong views and little empathy for Kate’s story perhaps it’s best if you moved on to another site. Yeah, you have the right to your opinion. I think we all get the point. For having five kids you sure have a lot of free time to post your (repeatedly stated) argument. Your faith I respect. Your restating how you feel subject more than ten times, I don’t. It’s dogmatic and unnecessary

I have a great amount of empathy for ANY women who has had to endure rape. I don’t condone this act. When a baby is coneived in a rape, it’s not the fault of the baby, so why should this little innocent life be snuffed out. Everyone keeps going on an on about how it’s the women’s body and they have a right to choose. No one has said anything about that little baby’s body and it’s right. It’s ALL about the women. You can say what you want, but you have NO RIGHT to tell me to move to another site, just because you don’t agree with what I’m saying. Rape is horrible, but pregnany isn’t.

Diane on

As for religion dying out, this is not true. God will not be mocked, and he will not lose. He’s the reason we are all here today. Evil WILL NOT PREVAIL!!!

Look on the internet, look at all of the broken, bloodied bodies of the innocent lives that were taken because of abortion. I’ve seen this, I can’t and will not condone abortion ever. I don’t condone, rape, burglary, anything that is evil.

Diane on

Y #226:

I’d much rather be pro-life, than condone all the babies have died. We as pro-lifers have the responsibility before God the creator, to respect and take responsibility for that life. Women were created to carry babies and give life, not to take it. I would ignore the pro-choice people if I could, but it goes against my everything in me.

Courtney on

Y….maybe you didnt hear about the gallop poll from mid may 2009 showing more people are PRO LIFE in this country than PRO CHOICE…

It said that 51% are pro life and 42% were pro choice…yea and you think we are going away and we are to be ignored…

maybe you should brush up on things before you insult people who believe in a baby’s right to live!

Suzanne on

I really appreciate Kourtney’s honesty. I think a lot of women facing an unplanned pregnancy consider the same options Kourtney did. It is very clear that Kourtney did her research and got good advise. She then made the decison to keep her baby. Good for her for keeping the baby, and good for her for considering ALL her options and not being afraid to talk about it.

I will not wade into the heated Pro-Life/Pro Choice debate raging here other than to say, we should all be thankful we live in a country were we have choices.

Kelli on

I think its great that she is talking about this. She made a wise decision. I had an unplanned pregnancy and I thought about abortion for like 2 seconds. But like she said, I have never regretted keeping my child and I’m a better person because I kept him.

As far as her future decisions while pregnant and after the baby is born (posing nude or whatever) those are decisions she’s going to have to live with. She’s not raising my child and I don’t look at her as an example.

ljc on

Wow, some things are better kept to yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are in the public eye or not…keep it to yourself.

Jamie on

Kudos to her for being honest. Other women have been honest about other things and published here and I have never seen this sort of reaction. It’s shameful, and I can only imagine it’s because she is gorgeous and relatively famous and rich and clearly isn’t worried about Middle America, she doesn’t give a damn about what other people think. Anyone who has watched the show knows the Kardashians are outrageous, that’s why they’re fun, they’ll say anything. She has always spoken about everything in her life, why not this too? And brave of her to say she wasn’t thiking od adoption (which, btw, is simply another way of saying she considered abortion, not an attack on adoption itself, God, people will read what they want into anything). And so what if the mother has considered abortion, so what? Clearly, for the child to find out about it the mother needs to have had said child, to have chosen to. And all the people who are so aggravated they are having their time wasted with this pregancy – JUST DON’T READ! Quite simple really, you see it’s her, move along. Honestly, I know a lot of Americans, I have a lot of American friends but, as a people, you certainly do tend to be holier-than-thou and hypocritical. Gets old fast.

Jamie on

And Kate, yes we do. You were brave, and you were right, in my opinion, and you were definititely rigth if that was what you really wanted. I cannot imagine bearing my rapist’s child, ever. Life is sacred? May be, so I’ll start with mine and treat me with love and compassion and respect. I hope you’ve found ways to cope with it – and I so understand what you mean when you say you were lucky it was only a pregnancy, not an STD. There are a lot of people like me, believe me, and we have nothing but respect for your courage.

improlife on

I cannot believe she admitted to this. It is very upsetting for me not only that she considered abortion, but because I was suppose to have a baby in December as well, and I lost my baby without a choice. It was the most painful time of my life and knowing that people out there who are so blessed to have successful pregnancies even consider getting rid out their babies, who by the way have a beating heart by week 6!!

KLM on

Jen DC – exceptionally well said…

Diane – You keep commenting or rather offering pro-life propoganda. You’ve made your point, please let others make their’s. The world is not as black and white as you seem to think. The economy is in crisis – if it came down to it would you pay for those 48,589,993 extra lives? More houses, jobs, cars, health care. I’m not advocating abortion to save resources, but many women who chose to terminate a pregnance have good reasons i.e finacial stability, health etc. Abortion is NOT contraception. Jen DC referred to someone who had 7. I can’t imagine ever choosing to do that. I really belive in choices for women, but don’t believe that it is ever a decision that is taken lightly, and is usually a last resort due to unfavourable circumstances. I am pro-choice. However, I am doing all I can to prevent pregnancy before I am ready because I feel it would be exceedingly difficult (emotionally) for me to terminate despite the fact that I am 100% behind stem cell research. Abortion is a tricky subject, one cannot be all-for or all-against, having said that, given the procedure, I don’t think that anyone would choose to do that willingly if there was a better way i.e appropriate use of birth control, abstinence. Please do not critise people who are in the unfortunate position that they have to make this decision. Although, clearly, in this case she was just plain irresponsible and doesn’t get much sympathy from me.

Ali on

This interview is what the Kardashians do best: openly discuss issues that affect all families. Sometimes we cringe when they put the minute details of their personal lives on TV, but I really do applaud the family for having such an open dialog on so many issues.

What saddens me even more than any woman being in a position where an abortion is the best choice for her is the circumstances that led to that decision. More often than not, it’s because she comes from a family and community that instills shame instead of love, and chooses privacy over open dialog on real issues.

Those posting the harshest comments on Kourtney have more in common with her than they may realize. A little more focus on education and social cognizance and an unintended pregnancy and ignorance could be avoided.

I think the most telling fact in this comment section is that the most vehemently pro-life postings, particularly those based on religion, also include the most dramatic spelling and grammatical errors. Education and tolerance go hand in hand.

actualsize on

Rape is horrible, but pregnany isn’t.

That’s not necessarily true, seeing that the woman will be forced to live with the tangible, growing evidence of the crime for months (even years) to come. Is it fair to force her to pay endlessly for something over which she had no control? While the real offender carries out their sentence and is then free (if they’re caught at all), the woman is bound forever to a walking, talking reminder of someone genetically half of her, and genetically half a sexual predator.

For that matter, how will a child feel growing up with the knowledge that their dad was a sexual predator? That the only reason they exist is because of a terrible trauma their mother suffered? That neither parent wanted them and that their mother’s life would be better if they hadn’t been conceived? Personally, I rather would have been ‘snuffed out’ quietly before I ever had a chance to endure that kind of pain.

My mother and I have talked about her thoughts on abortion and she told me that she did consider it (she was an older mother so genetic abnormalities were a possibility). The thought doesn’t bother me – how could it? I would never have had a consciousness or awarenes of what happened. I don’t think the world is that much better off because I’m in it, and the world wouldn’t miss me because I wouldn’t have existed (as a conscious being) in the first place.

Ash on

I’m honestly wondering why none of the Pro-lifers have stepped up yet and answered my questions.

Isn’t it hypocritical to be pro-life and also pro-death penalty? Isn’t it hypocritical to be against welfare, equal opportunity healthcare and health insurance for children, etc. and still be pro-life? Isn’t it wrong (and in my opinion, downright evil) to bring children into the world when you aren’t willing to share your money and resources to give them the things they need most to thrive in life?

Tee on

Ashley- I really want to thank you for choosing to comment. I would imagine that saying what you did on a public forum wasn’t all that easy. While I am undoubtably pro-life, I so appreciate you offering your opinion. I am so sorry for the loss of your child and the trauma you’ve suffered in making that hard decision.

CelebBabyLover on

Mary-Helen- How was it a one-night stand when it was with her boyfriend…whom she’s with again?

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and Mary-Helen, how exactly has Kourntey been bragging about forgetting to take her pill?

CelebBabyLover on

Julie- Probably grateful that Kourtney decided to keep him or her! 🙂

Jen on

She only announced her pregnancy last week (for ratings I’m sure) but what really annoys me about her and many other celeb’s is that they’re talking about how it was an accident. But it’s not just that, it’s the fact that she previously said how she didn’t realize how important taking the pill everyday was and treated it with a very blase manner. Should these people really be reproducing?
Also, on this topic, I’m not going to debate abortion, I’m pro, but it’s not that that is bugging me, it’s that she’s telling people that she considered it. Who cares? This isn’t news, instead she’s milking her baby before it’s born for publicity. I hate to see what she’s willing to do when it’s born. E! will be airing the birth I’m sure.

CelebBabyLover on

Jen DC- Actually, babies can be viable before 26 weeks. For example, I believe the most premature a baby has been born and survived is at 24 weeks gestation, or possibly 23. So it’s not true that a baby is not viable until 26 weeks.

Anyway, I am very pro-life. I agree with the commentors who have said that abortion is murder. For those of you that don’t believe that and are not opposed to abortion, you really ought to Google images of aborted babies. It’s horrible, frightening (to think that anyone would do that to another human being!), and sickening! If you DO Google those pictures, I strongly suggest not doing so right before or after eating (as some of the pictures are enough to make you lose your appetite or your dinner depending!)!

I understand abortion if the mother has some sort of physical condition that would make pregnancy life-threatening for her, or if the baby has such severe disabilities that it is unlikely to survive birth, or live for more than a few hours or days if it does.

I can also somewhat understand abortion if the pregnancy was product of rape or incest. However, I do NOT understand or condone abortion in any other circumstances. If you cannot or do not want to keep the baby, then give him/her up for adoption!

Erika on

Ash, I can’t speak for everyone who’s prolife on here, but I personally am not for the death penalty. I think it is unnatural (not even necessarily inhumane) punishment.

I think everyone who is prolife and pro death penalty is this way because abortion is harming an unborn baby. An innocent new life. The death penalty is harming a criminal who has (in most cases) killed several people. Most people who I know that are for this to bring peace of mind to the families of the victims. And I can totally respect that opinion. I hope this answers your question.

As for being against welfare, how is that hypocritical? Abortion and the death penalty are killing people, the welfare debate has nothing to do with killing people. I think welfare is a complex issue, not one that has an easy answer, and on one side it upsets me to see young children without food, but on the other side I don’t think it’s right to have to hand over your money to adults who just don’t want to work when you worked hard for that money, so I am split on this one and don’t even want to get into it, since this thread has nothing to do with welfare. I just wanted to answer your questions.

alice jane on

There’s not a lot about Kourtney Kardashian that really appeals to me, and I’m not overly interested in her, but I think it was incredibly brave of her to speak out about this. And it sounds like she gave this issue a lot of thought, and so she should. And I think she handled her end decision with maturity – realizing that she is 30 years old, financially stable, with a supportive family, she chose to have sex, therefore, she is taking responsibility.

This is a big issue that shouldn’t be swept under the rug.

Lula on

Wow…some of you lead very narrow lives…
It’s not always the right time or circumstances to have a child. My sister had an abortion recently; she felt that she couldn’t take care of a child. She’s unemployed, had only a casual relationship with the father (unemployed loser, who blew her off when she told him she was pregnant), and she lives with our mom. Plus, she’s bipolar, and was told the lithium she takes could cause major birth defects, and if that’s not bad enough she had also done cocaine and drank (a lot) in the weeks before she found out about the pregnancy. She also does not have any health insurance, and it has been a struggle to get her any help. So….sorry if I and everyone else who knows her thinks she did the right thing. Definitely not the right circumstances to bring a child into the world. She is unstable and can barely take care of herself on a good day, so who was supposed to take care of the child? And with what money? She herself is not regretful either. She knows she needs to get her act together before she can be responsible for another human being.

Personally, I don’t think that I could ever have an abortion, but I am responsible and employed. I think I could handle the responsibilities of motherhood. It is fantastic that some of you had an unplanned child and were able to rise to the occasion, but your children are lucky. Don’t be so naive to think that is always the case.

reva on

“Homeless children live in deplorable conditions, which is why there are SO MANY advocates out there, going to these countries with food and medical supplies to help these chldren survive. My daughter’s teacher from last year, went to Africa to help these children. Don’t tell me it would have been better to kill these children. We are trying to save them. Adoption is there when babies are not wanted. So is foster care. Abortion is not the answer.”–Diane

Oh please..Why is it that Africa automatically gets inserted any discussion of poverty and orphans. It is sickening, stereotypical and trite. Your daughter’s teacher went to WHICH African country? (Are you aware that there are about 54 countries on the continent? It is not a monolith, and cannot be broadly categorized or referenced every time someone wants to assuage their guilt about ‘poor people’ OVER THERE. And there is wealth in Africa beyond measure, but you will not hear that over here in the United States, since it’s better to keep the American public dumb and uninformed, and it is easier to keep stereotypes alive and kicking.)

What about unwanted children OVER HERE? BTW, foster care in this country is frequently a joke, and older children languish in the system for years. This was mentioned several times in this thread; the pro-life fanatics are so up in arms about protecting unborn children, yet cannot/will not devote the same fanaticism to children and young adults that are already LIVING. If you value life so much, where are the major movements, particularly by the religious holier-than-thou nutjobs, to eradicate poverty and homelessness AMONG AMERICAN YOUTH? Stop using Africa as a crutch and face the music about the pro-life movement’s disingenuous. HYPOCRISY AT ITS FINEST! This about controlling womens’ bodies, mostly at the hands of patriarchal religious institutions and sexism that continues to prevail. I am not proposing abortion as a ‘back-up’ plan, but Diane, I will NOT hesitate to exercise my RIGHT as a woman to have an abortion should I make that decision down the road.

Deal with it.

“Diane, put your money where your mouth is. Open you home up for foster children. Mentor teenage girls. Support a homeless family. Do something besides spew ignorance through cyber-world.”

Thank you, J-lin!!!!!!!!

I am sick to death of the haughty and morally-superior snobs on this board that cannot allow for a different opinion on such matters. There are a lot of self-righteous mothers on here who cannot fathom a viewpoint that varies from what their perfect beliefs. Abortion is not going anywhere anytime soon, and the world is full of people that are different from you, think differently THAN you, and it always will be.

jessica on

Jen, couldnt have said it better myself!! Exactly what I’m thinking

Yasminda R. on

I do not think abortion should be used as an alternative birth control method. Abortion is not a joke. We live in a country that getting condoms, pills, shots, etc.. is very cheap and easy. Even in sad situations where a woman is rape she has the morning after pill. There’s alot of ways NOT to get pregnant and reduce the abortion numbers. Use contraception and please use them as directed. Life has the value one wants to give it. A wanted and desired fetus is paramount to its mother and a unwanted one can be discarded as easily as trash.

jessica on

As much as I am pro-choice I don’t think I could tell the media this sort of personal information but each to their own. I agree with the comment by Elena… for me the reason to abort would be obvious in circumstances of rape or abuse though it would also be considered if i couldnt afford it or was too young… all things she is not, but then again maybe not young in the head!

Hea on

If ever I’m happy that I’m living in Sweden, it’s now.

Mika on

How old is she… 16? She seriously needs to GROW UP & fast!

Lin on

I really give her an applause! It took a lot of guts to share her story. Some people would look down on her for considering an abortion. But I think it took alot of courage to share her feelings and story. I can relate to her story. It is nice to see a celebrity sharing such a personal experience that so many women can relate to.

Shannon on

I personally am pro-LIFE, pro death penalty, pro-death penalty, and pro-adoption/foster care! The difference between being pro-life and pro-death penalty is simple. An abortion kills off an innocent child who will never even be given a chance, b/c it’s own mother, who should be it’s greatest protecter, chooses instead to get rid of it. The death penalty kills off a sick individual who chose to murder another human being. See the difference? Baby or convicted murderer? Maybe if we had the death penalty automatically put into effect for all convicted murderers instead of letting them back out after a few years behind bars, we would have better resources to take care of the children who could be put up for adoption instead of KILLED. We live in a counrty that would rather allow women to kill innocent children than put down a convicted killer. That is so wrong. I very much believe that welfare is a great resource for those who need it. I don’t believe it should be handed out like candy to people who are abusing it, but for those who have worked and gotten laid off or injured or had some other major change in their life circumstances, I think it’s wonderful. I have 3 small children and my ex husband doesn’t pay any CS for them. I am unfortunately not in a position to foster or adopt, but someday when my kids are older and I have a better job and a home instead of an apt, you can bet your money I’ll be opening up my home to other children. I would like to both adopt and foster.

Ash on

“As for being against welfare, how is that hypocritical? Abortion and the death penalty are killing people, the welfare debate has nothing to do with killing people. I think welfare is a complex issue, not one that has an easy answer, and on one side it upsets me to see young children without food, but on the other side I don’t think it’s right to have to hand over your money to adults who just don’t want to work when you worked hard for that money, so I am split on this one and don’t even want to get into it, since this thread has nothing to do with welfare. I just wanted to answer your questions.”

Um, I’m sorry but this is the perfect example of hypocrisy. How can you say that you truly value these innocent lives if you don’t even care what happens to them after they’re born?!?! My God! Get a clue. Welfare has everything to do with it because we live in a country that doesn’t even care about its own children. According to pro-lifers, they’re innocent and, regardless of mistakes their parents may have made, they shouldn’t have to suffer for it. If you honestly believe that and if you really care about the unwanted (unaborted) kids that end up homeless, in the pathetic foster system, etc., then logically you should support universal healthcare and welfare assistance for them so they can thrive and actually LIVE! (As opposed to suffering, getting sick all the time, possibly dying at a young age due to poor nutrition or lack of adequate healthcare, etc.). That’s reality. If you don’t support those things, then you don’t really care about these innocent lives after all so you shouldn’t falsely claim that you do. Simple as that. It’s not a “complex issue” at all (it’s just the greedy, selfish politicians who want you to believe that).

As far as the death penalty goes, I have a degree in criminal justice so don’t even get me started on the flaws of that system and how many innocent people are actually sitting on death row right now (because I’ve studied it extensively). It’s still thoroughly hypocritical for anyone to be pro-life and pro-death penalty. YOU CAN’T SAY YOU VALUE HUMAN LIFE IF YOU CONDONE ANY FORM OF KILLING! Bible Lesson #1: Killing in any form is a sin, regardless of the circumstances so supporting the death penalty can’t be rationalized.

Let’s face facts. What this abortion debate comes down to is control. It’s not about supporting life. It’s about certain people wanting to limit women’s choices and rights (which is why I prefer to call it the anti-choice movement). Why don’t you save your breath preaching that abortion is wrong and save that work for God? He’s ultimately the only one who has the right to judge. Oh, and as a previous poster pointed out, ALL sins are created EQUAL so those who are judging women for having abortions are just as guilty as they are. Let’s not forget that!

Diane on

Let’s face facts. What this abortion debate comes down to is control. It’s not about supporting life. It’s about certain people wanting to limit women’s choices and rights (which is why I prefer to call it the anti-choice movement). Why don’t you save your breath preaching that abortion is wrong and save that work for God? He’s ultimately the only one who has the right to judge. Oh, and as a previous poster pointed out, ALL sins are created EQUAL so those who are judging women for having abortions are just as guilty as they are. Let’s not forget that!

I don’t know where you get your information. Abortion has NOTHING to do with CONTROL, it has to do with fighting for the right of the innocent unborn life to have a chance for it’s first breath. All I’ve seen on this post, is people support a women’s right to choose and women’s right to do with her own body what she wants. No one, for the exception of a few, have stood up and defended the RIGHTS OF THE UNBORN CHILD IN THE WOMB!! It’s ALL ABOUT THE WOWAN. And, all sins ARE NOT created equal. Some are more serious that others. Original sin, venial sin, and mortal sin. These are NOT equal to one another. If you don’t think that abortion is wrong, and it’s murder, then I don’t know what you would call killing a human life, that hasn’t even taken it’s first breath.

Diane on

reva #277:

Gee, did I piss you off? Do think I really care. Go have an abortion. Kill an innocent life. You don’t care one way or another. You can yell at me all you want. Are you an atheist, becuase you sure sound like one.

Hea on

Diane – No. Abortion is about control. The right to your own body. Pro-Life and being against abortion is about protecting what people think is a baby.

Erika on

Ash- I understand all of the problems with welfare and I am not against it so much as in the middle. The reason I am towards being against it is because of the individuals who choose not to work. Those people have NOTHING to do with aborted/not aborted babies, so don’t say that is hypocritical. I hate the fact that kids are starving, but there is no right or wrong answer and there is a way out before this starts; they could have been put up for adoption or something. I simply believe in encouraging people to donate money to these people (which I do so don’t fault me for that) rather than forcing it out of their pockets. I think people should be able to do what they want with their money. People who are prochoice should be able to understand that, since they think people should be able to do what they want with their bodies.
And I did say I am against the death penalty to some degree, so don’t go off on me in that.

But did you read Shannon’s post? It makes perfect sense to me, so I don’t understand how people who are pro-life and pro-death are hypocrites. Well Said Shannon. And it’s very nice of you to want to open your home to foster children. When I am stable, married and decide to have children I would like to adopt.

Diane on

actualsize #266:

This isn’t the babies fault that it was conceived by rape. But, it will be punished for something it had no control over. You can’t blame an innocent life for this.

Kate on

Thank you for all your support as I shared my story. I was raped almost 10 years ago and sometimes it still feels like yesterday.I was born a Roman Catholic and now I am just plain old Christian. I do not believe in organized religion. I have made my peace with God privately. Diane I didn’t take offense to what you said because I have enough confidence in myself to know my choice was right. I know who I am and as a result of my rape, I have helped other women. After being raped I was no where capable of carrying my rapist’s seed for nine months. I understand your beliefs and respect them but you are not in my shoes. If I was pregnant today at the age of 34 and it was different circumstances I would have never have one but at 24 it was the right choice for that moment and I HAVE NO REGRETS.

Diane on

KLM # 264:

I will continue to reiterate my point as much as I want. Noone seems to get it. Pro-life is not propaganda. I will continue to fight for the unborn. Noone is going to tell me I can’t. No the world is not black and white. But there are other options out there other than killing. Get off your high horse for once, and deal with it.

Shannon on

For the record in that first line there, instead of saying death penalty twice, I meant to say pro-welfare. Which I am. Although like I said that’s another program that needs SERIOUS work.

Hea on

If you are pro-life because you think it’s murder and murder is wrong, then you simply cannot be pro-death penalty and condone murder just because it suits your purpose. Horrible vengeful people… You sit there and say that human life is so precious and yet you have no problem taking a life as long as you don’t get the actual blood on your hands.

Shannon on

Hea, from the second an egg is fertilized, a human life has begun creation. By 3 weeks it has a heartbeat. By the end of the 1st trimester it has developed all major organs and they are beginning to function. It has limbs and fingers and toes, and a mouth and ears and everything. It is a HUMAN BEING. A woman can feel it move between 10 and 16 weeks. It can suck it’s thumb, play with it’s hair (if it has any!), scratch, all kinds of stuff. All by the time you get to 20 weeks. It’s VERY VERY much a baby.

Ash on

Diane, I don’t know what Bible you’re reading but in mine, it clearly states that all sins are equal. That’s what most Christian denominations believe anyway. There are some churches out there that have established their own doctrines and misinterpreted Biblical passages, but that’s another topic for another day.

The ignorance exhibited by some people in this post seriously frightens me. It makes me worry for the future of our country. It’s high time that people actually educate themselves and stop spewing around religious rhetoric. Newsflash: Not all Americans possess the same beliefs and follow the same faith as you and I do! Do you feel that as a Christian you’re morally superior to those that aren’t? Do you think that laws should be made based on religion? If you do, then it’s about time that you re-examine our constitution. The U.S. is not a theocracy last time I checked.

Also, some people don’t believe that a fetus is considered a human life. Some believe that when a baby is still in the womb, especially at the early stages, it’s really just a parasite because until the point of viability, it can’t survive on its own in the outside world. That’s backed up by science. I personally think that the parasite argument is a little harsh, but I can understand it and I can respect that view somewhat. I also respect the separation of church and state in this country and won’t vote based on my religion alone. Outlawing abortion is not practical; that is, unless the pro-lifers want to prove their stance by stepping up to the plate and adopting all these unwanted children (which sadly will never happen). PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS! Donating a few dollars out of your pocket isn’t going to help. You need to actually open your homes to these kids (or pay more in taxes so we can build bigger foster homes for them because if abortion becomes illegal, there will be millions more children in the system).

Ash on

And just for the record, I used to be a staunch pro-lifer and was very outspoken about it until I saw reason and started educating myself on the issue.

Hea on

Shannon – You don’t have to tell me the constitution of a human embryo/foetus. I know that. It is just not truly a child in my eyes until life outside of the host, the human uterus, is even in the slightest at all possible. A premature baby born at say, 26 weeks is a child in my eyes. A foetus at 15 weeks is not. It’s a potential child. It may sound harsh but that’s the way I think and how I feel.

I do, however, understand completely that it is a baby to the expectant parent.

Pro-ChoiceTOO on


Honey, I haven’t answered your questions because even though I am pro-life, that does not mean that I am for the death penalty, and it certainly doesn’t mean that I’m against welfare. And not all pro-choice people are against the death penalty and for welfare. Why did you assume so? You have no argument with these questions. The problem that I have with the death penalty is the very same one that you have. I believe that innocent people are dying. I will leave it at that. And I have nothing against the IDEA of welfare, but I do believe that too many people are abusing the system. Still, I wouldn’t vote against it because even if the parents are abusing the system, atleast the children are being fed and provided for (hopefully). But honey I don’t wait on welfare to feed or care for other people. Regularly, I open up my purse and I’ve even opened my home to people that were in need. If you knew me, you would know that is true. And I do volunteer. My heart is to help inner-city youth reach their full potential in life so that when they get older, they can fully provide for themselves and be able to help others, instead of depending on a government system to feed and provide for them. Don’t assume that you know where I stand on everything because of where I stand on one issue.

If the pro-lifers are the “certain people” that you are talking about in your last statement, again, you’re not talking about me. I’m not “certain people” because I’m not trying to control women’s right. I’m trying to protect the rights of innocent children. The problem that I have with abortion is that it allows women to use abortion as a form of birth control. If a woman chooses to have sex before marriage, or even in marriage, and she feels that she isn’t yet ready to care for a child if she becomes pregnant, then take the necessary precautions BEFORE you get pregnant. Don’t wait until after life begins to say, “Hey, I’m going to be responsible and kill my child”. That is not being responsible. Being responsible is taking precautions BEFORE. It’s too easy to get an abortion. If it wasn’t so, 1.5 million women wouldn’t do it every year. But it’s even easier and less expensive to walk into a store (or see and doctor) and get birth control. If you are truly responsible, there would be no need for you to have to consider having to care for a child before you are ready.

Let’s not talk about the child. Let’s talk about what a woman puts her body through when she get’s an abortion. Risks of abortion are….excessive bleeding which may lead to a necessary transfusion, infection, damage to the uterus which may call for additional surgery, and severe damage to the cervix which may result in the loss of a wanted pregnancy down the line, among other things. Then there is the emotional stress which is enough in and of itself, but which also can cause additional physical problems to the body. Why am I going here…to say this. Women, protect your bodies BEFORE you have sex so that you won’t have to put your precious bodies (I believe your bodies are precious too) through the stress of abortion. Protecting your bodies doesn’t begin when you become pregnant. When sex is concerned, there is so much more to protect your bodies and LIFE from than carrying a child to full-term and bringing it into the world. Use condoms and use other forms of birth control….abstinence is my favorite.

If you have had in an abortion….it’s done. No one should make you feel guilty for it. What’s the use in that? Where is the love in that? But from this day forward, YOU protect your body and your life and use birth CONTROL. Make sure no one, the government, religious people, NO ONE can force you (as many put it) to have a child before you are ready. DON”T GET PREGNANT. This is for the 95% or more women who don’t get pregnant as a result of rape.

Erika on

Hea- it’s so ‘nice’ of you to call us ‘horrible’ people, I’m not going to debate with you, but ask you, do you really not understand the difference between an innocent unborn baby and a murderer? That’s all I’m going to ask, because it seems many people are having trouble understanding that.

Shannon on

Hea, I feel very sorry for any children you may conceive, if before 26 or so weeks, it’s nothing more than a “potential” child to you. Of course, you wouldn’t care anyway since you have the option to abort it, right?

actualsize on

This isn’t the babies fault that it was conceived by rape. But, it will be punished for something it had no control over. You can’t blame an innocent life for this.

In a way, that baby will suffer whether it is born or not. Snuffing it out before it ever develops a consciousness (which is my personal gauge of when a human being begins and where a fetus ends) may sometimes be kinder than sentencing it to a lifetime of suffering.

Hea on

Erika – I think murder is horrible and I think people who condone it are horrible. Early abortion is not murder in my eyes. Of course I understand the difference between a foetus and a human who’s done horrible things. Knowing that difference doesn’t make me want to see the human dead, though. It doesn’t make me believe that it’s up to another human to decide who’ll live or die.

Shannon – No, you are definately not right. And I assure you, you don’t have to feel sorry for my future children. They would be loved, cherished and nurtured until the day that I am no more. A miscarriage would hurt me just as much as it would hurt you. I doubt I’d ever have an abortion.

Kate on

Actually I was a pro-lifer before this happened. My aunt is even a nun. My father is very staunch in his Christian beliefs. My point is you never know what you will do unless you are put in that moment. You think if I was raped I would not abort but when you are actually faced with the reality of the situation. You can not believe how your mind changes. My father sat beside me when I made the decision. I knew he was against it but he knew that I could not go through with it and held my hand. Even my father, who is pro-life in every circumstance, murder is murder whether is in abortion or via an electric chair. Life is life whether they are a criminal or a unborn child. He even said that his mind wandered. He said that he would have no problem pulling the switch on the eletric chair if my rapist was sitting in that chair. He saw me after it happened. He was horrified at what this person did to me. All I am saying is that YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU AND HOW YOUR MIND CHANGES UNTIL YOU ARE IN THAT MOMENT. I pray that man never gets out of jail or he will have a very mad father watching his every move. Luckily for me, he ended up murdering his last victim and will be in jail for the rest of natural born life. I don’t want him to die at all, I want him to relive every moment remembering what he did to all those women including me.

Erika on

Hea- I don’t want to see a human dead either. That is why I am against abortion. Whenever I see an adorable, happy, baby, I am sad to think of all of those who didn’t have a chance to live.
I am not really for the death penalty at all, but I understand how those who are for it are for it. They know that putting the person to death is comforting and brings peace to the family of the victim, knowing that this person can not bring horror or tragedy to themselves or other families ever again. I am personally against this because I think it is unnatural punishment and life in prison may ultimately be worse than the death penalty. But that’s just me.

Ash on


First of all, don’t “honey” me… lol. That’s very condescending and rude. Second of all, it’s all fine and good that you donate money or whatever, BUT not enough people do that! That’s the point. You’re just one person out of billions and even if you donated 100% of your income, it still wouldn’t be enough to support all of these unwanted children so you can pat yourself on the back all you want, but it still isn’t enough. If we really want to help, then we all need to decide as a nation that we’re going to do what it takes both financially and emotionally to support these unwanted, unaborted kids. Until then, it’s just all talk and no action.

Thirdly, you need to look at the statistics. Very few women actually use abortion as a method of birth control. Sure, there are probably a few kooks out there that do, but why should a few bad apples be allowed to spoil it for the whole bunch? Outlawing abortion is a very slippery political slope and if you believe in women’s rights, that should be a concern for you. Just because I personally wouldn’t have an abortion, that doesn’t mean that I have the right to take that choice away from everyone else.

Furthermore, you point out the risks of an abortion but guess what? Stastically, the risks of being pregnant and giving birth are even higher! Look at the medical journals. Even in this day and age, there are all kinds of complications that can arise from giving birth be it vaginally or by c-section (which is major surgery). The U.S. has a very high rate of maternal death and infant mortality for a developed country. If you care so much about women’s health, then I guess you shouldn’t support childbirth either because that’s even more dangerous than having an abortion (an abortion, by the way, is a pretty routine outpatient procedure that doesn’t carry near the same risks as going through pregnancy and childbirth).

Lastly, not everyone has easy access to birth control! If you live in the inner city and the nearest planned parenthood office is miles away, it’s not always possible to get there if you don’t have a car, etc. Many young girls don’t even know that those options exist because they aren’t being properly educated about sex (yet another serious problem in this country).

p.s. I don’t think anyone is saying that murderers aren’t evil; however, the Bible plainly explains that it isn’t our place to kill them as a punishment for their deeds. That’s God’s responsibility which any good Christian should know.

Hea on

Erika – And when I see a happy and adorable baby I think about how lucky that baby is to be alive. I think about how lucky his or her parents are to have their child with them and how quickly things can change. I’ve seen little kids die horrible deaths. It has put my views into the perspective that I have today. That’s just me.

Ash on


Not all children have happy, wonderful lives with parents that love them. There are millions of children suffering, starving, sick and in a lot of pain because they were brought into the world under horrible conditions (born to mothers with AIDS, crack addicts… the list goes on). I know people don’t like to think about this, but I bet many of those children, if asked, would wish they were never born in the first place.

Shannon on

Hea, why would a miscarriage hurt you? It’s not even a child at that point, right? Isn’t that what you JUST SAID in your previous post? It’s a potential child. So until you’re 23-26 weeks pregnant, it doesn’t count.

Pro-ChoiceTOO on


If you missed my points before you will miss them now. It would just be a waste of both of our time for me to respond. You have a good day.

aimee on

How is an abortion any different than an IVF patient discarding an embryo because the embryo screened a disease?

Silvermouse on

I agree with Shelby on this one,
Even though I guess Kourtney is a good person (I don’t personally know her so I’m not going to judge her character based on what I see on television) I think she should censor herself to a slight degree, even if she has a new show on.

New Shoes on

Ash, to answer your questions, yes, it does seem hypocritical for a pro-life position to be only anti-abortion but to be pro-death penalty or against government aid to those facing hardships. To me, being pro-life means being an advocate for life in all circumstances for all people from the moment of conception to the final heartbeat. AndvI will admit right here that I don’t do as much as I could.

I am anti-abortion and believe that abortion is never the best option, though I can understand why it might seem that way to someone who is faced with an unplanned pregnancy, especially if the circumstances of conception were traumatic. I don’t think considering abortion is something a woman should be lambasted for. (Hey, if I got pregnant today, I’d consider abortion. I wouldn’t go through with it, but you can be assured that it would cross my mind.) Rather, we should be taking the woman into our arms and hearts. If we are really pro-life, we should be advocating for the lives of both the child AND the mother (and sometimes the father too — let’s not leave him out of this). We can counsel (gently, honestly) and listen to these women without either condemning her or condoning abortion. And whatever her decision ultimately is, we need to find ways to support her afterward — post-abortion counseling (this doesn’t imply condoning abortion), adoption services, prenatal care, parenting classes, food/clothing assistance, healthcare (yes, universal), education assistance, etc. If we are going to tell people that abortion is not (should not be) an option, then we need to equip them with resources continue with the pregnancy and to raise their children lovingly and effectively or to find another good home for them (in which case, we need to be prepared to open up our homes to children (and possibly their parents) who need them).

To be truly pro-life, we should also be advocating, for the homeless, the impoverished, those in prisons, those formerly in prison, victims of crimes (including families of the perpetrator), those with disabilities and chronic illnesses, the elderly, orphans, children in foster care, children in abusive/neglectful homes, and those who are dying. This should mean being anti-death penalty, anti-euthanasia, anti-assisted suicide, pro-palliative care, pro-hospice, pro-living will, anti-eugenics, pro-universal healthcare, not discriminating against people with mental illness or mental retardation or paralysis or disfigurement, etc. It’s been said that a society can be judged by how they treat it’s members living on the fringes. We could (and should!) do better.

As for welfare and such, our welfare system does need reformed. As someone above said, I don’t think we need to pay for people who simply don’t feel like working because welfare is just easier. But there are those who are on welfare who do work but still can’t make ends meet or who don’t work for legitimate reasons. We should be helping them out and equipping them with ways to improve their lives so that they don’t need to be on welfare anymore. No matter the reason for the adult being on welfare, however, if there are children involved, we should be making sure that they have enough to eat, clothes to wear, a bed to sleep in, a school to go to, medical/dental/vision care, etc. It is a little harder ensure that they have a safe, loving environment to grow up in because money can’t buy that, but we can help there by taking a personal interest in them.

(And finally, a message to all fellow pro-life persons: Can we please be a bit more loving in our approaches to curtailing abortions? Are people really going to change their minds because we shame them into it? Yes, people need to know the reality of what goes on in an abortion, but do we need to scream it at already hurting people? Do we need to gross people out with giant signs of aborted fetuses? These giant signs would show up on my college once of twice a year, lining a main avenue through our urban campus. While crossing the street after leaving the library, I walked with my eyes to the ground past a man holding a sign, who was saying over and over again, “Remember, sometimes breast cancer is a choice!” It’s embarrassing, people! Surely there is a better way!)

Silvermouse on

Of course, that’s just my POV. I feel somewhat uncomfortable with abortion/pro-life discussions since I’m unclear on where I stand on the issue. For me it depends on who is pregnant and what the overall situation is in the household.
I guess I think that Kourtney was not wise in remarking that she thought about having an abortion since she may have fanatical pro-choice or pro-life fans who might get offended.

Crystal on

I thought long and hard before I decided to write in on this debate. I am EXTREMEMLY PRO-CHOICE!! We as a nation are extremely lucky to be able to have the choice. I was scared when President Bush wanted to abolish abortion. I thought for a moment we would have to go back to hangers and knives. I’m glad that never came to be. I applaud Kourtney for being open and honest about the decisions that she had to make concerning her baby. She wanted to make sure she and her baby had the best life available. I hope that this makes others more open and honest about the struggles they endure when deciding to keep or abort their babies. It’s THEIR choice and no one elses and it’s a choice you have to live with for the rest of your life. It isn’t something to take lightly and you have to think about it long and hard. I have a friend who had an abortion after getting pregnant accidentally in college. She’s never regreted her decision, graduated from college and now has a great career. It was the right choice for her and that to me is all that matters.

Ash on


You make me laugh. I did not miss any of your points. I actually responded to each of your points in a logical and reasonable fashion, free of any moral or religious bias (that’s what you’re supposed to do in a debate). If you can’t respond in kind, then that’s your problem. But saying that abortion is wrong solely from a religious perspective and using straw man arguments is not going to persuade pro-choicers to join your side.

Ash on

Thanks, New Shoes. That’s the most decent pro-life response I’ve seen on here so far… lol. I agree that the welfare program has issues, but it should still be available for children in my opinion (kids who have no control over their dire situations). If someone claims to be “pro-life”, then they need to be pro-life across the board; not just when it suits them.

Jessi on


You know rape is a horrible crime and if I would have chose to have gotten an abortion I hope nobody would have thought differently of me. This makes me so sad.

I still didn’t get an abortion, but I lost my baby. I don’t regret not getting one, but I wish that I could have her back.

Hea on

Shannon Says:
August 20th, 2009 at 12:22 pm

Hea, why would a miscarriage hurt you? It’s not even a child at that point, right? Isn’t that what you JUST SAID in your previous post? It’s a potential child. So until you’re 23-26 weeks pregnant, it doesn’t count.

Wow. Just…wow. To even question that. Are you really that stupid? OF COURSE it hurt me. Everything that could have been if only… Every broken dream, the loss of what would have been my child… You speak to me as if you believe that I have no feelings at all. Like I’m dead inside. Use your head.

Kate on

Jessi, you are right and I wish I could have gotten pregnant under happier circumstances but I didn’t. My life went on though and I am happy with my life now. We can sit here and preach all sides of this topic but what it comes down to is choice. I am not pro-choice. I can now see why people have abortions. I would have never though I would be put in that position. I was via rape. I am sure alot of prolifers here would do the same thing if it happened even though they say they wouldn’t. Its all different when you are faced with a horrible reality. Its easy to vilify others when you never experienced it yourself.

Amanda on

Welcome to the future. We don’t have to skirt around these issues anymore and women no longer have to be ashamed of it. She shared her experience and maybe it will help or enlighten other women in her situation. She was only being honest; those where her true, initial feelings. Just because she is a woman who is pregnant does not mean she should automatically go into “mommy-mode” and have some sort of innate love for her unborn child. It just doesn’t always work that way.

Shannon on

Well so much for CBB not allowing name calling. Hea, I think you’re pretty stupid too for saying that a child that can not survive outside it’s mother is a “potential child.” And don’t lecture me about what it’s like to have a miscarriage. I’ve had one. And whether my son, Jack, who I lost at 11 weeks, would have been viable outside my womb makes no difference to me-he was still a CHILD. Not a potential baby, not a collection of cells, as someone else put it, but a baby. I know the hurt that comes with that. I know what aborted fetuses must look like b/c I held my 11 week baby in my hands. I could never, ever, ever willingly do that to a child, and I think anyone who can sit here and claim it’s not a baby, or it doesn’t matter, or act like killing it deliberately is no big deal is out of their mind.

Jana on

I can’t believe People.com has another headline article about Kourtney Kardashian. What is this, one a day? Kim Kardashian’s break up with Reggie Bush and whether they should get back together is also a top story on People.com. People.com’s infatuation with the Kardashians is starting to get a little sick. I can’t think of any other magazine that keeps the Kardashians at the top of their reporting like this. Out of all the celebrities in the world, it’s interesting that Kourtney and Kim get the most headlines on People.com.

Ash on


It’s perfectly fine for you to feel that way, and you’re entitled to your opinion. If I had a miscarriage, I would be completely devastated too because I want to be a mother more than anything right now. However, you can’t allow your emotions to get in the way of logic and sound judgment. If we all made decisions and voted on important issues based on emotion and subjective feelings, that would have disastrous consequences. If you’re pro-life, then great. Don’t get an abortion. That’s your right. But you can’t use your own personal beliefs as a justification for taking that right away from other people.

Hea on

Shannon –
Sorry but you really took my breath away with your ignorance there.
I did not lecture you on what having a miscarriage is like. I told you from my perspective. ME. Because you assumed that I had no feelings. You are not the only one who’s ever gone through a miscarriage but you act like it. Speak for yourself and let me speak for me. I am not saying this to offend you, I respect that your boy was a child to you and I am so sorry that you lost him. It just wasn’t the same for me and it still isn’t. If you can’t respect that, fine.

Shannon on

Ash, the fact that I had a miscarriage has nothing to do with my reasons for being pro-life. I believe every child has a reason to be born and be given a chance to live. I don’t think any person should have the right to take away an innocent person’s life simply b/c a grown adult screwed up. Children are paying for their parents’ mistakes, whether it’s a person’s inability to keep their legs closed or a sick person choosing to rape someone else, and it’s not right. If you noticed anything else I said previously, I did not even consider bringing up my miscarriage until someone else did so, and then proceeded to call me as stupid and try to tell me how it feels to miscarry a child. Bringing that up had nothing to do with being pro-life, it had to do with letting someone who was trying to make me feel bad know that I’ve been though that experience and I feel they are way off base in referring to a baby that young as nothing nore than potential.

I was pro-life long before I could even become pregnant. I was at pro-life rallys before I even hit high school. So my stance on this has NOTHING to with my emotions about miscarriage or being a mother. It has to do with my belief that EVERY conceived human being has a right to have life, and it should be up to no other person to take that right away from them. I know it’s all about the mother’s rights, and I agree. A woman has a right to keep her legs shut if she’s not ready for a baby. If you know you can’t handle having a baby, or if you don’t think that guy you’re sleeping with is the person to have kids with, then don’t do it. It’s not that hard. If you can’t trust someone enough to have a baby together, then don’t sleep with him. Unless you’re prepared to have a baby on your own.

Hea on

“I did not even consider bringing up my miscarriage until someone else did so, and then proceeded to call me as stupid and try to tell me how it feels to miscarry a child.”

Where did I bring up YOUR miscarriage? I had no idea.

Shannon on

Hea I am well aware that I’m not the only one who has gone through it. And to this day you are the only other woman who has that I have ever heard say that that was not a child to them. So I’m sorry if I just can’t fathom how you can say something like that. And I would really appreciate you stop with the name-calling. You’ve now used both stupid and ignorant. There are 200+ posts on here and I’m pretty sure everyone else has been respectful enough to not resort to that kind of behavior.

Shannon on

I didn’t say you brought up MY miscarrige. I was referring to the fact that someone brought up miscarriage at all.

Hea on

Okay, I’ll stop with the name-calling (I didn’t realize that’s what it was, english is not my mother tongue and we do things a bit different where I live) and you’ll stop questioning my pain and be sarcastic towards my feelings. Deal?

Shannon on


mazzie on

when i was 16 i had a baby aborted. and i have never regretted it, even though i would dearly love another child today. i think it is brave to speak about the choice because it puts the idea out there that there is a choice for women. there needs to be a platform for discussion at the very least anyway. it’s healthy…

Sallie on

Just a quick question out of curiousity – am hoping many of you can clear this up…how many of you who are so vehemently pro-life have adopted kids whose parents continued with their pregnancy, but were either unable to support them/take care of them, or didn’t want to, and have since spent the rest of their young lives in the “system”, unwanted, and turned out on their ears at 18 to fend for themselves?

wowfornoobs on

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show had an amazing debate recently with Gov. Mike Huckabee about abortion. While the men went back and forth (much like this thread is), they ultimately came to the agreement that while neither is going to change his mind on the issue, the MOST important thing to focus on (instead of when life begins, what circumstances should make abortion legal or illegal, etc.) is how to PREVENT abortions. (I.e., not just abstinence-only education, more availability of birth control, etc.)

I encourage you all to watch their debate (links below) and perhaps we can turn from arguing with each other into what we can all do to prevent unnecessary abortions.

Part 1: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-june-18-2009/mike-huckabee-extended-interview-pt–1
Part 2: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-june-18-2009/mike-huckabee-extended-interview-pt–2
Part 3:http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-june-18-2009/mike-huckabee-extended-interview-pt–3

This said, I am pro-choice. I don’t like abortions (who does, really?) BUT I accept that sometimes they are necessary, and it IS a woman’s right to choose. Therefore, we should make abortions as safe and legal as possible. Making abortions illegal would not reduce the number of abortions done–it would simply lead to back-alley abortions that endanger the life and health of the mother.

Ash on

Exactly what I’m wondering, Sallie.

There’s no need to resort to name calling and insults (“ignorant, stupid,” etc.). It just makes some of you sound childish so if you’re trying to argue a point, be a grown up and learn how to debate an issue in a mature fashion.

Secondly, Shannon, you still seem to believe that just because you think abortion is immoral, everyone else has to agree with you. Wrong! I’m so glad I live in a country that has a separation of church and state because, even though I’m a Christian myself, fanatical raving judgmental Christians (and extreme conservatives in general) drive me crazy! Here’s some food for thought… Instead of “standing up” for the unborn, why don’t you put all of that passion and energy into actually standing up for the disadvantaged kids that are already here!!! That would be a much more productive use of your time. You have absolutely no control over other women’s bodies or their choices (nor should you) so why don’t you focus more on things that you can control (like lobbying for causes that will make these children’s lives better such as universal healthcare). Now that’s something that would really make a difference in our world and something they would truly appreciate when they’re older!

Kate on


After reading this and other like articles, I’m conflicted. I’ve always been pro-life (or pro innocent-life) but if the theory is true maybe abortion is the best choice in some instances.

CelebBabyLover on

Shannon- I agree. My mother has had two miscarriages, and once told me, “It doesn’t matter if it was ‘for the best’ or if there turned out to be ‘nothing there’ (by that she meant instances such as a blighted ovum, in which the embryo never actually forms). It was a baby to you for however long you were pregnant,”. That’s the best description I have ever heard anyone give of why a baby is not “just a fetus” or “just a ball of cells” before it’s born, and I totally agree with it!

CelebBabyLover on

Jen- Actually, I’m not so sure about that. People have been accusing Kendra Wilkenson for using her pregnancy to get publicity as well…but she recently said that she is keeping the birth private, and thus it will not be shown on TV. Kourtney may very well make the same decision.

Jessi on

Exactly Kate! I totally agree. And then to make matters worse I had to go through a great loss.

Shannon on

Ash, for the record, first off, I regularly volunteer my time working with children who come into a local children’s home from households of abuse and neglet, and have been doing so since I was in middle school. I also work when I can at a local food pantry, and as often as I can I take my 6 year old along with me, because I want her to know that we should be doing everything we can to help those who have been hurt or neglected or abandoned. In case you missed it in another post, I said that as soon as I am more financially stable and have a house, I have every intention of going through the process of fostering and very much plan to adopt at least one child.

It’s pretty off of you to assume just b/c I’m pro-life you assume I am a “fanatical, raving,judgemental Christian.” I don’t usually get involved in debates involving religion, everyone has their own beliefs or lack thereof, and I respect that. I’m not the one who is going to decide what happens to them. I have many, many friends who are different religions than I am, or who have no religion at all, and I would never try to change them just b/c they don’t see things my way.

Sallie on

So that’s what I thought – NO ONE! If any of the rabid pro-lifers put HALF of their energy into taking in the children who ARE here, unwanted, forgotten, neglected, unloved, then perhaps we wouldn’t have the shameful epidemic in our country that we do. All they want to do is shake their angry fists and lament how terrible a person is who is faced with the most difficult decision a person should ever have to make, and ultimately decides something different than they would – but they could care less about the thousands of children in our country who no one wants. Period. Who finally age out of the system because they weren’t a newborn.


A person who is pro-choice is NOT pro-abortion – a convenient fact that always twisted. Just the option of making that CHOICE for yourself. I have a 2-year old. In February I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks that I am still devastated about – now I’m pregnant again… I very much considered ALL of my children as “babies” from the moment I discovered I was pregnant. I am in my 30’s. I am married with a wonderful husband. We have a good, stable life. I am blessed. But if my situation was entirely different, I would never want someone to tell me what I could or couldn’t do for myself, my family, etc. Just like millions of Americans don’t want anyone telling them they can’t tote a gun around wherever they please like idiots. Or trample on their “right” to free speech. Ugh. It’s always the same…

Shannon on

Sallie, at this point in time the only thing stopping me from adopting a child and fostering is the fact that I am a single mom with 3 young kids and a crappy job. Once I’ve gone back to school and have a better income I am going to adopt. I’ve known that since I began working with these children in middle school. The only reason I haven’t before now is b/c of the situation I find myself in post-divorce.

Hea on

Sallie – I don’t know if I count since I am not against abortion. I am about to apply to be what we in my country refer to as a weekend parent and/or an on call home for children who need to get out of their home environment or have been abandoned at birth and need an emergency placement before a final solution can be found. We don’t have any orphanages in my country but if we did, I would gladly give my time to work there too aside from my regular job as a teacher.

Ash on

“Just like millions of Americans don’t want anyone telling them they can’t tote a gun around wherever they please like idiots.”

Exactly! Some people have said that abortion should be illegal just because a couple women have supposedly used it as a form of birth control. Well I could apply the same reasoning to guns. Should everyone have their right to bear arms taken away simply because of a few nutcases? (Like the idiot who recently shot up a gym, killing several women and injuring others). Many pro-lifers would probably flip out if you even mentioned the idea of them not being allowed to own gun, but yet they seem to have no problem taking away the right to abortions based on only a few women who have abused that privilege. It’s such a double standard (not to mention hypocritical) and typical of our patriarchal society. One could even go as far to say that if pro-lifers really valued human life as much as they claim, they should be anti-gun too because, placed in the hands of the wrong person, they could kill many people in one fell swoop. But I digress…

I said it once before and I’ll say it again since some of the above posters haven’t gotten the point. if abortion is made illegal, there will be millions of more unwanted children in the foster system. EVERYONE would have to adopt at least one of these children and that would still barely scratch the surface because there would still be tons of kids left without homes. So my personal feeling is that if you’re going to say you’re pro-life, then you have to prove it and be willing to take responsibility for these other kids that you insisted be brought into the world (because even if some women are prevented from having abortions, they’ll still find a way to get rid of their babies that they either don’t want or don’t have the means to support… Look at all of the young girls that have given birth at their proms and then threw their babies in a dumpster).

Shannon on

You act like every single woman who would normally choose abortion would go ahead and choose adoption. Not necessarily, has it ever occured to you that maybe if a woman knew she had no choice in the matter, instead of then giving the baby up, she would decide to grow up and take responsilibity for her action and raise the child? Not everyone who has an abortion does so in circumstances where they couldn’t raise it themselves, they simply decide they don’t want to, or they aren’t ready. Maybe if they knew they couldn’t go the abortion route, they would either a)choose not to have sex in the first place, or b) if they choose to have sex, go ahead and raise the kid they created.

Ash on

Ok, so they decide to keep the baby. What if they’re a single mother with no financial support from the father? What if by keeping the baby, they have to drop out of school so now they have no education and no way to get a job that pays enough to support that child? (Look no further than MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” show to see that in action). They WILL end up on welfare in that case. Do you have a problem with that? If all of these women choose/have to keep their babies and can’t support them, are you willing to take on that responsibility by paying more in taxes to keep all of these social services afloat (WIC, food stamps, health services not only for the kids but for the mothers’ pre-natal appointments and the cost of giving birth, etc.)? Honestly ask yourself that. If the answer is no, then you need to educate yourself more on the consequences because it would be like a domino effect.

Chan on

I am very pro-choice..at the end of the day it is a womans right to choose, her body and her life..
I think when you find yourself in a position where it was unplanned and the completely wrong time in your life to embark on parenthood then i think it is good that we have the option to not go through with the pregnancy.
My pregnancy was unplanned and came at the worst possible time, i was in my last year at uni but after thinking long and hard i went ahead with the pregnancy and now my little boy is three and i could not imagine my life without him:) but i would totally understand a woman in the same situation that would opt for a termination…

Ash on

“choose not to have sex in the first place”

Furthermore, the above statement is completely naive, unrealistic, and shortsighted. If you think for one second that millions of people are just going to stop having sex then think again. Good luck accomplishing that because it will never happen… lol.

Sallie on

Ash –

I am 100% with you on every single one of your points – you sing it loud and sing it proud lady!

Shannon on

Furthermore, the above statement is completely naive, unrealistic, and shortsighted. If you think for one second that millions of people are just going to stop having sex then think again. Good luck accomplishing that because it will never happen… lol.

Yeah no shoot Sherlock. I’m not a total idiot. I’m just saying that’s the way it should be. If more women had the courage, determination, and self-respect to just say freaking no, we wouldn’t have so many unplanned pregnancies, and therefore no reason for abortion.

Ash on

Shannon, I agree with you that some people have to learn to be more responsible. HOWEVER, you have to face reality. You have to face the fact that people will continue doing what they want to do (the same reason why criminals break the law… they don’t care about the rules). They will continue having sex without birth control, and babies will continue being conceived. If pro-lifers want abortion to be illegal, then you have to also face the fact that these babies will be born and will have to be taken care of by somebody! If the parents won’t or can’t take care of them, then we as a country will have to. (I like to believe that we wouldn’t allow children to live on the streets and starve… I expect more from America than that).

So if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like you to answer the question I posed above. Are you willing to stay true to your word and support these unwanted children with your tax dollars? Because by saying you’re pro-life, that means that you’d be willing to take responsibility for the unwanted kids that you insist on being born.

Alex on

TMI Kortnie!

Cathryn on

How about more education to young woman (or in this case an irresponsible woman!) so a lot of abortions could be avoided – i.e. information about Plan B?

Ash on

“How about more education to young woman (or in this case an irresponsible woman!) so a lot of abortions could be avoided – i.e. information about Plan B?”

Yes, that would be nice. But better education also comes with a higher cost (which a lot of people don’t want to pay for). Many Americans are also opposed to adequate sex education in schools due to religious reasons which is ridiculous. Abstinence-only programs do not work, and the statistics prove that. If the parents aren’t having sex talks with their kids or they aren’t providing the right information, then where are kids going to learn from? Most likely their ill-informed, uneducated peers. It’s crucial that all schools provide decent sex education, but we have a long way to go before that happens *sigh*. Our country is falling behind in so many ways.

But education or not, people will continue making poor choices and having babies that they can’t or don’t want to take care of so that supports my assertion that abortion should remain an option for women. If it becomes illegal, then we ALL will be footing the bill for these children.

Jessi on

Sex isn’t just for procreation. It is for enjoyment also.

Not too mention if we made abortion illegal we would still have women trying to abort themselves, but illegally. That is very dangerous.

Courtney on

I just read the challenge for us PRO LIFERS to step up and do something. Well I have 4 chidlren of my own , have already looking into adopting but cannot (we have a 4 bedroom house). I volenteer my time here with a program called Little Wishes. Its a program that kids in foster care who have NOT been adopted have a wish and you grant it. Its anything from art supplies to a trip out of town. My husband is a full time student and I make jewelry. I am raising my kids and paying all the bills on nothing but my income from craft fairs and art shows. I grant 6-12 wishes a year. I also volenteer with Nurses for Newborns which is a program that goes into single moms and into homes where people need help and have little resorses and teach them how to take care of a baby…etc. As I said earlier I make jewelry, a portion of my sales (which amounts to thousands of dolalrs a year) is given to St. Jude’s to benifit children who parents can’t afford treatment. Also,my neightbor is adopting a troubled 15 year old and we she will be placed with us if anything happens to her adopted mother.

I absolutly believe with everything in my heart that I am doing EVERYTHING I can to help people who need help. I am not one who talks the talk and doesnt walk the walk!

Ash on

That’s wonderful, Courtney. it’s great that you do all of that. Our country needs more people like you, but that doesn’t mean that abortion should be made illegal.

Another thing that I should have mentioned earlier… Many people in this thread have condemned women who have had abortions by saying that they should have considered the consequences of their actions before having sex. What’s ironic though is that it’s obvious many of the pro-lifers on here haven’t informed themselves of the consequences that overturning Roe v. Wade would have. So in essence, you’re just as foolish as you say those women are. I’m not trying to insult anyone. I’m just calling a spade a spade. You can’t criticize and condemn others for making the same exact mistakes you’re making.

I sincerely urge all people who consider themselves pro-life to step back for a moment and really do the research. Please don’t vote for or support something based on your religious beliefs or personal convictions alone because that isn’t wise and could possibly have dire consequences down the road.

Courtney on

Ash, I have stayed pretty much out of this debate ( I would note there is 2 people named Courtney here, but Ive been here 5 years and Im not changing it..LOL).

My religious beliefs and personal convictions is apart of everything I do. Its also why I dress my kids the way I do, the way I raise my kids, the way I live my life, the way I treat people, the reason I have a successful marriage.

My belief is that abortion is the killing of an innocent child. We could bring alot of other things into it, but the basis of MY BELIEFS is that a baby is an innocent human being and that there are better ways to deal with things then ripping them limb from limb and sucking them out with a vacuum. I think it should be illegal. I am not one to resort to name calling or attacking others beliefs. I respect your right to believe what you believe. I can’t force everyone to have my beliefs. My belief is that if people are going to have sex they need to be educated to protect themselves. I live in an upsale St. Louis neighborhood and the boy across the street has had 3 pregnancy scares and he’s 15…thats beyond comprehension for me. If you can’t remember to take a pill everyday there are other things that require a much less developed memory.

I guess the reason I have no respect for Kortney is that she puts herself out there with other girls looking up to her and she seems very flip about things and a bad example.

Mary on

Someone above (aimee) I believe made a comment that I thought was interesting. What about the people who are using IVF who throw away embreyos that have screened positive for a disease? Are we now going to be against IVF because parents have the potential power to discard embreyos that are not healthy? I have said this before and it is true: Most pro-lifers want to see the baby born, and then they do not care about what happens to it after it’s born. If we were to do away with abortion, or if abortion continues to have such an awful stigma attached to it then I have no doubt we will have many more scared mothers who aren’t thinking rationally and do away with their babies elsewhere, whether it be an abortion or killing the baby after it is born. I would rather a baby be born into a warm and joyous enviornment, not to a fourteen year old girl who felt pressured by her community to keep her baby. Give a woman her choice. Pregnancy completely alters your body for the rest of your life. And for those of you who welcomed pregnancy you think it’s beautiful and magical, but for someone who does not want to be pregnant? It is horrific. A woman should not be pressured or made to go through all of that pain if she doesn’t want to, plain and simple. I think this may be a little far-fetched, but let me ask this: Are any of you pro-lifers smokers? Do you smoke where absolutely no one can come into contact with your smoke? Because second-hand smoke kills, doesn’t it? How many of you are organ doners? Also, let me say this: Many of you are implying that abortion related pregnancies come from a careless girl. What about those who use a condom, but it breaks? What about a good friend of mine who did everything she should have, but still got pregnant? I do not agree with abortion. I would like to think that I would never have an abortion. However, no one on this Earth has the right to tell me what I can and can not do in and to my own body. If I get pregnant and in an extreme circumstance want to have an abortion, then I will choose to do so, and no one has the right to make me feel bad about it. I like to think that having an abortion is the most painful and impacting decision a woman will ever make. I like to think that a woman would think it over and weigh her options and come to the conclusion that abortion is best for her and then and only then go ahead with it. While, as always, there are extreme cases where women use it as birth control, I think it rarely happens. A friend of mine had an abortion (the one mentioned above) and it still sits with her today. I don’t know of anyone who could continue to do it over and over again. I must also point out that I think first trimester abortions should be the only ones allowed. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that someone would abort a baby at six months. However, if you are six weeks pregnant and already know that you do not want this baby, that it could potentially ruin your life (What about the girls whose parents will kick them out? Who will be shunned at school by their friends? Who may die during labor?) then you should be able to abort it. Just think of it this way: First they take away your ability to abort, then your ability to get birth control and then who knows what? Once you open that door you can never close it.

Ash on


The point is that it’s dumb and unwise for policy to be made and laws to be established based on people’s personal beliefs and religious convictions! My goodness, why is that so difficult for people to understand? Hasn’t anyone on here ever taken a class in government or political science? Why is it so hard for some of you to accept that YOUR personal beliefs and YOUR opinions do not necessarily apply to everyone else?! (“YOUR” being the operative word because your beliefs are not the same as mine and what makes you think that your beliefs and values are more important than mine?). I feel like I’m beating my head against a wall here… lol.

The bottom line is that laws should be made based on what’s in our country’s best interest and making abortion illegal would have a domino effect that could cripple our entire nation. I think we can all agree that our economy is certainly not in the best shape right now so adding millions of more children into the social system would be a burden that we can’t handle… we just can’t afford it. Please think with your heads! Thinking (and voting) with your heart might get you and everyone else into trouble.

Ash on

Another side effect people might not have considered:

If abortion is criminalized, then some women will get desperate enough to have one performed “under the table”, in a back alley somewhere by some skeezy doctor using a hanger. When those women end up getting sick and have to seek medical attention, the truth will come out and both she and the doctor will be charged with a crime (because they both broke the law). Do you have any idea how many more people could end up in our jails because of that??? In case you haven’t noticed, our prisons are overcrowded as it is, and it’s your tax dollars paying for the construction of new jails as well as the inmates themselves (because they still have to be fed, clothed, etc. and then there’s the operating costs). So long story short, if Roe v. Wade is overturned then either way you look at it, you’re going to pay a high price as a result.

CelebBabyLover on

Shannon- I couldn’t agree more with most of your comments! Not everoyne has the means to adopt or foster. However, I don’t agree with your comment about how people shouldn’t have sex if they don’t want to get pregnant. That’s one thing I have to agree with Ash about. It IS unrealistic. I also have to agree with Jessi. Sex is not just for procreation, but for enjoyment as well.

I don’t agree with premarital sex, but I don’t see why a married couple should have to abstain from sex. In fact, I think expecting a married couple to do that is a little unfair, to be honest.

Mary- The thought of someone aborting a baby at six months into the pregnancy makes me sick, too (I’m against all abortions, as I believe it’s killing an innocent person no matter when it’s done, but abortions after six months or so of pregnancy bother me even more). By that point in a pregnancy, most babies can hear, and I believe studies have shown that they may be able to feel pain at that stage as well. If that is so, well, frankly, I can’t imagine a more horrible way to die!

For those of you who don’t believe life doesn’t begin until birth, I highly recommend The National Geographic Channel’s “In the Womb”. You’d be surprised at just how soon the senses develope, among other things!

Personally, I think abortions after the sixth month of pregnancy should be illegal, and ones earlier in the pregnancy should be made harder to get (i.e., only avaliable to rape victims and such).

Courtney on

Ash, I’m sorry if you think you are beating your head against the wall, you seem to think everything you say is right while pro-lifers are wrong. And thats fine, thats YOUR opinion. I thought I was respectfully answering questions you posed. Maybe you should read what I wrote before you attacked how I feel on the issue. I even wrote that I respect your beliefs, too bad you can’ respect how others veiw the topic and walk away… Do you always have this need to be right?

My head (and my heart) tell me that I do not believe in killing a baby…point blank. Therefore I not only vote that way I campaign for the people I believe in.

Sallie on

CelebBabyLover – I look forward to your regaling us all about the unwanted and neglected children you have ADOPTED – not the ones that your “THINKING about adopting (but I have a bad job/only FOUR bedrooms/not enough money/nine million excuses why I can still be so smugly judgemental and call some other woman a murderer”, not “I volunteer a few times a year for a couple of hours and then go home to my nice safe, secure, warm house, pat me on the back, aren’t I great”, not ” I fostered a kid for a few weeks like a little puppy”, but ADOPTED – given your unconditional love to, given your name to, given your money and resources to, who came from an unwanted pregnancy from someone who was completely unprepared to have a baby in the first place. Paaahlease…

Hea on

“If more women had the courage, determination, and self-respect to just say freaking no, we wouldn’t have so many unplanned pregnancies, and therefore no reason for abortion.”

Since humans are, by nature, sexual beings I think it’s a bit strange to deny that fact and try to make this a question about women’s morale alone. As if women don’t want to have sex just as much as men do?

What are the abortion laws saying in the US? What are the abortion rates?

Ash on


If you think that I was attacking you, then you seriously need to grow thicker skin lol. What I said wasn’t an attack at all, but you still aren’t getting the point which is what’s frustrating. I didn’t say you couldn’t be pro-life or believe what you want to believe. Once again, the point is that you can’t use your opinion as a justification for taking rights away from millions of other people! If laws were made that way, then our country would fail miserably.

Why do you think that other women should have to live according to your own personal belief system? Pro-choicers like myself aren’t attempting to take your right to be pro-life away so why do you think you should be allowed to take our choice away? It doesn’t make any sense.

Lastly, I still haven’t seen any pro-lifers address the consequences I listed above. Are any of you willing to stay true to your word and pay more in taxes to support these unwanted children that you insist on being born? What about the side effects such as increased crime rates and more people in prison? I have an inkling that some of you know that I’m right and probably can’t come up with a decent counter-argument lol. I’m looking for intelligent answers (not objective opinions based on feelings or religion).

Ash on

Sorry, that should say “subjective opinions”… not objective.

Courtney on


I am guessing you were referring to me even thou you addressed it to CelebBabyLover.

I CAN’T adopt…period. It’s none of YOUR business why, I would ABSOLUTLY in a HEARTBEAT adopt if I could. But I can’t. Its as simple as that. And since I CAN’T I do EVERYTHING I can do to help to the best of my ability. My hands are tied.

I brought up me having a 4 bedroom house because I have 4 children. They want each child to have their own bedroom here so my house is NOT big enough in their eyes. ANd its not like I live in a country club. My house is a 4 bed/1 bath 986 square feet for crying out loud. I travel 4 out of 7 days to make a whopping 19k a year while my husband is a full time student which will strap us with 70k in student loans.

So sorry if everything I have poured my heart into isn’t good enough for you. Kiss it. I’m not some snob nose socialite who donates an hour of time here and there wearing my fur coat and chanel bag. I often give to the point of not having anymore to give and still wishing I could. There have been days where WE havent had food on OUR table. And yet, if I was able to adopt, I would.

CelebBabyLover on

Sallie- You probably WERE mostly aiming your post at Courtney, but, as I DID say that I think women should give their babies up for adoption rather than abort them if they can’t take care of them, you were probably indeed referring to me, too.

Let me explain something. What most people seem to be forgetting is that, when a pregnant woman decides to give her baby up for adoption, it’s usually via private adoption, not the foster care system.

Generally, the pregnant woman (and her husband/partner if he’s in the picture) contacts lawyers and such, and then recieves a bunch of resumes’ from prospective adoptive parents. Then she chooses a set of adoptive parents for her child. So, basically, the child’s adoption is secured before s/he is even born. 🙂

Hea on

I really need and want to read up on american abortion and adoption laws. Can someone recommend a website?

Shannon on

Sorry I’ve been away froma computer for a few days. Ash, as as celebbabylover said above, most nweborn adoptions are done through lawyers or an agency before the child is even born. That’s why you always hear that it’s so hard for people to adopt- there aren’t enough newborns available. So all these babies who would be born would most likely never even go near the foster care system. Most would probably be placed for adoption before they were even born. I really think you underestimate most women, too. You seem to think that every single woman who would choose to have an abortion would just give the kid up. I think a lot more than you think would just suck it up, get used to the idea, have the baby and turn out to be wonderful parents. I think there would be a lot less strain on our foster care system and therefore our taxes than you seem to imply. However if my taxes going up a little higher means that babies’ lives are being saved, so be it. And please don’t attack people who want to adopt but have no means too. You don’t know people situations. I bet even if you wanted to but were already living on a $15000 a year income with 3 kids in a 2 BR, 760 sq foot apt with no partner, you wouldn’t be able to adopt either. Please don’t sit there and judge me for that when I have no choice over the situation life handed me. I do everything I can short of taking in a child.

And in case no one noticed, I did say following my comment about not having sex that I know it’s an unrealistic thought, but I wish that were the kind of world we lived in. And no I don’t think it’s fair to say married couples shouldn’t have sex. However I think a grown, married (or even unmarried, but long term, commited and live together) couple would be about 1000 times more likely to keep a baby and raise it well than a 14 year old who shouldn’t have been having sex in the first place, even if they weren’t planning on it.

Ash, you have your opinion and I have mine. Nothing either of us says is going to change the other’s mind. You think it’s okay, I think it’s wrong. Very black and white on this one. I’m not going to spend any more time arguing this out with you directly. I have much better things to do with my time.

CelebBabyLover on

Shannon- Thanks for explaining your earlier comment about abstaining from sex. I understand now, and I agree!

Anyway, I especially love the last paragraph of your cmment, and think it’s very clear. There are some of us on here that are pro-life, and others that are pro-choice. Those two sides can argue until they’re blue in the face, but, at the end of the day, neither side is going to change the other’s opinion.

Bottomline: Time to agree to disagree! 🙂