Céline Dion Expecting Second Child

08/18/2009 at 10:45 AM ET
Thibault Camus/AP

Making good on her expressed desire to have more children, Céline Dion is pregnant.

A rep for the 41-year-old singer confirmed the news to various outlets saying, “Céline and René are very happy,” and “They are crazy in love over the news … they are overjoyed.” Céline is reportedly due in May.

A family friend also tells PEOPLE, “We learned this morning.”

Herself the product of a family of 14, Céline only learned of her condition on Monday, reports Tuesday’s Journal de Montreal, after she and her husband, René Angélil, 67, conceived with the help of a team of fertility doctors in New York.

The couple’s one child together, son René-Charles, 8 ½, was born January 2001. The rep tells ET Canada he “starts his first day of private school today.”

René also has three other children from two previous marriages.

According to reports in the French language press, Céline, whose concert tour ended in March, took time off this spring to concentrate on becoming a mother again. She also visited the clinic of Dr. Zev Rosenwaks, the Manhattan-based fertility expert who helped with the birth of René-Charles.

Quoting a previous interview the newspaper had conducted with René, the Journal reports that “everything hinges on the pregnancy” in terms of Céline’s future professional plans – and that a pregnancy now could conceivably delay the singer’s scheduled return to Las Vegas in fall 2010.

Source: PEOPLE

— Peter Mikelbank and Stephen M. Silverman

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HeatherR on

I’m a little surprised at this news! I kinda always thought that René-Charles would be an only child. Not sure why I thought that but that is the impression I always got. Anyhow, Congrats on this happy news 🙂

Sarah on

Wow, this is unexpected…but it’s wonderful news! Big brother Rene-Charles can definitely help Mommy out with the baby. Congrats to the family! 🙂

MZ on

That”s great! It would be wonderful to see them with a little girl this time, but another boy would be great too of course.

It just seems really early to announce, if she only found out yesterday!

Jaime on

THIS IS AMAZING NEWS! I am sooo happy for this family! I love Celine! I hope for a girl, this time around!!!!

Sandra on

I also thought he would be an only child, so I am very surprised by this news. But congratulations to Celine, René and René-Charles. Amazing news. Wish them all the best.

Nina on

soo happy for her! she loves children. great. i am excited to hear what she is having next.

gaia's mom on

Wow! Congrats to her. I hope she has a healthy pregnancy!

Christina on

I’m so happy for her!!! I remember her saying years ago on Oprah that she wanted more children.

Andrea_momof2 on

Congratulations to them! I always hoped Rene Charles would have a sibling!

Sandra on

How wonderful!

wowfornoobs on

Oh, I’m so happy for her!!!

Sadie on

Great news. I have a feeling this is a much longed for, long awaited baby for Rene and Celine. I wonder if it will be hard for her son to adjust after 8.5 years as the only child?
I know there will be lots of comments about his hair, but I really respect the fact that Celine and Rene let Rene-Charles choose how to wear his hair.

Shirelle on


Erin on

What WONDERFUL news for the family!

glee on

Congrats to celine,last I checked celine was the one pregnant which pretty much means celine can announce it whenever she wants.Everyone delivers the news they are pregnant in different ways right?,some do it right away some do it later on in the pregnancy…so really it’s kinda none of your business when or how long celine should wait to deliver the news.( BTW I’m aware of the risk of a miscarriage in the first trimester,as I too had one)

KikiOttawa on

Well she is consistent! She announced she was pregnant with RC the same day she found out she was pregnant (9 days after insemination), hopefully she is blessed again and nothing goes wrong with the pregnancy. Personally I waited until I was in my second trimester to announce my pregnancies, but to each their own. She loves kids and is a doting Mom, and I guess she finds it hard to contain her happiness. Congrats to them!

CTBmom on

MZ…the quote about “we learned this morning” was made by a family friend. I think that they meant that Celine just shared the news with them that morning, not that Celine had just found out that morning she was pregnant. Anyway, congrats to the family…I know that this is a much wanted baby!

fay on

i wish they wld’ve adopted… cuz DANG he’s almost 70… but whatev’s they’re rich… whatever works for them…

Micheley on

Im so happy for Celine, I know she has wanted a bigger family for quite some time now, and Im glad she is going to get it.
But I personally don’t understand why people who aren’t able to have children (but are with a little help from a fertility doc.) don’t adopt. I get the biological need to have your own children, I get it, Ive had it. And Im not saying there is anything wrong with that. But coming from a family that has touched by adoption and knowing there are so many kids out there waiting to be adopted, I just wish more people would adopt. If they truly just want a baby.
But like I said Im not bashing, and I do understand ‘the other side’, this is just my opinion everytime I hear about a fertility doctor.

Shannon on

Wow!!! I remember her saying she wanted to have more children, this is such wonderful news! Many congrats to her and her family on their upcoming addition!

Brandi on

Congratulations. What a blessing.

Cheryl on

I wish her the best!!! And, gee, Glee, I am getting tired of the over the top snarky comments to each other on the website…So someone thinks it’s early…did that justify your response???

Marischa on

Wow, congrats to Rene, Celine and Rene-Charles! I was wondering, since Celine always said she wanted to have another baby, when we should hear the news! Can’t wait to see another cutie like Rene-Charles!

Brooklyn on

Aww! I’m so happy for her! Hope everything goes great!

InfertileInFL on

Micheley, why should infertiles be the only one to adopt? Adoption isn’t as easy as driving down to the Target and picking up a kid.

robinepowell on


I agree with you. Celine seems to dote on her little man, so I always assumed she didn’t wany anymore. 😉

I guess with Rene Charles going off to private school (probably a french one), she’s going to be very lonely.

I wonder, if she has a girl, will she keep her really short, since her son’s hair is really long? Lol!! 😛

Gingi on

Alright, I am going to say it.

Happy for Celine and her family. But cut your son’s hair already. We get it. It’s long and rock-star cool. But it’s a little feminine looking.

Flame away folks!

The Writer on

I am beyond thrilled for Celine and Rene! Her fertility struggles have been very relatable to me, and I know she wanted a sibling for Rene-Charles. I am not surprised given she toured last year and is now settling in at home. Congrats to the family!

marilyn on

congrats to celine and family. i am horrified by the negative comments about her news. we all know she had embroys forzen all this time from her first baby. lets send her good vibes so she can once again have a healthy baby.

Cathy on

I’m extremely happy for their family. Celine expressed during multiple interviews that she hoped to expand her family, but wasn’t sure if it would happen. What a blessing. Congrats!!

Bb on

I’m really happy for her! Congratulations!

Mary-Helen on

Congrats to Celine and Rene! When she got pregnant with Rene-Charles, I was questioning whether it was a good idea because he’s so much older than she, but it’s her life and her business.

I wonder how Rene-Charles will react to having a new sibling. My oldest daughter is 8 and she loves having her younger sibs, who are 5 years and soon to be 8 years younger. I thought she would get really jealous because she was the only child and grandchild but she was really excited.

Jennie on

How wonderful! She’s an incredible talent but also a terrific mommy, and I wish her, Rene, and young Rene-Charles all the best!

Micheley on

Im not saying they should be, I wasn’t and I adopted. Im just saying if it is hard for you to have kids their is always the choice of adopting a child who is already here, alone and waiting to have a family. Don’t lecture me about the lengthy process, I know, I’ve been through it.

Amanda on

I am so happy for Celine, she’s wanted this since she had Rene Charles, I wish her all the health and happiness in the world during this pregnancy. I cried when I heard she was pregnant, I can’t imagine how she feels just seeing knowing how excited I am. She is probably so over the moon. I love the quote saying ‘They are crazy in love over the news’. This is really amazing, I can’t express how happy I really am for Celine, Rene and Rene Charles.

JMO on

that’s wonderful news! I know she expressed wanting more children after she was done performing in Vegas and Touring….so it’s perfect! They seem like great devoted parents to Rene Charles!

Ashley on

Wow! This news seems random! LoL but Great news!! Congratulations to this family!

lily on

I was a bit surprised when a friend of mine announced her pregnancy when she was just 2 weeks along, but this is such happy news that I suppose you want to shout it to the world as soon as you know 🙂

My friend’s argument was that she did not want to hide her happiness, and that even in case something went wrong, at least people would know and she would be able to talk it with her friends and grieve without having to hide anything.

Each person has their different ways, and we should respect that.

That said, all the best to Celine & her growing family!

Elene on

I probably would have shared my pregnancies early because I was so excited, but I was so scared something would go wrong and I didn’t want to have to go back and tell everybody. The look of pity and sadness in peoples eyes is more than I could take.

But Im glad Celine has shared her great news! Its wonderful!
And honestly just because she just found out recently doesn’t mean she isn’t very far along, I mean my aunt didn’t know she was pregnant until the baby was in her arms. She thought she was having an appendix attack.

Kristi on

I’m not sure how accurate this is but other websites are reporting that she is due in May…that’s exactly 9 months from August…

Shannon on

**Micheley **

Are you serious!! You think that people who cannot get pregnant naturally should just adopt. Wow! I have been through 2 IVF’s to get one healthy baby and I would not change anything. Adoption is not easy- and going through pregnancy was very important to me. I am very grateful that we live in a world where we have fertility doctors and all the medical advances to help people who have problems getting pregnant.

Lissette on

I really doubt she would announce it so soon! She’s definitely not due in May(that’s a mistake) and I’m guessing she’s at least 3 or 4 months along. Congrats to them on the fantastic news!

Micheley on

Like I said I understand the need to want to be pregnant and have your own child. And like I also said, since I have also been through adoption, their is no need lecture me on the difficult process. I was just saying their are other options. And especially for people like Celine, Kate Gosselin, Nadia S., who have been able to experience the joys of pregnancy and their own biological baby I wish that more would turn to adoption. Im not bashing anybody. I would be a hypocrite if I said adoption was the only way since I have only adopted once and have been pregnant multiple times.

Chloe on

I am really happy for Celine Dion because she has been wanting a second child for ages. Congrats Celine,René and René.

Daisy on

Just because the family member found out yesterday, doesn’t mean that she actually found out yesterday. Such wonderful news for Celine & family, she is such a wonderful women!

B.J. on

I met Celine and her family while working at Disneyland. Her husband was wheeling around in a motorized scooter the entire time. He looked like Rene-Charles’ grandfather. So I can’t help but be concerned over his age.. people make a stink about older women having babies, how it’s unfair to the child who will almost certainly lose their parent at a young age, but what about older men?

Alice on

I seem to recall that Celine said something years ago (after Rene-Charles was born) that she had more eggs that were fertilized and frozen for future use. Also, I saw a more recent photo elsewhere that showed Rene-Charles with shorter hair (to the shoulders but not below like in the photo here).

Mandy on

So happy for her! I do think its a bit early for them to announce it, she’s due in May…and not very far along but I can understand the excitement. I just think she was one celebrity who could have gone under the radar for a bit and gotten further along. But nonetheless its amazing news!

Annie on

Congrats to her. I know that she would get pregnat again in this year. I guess it’s a girl.

Me on

Congrats to them! I’ve been waiting to hear a pregnancy announcement from them for a while now. I’m surprised that with her fertility struggles that she would announce a pregnancy so soon. My daughter was born in May and we conceived on Labor Day.. so she’s only a couple of weeks along at most. I hope she has a healthy pregnancy.

Chelsea on

So happy for her! Celine has made no secret of her desire for more children and I am so happy that she’s gotten her wish!

jbmotherof3 on

Congrats to Celine and her family!

I can’t help feeling a bit sad for a child that will have a 68 year old father when they are born. Does anyone else feel that way? I’m sure part of the reason I feel that way is that my dad was and is so active in my life and my husband is so active in our children’s lives.

Hoping for a healthy pregnancy for Celine.

maggie on

wow this is good news. Shes due in May but is annoucing now? Lol has she just taken the test???!!!! Very fast with the announcement. I recall Nicole Kidman announcing her pregnancy very early too…it must be the excitement!!

Kristine on


actually the article says she just learned of her condition on Monday.

Chelsea on

It’d be cute if Celine had twins!

jaQ on

congrats to them! i know she’s been wanting for quite some time!
wow, how early to share the news. it’s nice and refreshing though– usually hearing 3-5 months into a pregnancy that someone is expecting.
i’m waiting to see who’s due in february with me, though! like, nobody yet!

Kristi on

I agree with you jbmotherof3. Any new baby is a blessing but I do have to admit I feel a little sad for him/her. As bad as it sounds, there is a possiblity this child may be fatherless at a young age. Hopefully not but there is that chance when you have a child at 68. But I guess one could argue there is that chance for anyone because who know what can happen. Either way, I love babies and I’m always excited to hear about new babies joining our world.

Marci on

Why can’t people just be happy for other people for God’s sake?? When I found out I was pregnant with both my kids, I had the phone in my hand ready to tell everyone. Who cares when she announces it – it’s her pregnancy, she has a right to be happy and tell the world.

Crystal on

YEA!!! I ♥ Celine!! She is one of my all time favorite singers/performers!!! I’m not at all surpised by this news. I think she was on Oprah (if I’m not mistaken) saying that she and Rene had a fertilized egg in NY that was waiting on her to implant. I think she might have said it’s a girl too (not too sure on that either). CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!!! Here’s to a happy healthy pregnancy/birth!! 🙂



Courtney on

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO excited for her!!! SHe has said many many many times that she would like to have naother baby. I don’t see how this could be a surprise to anyone…LOL…

I always anounced my pregnancies early….I have had 7 pregnancies…4 children. I needed people around me praying for me and my baby and I needed the support when I miscarried. I hated the idea of keeping everything to myself and having no support.

To each their own..:)

skunknuggets on

Congrats to her!



gaia's mom on

I don’t think having a child at 68 is ideal, but what is the other alternative? Not to have a children at all? Because there are no time machines or potions at the moment. Somethings you just have to deal with when they happen.

Crystal on

Wow, that was something very unexpected! I just can’t believe she would have waited this long to have another one. Her son is almost 9 now. I never would have waited this long for sure! Her biological clock isn’t going to stop and her hubby is 67 years old! Wow, what can I say! Especially coming from a very large family of 14, you would expect if she loved children so much, she would have had 6 by now.LOL. Anyway, I congratulate all three of them on the upcoming birth of their bundle of joy. I sure do hope it is a little sweet girl this time. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Stephany on

I’m super happy for Celine and her family. This is great news! And since almost every celebrity pregnancy is announced in the second trimester (I’m trying to think of a celebrity who announced it in the first but can’t think of one, other than Celine herself), that’s why so many of us are talking about the early announcement. Obviously, she is super excited and wanted to share her great news with the world! I’m really, really hoping it’s a girl.

marie on

I’m so happy for her. As an older mom I would have probably waited until after 12 weeks. I’ve had babies in my 20’s and in my 40’s. It can be difficult. But I wish them the very best.

alice jane on

Wow, this was a surprise to me! But a very exciting one; congratulations to Celine and her family!!

Jazz on

Like some others have said, I can’t help to think of the fact that Rene is nearly 70 years old. I’m 18 and my grandparents are just about that age. I can’t imagine them being my parents. Regardless, congrats on the new addition.

michelle on

I’ve never understood the need to wait 4 months before telling people. I understand the risks of miscarriage, but there is no shame in miscarriage. Why would you hide something like that if it happened to you? Do the women that have miscarriages, but never told anyone they were pregnant keep it a secret and live with the pain alone?

And to the comments about Rene being 67. No matter what age you are, there is no guarantee you will be around for your child’s entire youth. A 37 year old father could die of a rare heart defect and a 67 year old father could live to be 97.

Louise on

I totally agree that there should be no shame in having a miscarriage, however my sister had a miscarriage at 3 months, she had told everyone (and I do mean everyone- from the post man to her closest friends) and she has said the hardest thing was having to tell people that she was no longer going to have a baby, it was like opening the wound all over again.

maggie on

Stephany, i think Nicole Kidman announced in the first trimister too. I could be wrong though.

Lisa on

Congrats to Celine and Rene. Yes, it’s early but from what i can understand, Celine has wanted another child for a while and so maybe they have been trying for a few years and now she is so excited she just wants to annouce it.

Rene is old, no doubt about it. For me, it’s got nothing to do that he might die soon (which of course is very sad) but you also want to be active for your child as well. Rene could live for another 20 years but how active in those 20 years will he be for his children? Will he be able to play sports or go and hang out in the park with his children? My Dad is 70 now and no way in the world could i imagine him now coming out and saying I am going to be a Father!! He is happy to be grandfather to my three children but not to be a father.

Nika on

I am very happy for them!! CONGRATULATIONS on this joyfull news!

Skipsie on

Congratulations to them all!
My dad is older too, he’s 71 and im 18 and i got plenty of “why is your dad your grandad” when i was younger. But in the end all that matters is if everyones happy and age isn’t important.

Becky on

Congratulations to them! What a happy time for the family! I can’t help but notice that Renee Charles looks like Michael Jackson’s son, Blanket. Not just because of the hair. I think they truly look alike, at least in the picture above. I do think it is too soon to announce it, especially for a celebrity, because the pain of miscarrying alone is hard enough but to have to tell the world…that would be so hard! Also, I have no doubt they have told their son too and at 8, it would be hard for him to understand a miscarriage. Of course eventually he will learn about that, but that would be a hard lesson to learn at 8. That is just my opinion though. I have been pregnant before and I know the feeling of wanting to shout it from the roof top the second you find out, but I have also miscarried before too and know how hard it is to tell everyone who knew that you lost the baby. Of course I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy and am very excited for them and pray for the best for them and can’t wait to see their baby and hear the birth announcement!

Daisy and CTBMom – It does say their family friend just found out that day, but the next section down says “Céline only learned of her condition on Monday” and that link Kristi provided from radaronline has a quote from Celine’s manager says “Yes, we can confirm that Celine is pregnant and she and Renee are very very happy. She is just a few days pregnant and the baby is due in May.”

Glee – Harsh much? At the time you posted, the only person before you who said anything about how soon she announced it just said “It just seems really early to announce, if she only found out yesterday”. There was nothing rude or uncalled for in what she said and I don’t feel she deserved to be attacked by your comment. She was just stating the obvious and her opinion, which last I heard was what this website’s purpose is…..blogging your opinion and comments.

Robin on

Um, not possible to be due in May (even May 1) and know on August 18th. It would make her only 3 weeks pregnant and you can’t know you’re 3 weeks pregnant. Unless she’s announcing the egg transfer with IVF or the implantation with a natural pregnancy, it’ll be another week before she can say she knows she’s pregnant and due in May. Beyond all that, I can’t believe someone would go through fertility treatments at an “advanced maternal age” (actual medical terminology, not judging her) and announce it to the public the day after she finds out. Very brave and hopeful, I guess.

TracyG on

The timing seems off here. I got pregnant with my son on August 25th and he was born the second week of May. I knew my date of conception because we were charting at the time…so it seems like she is VERY early in her pregnancy, like VEEEERY early!

However, if she wants to shout it from the rooftops, she’s entitled! I lost two babies and I still told my friends and family at 8 weeks with my son. You just can’t help but be joyful and want to share the news. 🙂

Congrats to Rene and Celine and little Rene-Charles!

As far as the age gap between sibs, my son is now 8 and we have a six month old (and I am in my 40’s too) and he just loves her to bits! I am sure Rene-Charles will be just as excited to have a new brother or sister….I wish Celine all the luck in the world!

Shannon on

Robin, it is completely possible to know at 3 weeks that you’re pregnant. I did. Three times.

Tina on

Such great news! Congrats Rene, Rene and Celine!

jane on

Very happy for them all…heard it on the radio driving home from work and had to concentrate on keeping my hands on the steering wheel as I wanted to clap for her. I wish a healthy baby. I guess being the exact same age as she is, I think I would have waited just a little bit longer to announce it and by that I mean, not as soon as a pregnancy test turned positive. It’s just the average for women over 40 to have a miscarriage is 1 in 3, a little high in my personal and professional (I am a nurse) opinion. I guess when a person comes from such a large family as she does (14 children), perhaps a miscarriage is not even a thought.

I also really hope René is around to enjoy this new bundle of joy for many many years to come. I cannot help but think that my mom was only two years older then he is now when she was diagnosed with Dementia.

Felicitations Céline, René and René Charles!!!

Tazina on

Rene-Charles is starting his first day of private school today. He may want his hair cut when he sees his peers and perhaps will want to be similar to them. Congrats on the new baby. Perhaps a sooner pregnancy would have been better in terms of the ages of the parents, but the main thing is a healthy baby which is all that really counts.

MaryAnne on

Okay call me a cynic. She is NOT due in May. I bet she is due earlier, in April or March. Why on this earth would any celebrity annouce a pregnancy at 3 weeks? Especially one who had difficulty in getting pregnant and is (sorry, I hate this word too) of advanced materinal age?
But having said that I wish her the best. And I wonder if the baby is a girl will she have short hair?????

Nicki on

Congrats to them! I wasn’t expecting this news when I opened up CBB today 🙂 Also, it’s around the time for the May babies to start being made. I found out I was pregnant a year ago this week and was due May 1st. It’s unusual that a celeb would announce this news so early to the public, but I know the average person has a hard time keeping it quiet and tells people before the 2nd trimester. Just cause they are celebs doesn’t mean they are any different than the rest of us!

MZ on

CTB Mom, thanks for the clarification! Glee, no need to jump down anyone’s throat! I certainly know it’s a woman’s business when she chooses to announce. I’ve been pregnant before. I was just expressing surprise b/c usually women wait a little while, not saying I thought she SHOULD wait before announcing.

Erika on

Congrats to her!! I really hope she has a little girl!!! I love her music, she’s so talented.

But due in May?? I don’t think she would even know yet. It would have just been concieved. Maybe it’s like February or March that she’s due and they got the reports wrong?

Melissa on

Yeah! I am so happy for them! I love her!

Traci on

Robin…it is very possible to know at 3 weeks. My daughter was conceived by IUI, we went back to the fertility clinic 2 weeks after the IUI took place to have the blood test done to confirmthat if it took and I was pregnant. I knew I was expecting my daughter when I was 2 weeks pregnant. I was also very excited…I had waited 10 ten years for this baby…I told everyone that day.

Hannah on

Isn’t that a bit early

Meg on

she is barely 4 weeks pregnant and tells the world? I hope for her sake everything goes OK. I myself have had 2 miscarriages (9 weeks and 5 weeks) and was glad I didn’t announce it to the world.

I guess for those of us who have had miscarriages, these early announcements seem irresponsible.

skeptic on

so many of you are so negative & judgmental. The tell people after the first trimester is not law, but a matter of personal preference.

most likely, those embroyos were screened prior to implantation & harvested and fertilized nearly a decade ago, so many of the issues related to advanced maternal age do not apply.

marimel on

so happy for them, she has made it no secret that she wanted to have at least one more child! I wish this family nothing but the best and that she has a easy and healthy pregnancy and delivery!!!

Also, call me crazy, but I don’t think you’re ever really in the “clear” of the possibility of something going wrong during a pregnancy. Anything can happen at any point. While it certainly is less likely in the later stages, it isn’t impossible. I know plenty of people who have miscarried right around 20 weeks, my mother being one of them. It definitely seems to be the norm to wait until the second trimester to announce a pregnancy, but I don’t think it really makes a whole lot of difference if you are 3 days pregnant or 39 weeks. I’m sure they are just beyond thrilled to be so blessed to have another child and wanted to shout it to the world.

sage on

I am so EXCITED for Celine. I know she has wanted more kids and now she is getting her wish. She loves her little man so much and dotes on him. I know how long and hard she struggled to have her son and I am happy fo her.

I don’t think its irrisponsible for her to tell people she is pregnant early because things can happen during any phase of pregnancy. No one is really in the clear until the baby is born.Also maybe adoption was not right for her family, so infertility treatment was the right road to travel for them. I wish her a happy and healthy 9 months.

Also I can’t understand why people don’t want to just enjoy this news, why are people constantly having to find something wrong when a celeb announces a pregnancy?

nicole in paris on

@Marimel (5:32 pm)

So true! Well said!

Cate on

Congratulations to the whole family! Her son is gorgeous!
My only question is if she’s due in May and it’s only August now then when did she conceive? Last night? The due date must be incorrect.

jk on

Great news! I’ve been waiting to hear that she was expecting. She’s always talked about having at least one more child.
I had my first child at 40 and my second child at 41. Both boys born healthy and very easy pregnancies and deliveries..
Congratulations to Celine and Rene-Charles!

Brooke on

Wow!! That was news I was not expecting!! I am soooo excited for her and her husband! I hope they have a girl 🙂 Maybe name her Celine, haha 🙂 I love her and her music!


wow im quite shocked. I honestly never thought they’d have another one as her husband had gone thru the cancer thing and they are both getting older.

Congrats to them though!

krewcat on


Speak for yourself….I have had MANY miscarriages and blighted ovums and still told everyone the day I found out with all 7 of my pregnancies. I have 4 children. It was MY business. I would never consider sharing happy news “irresponsible”. I may in some cases have only been pregnant a short time…I miscarried at 5 and 9 weeks and had a set of blighted ovum twins discovered at the 11 week ultrasound….but they were still MY babies and VERY real and not something I should have to hide from people. My loses are apart of me and the person I have become. The strength from the numer of people standing behind me and praying for me is not somthing that should be swept under a rug and called “irresponsible”.

Congrats to Celine and her family, a wonderful blessing! I will pray for her and her baby…

Jessie on

Congrats to them! I’m sure their child will be gorgeous and much loved.

I think I’m missing where it says she is due in May. If she just found out, she’s probably due in April. That being said, it’s not impossible for her to be due in May – if she found out yesterday, she would have been 3w2d pregnant, or approximately 9 DPO – very early for a + pregnancy test, no doubt, but not impossible, especially if it’s a blood test and she’s being closely monitored (entirely likely if she used IVF).

Laura on

Congrads to Céline & Réne-Charles.I am delighted for them both. I can only imagine how exited their son Réne is. Because he’s at the age where he’ll remember the meeting of his little brother or sister. Lets just hope that the pregnancy will run smoothly for Céline.I wish her the very best of luck.

Pretty Princess Nikki on

WOW! This really shocked me! I’m so very happy for her!

Oli on

Why women always be so cruel and judgemental to each other.Why women constantly putting each other down,and one upping.Congrats to this happy celine and family.Comment section like war zone.

MaryAnne on

I don’t think anyone is putting her down. Of course there are late term losses and celebrities have dealt with them but would you want to publicly go though a miscarriage? Yeah, I had 2 losses myself and I told my family right away but I am not in the news so I wouldn’t have to have it on tv if I lost one. I am just worried about her heart should anything like that happen. I hope with everything that it doesn’t.
It doesn’t matter how old the embroys are it matters how old the mom is.

Bugs on

My only concern is how much longer they’re gonna take till they cut that kid’s hair. Other than that, congrats for the upcoming baby!

Terri on

That’s wonderful. I know that Celine has talked often about wanting more children. Even as she was pregnant with her first child. I hope she has an easy pregnancy.

Jackie on

Honestly..there could have been a chance she got pregnant earlier this month..I mean its still aug..or maybe she got pregnant at the very end of July..you never know..There is always a chance you know..

Mandy on

I kind of see what everyone is saying. I will probably be super excited and want to say something right away but I wouldn’t want to jinx it. Regardless I would tell people if I were to lose the child too.

My cousin is about 10 weeks along but she’s only telling family and close friends for right now.

Jaclyn on

Not my thing to share so early, but to each her own. However, I would hardly call it irresponsible and I’ve suffered through pregnancy loss…

Mary on

well good for her! hoping and praying the baby is born safe and healthy.

TEDS22 on

It is fine for us regular people to say,”I announced my pregnancies early etc”,BUT she is a celebrity,and weather we like it or not,if anything happened,she would have to share her anguish with the world.She would be on covers of rag-mags with headlines like-Poor Celine etc!!I truly hope every thing goes well for her,but I think this is what people are trying to say!!

Please cut that boy’s hair,it looks plain stupid and I don’t understand why celebs LET their boys have hair so long(Kate hudson,Elle MacPherson)

cassie on

so happy for them!

rachel on

This is good news, although I’m not sure she is due in May, if she was she probably wouldn’t even know yet, let alone announce the news…

danigirl on

My opinion: I think its stupid that some people feel the need to rag on how a little boy looks.

Pretty Princess Nikki on

WOW! I’m so happy for her, this really shocked me!

millefleur on

Wow, she is due in May? I am due in May and I just got pregnant a couple weeks ago! I just found out! I had a miscarriage with my first but I am telling close friends and family right away anyway, because I want their support in good times or bad. I don’t know if I would want “the public” to know this early. However, Celine is an adult and knows full well what she is comfortable with. And good for her!

Tee on

This was an announcement I certainly didn’t expect to hear… what wonderful news! Celine and Rene certainly seem to love their son. I look forward to seeing them with a new addition for their family! She is certainly within her rights to tell whoever she wants whenever she wants. However, it does surprise me that she is announcing this news to the public so soon. I think that if I were the one in the public eye I would wait until after the first trimester. But, hey, that’s me and not her.

Glee- There was absolutely no call for your nasty comment. Enough said.

Micheley- I appreciate the point you were trying to make and thought you did a wonderful job in doing so. I’m sorry so many feel the need to attack you for expressing your opinion in such a polite and well-worded way.

Meg- You need to watch what you say a little more carefully. Your comment was hurtful and unnecessary.

Krewcat- I’m so sorry to hear about your losses. While I don’t have any children, I do have several miscarried nieces or nephews as well as one still born niece. Even as an aunt, it’s the hardest thing in the world to deal with. Know that my prayers are with you and your family.

SAR on

That’s wonderful news. Celine said a few years ago that René-Charles would like a little sister, but she’ll take either. Considering how long she struggled with fertility problems, I can definitely understand why all she wants is a healthy and happy baby.

As for René-Charles’s hair — Celine has caught flack for “letting” it grow long. She said it wasn’t her idea: René-Charles refused to let anyone, including her, cut it. And the way I see it is, it’s not hurting anyone. He may grow out of the phase…or not. But that’s their business.

skeptic on

I love all the judgment calls that differentiate between celebrity vs. being a nobody and dealing with a pregnancy loss. Get a clue people. Do you have any idea of what it is like to walk in her shoes? No, you don’t. Do you have any idea of what it is like to walk in anybody’s shoes but your own? No, you don’t. There are just as many reasons why to tell early, as not and I am sure that there is a facet of this that relates to being a celebrity that many of us will never understand because we have not been there. For example, perhaps she wanted to control the release of the information and she knew that it’d be leaked or speculated on soon enough. Or maybe it gives her more peace. Who knows, who cares.

@Maryanne#105 — “it doesn’t matter how old the embryos are, it is how old the mom is”. both matter. Why are babies lost? In the first trimester, one important cause are genetic defects that lead to embryonic lethality. Many of these genetic defects are screened for (e.g., trisomies) and this can be done pre-implantation in the case of in vitro fertilization.

Diane on

I’m absolutely thrilled for her. I saw her in concert in February in Denver. What an AWESOME SHOW!!!

I know that they would have been happy with just RC jr., but glad she’s expecting again.

I just wish she would cut his hair.

CelebBabyLover on

To the people who said they thought Nicole Kidman also announced her pregnancy in the first trimester….She didn’t. She announced the news in January and Sunday was born in July, which would have put her at 4 months, or just into her second trimester, when she announced. Given the fact that she had one miscarriage and one ectopic pregnancy prior to Sunday, I’m not at all surprised she waited until 4 months.

I think the reason so many people think she was in her first trimester when she announced is that she hardly showed at all for the first several months of her pregnancy. 🙂

Anyway, congrats to Celine, Rene, and Rene-Charles!

Shea on

It doesn’t matter when you tell someone, you can have a loss in the first trimester (I have) or lose the baby in the third as I did this past November when my baby strangled on her cord. A loss is a loss, and when you find out you are pregnant, especially if you have been trying a long time and you are in “advanced maternal age” (as I am as well), you are excited and happy and want to share that joy. If you do suffer a loss it helps to be able to have that loss validated and shared by others as well. I have other children as well, so it was hard to keep it hidden from the world because I wouldn’t keep something like that from my kids and they were excited and wanted to tell everyone…..I don’t see a big deal. I don’t understand why so many people on this board have to be so petty and judgmental over everything. This is something that is happy and joyful. Not something that should be picked apart. It’s really sad that an announcement of someone expecting a baby can bring out catty and hateful posters on what is supposed to be a “happy” board. Shame on all you critical people with no life or that are so dissatisfied with your own lives that you have to scrutinize and pick apart the lives of others that you don’t even know.

jessica on

Each to their own on timing of when to tell them…. personally I don’t think I would have in her position only because its so public, this isnt close family and friends this is the whole world practically and if (god forbid) something go wrong it will be heavily publicised… and lets face it the odds of miscarriage and other things are devestatingly high sometimes…

saying that I hope no such thing happens to her congrats!

KMT on

OMG… Fay…adoption or not it wouldn’t change René’s age.

That’s an old picture of the two because apparently RC’s hair is a tad shorter now.

I’m quite happy for them. Congrats to the little family.

Traci on

WOW! I am SO SO SO SO SO Happy for them! Celine had been wanting that 2nd child for so long!:) I’m bummed that this will take some preformances away from us, but SO happy that she will become a mother of 2! Congrats Celine and Rene!

Mia on

Very happy for them! I can’t believe how much her son looks like his daddy, same exact face!!!

I think I read in another report that she is 3 months along, which would mean she is due in February.

Maybe she will have twins???

Mel on

this photo shows Rene Charles with shorter hair.Sorry if it has been posted already. I didn’t fill like rereading all the comments!


Ruthella on

Wow, I wasn’t expecting to read that! I think however long someone waits to reveal a pregnancy is totally their call; after all, it’s not harming anyone else, is it? Same with their son’s hair; I wouldn’t choose it for my son, but then he’s not my son, he’s theirs 🙂

But the age thing IS something I just can’t get on board with. Just my opinion but to me, 67 is way, waaaaay too old to become a new parent. For lots of reasons.

sheba on

O.K. Am I the only one who thinks that celebrities are selfish when it comes to having children!! Do they think of the child or themselves, I mean…come on his dad will be almost 70!!!

sbg on

Families are all different and people can live long, healthy lives or deal better (or worse) with the death of a parent depending on the family structure/support. Parents can die, be neglectful, or otherwise not fulfill their duties at any age. why must you judge another who you DO NOT KNOW?

Stephanie on

How exciting! Good for them!

Life is a gamble, young or old. Celebrate the good news as it comes.

CelebBabyLover on

sbg- I agree. And Sheba, it’s hardly just celebs who have babies when they’re older (we also don’t know the gender of Celine’s baby, by the way, so it isn’t accurate to say “his dad”, since the baby could be a girl). More and more women are waiting until they are in their 40s to concieve.

The important thing is that Celine (and probably Rene), really wanted this baby, so it’s a safe bet the baby will be loved and cared for. 🙂

Mia- I doubt it. There is an article on PEOPLE.com saying that she became pregnant via the transfer of an embryo that she had frozen 8 years ago. So, unless that embryo splits to create identical twins, it sounds like she’s only having one baby. 🙂

KMT- I think Fay was referring to the fact that, if they had gone the adoption route, they could have adopted an older child, therefore increasing the chances that Rene would be around until the child became an adult. That said, however, I agree with you.

I also want to add that I think Rene’s age is paritally the reason they didn’t go the adoption route: His age, along with the fact that he had cancer, would more than likely have disqualified them.

Also, since they had at least one frozen embryo left over from when they were doing IVF to concieve Rene-Charles, I can certainly understand wanting to use that embryo instead of adopting.

I would have done the same if I were in their position. The sad fact is, when you don’t use frozen embryos, they are usually destroyed. That just doesn’t sit right with me, and it may not feel right to Celine, either.

sahand on

I am sooo excited for Celine. She loves children so much! She is such a great mother, lucky kid! Congrats!

Courtney on

congrats to them on this happy occassion but god forbid something did go wrong she wouldn’t be the first beloved public figure to lose a baby and have to come out and talk about it all though the talking about it part is a fairly new phenomenon back in the old days tragedy like that was covered up

Lin on

I am so happy for them!!! I have been waiting for this news! I kinda thought she would try again after her tour! I saw her in January 2009 on her tour and she was totally awesome! She is my idol and I love her! I am just so excited for them!

MsArnone on

Congratulations to Celine, Rene and Rene-Charles What great news! I’ve been checking Celine’s website every day since her tour ended waiting for the news that she was either expecting or her new schedule for Vegas… I’m thrilled that the baby is coming first! Celine’s life is so balanced…Wonderful family and career she spreads so much happiness in the world she deserves the best of everything…I Love Celine♥♥

Emily on

I think this is fantastic news, I am really happy for Celine and Rene and Rene-Charles.

I firmly believe it’s a personal choice about when somebody announces their pregnancy. As a “regular” person, it’s hard enough – my aunt was pregnant three times, and each time waited until almost smack-on 3 months before she announced anything, but in the lead-up, the family was speculating due to her growing bump, etc. That’s just one small family – imagine the speculation that celebrities encounter ALL THE TIME in the lead-up to their announcement. Not to mention the joy and elation Celine must be feeling to discover her pregnancy. Whether she is, in fact, due in May or earlier, it doesn’t really matter. If the date is earlier, she’s obviously given a later date for a good reason (e.g. to get the paparazzi off her case). If it is May, and she’s only been pregnant a really short time – then all the power to her for being so excited and over-the-moon about her baby.

My best friend is currently on IVF and has been trying for a baby for the past 6 years. She has, no exaggeration, experienced miscarriages into the double-digits. Sharing the news with people, and then having those people to support and care for her when those miscarriages occurred, was an absolute lifesaver. While some prefer to keep it a secret (and that’s okay) – it’s also just as okay for somebody to announce it the day they find out! I know that when I fall pregnant, I’m not going to be able to hold the news back!

I think ultimately comments like “irresponsible” and other hurtful insinuations about Celine and her announcement are inappropriate and at the end of the day, nobody’s call to make. It’s much nicer to congratulate Celine purely on the fact that she is expecting long-awaited new life (irrespective of age) and avoid picking apart her news based on our own prejudices or concepts of “should” and “shouldn’t.”

MsArnone on

I’m so happy for Celine,Rene, and Rene-Charles What great news!Celine spreads so much happiness and joy around the world she deserves all the happiness that life brings her…if it’s a girl maybe Therese Marie, Therese after her mom and Marie Celines middle name…we fans are thrilled too!! Congratulations to the entire family♥♥