Britney and Boys: Pool Party!

08/18/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

Back for another day at the pool, Britney Spears brought her boys — Sean Preston, 3 ½, and Jayden James, 2 ½  — down to the water at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Marina del Rey, Calif. on Monday.

Britney and her sons were relaxing for the past few days, but will son be heading East for the next leg of Britney’s Circus tour dates. Watch the popstar to present Letterman’s Top 10 list on his show tonight!

AKM IMAGES/Splash News Online

Click below for a photo of Britney and Jayden!

AKM IMAGES/Splash News Online

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Christine on

With being so close in age (a few days shy of a year apart?) I can never tell these boys apart!
Love their new buzz cuts!
(And cute pink soother! lol)

mrswilliams on

awwwww how cute xxx little j must be like my daughter x she always wants to be carried and my son loves walking lol xx

i am pleased for brit xx i hoppe she stays happy and healthy x and i think if kids want dummys just let them have them, they will give them up when they are ready xx i find it funny its pink one lol why the hell not my little boo loves trucks and my munchkin likes dollys 😀 here is to breaking the sterotype xxx

Shannon on

I swear it gets harder and harder every day to tell the boys apart!!! They are such handsome little men, and I LOVE the new haircuts. Sooo sweet!

Erika on

their hair looks so much better buzzed! i always buzz my sons hair bc 1. its easier to deal with and 2. its free lol

Lola Marie on

I LOVE their new cuts! They look so different but just as cute. Yay for Britney getting back on track.

kmb on

they are much, much cuter with buzz cuts!

lulu* on

The boys’ haircuts are cute, but (I’m a long-time hairdresser) the uneven, splotchy coloration of the boys’ hair in this set of pictures (IMHO) shows that their hair was probably chemically lightened, which iresponsible to do on children this young. Also, it appears to have been done by a non-professional (perhaps Britney herself?) judging by the unevenness and brassy tone.
It is never a good idea to use any chemical hair products on children this young. Their sensitive skin can burn and become irritated much more easily than an adult’s scalp.

Other than that, Brit is looking good and the kids are adorable as always.

Mary-Helen on

They are so cute and brave Britney keeping her cell phone by the pool! That’s a Blackberry Storm and expensive to replace! I never keep my phone by a pool, too afraid of an accident haha!

I love Preston’s face in the first pic, so funny!

Mariel on

at lulu*:

are u kidding me?
her kids are naturally blond!!!!!!!

i love them!! they look so good!

Elle on

Wow didn’t Sean have more brown looking hair? He and Jayden look like their hair is the same color now. They are so cute.

Britney looks amazing and very healthy!

momof4 on

Wow, she colored their hair? Poor little guys.

Brooklyn on

There hair does look a bit odd…but maybe it’s just like that? Anywhoo, Britney looks great!

Stephanie on

How does anyone know that she colored their hair? That’s quite an assumption. So the tones vary…maybe it’s the light, who knows. I can say that my sons hair has a patch of much blonder hair and he has never had his hair colored.

I guess it will always be something though. People find the need to pick on Britney. Personally, I think she’s come a long way and good for her. She looks fabulous and healthy and the boys are absolute dolls. I love their new haircuts. They look like twins!

Kristi on

I noticed the blotchiness of their hair as well and was wondering why it was this way. This pic is a better example…

lulu* on

I am not saying that these kids weren’t blond or dirty blond to begin with, my years of experience as a stylist and an expert colorist are only saying that their natural dirty-blond color appears to have been lightened with chemical agents. The splotchy, leopard-like coloration that can easily be seen in the first picture does not occur naturally. We see this leopard-effect quite frequently in salons when clients have tried to use an at-home bleaching agent (such as a highlighting kit or a ‘Sun-In’ type product)… I do what we call “corrective colors” on these sorts of at-home dye-jobs all the time.
I’m not trying to get into a debate. I just saw something that was obvious (and a little upsetting, given the kids’ young ages) to me, and pointed it out.
Just my opinion 🙂

Shelby on

The boys are so cute (love their new cuts) and it’s so great to see them spending time together while they can. Does anyone know where Britney’s suit is from? I love it!

L on

Britney looks fab, its so refreshing to see her spending all this time this summer with her boys! I LOVE their new haircuts, they are so cute!

lulu* on

Kristi just posted a link to a picture that I think illustrates exactly what I’m talking about.
Parents: Chemical hair services are not recommended for young children!

amy on

IMO 2 1/2… 3 in september is just a little old to be having a pacifier in his mouth. that being said, i understand that it is a comfort thing considering they are never in one place for long and are constantly bounced back and forth from mommy to daddy.

adorable boys tho, and britney looks great!

robinepowell on

Why would Britney dye her sons’ hair? They’re kind of young to care about the colour of it, anymore then Britney would.

Looks like Jayden is getting a bit too big for Britney to carry. I don’t mean holding, just to carry around in the physical sense. 😉

Shaunie on

Their hair looks soooo much blonder in these photos…

maybe it’s b/c of the sunlight or they’re roots have always been lighter and the new short crew cut highlights them. Either way they’re cuter than ever!

Philippa on

The boys are adorable, but what a shame about their hair! I absolutely loved their longer hair, it made them look so cute! (not that they’re not cute now, I guess I just prefer slightly longer hair on little boys 😀 )

Delo78 on

It does look like they have had their hair dyed, but how do we know she did it? It could be the doings of their father! They are still adorable.

Pam on

Regarding hair color, when I was a little girl I had dirty blonde/light brown hair, but being in the sun in the summer, and going into the pool everyday, I was VERY blonde. I think it’s just sun exposure that’s making their hair a little lighter.

JMO on

lulu –

My nephews have 3 shades of highlights in their hair…all due to the chlorine and sun. They’re very light on top (sort of like bleach blonde) and dark on the bottom. No highlights just natural coloration due to sun and chemical (pool) exposure!!

Love the buzz cuts. That’s how I love little boys!

JC on

Anyone can claim to be something on the internet. I have numerous children with that exact same hair “blotches”.

Karen on

I love the buzz cuts. I’m sure their hair is lighter from the sun. I see tons of kids whose hair gets really light in the summer. Plus it’s not like they have dark, dark hair. Cute pics!

Meredith on

To me it looks like the way the light is hitting their heads. The sun and pool can change hair color, and the sun hitting their heads can impact how we see their hair in photos…it could be splotchy because of where the shade is falling on them or where the rays of sunlight hit.

Maggie on

Everyone needs to look at the link Kristi has posted. It’s obviously been dyed!

marianasanchez on

omg people stop please! when my little boy was a baby his hair was long and brown and when he got older I cut his hair very very short and then it became really light .. I think this is exactly what happened to sean p. cause jayden’s natural hair color has always been blonde I think you are looking for a excuse to criticize !

alana on

I was going to add it could be because their hair is wet from swimming. Don’t little fuzzy heads get splotchy sometimes if part of it is drying faster than others? (some parts still very wet, and some very dry?) …just an idea…I wouldn’t jump to conclusions…

Ashley on

Well if you dont want to dye your childrens hair then dont do it. But if Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears want to then they can!

meghan on

ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every picture of this woman and the vultures just swoop in to pick and pick! Coloring her two-year-old and three-year-old son’s hair?!?!?! Seriously? There are several perfectly logical reasons why their hair might be ‘multi-colored’. Why does everyone need to look for things they can start trouble about?



Super cute

holden on

This annoys me…First of all, people have no way of knowing for sure that the boys’ hair was colored, and jumping to conclusions or justifying your credibility by saying that “you’re a hairdresser” is silly. I can be a hairdresser online too. Second of all, it doesn’t even matter that she dyed the boys’ hair. It could be some sort of hairspray paint thing, my children love spraying their hair with funky colors during vacation, and it washes off quite quickly. And even if it isn’t spray paint, people shouldn’t attack her for it. I hate it when people give me parenting advice and tell me what I should and shouldn’t do with/to my kids. I am the parent, and any choice regarding my children will be mine/theirs to make. Britney should be afforded the same privilege, celebrity or not.

Besides, I’m sure Britney Spears’ hair stylists know way more than us about what is and isn’t good for hair. If it was dangerous in any way to her boys, she probably would’ve been aware of it.

Robin on

People lighten up! LOL! So many people make such harsh judgments about whether the boys hair is colored. Same thing happened when Gwen Steffani’s son Kingston appeared to have hi-lights or when Melanie Browns little girl Angel Iris had a mohawk! Who cares as long as the children are happy! It’s just hair and it could possible be lightened in the sun but if it is colored, so what! Honestly I am surprised that NO ONE has commented on the pink pacifier!(YET!):)

Whitney Sterk on

I had to buy pacifiers for Britney Spears once and she didn’t care what kind they were as long as they were the right size. I tried to buy boy ones but they didn’t have them- he must lose them a lot.

Jana on

Very nicely said, Holden. You took the words right out of my mouth! 🙂

Terri on

I was just about to say that Sean’s hair looks lighter than his usual brown. Anyway, I love their buzz cuts!

HeatherR on

Just speculating here, but maybe the *possible* hair dye incident is what prompted these new buzz cuts? Maybe they attempted to put some highlights or Sun-In in the boys’ hair and it didn’t take so well. Just a theory…

Personally I don’t really care what their hairstyle is. As long as they are all well and happy, that’s all that matters.

Erin on

I think the boys look great, and Brit looks fab! My nephew has a buzz cut and in all the pictures of him this summer his hair looks much lighter than it is. Something to do with the sun beaming through the tiny spikes of hair, I think! Anyway, I don’t think she would do anything that might rock the custody boat after everything that’s happened. I agree with Meghan, holden, Robin, etc. – it’s really enough with the picking on her already. She seems so have righted the ship, and that’s a good thing.

lilly on

i dunno it could be from the pool, chlorine. But it looks like from dying the kids hair. Even still it looks good that they got haircuts, and it looks like brit is a good momma. Im glad to see her healthy, and happy and smiling. The kids really love her, and they seem like a close family.

Lauryn on

I agree it does look obvious it was dyed, at least Preston’s. It seems to me the people saying it definitely wasn’t dyed are being a little defensive. It is a big deal to put chemicals in kids hair that young, how can you not think that? The picture in that link shows it clearly.

danigirl on

Pretty obvious she dyed their hair. ;-/ I wouldn’t put that on a child because of the potential burns to their skin or any allergies that may arise. I love their new buzz cuts though!

Aaron on

Couldn’t the “dye” in the boy’s hair possibly just be a color spray used to temporarily change their haircolor? Not sure on this, but the way one of the boy’s hair looks in the close up picture that Kristie posted makes me think that it was just some sort of colored hairspray. Just my two cents…

Mommyof3 on

It has been over a month since I have been on this site and sadly it has NOT changed at all. The vast majority of people on here just LOVE to pick Brittany (and everyother celeb) apart.Will it ever stop!?!?!?!?
While yes the boys do appear to have lighter looking hair then they did before keep in mind that we have never seen them with hair this short!!! At the end of June my son had a “ceaser cut” that had growen out over the past 6 weeks or so (so it was getting relativley long) anyways he decided at school to cut his hair down to his scalp. We had no choice but to bick his head with a #1 all around and boy was I ever upset. 2 weeks after it grew in a bit, mixed with the summer sun and a chlorine filled pool his hair was bleach blonde with some undertones of dirty blonde (basically the same “leppoard look” as it was put above) Now I can tell you that I have NEVER lightened his hair nor will I!
And I am Sorry but I do not think it is fair to make assumptions such as these because that is your profession. To me it’s no differnet then a plastic surgeon saying that you have had a breast agumentation or lift because they appear to be “perkier” when really you are 4-5 months pregnant.

I’m off my soap box Anyways…thoes boys look adorable and Britt is looking awesome:) I really wish I had of been able to see her concert when she was here. Next time I suppose!!

Dori on

Has anyone… even the “hair stylist” thought maybe, just maybe, that it is HENNA dye? Perfectly NATURAL and SAFE!!!!! It is what my hair stylist, and many others recommend for pregnant woman, because it has no chemicals. Those “leopard” spots look WAY darker than SP’s hair has ever looked. Just because something was done, doesn’t mean it was done in an unsafe manner. What, when they show up with fake tattoos, is someone gonna claim that they are a tattoo artist and swear Britney permanently branded them? Get a grip people!

CelebBabyLover on

Dori- I agree! Also, if the boys’ hair WAS dyed, how do we know it was Britney that did it? It could very easily have been Kevin!

ciel on

the boys look like TWINS!

Jane on

I love her boy’s hair. They are so adorable.

jill on

They are cute. Jayden has always been that blond. With all the swimming they are doing and the sun it’s not unheard of for hair to change colors and get lighter. And honestly it’s kind of sad people automatically blame her for dying the kid’s hair or pacifer usage. They have a father too.

mrswilliams on

err how do you it was britney…last time i checked KEVIN was the one with more rights tahn her do you really think if she was putting dye in those boys head him or his laywer wouldn’t have used it against her in some way..**like every one else does all of the time**

so before you start having a pop check your facts, just becuase your a hairdresser than means nothing, have you ever worked on those boys hair so really you have no idea what your talking about, and you can’t say ‘oh i didn’t mean to start something’ when its clear you did, i once sat for 20 mins trying to convince a hairdresser i have never colured my hair and she would not leave it as i have light blonde bits as well as darker blond.. all down to the sun ,so it goes to show you don’t no every thing.

why not for once say something nice..or like my mother said don’t say any thing at all.s

Q on

The boys look so adorable. In one pic JJ is trying to block Preston from holding their mommy’s hand, so cute.

Exactly Dori! Even if their hair was dyed we have no idea if it was done unsafely. Plus last I checked they do have a father. Ever think he did it?


good thought dori!!

ppl need to chill

Mel G on

Ok why is everyone blaming Britney for the boys hair? “Its obviously Britney has dyed their hair. Bad mother.” There is no evidence to show that Britney is the one responsible for the boys hair (could easily have been k-fed). Everyone always takes away from the positve. Britney looks great and healthy and is bonding with her sons and they look like they are having fun. Why can’t that be enough for some of you?

Hea on

The boys look perfectly safe, very much loved and very happy. Isn’t that all that matters? So what if they’ve spray painted their hair a bit?

Evy on

This is incredible, every topic becomes a challenging topic. The hair looks blotchy that’s because of the haircut. I was a hairdresser also but it doesnt mean they were colored. To lighten their hair they need bleach or even color I dont think any mom would do that. But you also have those peroxide lighteners which are fun to do and when in the sun they will give you a brassy tone if your hair is more on the brown side than blonde. Boyslike to do cool things to their hair too but the kids are too young, so I dont think it was their idea. Regardless Britney give Britney a break, she has come a long way and everyone on this blog needs to lighten up and let others have their opinion before “ganging” up on them. have a great day CBB “bloggers.”

Chris on

I like the new haircuts! Jayden is such a mama’s boy! 🙂

Mary-Helen on

Who cares if the boys’ hair was dyed? They aren’t our children and lots of celeb parents dye their kids hair. I wouldn’t do it for my kids personally, but Preston and Jayden aren’t my kids so it’s really none of my concern what Britney and Kevin choose to do with their hair. Gwen Stefani dyed Kingston’s hair, Mel B gave Angel a mohawk and last summer Maddox Jolie-Pitt had his hair cut into a mohawk, bleached blonde and dyed a different colour (blue, orange, purple) everytime you saw him! It may not be a popular choice, but Britney is really not the first celeb parent to colour her children’s hair.

Kat on

OMG!!! Those boys are SO stinkin’ cute!! I love their new haircuts!!!! Brit looks fabulous…good for her!!!

mmh on

C’mon guys — stop complaining about Jayden’s pacifier — it’s the only way to tell the cuties apart!!!! =)

I am not usually one to fawn, but WOW! Brit looks fantastic!!!!

mel on

Great picture of Britney and the boys. I’m so glad she got herself together and now she can spend quality time with her boys.

CelebBabyLover on

Mary-Helen- Actually, just like with Sean and Jayden, we actually have no way of knowing for sure if Kingston’s hair was dyed. He, too, could have gotten highlights and such from the sun, as another poster mentioned. Or maybe his hair is starting to lighten up on it’s own.

I also don’t think we can say that LOTS of parents in Hollywood dye their kids’ hair. In most cases, we have no proof that that they did and that it wasn’t just the sun, chlorine, etc. that did it. Maddox, obviously, is one case where we DO know his hair has been dyed, as no one has blue highlights in their hair naturally! 🙂

Liz on

The kids’ hair has CLEARLY been dyed; their previous color was dirty blonde, at the lightest. Furthermore, hair doesn’t get lighter as one gets older; it gets darker. It is completely irresponsible and vain to dye your young children’s hair.

As for the binky, isn’t Jaden almost 3??? That is WAY too old for a binky, according to any good pediatrician, and I think it is also embarrassing for a child. I took my son off the binky in 2 days at age 14 months, and he never went back. The longer you wait to wean a child off, the harder it is.

Lioness on

The hair’s looks quite obviously dyed. Yes, no one here knows for sure, but as others did, I am speculating, and I’d definitely say it was dyed, it’s too abruptly uneven. Doesn’t look natural in the slightest. Anyway, I love the boys’ cuts, I think they look better than their old haircuts. And yes, lots of celebs dye their kids’ hair, but I think this is the first I’ve seen where the hair is dyed all the way to the roots, which is the irresponsible part. Maddox/Kingston’s hair looks like someone professionally did it and made sure to stay away from the roots… Preston/Jayden’s heads look like they were done by KFed, lol. Cute boys, though, as always.

CelebBabyLover on

Lioness- Again, how do we know for sure that Kingston’s hair was dyed. As for Preston and Jayden…We need to remember that several factors could be at play here. For example, maybe the hair lightened a bit with chlorine or was bleached by the sun, and maybe the sunlight and the flash of the camera caused the hair to look slightly different than it does (i.e., the coloring may not look quite that uneven in real life).

Also, as someone else said, even if it IS dye, it could be henna dye, which is completely safe.

mamabear on

Is it possible that the boys got into something and put it on their hair and then Brittney HAD to buzz their hair?

I say this because while Jayden was always a blond, Sean did have much darker hair!

My son got into a bottle of spray on “sun-in” that he found in my closet – he got an orange leopard patch on the side of his head too 🙂


It’s weird seeing the boys without their adorable bowl cuts! But I do like the buzz cuts! Brings more attention to their adorable faces and I’m sure it’s more comfortable!~

Alex on

Her boys are too cute! They look so grown up already.

gianna on

Her sons are so gorgeous. Sean is a great mix of kevin and britney, while jayden is all britney. Britney is looking good too. I think sean’s hair was dyed, I saw pics just two weeks ago and it was brown. Now it looks bleached blonde and there’s patches, like when you dye hair and don’t get it all.

KimK on

I’m not a fan of Spears, however I’d like to commend her on picking herself up, getting her life in order, building a relationship with her sons and continuing to keep up the work on her career and own individual. Whatever I may think of her personally does not matter. She went through a difficult divorce (and for those of you’ve that haven’t been there then you really have no idea how easily a sane individual is thrown off kilter… & pray you are not one of the 50%) and apparently has some issues that I am not qualifies to guess at, but has taken responsibility no matter how it may have looked to those watching her under a magnifying glass. She looks healthy, the boys look happy. Hair dye is the least of the issues on hand & frankly none of our business. What more do any of you want?