Alyson Hannigan and Satyana Roll With It

08/16/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
Andrade/Perkins/Pacific Coast News

An upbeat Alyson Hannigan takes her beverage to go Thursday while taking 4-month-old daughter Satyana on a stroll through Santa Monica, Calif.

The How I Met Your Mother actress was back at work this week, baby and husband Alexis Denisof in tow — the show has set up a nursery for the new mom.

Next up? Preparing for the Emmy Awards next month. Alyson, 35, has narrowed her dress choices down to two, and will be making sure they cover all they need to.

โ€œThis year, [my goal] is to make sure the boobs stay in,” she jokes. “I have boobs now! Theyโ€™re my new accessory. I want to make sure they stay in and they stay dry.โ€

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Lynn on

Still my favorite celeb family. I love the Hannigan-Denisofs.

I can’t wait to see what Aly wears to the Emmys.

lisa on

OMG she talked about her BOOBS!! Are people gonna trash her now just like they did with Kourtney?
I bet they won’t.

Bugaboo Cameleon on

Of course they wont. She’s Alyson!

fuzibuni on

considering she’s a comedic actress, i think she was sort of joking around.

Brandy on

Haha Lisa. You beat me to it. How dare she say boobs out loud…… haha

amy on

i love her! she is so down-to-earth! i mean, taking your baby on a walk down the street to get some coffee with no make-up, something i do everyday! so normal.

Carolyn on

Lisa: My thoughts exactly!

Micheley on

I love Alyson, but
Lisa, I was thinking the exact same thing. So what if she is a comedic actress, Kourtney is a reality star and to me there is alot of similarities between the two.

There seem to be quite alot of hypocrites on here just because Kourtney isn’t the conventional mother to be.

J on

I didn’t even think of Kourtney regarding the boob comments until people here had to bring it up to instigate. Thanks…

Micheley on

People only brought up Kourtney because they wanted to show the bias that people were having towards her. I think it was completely called for. And this was the perfect example with pretty darn good timing

Amandamay on

i don’t really see the similarities… it’s kourtney’s behavior and attitude that people seem to take issue with. alyson and kourtney are light years apart in how they behave/talk. it’s not just the “saying the word ‘boobs'” thing.

lizzielui on

One said she is embracing her curves and that her boobs got huge. The other said that she wants to make sure that her boobs stay in, that they are her new accessory and that she wants them to stay dry. Totally innocuous statements about changes in body development during pregnancy by each lady. I don’t see how one is any worse than the other. It’s a shame women can’t have lighthearted, candid conversations about the changes that happen during pregnancy without people being all up in arms.

Mary-Helen on

I think pretty much every new mom ends up talking about boobs @ some point haha. Even my girlfriends and I were making jokes about how I can’t see my feet anymore because of em.

But I do think certain celebs get trashed more than others when it comes to perfectly normal topics of conversation for moms.

Stephany on

Alyson is so pretty! She’s one of my favorite celebrity mom’s for sure.

And I have to agree with posters like Micheley, lizzieliu, and Mary-Helen…both are harmless comments but yet Kourtney got so much crap about her comment. Double standards.

Emma on

Micheley… hypocrites? On this blog? Nooo! How can you say such a thing? All the nice ladies here are fair and unbiased and never catty. You take that back! LOL!

Hypocrisy aside, I say more power to BOTH Alyson and Kourtney for talking about issues we all discuss in our real lives. At the end of the day they’re real women and I don’t see why they should have to shut up when it comes to issues we all deal with.

And CBB, talk about good timing, wink, wink ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jessi on

I love her!

I want her stroller!

Jill on

Does anyone know what kind of stroller that is? We are in the market for one and that looks adorable!

Jessi on

I might be too Jill, so I want to see what kind that is too!

nat on

@jessi and jill:
It’s a Bugaboo Cameleon in dark grey/pink.

marie on

I have a question about. Does Santa Monica have cool weather right now? I’m wondering why Alyson is wearing long sleeves. I have noticed several celeb woman wearing long sleeves. I’m from Georgia, and the thought of that makes me overheat! Just curious. =)

Jessi on

Thank you nat!

meghan on

marie – santa monica has been having highs around 70-75 or so recently.

kai on

the sad thing is, it’s become a game for me to guess what people are complaining about whenever there are more than 10 comments. I thought it was about her nearly killing the baby by holding a hot beverage with the stroller!

the only thing I have to say is that she totally doesn’t look like 35. mind-boggling, really.

Ruthella on

I have that pram in the same colours and I LOVE IT!! It’s the best pram I’ve ever had, and we’ve had a few!

I can’t rate it highly enough, especially if you walk a lot like I do ๐Ÿ™‚

Sandra on

Amandamay, I think you’re right.

Kristi on

Kai- I do the same thing! I usually notice first how many comments are left, read the article, and then try to figure out why there are so many comments (if it’s an article with a lot of comments). 9 times out of 10 I have no idea what the gripe may be until actually reading through the comments but maybe that is because I don’t have children yet.

Anyways I love Alyson!

Brandi on

Interesting that the actual post that quote is from only got 4 comments

People here really just latch on to stuff don’t they? Funny.

eilonvi on

I love her too. She looks great still like a teenager ๐Ÿ™‚ and she seems like such a nice person.

Willow forever.