Jaime Bergman on Bed Rest: 'It Was Torture'

08/13/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

After enjoying a healthy pregnancy with her son, Jaime Bergman wasn’t anticipating any surprises when she discovered she was expecting her second child with husband David Boreanaz. Following a preterm labor scare, however, Jaime was placed on strict bed rest by her doctor, with the order having since been lifted once she reached full term. “You would think it’s the most amazing thing in the world, but it was torture,” she says of her downtime.

“Mainly because of my 7-year-old [son Jaden Rayne]. He can’t understand why I couldn’t play and wanted to sit down. I read a lot of books, watched a lot of reality TV. I’m hooked, it’s horrible. All of those Bravo Housewives shows … I’ve been on bed rest for three months, I think I’ve seen every single episode!”

Now that she finds herself back on her feet, Jaime is tying up loose ends in her daughter’s nursery as she awaits baby girl‘s arrival. “Everything got delivered yesterday — the only thing I haven’t done is the pictures in the nursery,” she shares.

With her due date less than a month away, Jaime is determined not to be caught off guard by a likely early delivery. “I’m due the first of September, but they think she’s coming early because she’s so big,” she explains.

Looking to give Jaden a sibling for some time now, Jaime and David are overjoyed that their family of three is expanding. “We’ve been trying to have another baby for a couple of years now so we are beyond excited,” the mama-to-be says.

“We’re over the moon.”

— Anya with reporting by Lisa Ingrassia

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Emaline on

So happy to hear this! I can relate to the torture that is bedrest, ugh! I love this family and have a huge crush on ‘Booth’!

Jessi on

I totally can relate to the bedrest horror!

Harley on

I can only imagine how hard it must have been, especially with a young son who couldn’t quite grasp the reason. I’m so glad that all seems well now. I cannot wait for this baby to arrive!

SAR on

Yep, from what I’ve heard, “bed rest” is anything but restful. I’m glad that Jaime could get back on her feet. Some women have to spend the rest of their pregnancies on bed rest. Myself, I’d go crazy.

NIkka on

With all the respect, how come 7 year old one doesnt understand why is mom on the bedrest? Did they tell him babies come from Walmart?

Sandra on

Emaline, me too. Have a huge crush on ‘Booth’ 🙂
Best of luck to Jaime, David and Jaden

Amandamay on

She looks gorgeous!!!

shelly on

Such a beautiful woman and adorable family. Can’t wait to see photos of their beautiful little girl.

Alice on

Nikka, even if he understands that it might hurt the baby he’s only 7 I think at some point he must be like “come and run in the yard with me just 5 minutes the baby will be fine”. Plus he probably sees other pregnant women walking around so why could his mom not do it.

Megan on

I was wondering if everything with her pregnancy was okay when David said he wasn’t attending Comic-Con because she was due to give birth any time, even though she wasn’t 37 weeks yet. Glad to hear she’s alright now.

Rebecca on

I agree Nikka, it would seem like a 7 year old is completely capable of understanding what’s going on (unless there’s something wrong with them mentally.) I think people really underestimate children and what they’re capable of understanding.

janet on

I wondered why we hadn’t seen any photos of her out and about. Now we know. Glad all is well now, I’m so looking forward to seeing their (not so) little girl. Good luck Jaime!

Amandamay on

Hmmm. I’m guessing those of you acting a bit snotty about the “7 year old” thing don’t have 7 year old children! My 7 year old would certainly understand (On a basic level) the situation but that doesn’t mean he’d be able to really “get” it (life and death -health issues- don’t usually have much real life context at that age) if that makes sense. 7 year olds aren’t adults. They aren’t endlessly patient. And even if they understand that mommy needs to rest because of the baby, that doesn’t mean they won’t long for/need attention and time playing with/being with mommy. It’s not a matter of underestimating the child, it’s a matter of a 7 year old being a young child who doesn’t want to spend 3 months essentially without his mommy.

Ruthella on

I have a seven year old son, and he would definitely ‘get it’ if we told him that. He’s very considerate and thoughtful, kind of an old head on young shoulders 🙂

HOWEVER, I also have a five year old son and unless he has a complete and total personality transplant in the next two years, I’d be willing to bet he wouldn’t ‘get it’ at seven.

They’re all different 🙂

mikey on

In defense of her 7yr old son, I think it’s hard for him to grasp the length of time she was on bedrest. Kids don’t think that far in advance.

georgi on

i agree with the person who wondered how a 7 year old kid wouldn’t understand bed rest. that child would be in 2nd grade and quite capable of understanding a pregnancy. my son was 4 and he understood that i got tired easily when i was pregnant. he also knew there was a baby in there! with all due respect, that sounds odd.

CelebBabyLover on

georgie- Read Amandamay’s comment. I think she explained it the best. 🙂

Nikki on

Why must there be some massive debate on every thread?

It would be nice just to stick to the photos and story for a change.