Anna Friel Tackles Tough Questions From Gracie

08/13/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
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Like 5 ½-year-old Ella Rae Wahlberg before her, celebrity baby Gracie Ellen Mary Friel, 4, is beginning to ask questions about when mom Anna Friel and dad David Thewlis will make their relationship official!

While Ella got her wish earlier this month, it remains to be seen whether Gracie will as well. Anna tells NOW that marriage is “the question we’re both asked the most,” and Gracie often leads the charge. Says the 33-year-old Pushing Daisies star,

“[She] keeps saying, ‘Mummy, when are you getting married?’ I suppose that puts on a bit more pressure, when your daughter’s asking, but if things work, why change them?”

As for whether or not the longtime couple will someday make Gracie a big sister, Anna admits that the issue is on her radar. “I’m wondering when would be the best time to have a second child,” she muses. “I think it’s something you can’t plan. You have to throw caution to the wind and let it happen.” If and when it does, however, don’t expect Anna to make any announcements!

“I would never tell people that I was trying for a baby. It’s like saying, ‘Yes, we’re having lots of sex.'”

Source: NOW via Digital Spy

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StreetGirl on

I totally agree with Anna about the whole not telling people when you are trying for a baby. Its such a personal thing and not to be spoken about in such a casual way in my opinion.

Mia on

I just don’t understand why so many people seem to be against marriage. If you’re committed enough to having kids together + you are committed in a relationship, why not get married? If you already “practically” married, making it legal shouldn’t change the dynamic + if it does, maybe you are not in the right relationship.

It is one thing if one/both people in the relationship have been married before + maybe they already have kids, or make the step up to be really committed (like adopting the kids as your own, legal guardianship) but it seems like so many people, right off the bat, don’t even get married anymore + just have kids.

Jane on

Oh, come on…
actually, people who are having fertility problems often need to talk about this… saying “trying to have a baby” is often part of the medical conversations and with understanding friends. Try to be sensitive to those who may be having a hard time with having a baby, who would talk about trying to have a baby. It’s a struggle and that is often what is being talked about. If you are young and not having fertility issues, sure, no need to mention trying. I’m pretty reserved with these things yet I have no problem saying “trying to have a baby”!

mslewis on

Marriage is really unnecessary these days, in my opinion!!! If you have a great relationship, a piece of paper and a few words from a stranger won’t make it any better. People should just live their lives and if one day they want to make everything “official” then go for it, but it’s not necessary. In the USA the divorce rate is over 50% and it costs a fortune to get one. If your relationship breaks up and you both are independent moneywise, you can just leave (and, believe me, a woman should have her own money anyway). If there are children, one spouse would have to pay child support anyway, even without a marriage certificate because the children would still be the children of both people.

I know there are some people who think marriage is important and for them that’s just wonderful. But, don’t deny people who don’t believe in marriage the right to their choices.

Shannon on

I think most people hear that someone is trying to have a baby and they automaticaly think of good old fashioned having sex to do that. Most people who dont have fertility problems will jump to this conclusion. I feel deeply for those couples who do have this problem, I can’t imagine the pain they must go through, and I wish no one ever had to endure that, but please don’t harp on someone’s innocent comment simply b/c she is trying to be a little more private than these celebs who go on and on about how much fun it is trying to make a baby (often with a little wink or nudge thrown in to emphasize the point). I think her response to that was very classy. That part is no one else’s business.

jaja on

Mia, the question could be flipped just as easily – if you’re in a committed relationship and/or have kids and are happy with that, why bother getting married? If it ain’t broke…pushing people to get married who don’t feel the need to doesn’t really make sense. WOuldn’t it make marriage more meaningless if people did it just because it was what you were ‘supposed’ to do?

mmh on

I was shocked when some of our friends gave us trouble when we announced our second pregnancy — “But I didn’t even know you were trying!!” Sorry guys — only my hubby and I knew that very personal info!!! =)

Mia on

No, I agree, in that sense of the other way around as well. It’s a personal decision. I just personally feel their should be marriage w/ children, its the biggest commitment you can make to someone. And its the same argument-a relationship can still break up, whether you are married or not married, there is nothing that is “break up-proof”, it comes down to the people in the relationship.
It just seems like nobody really cares about marriage anymore, which is ironic, considering.

I’m curious to someone that said “Marriage is unnecessary”, in what aspect?

Alice on

I think that the “marriage is unnecessary” is because marriage used to be a very religious thing, it was a promise to God so it couldn’t be broken. Now no matter what it can always be 😦 There was also abstinence till marriage hence no marriage no sex and no babies, and other reasons like that. Now for two people who are not too religious and are both financially independent yes marriage is unnecessary.
It doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done, I personnally think it makes a difference to make a vow in front of all your family and friends, and it’s just a nice thing to do. Plus if unfortunately something happens to the other parent, if you’re not married you get no support and I’ve seen this happen. it can seem greedy but when you have lost someone I think the last thing you want to think about is how you will struggle to provide for your children. But it sure isn’t as important and necessary as it was before.

Tina. on

i think that marriage should be important to the people that really love marriage, and people who dont love the idea of marriage shouldnt get married. its such a talked about issue and i dont see why it should be, its one day! the big white dress and its kind of stupid to waste a whole bunch of money, if your gonna act married anyways.

Erica on

I don’t agree that marriage is “just one day”. I’d say the vast majority go into it with the mentality that they are entering a lifelong commitment, which I think is beautiful. People will do whatever is comfortable for them, but I’ve never understood why it is important for those who don’t want to get married to demean it.

Alice: Marriage is *still* a very religious thing for many couples. I think the main reason why we see so many divorces now is because women have a greater ability to leave a less than great marital situation, plus divorce is so commonplace now (which is a shame) there is no longer such a taboo. On the other hand, there are many people who aren’t particularly religious at all who still believe in marriage.

I agree with what Anna said about it being no one’s business when a couple is trying for a new baby, but her comment about the impossibility of planning a second child is strange…people plan their children every day and have done so for years. It’s not exactly Russian Roulette.

Jamie on

Mia, unfortunately, a lot of people who WANT to get married cannot in most states of this country.

danigirl on

Anna is obviously stating that she doesen’t feel the need to be married to the father of her child. And thats okay for her! Some people are scared or don’t want it or feel the need for marriage and I don’t think anyone should try and push it on her (I believe only her daughter has the right to ask her these questions because it is her family and she is at a curious age!). To each their own I say! Personally I will not have children with my boyfriend (of 10 years!)until we are married. Thats what I feel is right for my life. I think having kids is a huge commitment and I would want a fully committed partner to share the joys and responsibility of parenthood. Like I said, this applies to my life only. Some people say a wedding is just one day. They’re only half right. Getting married is just one day, but its the first day of a MARRIAGE. Some couples have an all out traditional wedding and some have a quiet ceremony but for all its a special occasion. A wedding with a white dress and guests is obviously very important to some and their families and is not a waste. Humans have always found it to be meaningful and profound to say vows in front of others and go through the motions and ceremony that our ancestors did. I really hate to see people minimize this just because they don’t choose that for their own life. And I say its equally bad to dismiss a couple and their relationship simply because they aren’t married.

Mia on

@Jamie-Yes, hence my “irony” comment.

And there is a difference between the Wedding + the Marriage. I think weddings are ridiculous, the really over the top ones/dramatic ones + a reason why most marriages fail, because people tend to not realize how important a marriage is + think its just an excuse to have a big expensive party + also people think “well, we’re married, I don’t have to work on the relationship now”, which is false + really the opposite: If you show you are that committed, you should work on the relationship even more. I probably just want to elope or plan the wedding in a week, but that’s me LOL. I’m not a religious person at all + once I have my career started, I will be plenty financial independent, but I still believe very strongly in marriage. I think it is a necessity, its the most commitment you can show someone + your relationship.

And in regards to abstinence/marriage: Technically reports have shown that about the same rate of people were engaging in pre-marital sex centuries ago, same as now now. Really, not much has changed in human sexuality-people just didn’t talk about it as much LOL. And also, long time ago, people were getting married by 14, 15, 16-right when sex + sexual discovery starts to happen, so its the same today, just people are getting married at a later/older rate (on a mass scale/majority), like late 20’s or early 30’s.

MW on

I wonder if people consider the legal aspects of choosing not to marry a long time partner. My father and his girlfriend were together for 12 years when dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer. They had been living together for 10 years, but after two failed marriages,dad swore he would never wed again. Prior to undergoing surgery to remove his bladder,dad wanted to make sure the woman he loved would be taken care of if something went wrong. He found out that since they weren’t married,if he died she could not receive his social security benefits or his pension from his job.
Also,no matter how long you live with someone,if there is a medical emergency,they aren’t legally permitted to make decisions for you,unless you have a power of attorney and/or a living will. How many of these young,unmarried couples have thought that far ahead?
Taking this all into consideration,they decided to get married one month before his surgery,so she would be protected. Thankfully,dad’s treatment went well and he is now cancer free, but I wonder if people consider these things when they say marriage doesn’t matter.
Stuff like this might not be a big deal to Hollywood stars with money to spare,but for normal people,I think it’s important to consider. If you love someone and you have chosen to spend your life with them,you should do whatever is necessary to make sure they are taken care of. These things are a huge part of why same-sex couples are fighting so hard to be able to marry.

Erin on

This is so very simple. If you’re committed, why must everyone feel like a ring says anything? If you don’t want to be married, that’s your business. If you do, that’s your business. She doesn’t…let her be! A piece of paper and a piece of jewelry change nothing but your names and taxes.

CelebBabyLover on

Erin- I agree with you, but getting married also DOES mean that you can make decisions for your loved one if they get sick or injured and can’t do so themselves, and it insures that you will be finincally taken care if your spouse dies before you do.