Tisha Campbell-Martin Makes the Most of Her Final Pregnancy

08/12/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
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Pregnancy the second time around is proving to be bittersweet for Tisha Campbell-Martin. Making the most of each moment as she is fairly certain this will be her last baby, the actress says she is faring far better than she did when she was expecting her first child eight years ago. “I was on bed rest the entire time … it was rough,” she tells Celebrity Baby Blog.

While baby-on-the-way — a boy — seems to be giving the expectant mama little trouble other than the occasional reminder that he is “looking for the exit,” Tisha is prepared for any bumps in the road — including a few bouts of morning sickness — and is taking them all in stride. “I’m enjoying it. I’m 40, and having a baby!” she says.

“Every moment, every nauseous moment, everything that is good and not so good about being pregnant, I’m enjoying.”

Despite their initial hopes for many children, Tisha and her husband Duane Martin have opted to focus the last few years solely on their first born, Xen, 8, who had been diagnosed with autism. “We really wanted to wait as long as possible,” she explains. “I don’t want to say [Xen has] grown out of it, but no one knows.” His challenges don’t faze Tisha, who says that she constantly gives thanks for her son. “Every day I celebrate that boy. He’s one of the strongest, most amazing kids.”

To that end, the couple have already began to encourage a nurturing relationship between the siblings as they prepare Xen for his new role as big brother. “One of the key things with Xen was making sure he had ownership with what was going on,” she says. For the family, that meant referring to baby as belonging to him and consistently reassuring their son that the little one would soon be joining their household. According to the actress the plan worked — so much so that Xen eagerly awaits the day where he will no longer be the only child!

“He loves my stomach and he talks to the baby. He can’t wait. He says, ‘I don’t want to be the only child anymore. I want my baby out of your belly soon.'”

As for her role on Rita Rocks, she jokes that the show has been busy in the baby bump department; Costar Nicole Sullivan is due with her second son on August 25th, while Tisha expects her baby boy on September 21st. With two pregnant women on set, all are scrambling to squeeze in the last-minute shooting schedules! “We’re like, ‘I’m tired,'” Tisha laughs, adding that she plans to return to the show two weeks after baby boy is born.

“I love work. I love sitcoms. It’s more work being at home. And the babies get to come with us. We don’t miss a beat.”

— Anya with reporting by Lisa Ingrassia

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chris on

I am very happy for them. I love watching re-runs of Martin and My Wife… I wil say that I wish more minority families would discuss their “challenges”. Holly Robinson has been very open regarding her son’s dx. I think a united front of Toni Braxton, Cindy Heron from En Vogue, Tish and Holly would do a lot for research and diagnosis in the minority community. I respect their privacy and wish them all the best.

Lynn on

I can’t wait until both Tisha and Nicole have their babies.

I love Rita Rocks and can’t wait for the return of that show in October. I heard they wrote in Nicole’s pregnancy, so that should be exciting.

TV on

I’m not a big fan of Tisha but does it seem to anyone else that she gains a lot of weight while pregnant, especially in the face? Would not have been able to recognize who she was if they didn’t have a caption with her name on it.

megan on

“For the family, that meant referring to baby as belonging to him”

Is that really a good idea ?

12 Weeks Pregnant on

She looks radiant, love the bump!

Kristin on

I think its good to wait to have another kid when you have a child who is autistic. It takes a lot of time to get used to it and put all your attention on them and their needs. As they get older some improvements show and having another baby could actually help an autistic child help take care of someone else. Congratulations Tisha on both boys!

nicky on

September 21st?!! She looks like she’s ready to go now!!

Joy on

She’s coming back two weeks after the baby is born? I thought it takes one’s body a month to recover. I hope she changes her mind. I am a mom of 4; two C Sections. I loved Tisha both in “Martin” and “My Wife And Kids”. Haven’t seen much of her new show, however!

Melissa on

Children do not grow out of autism. They either worked like hell and recovered their firstborn, or he was misdiagnosed to start with. Autism doesn’t just go away.

monique on

For the people with negative comments: if you don’t have something nice to say, why dont just keep your thoughts to yourself. Dealing with an autistic child and a new baby on the is not a walk in the park. How do you think she will feel if she reads some of these comments. And for the person who commented on her weight: Its perfectly natural to gain weight while your pregnant!!!!hello??.To the new parents: Enjoy your kids and Congrats!!!

Noirsilk on

OMG I hadn’t seen her for a while and just started watching Rita Rocks (and she does). I wondered why Trisha was so cuddly and they were hiding her tummy. That being said CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love the show and Nicole yeah!!!!!

Jeannie R on

I love Tisha, I’ve been a fan of hers since Rags to Riches.I wish the best for her & her family

Janan on

You rock Tisha…take care of those babies..God doesn’t give us more than we can handle…so to Xen and new baby….you have great parents

sandra on

I’ve been a fan of Tisha since School Days. You never hear anything negative about her. She’s great! As for the iditots that talk about her weight, Get a life! I bet she’s happier than you are.

Shannon on

I’m 38 & I’ve given birth to 10 healthy children. I have an 8 & 4 yr old who are both autistic…what a blessing & joy my children are. Autism does not define who they are….highly intelligent,innocence in its purest form…in a nutshell….absolutely breathtaking. So I say to the Martin’s congratulations on your 2 blessings. GOD’s greatest gift!!!