Heidi Klum Says She and Seal Are 'Not Into Pink and Blue'

08/09/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
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After a hectic summer shooting the seventh season of Project Runway, Heidi Klum is ready to spend the remainder of her pregnancy preparing for her fourth child, a girl due in mid-October. “We’re going to go on a holiday for a few weeks,” she tells the Los Angeles Times of her family plans. Once the brood returns home, the expectant model admits she will most likely resort to full nesting mode, organizing her newborn essentials for the big day. “When you’re close to the end — I wanna rearrange the whole house!” she laughs.

Fortunately, not much decision-making is needed when it comes to the nursery; Heidi reveals that her children always sleep in her and husband Seal‘s bedroom for the first year. “I just need a crib and a changing table,” she says. As for the rest of her baby girl’s gear, Heidi will be looking through the items she used for her daughter Leni, 5, and sons Henry, 3 ½, and Johan, 2 ½.

“To be honest, most of the things for the kids are hand-me-downs. There’s a piece Leni had, I took it from her. This piece used to belong to Henry. I was like, ‘You’re going to get something pink, you’ll be fine!’ And we’re not into pink and blue.”

As she finalizes her arrangements and looks forward to the delivery, the 36-year-old will be able to gather her thoughts next month. “In September, they’re all in school!” the proud mama boasts. According to Heidi, if the initial testing of the children is a glimpse into the future, the transition into the classroom will be a smooth one. “You sit in another room and they get evaluated, and Johan did all the puzzles. He impressed them.”

Heidi has made it clear that the family will be complete with the addition of baby girl, but jokes that her tattoo — made up of Seal’s name with three little initialed stars to represent each of their children — has plenty of room for expansion! “See, I planned ahead,” she slyly notes before adding, “But the fourth will be the last one.”

The latest season of Project Runway premieres August 20th at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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cmc on

i cant wait to see this little girl i bet shes going to be beautiful just like her sister and brothers i love this family they are down to earth and hedi and seal are a good couple

may the new baby girl bring happiness to the family god bless this family

Ruthella on

I bet the baby’s gonna be gorgeous 🙂 And it sounds like Heidi’s going to have some one-on-one time with her while all the others are at ‘school’ (surely it isn’t real school at 2 1/2 though?).

Personally, a year would be way too long to share a room with my babies, but I know it is quite common to do that, a few of my friends have done the same. My lot were light sleepers so were shipped out as soon as they started sleeping through at 3 months!

Beautiful family 🙂

ElenaS on

Here parents share a room with a babies even longer than a year depend how big house and space someone has. And for the clothes it’s nice to see that celebrities use hand-me-downs just like most of the people.

I’m sure that baby will be beautiful as her siblings and the family will be happy

April on

We had my daughter in our room for 10 months because she was very high needs and it was easier to have her right there. My son though, oh my gosh he was the LOUDEST sleeper. As soon as he stopped needing to be nursed at night (around 7 months) I couldn’t get him into his own room fast enough. Love him to bits but he was keeping ME awake!

Mari on

I adore this family…Heidi is so down to earth! 😀

CelebBabyLover on

Ruthella- Actually, there are pre-schools that accept kids Johan’s age. Obviously they have an age-approprite curriculam, but it IS pre-school. 🙂

SAR on

I love Heidi’s attitude. There is nothing that says a boy can’t wear pink, or a girl blue. I once got a pair of pink baby booties as a present for a pregnant friend who knew her baby was a boy. She was thrilled with them.

jen on

Sounds like she has a pretty relaxed, easy going nature, which is needed to care for so many young kids. Good for her.

lele on

love that she cosleeps! i am still co sleeping part of the night if needed with my 16 month old and slept with my now almost 5 year old until she was 3 and she now sleeps beautifully every night in her bed. once a week we all snuggle up together for movie night and sleep in a row. sleeping together is a great way to bond and relax at least for me 🙂 i agree that preschool at 2 is young but with 4 and a one being a new baby i would maybe consider school a little earlier. 🙂

14 Weeks Pregnant on

This litte girl is gonna be a stunner just like mum!

TheFirstPositiveHolly on

This is a GREAT family I’m sure little girl is gonna be cute to the max. Congrats to her and 14-weeks-pregnant. 😉 I know some people that didn’t want their baby in their room, and (hard to imagine) that being their fourth child, left the oldest girl to have her own room, and the 3-year-old girl move in with the 6-year-old boy, giving the new baby the three year old’s room. I think it’s ok to have your baby in your room for a while, but I don’t think I would want the girl being with the boy. If you have a loud sleeper, you want him into his room as soon as possible. I personally don’t mind blue on girls but pink on boys is a little too overboard for me. I don’t think it matters much when they are a baby, but at a certain age, the child should decide what color they want to wear and what they don’t want to wear. Some boys don’t like pink at all, and are very particular in what they wanna wear. Once again, congrats to Heidi and every other pregnant woman on CBB! Good luck to you and may God bless you all. 🙂

Ruthella on

CelebBabyLover: thanks! I am in the UK and I think it’s just that we make a bigger differentiation between ‘school’ and ‘preschool’ here. My daughter will start pre-school in September, but most people call it ‘nursery’ as opposed to ‘school’ and pre-schools are often called X Nursery here.

Obviously just a language thing 🙂

gaia's mom on

I rarely disagree with Heidis views and this time is no different. We actually didn’t do my daughters nursery until 2 months after her birth and everyone thought we were crazy for just having the bassinet and changing table! We did paint her room royal blue tho, it seemed like a color she could have for a while and kinda grow with her.

Terri on

I love pink and blue, but prefer to see babies in other colors and it gets a little tiresome always seeing boys in blue and girls in pink. I like seeing kids in all colors of the rainbow!

deedot on

I love dressing my daughter in blkues and greys and was convinced she would not wear pink…but she actually looks great in it. I agree, personally I wish clothing manufacturers would make a greater range of clothes in other colours esp for girls…always 50% of the range is pink! And some kids look awful in pink…