Elisabeth Hasselbeck Welcomes Son Isaiah Timothy

08/09/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Mike Coppola/FilmMagic

It’s another boy for Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her husband of seven years, former NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck. The 32-year-old co-host of The View welcomed son Isaiah Timothy Hasselbeck at 2:49 p.m. Sunday, August 9th in New York City, according to a blog entry posted to the official site of the ABC talk show. In a phone interview Tim went on to reveal,

“Elisabeth and Isaiah are doing great and weโ€™re excited about the addition of another baby boy into our family.”

Weighing in at 7 lbs., 7 oz., Isaiah joins big sister Grace Elisabeth, 4, and big brother Taylor Thomas, 21 months, at home. The pregnancy was announced in January. Elisabeth’s due date would have been August 11th.

Source: The View

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CTBmom on

Congrats to them on their new baby boy!!

Tina. on

thats a different name. good for them ๐Ÿ™‚

Allegra on

Congratulations, I’ve been waiting for this announcement! Love the name. I had a feeling it was a girl, though!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Not a fan myself of the name (like her other kids’ names though), but good that baby boy has arrived safely. Don’t like name Isaiah personally and with Isaiah I always think of it more on an African American baby rather than caucasian, not being negative or racist, just more I picture it on a darker skinned child than fair, bit like I picture Max on a darker haired kid than fair (despite having a nephew Max who’s fair, lol), of course not always the way it works and kids grow into names and all that etc but just what I picture in my head when I hear a name if that makes sense, not sure why…Hope their older two enjoy having a little brother to fuss over!

Tee on

I love the names that Elisabeth and Tim have chosen for all three of their children! Congratulations to the Hasselbeck family for the birth of baby Isaiah!

Stephany on

Congrats to them! I follow Matt Hasselbeck on Twitter and saw his post about his kids having a new cousin and knew CBB would have the latest!

I love the name! It’s on my list of fav’s for boys!

sage on

YAY, I’m so excited for them. I bet the baby is adorable and I love his name.

April on

Sam and Freyas mom you always seem to post the strangest comments.

Anyhow congratulations to Elisabeth and Tim, quite the surprise to me as I was sure she’d be having a girl! Love the name.

brook on

They wasted no time on their announcement, did they!

Tina. on

i know i agree with you April.

Mallory on

Love the name! Congrats to them!

kaitlyn on

Congrats, I’m sure he is adorable! I looove the name Isaiah, but their kids’ names seem so random, like they don’t really go together…

elley on

wow. thats just great.

Erin on

Aww, congrats, I am sure he is just so gorgeous!

momof4 on

Congrats on a healthy baby and mom!

I sort of agree with Sam and Freya’s Mom, though. The name Isaiah seems more commonly given to African-Americans even though the origin of the name is Hebrew and means “Yahweh is Salvation”


I don’t think it really meshes well with Grace or Taylor which seem like typical middle-America white bread names.

Mia on

I was just thinking about this today, I figured it was going to be a boy. Glad the baby arrived healthy + safe. I am not a huge fan of the name, but I wonder if they will call him anything for short, like Izzy? or something. I wonder what the little guy looks like? I think their daughter is more daddy + Taylor is all mommy.

Crystal on

Yea! Congrats to them!!! While I don’t agree with Elisabeth’s politial views or most of her views for that matter ๐Ÿ™‚ I &hearts her fashion choices! The show dresses her soooo cute especially when she was pregnant. I find myself watching the View just to see what cute outfit Elisabeth has on that day!! CONGRATULATIONS Tim, Elisabeth, Grace and Taylor on the addition of your new son/brother!!

Crystal on

Oops! I meant to say I ♥ her fashion choices!! Also, I thought through most of her pregnancy it was another boy and I WAS RIGHT!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sherri on


Congrats to Elisabeth… She was my celebrity preggo buddy – my due date is August 13th & my little delivery surprise will be my 3rd child as well!

Here’s hoping I “go” early too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Elle on

Congratulations to the Hasselbeck Family!!! So happy to hear that Elisabeth and baby Isaiah are doing well. I’m sure he is just as adorable as Grace and Taylor.

On a side note to all those with the “Isaiah is an african-american baby’s name” comments…ALL of the Isaiah’s I know are white. I know most people think of Isiah Thomas but seriously don’t label her name choices or anyone elses as white or black. That is silly!

Anyway! Congrats again Elisabeth and Tim!

daniela on

I love the name but I too think it more commonly used in the AA community. However, I think it’s awesome that they are breaking the mold instead of naming him Joshua or Logan or something of that nature.

Congrats to Elizabeth and family!!!

Karen on

Love her, and what great news!

JMO on

I like the name Isaiah but I have to agree I have never come across many caucasian Isaiah’s. Not that it matters it just seems a little out of context with the names Taylor and Grace. Nonetheless I totally called that this one was a boy LOL – so yay pointers for me I finally got one! And I must say I dont really watch the View anymore but I flicked it on last week or so and Elisabeth looked really good for only being a week away from giving birth!!

robinepowell on

Another future NFLer, for Tim, lol! ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats to them both. Next up another girl in two years time.

Amelie on

Congrats on baby Isaiah! Elizabeth made me laugh the other day on the view when she showed the towels hidden beside her saying ” the crew is providing me towels in case my water breaks today”
Good thing for her she finally went into labor off camera!

Finais on

I’d been waiting for this one! I really like Elisabeth, and I Love the name Isaiah! Congrats to the family!

Mary-Helen on

I saw this mentioned on msnbc earlier and congrats to them!

I love how all of their kids names flow together: Grace, Taylor and Isaiah. They work really well and are nice, normal names.

Jessica on

Congrats, I’ve seen people posting some really horrible things about her on another site. Isaih is actually a Biblical name, what’s the big deal, it’s a beautiful name. These poor celebs just can’t win, she chooses a nice normal name for him and people react negatively, and if she followed celebrity suit and named him something like “Broom” you’d all be complaining about that too. What a wonderful surprise, a brand new baby boy!

cranberrie on

Elizabeth is adorable! If I ever watch The View – it’s because of her. She’s an intelligent young lady, in spite of what her co-hosts want the audience to believe. Congratulations to the Hasselbecks! Isaiah is sure to be welcomed into a beautiful, loving family.

Kristin on

Love all of her children’s names……so glad they are all healthy!! Congratulations to them!!

natalie on

don’t like the name. thought it was a girl.

Lorelei on

Congratulations to the Hasselbeck family! A new baby boy is a wonderful blessing.

J-Lin on

Congrats to Elizabeth and her family. Didn’st realize she was that far along. Wonder who her replacement on The View will be?

I thought Isaiah was biblical. Didn’t realize there were race exlcusive names. Does anyone know where I can download the list? Don’t want to make folks think outside their narrow worlds when the name and color don’t match.

Erin on

Sam and Freya’s mum, wow what a random and somewhat racist sounding comment to make. I am African American and oddly enough, my son’s name is Isaiah, which I love and that’s all that matters. But I wouldn’t say it seems to fit a darker skinned person, that’s so random and ignorant. Anyhow, congrats to Elisabeth and baby Isaiah. Obviously, I love the name and my Isaiah also weighed 7lb 7oz and was born at 6:49 instead of 2:49, how funny!

Chelsea on

Geez, I know plenty of white Isaiahs and I’ve always thought of it as a biblical name, not by race.

Anyways, love the name, congrats to Elisabeth and her family.

Liliana on

Congrats to the Hasselbecks on their little boy! I’m sure he’s adorable.

As far as the name, I know two Isaiahs who are hispanic and two who are caucasian. To me, it falls into the same category as Ezra, Elijah, and Asher; bibilical names.

cรฉcile on

Funny,for me the name Isaiah always reminds me the character of Mr Edwards in “Little House in the Prairie”.So it has never crossed my mind that it was an african american name (such things exist?)

And in the series, he got married to a woman named Grace,maybe that’s why, contrary to some experts in name matching,Isaiah and Grace together haven’t got a strange vibe.
But I’m 33, so maybe I’m too old to pick the trendy thing and I’m stuck with my references from the stone age.

Freya on

Congratulations to the Hassklebecks! While I don’t agree with the mjaority of Elisabeth’s views on The View I admire her for standing up for herself.

Not a fan of the name. As some others have mentioned, it doesn’t really ‘fit’ with Grace and Taylor that well.

Anna on

Isaiah is a great name!

As for people who say it doesn’t go well with Grace and Taylor… Whoever said siblings’ names have to “match”?

french gigi on

great name! as my son shares the same one.
and i would hope that people associate it with the bible first and foremost, seeing as that is where we chose it from.
not only is my son pretty fair skinned but another boy in his class with the same name is extremely fair. so skin color or nationality, is not what pops in our heads.

Rach on

Look up the name in the Bible…I’m sure that’s where they most likely go it!

robinepowell on

It’s true that Isaiah doesn’t exactly go with Grace or Taylor, it’s still a nice name. ๐Ÿ˜‰

As for the View, they are done for the season, apparently and will return in September. It hasn’t been mentioned, yet, if they’ll have guest co-hosts to fill in for Elisabeth.

Good timing having the baby in August while the show’s off air, she might get some extra time off when the new season stars. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ashley on

Congrats to the Hasselbeck’s!! Love the name Isaiah(my sons middle name!!)!

SH on

geez, Isaiah is a BIBLICAL name – Like Michael, Joseph, Mary, Sara…I don’t understand how people get a color debate out of that name!

Erika on

Congratulations to her and her husband! I remember a while back, she said Grace wanted another brother or something, and since then I had a feeling she was having a boy.

And I don’t understand why everyone has to say ‘I don’t agree with her political views but…’ lol. A simple congratulations would do. Some people just have to get their politics in there and I just don’t understand them. It’s silly and petty lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

Janelle on

I agree with Elle, Jessica, Chelsea and Liliana. Although I shouldn’t be, I’m amazed by how much people tend to racialize things, escpecially names. As an African American woman, I know as many white Isaiahs as I do black Isaiahs. I know two black boys named Josh, one biracial Josh and two biracial boys named Max. I have cousin named Megan and I know two black boys named Logan and a black girl named Ryan. I also grew up with a white Tyesha and know white boy named Dante. So my point is that while some names are clearly ethnic and parents give their children ethnic/ ethnic sounding names for various reasons, most biblical names carry no racial or ethnic association. Jesse, James, Jared, Michael, Noah, Aaron, Mary, Naomi, Anna, Ruth, Esther, etc., are all biblical names that can be found in almost any ethnic or racial group. I have an Aunt named Ruth, two named Mary and my grandfather and uncle are named Jesse. I am married to Aaron.

I had seriously hoped that we in America were starting to move beyond stereotypes and racial associations, especially those tied to names. Not all white people name their kids Madison, Finley and Claire, just as not all blacks name their kids Shaniqua, Treyvon and Darnell. It’s time to move beyond false preceptions and stereotypes, especially when it comes to names folks.

Sebastian's Mommy on

Congrats to the Hasselbecks! She and her husband seem to be caring, involved parents. Iโ€™m not a huge fan of the name, but I can respect the meaning behind it.
In regards to the random, batty comment about what an Isaiah looks like…WHAT THE HECK! The comment wasn’t racist, it was completely baffling and ignorant!
Ironically, as a black person, I have never met another black person with that name…WEIRD…Maybe I don’t watch enough TV. Why does a simple name have to revert back to race? Have we become so simple and clueless that we associate peopleโ€™s name with the color of their skin. I would like to think there is more to life than constant judgement, especially for the next generation.
I don’t want to discourage or bully anyone because of their personal beliefs, because I genuinely like reading the comments on this site, but it seems like there have been a lot of people on this site that talk out of their butts in order to get people riled up and it’s getting a little tiring.

Janelle on

Oops! I was typing fast and hit send before proofreading. I meant to say that I am amazed at how often people tend to racialize things, Aunt should be lower cased, and preceptions should be perceptions. Please forgive me for those and any other typos. ๐Ÿ™‚

Janelle on

Cรฉcile, we’re about the same age and I too like the name Grace. I like the name Rachel as well. As others have noted, Grace and Taylor seem to “fit.” When said, one after the other, they just seem to “flow.” However, Isaiah does seem to throw it off. Maybe it’s due to the syllables? Hmmm, I can’t put my finger on it. Oh well. Enough said about it. It’s their kid and not ours right?

katie on

I love her!! She seems like such a wonderful mother. I do have to say…I don’t think siblings names should match. Each child is an individual, and should be named as such. You should determine your child’s name by what sounds good on the Christmas Card!

Anna on

No one said the name is an African American name, they just said that when they hear it they tend to think of African American people first. What’s wrong with that? It’s just an association in your brain that gets made when you know certain people with certain names. It’s not racist so stop trying to make every comment that has the word black or white in it to be racist.

I like the name Isaiah, I’ve never heard it before except for that movie with Halle Berry. It doesn’t fit very well with Grace and Taylor though.

Angelia on

ITA Janelle. That entire statement was very well put! Thank you.

Marissa on

Congratulations to this beautiful family!

Hazel on

Well said Janelle!

Jane on

Aww! I bet he’s as cute as his siblings. I love the name!

Brooklyn on

Aww! Yay, I’ve been waiting for this news! So happy for the whole family. I love watching Elisabeth on the View. As for the name, it’s not my style, but I think it fits pretty well with Grace and Taylor =)

gianna on

I knew she would have a boy, even before she was pregnant I thought after taylor she would have another baby quickly and it would be a boy. I knew she would put tim’s name in the middle, cause taylor is taylor thomas which is tim’s first name, now this baby has timothy. Not fan of the name isisah at all, it doesn’t flow well with hasselbeck or the other two kids names. Grace is traditional, taylor sounds like trendy girl name, and isisah sounds so different. But congrats to them and she looked great pregnant.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

thank you Anna, ITA, as I said it was more what it made me think of personally, wasn’t saying every AA had that name, am not ignorant about that!, and didn’t mean to offend, seems to have made some people defensive, I wasn’t narrowing people down into cateogries, was similar to how some people may think of Felix or Jasper being cat names, etc. It wasn’t an insult, my opinion, was just a surprise name I think (and no I don’t think names need to be matchy necessarily, but not a fan of the name still either). Wasn’t being nasty, yet it’s turned into something nasty back, jeez…

sage on

-Katie agree with you- I never understood why siblings names have to flow or fit well together.

Erica on

1) Who said sibling names have to match? Kids are people, not accessories- it’s not necessary to “match” their names. If people are judging this solely by how the names sound, Grace, Taylor and Isaiah are all classic baby names with strong soft “a” sounds, so there is definitely some fluidity there. I love that Elizabeth has avoided the trendy and/or made-up celebrity baby names which reasonably reflect their genders. Imagine that!

2) Pick up any King James Bible in the world and you will see where the name Isaiah came from. Black people never had and never will have a corner on it, just like white people don’t have sole claim to the other Hebrew biblical names Janelle stated upthread. There are a ton of new Finley’s running around that most likely aren’t Irish, but just like Isaiah Irish people don’t have a corner on a name just because of its origin.

3) I would be pleasantly surprised if race and/or politics were not brought up without warrant in the comments anymore. For example, I don’t see anywhere in the birth announcement about how Isaiah being baptized a conservative Republican. That sounds silly, but you would never read about how people disagree with, say, Demi Moore’s more liberal views but still think she’s a good mom. By all means, people should be comfortable stating their opinions, but reading these threads is beginning to remind me of the IMDB messageboards (and for anyone who’s ventured over there, you know why this is not a good thing).

4) I am happy that everything went well with Elizabeth’s birth. ๐Ÿ™‚

Philippa on

I think people are reading too much into Sam & Freya’s mom’s comment. I don’t think it was in any way intended to sound racist, it was just an expression of a feeling.
Personally I agree with her, some names just conjur a certain image, like dark or light hair, or dark or light skin. It’s nothing to do with being racist or not, or saying certain people should have or use certain names or not.
Maybe this has to do with me being Dutch, who are fairly open minded, but I think in general Americans can be quite hung up about racial issues, and can take comments the wrong way, though they were never intended that way. It’s something that I’ve noticed a lot in comments on this blog. (not from everyone of course, most people on here are very friendly towards each other ๐Ÿ™‚ )
Sorry, just my opinion and I felt I had to comment on that.

To go back to the real topic at hand, congrats to Elisabeth, Tim, Grace and Taylor. I think Isaiah is a lovely name ๐Ÿ˜€

Angie on

Good for the Hasselbecks! Elisabeth looked like she was going to pop at any moment.

Dear Future Bloggers,
If you began your statement with “I’m not trying to be offensive” or “this might sound a little racist,” don’t say it. I know we all want to be heard and patted on the back for our opinions, but C’MON! As I tell my 6 year old, if you don’t have something beneficial to say, close your mouth and open your ears until a more intelligent, well crafted statement comes to mind. Oddly enough she seems to understand the connotation and impact of her words better than most adults.

Sandra on

I really like that name. Beautiful.
Congrats to mum and dad – and of course to Grace and Taylor

Alicia on

Just wondering how “Isaiah” is pronounced in the US, as here in Australia we say it like “Eyes-eye-ah”, do you say it like that or more like “Eyes-aye-ah”?

Finais on

Alicia, we say it like “Eyes-aye-ah” over here.

J-Lin on

Angie – There was a time when CBB was very vigilant around the “but” comments. Don’t know what happened.

But it’s also interesting (and sometimes sad) to see how people see the world differently.

vickie on

I knew it was a boy!! On Friday’s “the view”, she was talking about the baby and said “he” way too comfortable. She then said behind it “or she”. But the pause was obvious. I thought to myself then that it was a boy. Congrats to the whole family. I LOVE his name.

Sandra on

How wonderful! Congratulations!

Sarah on

Congrats to Elisabeth and Tim!

I’m not crazy about any of her kids names, but at least they are all nice,legit names, not made up, not too trendy, and used on the correct gender!

nettrice on

Post-racial America…NOT! Isaiah isn’t a black OR white name. It’s a biblical name that anyone in the world has access to. Prefacing or adding a ‘I am not racist but…’ or ‘Not being negative or racist but…’ DOES NOT make it so! Please THINK before you comment and know your audience. I prefer not to ignore or hide from racist comments but why am I having to address it so much this year is a mystery (not really but still).

Congrats to the Hasselbecks!

Daisy on

I love the name Isaiah and how does that name have any racial bias…!? Its from the Bible…! Congrats to the Hasselbeck family, I did think it was a little girl though!!

Brandi on

Congratulations! I like the name.

jashmom on

Congrats to Elisabeth, Tim, Grace & Taylor!!!!

I was thinking Elisabeth was due soon. I heard their wonderful news on the radio this morning while taking my DS to school. She has been my celebrity pregnant buddy for my 3 youngest kids. So happy for her & her family!!! Can’t wait to see him ~ I’m sure they’ll show him on The View. =)

millie on

I have no clue who this woman is, so i was just wondering whatnany one meant when they’ve said they don’t agree with her views/dont like her particularly?

I think that Isaiah and Taylor sound very similar which is why it doesn’t flow that well, but like a few peeps said they’re not going to be said together forever, and singley theyre nice names.

The name Isaiah reminds me of the guy from grays anatomy (sp sorry), bcoz thats the only Isaiah i know. Not to many in Blighty. So in my head this baby is going to be a doctor! And tall.

gaia's mom on

You guys are ridiculous. I hate how on here a person can’t say anything without being considered a racist. I take things on a case by case basis. Isaiah obviously isn’t a ‘black’ name, but here in the US I’m willing to bet that its a name more commonly used by black people(excluding people with hebrew origin). Two bible names that are very popular in the black here in the states community: moses and isaiah. So if a person is not familiar with the bible and everyone they know with that name is a certain race they’d categorize it as a “black name”. What is so insulting? Would you guys had said the same thing if the kids name was Anferny?

My first name is Leto(like jared), I’m probably the only Leto people have met. I’ve got black hair, brown eyes, caramel complexion and I’m a giant. Maybe the next leto they meet will be a deminutive blonde hair with blue eyes, but to them they wouldn’t look like a leto because I’m in their schema.

Anyway congrats to them and I love the name Isaiah, much better than Taylor and Grace.

nosoupforyou on

Isaiah is of Hebrew origin i.e. Jewish origin. Don’t like the name.

However, there is no patent on names. Parents (of any background) choose their child’s name based on their own preferences.

JMO on

Of course Isaiah is a name used by all races/colors. In my encounters I’ve only met AA Isaiahs…it goes with the same issue when my nephew was named Damon. The only Damon I knew was Damon Wayon’s and Damon Dash both AA men. I didn’t think it was a “black” name I just associated it with those men. I think that’s what some of us are trying to say is that when we think of certain names we associate them with someobody and sometimes we can’t get it out of our heads!!! Everybody who was offended by Sam and Freya’s mom’s comment needs to relax and stop being uptight! She wasn’t being a racist she said she just pictures that name on a “darker” child…which I bet if you did a general poll of that name you’d find that more children of a darker decent probably carry that name then those who are not. *smh*

Jessica on

Millie, Elisabeth is a consrvative on “The View” She speaks her mind and stands up for what she believes in. It is perfectly fine to disagree with her, but I’ve read on some other sites some liberals saying HORRIBLE things about her and what should happen to her baby just because she’s a conservative. To me, no matter what party a person’s affiliated, speaking like that about someone shows great insecurity and speaks volumes of their character.

J-Lin on

There’s no mystery Nettrice.

Now I will put on my favorite Young Jeezy song dedicated to our President.

I hope everyone has a great day.

lizzielui on

Actually, I don’t find anything wrong with people saying they are taken aback by comments that suggest or sound like, “I am surprised that they chose that name because it is usually an African American name or makes me think of darker skinned children.” While it may not be all together racist it is still a weird thing to hear out loud so I am not surprised that some found the statement a bit jarring. I know I did, the same way I used to find it odd when I was younger when people would often say to me, “Elizabeth? Wow, that’s an unusual name for a black girl.” My response? “It’s a family name as I am the fourth Elizabeth-Eleanor in our family. Maybe you should get out more.”

TheFirstPositiveHolly on

Brooks- actually, Daniel Baldwin and his wife announced the birth of their daughter the same day she was born. Elissabeth and Tim announced the birth of their son the same day he was born as well. Some celebrities want to get it out right away when they have the child so they don’t have to listen to all the rumors about the kind of baby they had or the name of the baby.
Sam and Freya’s Mum- That’s not very nice to say. You always have to have some thing to say negative. I think that it’s possible for a Caucasian baby to have the name of Isaiah, but you could have just said that darker babies normally have the name of Isiah, not Caucasion.
April- There is nothing more I could say to agree with you! It seems like we can never have one post without a negative comment, but then again, this is the Internet after all.

Congrats to Elissabeth and Tim! I don’t find anything wrong with Grace Elizabeth, or Taylor Thomas, or Isaiah Timothy. This is a wonderful family; I was sure Elissabeth was to be due any day now! I’m very happy for this family I’m sure they’re doing really well. Happy to know that everything went well with his birth. And Nettrice, I am not a racist, this is just my opinion; you don’t see a lot of Caucasian babies that are named Isaiah. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

Erin on

First of all thanks for the apology over the drama that was started from Sam and Freyas mum. But I still feel that a comment such as that is better left unsaid. You just don’t say some things that pop in your head. I understand what others have said about name associations etc. I get that but the way it was worded was upsetting and as an AA woman, I took offense. Those who disagree probably are not AA and that’s why you can’t understand. It was a stereotype and that’s what our culture has been trying to get away from for so many years. Americans may be a little more sensitive to race issues but I also didn’t like the person who said that Americans ‘need to relax’ on the matter. Anyway, since having my son whose a year and a half, I’ve met a ton of Isaiahs that have been White, Black, and Hispanic. But that doesn’t matter, it’s a biblical name and that’s why we chose it. Anyway I just hope all if this discussion opened up people’s eyes on issues that are sensitive to others.

kb2007 on

Hmm I am black and my name is Kristen Ashley – people don’t think I will be AA when I first meet them. Anyway I don’t know any black people name Isaiah, I have a few white friends who are. I really think the sterotypes need to siop

KateRose on

“Sheโ€™s an intelligent young lady, in spite of what her co-hosts want the audience to believe.”

cranberrie: No one has the power to make a person look stupid except for themselves.

Sebastian's Mommy on

Dear Erin,
I’m totally sending you a virtual high five! I’ll clarify for anyone who feels the original commentator was being attacked for her views. THE COMMENT WAS NOT RACIST OR MALICIOUSLY INTENDED, IT WAS JUST POORLY WRITTEN AND SHOWED A LACK OF AWARENESS. I think all mothers would like to believe that our children won’t be judged as they go through life for things as trivial as a name. I could care less if someone thinks my child should look or sound a certain way because of his name. The bottom line of it all is that he is a human being with the same ability as his peers. He is not a race, gender, religion or just a name.

Kathleen on

I like their name choice.

marimel on

a BIG congrats to them!! Personally don’t like any of their kids first names, but all of their first and middle names sound really good with Hasselbeck.

Like others have said, I think Sam&Freya’sMum just worded it poorly. I kind of get what she was saying though… don’t most of us tend to make up an image of someone in our head when we hear a name? I know I do, although 9/10 times my image is totally off! My friend was telling me about her friend named Kiley, and I automatically pictured a tall girl with beautiful long brown hair and super girly (I have no idea way, I guess I just picture Kiley as a super feminine name). Well, anyway, Kiley is actually of average height with short spiky blonde hair and is a tomboy. I don’t think Sam&Freya meant anything malicious by her comment, just when she heard the name she pictured a certain person who just happened to have darker skin. Anyhow, race isn’t biological, it’s a social construct.

Karen on

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but what do you mean by “race isnโ€™t biological, itโ€™s a social construct”? I’m not picking on you, or trying to make a big deal out of it, I’ve just never heard that phrase used before.

Lola Marie on

Yay for Elisabeth’s healthy baby. I wonder is this their last one?

Sam & Freya’s Mum went off on a trip with that comment. And I’ve noticed that comments like that keep showing up quite a bit ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

marimel on

Karen, no biggie. Race, technically speaking, is something conjured up by society. In other words, no single group of people all share the same characteristics. There are different shades of white, black, blue and green. There are different noses, lips, hair textures, facial shape, etc., and yet society has lumped people that appear similar into the idea of being all from the same “race.” I don’t know if I am explaining it clearly, but here is an article I found from google… ironically, it’s from the University I attended and was the first to pop up…

and to cover my own butt…. this is what I learned in my sociology courses in college. If someone disagrees, great! I’m just going off of what I personally have been taught, so please don’t attack me.

marimel on

oops, HERE is the article… sorry!


Lola Marie on

To gaia’s mom:

I’m black and I know a whole lot of black people and I don’t know a single Isaiah, so from where I stand it is not an all that common name and I agree with an earlier poster it does show a lack of awareness…

marimel on

and also, I am, by no means, denying that this world has been/is still plagued with prejudice towards others, especially those deemed minorities. I don’t think anything I said insinuated that I am denying these prejudices and injustices that have existed for FAR too long, but I just want to clarify, in case someone took it that way.

Terri on

I like Isaiah. I also like how both of their names was incorporated into their children’s middle names while allowing them to have their own unique first names. Not a big fan of juniors.

gaia's mom on


I got kinda verbose but…

Like you said from where you stand. A quite a few people have said that they know all black Isaiahs, some have said all white. I know 5 boys under the age of 9 named Moses(and 4 isaiahs under the age of 6 and one man I went to school with who is 22-all black). I’ve only encountered one white child named moses and that was yesterday at the market he looked to be about 3. I live in nyc and encounter all types of names on all shades of people so Im not lacking awareness at all.

Frankly, I don’t think its a lack of awareness on sam and freys mum’s part(or those who understood her), but a lack of either reading comprehension or band wagoning on the part of those attacking her as ignorant or a racist. She never said that it was a black name. She said her mental image is of a darker child. And to me at least, I find it particularly interesting that some people seem to be arguing over the idea of Isaiah being a black name, and not the whole concept of black names/white names. Or that a name being considered “black” is negative thing at all. Consider this, do you guys have a mental image of a Miguel, Guadalupe, Anferny, Tyquan, Keisha, Lu Wei, Cheuk Ling?

And tho it doesn’t matter, I’m multiracial but I identify as black and I wasn’t offended and understood her pretty clearly. I’m not denying racism or ignorance exists but I personally don’t see it here.

Jessica on

gaia’s mom, awesome post! Finally something intelligent ๐Ÿ™‚ I completely agree on the whole bandwagoning thing. Seems lately people on this site keep picking someone to gang up on if their opinion is different and twisting people’s words around. Thanks for saying what the rest of us are thinking!

anon on

Plenty of Jews give the name Isaiah, just the hebrew version- Yeshaya (generally Shaya for short). The vast majority of Jews (last I checked) are not african american.

happyokie11 on

I think everyone should just name their babies “Baby boy” or “Baby girl”. That way EVERYONE CAN GET OFF THE RACIAL SIDE OF ANY NAME. I’ve been watching these posts for about 6 months now. It never ceases to amaze me about the stupid racist comments made. My God doesn’t see color as a barrier but as a gift. By the way, I am a caucasion woman with caucasion husband and children. Just so sick of society and the race stuff. We are all humans and were made to be what we are. There are no mistakes, and NONE of us chose what color our skin tone was going to be.

Congratulations on a healthy human baby!!

happyokie11 on

PS…I think the biggest problem with that comment was that it was made at all. There was absolutely no reason for her to even mention it. I’m not going to attack anyone for their views, but please can’t the people on this site that are reading and approving comments cut out the ones that are malicious or racially worded? I think I’m just going to quit reading this site simply because of all the negativity that is on here. The world has enough of it without adding more to our lives. God bless every single person (Or whomever you worship.).

Holly on

I was surprised by the name choice as well (sorry if that makes me a racist too). The name reminds me of that movie “Losing Isaiah” with Jessica Lange and Halle Berry. But, it’s her kid and her choice…and such is life. ๐Ÿ™‚

elle on

Gosh, people, i know you are entitled to your opinions here, but some of your comments are SO rude and mean; we’re talking about innocent children here. Who gives a rip about the name! Be nice!

lisa on

I love the name my son name is ISAIAH and its from the bible I choose it because of it from the bible not because of him being white thats just silly congs to the family.

my son 11years old glad they spelled its right from the bible


Emmeline on

I have to say I too understood where Sam and Frey’s mum was coming from. I work as a teacher in an elementary school which is pretty mixed as its in an urban area, and the only kids I know with that name are African American(I currently have one child in my class with that name). I don’t think the argument could ever be that the name is a “black name” or not, the name is biblical. The woman was just expressing that when she thinks of the name she thinks of a darkskinned child and because of my experience working at my school I think the same. In no way do I feel that the name is any less fitting on a child of another race. Or that that isaiah is uniformly black, that crazy.

I’m more perturbed that people are finding her association between ‘Isaiah’ and ‘black’ as negative. You may think its unfounded, but how is her mental image negative in anyway?

The overusuage of the word ‘racist’ is a bit like crying wolf. When something is really and truly fitting of the term racist, people won’t believe you.

JMO on

Clearly people do not read very well when someone post. They just see what they want to see and attack!

Females will always be the worst enemies of each other. Now I clearly see why I hang out with mostly guys vs hanging with women!!!

This isn’t really about race – it’s just about women being catty!

Alex on

Congrats to them! Isaiah is a good solid name for a boy. I wish the family the best.

Mia on

I think the issue is just its the same story of people falling into a stereotype + that should stop. Yes, to a very small degree, stereo types branch off from somewhere, but there is no consistency where “everyone is like this” or “like that”, that is what makes stereotypes ridiculous + hurtful. And I think the original comment was just worded very poorly.

And to add onto the sociology comment-I learned the same thing in my soc. course 2 years ago. The actual “vision” of race is coined by the government to be easier way to categorize people, but there is no real “race” or “category” of people. There are many shades/culture that fall under “white”-Irish, Russian, Israeli, Greek, Italian..etc + they all look very different, some are very light skin + some are very dark, even black. And some people who are not African, but also very “dark” but wouldn’t be considered “Black” because they are not African/or have any African decent. Hispanics range from anyone from Spain-South America-Central America +/or the Caribbean (I.e Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic..etc), but Hispanics come in different shades too-Light Skin (White), Dark Skin (Black), and inbetween-the (considered “typical”) color of brown. And everything else is in between. Everything crosses over into each other, and the actual “idea” of race (on the basis of skin tone) doesn’t really exist, its just on the basis of your own (individual) perception of people. Especially now, where different cultures + heritages are being mixed at even greater rates, it creates even more ambiguity than before. I think its great, but it might throw some people for a loop.

Kasee on

I’m not AA, and I’m generally not for being ridiculously politically correct, but come on Sam and Freya’s mom, what did you really expect? Passive aggressive much? Whether or not your comment was intended to be racist or not, it was and I have a feeling you knew what the effect would be (maybe that’s what you were aiming for). It may seem harmless, but automatically associating a name with a race can be damaging for people, especially when it comes to things like college applications and resumes (I realize this kid isn’t likely to submit either anytime soon, but I mean in general).

P.S. Jessica your “Broom” comment made me laugh out loud.

Jen on

Isn’t there an entire Seinfeld episode about picturing what someone looks like based on name before seeing them (Donna Chang)? It’s really not uncommon to associate a name with an image/memory. How many people say “eww I don’t like that name because I went to school with…” fill in the blank with some tramatic childhood event! Seriously! Thank goodness for posters like Gaia’s mom – without comments like yours, I’d have to give up on this site altogether.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Kasee etc: I genuinely meant it as remark to convey what the name conjured up. Not sure why I have to but I apologise for offending, but that’s just how I felt, can’t believe how uptight some people were about my post, that was not my intention. I’m certainly not a racist, and I know certain topics can stir up debates, religion, abortion, race etc, but it wasn’t intended to offend. As others have agreed with me (and I realise several don’t), it’s just a feeling or an image. I’m sure if I’d said the same about Felix conjuring up images of cats, it would’be been a different story. I meant it in the same sense, believe it or not…!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

I know to obviously not have an opinion in future…lol.

I am not a nasty person, and seriously wouldn’t have posted had I known it would cause such a stir (I’m not being naive IMO, rather I think that some people overreacted), unbelievable. I’m entitled to have feelings/images last time I looked! I did also have a couple of positive comments in the post regarding his safe arrival, older siblings etc, if people read it correctly….

cranberrie on

KateRose: A friend called laughing that someone directed comment @ me. Wow! How sad to read through congratulatory baby comments just to take issue (and a weak issue, at that). I was simply giving kudos and best wishes. You choose to tear people down. “no one has the power to make a person look stupid except themselves.” I didn’t say anyone looked stupid, sorry. Constructive comment #291: youโ€™d feel a lot better building people up.

Tmia on

Congrats to Elisabeth! I’m happy she and her new baby boy are healthy. I like the name, I was worried she’d try something completely new and totally opposite from her other children’s name. I’d like to think Isaiah is a UNIVERSAL name…so many people from different races and cultures use it. I remember being pregnant at the same time she was with Grace, so her pregnancies always touch a special place in my heart.

marimel on

Hey Mia, thanks for better stating what I meant by the sociology comments! You said it exactly what I wanted but way better than I ever could have!

and gaia’s mom…. I just love you! I mean this as a totally uncreepy/non-weird/blogger-friendly way (haha) but I wish we could be real-life friends haha!! You just come across so well-educated and knowledgeable of other cultures that I can’t help but agree with a majority of what you say… err, type. Not to mention that you are an incredibly eloquent and articulate writer and are definitely a breath of fresh air in a lot of the more controversial posts. oh and p.s., I’ve said before how much I love your daughter’s name, but you, my dear, have an amazingly awesome name as well! I’m kind of jealous haha!!

EEK on

I love the name Isaiah – it’s a classic Biblical name, neither over-used nor too trendy – great choice! Elisabeth and Tim have great name taste! Congratulations on their new bundle of joy! And for the record, while Elisabeth is a Republican, she wasn’t always – I believe her family is more liberal. I know her brother, with whom she is extremely close, is very liberal, and they manage to love and respect one another, hint hint. Can’t we all just get along?

Sarah K. on

Sam and Freya’s Mum, sorry but you had to know that mentioning race at all would cause some upset. Obviously, people are sensitive about it. Your comment came across as surprise that a white family would choose that name for their baby. A simple “that wasn’t the name I was expecting” would have done just fine. There was no need to even mention race. I don’t think your comment was intentionally racist, but I also don’t understand why you would say it at all.

charity on

Already? It seems (to me) like she just announced her pregrancy. Congratulations, Elizabeth & Tim!

gaia's mom on

Jen, thanks so much that’s so nice of you! I type this stuff in the park mostly when I’m hanging out with the baby and have nothing to do. I’m never sure if I’m making any sense to other people! New mom brain, melted muck really. Useless.


I really enjoy your comments also and thanks for the really kind words. For the record I learned the same stuff in college as well! I’m constantly telling people that this concept of race is more about personal/social identity rather than genetic composition. Oh and I had serious uber issues with my name as a kid but now, I like it ๐Ÿ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Sam & Freya’s Mom- I’m sorry you took so much flack for your initial comment. I actually don’t see anything wrong with it. You were simply stating the image that pops into your head when you hear the name Isaiah. Anyway, I find most of your comments to be very positive and pleasent, and I certainly hope you will not, in your words “stop having an opinion”! ๐Ÿ™‚

gaia's mom on

“The overusuage of the word โ€˜racistโ€™ is a bit like crying wolf. When something is really and truly fitting of the term racist, people wonโ€™t believe you.”

Couldn’t agree more. Not every comment that one views as unsavory is racist. That whole racist thing is a easy trap to fall into.

And jmo- women really really are our own worst enemies, such a shame. Its so easy to be catty.

Corinne on

Congrats to them! The name is nice just not what I expected. I thought they would pick something more ‘preppy-ish’ like Peyton or Hollis but like I said Isaiah is a nice name.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

CelebyBabyLover, thanks for your comment…!

Kasee on

Ok, I’m sorry but I really don’t think the people on here are being oversensitive about this. Certainly, people can have opinions and feelings, but there are also such things as manners and common decency. And there is certainly a difference between associating some names with images (like “Peanut” or “Pilot”) than with saying that a name made you assume someone was of a certain race. Gaia’s mom, yes unfortunately people do assume things when they hear certain names like Miguel or Anferny, and that is unfortunate. I have a friend whose last name is Rodriguez by marriage, and strangers are stunned when this fair skinned German girl shows up. Like I have said before in other posts, it amazes me what people will say when they can hide behind their computers. I should hope, Sam and Freya’s mom, that you wouldn’t have actually said that to Elisabeth’s face, and I don’t understand why normal social graces don’t seem to apply for some people when their comments are public but in print instead of spoken.

Lena on

A quote for us all to remember:
“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”
At the end of the day, he’s just a child.

Sweet L on

The comments about the association of Isaiah’s name may not be racist, but they are ignorant. It’s a beautiful, strong name, and I for one am impressed that they chose it. Where is it written that siblings’ names must coordinate?

Jax on

WOW!! I thought maybe they were having another girl!!– This is exciting!! He weighs the same as my friends baby boy did at birth (2 weeks ago). That’s awesome!!

Julian's Mommy To Be on

As much as I don’t care for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, it’s nice to see a celebrity who follows the traditional route. Marriage first, then kids. Naming them normal names. Congrats to them! I do find it interesting that they named their first daughter after Mom, but didn’t name their first son after Dad & instead waited until their second son. Hmmm.

Jessi on


Robin on

Julian’s Mommy To Be: They named both their sons after their dad. Tim Hasselbeck’s middle name is Thomas, as is their son Taylor’s. Just an FYI ๐Ÿ™‚

Congratulations to Tim and Elisabeth. I bet he’s beautiful.

Angela on

gaia’s mom- I live in the largest Black populated county (cook)in the United States and Moses or Isaiah are NOT common to AA. Maybe it depends on where you live.

Babs on

I like Elizabeth and I totally agree with her political views. It’s so immature and hateful to wish anything bad upon a child because of their parent’s beliefs. I wish her, her husband, and all of their children the very best. And good for you Sam & Freya’s mom. When did it become against the law to voice your personal opinion, regardless of whether or not others agree with it?? Freedom of speech works all ways, not just the politically correct way. In this case, it wasn’t even really an opinion as much as an observation.

CelebBabyLover on

Babs- Right on!

Sam & Freya's Mum on

cheers Babs! I’ve seen another, unrelated announcement since this one, and noticed comments just as forward as mine regarding bub names (Jennifer Hudson’s new son’s name and him having a Junior in his name for eg – do I dare comment?). Simply other people voicing opinions which they’re entitled to do also of course, so don’t see why it was such a big deal when there was no racist intent, just taken as being narrowminded and ignorant on my part (too obsessed with the race issue really, when it wasn’t meant to initiate such a debate). All each to their own but didn’t think it warranted so much backlash about my character when they don’t know me, so it’s good to know a few others can see it was not meant maliciously & see where I was coming from, being interested in baby names myself…I won’t comment on that particular name again me thinks, lol…

Julian's Mommy To Be on

Thanks Robin! I didn’t know that! I just love it when people pass on their names to their kids and NOT make them a Jr. It gives the kid their own identity while linking them to the family.

Tiana K. on

Does anyone remember ISAIAH Edwards (Old man Tucker) and his wife GRACE from Little House on the Prarie?

Maybe she loved that show…

MHurst on

We have an Isaiah Timothy too! Crazy. No, we didn’t copy. Our son was born last March! I thought it was a different name. We are caucasion ๐Ÿ˜‰

Leah on

Sam you’re ignorant. I have no problem with people conjuring up cultural associations when it comes to names. I however would NEVER put a racial colour behind it. Which is why SAM you are a MORON.

For instance Vincenzo, Juan, Ahmed, Leah. Vincenzo is cuturally an Italiano name. Juan is a Spanish name. Ahmed is an Arabic name. Leah is a Hebrew biblical name. Isaiah is a GORGEOUS hebrew name. As for the “teacher” who says she looks at her roster and puts racials images as she reads the names such as Isaiah. Maybe you shouldn’t be working in a multi-racial school. Perhaps you should work at a school district with your level of ignorance.

Sam knew what she was saying. She apparently thinks there are two types of skin tones, dark skinned, and fair. Hey Moron, um G-d created many different skin tone. And G-d allowed us to name our children any name without it being a RACIAL divide. Take your 1920’s anti- Semitic, racist bull crap out of posting on baby blogs and keep it to yourself!!!