Tiffani Thiessen To Focus on Career Now, Babies Later

08/07/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
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Despite revealing that she and her husband Brady Smith are looking forward to starting a family, for now, Tiffani Thiessen is concentrating her efforts on her career. Recently cast on White Collar, the actress hopes to channel all of her energy on her performance. “We’ve talked about [having kids], but the show started, so we’re going to wait and try to figure out when the best time is,” she tells Celebrity Baby Blog.

“I don’t want to spring a pregnancy all of a sudden on a brand new show that I just got on!”

Fortunately, as a result of her active lifestyle — she calls herself “extremely athletic,” a dedicated runner and cyclist —  Tiffani admits she does not feel her age and, in turn, has yet to hear the tick tock of her biological clock. “Maybe because I don’t feel 35,” she says. “I have friends who have kids in their forties. I’m not worried about it.”

Once the couple do take the plunge and expand their family, the former Saved By the Bell star plans to steer her kids clear of any future in the acting industry. “I don’t know if I’d ever want that for my children, but I have to say, knock on wood, I had a very good experience with it,” she admits. “I had a very normal family…we all live close by. I couldn’t be more traditional in that sense and so I think that had a lot to do with it, too.”

Tiffani and Brady celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary on July 9th.

— Anya with reporting by Scott Huver

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Sharone on

Ok, don’t get me wrong, I love Tiffani, I think she is an incredible actress and really beautiful…I ‘grew up’ watching her on Saved By the Bell…but don’t you think she would be talking about something else other than “waiting until the right time” to have a baby?! We’e been hearing this for 4 years now about how much she wants a baby once she got married, but now is saying that her career comes first. Which I totally understand, but what happened with her career after Saved and 90210 before White Collar?? Well, whichever the case, I wish her the best of luck.

Sandra on

Hope they have a baby soon! Good luck!

BWiley on

If she and Brady ever do have a baby, it will be GORGEOUS.

*I feel like female celebrities get hounded too much about when they are going to finally have a baby..

I really don’t think it is anyone’s business and I feel sorry for celebrities that have to repeatedly defend why they don’t have any children yet.. It belongs in the same category as “Why aren’t you married yet?”

Renee on

I bet she will have a baby soon, in a year or so after he show is up and running and she has some time off. I love the fact that she is very much a planner and wants to do things right and at a good time. They will have gorgeous kids though! she has always wanted children so I have no doubt she will have at least one. can’t wait! and to the first poster she wanted to wait a bit after she got married and not have kids right away. I wish her good luck. I love Tiffani, been a huge fan since I was 10. can’t wait to see her now show!

m on

Good luck with that….

Rachel on

This is an open forum and I am going to say my opinion, whether some of you agree or don’t agree. I too grew up with Tiffani-Amber from Saved by The Bell (boy did I have a crush on Zach!) I wish her all the best in the world, but how long do you want to wait to have a child. I am 33 and my husband and I are dealing with an infertility issue. It really sucks! I am starting to worry that I am getting older. These celebrities are lucky that they have the financial means to afford IVF and infertility treatments (if they need it) when they get older. I get upset because it’s like a slap in the face for us regular people who can’t afford such procedures. I wish her well.

lizzielui on

Obviously Tiffani wants to wait until both she and her husband are ready to have a child (which probably means when she is more comfortable in her career and mentally and physically able to dedicate her time to care for a baby) to start trying to have a child. Her timeline is exclusive to HER and does not define how other people should determine when they should or shouldn’t start having children. I really don’t understand how people get so upset and outraged when another woman decides to wait a little longer to have children. It’s their decision regarding the circumstances of their lives. It is not a negative reflection or shouldn’t be considered a slap in the face to anyone else outside of the .situation. If the person isn’t ready then they just aren’t ready and that should not be a poor reflection on them one way or another. Also, IVF and fertility treatments are NOT exclusive to celebrities. I know PLENTY of regular people, including my sister in law and my neighbor, who are either going through IVF treatments currently or who have successfully reproduced through IVF in the past. Some people have great insurance plans which allow for treatments throughout the year. Others are fortunate enough to be able to afford the treatments on their on. Either way, fertility treatments are not exclusive to Hollywood and are very much a part of society. People do what is best for them and what is within their means and should not be judged either way.

m on

And all the money in the world, all the IVF cycles, and all the best insurance coverage does not guarantee a child. Trust me on this. There are no guarantees. I too believe in waiting for a little while to enjoy being married, but many people are playing with their futures by thinking if they wait and it takes longer to have a baby, IVF will be a magic solution. It is not.

sara on

She might be dealing with infertility and just doesn’t want to make it public. Although the comment about not worrying about having kids in her 40’s is a bit ignorant. MOST women have trouble conceiving in their 40’s. IVF isn’t 100% successful either, regardless of money or not.

Me on

These kind of stories are posted for people to make comments based on their own opinion and I am going to share mine…

It is VERY foolhardy to say at 35 that you are going to wait to have a baby. I think this because too many women assume/hope/think that the countless reports of women’s fertility declining after 35 does not apply to them. Tiffany…you’re 1) happily married, 2) financially able, and 3) you WANT a baby. Go on and have one!!! You can get on another show! You cannot, however, turn back the hands of time and recreate your fertility – no matter how much we want to think it can happen. Why make IVF a necessity when you don’t have to? IVF or any of these artificial methods do not work for everyone, either. No…I’m not judging you. Instead, I can forsee the heartache that will come IF you cannot conceive on your own or IVF, etc. doesn’t work. It all comes down to what is most important…a show that may tank before the first season is up or a child that will be with you for life (if God so ordains…) I am that mom/grandma/family friend who has been there and done that. I feel for women who DO want children and are in a stable relationship who procrastinate until it’s too late…

Okay. I’m off my soapbox.

Crystal on

I knew when she made this statement people were going to critize her for her decision to wait to have children. I’m SURE that Tiffani knows all the statistics and has read all the research that comes with having a baby in your mid to late 30s. If she decides to wait that is HER choice. She should not be chastized for her choices or decisions. I wish her all the luck in the world whether it be with children or without. Seesh!

Angelia on

Well I wish her good luck. She will need it trying to conceive if she waits even longer. She is already 35! I am soooo glad I had my babies young!

alice jane on

Crystal, you took the words right out of my mouth!

monica on

I will be 35 in a few months and I am the Mom to a beautiful 4 year old little girl.
If Tiffani wants to wait to have a baby because she is focusing on her career, more power to her! Women today have babies well into their 40’s, she is NOT to old to wait. This is just my opinion.

Jurnee on

A lot of celebrities feel entitled and invincible, but they’re human like the rest of us. It is a risk to wait, but as long as she knows it and is willing to take that risk, more power to her. For years, she hasn’t had much of a career, so maybe she doesn’t want to jeopardize her one acting job in ages! Good luck to her!

Anna on

She seem very naive and uninformed about having children after you’re forty. Of course it’s her choice to wait and to risk it, I just hope she knows that she is risking not being able to conceive.

Niki on

She’s just giving an answer to a question that should not even be asked. People need to mind their own business when it comes to when or whether a woman/couple are going to have children.

Sarah on

Rachel I’m so sorry that you’re having a problem with infertility. I can understand how hard that must be and trust me I know how frustrating it is when someone in their mid 30’s seems to think they have all the time in the world. It’s none of my business when someone has kids but I almost feel like they’re taking advantage of it and think they can just get pregnant at the snap of their fingers. It took me 13 long years to get pregnant and I just had my baby girl back in April when I was 34. We would love to have another one in a couple years but with my age I don’t know what will happen. I’m just thankful I finally have my beautiful little girl.

Essi on

There’s a saying, that at the end of one’s life, we don’t usually wish we’d spent more time at the office, but we’d probably wish we could have spent more time watching our children grow up.

I have a friend who’s struggling with infertility- it’s easier to tell nosy people that they are not ready for kids yet…..

CelebBabyLover on

BWiley- I agree!

sara- Good point! That said, I also want to point out that Tiffani is speaking of pregnancy, yes, but she, to my knowledge, has never said that she isn’t open to adopting. Therefore, she might adopt if her age catchs up with her. 🙂

gianna on

Having money makes it easier to have kids older, look at all the moms, mira sorvino, salma hayek, halle berry, jennifer lopez, marioska harigtay, list goes on and on. Money can help you get treatment if you have problems getting pregnant, and some women are still very fertile at 39-40. But if tiffani isn’t i’m sure like most celebrities she will end up with a baby or better yet twins lol. I loved her on 90210 and saved by the bell, good luck to her.

Liliana on

My God! She’s 35! Might as well be dead.

Is Tiffani at an age when the chances of having a successful pregnancy and healthy child begin to decline? Yes. But I’m almost positive this is a factor that she and her husband have discussed numerous times. Past the age of 30, anymore, when a celebrity expresses her desire for children but has no imminent plans for pregnancy, she becomes “old” and “naive”.

Just because you may not feel comfortable with having children past a certain age doesn’t mean that others aren’t. What’s right for Tiffani may not be right for you and that is perfectly fine. What I don’t understand is why her, or anyone else’s, decision matters to some. It does not hinder anyone else’s ability to have a child.

And on a side note, there’s always the possibility of her becoming a mother through adoption.

Shalay on

For all we know, Tiffani may have been trying to conceive for the past few years. Maybe she is already dealing with infertility and she’s decided to put off trying for awhile, and is getting back to work to take her mind off things. I have two friends, both younger than Tiffani (one is in her 20’s) who are in that EXACT situation right now. Honestly, unless we are in her shoes, there’s no way of knowing what she’s going through. Lord knows that if I were a celebrity, I wouldn’t be spilling my guts about my infertility to the press. And if she’s not dealing with infertility? Then I’m sure she will do what’s best for her and her family at the right time.

Momof3 on

No one mentions the fact that when you have a baby when you’re older, you run the risk of that child being born with something wrong, I had my first at 23, second one three weeks before I turned 37 and my last one 5 months before I turned 39, my last one has two serious congenital defects. I honestly thought that since my previous two girls were fine, I could just keep having healthy babies. I don’t regret having my last one, she’s made amazing progress but I wish I wouldn’t have been so sure everything would be fine.

Erica on

Momof3, you raise an excellent point. I 100% endorse a women’s right to choose when she decides to become pregnant, but it is naive to have a cavalier attitude about the effect advanced maternal age can have upon fertility, birth defects, etc. I am a big believer in being emotionally and financially stable in preparation of starting a family, but I don’t believe in having the attitude that “oh, women are having children in their 40’s so I’ll wait as long as I want” either. I loved the interview Marcia Cross gave about her struggles and her candidness on the downfalls of waiting to become pregnant.

Diamond Girl on

I don’t care when she has children; it’s just very ignorant to think that because you are athletic and don’t feel 35, your body isn’t affected by basic biology.

Your reproductive organs are 35 whether you feel like it or not.

CelebBabyLover on

Diamond Girl- Well, yes, but all women are different, too. Some women go through early menopause in their 30s, others are able to easily concieve into their 40s. Still others can concieve into their 40s, but with difficult (in fact, some women don’t go through menopause until their close to, or even over, 50!). Also, infertilty doesn’t always wait until you’re older to set in. For example, my parents struggled with infertility for seven years before they finally had a succesfull pregnancy. How old were they when they first started trying to get pregnant? In their mid-20s!

My point is that everyone’s different, and different women (and men, who can also have fertility problems) have different levels of fertility at different ages (basically, every woman’s, and man’s, fertility is unique, if that makes sense!).

Terri on

If she chooses to wait that’s a decision to be made by her and her husband. Nobody has a right to second-guess if someone chooses to delay having a child. They have to raise that child. If they are unable to have a child, then that is their decision to live with. There are plenty of children in the world to adopt and they are just as much yours as biological children.

MiB on

Well said Essi! Most people I have known, who have been going through fertility problems have chosen to answere the “when are you having a baby”-question with things like “When were ready” even while going through fertility treatments rather having to explain what they are going through to strangers. There is one thing telling people that you are close to, a totally different matter to tell aqaintances or total strangers. Thats not to say that everyone saying that they don’t want children (yet) are lying.

Judith on

I hope she and her husband choose to have a baby sooner, rather than later. I think it is easier to go through a pregnancy at 35, than being in your forties. I had my last child at age 44; one mo. shy of 45. If I could do it over again, I would have had the last one when I was younger. Just my two cents. More energy in 30’s, than 40’s.

Judith on

To the woman who has a child with congenital birth defects. My child, born when I was 44, doesn’t have anything wrong with him. A friend of mine had a child with Down’s Syndrome. She gave birth in her 30’s. So, birth defects can happen at any age; not just’ being older.’