Molly Ringwald Introduces Twins Adele and Roman!

08/07/2009 at 12:30 PM ET
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Update: Interview added — pick up the new issue of PEOPLE for more photos!

Molly Ringwald snuggles into an oversize rocking chair on a sparkling California morning and gazes down at the sleeping, swaddled bundle in her arms.

“It feels like a tree house up here,” she says, feeding a bottle of pumped breast milk to 4-week-old daughter Adele Georgiana in the attic nursery of her home in a beachy L.A. neighborhood.

The white-on-white nursery, designed by Stephanie Pearson of Knudson Interiors, features watercolor paintings by big sister Mathilda — and her old toy piano.

Tranquil as it is now, the room’s tiny occupants — Adele (named for Molly’s mom) and her twin brother Roman Stylianos — make sure nights are noisier.

“You get up with one of the babies and feed and change that one and get the baby back to sleep, and the other wakes up, and then you feed and change that one,” she says of her nocturnal routine, which sometimes includes singing her favorite jazz standards — “I’ll Take Romance” and “Exactly Like You” — to the twins. “It is exhausting, but it’s wonderful.”

It is also an unexpected “gift” for Molly, 41, the ’80s It Girl who starred in films such as Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club. Already a mom to 5 Β½-year-old Mathilda Ereni with husband Panio Gianopoulos, 34, a writer turned MBA student she married in 2007, she’s delighting in her second — and third — chance at motherhood.

“To have the opportunity to have another girl — it is a dream come true,” says Molly, whose pregnancy was written into her role on ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager. “And a boy! We were all overjoyed about that too.”

Click below to read about Molly’s family dreams coming true and her “compromise” with her ob/gyn to avoid a c-section.

In the years before Mathilda’s 2003 birth, Molly feared her dream of having a family might be slipping away. Divorced from French writer ValΓ©ry LameignΓ¨re in 2002, “I was definitely wondering if I was able to find love again,” she says. “I was nervous. There was a lot of trepidation.”

Then she met Panio, nearly seven years her junior. “When we first started talking about wanting children, he said he wanted to wait until he was 40,” she recalls. “I said, ‘Oh, no, that’s not gonna work.’ ” But now? “He is a wonderful, wonderful dad,” Molly says.

Getting pregnant after Mathilda was a challenge, but whether Molly turned to fertility treatments is “private,” she says. “After Mathilda was born, I had some things fixed” — surgery to remove fibroids — “that made it easier to get pregnant again. There were some other issues, too. But I was so, so lucky to be 41 and to be so healthy during this pregnancy.”

Apart from “terrible, terrible nausea” during her first trimester and feeling “incredibly tired,” the pregnancy with the twins progressed smoothly. Determined to deliver the babies without a c-section, she agreed to be induced on July 9th. “That was kind of my compromise with the doctors — that if there was any kind of uterine rupture, they would be able to get them out immediately.”

After 11 hours of contractions, Molly delivered Adele at 9:01 a.m. and Roman — who was breech — three minutes later. “It was such an extraordinary birth. The doctor grabbed him by the foot and pulled him out,” she says. “Adele had hogged a lot of the oxygen in the blood so right away Roman needed a little more attention. But both babies cried almost immediately.”

They’ve been making themselves heard ever since. Although the new parents decided against hiring a baby nurse, they’ve had plenty of family help. (Molly’s parents are currently staying with her.) Already Molly is starting to feel like her pre-pregnancy self. “I was able to fit into my normal pants not long after the babies arrived,” notes the actress, who says a waist-tightening belly band she has been wearing “really helps.”

Mostly, though, she is focused on enjoying these early days with her newly expanded family of five. “Having a son as well as another daughter, it was just a really grand surprise,” she says. “Miracles? You could say that.”

Source: PEOPLE

— Michelle Tauber and Pamela Warrick

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Alicia on

Beatiful family !

Rayan on

Awe what adorable children!!! Adele looks a lot like Mathilda

Elizabeth on

What a beautiful family. It looks like little Roman might be a red head.

Dee on

My first thought when I saw this photo was “Wow”.

Congrats to Molly and her husband – this is a beautiful family.

Viv on

Wow! How amazing it is to have two healthy babies at the same time! How blessed they are!

Ruth on

I think it’s fantastic she was able to have breech vaginal delivery with her twins. So many OBs these days won’t touch breech with a 10 foot pole, not to mention a vaginal twin delivery! Congrats to Molly and her family.

jk on

Gorgeous family. So happy for them all..and looking forward to more pics of the babies!

Bancie1031 on

AWWW what a adorable family! Molly is stunning and her husband is gorgeous ….. and their children are just breathless! Hands down a gorgeous family!!! Adele looks like Panio (IMO), and Roman looks like Molly and Mathilda.
Thanks for the great family photo!

Paige on

Aw. Beautiful family.

Cassandra on

What a beautiful family! Roman looks like his Momma but the girls look just like Daddy.

Shannon on

That is so wonderful that she was able to have a natural vaginal delivery with twins! So many drs won’t even discuss it anymore, much less with a breech baby! Many congrats to Molly, Panio, and big sister Mathilda. I love all 3 of their kids’ names, and teh babies are both so beautiful!! I agree also that Adele looks like daddy and Roman and Mathilda look like their mommy! LOVE Roman’s red hair!!!

Stephany on

Beautiful family, beautiful pictures. And, wow, never knew how GORGEOUS Molly’s husband was! My eyes keep straying back to him. Ha.

Lisa on

Molly’s husband is HOT!

annie on

Lovely photo and lovely family!Its amazing how one twin has dark hair and the other very red hair like Molly. Congrats to them

Jessi on

Beautiful babies! So adorable. I love their names.

I might actually steal how they spell Mathilda’s name though πŸ™‚

Amber Scantland on

the babies are sooooooooooooo CUTE

Harley on

What a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL family! It looks like the twins are reincarnations of their parents lol. I adore it! Mathilda is a lovely blend of her mom and dad. And I wonder if Panio has a single brother that is as yummy as he is?

Lynn on

They’re adorable. And Mathilda looks a lot like Molly.

Shelby on

Gorgeous family! Congrats to them and way to go Molly and doctor for a twin vaginal breech birth!!

Michelle on

What a beatiful family photo. Mathilda is a cutie and those twins are just precious! Molly looks fantastic and her husband is a hottie. πŸ˜‰
Congrats to them!

JMO on

Wow her husband is a cutie pie!!

And the children are all beautiful!

eilish on

Beautiful names.

CTBmom on

Beautiful family!!! Congrats to Molly and Panio and big sis Mathilda!

Lisa on

what are you basing your assumption’s on that doctors won’t “touch” vaginal twin deliveries? My doctors were very much in favor of going the vaginal route if possible. My twin vag delivery was easier and a smoother time than my single birth.

martina on

Lisa, I think people were commenting more on the breech part of it rather then the twin part. My dr pretty much insisted on a c-section when it turned out my son was breech. In the end, it was the right decision, but it is true that for a lot of drs, breech automatically means c-section.

Mimi on

If the women on CBB have such trouble with doctors not wanting to deliver breech babies or twins vaginally then they should advocate for tort reform. These doctors pay hundreds of thousands in insurance each year because when a mom has a child vaginally and something goes wrong (when maybe it wouldn’t have with a csection) then that woman sues the doctor and the payout can be huge. If we want doctors to be more understanding to our wishes, we need to see the big picture. Until then doctors look at patients as possible litigants and do what is best to protect themselves.

Molly’s babies are beautiful and I like her children’s old-fashioned names.

Lola Marie on

She looks great in this picture. Her and her growing family πŸ™‚

Lari Ann Tingley on

I’m Molly’s biggest fan. So happy for her and her family!!! Congrats to the Gianopoulous family!!!

Mary-Helen on

I didn’t even know you could do a breech vaginal delivery. Here in Canada it’s just a C-section, no questions asked.

Either way, congrats to Molly and her husband.

alice jane on

Man, what a beautiful family!! That Mathilda is absolutely gorgeous. She looks older than 5 in that picture. And I’ve never seen a picture before of Panio….. wow.

Question… would Panio have to have red hair on his side of the family for Roman to have red hair because it’s a recessive gene? My memory of Bio 12 is failing me.. πŸ™‚

SouthernBelle on

The children are beautiful, as are Molly and Panio (wow, that’s a gorgeous man…LOL!) The children are all great blends of their parents, but blended in different ways with each getting different features, yet having enough in common to tell they are siblings (they all three appear to have the same shaped eyes.) It looks like there are going to be a couple of redheads, like Molly, and one very dark-haired child like Panio, but only time will tell! What a lovely family!

SouthernBelle on

To answer the question about whether red hair is recessive or if both parents have to have the red hair gene for their child to express it…the answers are “no” and “not necessarily,” respectively. The red hair gene is an incomplete dominant, not a recessive. I will let a scientist explain (because they can do it far better than I!)

Red hair is not actually a recessive gene (like blonde is), but is rather an “incomplete dominant.” In the world of genes, there are dominant genes (brown, black), which take over any recessive gene, recessive genes (blonde), which will be taken over by any dominant gene, or incomplete dominent genes (red). Incomplete dominant genes will “blend” with any dominant, recessive or other incomplete dominant gene. Incomplete dominant genes will “blend” with any dominant, recessive or other incomplete dominant gene. I, for example, have “auburn” hair, which is essentially red blended with brown. Strawberry blondes are red blended with blonde.

So you’ve got yourself a red headed parent (let’s call those genes aa) and a blonde parent, which we’ll represent as bb. 100% of the offspring will have one hair color gene from each parent, or ab. This means red and blonde. Since red will always blend with other genes, the resulting hair color should be a blend of blonde and red, or strawberry blonde. In the case of my parents, which both have brown hair (let’s call the brown/black genes C), either one parent or possibly both are carrying one “a” in addition to their brown or black genes, with the possibility of even a blonde thrown in (CC, Cb, or Ca). My parents are probably (Ca, CC). I’m probably a Ca, or a blend of brown and red. This result has an outcome likelihood of 50%.


Ashley on

Alice Jane: He wouldn’t need recessive genes for red hair in order for Roman to have red hair. Genes for a baby are 13 chromosomes from mom and 13 from dad, which means any gene that either Molly or Panio has as a dominate gene has the possibility of their baby/babies possessing them. Molly is naturally a red head so, if Roman has red hair, that would be where he got it from. Take, for example, Julia Roberts (natural red head) and Phinneus. Phin has red hair and daddy Danny doesn’t.

Kay on

Congrats! What a beautiful family!

I also delivered my twins vaginally, son was vertex, daughter was breech, but turned vertex during labor.

As a labor and delivery nurse as well, we had discussed the possibility of delivering the 2nd baby breech if she didn’t turn.

There are alot of factors that go into the decision of whether to deliver a breech vaginally vs c/section.

First, if it is your first baby, most OB’s will do a c/section since it is a “path not proven” and the baby’s head is larger than the rest of its body. There is nothing worse than the baby’s head getting trapped after delivery of the body.

Also, if you want to attempt a vaginal delivery with twins, the first baby needs to be head down. Most OB’s should discuss the option of turning the 2nd baby head down for delivery or doing a breech delivery for the 2nd twin. They are also told that despite the 2nd baby turning or trying to deliver breech, there is ALWAYS the chance to have the first one vaginally and need a c/section for the 2nd baby. I would say that over half of our patients will opt for the c/section to avoid having “one of each”.

Again, it isn’t so simple. If the placenta is anterior (attached to the front part of the uterus), turning the baby is discouraged since the manipulation can cause the placenta to detach before the 2nd baby is born, resulting in an emergency c/section or a compromised newborn.

Having help deliver babies for over 21 years, in low-risk AND high-risk situations, I have seen all scenarios. No matter what method of delivery, my goal is a healthy mama, and healthy baby. There is NO sweeter sound in the world than a baby crying!!

Shan on

Gorgeous family. Molly never ages.

Antylissa on

It’s amazing how her twins look nothing alike! I think her son is so adorable with his red hair! && her daughters OMG they’re BEAUTIFUL! Congrats, Molly && Panio!

Mina on


I love Adele’s Middle name! Georgiana (I think it’s most commonly pronounced Jor-Jain-Nah) is so pretty! I’m stealing that name!

SouthernBelle on

Kay, what a wonderfully informative and beautifully written comment from someone who knows what they are talking about. Bravo!

Alix on

They’re all so beautifuls!

I think Mathilda is looking older than 5 years and a half! She looks so mature!

Sorry for my english, I’m not sure if it’s correct!

Sarah on

How adorable, one baby has dark hair like Daddy and the other baby has red hair like Mommy!!! πŸ™‚

crimpe on

Wonderful post, love the photos. High five to Molly for the delivery as well as for the great names she has chosen for her children.

Tina on

there cute.

Elizabeth on

That isn’t Molly’s natural hair color.

Loralie on

That’s Molly’s husband? WOW! Mommy looks great too though!

They really do make a beautiful family. The kids are so precious!

Erica on

The red shade she’s sporting now isn’t her natural color, but she is a natural redhead. So the explanation SouthernBelle posted still applies.

They really do make a great looking fam!

Baby Carriers Backpacks on

Will they have that fire red hair as a trait as they grow up?

Maddie on

Lisa, my thoughts exactly! I’ve never seen a picture of Molly’s husband, and man is he gorgeous! There’s a Delicious Daddy right there, lol. I’m so glad that Molly got the birth that she wanted, and that the twins (and family!) and happy and healthy. Mathilda must be so excited to be a big sister!

Maddie on

oops, meant to say happy that the twins are happy and healthy πŸ™‚

Kim on

What a beautiful family! I agree, Molly’s hubby is definitely a looker.

Janet on

Cute babies, pretty mommy, and hottie dad! Wow!!

and-her-son on

Mathilda looks so much like Molly.

They are beautiful.

Just have to put in since Molly was the Queen of John Hughes films, I am very saddened by his death. You cant beat a lazy sunday watching Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles.

rebecca rubenstein on

The children are beautiful and Molly looks just as pretty as she did back in all of my favorite John Hughes films. Farewell John, you will be missed!

Mandy on

Is he also Mathilda’s biological father? Just curious.

Stephanie on

Love, love, love the name Adele, but it’s my husband’s nickname for me (long story, LOL) and my oldest daughter’s middle name (her first name is Genevieve) so I’m biased.

Sadie on

Ashley, Julia Roberts is actually a natural blonde! I’ve seen pics of her as a little girl and read an interview where she said Danny Moder had hair just like their son when he was a boy.
You’re right in the theory, but Hazel and Henry got the blonde from Julia, as opposed to Phin getting the red.

JC on

Wow, what beautiful children! And I love how each baby has the different color hair. How cool is that?!!!!! My Baby B, she was breech. And thank goodness the delivering doc had small hands…lol!

Crystal on

BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!! How do you pronounce Adele? Is is A-Dell or ADD A LAY??? Just wondering. CONGRATS!!! πŸ™‚

dave on

Mandy, yup, he’s Mathilda’s biological father. He and Molly have been together since 2002.

Lola on

That is a really cute family, and the dad is totally hot. Congrats to Molly and her family!

Karm on

Molly you look AMAZING!

CelebBabyLover on

Ruth- ITA! My mother was also footling (feet first, just like Roman) breech, and was born vaginally without complication. It CAN be done, but some doctors seem to like to ignore that fact (please note, I am NOT saying ALL doctors, just SOME doctors)!

Anyway, the babies are so cute! Roman looks more like Molly and big sister Mathilda to me, while Adele looks more like her daddy. Anyway, how is Mathlida’s name pronounced? Is it pronuced like Matilda, or like, “Math-ilda” (basically, what I want to know is whether the H is silent or not)?

Alvina Torres on

What a beautiful family. One of the twins favor molly and the other Panio. How nice. I wish them all the happiness.

Shelly on

What gorgeous children. I’ve always loved Molly. Hope to see more of this family for a long time!!!

em on

I am so happy for her and for the whole family!

Holly on

cute children indeed. I always thought it was pronounced A-dell, but I don’t know. These babies are beautiful indeed. Not to knitpick, but why would you dress ur little girl when you were first indroducing her in brown? Wouldn’t you dress her in pink like most mothers do? The only other thing I can think of is maybe Molly wanted to be different. And I think Roman’s red hair is adorable. Beautiful family, Molly, I’m really happy for you!

t. on

If someone buys the magazine, could you please scan the rest of the photos? I’m a big Molly fan and I’d love to see them but I don’t live in the US so I can’t buy the magazine. TIA πŸ™‚

Liliana on

What a beautiful family! Mathilda is darling and Roman resembles Molly, while Adele looks like Panio.

Holly, I doubt Molly was making an attempt at being “different” by dressing Adele in brown. It’s not a written rule that girls need to wear pink while boys must wear blue. Gender shouldn’t be defined by a color.

Dad Blog on

Congrats to Molly and her family. She followed her dreams of having children and now she has 3 beautiful kids.

Molly on

Holly, I have a little girl and I totally hate baby pink colors. I dress her mostly in natural, earth colors, like brown, beige, white. If she is wearing pink, its quite rare, but there is always brown in it as well (brown with pink, brown with green, brown with orange etc) Even her room is done in natural calming colors. I dont know why I do it this way but I like it. There is something very special about brown and other natural colors

Molly on

Btw, I wanted to add, that even if she’s dressed in pink head to toes, I get questions like “Cute baby, is it a boy or a girl” …
Drives me totally nuts.

Brandi on

That brown outfit has pink stripes all over it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Jennifer on

Cute family.

Hair colour is not a Mendelian trait, but rather is polygenic (meaning it is determined by more than one gene) and is affected by environment, as well.

A good explanation can be found here:

Sorry, I’m a geneticist and had to speak up. πŸ™‚

Jane on

What a beautiful family!

Mia on

Her little babies are very cute + I can’t believe how much her oldest looks like the daddy/Molly’s husband, she is 100% him! That red hair is not Molly’s natural color, its dyed-her natural color is a very brownish-red: auburn, really + it seems her oldest/the twin boy baby has redish tones in his hair. Genes are really strange, and sometimes red hair or blonde hair kids can come out of 2 parents with dark hair because the genes are in the line from generations back.

And I personally hate the color pink too, so if I ever have kids/and I have a daughter, I would probably dress her in purple, which I prefer + is still a “girl’ish” color.

Tina on

Sorry folks, the genetics major in me couldn’t let post #33 slide…humans have FOURTY-SIX chromosomes, not twenty-six. That’s 23 from the each parent, not 13. That’s all :).

cartoonfansparadise on

too cute [:

didi on

her hubby looks like Jake Ryan πŸ™‚

am581 on

Genes can be so weird. And children can change as they grow in their first year dramatically. My grandmother was a red head, I have very dark hair (naturally anyway, lol) that in the sun flashes red. Both my daughters were born with dark brown hair that then turned red around 1-2mos old, then the baby hair fell our and in grew dark blonde hair. Maybe he’ll stay red, maybe it will change. Personally, I think watching them change as they grow, so rapidly sometimes, is one of the best things about the first year with a new baby. I think its amazing how different these babies look, in a good way. It will be interesting to watch them grow!

Terri on

The twins are perfect reflections of Molly and Panio.

Pretty Princess Nikki on

I’m so very happy for her – To give birth to wonderful beautiful twins!

Kait on

I love how the entire family shares that same cute nose. Mathilda is what I want my girl to look like, she’s so gorgeous! And the color of her hair is beautiful (Molly’s must be dyed, right?) This is such a picture perfect family looks-wise and I’m sure they couldn’t be any happier or more complete now with the twins. I was wondering if Mathilda was going to be the only child for them, if I had those genes and the money to support a large brood I’d never stop having children!

Alesha on

Beautiful family indeed!! A lot of drs won’t deliver twins vaginally..I luckilly got to deliver my twin daughters vaginally, even though I had a lot of health prob, DVT & hyperemesis being among them, but twin “a” was down, twin b was transverse & had to be turned & helped out..just depends on the dr & situations;) thankfully my gals are healthy, Congrats to Molly on her whole healthy beautiful family as well!!

Benigna Marko on

This is a beautiful portrait of the family. Everyone looks absolutely beautiful and the pose is just one of kind. The twins look so content. That little boy will have his hands full with an older sister and his twin sister. I know, my brother still gets bossed around by my older sister and I. It is fun though, to have an older sister and a twin brother.
Good luck and the best to this beautiful family.
Benigna Marko

Kris on

Mathilda looks a lot like daddy but I can see some Molly in here too. She is a beautiful girl and seems to happy to have a baby brother and a baby sister. How lucky is she! I think Roman will look more like mommy and Adele more like daddy. I love how the baby girl has a few head of hair while the baby boy is almost bald. That is just like when Max and Emme were born!

brooke fields on

congrats!!!!!!! there beautiful you guys make a cute family!!! ❀

mesa mattress on

molly was an interesting actress, she should make her own films. too bad john hughes died, she would still be able to make good films with him.

Fan on

So beautiful! Looks like one will have dark hair and one will have red hair. Just simply gorgeous!

TheFirstPositiveHolly on

Ok, Molly- just stating a point, I didn’t know at first which was the girl, til I saw the pink stripes. Adele and lil Roman are so cute, and Mathilda looks to be a happy sis!

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