Meet Kenzo Lee Hounsou!

08/07/2009 at 10:30 AM ET

Update: Interview and photos added!

Originally posted August 5th: Meet Kenzo Lee Hounsou! Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou introduce their 9-week-old bundle of joy in the latest issue of OK!, on newsstands now.

Shot at the Hawk Nest estate in the Saddle River area of New Jersey, the Baby Phat CEO and her actor husband (yes, the rumor that they married in Africa was true!), along with big sisters Aoki Lee, 6 ½, and Ming Lee, 9 ½, show off their “very calm, very happy” baby boy.

Melanie Acevedo/Courtesy OK! for use on CBB

Click below for the interview and another photo!

What was your concept for this photo shoot?

Kimora Lee Simmons: “I believe the blended family is the look of the new American family. The majority of Americans have a step-this or half-that. I wanted to portray that and show that it is possible to have one with so much love and happiness.”

The girls seem to be adjusting really well to Kenzo.

KLS: “They’re so excited! They think they are little mommies. They want to change his diaper and take care of him, and feed him a bottle and hold him all the time. It’s funny because the girls say, ‘We’re going to dress the baby up!’ Djimon’s like, ‘No! You’re not going to be pinning tulle to the boy!'”

What does the name Kenzo mean?

KLS: “Kenzo means third and wise [in Japanese].”

What’s his personality like?

KLS: “He’s very calm, very happy, he gurgles and talks!”

Is he more like you or his dad?

KLS: “He has a very fiery little temper, and we always joke that we’re not sure who that is. I am kind of known for being fiery, but Djimon is the ‘calm fiery’ before the storm.”

How different is it raising a boy?

KLS: “He eats like a dinosaur! He’s strong, and his cry is strong. The girls were softer. When you hold him, he squirms right up out of your hands. I can tell as soon as he gets that foot on the ground, I’ll probably never be able to hold him again.”

What was your labor like?

KLS: “Oh, my God, it was a long labor. This was from about 9 o’clock at night to 11 o’clock the next morning. I was so surprised because they say your third child is supposed to pop out, but he did not pop out. It was like baby number one all over again.”

What did you think the first time you held him?

KLS: “It was amazing. During labor I thought, ‘We should call Africa!’ So we had Djimon’s family on the phone in Africa on speaker so they could hear the pushing and the first cry.”

So how is Djimon doing as a first-time dad?

KLS: “He’s so hands-on. He holds the baby, and he flicks the doodies. You wouldn’t think a guy would be so hands-on, so supportive, so strong yet so gentle.”

Your life has changed so much in a short period of time.

KLS: “I’m really blessed. I’m in a great place. I’m a little older — even though I’m 26 forever; we know that! I don’t really know how to put my finger on it exactly, but I feel like I’m on my second wind.”

Tell us about your secret wedding.

KLS: “We visited Djimon’s family in West Africa. He had a street named after him and he was knighted so his whole family was there. It felt very, very right. We just knew that it was right. I knew from the beginning that he was the one.”

Did he propose on one knee?

KLS: “It was a combination of things. We were there in the moment, but he did ask me, and he did get on his knee.”

Are there more kids in your future?

KLS: “I feel like I could go again right now. It would be a lot taking care of a baby 24/7 and two older girls, plus a huge career to balance. But I feel like I’m up for it again.”

When do you start filming your Style-Network show Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane?

KLS: “September! I’m in pre-production right now. It’s a little bit later in the season obviously because the baby is here, and he’s the big focus of the moment.”

Melanie Acevedo/Courtesy OK! for use on CBB

How do you balance everything?

KLS: “I’m up all day and all night. I never got a maternity leave. I was in the office taking meetings with Macy’s and everybody else the day before I went into labor. But times are great.”

So life is good…

KLS: “For a lot of reasons we’re very happy, and things are happening, and Djimon is ecstatic obviously. And I’m a soccer mom — who would’ve thought? If Djimon is not on set, he’s a soccer dad, too. That’s what we do.”

So does that mean you drive a minivan?

KLS: “No, I have a Cadillac truck. And some days I come in a convertible Bentley and I have to put everybody else in the Cadillac.”

Do you make sure one of you is always home and alternate?

KLS: “We never leave the children for longer than a couple of days; one of us is definitely home. We try to balance our lives and schedules. We always put family first.”

Source: OK!, August 17th issue

See Kenzo’s photo gallery at OK!, then come back and leave your comments!

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Asheley on


Jenna on

Gorgeous baby boy. Love his name too

Micheley on

He is one of the most beautiful babies Ive seen.
His Lips, Eyes, and Skin complection are breathe taking.

french gigi on

what breathtaking photos.
and kimora is just stunning!

Alice on

Wow, that is one gorgeous little boy!!
And the pics are very well taken too, I love the one with the parents’ hands and Kenzo’s feet, and also the one of Djimon kissing his son!! They are all good really.

Lily on

WOW–what a beautiful baby, just gorgeous!

Nelly on

What a beautiful baby…and gorgeous family…Very happy to finally get a peek :)!

Megan on

Oh he is absolutely gorgeous…I mean stunningly gorgeous–the hair, those eyes–and oh me oh my those lips…and the girls are beautiful–what a gorgeous picture the five of them make!

mslewis on

Kenzo is a pretty baby. I love that last picture of the entire family. The girls are so beautiful and growing up so fast.

Brooke on

You have GOT to be kidding…..That little boy is drop dead gorgeous. Like, Gap Model Baby gorgeous.

Not at all surprising since his daddy is HOTHOTHOTHOT

Banana24 on

OMG…I wish I could take little Kenzo home with me. How adorably precious is he??? He is a beautiful baby! Kenzo, August Hermann (Mariska Hargitay’s son), and Orion Noth (Chris Noth’s son) are by far the most gorgeous baby boys that I have ever seen.

Xan on

Yeah, got to repeat the word of the day: GORGEOUS! Those lips, all that hair, and his beautiful skin tone. Kenzo is just going to be a heartbreaker! That family portrait is so elegant, too.

Pamela on

A beautiful baby boy and a beautiful family!

Jessica on

Wow, he looks like a regular baby to me, he’s cute but nothing extraordinary. All babies are cute.

anna on

omg he is so cute and i cant believe they are married!!!!!!!!

Danielle Cotton on

So cute! Congrats!

Simone on

OMG He is such a beautiful baby,he looks like a doll!!!!

Congrats to this perfect little person

Iam in love,cant wait to see him grow up!!


That little boy is so cute!! My God!!!!

I love all the photos! I love the fact that Kimora – the queen of Diamonds lol has a simple wedding band!

Love this family they seem normal despite all the millions Kimora has!

Erin on

What a gorgeous child, wow!

janie on

beautiful baby!

Chris on

Wow just wow! He is gorgeous!

Patricia on

Oh my God!

What a little doll baby!

Gorgeous boy:)

Marissa on

Perfect… he is asolutely PERFECT! Such a beautiful Angel. This family is Gorgeous!

Christina on

He’s beautiful!!! He has lips just like the girls. Such a pretty complexion, wow… just gorgeous. He’s gonna look like Tyson Beckford when he grows up, watch! lol I’m so happy for them. Djimon looks so in love with his baby boy… awwwww!

robinepowell on

Nice photos. I did notice one funny thing though. Of all the photos Djimon Hounsou is in, only one of them has him looking the camera. The rest of them his face is to the side or bent down looking at his son, lol! :p

NettieB on

Yay!!! I am so happy for Djimon…it’s his first born! Congrats to Kimora and fam. The baby is beautiful.

Sanja on

Gorgeous family!

Am I the only one who found Kimora”s comments about how great it is not to do it all alone/have a guy help with diapers for a change, etc. a bit strange? Like she was saying that Russel was no help with the girls or something.

Elzbieta on

OMG THAT BOY IS BEAUTIFUL! Gorgeous complexion(like butter) beatiful lips, forehead, he’s insanely gorgeous.

Elzbieta on

sidenote, i wonder how many photoshoots these girls do on a yearly basis.

and-her-son on

Absoloutly breathtakingly beautiful.

I love that his name has meaning too, third and wise.

I think its great how even though Kimora had(had, not sure if she still films or not) a reality show she is still private, especially of her girls.

When I first heard about them dating I thought they were such an odd match but now I think they just even each other out.

Tina on

omg he is so cute! 🙂

Erica on

Kenzo is a beautiful baby, his features are flawless. I see a lot of Aoki in him. And I had a feeling the rumor about their wedding was true, especially since neither of them denied it.

Leah on

OMG! I figured he would be a cute baby but he is just GORGEOUS!!! I mean really really a gorgeous little guy. His sisters and parent are lovely too!

Annabel on

Wow, Kimora was blessed with some very beautiful children, I had never really seen her daughters until now… they’re gorgeous. And that little boy has striking features. Again, beautiful children. And congratulations to them on their marriage.

Michella on

Kenzo is going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up!Only 9 weeks old and already that cute!OMG!LOL I love his lips!Must get them from Kimora because Aoki look at Aoki’s lips in the pictures!His skin is just beautiful!The darker the berry the sweeter the juice!Look at all that hair!I was not to sure about Kimora and Djimon but they are a great couple and have a beautiful child together!I wish them all the best!Ming and Aoki look so pretty too!

miszstephsteph on

awh i didnt even know she had a boyfriend the babbies adorible and so is the picture.

b on

wow, i don’t think there could be a more beautiful family….

Shelby on

I think the pictures are beautiful and I am so happy that this family has been blessed with a little boy. However, in all honesty, I do not find Kenzo to be an adorable baby…just odd features to me. Nonetheless, I wish them the best!

Terri on

What a grown-up looking baby if that makes sense. He looks like a little man. So cute.

Whitney Sterk on

Oh wow – that baby is just beautiful – he looks like both of his sisters’ – also beautiful girls.

missloUiSiAna on

My turn, lol, he’s gorgeous, actually stunning!

L on

Hes gorgeous ahhh love those lips….they are blessed!!!

JRW on

Simply Beautiful.

Shal on

That baby is too beautiful for words! He is so precious!!

nettrice on

LOL @ the ‘odd features’ comment. Please explain this!

LisaR on

They all look so happy! He’s a cutie.

I never get why people feel the need to mention they don’t think a baby is cute. Never understood why people think it’s something that MUST be expressed. It’s so much easier and kinder to say nothing. I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go round.

g-girl on

This baby is on cuteness overload. I can’t take it. He is simply delish. Wow – what a beautiful family. The girls must be so excited!

JJ on

I am just loving this baby’s beautiful, chocolate skin 🙂 – There is no denying that he is Djimon Hounsou’s son :)!

CelebBabyLover on

LisaR- I agree! Anyway, Kenzo is ADORABLE! I love Kimora’s comment about the older girls thinking they’re “little mommies”. Angelina Jolie said something very similar about Zahara and Shiloh when the twins were born. 🙂

Olexis on

Such a gorgeous baby! His skin tone is to die for!

Mia on

That little boy is gorgeous, very much a combo of his mama + daddy!! His complexion is so pretty, along with his eyes and pouty lips. I love how in-love Kimora + Djimon look, I am very very happy for them 🙂 Congrats to the family! I wonder if they will have anymore kids??

Annie on

Cute. He looks just like Djimon.


He is the definition of Fabulousity!!! Did I miss that they got married??

Katie on

oh I love his lips.

bella on

upon first glance at the tiny picture my true thought was “he ain’t that cute” but I am so glad I looked at the full sized galerie because he is totally precious. The most beautiful features he is an angel. A perfect mix of mom and dad

sinclair on

“just odd features to me.”

wtf? !?!!?!?!?! what kind of louse says this about a baby?

ericka on

hes beautiful!

mae on

Michelle-they must be married I saw Kimora wore a wedding ring too !
The pics are awesome and so is Kenzo! What a gracious face he has! And the pic with the whole family is great too!
Wish them lots of happiness together!

Rach on

Oh my,look at those lips and so much hair 🙂 He is too cute !

brannon on

I personally think this baby is one of the most beautiful I have seen. However, I think its fair for others to disagree. Not all babies are cute and not everybody is going to agree. That’s what makes the world interesting.

Jen DC on

He looks like every bit of his racial heritage: Beninese (Djimon Hounsou is from Benin) and Japanese! I don’t know how they keep from kissing him all day, with this beautiful mouth he has, because I wouldn’t be able to stop! Peck peck peck all day long.

And his skin! He looks so soft and smooth and squishy like a happy baby should. I think he’s beautiful, even though like someone else, it took me looking at all the pictures to really get used to his unique features. There are some babies who grow more handsome as they age because their features are so striking, it throws you off to see them on an infant. I think he’ll get more handsome as he grows; his face is a little small for all that beauty!

And those girls! Both of them are gorgeous as well.

Julie on

I’m very sadden that CBB decided to allow such a sad comment from Shelby. It is hightly rude and distasteful to insult a baby because he doesn’t conform to your standard of beauty. Baby Kenzo is simply beautiful…..all children are.

Sandra on

What a beautiful baby! The girls are gorgeous too!

J-Lin on

What a beautiful baby!!!!

To me, he looks so different from the girls?

Shelby – What do you mean by “odd”? I live in Georgia and I hear that comment from folks who just left the farm and aren’t aware of the diversity the world has to offer.

Daisy on

Now, isn’t somebody just his daddy’s mini-me.

Hayley_B on

He’s completely and utterly adorable! Congratulations to Djimon, Kimora, Ming & Aoki on their newest addition! I hope he brings you much love and joy!

Arrealia on

OMG he is beautiful. Kimora and Djimon made one delicious looking little fella! I could just eat up those little cheeks!

CTBmom on

Kenzo is adorable!! Love those lips 🙂 Kimora and Djimon look so in love with him.

Jane on

Shelby- “odd features” ???
Brannon- “not all babies are cute” ???

According to which standards?
I think you should really think about this.

This baby is absolutely beautiful.

Mimi on

j-lin, isn’t it possible Shelby’s comment has nothing to do with race? I mean I don’t find Olive Cohen or Marcia Cross’ twins to be very cute and I’m white. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people look at a child and see what they hope for their own children in regards to features. Some people look at that same child and don’t see appealing features. I’ve seen stunning black children and hideous white children. Race has nothing to do with it and to assume Shelby is some hick for not being a sheep like the rest of the posters makes YOU look like a bigot. Besides Shelby’s comment was overall very positive. With that said, you both have the right to comment your personal views, but of course, some other posters think Shelby should be censored when what she said is nothing compared to the nastiness that descends on people like Tori Spelling and other less beloved stars.

Also why, oh why, does Kimora get so much love when other celebrities who pimp out their kids get so much hate? Why is she so special? She doesn’t need the money anymore than Denise or Tori do.

madylane on

Daddy’s mini-me! So precious. Very beautiful baby boy.

To those upset with Shelby- ok so maybe she should have held her tongue but c’mon, not every baby is beautiful. No matter how much you want them to be. My cousin’s little one was seriously the weirdest looking and most unattractive baby I have ever seen. He grew up gorgeous.
And Shelby, there is no accounting for taste. That boy is yummy cute! Not sure what pics you are looking at!

stedine on

It took a few pictures but Kenzo is a cute baby. Personally I don’t think I find mongoloid/negroid mixed grown men to be that attractive, all my friends love Will Demps but he just does not do it for me, but as children they are usually adorable.


Everyone knows that Kimora’s show is about KIMORA. LOL. She has to have the spotlight and be the center of attention, the kids are just in the show by default and Russel has no qualms about it. People hate on Kimora on black sites though just because she herself is so over the top. She saves money by putting her girls in the Baby Phat ads and I for one would love to be advertised if my mommy had a brand. Aoki loves the camera too

sinclair on

Mimi, I kinda agree. I don’t think this is racial on Shelby’s part but homegirl could offer some explanation. And using the word ‘odd’ implies a lot of things–namely, that there is a set (aesthetic?) standard to which this baby does not conform, so you are treading on dangerous waters there, IF that is what you were alluding to, Shelby.

I mean, the baby has ONE head and appears to have the requisite 20 fingers and toes (in total), 4 limbs…so what is ODD about Kenzo? Was he not the shade you were expecting, or was his hair not what you thought it would look like?

WHAT is odd?

Born Fab on

He’s adorble…but how did I completely miss her pregnancy!?

Hea on

He is gorgeous. The whole family is beautiful.

Eve on

He’s a beautiful baby with gorgeous skin, he has Kimora’s eyes but looks just like Djimon.

I don’t get the ‘odd’ statement either but it’s nothing new that some people have an aversion to African features. It’s a strange thing on this site when people say these things about babies but I think it also has to do with who the mother is. If the mother is white, say, Heidi Klum, or Angelina Jolie than she gets a pass but if she’s somebody like Kimora, biracial African American and Japanese, you get the occasional hateful comment.

jessie on

he looks just like daddy 🙂

bonnie on

“[…]Personally I don’t think I find mongoloid/negroid mixed grown men to be that attractive, all my friends love Will Demps but he just does not do it for me, but as children they are usually adorable.”

mongoloid/negroid? what year is this?????? as children, “they” are adorable, then what happens?!

i just get icky eugenics-esque from some of these comments

nettrice on

Odd is just an odd thing to say about a baby. Saying a baby is not all that cute is one thing (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) but saying a baby has ‘odd features’ is something else entirely and folks can dance around the race issue if they want but that comment is awfully suspicious…and odd.

Allie-Rose on

Oh my gosh what a cutie!!

Lala on

I think he looks like Aoki.

brannon on

Relax Jane. Simply saying everyone is entitled to their own opinion and tastes. Fact is some babies appear cuter to me than others and he happens to be one of them! Obviously other people have different preferences or else the world would be rather dull and standardized. –

Emma on

I actually didn’t think Shelby’s comment was about race, but I do think it was classless.

As someone said before, why is it that people come on to a site like this, and when they see people complimenting a BABY, they simply MUST contradict and say things like ‘he’s not that cute’ or ‘he looks odd’? What enjoyment could a normal person possibly get from this? And how would that same person feel if someone came up to THEM on the street and say, ‘Wow, you have odd features’?

Okay, you may not find all babies are cute, you’re entitled to your opinion, but why on earth must you go out of your way to say it? Whatever became of taste, class and manners? These same people would be very annoyed if someone said the same about their own precious offspring.

And Mimi, I doubt it’s fair to say that people complimenting this child are sheep. It’s quite possible that some people do actually, genuinely think he’s cute. It just might be possible.

Lis on

I’m so sick of the “cute/not cute” baby debate. It honestly makes my stomach turn. I LOVE babies, and have seen many, many, many babies over my lifetime and have yet to meet a baby that isn’t 100% cute.

How distasteful, disrespectful, and rude to comment on a defenseless, tiny baby’s appearance. Some of you people are really low.

So I must say:

Dee on

I’ve always enjoyed watching Djimon in movies – he’s such a talented actor and I couldn’t be more happy for him and Kimora and their beautiful boy Kenzo. Gorgeous family.

Lola Marie on

Kenzo is going to look just like Aoki! The lips, the nose…wow. It think he is so cute!

Gianna on

You know, freedom of speech is one thing. Of course everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. But I believe people just use this as an excuse to be nasty, and when someone calls them on it they’re quick to hide behind the old ‘everyone has a right to their own opinions’ spiel. I’m sure this is what Shelby would say if asked why on earth she would actually let those words onto this blog. How convenient.

2little on

From @stedine: “Personally I don’t think I find mongoloid/negroid mixed grown men to be that attractive, all my friends love Will Demps but he just does not do it for me, but as children they are usually adorable.”

Wow! I wonder if you say these kinds of things outside your home, in the presence of people outside your race. What an insulting & ignorant comment.

The children are beautiful.

Daisy on

I think he is absolutely beautiful, his features are quite mature for being a baby but he will grow into those litte big lips! As far as the “odd” comment, to each its own…not the right use to wording but everyone has their own opinions. I dont find Marcia Cross’ twins all that cute, but many of you do..thats just my opinion! Nonetheless, he is an absolute doll!!

Lola Marie on

Looking at the pics of Aoki I could see she and Kenzo share those features…their lips and nose, etc.

Bluebell on

“stedine Says: It took a few pictures but Kenzo is a cute baby. Personally I don’t think I find mongoloid/negroid mixed grown men to be that attractive, all my friends love Will Demps but he just does not do it for me, but as children they are usually adorable.”

I have now seen it all. I really have. What a fine character you must be. What a treasure. What an asset to this world. Wow!

Jazzie on

Fantastic photos. They look like one big happy family, and I hope that they really are as happy as they look.

Cace on

What a stunningly beautiful baby. Those are some great genes. His skin, those lips, those eyes.. I see a baby phat model in the making. Congrats to one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen.

Jessi on

He is adorable!

rulani on

he is sooo gorgeous and so beautiful they are so happily blessed..and im sorry but i cant resist adding to what someone said earlier ..there is a universal code of conduct when commenting on INNOCENT FLAWLESS BEINGS i.e children that is when you DO NOT HAVE A +VE COMMENT just be quiet!

Priya on

That baby is so beautiful and adorable, he seems unreal, very doll-like and I am appalled by the racist comments that attempt to downgrade his beauty. In many ways, his features are identical to Shiloh and her siblings, if not more pronounced, but just because he happens to be of non-caucasian descent, the evil tongues are sent off wagging, whipping and lashing, spewing hateful invectives. Pity, when will people cease to be blind to the beauty of innocence?

Jane on

Brannon- I have a hard time relaxing when some people make such intolerable comments.

How does it help the world or make the world a more interesting place for people to have different preferences on baby cuteness? The reality is that it is not a good thing to say and that commenting negatively about a baby’s cuteness is implying that there is some standard he/she is not meeting. How terrible! Realize it or not, you must have some ingrained standard of beauty that is based on what society has long said is “nice looking”.
When I see this baby, I see a little angel!

nettrice on

Brannon used the term ‘standardized’ about a comment that called a non-standardized baby ‘odd’. That’s just…odd. I agree with Jane and I am appalled at the number of generalizations people think it’s cool to post on a message board about celebrities babies from diverse backgrounds.

Olexis on

“It took a few pictures but Kenzo is a cute baby. Personally I don’t think I find mongoloid/negroid mixed grown men to be that attractive, all my friends love Will Demps but he just does not do it for me, but as children they are usually adorable.”

Um excuse me but wtf?! What an ignorant thing to say!

gaia's mom on

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I don’t think that right should be taken away. However, I think that when bringing negative comments against a child one should ask themselves why? Why do you want other people to know that you think a baby is ugly or unattractive? Yes, I know people with less than beautiful children, but I don’t feel compelled to voice that type of opinion. I’ve made it a rule not to say anything online that I wouldn’t say in real life.

I don’t think that Shelbys comment was racist, even if it was because she doesn’t like his obviously black features. I mean inherently that has to be the reason. The kid has ‘african’ features, dark skin, so if you don’t like the childs features, just what are you saying?I have a friend that thinks all white children look a like. That’s her perogative. Does she treat white children different? No, so even for all her misguided opinions I can’t call her a racist.

As a mixed raced person, with an obviously mixed race child. I’m sure some people don’t like her features or mine. There’s always going to be who don’t like the feautures of colored folk. That’s the way it is.

But like the majority has said, I think he’s a beautiful child(who would look really cute with Nahla Aubry, in 20yrs or so).

J-Lin on

I didn’t say anything about race. I used the term “diversity” which means different. Some folks aren’t use to seeing people that do not easily fitinto the categories they’ve grown up with.

This small mindedness is behnd many problems the US faces.

Hea on

It’s amazing how incredibly race oriented people in the states are. Because I do believe most of CBB’s readers are from the US. It always bugs me that when I sign up to different american communities and such, it is often desired that you provide your racial background. It just sounds so so…bad and stupid.

DanielleOH on

He’s beautiful & so is the family. U keep doing yo thang girl cuz its always gon be sum haters 🙂 Be bless!

Lioness on

I think you guys should take it easy on Shelby. I’m Black, and I didn’t find her comments offensive at all. Amazing how we always jump to race in this country and on this site. Why, when someone says a non-White baby isn’t cute- particularly when the baby is Black or mixed with Black- people always assume it’s because the baby is not White? How on earth do we know that ‘odd’ features to Shelby meant African ones? People call Princess Tiaamii ugly all the time on this site, and no one has ever said it’s because she’s White. In face, most commenters say that she has ODD or UNIQUE features, or “didn’t win the genetic lottery”. What crazy people think that every single person should think every single baby is cute? Is every single person attractive to every single other person? NO!!! So why should that change for babies? Shelby didn’t call Kenzo “an ugly Black monkey”, as I’ve seen other posters do to Zahara; didn’t insult, didn’t do anything but express her opinion. Which is exactly what the comments section is for.

As I mentioned before, I’m Black, and I think Kenzo is cute, but nothing extraordinary. I think he has to grow into his features more, before I can really form a better opinion. Lighten up people, don’t be sheep!!

Mary-Helen on

He is very cute and squishy! Congrats to them!

gaia's mom on

Not everyone on here is American. Plenty of people internationally post on this website. So this entire americans are obsessed with race thing is entirely unfair. My husbands from Europe, I’m american born but my family is south east asian and south american and those places are very much preoccupied with race and skin color.

“How on earth do we know that ‘odd’ features to Shelby meant African ones?”

The child has black features, not that every black person has the same nose, eyes, or lips but commenting on a childs appearence negatively when the child has a very racially specific appearance what should other readers think? People are quick to jump on these types of comments because people of color are not the standard of beauty in the west and these days in the east, so when someone says they don’t find a person of color attractive it makes sense that it would be because the person deviates from the europea/white standard that’s been set. Do I think that’s racism? No. Do I think its sad? Yes. Could shelby have found the child unattractive for other reasons? Sure. Does ‘stedines’ comment helps bolster the opinions of the people that jumped on shelby? Yep.

stedine on

bonnie… i just don’t like being called black or african american as my skin tone is not black and I am not from the African American diaspora, so I just use the scientific racial terms when describing people, that is all. No eugenics. I think people are allowed to find whatever they choose to be attractive. I am not racist either as I believe nurture has more to do with adult intelligence then anything

stedine on


I sure do say anything I say on here outside of my home. LOL. Caucasoid, mogoloid and negroid. I am negroid I guess, but I have this whole thing with races and what people are categorized at, so it is my rebellion from calling people white, black, latino and all that other ish. NON of it makes sense. Indians from India and Chinese from China are ASIAN while a person whose ancestors were brought over from a slave ship and have only reproduced with darker skin toned people as themselves can be considered Latino along with person who is extremely fair skinned and ancestors are a mix of Europeans and Natives. I don’t make up these characterizations, so if it offends you, I don’t care, you figure it out and tell me why I am wrong from saying someone mongoloid or negroid. I just choose other anyways, only thing that makes sense for me

LL65 on

OMG so beautiful! All of them!

stedine on


I am a tr4easure to the world. I read, do research and question everything. I don’t have to find anyone sexually appealing. It is my pergoative. I just have certain preferences and since you guys are offended by scientific terms I will use more colloquial ones. I tend to be more attracted to white men, black men, Persian men or some cross-racial men that is all, doesn’t mean they are ugly, just would not see myself lying on a bed with them.

stedine on

Lastly, I never called anyone ugly. The baby is cute as are the rest of Kimora’s children. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder anyways, so to each their own

GiannaG on

Lioness, I doubt anyone would find all babies attractive, I just question the necessity of someone making the effort to point out their distaste for a baby’s features on a baby blog. WHY would you do that? I also didn’t think Shelby was being racist, but I did think she was being deliberately unkind.

Sarah on

Beautiful family!!!

andilea on

Can’t there be one website in the entire world where the race card isn’t played?
If someone says the baby is not attractive or “odd”, it is not because of what color the baby is, or the parents. It is because the baby didn’t turn out to be what the poster thought he/she would look like.
I personally thought that since Kimora is part black and Djimon is dark, the baby would be darker. But he is how he should be. I figured wrong. Big deal, Kenzo is still a cute baby.
Race doesn’t have a hand in my world. I could care less what color you are or who you are with. I come to this site for a few reasons. One, they are respectful overall, and two because they have some really nice pictures of my favorite celebritie’s children.
I am white. From Georgia. Guess what? One of my favorite couples (besides Angelina and Brad-where color obviously doesn’t matter) is Heidi Klum and Seal. I can’t wait to see their new daughter.
BTW, this is useless information to me, but I am white and cherokee and my bf is mexican and white. WooHoo!

SouthernBelle on

That is one exquisite baby boy!!! The photo gallery was incredible, with one breathtaking shot after another. The girls are beautiful, Kimora looks so calm (LOL!), motherly and beautiful and Djimon looks like he’s in love with his baby boy (what IS it about men and babies….wow!) Djimon isn’t going to be the only male model in THAT little family! That little boy is just gorgeous.

Hea on

gaia’s mom – If you’re targeting me, I said most readers on here are from the US. Not all of us, I certainly am not. If I am mistaken, CBB, please correct me!

Race and health research is mostly done in the US. European countries learned their lesson sixty years ago. I know of no other country, aside from maybe South Africa, where race matters so much and is still so much in focus socially.

Patrice on

So excited to finally see him : ) I was really wondering who this little guy would take after; looks like Daddy won!

Anna on

Some people just want to see racism in everything. Saying you don’t think the baby is cute does not make you a racist!

sinclair on

“Some people just want to see racism in everything. Saying you don’t think the baby is cute does not make you a racist!”

Anna, please READ. No one is casually throwing the ‘racist’ title around b.c. someone did not think the baby was cute. If you cannot follow the thread and see why some ppl were offended, go back and go through the comments, yikes.

Shelby on

Oh my goodness, I started a race debate…yikes! Not my intention at all and I apologize to all who were offended by my comment. At the request of a few, I will further explain what I meant. As stated above, these are beautiful photographs and I am so happy that this family has the blessing of a child especially a sweet, little boy! I think many of you are taking odd features in a negative connotation which was not my intention that it would come across and in NO way was I stating that in regards to his race. Frankly, it’s a little frightening how someone’s opinion on something has to be validated by your reasoning when you have no idea what I meant which is why I’m writing this. Again, I in no way was commenting on his features in regards to race, in fact I find his skin tone to be yummy and beautiful! I will say that instead of odd I should have used distinctive features; I suppose I’m used to using odd as a way to describe different…in a positive way! He has unique features that include big, beautiful lips (which I love on him and Shiloh alike!) All in all as my original comment stated I am overjoyed for this family and share in their delight in their newest bundle! I’m sad that I had to clarify my comment since it proved to be different than the vast majority and bothered by how quickly some of you are to criticize others. Last time I checked, this was a *comment* section.

“Feel free to agree or disagree with each other as long as you do it respectfully, remembering that we all have our own experiences and perspectives.”

CelebBabyLover on

Lis- I also haven’t met a baby that wasn’t 100 percent cute. 🙂

Erica on

Shelby, I didn’t see anything racist or prejudiced with your comments. I think you unfairly bore the brunt of a lot of valid frustrations people have with regards to the denigration of minority features, but you shouldn’t feel badly about it.

Andilea: people aren’t playing the race card here when one of the comments upthread is actually speaking in terms of “mongoloid and negroid”. The fact that phrase was even brought into the conversation says it all.

Jennie on

Kimora is absolutely stunning! And I have to say that Ming Lee is so beautiful looking. She will grow up and look gorgeous. Kenzo is very cute too.

kmm on

This is the most gorgeous baby boy I have ever seen !! What a beautiful family they make – his sisters sure are beautiful too !!! Congratulations !

nettrice on

Odd, distinctive, erotic…really what IS the difference! I’m offended because I don’t like the connotation. I never heard such words to describe white celebrity babies. Never.

nettrice on

Exotic, not erotic! Although there are connotations there, too, but not regarding babies. Words DO have connotations and the issue of race is deeply embedded in the American psyche. I also paused at the negroid/monoloid comment.

Emele Lalena on

Oh my goodness- what a BEAUTIFUL baby!! Wow! And I love the first picture, of the whole family together- just beautiful!

Jessica on

wow,what drama over a baby! I scrolled back through some of the comments,and quite frankly,I don’t think Shelby said anything wrong. She just doesn’t think he’sthat cute, not all babies are cute. It’s not like she said “Ick, that baby is gross” I think a big problem with posters on this site is the fact that some of them are completely blind to the fact that someone else might have a not so politically correct opinion. They could show a picture of Kimora on the toilet and some of you would say “Oh my gosh, doesn’t Kimora just look glorious on the toilet?!positively glowing!”. Point being- no one’s opinion is right or wrong, but it’s wrong to deny someone of theirs just because you disagree. Yeah CBB should censor, cruel, threatening comments, but to not post a comment simply because you find it negative, it a violation of free speech. Why are you all so concerned with what this baby looks like anyway? Is it because they’re a biracial family? You should be more concerned with the big smiles on these people’s faces, look how happy they look-they have a new baby in their life!

Holly on

RIDICULOUS! And for those who speak to one another with terms like “homegirl” you make my skin crawl and sound very uneducated!! Not all babies are cute…it’s just the truth. However, if I thought that I would keep it to myself. It’s cruel and hurtful to make those unnecessary comments, especially to the mother. The fact that so many of you automatically jump on the “RACE BOAT” because someone is not cute are comical!! Racial tensions will NEVER improve until you “victims” MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah K. on

Could those who feel the need to publicly announce their opinion on the physical appearance of an infant please explain to me WHY they felt the urge to post something that has no apparent benefit? Did it make you feel good to call a baby “not cute” or say that he has “odd features”? Do you think something can be done about his god-given (for lack of a better word) features?

Sure, we all have the right to our opinion, but there is a little thing called tact. Sometimes we need to keep our opinions to ourselves because while they seem trivial to us, they could be very hurtful to someone else. Commenting about the lack of beauty of others is rude to begin with, let alone the beauty of a baby. What exactly is Kenzo supposed to do about your “opinion”? He can’t change the way he looks, so what exactly are you trying to gain?

How sad that this baby can barely hold up his head and he already has people judging him

Sarah K. on

I got so carried away that I forgot to add that this is a beautiful picture and Kenzo seems like a very loved and treasured little boy!

bonnie on

“RIDICULOUS! And for those who speak to one another with terms like “homegirl” you make my skin crawl and sound very uneducated!! Not all babies are cute…it’s just the truth. However, if I thought that I would keep it to myself. It’s cruel and hurtful to make those unnecessary comments, especially to the mother. The fact that so many of you automatically jump on the “RACE BOAT” because someone is not cute are comical!! Racial tensions will NEVER improve until you “victims” MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

wowwww. take a nap or a chill pill already.

if someone uses the term “homegirl,” they are uneducated?! It’s not that deep, get over yourself. You don’t know what kind of education people on this board have; your reaction speaks volumes about your own, or perhaps your inherent prejudices.


Mother of GOD!!! come on ladies! I really hope Kimora never reads this! A child is a little piece of heaven and they are all unique and beatiful, period!

Anyway, the interview was so cute and so Kimora! lol When they asked her if she drove a mini van, she is like NO! lol Also when Djimon told the girls not to dress Kenzo in a tutu too funny! I can so picture the girls doing this to Kenzo! lol I cant wait for the new episodes of Kimora in the fab lane, she is so loud and obnoxious, but so sincere, sweet and kind at the same time and to be honest I LOVE seeing her show for all the glamour…I love glamour! lol

courtney on

WOW! What a beautiful family and that is one super cute little boy!!! She seems like a fun mom!

Jenaé on

Do you women have nothing else to do with your time, than to sit on the internet and read too much into “comments”

RibbonInTheSky on

I think this little man is going to be GORGEOUS when he gets older. I think that his high cheekbones, full lips, almond shaped eyes, beautiful chocolate skin tone, and his silky hair is the perfect recipe for an extremely handsome man. I can’t wait to see how he grows into his looks. Kimora looks fab as always. The entire family is absolutely stunning. Congrats to them all.

Shannon on

What a gorgeous baby boy!!!! He has got such beautiful lips and skin and eyes, and just everything!!!! I love Djimon, and I am so glad to see him so happy with his family and his new son. Many many congrats to them.

Didn’t Djimon make that comment about the tutu when she was still pregnant? I KNOW I’ve heard that comment somewhere before, I could have sworn Kimora said that a few months ago!

Elzbieta on

“Shelby, I didn’t see anything racist or prejudiced with your comments. I think you unfairly bore the brunt of a lot of valid frustrations people have with regards to the denigration of minority features, but you shouldn’t feel badly about it.”

I think thats it too. I think the points made about race are valid, but I don’t think that shelby meant that. The idea that people, LIKE and WANT to jump on race is beyond me. I hate to break it to some of you, but for people of color globally, especially those living in the west race is front and center but not by choice. I wish people would realize that before implying otherwise.

Alice on

Wow you guys are easily offended. I don’t think all babies are cute (but I think Kenzo is!! :D) and yes it’s a bit tactless to say his features are odd but whatever. Kimora and Djimon decided to put pics of him out there for everyone to judge.

I’ve seen the “negroid” comment as you call it and sorry but there’s nothing offensive about it. As the poster explained, they are scientific terms to describe a person’s looks/structure, they are not offensive. I understand they can seem so, but they are not. Some of my friends find only dark skinned men attractive, they have no problem saying “that guy’s too pale”, “that guy’s too blond”. I don’t think you would go up to them and call them a racist would you? There’s a difference between thinking someone is unattractive and thinking someone is worth less than the others and should have less rights than them, which is what racism is.

Brit on

I see a lot of you are in denial about race STILL being a problem. Ask President Obama if race is STILL a problem he receives over 30 death threats a day more than ANY past presidents. Denial about racial issues are ignorant.


Are you referring to mnorities when you say “you victims?” You seem verrrrrry bitter!!

Brit on

Also, I think Kenzo is adorable. Futhermore, majority of you on this site imo live in a fairytale world if you think in 2009 that everything is “peachy” in regards to racial tension. Watch the American News, you will be sadly mistaken.

Hea on

What exactly does homegirl mean?

TheFirstPositiveHolly on

Actually, this “other” Holly I don’t know about really does need to take a chill pill. I have been on this site for a long time… and clearly the debate over cute and not cute has caused issue at times… My name is Holly, and I don’t think that this baby is odd at all. I refer to babies as unique when I say odd. This baby is beautiful and looks like Aoki except a little darker. I think that his big sis look both of their heritage- Japanese and African. IMO, If someone says “homegirl” that’s just the term that they want to use. This baby is just as normal as any other… I’m white and I don’t find anything wrong at all with African babies- in fact I find them just the same as any other. Shelby wasn’t trying to be rude- she was just saying in odd as different I think. (Different as in unique) I use the word different as unique- and I don’t mean anything racial at all by it. Yes it does seem like Aoki likes the camera. I think that this family is beautiful, mixed or not. I am not saying mixed as racial, but I’m saying it as a combo of beautiful features. Kimora and Dijmon seem very happy… and so does her ex with his life. I am happy both of them have moved on with their lifes. Once again, congrats on this little beautiful, unique, baby. I am very happy for this family. 🙂 Keep up the good work, Kimora. You have made a great, big, happy family and I’m glad for you. May God bless you and have a wonderful pain-free life.

Brit on


I agree, Kenzo looks just like Aoki

SweetDiva on

First let me say, Kenzo is so beautiful. He has got the cutest little pout!

Next, let me say I didn’t feel that the initial comment about odd features was racist. But the subsequent comments making it about race kind of was. The implication that the “odd” part of his facial features must be somehow related to race.

As to the mongoloid/negroid reference – that was straight up racist and I am surprised that the comment is still there! I don’t know if she’s referring to Asian features or the more derogatory use of the term for people with Down’s Syndrome. Either way the antiquated terms makes me realize how ignorant that poster is.

The biggest part of the racism issue in the US is the willingness to blame the victims for feeling the pain of discrimination and voicing it. Instead of questioning why someone feels that way, why not look inward and see what you’re putting out there.

Brit on


I agree I was extremely shocked by the “mongoloid/negroid” reference that is extremely offensive. The “monogloig” referes to Asians, while the “negroid” refers to Africans. I wish CBB would remove that reference

FC on

Kenzo’s beautiful. Love his eyes and those lips. I know most say he looks like Aoki, but he reminds me of Ming a lot too. I especially love the photo on OK!’s website, where Djimon kissed him and he seems to have gave him a little punch to the chin as if to already bemoan, “Oh, Dad!” over the open display of affection, lmao.

And now Kimora has married Djimon? The good ones are always snatched up rather quickly…;)Gotta say, though, she did well in keeping the wedding under wraps.

Lola Marie on

I love Kimora’s interview. Djimon has had a grounding effect on her. She’s becoming an even better person I think because of him. I think being with Russell and in the fashion industry over time made her so jaded and she seems to be shedding that old skin 🙂

SweetDiva I am surprised as well even though that was her opinion it was very offensive to me.

Elzbieta on

I’m currently getting my degree in anthropology and I have to say that the term negroid is rarely ever used anymore within the anthropology community. Maybe 30 years ago, but you rarely come across those old world terms anymore because A. Theres really only one race and B. Scientifically speaking there is no single feature that one ‘race’ has that can’t be found in another. That goes for blonde hair, red hair, blue eyes, broad nose, round forehead, height, lack of height, etch…

Anthropology these days is founded on the continuity of the human race, not separation via typology. So anyone who uses those phrases on a daily basis is better of just referring to themselves as a human being if they don’t identify with societal terms, which in my opinion are just practical…and to stedine if you don’t consider yourself black why don’t you just use the word brown?

Elzbieta on

“he biggest part of the racism issue in the US is the willingness to blame the victims for feeling the pain of discrimination and voicing it.”

Bravo! I like how you phrased that.

Hulloh on

Hey, Shelby,

I am a black woman who didn’t take offense to your comment at all. I got that “odd features” meant “odd features” and nothing racial! It saddens me when people take the tiniest things and turn them into race issues (this goes for ALL people that do this, not just blacks). Now, there certainly are serious racial issues we face still today in this country, but many of the other things considered racial aren’t “really” racial and they take away from those more serious issues.

Anyway, my point is, your comment should not have been taken as something racial. Honestly, I find the Jolie-Pitt twins to have “odd features” and because they are white and I’m not, that doesn’t make me a racist! (And it doesn’t make you one either).

Soooo…. Let’s all take a big breath and get back to making goofy, loving comments about these little Angels! It’s about the babies, ladies!

Hulloh on

Oh yeah…. Forgot to add: Kenzo is a doll!

melania on

The whole family is just gorge! I just want to eat that baby up, he’s so lovable.



lizzielui on

I personally found Shelby’s second post more odd and confusing than than the first. Initially she says she doesn’t find the baby to be adorable and that he has odd features. However, in the subsequent post she states, “in fact I find his skin tone to be yummy and beautiful… I suppose I’m used to using odd as a way to describe different…in a positive way! He has unique features that include big, beautiful lips (which I love on him and Shiloh alike!)” It seems that you are describing positive things the second time around, characteristics that one can definitely describe as adorable. So if you find the baby’s skin tone to be yummy and beautiful, thinks he has beautiful lips and were using odd to describe something in a positive way then in fact it you are countering your initial statement and backtracking. Again, confusing all around.

Jane on

Beautiful family! Kenzo is a nice name.

CelebBabyLover on

neattrice- Actually, I have heard some of those commnets used to refer to at least one white celebrity baby, Suri Cruise. When the first pictures of her came out, as well as the first candids of her (from Tom and Katie’s wedding), some people said really vile things about her.

Anyway, I find it funny that some people are saying that not all babies are cute, because the fact is that, at least on a scientific level, all babies ARE cute. That’s because they are genetically programmed to be that way, in order to insure that adults will take care of them. That’s why babies have the features they do, such as big adorable eyes, a tiny button nose, and a cute little mouth. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I wonder if Ming and Aoki were present at the wedding?

gianna on

Not a cute baby to me, looks just like the dad with kimora’s eyes, but congrats to them. Akoi looks just like russell and ming like kimora.

Risa on

((rolls eyes)) at both Holly “victim” and Shelby “odd”.
I am of mixed race – black/indian… and i was very offended

Risa on

…and totally forgot to add that Kenzo is adorable, very exotic-looking

Alex on

Could that family be any more perfect/beautiful?! Congrats to the family on their new addition!

lulumay on

What compels people to state that they don’t find a baby attractive? Some things are best kept to yourself. While it is fine to think not all babies are cute, WHY must you say so? Geesh.

lulumay on

I made the mistake of reading all the comments. I always tell myself not to but for some reason I did.

To Stedine: the term “mongoloid/negroid” is BEYOND offensive. I am actually stunned. Maybe you are not aware of the offensiveness of those words. I am actually shaking. I cannot fathom that in 2009 people use that term. Do you even KNOW what those words mean? I am hoping that you do not & that your ignorance is simply that: IGNORANCE. You might want to rethink your statement. I would also advise you NOT to utter those words in public.

Renae on

As a black person I do not find the “odd” or “not cute” comments to be racist. I however don’t understand the need to insult these babies. I’ve seen plenty of babies on this site that I don’t find especially cute but I don’t go out my way to let everyone know. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but that doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk (not aimed at anyone specific) about it.

I am more offended by the fact that because I use the term “homegirl” I am deemed uneducated by some people. “Homegirl” makes your skin crawl…really, it’s not that serious. I guess educated people are forbidden from using slang. Pardon me, I didn’t get the memo.

CelebBabyLover on

lulumay- I completely agree! The term “mongoloid” was used in the past not just to refer to people of a specific racial background, but also to refer to people who are disabled in someway. My grandmother actually uses that term in the second way, and it makes me cringe (although I don’t think she means anything bad by it. She IS in her 90s, so it’s a little understandable that she uses that term consider she it’s a term that was commonly used for a good chunk of her life!)!

Jo on

wow! this place sure is a hot bed!!
surely comments regarding whether a baby is cute or not cute should be accepted as opinion and then one would simply move onto the next comment?? i am also of the opinion that not all babies are cute, to the point that some are quite unfortunate until they grow into the features God gives them… stating this is not nasty or mean or race related… it is simply stating ones opinion…
i personally could rattle off a list of atleast ten celebrity babies that are simply not cute… this is not race related or anything similar, its just my opinion based on the aesthetics of a child… no one else should care whether others think a baby is cute or not…i actually applaud peoples bravery in choosing their personal right NOT to gush.. that is however just my opinion…
another opinion i have, which really should not bother anyone either way, is that little kenzo is absolutely adorable.. i am personally not a huge fan of his sisters, but that is nothing to do with what they look like, its because i think they are rather spoilt and behave with a sense of entitlement that is very unbecoming…i base opinion from their diva-tude displayed in kimmoras reality, show so in person they could be absolute angels, i do however doubt it…

QT on

/\ You applaud people & call them brave for insulting a baby?? That’s disgusting. If you find the baby so bad looking, you don’t have to gush, just hush!

summer09 on

Come on ppl let’s not let the haters ruin the day. Its the little things in life that make us happy like seeing a new baby’s smile. God bless Kenzo, his family, and all of us! the positive people in the world!!!!

Kris on

Look at those lips! I think the name is Kenzo is great especially since it honors Kimora’s background. I think he will be a mix of mommy and daddy from what I can tell. Ming is so unique looking and beautiful. She looks like both Kimora and Russell. And Aoki looks just like Russell. I don’t see any Kimora in Aoki at all!

Jo on

to QT:
i applaud people for being brave enough to share an opinion..
again, keep in mind that i personally am a fan of this awesome bub, but i just find that so many people are afraid of sharing opinions and whether i agree with their view or not, it does sometimes take confidence to share how they feel..thats not just in a forum, but in the real word..
again, just my opinion which should not alarm or bother anyone

xocolat on

BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is absolutely gorgeous!!!

wonnie on

haers should appreciate that they gave us a glimps of their adorable family. hats off to Djimon and Kimora

Brandy on

He’s breath taking gorgeous!! What a beautiful little bundle of joy. 🙂 You all look like a very happy family and a beautiful one too. God bless your little beauty!

mesa mattress on

america has since the late 19th century been a place where different cultures mix through marriage. thank God, it makes america strong.

Varsha on

he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable

Mel on

I think these photos speak volumes of kimora, djimon and their children. they are all so natural and absolutely beautiful. God bless you and enjoy your beautiful new adition

smurf4568 on

OMG!!!was he dropped from heaven?beautiful and georgeous. a combination of Djimon, Kimora,Ming and Aoki. A beautiful blended family.