Ashlee Simpson-Wentz 'Lucked Out' With Losing Baby Weight

08/07/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

After delivering her son Bronx Mowgli, now 8 months, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz was prepared for an uphill battle when it came time to shed the pregnancy pounds and regain her figure.

However, she was pleasantly surprised to find that she quickly bounced back with little effort on her part, she tells Celebrity Baby Blog. “After I had Bronx I lucked out,” she admits. “I mean, I’m 24 years old, [I have] the genes from my mother and I did work out for three months.”

Now, facing long periods of downtime on the set of her new series Melrose Place, Ashlee looks forward to getting back in the groove of weight training. The actress recently had a set installed in her trailer as a means of distraction. “I’m just now getting back into it for fun,” she says. “When I’m sitting around on set it gives me something to do.” That said, with Bronx on set, the new mama’s hands may be quite full; Her newly mobile baby boy recently began cutting teeth.

“Every week is new and exciting. Right now he’s got six teeth that just appeared. First two, then four, and now six in just a few days.”

While Ashlee calls her son “an amazing baby” and says that the teething stage has been smooth sailing, she admits much of that was due to a Munchkin Fresh Fruit Feeder. “He can chew on it and it’s been incredible,” she says. The prized possession was purchased at Target, a store that Ashlee frequents. “That’s what he plays with, those toys,” she reveals.

“I don’t think money matters to an eight month old child. Anything that keeps him entertained is really quite nice.”

Unfortunately, the 24-year-old’s family public outings are often limited, with Ashlee choosing out-of-the-way areas to avoid photographers. “It’s really difficult with the paparazzi, but [Bronx] handles it really well,” she laughs. “I do try my best to make play dates that are not in public or go to parks that aren’t public. Sometimes you just can’t help it which is really the unfortunate side because you still have to continue on and feel normal.” To date, she jokes she still has yet to understand the fascination, calling herself “a really boring person” when she’s out. “I’m like, ‘I don’t know why you’d want to follow me. I’m not doing anything exciting. I’m going to eat at a Mexican restaurant.'”

Click below for Ashlee’s opinions on Bronx’s grandmothers!

Luckily help comes in the form of grandparents. Between her mother-in-law Dale, who offered up “great advice on his sleeping schedule” and her own mother Tina, who spends time with her daughter and grandson on “a daily basis,” Ashlee’s support system is stronger than ever. “[My mom] is an amazing grandma, they both are,” she notes. Stemming from her own childhood, where Tina encouraged her girls to “become our own people,” the songstress is determined to offer Bronx the same endless opportunities — whether that be a career in the arts or not!

“I would love for him to play basketball or football or track, whatever and I’ll inspire him to do whatever makes him creative. I think the most important thing with a kid is that you support their self-esteem and be very aware.”

Amidst husband Pete Wentz‘s touring schedule with Fall Out Boy and Ashlee’s Melrose Place commitments, the couple make it their priority to find time alone. “I think we have a really good balance, even an unsaid balance,” she muses. “We have a good balance with relationship and baby and career. We’re both very supportive of each other.”

— Anya with reporting by Scott Huver

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Mary-Helen on

That’s sad that she has to skip things like public parks and such just to avoid Bronx being afraid of the photogs.

He is a sweetie though.

Angelia on

I was 21 when I had my first baby and had my 2nd 6 months ago at 24. I am like Ashley in the sense my baby weight all came off right away. I went home from the hospital in size 5 pants this last time! Young mommies seem to have an easier time at losing the weight.

Mia on

Not really-weight + pregnancy is all about genetics. Whether you are 24, or 34, if its in your genetics to lose most of your weight from breastfeeding, you will, but if takes more of a physical work out because that’s how you are built + body reacts, that’s how it is too.

I don’t like either of them personally, but they have a cute family, glad they are happy together.

HeatherR on

I love how she praises both Grandmas. Very sweet of her to not show partiality toward her own Mom. I’m sure Pete’s mom loves being included! ๐Ÿ™‚

Elizabeth on

I love what Ashlee said about buying Bronx’s toys from Target. She has the mindset I love to hear from celebrities. Just because you can afford to buy a $500 set of building blocks, why would you when a baby will get the same amount of pleasure out of a $10 set. She seems like a great mom and its nice that she and Pete have a strong support system around them.

Emily on

I totally agree with the genetics part of losing baby weight. I was 18 when I had my son and didn’t loose any weight after I had him. My mom was the same way.

Bronx is a total cutie and Ashlee seems really down to earth.

Samantha on

I was 23 with my first and I came home in size 0 pants and I weighed 105 pounds, 2 pounds less than before even being preggers!! Having a baby was so easy, even the birth was easy! Some people are just lucky, plus you cant gorge when your pregnant, it’s not good for you or the baby!

Rachelsun on

I like Ashlee for what I see and know about her and how she handles her life. Don’t see anything to dislike about her or her husband Pete Wentz. Think she is a strong woman and her and Pete are a great couple.

This was a great interview w/ her and luv how she included Pete’s mom also.

Liliana on

Age has nothing to do with a woman’s ability to bounce back to her pre-pregnancy body. Genetics is what’s key.

After having my boys at the ages of 17 and 22, I lost weight fairly quickly. After a few weeks, I was able to restart my workout routine and tone up. My aunt, who recently had her fourth child at the age of 39, regained her pre-pregnancy weight, seemingly, days after delivery. My friend, on the otherhand, had her daughter a year ago, at the age of 20, and still hasn’t lost all of the weight. Every person is different.

Helena on

I never thought Ashlee would be the first Simpson sister to become a mother! She seems like a great mother, you can tell she wants him to have a normal upbringing.

Suzanne on

I’m sorry, I don’t believe it when celebrities say they were just “lucky” when the baby weight came off….bogus!
Celebrities have MONEY and money equals: nannies to watch their baby so they can workout, a personal chef or a meal delivery system for food, etc., etc., etc.!
I wish celebrities would just tell the truth and admit that they lost the wight the old fashioned way like everyone else: EXCERCISE AND PORTION CONTROL AND EATING HEALTHY!
That being said, Ashlee does seem to enjoy being a mom and Bronx is a cutie!

Samanath on

Suzanne you are wrong. I am not rich and I lost the weight right away. I hate when people say, celebrities can lose the weight because of nannies, chefs, etc. My friend has 3 kids all under the age of 5, a part time job, and cooks healthy meals 3 times a day for her family and she makes working out a priority. She usually does it first thing in the morning. Plus you put that baby in the playpen for 15-20 minutes and do some working out or do some when the baby is napping. I am a first time mom to a 7 month old and I can tell you it is bogus when women use time and money as an excuse. Like those women don’t spend any time in front of the tv at night? What about on the internet?? All time that could have been spent being healthy. The truth is genetics play a small factor, but mostly it’s just living a healthy lifestyle which you do NOT NEED a chef, nanny, etc for and I am living proof. My daughter is with my 24/7 and I still find time to do my workouts every other morning, and she helps me cook sometimes. She’ll sit in her highchair and bang spoon together or she’ll play when mommy fixes meals. MONEY is a lame excuse not to lose the weight. If you have time to watch movies you can work out. Plus it makes you feel good and lifts your spirits.

allison on

Samantha- I totally agree! I am so sick of overweight people complaining about being overweight when they do nothing but sit around, be lazy, and eat! Yes it takes some work- SHOCKING!!!! I personally don’t understand how so many women with small children can even be overweight- with how much running around I do with my 3 year old son, the possibility of being overweight is almost impossible ( and did I mention i am 33 weeks pregnant)You have to make a choice to be healthy. Put down the baby(or the bon bons) and do some cardio!

Cassie on

I had a baby when I was 19 and I lost the weight soo fast! Literally the first two weeks. I did not work out because I had a c-section and had to stay in bed. I am now smaller then I have ever been. Im 23 now and Im still the same size. I did not breast feed either. Not everyone NEEDS to work out. not to mention, if you notice.. most women who are pregnant eat WAY TOO MUCH and use the excuse “eating for two”. you can not do that! Its soo unhealthy and you will have to pay for it in the end. Everyone is different.

HeatherR on

Girls, I think the weight loss has a lot to do with your metabolism and genetics. I had my first baby at 24 and lost the weight right away (I had gained almost 40 lbs). I had my second child at age 28 and while I only gained 25 lbs with that pregnancy, it was much harder to lose. It took me 10 months to get rid of the weight.

I believe Ashlee when she says she was just lucky. I was too the first time around ๐Ÿ˜‰

Suzanne on

I didn’t say that money is an excuse to not lose weight…I agree that people can work out for free….I’m just saying that MOST people don’t lose wight by being “lucky” they lose weight by working out and living a healthy lifestyle….maybe you should go back and re-read my comment….

Samantha on

Suzanne you said celebs loose the weight so fast because the have MONEY to hire nannies, chefs, etc and I said you don’t need any of those to lose weight, so it’s a mute point if you are a millionaire or not!

Allison I was so going to say that too! Now that my daughter is just crawling everywhere and pulling herself up on everything, and the feedings, diapers, cleaning up, etc how could you stay overweight?? They must be regular fast food eaters! Congrats on your on the way baby!!

And Cassie I agree with that whole “eating for two” crap! lol! When I was pregnant I ate for me and a tiny little fetus. Seriously so many women are devouring doughnuts at just 4 months pregnant when the baby is sooooo tiny, and they go ” Oh it’s for both of us” Plus I think the baby would benefit more from fruits and vegetables then ‘calories’ from doughnut. Now that I’m breastfeeding everyone says you need ‘500 extra calories a day’, but how can the put that out there when everyones body is so different and our activity level is so different. I eat when I’m hungry and I stop when I’m full and I have a great supply!

So many women use pregnancy as an excuse to get fat and than after they have the baby they will use whatever excuse to stay that way. And celebrities upset them the most because they usually bounce back right away. So they need to pull out the money card to make themselves feels better. Celebrities can have someone watch the baby while they work our or they can hire a chef. But it simply is not needed. Heck put the baby in a carrier and go for a mile jog/walk, take that 30 minute tv show and do some squats, stop getting fast food! It’s not hard!

Also everyone says I gained “blank ” weight while pregnant and it was hard to lose. Most the weight with pregnancy is the baby, placenta, blood, etc so after having the baby and the few days after labor your body flushes all that out, so women really shouldn’t have much baby weight to lose to begin with. The chart on american pregnancy shows just 7 pounds of fat that women should put on during pregnancy. 7 pounds is not hard to lose at all. So when women say I put on 28 pounds with my pregnancy, that shouldn’t count to weight you have to lose.

Rach on

When I was pregnant with my son I had severe hyperemesis,so I only tried to eat when I could.Perhaps I was misusing the Diclectin,but it didn’t do much for me at all but make me sleepy. I couldn’t gain weight at all and I was actually losing so much.I was put on a diet to eat 6 small meals a day,very low in sodium and calories.

I worked until I was 7 months pregnant and then I was put on bedrest because of my preeclampsia.I started to gain like crazy, I would step on the scale and boom, I just kept ballooning. My husband couldn’t understand it at all because I was not eating much and what I was came back up,thank goodness for IV’s. The nurses that weighed me were useless telling me to stop indulging so much and I needed to work on keeping my weight down.That made me feel like isht. It made me start calorie counting until I was cutting out so much from the very little I was already eating and exercising and going on walks even though I was supposed to stay put.Finally,I said,whatever,I don’t care about the weight,the health of my child comes first.

The day before I had him,I had gained 80 pounds.Within a week or two of having him,I had lost around 30 something pounds. My OB said it was all edema water weight going.Right now I am working to get back to my normal weight.I had a preemie baby in the middle of winter and was still on watch for preeclampsia. I was breastfeeding,so there was no way I was going to yoyo diet or something crazy.After I finished with breastfeeding,I started working out at home, and then I started going to the gym. I train with a trainer 3 times a week and I work out on my own for 2 more sessions.All for an hour when my husband watches my son and has his bonding time.

I agree, you shouldn’t use excuses.If you want to lose weight,go ahead,if you have internet access,do the exercise videos you see on youtube.But what you have to understand is that weight issues is completely different for everyone.Not only that, everyone has different life issues and thinking that EVERYONE that is big is so because they just sit around all day eating mcdonalds and bonbons is wrong. I work out hard and I am still having issues with plateauing and losing the stubborn pounds.My problem was my diet but for the opposite reasons.I don’t eat enough and that slows my metabolism down alot. And by not eating enough,I mean I don’t eat at all during the day and my first meal is at night before I go to bed.I just cannot bring myself to eat when I am not hungry,I feel sick.

Suzanne on

I guess I will say it AGAIN….Losing weight is not about LUCK! It’s about being healthy, exercising and watching what you eat. I said that most celebrities have extra money that helps out with things like nannies and personal chefs, I NEVER said that NOT having money is an excuse for being over-weight. Also, just because I have this opinion does not mean that I am overweight. I have 3 little ones and I do exercise daily and we all eat healthy. All I said was that I wish celebrities would stop saying things like: “The weight just fell off on it’s own, I was lucky….” Weight loss is NOT based on luck…it’s based on hard work and EXERCISE!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Cassie- You had to stay in bed for awhile after your C-section? Sounds like you had a complicated delivery. I’m sorry to hear about that! How awful to not be able to take care of your newborn!

Suzanne- So celebs who lose weight the way Cassie and Heather (the first time around) did should lie and say they lost the weight by working out. Okay, eating healthy helped Ashlee as well, but if she isn’t on any kind of special diet and is just eating plenty of fruits and veggies and other healthy stuff, then I can see where she’d think it was mostly luck.

Also, some people really ARE lucky when it comes to being able to lose weight fast. For example, there are people out there who have fast metabolisms and thus are naturally skinny. Also, genetics DOES play a role. For example, if your mother has a fast metabolism, you have an increased chance of having a high metabolism as well.

A third thing that can help with post-pregnancy weight loss is breastfeeding (notice I said CAN. I realize that it doesn’t ALWAYS), and I remember Pete and/or Ashlee mentioning right after Bronx was born that Ashlee was breastfeeding.

Anyway, I agree completely with Samantha. I also want to point out that not all celebs have nannies, personal chefs, trainers, etc. I hate it when people always seem to assume that being a celebrity automatically means you have all those things. For example, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ashlee doesn’t have a nanny, as it sounds like Bronx’s grandmas and his Aunt Jessica pitch in a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

allison on

Rach- lets be honest- most overweight people are overweight because of an unhealthy, lazy lifestyle and not because of a medical reason.

Cheryl on

Samantha, you sound grouchy. How ’bout a cheeseburger and shake?

stacey on

“Losing weight is not about LUCK! Itโ€™s about being healthy, exercising and watching what you eat … I wish celebrities would stop saying things like: โ€œThe weight just fell off on itโ€™s own, I was luckyโ€ฆ.โ€ Weight loss is NOT based on luckโ€ฆitโ€™s based on hard work and EXERCISE!!!”

Suzanne, genetics (or luck) DOES play a part in how fast the baby weight comes off. I am not a celebrity, not rich, and have never set foot in a gym. I don’t exercise intentionally aside from walking around when I run errands. I gained 50 pounds during both of my pregnancies, and dropped 25-30 pounds within the first month postpartum, doing nothing other than breastfeeding and resuming my normal activities. All of my baby weight was gone by 8 months after my first pregnancy, with NO hard work or exercise.

I don’t volunteer this information to brag, because I know many women do have to work hard at it, but for you to say it’s impossible and insist that celebs must be lying is insulting to those of us who are “lucky” enough to have “the weight fall off on its own.”

Jessica on

A lot of you make really good points. Overweight people really do complain constantly that weight loss is about luck and theydon’t want to put in the work, they always blame it on a “glandular problem” I have hypothyroidismso I do put on weight easily and it comes off very slowly. I gained way too much during my pregnancy due to being on bedrest for 6 months because of a subchorionic bleed, so now I find myself one of these overweight moms, I have a 2 year old and a 7 month old. I’m literally working my butt off ๐Ÿ™‚ It sucks being overweight, I went from 145 to 250 (im 5’7″) at delivery. I lost a lot already but it’s not easy, I used to work out everydy and let me tell you, running at 230 is a lot more difficult than running at 145 lol! It’s a lot easier to make excuses. When you think about it, and eliminate the excuses, weight loss is a simple matter of eating less calories and burning more. It doesn’t take money to get into shape, get down on the floor and do some push ups, stretch, crunches, lunges, go outside for a walk, all free! you’ll probably actually SAVE $$ by eating less and not eating out as much!

Suzanne on

I still say BOGUS! By the way, I NEVER said it was impossible. I wish people would actually READ comments before responding….

marie on

Samantha, there are babies who will NOT be entertained by ANYTHING for more than a few minutes, and will NOT stay put in a “carrier” or stroller for more than 5 minutes, no matter what toy you bring along. Every baby is different. Maybe you got lucky with your co-operative baby. Good for you that you’re able to put your baby away and get your workout, but please do NOT judge other women, you don’t know what their situation is like.

ecl on

Thank you Marie. Also, there are some mothers who are single mothers raising a child alone while working 2 jobs. When should they work out? There are people with fussy babies. There are people who are very tired after a day with their baby. Maybe weight loss isn’t a high priority. This page is just another page for people to bash heavy people. What do you care? Focus on yourself and not others. You just want to find a way to feel superior because you actually feel insecure and realize that women are mostly valued for their appearance and you’re getting older.

Samantha on

So bacisally Marie and Eci you haven’t watched a tv show or movie, or even read gossip blogs since your baby was born? Because if you don’t have time to work out, you certainly have no time for that stuff either. All I hear are excuses, PLUS like I said if you didn’t overeat while pregnant you should only have 7 pounds to lose.

And Marie I don’t know how old your baby is, but by the time they are 6/7 months old is when you teach them to be by themselves. Read Dr.Spocks book, there was a mom in there who had to hold her child constantly and never got any house work done. He told her you put that baby down and clean, and while they cry explain to them that mommy has work to do. It’s one thing when their an infant, but when they are 7 months old they are quite capable to entertain themselves for 15 minutes, they just may not want to.

I’m not judging anybody, I’m saying don’t call the women who are skinny after baby, lucky that they have money, etc because I’m saying it doesn’t matter.

And eci my friend has 3 kids under 5 and works full time and she works out. Why shouldn’t working out be a priority it isn’t JUST about looks, it’s about health, endorphins, feeling good and yes looking good. I’m not insecure honey and I’m only 24 so I’m don’t understand your last sentence. I will say that if you think working out is all about looks you are sadly mistaken. Wh is being healthy and fit a negative these days because “women are just expected to be beautiful” What happened to being a good example for our children? We have the highest rate of obesity and maybe it’s because being healthy isn’t a priority anymore….

Tina. on

Bronx is such a cute baby! Ashlee seems like a really good mom.

Tina. on

Samantha, i dont wanna be rude but you kind of seem like a know-it-all with what you said, Marie and ecl are different people with different experiences. your way isnt always the best way, instead of judging them and jumping to conculsions maybe you should think about that.

deedot on

Marie, can I just say how thrilled I was to read your post? You are the only one her living in my world. I have three kids, and none were the type of baby that would just sit in their highchair while I cleaned or would sit calmly in my stroller for 30 minutes while I jogged. So thankyou from all those mothers out there with not-placid children.

As for exercise and weight, I kind of think its nice when mothers take their time. Sure you can lose the weight, but for many of us that first year is just so much about nurturing that baby that your appearance is just not a priority…and I find it funny that this seems to bug some other women for whom it clearly is a priority. Is it so hard to imagine that you can have a great self esteem and a happy life but carry a few extra pounds or wear messy clothes?

Finally I had 3 kids in my 30’s, have never exercised in my life and am a US 0 and have no stretch marks and happily wear bikins at the beach so I guess I also got “lucky”. Sad fact is that it melts off for a fair number of women. So when I hear celebs saying it just melts off I assume they are telling the truth!

Shannon on

Samantha, if you’re the kind of person who is okay with letting your baby sit there and cry so you can work out and clean house and whatever else you’re doing to maintain an appearance, then that’s your choice. However there are some people out there who feel that comforting their child and making sure they are happy takes precedence over a good workout. I am a single mom with 2 jobs. So yeah it’s hard to find time to workout, but not impossible. I also happen to be lucky enough to have very cooperative kiddos, so I am usually able to get in a workout while we have a movie on or something. However if they want some mommy & movie time, or they get bored or tired or cranky, you can bet your skinny jeans that I’m going to drop what I’m doing and take care of them first. If that means I have to wait awhile longer to lose the extra 5 lbs so be it. Just b/c you are okay with your way of doing things, doesn’t mean everyone is. And I would seriously think twice about taking advice from a dr who thinks having a clean house is more important than a happy child. Gor read something by Dr Sears. And for the record I am one of those moms who just “lost the weight”. I walked out of the hospital at my prepregnancy weight with my first 2, and with only an extra 10 pounds with my last. Try to remember that EVERYONE is different, and EVERYONE has a different situation before making comments that are becoming increasingly rude.

Sadie on

Just wanted to add my two cents worth… I am 32 years old and recently had three children in 13 months, my last pregnancy was with twins. I am very small naturally, about the same size as Winona Ryder. For me, I didn’t even have to think about the weight loss. I was unable to breastfeed and was way too busy looking after my babies to exercise or eat portioned meals. The weight just dropped off, with both pregnancies I was back to under 100 pounds within 4 weeks. People tend to think I’m a liar too and I resent it. Genetics are what they are. My babies come first, I am wayyyyy too preoccupied with them than worrying about what the scales say.

momof3 on

I just have to say that I too, do not buy the whole “lucky thing”. I had my first daughter at 19, when I weighed 105 pounds. I only gained 25 pounds with her and within 2 weeks of delivery, was back down to my regular weight with a flat tummy without working out, though I did nurse. At 26, I had my 2nd, didn’t lose the weight until breastfeeding stopped and then I dropped 10 pounds quickly, and now with my 3rd, she is 6 months and I am still working on those last 10 pounds. If genetics played a part, I would have lost the weight quick with the last 2 and not just the 1st. Not only that but not many people in my family have it easy with weight loss – they work out to be in shape. Metabolism slows with age. If you work out while pregnant, you will bounce back quicker after. I was too tired to work out in any of the 3 but at 19, my body was burning fat quicker. I was never overweight, only gained 25 pounds with each and with the last 2, have had the 10 pounds left to go. I am 126 right now and want to lose the last 10.

I don’t buy Ashlee’s statements either – if it were genetics, we would never hear about sister Jessica’s issues with her fluctuating weight. I hate it when celebs say they are lucky, that it just falls off. They really want us to be jealous that it came to easy to them when in reality, they have the money to have someone cook healthy meals/portion control sizes for them and work out with an expert trainer.

Angelia on

I said that young moms lose weight quicker because generally the older you get, the slower your metabolism. That is why it seems to me that young moms like under 25 lose weight quicker then old moms

Jessica on

Samantha, seems like you’re getting the flack today! Yiu’re totally right, the US has the highest rate of obesity and it’s all excuses. Do these mothers really think they’re the only one’s with difficult babies? Women all over the world have difficult babies and work and aren’t nearly obese as American women. People are upset with you because they don’t like to hear the truth. There was a mother in Arizona who ran a marathon a few months after having quints, I bet she didn’t sit around all day making excuses, I’d also be willing to bet that 5 pleasant babies is still more difficult than 1 difficult baby.

TheFirstPositiveHolly on

lol. Re: “Samantha you seem grouchy. How bout a cheeseburger and a shake?”- Cheryl. Ha ha you sound like my Aunt. I think that celebrity or not, if you have a nanny and grandparents who pitch in, it’s gonna be easier for you. That’s my opinion. Nannies&Grandparents=Easier time losing the weight.

allison on

Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that being healthy will also (most likely) allow you more time with your children in the long run? More and more people every day are dying at a younger age than necessary because of complications with being overweight (ie- high cholesterol,blood pressure,etc….) By showing your child a healthy lifestyle, not only are you instilling values in them to be active and healthy individuals but you are also doing one of greatest things for them, living in a way to almost insures as much time with them as possible.

Rach on

Samantha has a point,but I think most people are angry because she seems to be coming off as pretty rude. I understand what people are feeling. Samantha,I get that most people are overweight because of eating junk and inactivity,but we were talking about postpartem. As women we can be such horrible to one another.I don’t understand that because it opens doors for the people in your lives (esp men) to feel free to critique you.

Saying that the reasons alot of the moms gave above are just excuses is pretty petty and nasty.Like I said in my original post,there are so many reasons.Money,time,etc. I know single women that work out too, but it takes a lot of sacrifice on their part. And as someone who grew up with a mother who worked very many hours, as a child,as soon as they come home, you tend to cling and you want mommy all to yourself. Not only that,but I know many moms who just come home and want to crash.It is normal. And married moms, not only do you have to make time for your child but for your husband also. I am currently separated from my husband because he doesn’t feel included in our family anymore. He doesn’t think anything is wrong with me and he thinks I spend to much time at the gym.I go to the gym alot and most of my days are spent with the baby or running errands,and at night I am tired and he goes to work nights.Sometimes when you make sacrifices like that, some part of your life may suffer.

My husband’s friend helped us move not to long ago and he sought no reason for him not to point out that I had gained alot of weight from my baby,and by pointing out,I mean calling me things like “michelin man”. It’s not a surprise that his wife left him not long after they had their child. I see no reason half the time to divulge my personal details with every single person I come across. I know many mothers who take their babies everywhere with them just to say “if you think I am fat,this is why”.

Yes,it is easy to do some squats and stuff etc, but that doesn’t work alone for alot of people. I did squats,I even bought some arm weights and an exercise bike and my weight went nowhere.I even ran up and down my stairs. Nada. Needless to say,I still do it.LOL, I am cycling as we speak ๐Ÿ™‚ You just get a recumbent bike or even a floor cycler even.My baby was a winter preemie so there was def no walks outside in the freezing cold.

I remember one of my best friends in high school was so much bigger than me,to the point that people would consider her obese,but she was fitter,more active,flexible and energic than me in my size 4.Size doesn’t always mean anything,so bigger ladies,do not get offended at all. Just because you are skinnier,doesn’t always mean you are healthier.

I am surprised that no one has mentioned or taken into consideration that alot of the ladies that run CBB are not “skinny” or whatever and may be fat in some peoples standards.

CelebBabyLover on

momof3- Just because Jessica has had issues with flucating weight does not mean that genetics haven’t played a part in Ashlee’s weight loss. For example, just because a couple’s first child has brown hair doesn’t mean their second child will. Or one sibling might have inherited a genetic disease and the other didn’t.

My point is that Ashlee could have inherited the genes for a fast metabolism and easy weight loss, while Jessica didn’t. As for cooking healthy and correctly proportioned meals…you don’t need a personal chef in order for that to happen. My dad, for example, had a heart attack last year, so he tries to eat healtheir now, and that includes getting the correct portions. But guess what? He cooks his meals HIMSELF! Obviously not everyone can or likes to cook, but if you’re married or have a partner, odds are that one of you can and/or likes to cook (and thus can make healthy meals). ๐Ÿ™‚