Sound Off! How Did You Choose Your Baby Names?

08/04/2009 at 10:00 AM ET
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Names pretty much last forever, so when you choose a moniker for your child, you have to make sure it’s one that’s going to be just right. You don’t want schoolyard teasing, do want it to mesh well with your last name, and most importantly, want it to fit your child’s personality — even if you’ve just met! So how did you pick your baby names? We know some of you love classic, while others prefer a little more modern; some have chosen names inspired by the famous, while some have had to name two (or more!) kids at once.

So here’s your chance to Sound Off! Tell us how you chose your baby names.


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Names on

I look on the US Social Security names page for the past few years and AVOID ALL names in the top 20.

I read through baby name books and choose one with a meaning that my husband and I love. So far, so good. It’s really important to me to consider possible nicknames. How might the name be changed by classmates, etc.?

I love hearing new baby name ideas!

Erika on

our first we tossed back and forth between dylan and nathan..i really liked dylan but my husband wanted to spell it dillon..but nathan kept coming back and we fell more and more love with it. he totally looks like a nathan too!

our 2nd. we were going to name him xander for the longest but my husband admitted to me he wasnt too crazy with it. he actually found the name evan online and i loved it! it also flows with nathan and my husband, bryan. [were glad we didnt name him that bc he doesnt look like a xander]

Kerri on

When were pretty sure our first was going to be a boy…we called him by one name the whole time during our pregnancy, but he came out and totally looked like his middle name, Alexander. So we did that.

Our second we went in with a list of names,thinking she’d just “look” like one. Well, she was taken to the NICU and so we went with a name with a lot of nickname possibilities — Adelaine, we call her Lainey.

Now we have #3 due in a couple week and we have nothing. We have a boy’s middle name picked out, and a possible girl’s first name…but our other two kids look so much a like, it’s hard to picture any other names for them!

momto boys on

When my husband and I were dating, not even engaged yet, we talked about baby names. At the same time we both said, ‘I like the name Cody’ and so our first son was ‘Cody’. I didn’t tell anybody the names I had chosen for the second and third child as I really hate when people say, ‘oh you don’t like that’, or ‘oh I know someone really ugly with that name’ or ‘that’s gross’. I just didn’t want to hear it. Although I named my second son Jakob, I had NO IDEA its popularity. He totally looks like a Jake and I love it!!! He was going to be a Jorden. So, when boy number three came, he became Jorden. I think people should pick the names THEY like, whether it’s from family, a special meaning, or out of the ordinary:It’s the present we (parents) give to our children – a name to be proud of and carry throughout their lives.

Stacia on

I know I’ve said this before, but here goes:

My husband and I planned to name our children after the locations dear to our parents. My husband’s father was grew up in Victoria, British Columbia, and my mother grew up in Kimberley, BC; there was no doubt in our mind that Victoria Kimberley was THE perfect name for us!

With our son, it was a little trickier. My father grew up in Westoe, in the UK, and my husband’s mother was born in Chatham, MA. We changed Westoe to Weston, but we were still wary about using Chatham as a middle name at first, because, like Cambie we’ve never of it used before. But it grew on us more and more, and now I love it! Everyone comments on the name Weston Chatham; unique, elegant and strong.

Best part is, our parents were completely honoured by their names! My mother says that she feels more ‘connected’ with my daughter because they share something that is so dear to her. Aww.

My husband and I are actually expecting another baby in March (!!) and we’re running a little low on ideas. We both grew up (and still live) in Vancouver. Great name, huh? But, I grew up in the Shaugnessy neighbourhood. So we’re thinking of changing that to Shaun for a boy, and Shauna if it’s a girl (still don’t know!) Also, if it’s a girl, we’re thinking Cambie as a middle name. It’s the street where my husband took me on many date occasions, so it definitely has meaning to us. If it’s a boy, we’re a little stumped. We know there’s a Dallas road (one of the main roads) in Victoria.. who knows, we’re still working on it!

Stacia on

my lord! “like cambie, ” I’m getting my shildren all messed up! can you tell I don’t sleep much? haha!

Kolby on

We wanted to name our son something that would fit him at every stage of his life, something classic and strong. We had three first names that we tossed back and forth for a month: Samuel, Nathaniel, and Everett. We waited until he was born to decide, and as soon as he was we both instantly knew that we would call him Everett. It means “strong as the wild boar,” and boy, is it ever appropriate!

Carol A. on

I sort of hate to post this, because it sounds like I’m bi*ching, but my oldest son, his name was forced on me by my (now ex) husband’s great-grandmother. She insisted we name him Stephen Michael and my ex, having no backbone, went along with it. I found out about three months after my son was born that there are like, six Stephen Michaels in my ex’s family. It was very irritating at the time, but his name fits him perfectly and he loves it.

My youngest son, well, he wasn’t named by the day we left the hospital. I had to hurry to pick a name for the birth certificate. My mom called me the day before I went into labor and she asked me about names. I had boy and girl names at first, but had (stupidly) discarded all the boy names I had on a list, as an ultrasound showed I was having a girl. Well, my mom said, if you have a boy, how about the name Brian Patrick? I was stunned to find I gave birth to another son and so having only that name, that’s what I went with. My mom was so proud that she came up with the first and middle names.

My mom died in ’04, and I think in some ways, Brian was her favorite grandson. He also loves his name and it fits him also. My sons are now 26 and 24.

Andrea on

We found out that our first baby was girl. My hubby loved Caroline so we decided on Caroline Mary. Well, I totally made myself sick of Caroline and didn’t want to name her that. So, three weeks before she was due, we made a list. I decided to name her Sarah because Sarah is my brother’s favorite name and she was born the day after his birthday, so, that’s why I did that. Mary is my mom’s name

Our second child we waited to know the sex. Thank goodness it was a boy because we didn’t have one single girls’ name. Possibly Claire, but, who knew? We toyed w/Austin, Benjamin, Alexander and Luke the entire time. Luke just stayed in my head and I fell in love w/it. So, we decided on Luke Matthew, Luke b/c we liked it and Matthew after his daddy ( we didn’t want our father’s to be offended).

When a ” surprise ” third pregnancy came along we opted to wait to know the sex. We had discussed, Jacob, Joshua or Mark for a boy along w/Patrick. William would’ve been the middle name. For a girl, we toyed w/Danielle,Abigail,Olivia and Elizabeth. When she was born, I knew immediately she was an Elizabeth ( no nickname ). Her middle name is Kate after my grandmother who passed away.

So, I’ve got a Sarah Mary, a Luke Matthew, and an Elizabeth Kate. Coincidentally all three are solid biblical names

DivaStar on

I had bought a african american baby name book and the the only name I could pronounce in it was Ashanti(african tribe),I decided to look in the book one more time and the last name in the book was Zakiya(intelligent), so I went with Zakiya Ashanti which fits her perfectly…

suzanne de la rosa on

With a last name like de la Rosa it was pretty hard to find a name that fits. We knew we were having a girl and wanted something cool like ‘Nova’ but it was too much of a tongue-twister. We were both very fond of Tabitha but as my dad has a bit of a ‘slur’ and a stutter the ‘bith’ part would have been difficult to overcome! I definitely wanted to avoid all those names like Brayden, Madyson, Mackenzie or anything that sounded made up or with a bizarre spelling!

In the end we went for Matilda which I think is lovely and old fashioned. Matilda de la Rosa does sound like a flamenco dancer but Tildy de la Rosa is perfect for a 3 year old! I think Matilda has become more popular recently but didnt really take that into account!

amy on

I woke up one morning when I was about 4 1/2 months pregnant and just knew that the little guy’s name was Adam Jacob. I referred to him as the “little guy” until he was born, reserving the right to change my mind, just in case. I still haven’t changed my mind, and he is 27 months old.

fay on

zahrah means bright, luminous and shining in arabic, and it was important to me that my girl have an arabic first name lihe me and because our last name starts w/ a Y, i wanted to have interesting initials, (mine are F.Y) Karena because her grandmothers are Karen and Wilhemina… Ifetayo is a Yoruba name (we are yoruba) and it means Love brings Joy… and i love her so much and although my pregnancy and even now, her father and i have been at odds and he’s not accepting of her, i once loved him, and now my love for her brings me so much joy… and last arike means blessing on sight… and she is DEFINITELY A BLESSING… i love her immensely…

had she been a boy her name would have been Isa (it means jesus in arabic) kamauri (after his grandfathers Kamal and Lauri) Oluwatoyin (God is worthy of praise) Ayinde (I prayed for him and he came…

Elizabeth on

Andrea –
My name is Elizabeth Kate. I went through a period of time where I didn’t love it because it felt old-fashioned or plain. Now, I’m older and absolutely love it. I think the first and middle go so well together and it sounds (IMO) pretty, solid, and contemporary/relevant, even though it is very old. Also, I love how many nicknames there are. In fact, when I was little I tried to have people call me different things, but I’ve since come to appreciate the full name Elizabeth and like to be called just that.

Lorelei on

Our first is Andrew Ivan (we liked the name Andrew and Ivan is my husband’s middle name), Our daughter is Maria Stephanie (Mari-her great grandmother was Marija) after her great grandmothers and our youngest is Adam Robert – we liked the name Adam and Robert is for my dad who died a month before I got pregnant. We incorporated some family names, watched initials and named our children exactly what WE wanted.

Lilly on

My husband is Dutch and I am British. When, if we’re lucky, have children we want a name that is known and used in both our cultures. My husband has a nephew and the pronunciation, despite months of trying to get it right, is impossible for me to do. I say his name like the word for garden in Dutch! His parents told me that next time they will take the name into consideration so that incase the child would travel in future, the name won’t be impossible to say and also for me to say. I thought that was really thoughtful 🙂

Charlotte on

We tried really hard to find names we both liked that were, at least fairly, uncommon. My son’s name came up almost instantly, I fell in love with Declan and within a week my husband was also smitten. He came home with a rattle that said Declan Thomas on it! Thomas honors his brother, so I agreed and my son was named in the 4th month of my pregnancy.

We had some naming problems early on for our second child, we both loved the name Ava but it had become very trendy. We thought we were having a girl and hadn’t selected a name when we went into the hospital. On the list was Amelia, Aspen, Hazel, and my husband loved ‘Dagny’ … Well, we ended up having a second son! We named him Quentin James. My husband came up with it, as it turns out he had a friend growing up named Quentin and had always liked the name.

Lachesis7 on

When I was about six months pregnant, I dreamt that my daughter’s name was “Alisandra Catherine” – including the spelling. I had never heard or seen the name before. Upon waking, I looked up the name and Alessandra is the Italian variation of Alexandra, meaning “protector of mankind”. She was two-days-old before I named her, from my dream.

JMO on

Stacia –

How about just Van for a boy?? BTW I love Weston as a name!

I don’t have kids so I have no stories for names however I have a list of my top 5 boys and girls names. The boys names are sticking and the top one has stuck for about 4 years now. The girls I keep playing around with them. Like I said I like different but not too different that my kid will have a hard time in school. But I am one that very rarely lets anyone in on my names for the same reason someone above listed. I don’t want looks, rollin of the eyes, or the “seroiusly” – she/he will have a name and nobody will have any say. If anyone knows beforehand it’s my mother cause her input is the only one I take into consideration lol.

Corinne on

For our son we wanted a name that was very unusual yet not made-up nor unheard of. We went with Magnus because it has a strong historical background and a nice meaning.
As for our twin daughters, we were stuck with names. We still wanted unusual ones but they had to ‘go together’, which turned out to be the hardest part. We settled on Adelaide and Philippa and it fits them perfectly!

cheryl on

i named my son christopher allen (his father was not around),i just liked the name,i named my daughter amanda margret my s.o and i agreed i would pick the first name if it was a girl and he could pick the middle name his first choice was juanita after his grandmother,but i after i delivered our daughter he said how about margret i said sure and yes i spelled her middle name margret because honestly i didn’t know how to spell margaret lol

Lauren on

My partner and I discovered we were expecting twin girls which was a bit of a shock and panic struck with names!
In my family the first born girl has always begun with the letter “F” so it was a tradition we wanted to keep, but go with something unusual. We ended up going with Fionnuala, a gaelic name we liked because we could shorten it to Finn. Our other daughter is named after a song we both love – Minerva.
Both our girls have highly unusual names Fionnuala Chaos and Minerva Chimaira but Finn and Minnie as we call them suit them perfectly!
Now expecting number 3, a boy we’ve become completely stuck, both at opposing sides with this one! Still, 2 months to go hopefully something will come!

kmf on

Quinn was a name I came across years ago and fell in love with. It took my husband a little while, but he came around to it. When we found out we were expecting a girl, we decided Quinn would be her name. As we told people, we found out it was also his great-grandma’s maiden name, so his family was so excited that we had chosen a name with such meaning. We stuggled with the middle name as everything sounded like “Queen this or Queen that” to me, we ultimately decided on Rayanne, to honor my husband’s grandfather Ray, and my grandmother, Anne. We were both very close with them, and they had passed away before getting to meet Quinn.

Whenever #2 comes along I’m stumped. We’ve got this great name with so much family meaning, no clue how we’ll match it! 🙂

Mary on

We chose a common name for our son, Justin because we were really afraid of people’s reaction if we named him something unique. We liked the name, common but not too common. When we decided for our second child, we got a little more brave and realized, who cares what anyone thinks? We named our daughter Isla, not after Isla Fisher, but she was on TV one night and we jotted the name down and it stuck, we got a few rude comments like, “Is she going to play with Apple?” Which I thought was funny because it’s not that unusual of a name. Well, if my husband and I have more, I have some zingers ready that will really get our friend’s panties in a bunch!!!

A.Rice on

My son’s name is JASE, and i took the first inital of each husbands parents names are Jimmy and Alice, and my parents names are Shawn and Eugene..which equals JASE! i love it and it’s different, most people spell jase with a “c” instead of an “s”.

Pencils on

We knew that I was going to have an amnio so we would know the sex for definite, so we waited until we got those results before talking about names–why bother looking for names for both genders? We knew we wanted to use Jane as a middle name after my mother-in-law, who died right after we were engaged, and also after a dear family friend who died around the same time. For the first name, in the beginning we seemed so far apart I was afraid it was going to be difficult, but we ended up reading names out of a baby book and very quickly came across Aurora, a name I had thought of as a possible name for a daughter years ago, before I met my husband, but I hadn’t thought of it since I was pregnant. We both really liked it, and “saved” it as our first choice. After that, we never came across anything else we liked anywhere near as much, so we named our daughter Aurora Jane Katherine. Katherine being another name we both really liked, but we thought it was too popular for a first name. So now our daughter has three names and when she’s older she can choose which ones she wants to use! (I’m very partial to Aurora though!)

babyboopie on

I chose my son’s name an hour after he was born, the reason being I was solidly convinced that my baby was a girl and I had chosen the name Madeline already and was calling the baby Maddie when I was pregnant and then when my son was born, everyone was so shocked, it was funny! I hadn’t really thought about a name for a boy, but I did like the name David but he didn’t feel like a David and I hate the nick name Dave so after my friends arrived (yes, complete with Its a Girl balloons!! I still have one in a box full of my son’s things), we were just yakking away about my beautiful boy, and then Melissa, one of my best friends suddenly said something like, ” It’s like it’s always been set in stone he was a boy, knowing your luck!” and we were all laughing when one of my friends said ” What about Pierre?” and I loved it! He is Pierre David. David after David Beckham, (because as a typical 19 year old back then, I loved him!)
Now that I am pregnant with my second baby, if it is a girl, we are going to name her Madeline ‘Maddie’ Amelie Rose because I always loved the name Madeline. Amelie is after my fiance Vincent’s mother and Rose is because it’s so English and I am English, I’d like my kids to have an English name incorporated. If it is a boy, he is Luc Vincent. It sounds really creepy, but we were walking through a graveyard and saw a name Luc on one of the gravestones and really liked it. Vincent is, well, because of my fiance!

Shannon on

When I was expecting my first, my fiance and I both loved the name Abigail, for very different reasons- one of his favorite movie characters was Abigail, and it was the name of my childhood best friend and I ahd always loved it. For her middle name, I wanted to honor my incredible mother by using Rose, but he wouldn’t hear of it (they didn’t get along). So I suggested the name Celeste, which he loved. So she was born Abigail Celeste. It was only later that he found out Celeste is my mother’s middle name. So when we were expecting our son, I agreed to let him choose the name. He decided on Terry, after his dad, and Winstanley which is his grandmother’s maiden name. I adore his g-ma, so I was okay with this, but we already had 3 Terrys in the family, so I begged to do anything but that. I hate having multiple names in a family. But he wouldn’t budge, and I’m glad now that he didn’t, b/c Terry is the perfect name for my little man!! With my 3rd, it was just me to decide. I had always loved the name Katie, and thought about Kadence, but I decided I wanted something more classic like Abigail was. So I decided on Kathryn, spelled that way b/c both me and my first had 2 7-letter names (Shannon Nichole, Abigail Celeste). For her middle name, I wanted something classic, but not popular, like my first’s middle name is. The day of my ultrasound, when I found out she was a girl, on the way home in the car, the name Lorelei popped into my head and it was perfect!!! It fit the 7 letter theme too! So now I have Abigail Celeste, Terry Winstanley, and Kathryn Lorelei, and I LOVE all 3 of them!

gaia's mom on

You know we really didn’t consider, the whole school yard thing. Me and my husband both have very odd names and didn’t face horrible ridicule from our peers. When picking out our daughters name we wanted something short, simple, memberable and strong.

We were considering the name Sevigny as in Chloe sevigny but in the end we decided against it because we didn’t want our kid being associated with a famous person and its kinda hard to pronounce. My daughters name is Gaia Rafael and she’s got some other names as long names are a cultural tradition with my husbands people.

We want to add to our family again and as I said in another post we decided on Eris Beldora(after my grandmothers middle name) for a girl and possibly Silas Laban(lay-bin), Bartholomew Odin or Ronin(roh-nin) Noel(noh-l) for a boy. I am I kind of fearful of Silas becoming popular(I saw a baby with that name in the paper yesterday) but knowing my partner he’ll wake up and want to name our son ‘moon fry’ or ‘tater tot Gunther).

What I liked about the names also is they aren’t distinctly american. We travel a lot and I like that we’ve got a cross-cultural thing going on. I must say names are one of my favorite topics.obviously

April on

When I met my husband, he was a big fan of Nixon watches. I had never heard of the company, but he got me a watch for our first Christmas together. When we found out we were having a baby, the Nixon catalog came in the mail. My husband jokingly said, “Let’s name the baby Nixon if it’s a boy,” and I said, “Yeah, I like that.” So, we have Nixon Connolly – Connolly is in honor of my husband’s great-grandmother who was alive at 98 for two months after Nixon’s birth, and couldn’t have been more pleased with our choice.

Sarah M. on

My cousin and her husband have 4 boys. They are: Garrett Logan, Grant Elliott, Graham Quentin and Grayson Wirth. Obviously a g, a and r in each first name. The middle names are for each side of the parents families. Elliott is from my cousins dad’s side, as a last name. Quentin is my grandpa’s first name, the mom’s mom’s side. Logan and Wirth are from the dad’s dad’s side and the dad’s mom’s side. That way they have a name for each side of the family.

Sarah M. on

I like Jackson Alexander, Malachi Rygien, Josiah Joseph, Peyton Margueritte, Benjamin Douglas. I really like Declan, too.

Hale is my paternal grandfather’s middle name. I may use that as a middle name. I’d really like to honor my grandmother, Iola Margueritte, who died in July 2007. I like Margueritte better than Iola. My dad’s name is Douglas Brent. Jameson, after my brother James.

I’m a name junkie. I like so many, it’s hard to choose!!

Daisy on

I have a “short”list of names set out. 12 in all. I think it is a thing most girls do at some point. I never spent hours daydreaming of my wedding, the babies that come afterwards where more my thing. My future hubbies grasp on the Irish language was a deciding factor. 11 of my 12 favourites are old, old Gaelic names and almost unprounouncable for some friends, and I feel quite proud that they are mostly unheard of nowadys. I have given in a little however, first son will be Ephraim. Solely on the basis that I loved Ephraim from Our New Life in Everwood which was shown over here for about one series. Loved that show.

I want as much as possible to avoid common or cliched Oirish names,Finn, Quinn, Riley etc are actually quite uncommon here in Ireland. I also detest the assumption that everybody needs a nickname. The person who assumes to give my child a nickname will feel my wrath.

M on

Choosing names was relatively easy. We wanted to honor his Jewish heritage without getting Biblical and chose Jemima for our daughter and Elan for our son. We used my last name as their middles. Our third – and LAST – child is in the works and I am fairly convinced it’s a girl. If so, I like Teva (Teh-vah). We live in New York, so the likelihood of anyone associating that name with hiking sandals is slim.

Sooz on

I have always loved the name Seth for a little boy, so when my darling son was born that was the only name I wanted for him, and he looks like a Seth which is perfect! His middle name is David after my dad, it’s kind of a family tradition to pass on names as middle names! If I’m ever blessed enough to have a daughter, I’d like to either name her Quinn, after my dad’s mother’s maiden name, or Norah, which is a nickname my stepfather gave my mother (even though it’s nothing like her real name!) and he sadly passed away so I’d like to honour him in some way, and Norah’s a name I really love! Her middle name would have to be Elizabeth in keeping with the family tradition I mention before. I like names that are traditional but a bit unusual- I’m from the UK and I’ve yet to encounter another Seth! But it is a personal choice what you name your children- we had a few funny faces pulled when we named our Seth but each to their own, we love it and that’s all that mattered!

jadey on

i have no children, but as someone said, alot of girls have a list at some point!

i’ve loved the name Lily for a long time. if i have two daughters, they would be Lillian and Isabella. Lily and Bella for short. nice, simple cute names. i also love Kate. Lily, Kate and Bella. it flows nicely.

im always changing my mind for boys. Christopher is a certain. Chris for short. i guess i like cute nicknames. Jacob – Jake. Masen. James/Jamie (after my moms dad who passed away in ’02, his nickname was Jimmy). Jack/son (after my dads dad who passed away before i was born, maybe adding the -son because i have have a helpless crush on Jackson Rathbone!).

Lily, Kate, Bella, Chris, Jake, Masen, Jamie & Jack. i highly doubt ill have 8 kids for those names, but i can mix and match for middle names and such.

Jayne on

Currently 6 months pregnant my little girl will be named… Chanceli-Renee. When I was in college I worked night shift doing the nightly audits at a hotel and we had a guest and his family join us from Texas. Little 3 year old Chanceli-Renee was presious and used to give us hugs goodnight and to this day I just love the name.

Jessi on

Oliver Malachi, Elliot Moses, and Jude Miles because I love these names for future reference.

Lilith Matilda, Anastasia Maeve, and Charlotte Moira because I think they are really great sounding together.

Abigail Faith Lowine because of the meaning and since she wasn’t alive I didn’t use the name I had picked out. Lowine is my middle name. My daughter has two middle names.

gaia's mom on

What do you guys think of the name ‘law’. Is that silly?

Lynette on

My daughter is Laci which for us is an acronym for Lynette and Charlie. If we have a second child, a boy would be Cal and a girl would be Cali. I love that it is their own name but half of each of us – just like they are.

Mary-Helen on

My oldest daughter was named Sydney, after Port Sydney where I used to camp when I was a child. It was a beautiful place and I wanted my daughter to have a beautiful name. Our second daughter we named Addison because it flowed with Sydney & hubby & I agreed on it. Our third daughter who we are expecting @ the end of the month will be named Hadley for the same reasons Addison got her name. Had either of them been a boy (or if the u/s is wrong haha) we had the name Hunter picked out after hubby’s favourite author. Not exciting but I think their names suit them.

Ratty on

I absolutely adore reading about anything to do with names and naming – I’m a writer, so I collect baby names books for naming my characters (I have about 20 currently – my friends think its absolutely hilarious and often buy them for me as gifts!). My Mum is also very in to names, so we’ve always discussed not only how myself and my siblings got our names but how my Mum’s siblings got their names. She is one of five and has:
– Dallas Royce (I belive he was named after a colleague of my grandfather’s; Royce is my grandfather’s name)
– Zane Greatorix – (Zane from an author my grandfather liked; Greatorix is a family name)
– Margaritta Gay (My mum – she was named after a woman my grandfather admired!)
– Shaun Stanley Francis – (not sure where they got the Shaun from; Stanley Francis were my grandparent’s fathers).
– Penney Anne – (my aunt was a month old before they named her – they decided she’d get called Penney if they named her Penelope, so they just left it as Penney – the Anne just went well)

As for my own siblings, my parents generally chose names they liked but that weren’t necessarily all that common (at the time). My mum believed that we should have individual first names, but our middle names should be after family members, so we ended up with:
– Tara Margaritta – My dad liked Tara from Gone with the Wind, my Mum liked it from a TV series called Return to Eden as she felt the character Tara Wells was beautiful. Margaritta is obviously after my Mum.
– Kyle Wilhelmus – a Gaelic name that my Mum felt was suitable for both a little boy and a man; Wilhelmus is my Dad’s dutch name and a family tradition
– Rhys John Bonsor – they just liked Rhys but wanted it spelt the traditional Gaelic way not Reece. John was my paternal grandfather’s English name; Bonsor was my maternal grandmother’s middle name, a family name my parents felt was suitable for both genders.
– Sian Gay Frederika – a funny thing happened when my parents got to my sister – I pointed out that we all had four letter first names. My parents then hunted around for a four letter Gaelic name. Sian was the name of my mum’s boss’s niece, but we pronounce ‘She-arn’ as opposed to ‘Sharn’. Gay is my Mum’s middle name. Frederika is my paternal grandmother’s middle name.

Names have always been a real point of interest for me. My aunt gave all her children Hebrew names – Rebecca, Samara and James. An uncle named his daughters after three queens, Katherine, Elizabeth and Victoria. A friend named her son, Kealey Peter, after the sibling of her partner who died at birth. When I name characters for my books, I tend to pick unusual names that I like for my ‘good’ characters and my bad characters are named after people I don’t like (my sad little form of revenge! lol!) – I never use their full name, just a first name or a last name seperately. Someone mentioned the name Iola earlier, someone else Aurora – both names I have for characters, if that gives you an indication of what kind of names I like.
Though I’m not married (don’t even have a boyfriend) I have picked out names I want to give my first son and daughter when I do have children (my husband’s just gonna have to deal with it). They are:
– Persephone Alyss – Persephone after the greek goddess of spring and the Queen of the Underworld – I liked the balance of dark and light; Alyss (pronounced Alice) after the character in the Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor, who in my eyes was a brilliant example of a woman both strong and sensitive and I want my daughter to have those personality traits.
– Orion Fiyero – Orion after the greek name for the constellation – mostly cause I liked Ryan but I felt it too common and cause I love Greek names; Fiyero from the character in Wicked (the musical, I haven’t read the book), simply cause I really really liked the character.

So I tend to like historical or literary names – Juno, Isis, Temperance, Seraphina (I seem to have trouble with boys names – girls are so easier to pick!)

Anyway, enough babbling from me!

mp on

My daughter was born in 1981. We were sure we were having a boy, which he had decided to name Benjamin, but a week before her birth, we saw an episode of The Waltons, where Aunt Rose said at the dinner prayer, “God bless John & Olivia.” I told my husband that would be a nice name for a girl, and he said, “Yes, if we have a girl, we’ll name her Olivia. But we’re going to have a boy.” As fate had it, we were blessed with our wonderful daughter, and in the delivery room, when they asked what we’d name her, I said Olivia, and her dad said, Anne. So we named her Olivia Anne. And to this day, she tells everyone she was named after Olivia Walton.

Ironically, we live in Virginia, the same state as the Waltons.

Caryn on

We did Robert Parker (we call him Parker) for our son named after my dad and grandfather. It was the name my parent’s had picked out for their boy name but having 3 girls never used it and luckily my hubby loved it too!
My daughter is Lyndee Marie named after my MIL Linda and my mom Marie.
I love the family names but we have now covered all the family so if we have anymore we will pick names just b/c we like them!

hermowninny on

My daughter’s name means brave, Riley, and she is. She was my pregnancy after a miscarriage baby. My husband was supposed to choose her middle name and there I am in labor and I ask him what Riley’s middle name is, and he says he doesn’t know. So I just say how about Aisling (pronounced Ashleen). Aisling came from one of my favorite books, Light a Penny Candle by Maeve Binchey. My husband and I both have Irish heritage and have a very Irish last name so we wanted something to go well with it. In order to avoid the no middle name fiasco hours before birth I had a boys FULL name ready to suggest to my husband when we found out our second was a boy. My favorite band is The Beatles and my favorite song is Hey Jude, also Jude is a book in The Bible and it means praise and thanks and then my husband and son have the same middle name, Andrew. If we decide to have more I would like to give the next either the same initials as my grandmother or granfather since our last name has the same first letter as theirs it will be easy.

Andrea_momof2 on

Gaia’s mom, I love the name Lawson, Law would be a cute nickname.

My kids names are part family and part just “seen and heard” names. My daughter is Haley Danielle and my son is Clayton Michael. Danielle is my sister’s name and Michael is my husband’s name. Haley and Clayton are both just names we loved.

Toni on

I found out I was pregnant on the 9th anniversary of my nephews death. I knew wanted to incorporate him into my childs name. His middle name is Alexander, so thats what I named my son. I have always loved the name, and I think its not overly common but its no too out there. His middle name is Raymond which is after his great grandfather. I like the fact that he is namned after two people who influenced his dad and my life.

Laurel on

I’ve always liked the name Alison. My DH and I were talking about names a few months before she was born and when I mentioned Alison, he said that was his late wife’s middle name. We thought that was a nice way to honor her. If she had been a boy, her middle name would have been Nicholas to honor my late husband.

Kim on

My son’s name is Aidan Iran. When I was pregnant and found out we were having a boy I knew it would be difficult for us finding a name. I went to California in my first trimester and while on plane the name Aidan came to me. I loved the name and it’s meaning (Gaelic for fire) but my now ex wasn’t too keen on it and said he would think of something too. One night while working late I went onto the Social Security website and looked at every last name registered that year (it was literally 500 names!). I wrote down all the names I liked (12 including Aidan) and then looked up their meaning. I put list together and gave it to his dad and said, “I just looked through 500 names and made this list with meaning of what I like. If you can find a name I haven’t seen tonight then you get dibs.” He took list and two days later came back and said, “I like Aidan, let’s go with that.”

As for his middle name, Iran, it’s Spanish for Hiram and it runs in his dad’s family. It’s his dad’s middle name and the original spelling of his grandfather’s name (he later changed it to Hiram but that’s another story). Also, my ex has two other sons and they have Iran as a middle name as well. When I told my mom his middle name she freaked because of the country but grew to love it. When people see it they give me a look but after I explain meaning they smile.

My son is 5 now and adorably crazy! His name totally fits him and I honestly could not think of another one to give him.

JM on

Dylan Wilde – With our first child we didn’t know the sex, but it turned out to be a beautiful baby boy and we called him Dylan Wilde. Dylan is after bob dylan, a singer my husband and i both love and who is very very important to me, i also really like Dylan Thomas the poet. Wilde is after my favourite author Oscar Wilde, it just felt like something different and interesting. and it really suits him and his curious nature.
Catelyn Everly – my grandmother’s name was Kathleen, my mother’s name is Catherine and so our daughter became a mix of the two, and i have always loved all Cate, Caty names. Everly is after the Everly Brothers whom my husband and i (especially he) both love.
Holly Kathleen – we thought for ages about girls names when were having the twins and she very nearly became a Jamie. in the end we only decided against it because we didn’t want twins with names starting with the same letter. so we chose Holly, a name i have always loved and Kathleen after my grandmother.
Jude Patrick – Jude a name we both loved, after the Beatles song Hey Jude who are my favourite band. and Patrick after my grandfather.
Elliot Michael – we call him Eli for short. Elliott was just a name i had always loved and Michael is after my husband’s brother.

Kay on

We’re currently expecting our first baby. If it’s a boy, it will be Camden Douglas. We chose Camden because my husband’s Scottish heritage and Douglas as it’s a family name on his side. If it’s a girl it will be Anneslee Mae, after three family members. 🙂

Maureen on

At 19, I’m years away from having kids, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t come up with what I want to call my future children!

I’ve got a handful of girls names that I like, but my top 2 favorites as of now are Peyton Frances and Ilana Caroline. I like that the first names are popular but not too common, and are balanced with a more classic-sounding middle names. Both sets of names also flow really well together.

Boys names are a little harder for me to choose, but I’ve always been partial to both Anthony and Matthew (I’m content with the nickname “Matt”, not so much with “Tony”). I’d also like to use the name Alexander (possibly as a middle name?), as it’s my paternal grandfather’s first name and the middle name of both my dad and younger brother – and it would be a great way to honor all three of them.

Stacia on

JMO – Thank you for the compliments! Weston’s a lovely boy 🙂

My husband and I were just talking about the name Van over dinner. We really like it. Rather Van or Vance are definitely top runners if we’re having another boy! Vana and Vanessa also popped up in discussion, and my father-in-law mentioned that my husband was born in Richmond (just south of Vancouver btw). So Richard and Richelle/Rachelle are also on the list now. AS well, my parents have pointed out that I still have a lot of family in the UK (Leeds, Marlow, Preston, Ferndown, Bolton, and many many others.) So we’ve got what? I guess we could do Lee, Marlow, Preston, maybe Fern? I don’t know, but they’re on the list now.

Van Richard? Vanessa Rachelle? Shaun Vance? Vana Cambie? Preston Lee?

Ahh! SO many options! And there’s going to be hundreds more in the months to come! This is what happens when people cath on to how we name our children… everyone tells you of relatives that live in a cool-sounding town. Ack!

Thanks for the suggestion, though! Van is definitely standing out in my books! 🙂

Ashley on

Well I have no children yet but I will explain how I got my name which ties into how/why I will name my future daughter… When I was born my parents could not figure out if they wanted me to be Mallory or Ashley and kept switching my name back and forth and I even got a card that says “to Mama & Mallory” on it but when I was 3 days old my mother decided I am an Ashley and she gave me her middle name of Lynn. I’m glad she picked Ashley Lynn.. She is the middle child of all girls in her family and I became the middle child of all sisters in Mine too and we have the middle name and middle child bond!
I plan to name my first (or second) daughter Mallory Lynn. Mallory in honor of my name at birth lol, and I know my parents love the name already obviously and it is a beautiful name. I also will give her my and my mother’s middle name of Lynn.
I hope to name my first (or second) daughter Buffy. Although her father might hate it so I’m not going to assume on that one lol.
My sister named her son Malachi Patrick. .. Malachi was the name his father always wanted for a son and my oldest sister (not Mal’s mother) always loved the name as well so my sis let it grow on her. She gave him the middle name Patrick because our father’s middle name is Patrick.
My god-daughter’s name is Kayleigh Lynn. .. Kayleigh was a name my best friend loved and I knew another girl (with my friend’s same name) that named her daughter Kayleigh, spelled the same way too so my friend thinks thats cool. She gave her the middle name Lynn because we are best friends and that is my middle name 🙂

For a boy I like the name Jackson and especially because when I was 16 my family moved to Jacksonville, FL and my life made a dramatic change for the better. I found myself and completely love it here so I would love to honor my new home by possibly naming a son Jackson.

Ashley on

I forgot to mention that behind my choice of Buffy.. is after Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character Buffy on (the Vampire Slayer).
Not only is that one of my all time favorite tv series I love Buffy the character and Sarah Michelle Gellar, herself. She is my favorite actress and I hope my baby’s father will not flush that name lol!!

Addie on

We have three daughters, all with names connected to our family… we’re having a (suprise!) fourth, and are still pondering choices.

Our oldest daughter, who is 7, is Willa Margaret. There are Williams on both sides our our families (my grandfather and uncle and my husband’s brother). We really wanted to honor them, so she would have been Liam if she were a boy (they’ve all been surprises), probably with Wilder for the middle, a family name on my side. Margaret is my mother’s middle name.

Our twin girls Iris June and Imogen Grace are 4. We call Imogen “Ginny” for short– basically exclusively. My grandmother was Virginia, Ginny for short, but we weren’t in love with Virginia, so came up with a different full name. Iris is after my other grandmother, for her favorite flowers paint pictures of. We liked that their names have matching initials– but they don’t actually go by matching names, and the “i” sounds are actually different (“ih” and “eye”). June is for my best friend, and Grace is my sister’s middle name.

And now we have a fourth to name… and planning for either. We’re considering Beatrice (Bea), Theadora (Thea), or Alice, probably with the middle name Tess or Claire, for a girl. For a boy, maybe John, Theodore (Theo), or Owen, still with Wilder for the middle. All the names have family connections.

Any suggestions of what goes best with our Willa, Iris, and Ginny are welcome!

motherless hulagirl on

Our choice for our son was easy. It was THEE only boy name we could agree on. Jake!

sarah on

My girl’s name is from Aerin Lauder cos she’s my fave style icon.

sil on

my girls are Arianna and Giulia (4 yrs and 3 months old)
For Arianna it was not difficult, I saw it one day in internet when I was 4 months pregnant and I loved the name. And Giulia.. well me and my husband had different names in mind, and this was the only one we agree…hopefully because I think is beautiful, just like my baby girl 🙂

Roamin west on

I come from a family of unusual names so I thought I would keep with tradition. My name is Shana (shay-na) and my brother name is Brock. Even my dad has a girls name since he was born on christmas they names him Christy (cruel i know) I have 2 boys and decided each needed a strong name just on the off chance they were going to grow up to be geeks like mommy. For my first born Roman Andrew. Roman sounded like such a good and proud name and Andrew is my hubbys name. I love now that people call him Rome. For my second, we chose Westin Alexander. West sounded like the cool kind in high school who plays sports but is also realy nice to everyone and Alexander is my hubbys twins name in english (that would be Alejandro) Now that we are getting ready for maybe baby #3 I am leaning towards Braven Brock (brock is my brothers name) or Seraphina Jewel (my mothers name was Juli). Though after reading this I really love the name Declan

AM on

My sister is Augusta, so if I have a daughter I would love to use that as a middle name. And also I just found out that the meaning of it is “love” something I assume would fit perfectly to a little bundle of joy! I really like Ivory,Audrey,Francesca & Lucia for a little girl aswell. For a boy I like Edward,Lucian,Jasper & Emory:)

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Our oldest, a son, is Sam. I thought it might be a bit more conservative/plain in a way, much as I actually do like it, just had a few others on list, but both couldn’t agree, only one we both liked! but it suits him now, and can’t imagine him with any other name of course, as you do! With our daughter liked Mia (which I liked with first pregnancy if we’d had a girl) or Maya/Maia, but it’s so common/popular went with Freya instead as both hubby and I liked it & was less popular/common we figured and don’t see it on kids mugs, those colourful kids bedroom door plaques etc. Most people haven’t heard it before but slowly meeting people who know a few people with it, last few years, but hadn’t prior to that, and have liked it (phoenetically pronounced Fray-uh, but with the ‘e’, my 4 year old calls her Frey, and says it’s like the band, lol). It’s a Nordic name from mythology, goddess of love and fertility, and we loved that it was not a made up name, and had a nice meaning we thought. My hubby’s into most things historical/mythology, so he’d heard of it before I suggested it. I saw it in a British mag, Hello or OK mag with someone in UK with a daughter Freya, can’t remember which now, and liked the ring of it. I love going thru names and enjoyed doing it while pregnant. Would’ve been nice to incorporate a relative’s name as a middle name (our son’s middle names are William and Allen after both grandfathers, in case we didn’t have another boy, we threw both in, were shocked to have a boy as a lot of girls on both sides!) but weren’t any we liked to be honest in family, so her middle name’s Isabelle instead, which we figured she can go with if she prefers. We personally could see her name on someone older too, hopefully, maybe just us?! I loved Noah for a boy but hubby didn’t. Motherless hulagirl: we have a nephew Jake, figured they’d shorten it anyhow so Jake it is, also only name sis and hubby agreed on! If Freya was another boy, she would’ve been Connor. Addie: love your kids’ names, and for upcoming arrival, out of your names list, I personally like Beatrice Tess, or Theo/dore.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Gaia’s mum: also love the name Gaia for your daughter!

JMO on

Stacia –

I think Vanessa is a beautiful name as well. I don’t like Vanna ony cause it reminds me of Vanna White (although that’s just me). I also heard of the name Vanora which is different. And I like Vance to! I also wouldn’t change Richmond…I like that too. Although a name like Van Richmond sort of sounds like a city or something lol.

Best of luck to you and your family!

Sara on

Our eldest daughter is Cassidy Carmel. Her first name is derived from the Grateful Dead song, “Cassidy”, and her second name serves a dual purpose – Carmel, California (where she was conceived on our honeymoon) and in honour of Mary (Our Lady of Mount Carmel) as we’re Catholic.

Our son is Damian Rourke. We both really liked the name Damian; it fit our naming criteria of being not too common, yet not weird/freaky/trying too hard, and it’s a saint’s name. Rourke is a family name on my husband’s side.

Our final child, a girl, is due September 3rd. So far, the contenders are Scarlet (after the Grateful Dead’s “Scarlet Begonias”) Annabel (after Poe’s poem) and Hope (just a name we both love.)

k-kai on

My little girl is called Clytie Rose. We wanted something unusual, feminine and pretty. I came across it reading about Greek mythology. Lauren, I love Fionnuala and Minerva!

pam on

We had triplets, and knew they were all the same sex (they’re identical) but we didn’t know what sex that was. So we game up with about 5-6 boy names we liked and 5-6 girl names. (Middle names were family last names, so that was easy.)

When they were born, and discovered to be boys, my husband and I settled on four names. We debated for a while between Oliver and Ian, but since I’d carried them, I got to pick. So Oliver it was. Miles and Linus were the other two names at the top of our list.

I didn’t get to meet them until they were a day old, but we spent the day they were born looking at pictures sent up from the NICU and assigned names based on the pictures and on their in-utero personalities. (As it turns out, they came out in a different order than they’d been in utero, so technically they got the wrong names. Oh well!)

When I did get to meet them, I made sure the names fit, and only then did we announce them to everyone. Linus, Oliver, and Miles.

Maria on

Our kids are named after our parents (I think I’ve posted so somewhere else too).My son is 5 and his name is Minas Lawson (the first name is my dad’s name who is greek,and we thought he looked too much like him to not name him after him) while Lawson is my father-in-law’s name.Nobody likes either name but it was important to us to name him after his grandpas.
As for the girls (due in October) their first names (Sylvia and Louisa) where chosen by me about 13 years ago!I really love them.Their middle names are Madeleine and Katerina,which are the names of my mother-in-law and my mom respectively. 🙂 So far my son has a Greek and an English name,while the girls have ‘international’ first names and middle names from their French and Greek grandmas.

Rachel-Jane on

I don’t have children yet, but I’d like to use my middle name, Jane, as the middle name for a daughter, if I have one. My mum is Janie; her gran was Jane; her mum was Jane; and her gran was Jane! So it’s a name that goes back many generations, and it’s also a nice pretty but plain name for a middle name. I’d also like to use my papa’s name, James, which is also my brother’s middle name. I like what my parents did in giving us all simple middle names that we could use if we didn’t like our first names, that were first and foremost just names they liked, but also had a family connection so whilst we weren’t really named after relations it could be read like that if wished. Myself and my siblings are Rachel Jane, Jessica Anne, Hannah Grace and Euan James.

laura on

i have 3 boys and a girl. the boys are chase robert, michael john, and cole Joseph. and my little girls name is Taylor Mary. I chose the first names by names i really like and their middle names are all family names!

Sarah M. on

Addie – My vote: Theadora Claire or Owen Wilder.

sil – I like how you spelled Giulia. (I’m assuming it’s pronounced the same as Julia.) I would use the name Gianni for a boy, myself.

Angelika on

There were very few boy names that either of us liked, so it really came down to two Nolan and Graham.

For girls we had a few different ones picked out: Nina, Lila, Lilianna and Vivienne.

I did buy a baby name book, but we pretty much had a list of names we already loved and just chose from there. Meaning was important to me, so that is why Nolan won out over Graham.

The middle name is my mom’s maiden name – Nicolay. So our son is Nolan Nicolay Lastname. Had he been a girl the middle name still would’ve been the same.

I think that people need to think about how a name will translate into adulthood. Something might be “cute” for a little kid, but not so much for an adult. Although I suppose an entire generation may have “cute” and “unyque” names so maybe no one will notice! 🙂

katie on

i don’t have any children yet, but these are some names i like:
-leon henry
-august john
-theodore felix (theo)
-simon atlas

-Maisie Isla
-Annie Olive Iris
-Clare Bronwyn Alice
-Matilda Quin

Candice on

I did sort of a strange thing with my son. my husband and I have always had a difficult time agreeing on names, and until my first daughter came out we still didn’t agree. finally we used both names we liked, Kiera and Elise. and then I was pregnant again with our second daughter and we were like 99% sure we were going to name her Kamryn, its a family name, but feminized. anyway, when I was 38 weeks I just went THIS IS NOT her NAME. I have always always LOVED the name Calista, and I begged my husband to name her that. after she was born, he finally agreed, though we did spell it with a K, because that is the first letter of her big sis. However, because of this my husband insisted he was going to name the next one. I personally have always loved the name Kai or Caius as a long version, however they mean different things. anyway, he wanted to name the baby Quentin, which I do like. so baby came out, a boy and we named him Quentin. and then, it just wasn’t working. that odd feeling you have of initially calling someone by something you have named them always feels a bit strange I think, I had it with both girls, but this time IT NEVER WENT AWAY. and then, to top if off, he had this stellar blue eyes and Kai means ocean. I love blue eyes and I knew my odds of having a blue eyed child were astronomically low, though my husband has blue eyes, he is the only one of 5 and I have one half sibling who has grey/blue eyes. brown eyes were definitely predominate on both sides of the family. the odds weren’t ZERO, but they weren’t great either. I had told my husband that I should have put a caveat in our agreement of his name being Quentin that IF he had blue eyes that stuck around, his name should really be Kai. soooooooooooooo……………his blue eyes have stuck around at though I had secretly been calling him Kai since he was 2 weeks old, my husband actually relented (!!!) and we went public with calling him something else entirely from his birth name. I think we won’t make it official until he is 5, only because he has a passport and a visa for the country we live in and both of these things cost money. however, he will be known by that name. and yep its a bit strange, but I feel really relieved that we took the plunge and changed it 🙂

Amanda on

When I was pregnant with my daughter, it was a toss up between Mackenzie Taylor and Kelsey Taylor. I didn’t want her to be called Mac, so she is now my Kel-Belle. With my 2nd child, I was determined he was a girl, so I referred to him as Madison (I wanted Brianna as a middle name). 3 weeks before his birth, I was having complications and we had to have an immediate ultrasound. To my shock, he had “boy parts” (how we told my then 3 year old she wasn’t getting her little sister). Right away he became Aidan Alexander. I had no idea of “Aidan”‘s popularity. My 3rd, a surprise baby, had no name chosen until his birth. We didn’t find out his sex before hand, so we actually named him based on his personality. He is Andrew-a name I love with a long history in my family-Christopher after his dad and John after his beloved Grampie/my dad.
So I have Kelsey Taylor Dawn, Aidan Alexander and Andrew Christopher John. Each child fits their name sooo well, I can’t imagine them being named anything else.

jessie on

i don’t have any babies yet, but i’ve already picked out some names. i love biblical names for boys, Jacob, Noah elijah etc… but for girls names i been picking a lot of names that end in
-ella and -ana, like gabriella and arianna

Kayla on

I am 20 and don’t have any kid at this point..but I have been writing down names ever since I was are my favorite boy and girl names:

-Cooper Scott
-Tate Sebastian
-Roman Michael
-Declan James
-Xander Ryan
-Jagger Anthony
-Phoenix Scott
-Ryder James

-Aubrie Elaine
-Jocelyn Grace
-Chole Michelle
-Gia Lynn
-McKenzie Nicole
-Kenley Diane
-Brynn Faith
-Kendall Anne
-Maci Renee

Megan on

i wanted to incorporate family names so when we had our daughter i knew i wanted to honor my mother and named her Vera Marie. it sounds old but so many people like it. she thought it was fine until her friends started giving nicknames. her names too short to give one. but its cute for a little kid, and sounds adult

Cyndi on

I’m 17, with no kids of course, but I’ve had names picked out since I was 13. I love kids, and so I thought I would share my names and the meanings.

Kamryn Rae; I love the name Kamryn, and I know a boy who is autistic, and just the cutest thing ever name Cameron, so the name has meaning, and Rae is just beautiful. My brother had a band named “Kami Rae!” before he passed, and so the name just fits.
Blakeleigh Grace; I love the name Blake, and Lee is my mothers maiden name, so I used the french spelling and it sounds gorgeous, and Grace is my middle name, and the name of the woman I’m named after who is like my grandmother and has survived breast cancer.
Kailynne Elyzabeth; I just love the name, to be quite honest. and I’ve never seen “Elizabeth” spelt with a “y”, so I wanted to switch it up.
Alyssa LeeAnn; Alyssa is just a name my best friend and I both liked, and LeeAnn is after my best friend Alisha, because that’s her middle name. So, I’d end up calling Alyssa “Ally”.

Jay Robert Benjamin; Jay is after my brother who means the world to me, and is in the Army. Robert was my grandfathers middle name, who my mom lost when she was 16, and Benjamin is my best friends name who has been there for me through everything.
Mason James; Mason is my real fathers middle name, and James is my mothers boyfriends name who is like my father and has been for the past ten years.

I have many more, but these are the ones I love the most. 🙂

Evan's Mommy on

Well, I didn’t know if I was having a boy or a girl so the names I chose has to fit certain criteria. For a boy the name has to be boyish, and easily transition to manhood. It had to be a name he would be proud to use professionally. It also had to sound right to me. For a girl, the name has to be sweet and cute. A name that would follow her from a baby to adulthood, and be proud to have professionally.

Lauren on

K-kain thanks for the compliment! Reading through this has been really helpful in naming our third!
As we know it’s a boy we’ve been able to narrow down choices a little and have it down to 3 names –
Cassius Munroe
Xavier Theodore
Oskar Sebastien

Cassius Munroe is my favourite but my partner prefers Xavier, guess we’ll just have to wait and see what he looks like! If anyone has an opinion though I’m all ears!!

Tracey on

I have 5 children: Kenneth Frederick III, Emily Faith, Xena Marie, Abagail Susan, and Rayden John. When I was pregnant the first two times, the names were easy. My husband (now ex) and I had already decided on those names. FOr my third I had no idea and I was sure I was having a boy, so we let her godfather choose her name. (Let me tell you she’s one tough girl) Abagail was a surprise and I wanted a classic name for our only red-head! When I found out I was pregnant for a 5th time, I knew we had to pick something different so Xena wouldn’t feel left out. Rayden just stuck with me and it’s perfect. My fiancee and I are trying to have our own child and if we are lucky enough to get pregnant we already have names picked out (Juliette Elizabeth and Cooper Edward) Naming your baby is the most fun thing and I believe that no matter what their name, they always seem to live up to it!!!!

Libby on

We named our son Loudon Gerhard Schoenfelder. Our last name is German so it flows well and is a nod to his great-uncle in Nuremberg, Germany (Gerhard). He’s now 21 months old.

My husband wanted a traditional name and I prefered something unique so our compromise was to pluck our a top 20 boy baby name list out of a book and compare the results. Loudon wasn’t on our list, but we later recalled that we liked it. I was pleasantly surprised that my husband went along with it. Neither of us is a huge fan of Loudon Wainwright, but we certainly think that its a good namesake.

We don’t have a 2nd child yet, but if we have a second boy, I’m going to continue lobbying for the original boy name that I loved: Townes (after Townes van Zandt). If it is a girl we loved the name Sylvia (after my mom) Harper (after Harper Lee) and would call her Sylvie.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Lauren, like your list of names. My vote is for Xavier Theodore, cute name….!

Elzbieta on

I don’t have any kids of my own but I like the name

Cassander Guy-
Balaji Theo(Balaji is hindi)
Estha Matthew(Estha is indian and i heard it in my favorite novel) for boys

Oksana Truus (Osksana is Russian, Truus is Dutch)
Laxmi Ann (Laxmi is hindi)

for girls.

I like the name Xavier Theodore as well.

Jenn on

I have 3 children, all girls. Our oldest child is Elizabeth Kate, named after my mother. Our 2nd child is named Hailey Morgan, my husband choose the first name and I chose the middle name. Our youngest, and last child is named Julia Nicole.

Katie on

My husband and I have two children, one boy and one girl. Our oldest, Andrew Kyle, name was chosen out of a hat! I did not know what name to chose, and neither did my husband so we put all of the names we liked into a hat and randomly choose. Our second child, a girl is named after my mother, Julia. My husband chose Julia’s middle name, which is Nicole.

Amanda on

My daughter I thought of her name becasue i was for sure i was having a boy so I was looking in the baby name book for a boy name and i saw ronald. And it just came to me if i have a girl i will name her Reagan. But my husbend did not like the spelling so we changed it to Raigen.
With my son I loved the name Cruz but my husbend did not so I let him pick out the first name and he named him Atam (adam) But it is our last name backwards.
So we have Raigen Marie and Atam Cruz

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Lauren – I like Cassius Monroe.

(I may have posted part of this elsewhere.) My cousin has 4 boys. They all begin with ‘Gar’ or ‘Gra’. For her 4th and last, they couldn’t find a name that they liked that had the g, a and r in them. By the time they had him they narrowed it down to 5 or 6 names. They wrote the names on the whiteboard in their hospital room and people could cast their vote on it if they went to visit them before they went home. His name is Grayson Wirth (Grayson won out, and Wirth is a family name.) Grady, Gunnar, Griffin, Griffith and a few others were on list, also. (Neither Griffin nor Griffith have an ‘a’, but they liked the names.) His name fits him perfectly!

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I am 20 and just got engaged and my fiance and I have already come up with a couple names because we plan on having children in the next couple of years. this is what we came up with:

Zachary James- my fiance and i bothed loved the name Zachary and James because one of our best friends is named James
Christian Michael- again Doug (my fiance) and I both loved the first name just because. And Michael because my brother and father are named Michael.
then we have for the girls,
Leeanna Hilary- no meaning to it, but Doug had picked the first name out and i fell in love with it and he also picked Hilary and it just sounds good together
Danielle Sue- My cousin’s name is Danielle and i love the name. Doug had picked Sue as the middle name. He said there was a meaning behind it but I have yet to find out what it is.

I have always loved the name Evangeline for a girl but my fiance doesn’t really like it. It’s a unique and unusual name, just like my name. Then i really loved the name Xander and my fiance and I have discussed this name a couple of times but we aren’t for sure if it will be one of the top. I tend to like to spell names differently, so Xander would either be spelled like that or with a Z. And the name James, i would spell it as Jaymz. I saw that once and fell in love with the name and the way it was spelled…

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I love the name Cassander!

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quote {When I was about six months pregnant, I dreamt that my daughter’s name was “Alisandra Catherine” – including the spelling. I had never heard or seen the name before. Upon waking, I looked up the name and Alessandra is the Italian variation of Alexandra, meaning “protector of mankind”. She was two-days-old before I named her, from my dream.} unquote

– Lachesis7 on August 4th, 2009

That’s my duaghter’s name too!! U names her after my bestfreind in Italy.. but since I thought the doulbe s was “overkill” and I really didn’t want her called Alex… i thought I was being original.. lol seems i wasn’t.. ins’t it beautiful?!

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Colton Matthew McNamee- My husband adored the name Cole and eventually he convinced me to go with Cole for our first son. His middle name would be Matthew in honor of my husbands brother who passed away. We knew my best friend was due two weeks before us but we didnt think she would be set on the name Cole Michael! We were crushed. We went through hundreds of names and finally we came across Colton! It was similar to Cole and I liked it a lot better. So thats how my 12-year-old got his name!
Mackenzie Abigail McNamee- When we had a girl we were set on either Mackenzie or McKenna. My husband really wanted McKenna but I wanted Mackenzie! As for a middle name we had no clue! So the day she was born the nurse asked what her name was and without thinking I said “Mackenzie Abigail.” My husband was okay with Mackenzie but apparently Abigail was a “no-no”! But even though her middle name was randomly chosen I adore it!
Alexis Noelle McNamee- We always loved the nickname Lexi on a girl so when we found out we were pregnant her name had to be Alexis so we could give her the nickname Lexi! For her middle name, my dad chose it. He just simply loves the name Noelle and Alexis Noelle sounded cute so we went with Alexis Noelle!
Samira Grace McNamee- Miss. Samira was supposed to be our last one so we wanted to give her a unique name. We both liked Carissa and Samira as unique names. We went with Samira since my husbands sister is Marissa and it sounded to similar. Her middle name my mother chose! She thought Samira Grace flowed perfectly.
Brooklynn Rae McNamee- Miss. Brookie was our surprise baby! We kept her gender a surprise only my husband knew! I was hoping for a boy but we got Brookie! Since my husband knew the gender it meant he could choose the name. He really liked Brooklynn and so did I so I knew what it would be if it was a girl. I picked the middle name. Brooklynn Rae just sounded right. And thats how we chose our kids names! Colton (12) Mackenzie (9) Alexis (6) Samira (2) Brooklynn (3 months)