Sarah Michelle Gellar: Lunch Break

08/04/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

Gearing up for a Sunday afternoon of shopping in Santa Monica, Sarah Michelle Gellar takes time out for a quick lunch date with a few friends at the Ivy at the Shore.

Hitting the shops has become a frequent pasttime for the expectant mama. Maybe she’s stocking up on baby supplies? The actress and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. expect their first child this fall!

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Melanie on

(What I can see of) that necklace looks awesome! Any idea what it is/where she got it?

txgal on

i never see her and freddy together anymore 😦 Is he filming some where these days?

Bancie1031 on

Love SMG and her outfit! Her belly is really beginning to show 😀

Annabel on

Hmm… if it’s a boy I wonder if they’ll carry on the tradition with a Freddie Prize the third? Just a random thought : p SMG makes for a cute pregnant woman, I was surprised to learn that she just had her baby shower because she still looks so petite… but I guess she’s further along than I had guessed!

Jessica on

Melanie, I love her necklaces too, I wish I knew where they were from.

jmae on

She looks absolutely radiant pregnant! I’m sure part of it is the glow…and maybe a tiny bit to do with the small amount of pregnancy weight? She looks soft – in a good way. It’s a great look for her!

Lacey on

She always wearing black. She should be wearing colors and patterns that show off her bump.

kyotoyoshi on

Melanie – I think it looks like a safety pin but I have no clue where it’s from, sorry.

Txgal – There were photos of her and freddie a week or two ago. They’re not photographed together much, probably because he dislikes the attention (especially the paparazzi attention). He’s also been busy as he’s on the new season of 24.

holden on

Why has 24 been filming for so long already? I thought shooting for new tv seasons only started this month, but we’ve been commenting about how we never see him for a while now…

Sarah looks beautiful, though!! She looks so happy. I do wish she would wear some brighter colors, but she probably prefers blending in so that the paps don’t always see her – whatever the reason, it’s her choice anyway. I can’t wait for the baby!

Brittany on

I love hearing news about Sarah and Freddie!

sara on

I’m so excited about this pregnancy, since they were married for so long before having children 😉 I will admit I’m not too fond of her maternity style. I agree she needs more color and maxi dresses for a more stylish look.

kyotoyoshi on

I think her pregnancy style is great. I think the lack of bright colours may be just a New Yorker thing. Perhaps she dresses in colours other days when she’s not being followed by the paparazzi. 🙂

H – The only person that made it seem like they had a falling out was Aly, who made some really passive aggressive and unprofessional comments after the show ended. Everything else is pretty much just rumours. If they’re not friends in real life, it’s really not that big of a deal. There are tons of people who work well with their coworkers but not friends outside of work.

As far as I’ve read, Sarah keeps in touch with Seth Green, Anthony Stewart Head, Michelle Trachtenberg and a few others from the show. Emma Caulfield recently mentioned that she and Sarah also talk from time to time.

holden on

She still looks cute though, even in the dark colors. I remember Alyson Hannigan always looked very colorful. Do they still talk? I remember reading somewhere in here that they had had a fight.

holden on

:S What did Alyson say?

RIP Michael on

Everytime I see her belly I just cannot believe there is a baby in there. This was the surprise celeb pregnancy for me.

alice jane on

I remember Alyson making a comment on her Twitter that implied pretty strongly that her and Sarah don’t talk anymore. I know in the earlier seasons of Buffy they were friends, but Alyson said once that during the 7th season Sarah revealed in a magazine interview that she wouldn’t be coming back for an 8th season (i.e. the show would be ending) before she told any of her castmates. I don’t know if this was actually what happened, it’s just what Alyson said. I’m a big fan of both women and they both seem very professional to me, so who knows what happened.

Back to the real point of this post….. Sarah looks great! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her not wearing bright colours, a lot of women like dark colours for a number of reasons. There are pictures from her baby shower where she’s wearing a cute cream-coloured summer dress and she looks awesome in it. I can’t wait to find out what her and Freddie have!

holden on

Hmm…I guess Alyson had a right to be upset that she found out from a magazine that she was going to be unemployed…But it was really the director/creator or whatever ‘s duty to tell the cast that the show was going to end. So neither woman really did anything horrible, which works out fine because I like them both. The story was probably blown way out of proportion by the press, anyway. But if they’re really not friends anymore after being such good friends in the earlier seasons of Buffy…Then that’s sad.

CelebBabyLover on

Lacey- Sarah can wear what ever she wants (as long as it’s decent and legal, of course!)! 🙂

kyotoyoshi on

Alice Jane – Alyson did say that that’s how they found out, except now some of us (who pay attention) know that isn’t true. Joss later came out and said that that he, Marti and Sarah had discussed the end at the beginning of the season. He also said that everyone pretty much knew it was over. Perhaps some thought that they would continue the series without the lead character, I don’t know. Joss also said that if anyone was upset by the fact that he wasn’t explicit that the show would be over, they should have gone to him and spoken to him about it as he was responsible, not Sarah.

Aly’s comments pretty much created a huge argument in the fandom and there are people who still believe that Sarah “ended the series and didn’t tell anybody.”

And that’s my tangent for the day…

I wonder if Freddie will end up doing any talk show promotion for 24 and if he’ll make any comments on how it’s going…

LB on

I am so happy to see updated pics on her. This was a couple I was looking forward to seeing have a baby (if that was what they wanted of course). They must both be so happy and that is how she appears to be. She looks great!

h on

kyotoyoshi – But why would Alyson lie about it? Just to make Sarah/Joss look bad? It’s way more likely that Joss lied about it later to save his own butt, because Alyson’s comments had made him look bad. I remember reading a lot of interviews back then when Alyson and Nicholas Brendon said that they guessed that s7 would be the last season, but that isn’t the same as knowing for sure so she still had a right to be upset. Don’t know how Sarah got mixed up in the whole thing since it was Joss’ job to make sure the cast knew.

Maybe we could get a picture of Alyson & Sarah baby-shopping together and put an end to all the rumors 😀 (one can dream…).

kyotoyoshi on

H – Comments from the interview:

FHM:How did the first conversation with [SMG] go after you found out she was putting a fork in Buffy?
AH: It wasn’t that big of a surprise, but finding out from a magazine — that sucked. I’m really upset that that’s the way the cast and crew found out they would be unemployed.
FHM: Did Sarah apologize?
AH: No. She hasn’t said anything.

I don’t know why she would lie about it, but what she said wasn’t true. And I really don’t think Joss would lie in the situation either considering Aly is basically his favourite cast member. Other people, including Nick Brendan have said it wasn’t exactly true that they found out from a magazine (this was at a convention when someone asked him that question). I’m not sure why Aly said what she did but her comments did allow people to place a lot of blame on SMG. IMO, whether she felt slighted or not, it was really unprofessional to speak about matters that people outside of the cast and crew wouldn’t understand.

I’ve also been told that people who actually worked on the show that crew members were told about the end.

I mean, whatever, I hope Aly’s long over it because a number of the fans certainly aren’t. And I hope Sarah didn’t lose any sleep over all the vitriol directed at her during that time. She showed up for the Buffy reunion a year or two ago so I’m sure she’s fine. I don’t think it’s that important that they’re friends in real life or that it’s sad that they aren’t, to be quite honest.

sage on

Sarah is Beautiful, Such an adorable pregnant lady. I love her pregnancy style cause I love the darker colors and they suit SMG, so thats just me. Alyson’s style was a little to much for me. But both ladies are cute!