Kyle MacLachlan Embraces Short-Order Cook Syndrome

08/03/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
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In the latest installment of ”My Day on a Plate” for Gourmet, actor and avid home chef Kyle MacLachlan makes it abundantly clear that life really is all about baby — in the kitchen, at least! “Everything food-wise for me is focused on my [1-year-old] son Callum [Lyon],” Kyle happily concedes. “I’m like a short-order cook!”

The column has subjects identify everything they ate, drank and prepared over a 24-hour period, and in the case of Kyle and Callum — who turned 1 on July 25 — the answers are downright delicious! Kyle notes that he recently purchased a double boiler which he’s been using to experiment with scrambled eggs “because babies need good protein and full fat.” In his effort to keep Callum happy, healthy, and well-fed, Kyle says his own food preferences have become secondary.

“Every morning I have to come up with a menu for him — is it going to be oatmeal or muesli or toast with a little bit of yogurt on it? So I’m really just an afterthought.”

Lunch for dad on the day in question consisted of fresh peaches from Whole Foods, which he then used to make a peach purée for baby boy. The following day, the midday menu consisted of a parsnip-carrot-potato medley with spinach and cheese. For dinner Kyle, 50, roasted some root vegetables and prepared a cherry-tomato sauté with garlic, cream, basil and chicken stock, which he then puréed and tossed with noodles. “He couldn’t get it into his mouth fast enough,” the proud papa reports. “It’s amazing to think of the nutritional responsibility you have in cooking for a kid, which then makes you wonder if you’re getting enough yourself,” he goes on to note.

“That’s the thing I’m finding with cooking for Callum — it’s not so inspiring to cook for oneself, but it’s inspiring to cook for someone else…It’s been a real mind expander.”

Callum is Kyle’s son with wife Desiree Gruber.

Source: Gourmet

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beatrice on

Wow, I didn’t realize I could love him any more than I already did, but he COOKS?! *swoon*

Nikki on

Did I read this correctly? Did he say toast with yoghurt on it?

Not judging or anything, just curious! I’ve never thought to combine the two.

mslewis on

Okay, I’m now craving that cherry tomato saute with noodles!! Sounds delish!! Nikki, I don’t like yoghert (I can’t even spell it) but I can see it on toast . . . maybe fruit flavor on wheat toast. I imagine it would be sort of like jelly!!!

sat on

Aching ovaries here! Thanks a lot Kyle!

Suzanne on

I love it when parents cook “real” food for their babies/kids instead of serving mac and cheese, hot dogs and pizza all the time! From experience I can tell you that even if your child doesn’t seem to like something: keep trying! Babies and kids will eat what you give them and I never believe it when I hear “my child will only eat cereal or my child wont eat any veggies”…Parents are responsible for offering healthy food choices and if you offer nutritious food your children will eventually eat it!

Erica on

I’ll mash a banana for Callum, then Kyle can come cook for me. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Suzanne- Mac and cheese, hot dogs, and pizza are one of the fun parts of childhood. I mean, what child DOESN’T like those things? Also, even adults eat and like those things from time to time. 🙂

Sanja on

Suzanne –I agree. Children will eat what you teach them to eat. My son is almost two and since he eats regular grown-up food (including a salad with every meal, meats, pasta, fish, dairy, mushrooms, etc.), he never had any special wishes (of course he likes some thing more than others, and there are a few foods he won’t eat at all (like fresh cucumbers), but everyone is like that).

Another thing I can’t stand is when kids are allowed to say no to a meal and then are given something completely different made just for them (my cousin cooks THREE meals sometimes since each of her three kids want different things). In my house, if you don’t want a meal that’s cooked that day, you can have bread with butter/jam or you don’t get anything (and this goes for the grownups too, since with seven people in the house there’s always something one of doesn’t like). It’s a rule my mother had when we were kids and since it worked it’s still on. You can bet they’re hungry enough at the next meal to clean the plate. It’s a rule my grandmother and mother had when we were kids and since it worked it’s still on.

12 Weeks Pregnant on

Callum has the most beautiful blue eyes!

brannon on

Totally agree!

mmh on

I love what he said about the nutritional responsibilities of feeding a child. I couldn’t agree more! It’s made us so much more conscious about how much whole grains, fruits and veggies and lean protein we eat! We feed my son whatever we’re eating and if he doesn’t like it, well, there’s always the next meal! =)

Suzanne on

I agree that hot dogs, pizza and mac and cheese are a part of childhood, but kids WILL eat healthy food as well. Believe me, we have the occasional hot dog and we even had mac and cheese last night! I’m just saying that kids eat what you teach them to eat and if you only give them junk food then that’s all they will want…
Sanja: Love your meal time rule about eating what has been prepared, we do the same thing. I tell my kids “this is what is for dinner…” I make things that we all enjoy and when they don’t like something I have prepared, they eat what they do like on their plate and then try again at the next meal….

hermowninny on

I know people who really “short order” cook in their homes, they ask their kids what they want at every meal, and then they make it. I can’t stand it. I make one thing for each meal and if you don’t want to eat it you get a peanut butter sandwich. I don’t ask my kids what they want to eat unless we are out to eat or for a snack. I don’t want my kids to be picky eaters I want them to try everything and so far there it very little my kids won’t eat.

brannon on

Sorry got out of order – agreeing w Suzanne. Even when we go out we order for him off the regular menu – most fine restaurants will prepare half orders of their adult selections.

MZ on

ITA with his last quote! I’ve never really been into food, was a finicky eater until college (my parents tried EVERYTHING to get me to eat and I still ended up eating bean and cheese burritos every night), but now I have a baby to cook for. Once I was pregnant and started thinking about everything he would need, I re-assessed what I was eating. And, it’s so much fun to try to come up with fun, healthy meals for him. Granted, he only started rice cereal yesterday, but it won’t be long before he’s eating all kinds of things. I want to make him the healthy eater that I wasn’t.

Oh, and here is an awesome tip I heard, about encouraging your kids to expand their palate and eat healthy. Get a 12 cup muffin tin, and fill each cup with a diff. snack food, in whatever portion size is appropriate for your child (say, some celery in one, trail mix with almonds and a couple m&ms in another, some dried fruit in another, etc.). Each time your child wants a snack, she can go straight to that. However, no cup gets refilled until ALL the cups have been eaten.


What do you think of the name Callum?

deedot on

Her really sounds like a parent of one! Trust me the excitement of carrying the nutritional responsibility for your child wanes…as does your interest in being a short order cook. In my house dinner is dinner and if you don’t like it there is always the fruit bowl.

Jane on

Callum is one of my favorite names. I saw a Father asking his son what he wanted for dinner in a grocery store once. The kid looked to be about 2. He had a pacifier in his mouth. :0 Kyle sounds like a good cook. I wish he could cook for me. 😉

clooney_girl06 on

Hmmmn Where did Callum get those gorgeous blue eyes from? He is so adorable! Good Job Desiriee and Kyle! My and my brothers loves our friut and vegeies so it does make it easier for my mum but don’t get me wrong wi love our sweets too. Kyle is such a concerned parent.