Kimora Lee Simmons Says Kenzo is a 'Good, Calm Baby'

08/03/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
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After giving birth to baby boy Kenzo just nine weeks ago, Kimora Lee Simmons is already back on her feet and cutting down her post-pregnancy weight with the help of a few famous friends. “Tyra [Banks] came over and yelled at me this weekend about eating too many carbs,” Kimora told Celebrity Baby Blog at the JCPenney‘s Manhattan store opening Friday, which sponsored the Children’s Aid Society. “So I’m trying to have a better lifestyle.”

After junk food cravings during her pregnancy — pizza especially — Kimora is now finding ways to get back on a healthier track.

“I’m trying to think better about my choices in what I eat. But I can’t really diet, I’m not disciplined enough. This is why I look a little wide. But it’s okay! Women of all shapes and sizes, that’s what it’s all about with Fabulosity.”

Kimora, 34, who unveiled her self-proclaimed “baby” of another kind July 31st with the launch of her Fabulosity line for JCPenney, calls Kenzo a “good, calm baby,” a welcome contrast to her busy lifestyle. Kenzo, according to Kimora, means “third” and “wise” – the latter of which she says he gets from his papa, longtime boyfriend Djimon Hounsou.

About how she’s been trying to lose her post-pregnancy weight this time around?

“Breastfeeding really helps, and sometimes I hit the treadmill with Djimon, but I’ve only done that four times.”

She also gets much-needed assistance from two helpers of her own — daughters Aoki Lee, 6 ½, and Ming Lee, 9 ½, from her previous marriage with music mogul Russell Simmons. “They’re like little mommies,” Kimora says.

“They change the diapers, they push strollers, and when I take him into their room to tuck them in at night, they want him to get into the bed too.”

— Joyce Chen

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sdfsd on

How come when anyone in Hollywood dates for more than a year they’re referred to as the “Long-time boyfriend/girlfriend”? Djimon Hounsou and Kimora Lee Simmons have not been together for more than a few years. To me, a long-time boyfriend/girlfriend is someone you’ve been with for ten years or so.


I know Kimora has a big mouth and can be obnoxious sometimes, but I adore her!! She seems so honest, and can care less if people critize her because she is bigger than other celebrities! She is so funny too and Aoki and Ming are the cutest things! So outspoken and pretty!

Now I just wish I had her millions and a man as hot as Djimon!…ha ha ha

Allison on

I love Kimora and her “big mouth!” The stuff she says is hilarious and so true. Her girls are adorable. I don’t think I’ve seen a pic of Kenzo. Maybe I missed it?? Lots of love to this family!

Ruth on

I feel sorry for the women in the spotlight who feel the need to apologize for their size post-pregnancy. It’s okay to eat carbs, even after giving birth! Especially when nursing – you need energy to do that. Take your time losing the weight, Kimora.

Evangeline on

If I had a friend who “came over and yelled at me this weekend about eating too many carbs,” just eight weeks after giving birth, she would not be my friend anymore. Talk about mixed messages: you do need to eat more while nursing!

Momta2 on


That has always been a pet peeve of mine. It is so annoying.

Erica on

sdsfd: I assume the whole “long-time” label is an attempt to legitimize their relationship esp. if there is a baby involved. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it weren’t applied to couples who really weren’t together all that long (sorry, but two years or less is not a long time.) I do think Kimora and Djimon balance each other out well, though. Has anyone else heard the rumor of them getting married in a private ceremony in Benin?

Debby on

I bet the baby will grow up to become one insanely gorgeous adult!

CelebBabyLover on

Erica- Where’s Benin? Anyway, from what I’ve heard about Kimora, it seems to me like she would have announced it if they had gotten married.

Anyway, I’m glad Kimora’s not dieting. She shouldn’t even THINK of doing so while breastfeeding!

CelebBabyLover on

Ericka- Never mind my question about Benin! I just looked it up and discovered that it’s a country in Africa. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Allison- There haven’t been any pictures of Kenzo released yet.

12 Weeks Pregnant on

You’re looking great girl!

J-Lin on

I also heard they had a marriage ceremony earlier this year while visiting Africa.

As long as they are both happy who cares about the labels. Trust me, Kimora can care less if you think her relationship with Dijimon is legitimate.

mmh on

Who knows? Maybe she was only eating Twinkies and Tyra tried to talk her into some protein and fruits and veggies too!! =)

Annabel on

sdfsd, yeah I also find that funny. I really don’t care enough for it to actually bother me, but whenever I read that “long-term couple” business about people who’ve been together a year or two, I get a laugh out of it.

CelebBabyLover on

J-Lin- I’m pretty sure that was just a rumor, as the story came out right BEFORE Kimora’s divorce from Russell was finialized. Therefore, Kimora would have been commiting bigamy if she really had married Djimon then.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and about the long-term couple thing…Techinically, two or more years IS pretty long-term in Hollywood!

cherry on

When breastfeeding you need to watch what you eat. The word diet is about food intake not losing weight. There is nothing wrong with eating carbs especially when breastfeeding, the mother is feeding herself and a baby that requires a lot of energy. Breastfeed can be exhausting. I have four young men that I breastfed. Breastfeeding always took the extra weight gain anyway, but that is just me. As far as long term relationships go there is normal folk and there is Hollywood folk long term relationships we need to keep that in mind. A lot of them change men/women like we change clothes.Everything we read and hear needs to be kept in the perspective.

Jazzie on

I am not a Kimora Lee Simmons fan, she’s just too out there for my taste; however, I LOVE her partner, Djimon! Also, love the baby’s name, Kenzo. I am sure it has great meaning, and plan to look it up. While I am not a fan of hers, I do respect her for naming her kids American as well as Asian and African names. She must not be too bad as a person. Good luck to them.

Dan on

I personally think kimora is not being a true self on the show because the ways she behaves in her home and how she relates to her staff and the wonderful guy james is legendary. But the way she behaves to me is not acceptable in my eyesI just wish she would relax a bit more with the cameras because she is far far far too eccentric on tv and plus her showing off in front of her kids and letting them run riot like they win run around like mad hatters and having hardly no boundary’s or rules to follow which is wrong and nectectful

Gbemi on

i love KLS she is truly fabulous though it gets into her head sometimes,and she can be over the top but i pardon her cos she’s real.