Sarah Michelle Gellar: Go Fetch!

08/02/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

Former Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar is fetching in a long, flowing dress while accompanying her dog Tyson to a vet appointment in Toluca Lake, Calif. on Thursday.

Puppy will soon have a new playmate, for Sarah Michelle expects a baby this fall with her husband of six years, actor Freddie Prinze Jr.


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Lynn on

I love Tyson. He’s so big and adorable.

I can’t wait until Sarah and Freddie have the baby.

Elle on

Also, according to Adam Shankman’s twitterings, she had a baby shower yesterday. Random place for info, but there you go!

Lynn on

Elle, he was at the baby shower according to Just Jared, who has pictures of her pre or post baby shower.

Sanja on

I love how Tyson is called a puppy in the post, LOL! I have one like him and they outgrew their ‘puppy’ stage a looooong time ago:-)

I can’t wait to hear what she has and which name they choose!

daniela on

What a gorgeous puppy!!! I love Sarah’s dress, she’s look very comfy!

sarah1116 on

does anyone know what type of dog he is?

Lara on

Cute dog!

I was on a news site earlier with the headline that she was “huge”. That dress really hides her bump! I can’t see it now. Funny how clothes/certain pics can look so different 🙂

Elizabeth on

I believe he’s an Akita, very loveable dogs. and SUPER CUTE OVERLOAD when they are puppies!!!

Kate on

She looks so beautiful, pregnancy definately agrees with her. Sarah1116- I think he might be an Akita or have some Akita in him. gorgeous dog.

Annie on

Sarah looks pretty. Her dog is cute, looks like my dog.

Chelsea on

Ashley on

Aww Sarah is so beautiful and does look very pretty, pregnant and summery. I love it! Her dog’s face reminds me of my dog lol and how big he is. Yep Tyson and my Max could be friends lol!

Kresta on

Such a big dog for a petite woman. He looks well-behaved though as he is definitely strong enough to drag her over.

Lauren on

Sarah looks great and Tyson is adorable. i cant wait to see him and the baby together.

Rye on

according to a few websites, Sarah and Freddie are expecting a baby girl!

“She’s been letting little details slip here and there,” says a source. “She’s been spending her free time planning the nursery in their TriBeca apartment,” according to gossips. “Sarah wants the room to look sophisticated, so nothing too frilly or princessy. She’s been shopping for earth tones to mix with plum or magenta accents”

momto boys on

that’s not a dog. That’s a fricken bear with paws!!! he’s HUGE.

actualsize on

Tyson is an Akita and he’s very old (ten years plus, I think, which is elderly for a dog of that size). He looks like a big cuddle bug.

Can’t wait to ‘meet’ this baby. For some reason I feel sure it’s a girl but only time will tell! I think Sarah and Freddie will choose a classic, timeless name, rather than try a creative or trendy name.

tracey on

i just had my baby but i love that dress! does anyone know where it’s from? SMG is glowing, and yep that ‘puppy’ is so cute 😀

noam on

kind of a random question, but does anyone know if freddie prinze jr’s last name is still prinze? i remember awhile back, when he was in all those teen movies, he talked about what an influence a man (can’t remember if it was his mother’s boyfriend or if they were married) was, while his father freddie prinze obviously wasn’t around. he said he considered changing his name to reflect the man who felt was more the father, but don’t know now what happened…if i remember correctly, the last name was quick.

Megan on

Wow, with that dress on Sarah barely looks pregnant.

I hope Tyson is okay, she’s been taking him to the vet a lot lately.

kyotoyoshi on

Noam – Freddie’s last name is still Prinze or at least, he hasn’t said otherwise. Sarah also took the last name Prinze in her private life.

Brandy on


CelebBabyLover on

Megan- I hope Tyson is okay, too! 🙂

Mary on

momto boys, i thought the same thing. is that a dog or a small bear lol! but he looks sweet. i heard akitas are great dogs when trained properly as pups, but can be a real nightmare otherwise. i guess that can go for any breed really.

TV on

Kresta – Akitas are well-behaved dogs. They’re also extremely loyal and protective over their owners. My next door neighbors used to breed them up until a year or two ago.

Megan – It’s typical for dogs of that age and breed to develop arthritis or even hip dysplasia when they are older. SMG has probably been taking him to the vet to get cortisone shots to help his joints so he can move around easier.

12 Weeks Pregnant on

Sarah looks beautiful!

rose on

the dog looks like a dog or bear and wolf mix lol it’s an awesome dog just saying!! 🙂

All Women Stalker on

I seriously want a dog like that. He seems lovely. 😀 Oh, love SMG’s dress.


Kelly on

Looks like her bodyguard! What a great dog!

Mellissa on

She looks fabulous! Her dog looks kinda like a big teddy bear lol!

mmh on

Love love love her outfit here! This is the first time I’ve seen her wearing something while pregnant that didn’t make me scratch my head… =)

Sarah on

Wow, what a cute dog! He looks so cuddly!! And of course, Sarah Michelle looks beautiful!!

Dawn on

It’s so nice to see a celeb with a dog that’s not an accessory!

kyotoyoshi on

TV – I think she actually mentioned (in a paparazzi video) that she was taking him to doggy acupuncture, something that’s actually really great for dogs. Perhaps she’s just taking care of him before there’s a serious medical issue.

SailorBlondie on

It’s so great that Sarah and Freddie are finally having their first child! I can’t wait to see pictures in every star magazine. Sarah is going to be the greatest mom. And Tyson is the cutest dog ever! He looks like a cute cuddly bear you can legally own lol =]