Brad Paisley To Sons: Visualize, Then Achieve, Your Dreams

08/02/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
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Brad Paisley has made no secret of just how much sons William ‘Huck’ Huckleberry, 2, and Jasper Warren, 3 months, have inspired his music and when it comes to what will someday inspire the boys, Brad says he hopes they will dream big. “Visualize what you want out of life with all your might,” he tells Readers Digest when asked what advice he plans to give Huck and Jasper. “Close your eyes and build it in your mind.”

“If you want to be an architect, visualize the things you want to build. If you want to be a songwriter, visualize the effect your music will have on the audience. That’s what I do. If you don’t dream about what you want, it will never come true.”

Watching Huck turn “into a little man” is cited by the 36-year-old country crooner as the best part of fatherhood thus far. “He’s obsessed with the heavy equipment we have on the farm,” Brad notes. “I’ve got a mini-bulldozer, and he’s been riding with me since he was three months old.” All the experience has paid off! “Now he can run it because it’s all hand controls, kind of like an Atari game,” Brad proudly reports. And while Huck is hands-on around the barn, dad enjoys being hands-on in the nursery!

“I think the days of men saying they don’t [change diapers] are over. I’d like to see the guy who pulls that off now. No, I’d actually like to beat up the guy who says he pulls that off.”

Brad’s marriage to actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley works because he says the 37-year-old actress is “a real person.” It also helps, he says, that both are byproducts of marriages that have stood the test of time. “When you come from two families in which your parents have strong relationships, it’s less of an option for you to be the first in your bloodline to break up,” he says.

Reiterating earlier statements, Brad goes on to give Kimberly full credit for naming their latest creation.

“Before Kim was pregnant, she came to me and said, ‘I dreamed that we had a little boy and named him Jasper.’ I said, “That’s cool! I don’t know anybody named Jasper.” It works both for a guy 90 years old and a little baby.”

Source: Readers Digest

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Katie G on

While I understand Brad’s stance on divorce, I must say I feel a little offended. My parents divorced when I was young, and because of that I am very committed to marrying for life. I know the impact that divorce has on children and families, and I would never wish that for myself or my family.

To say that children of divorce somehow see it as less of a big deal and are more likely to get divorced is very short-sighted.

Courtney on

I really like them! They seem very down to earth.

I understand what he means about the divorce thing. I would add that when you have parents who have been married and you see them make it thru the good, the bad, the ugly and the horrible that you learn that marriage is a commitment and you CAN make it thru just about anything.

My parents have been married 36 years and my husbands parents mark 34 years this year.

Brittany on

That’s cool of him, sounds like the law of attraction!

Deb on

Happy to keep seeing posts about Brad/Kim. Just wish we’d get to see pictures of Hucka & Jasper!!

Deb on

My comment should say Huck NOT Hucka!! Guess that’s what happens when I try and type fast.

Tee on

The more I read about this family, the more I love their attitude towards marriage and family! Brad and Kim seem very down to earth and I’m sure Jasper is just as cute as big brother Huck!

Mia on

I don’t think what he said about divorce/patterns was offensive, it is true. Studies have shown that individuals who have divorced parents are more likely to divorce themselves at higher rates than people whose parents stayed married. I don’t think anybody wants to get divorced, but when you have great/strong examples of marriage that show real commitment, you know what its all about.

MomtoB on

Mia and Courtney, I think you are right on.

I don’t think his statement was to knock children of divorced parents. I am encouraged by anyone who is standing for the value of marriage. You have to admit it is rare amongst celebrities. They seem like a great family, I wish all the best for them.

maggie on

aww i love this family! Brads new album is awesome,especially the song ‘then’! However it did strike me as strange that there are no ‘thank you’ notes with the album! I just thought that the album he brought out when Huck was born had them and was wondering what about Jasper? does he not get a mention on dads albums? LOL 🙂

Allison on

So most of you are saying that you feel it is better to remain in a loveless, unhappy,or(in a worst case scenario abusive) marriage because your parents did all in an effort to gain your parents approval of your life choices. Yes nothing teaches a child to expect to be miserable in life like growing up with two parents who hate each other and are simply together because they don’t want to dissapoint their parents. I would also like to point out that our parents came from a different generation, one in which most men claimed the very thing Brad is so angered by “I don’t change diapers”. So to all of you obvious martyrs out there who are miserable because that is what is expected of a “respectible” person, Bravo!!!

Allison on

On a lighter note, I think this couple seems perfectly happy and well suited for one another and could not be happier for them and their growing family. Children and true love are a blessing, however that being said if they one day found themselves miserable with one another and decided to divorce I would think no less of them.