Trista Sutter Dishes on Max's Second Birthday Party!

07/31/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
Courtesy Trista Sutter for use on CBB

Reality stars Ryan and Trista Sutter spent last weekend celebrating the second birthday of son Maxwell Alston at their home near Vail, Colorado. Having gone “all out” for Max’s first birthday, the couple took a decidedly different approach this year — eschewing a theme and instead allowing their furniture to do the entertaining!

Trista sat down with Celebrity Baby Blog to dish on everything from the menu to the decorations, explaining why she went low-key with Max’s fête and how party-goers (and mom and dad!) overcame bad weather to have a good time.

The 36-year-old former Bachelorette also opened up about new daughter Blakesley Grace, 3 ½ months, and why she is certain baby girl will be her last.

Click below to read about how the birthday boy suffered a black eye on his big day!

CBB: How did Max’s birthday party turn out?

Trista Sutter: It was so fun, we had a great time.

Since the party was at your home in Colorado, were family members able to attend? Where does your family live?

My mom’s in Denver, and my mother-in-law and father-in-law are in Fort Collins, which is about 2 ½ hours away. Those three came. My dad and my stepmom live in St. Louis, and we’re actually meeting them in Florida in September, so they didn’t make the trip to come out. And Ryan’s brother lives in Germany, so he didn’t make the trip. But we had three grandparents here, at least.

Was there a special theme this year?

No, we went all out with the Candyland theme last year, so we just decided this might be the year to take it easy because Max probably won’t remember! I love parties, but I just figured no theme necessary. He’s just interested in having fun with his friends.

If you would call it a theme, I did balloons! I just got tons and tons of balloons. We were planning on having a party outside, but of course it rained, which it did last year too. So, I just put the balloons all around the house and got a cake from our local grocery store, City Market, that looked like three presents stacked up on top of each other. So it was party-themed!

Mom and Max get ready to blow out the candle! – Courtesy Trista Sutter for use on CBB

Did you have any activities for the kids?

If we were outside, I was just going to put out all the water toys and we were going to fill up the baby pool, so I told everyone to bring their suits. We were going to play with the sprinklers and put out all the tricycles and the bikes, as well as the dump truck we got Max. Well, of course it rained, so that changed the plans because I didn’t want all the water stuff inside!

So we were all sitting around, a few people had gotten here, and there was really nothing going on. So, I said, ‘We have to do something!’

A few weeks ago Ryan had the brilliant idea of taking the cushions off the couch because Max is constantly jumping on the couch. He took the cushions off the couch and put them around the couch so that if he fell off while he was jumping it would be padded. So we took all the cushions off the couch and literally the kids jumped the whole time — it was like literally our own jump house. The kids had so much fun jumping! Max was literally jumping for hours.

How many kids were at the party?

We had five kids around his age, and one baby.

Max opens presents with help from his friend Murphy – Courtesy Trista Sutter for use on CBB

What food did you serve?

We were going to do shish-kabobs, but I’m glad we didn’t because of the rain. My mother-in-law recently went to a friend’s house and they had the crescent rolls you can get at the store stuffed with meat or cheese. So we put some poppy seed dressing on top of the filling, then rolled them up and baked them. They are awesome. They just pop in your mouth.

I was having trouble coming up with lunches for school for Max because you can’t have nuts, or other certain foods. So my mother-in-law gave me that idea a long time ago, and our family is addicted to them now. We figured it would be an easy finger food. We also had fruit salad, ice cream and of course, the cake.

What was your favorite part of the party? Ryan’s?

Jumping, for sure! You know, the cake is always fun. Unfortunately, Ryan ended up blowing the candles out for Max, but whatever. He is 2…he was trying! The kids loved the cake. But, the fact that they were having so much fun on the couch was the best. Although Max ended up getting a black eye — he and one of his good friends bumped heads! They are kids. You know, accidents happen.

I wrote an email to all the parents after the party saying, ‘Thanks for making it so special and I’m sorry that I broke out the couch. I’m sure if I went to a party and if the parent was like, ‘Oh yeah, let’s all jump on the couch,’ I’d be like, ‘No!’

What did Max and Blakesley wear for the party?

Max wore an Em Tanner Designs tee that says, “Party…Fun. Cake…Yummy. Kisses for the Birthday Boy…Priceless.” And Blakesley wore a party dress.

Giftbags including “Me 2 a Tee” lunchtotes and placemats from Em Tanner Designs, Jumpitz Celebrate Animals DVDs and Mabel’s Labels – Courtesy Trista Sutter for use on CBB

Mabel’s Labels is on Twitter, and they were so excited because they saw that you had tweeted about them, as well as Em Tanner Designs. What is your favorite baby product?

There are so many things out there that I love, including Mabel’s Labels and Em Tanner Designs. Mabel’s Labels, honestly, I love them. I have used so many of those for school. They came in pretty handy when I got them in one of the celebrity baby gift bags from Jewels and Pinstripes. And to the parents at the party — who received party loot bags including Mabel’s Labels — I was explaining to them that they’d love these. One mom had those stickers that she had found in a sticker book with her daughter’s name, but I was telling her that Mabel’s Labels are washable, and that those stickers aren’t washable. Mabel’s Labels won’t come off. I just think they’re so cute, too.

So how are the kids? What milestones are they hitting lately?

Max is an excellent jumper, as I noted about his birthday party. And he is speaking really clearly. Everything we say, he is repeating. He is getting to the point where verbally he is expressing himself a lot more. He has been talking for a long time. Every doctor’s appointment, the doctor is always impressed with his cognitive skills.

Blakesley is really getting stronger. She loves to feel the pressure on her feet and stand. Her head control is excellent, too. She is almost 4 months, and just about ready to roll!

Blakesley cuddles with Mom – Courtesy Trista Sutter for use on CBB

What’s new with you and Ryan?

The E! network came to me and asked if I wanted to write a blog [about Jillian Harris‘ recently-wrapped Bachelorette season]. And I love writing, I just don’t really get the opportunity to that often. So, I thought why not flex my brain — and get some of my brain cells back! – and do something in the adult world instead of always being a mom. That’s really fun.

It’s from the perspective of sitting around with my girlfriends. I try not to hold back. I try to be fair but at the same time not hold back. I have gotten a great response from people. I have a Twitter page, so I Twitter about it. I’ve gotten a lot of people writing me on Twitter to say they really enjoy it. There are always the naysayers that say my 15 minutes are up and they are sick of hearing about me. But, I think it’s kind of funny because those people somehow found my blog page and decided to write about it.

Within the last year, Ryan got promoted! He is taking on more responsibility with the firehouse. He is also really involved in triathlons. He’s going to be running the New York City Marathon for Ethan Zohn from Survivor. Ethan has an organization called Grassroots Soccer, and is having people run for charity.

On Monday I’m having the Essure procedure done, which is a permanent birth control. It’s done in your doctor’s office so you don’t have to go under general anesthesia. They put two coils into your fallopian tubes and there’s no cutting, no burning. Scar tissue will grow around the coils. And then, you’re hopefully good to go. You get tested about three months later to check in on your progress, and then it’s all done.

(Pick up next week’s issue of In Touch Weekly for all the post-procedure details.)

Max checks out Dig Dig Digging, one of his new favorites reads – Courtesy Trista Sutter for use on CBB

So, you have decided for sure that you are not going to have more kids?

We’ve said that they are both great kids, and they are healthy and they’re happy.

For one, I don’t want to push my luck.

Two, I was an only child, so I would have been 100-percent content with just Max. Blakesley is just icing on the cake.

Three, as a woman who had to take birth control pills prior for reasons other than just not wanting to get pregnant, I don’t want to take the pill anymore. I don’t want to have that responsibility hanging over my head.

We are set. I have so much more respect for people who have more than one child now.

I really want to be able to give my full attention to Max and Blakesley. I find it hard to even disperse my attention between them — not to say you can’t give enough love to three children.

But, for us, our family is complete and I’m good.

How was the adjustment to becoming a family of four?

In the beginning it was definitely hard, I will not lie. But, one of my friends had this to say (she has three kids): Once you get the confidence to do things, then it becomes much easier. And it’s true, once you get out and you do something, and you’re like, ‘Okay good, I can go to the grocery store. I can do this,’ then it helps. I can take Max to school by myself with a baby, also. Once you do it, it doesn’t seem as daunting. I really truly feel like that it is just a matter of time management and planning. As long as you are thinking ahead, then you will be ahead of the game.

Do you have help?

No, I don’t. I mean, occasionally; my mom is still here. The only help I really get is the two days that Max goes to school, which gives me time to focus on the baby and get some stuff done around here. We are really blessed. We have two really calm, happy kids.

What do you do enjoy doing when you get free mommy time?

I do have my friends over every Monday to watch The Bachelorette. That’s a good mommy getaway. I’m going to really start working out hard soon and taking Abdominal Cuts to help me get back to my pre-babies weight. And that will be a good little escape from mommy time. We have these massages that we bought, like a package of massages. We never do that. Massages and manicures and pedicures; I would love to do that if I had the time. Those are always low priorities, but I would love to get them more often if I had the time!

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Looks like a nice party!

Wow, Max really looks like his daddy and Blakesley is simply adorable! And I love the darker hair and bangs on Trista.

Amber on

Adore this family! Maybe some of this love will rub off on Jillian and Ed!!!!

Ryo on

Oh my gosh when I first saw the picture of Max above the cut I thought it was Sean Preston Federline!!

Lis on

They seem like a very sweet and grateful family 🙂

But…I’m just not feeling the bangs…and I never liked her dark hair either… She should be blonde! Like how she was from her Bachelorette days!

And also, maybe this is a stupid question, but what else would you take birth control for? (Other than preventing pregnancy) I’ve heard of people taking it for acne, but she doesn’t seem to insinuate that’s the reason? Does anybody know?

HeatherR on

I am not loving Trista’s hair. Very unflattering on her.

I love that she had a normal birthday party for her son. 🙂

Question though, why is she sending him to school so early? He just turned 2.

Kat_momof3 on

I love the pictures and I love her well-spoken and thoughtful answers to the questions… I have no doubt her blog will be a success just going from how well she can think out and then communicate her words.

Brianne on

Lis – many people take birth control to regulate their cycles or help with cysts, etc. I have been on the pill to regulate stage 4 endometriosis – it will prevent the endo from ruining my fertility before we have our second (and hopefully third) child.

Lisa on

I take the pill to help regulate my cycle. Off the pill I can go up to 4-5 months with no period. While this may sound great to some, for me it is hell. When I finally do get it, it’s very heavy and I spend a day in bed with terrible cramps. Come January i’m also getting the Essure done though.

Ruth on

I think that the non theme idea for a child’s party is awesome. My bestfriend is going all out on my nephew’s 1st birthday party and it’s stressing her out.

To answer the questions posted by other commentators: I started taking birth control at 11 not because I was sexual active, I wasn’t, because I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, with PCOS I don’t ovulate regularly and therefore wouldn’t menstruate every month. The BC gave my body hormones that I didn’t normally produce so I could menstruate.

As for Max going to school at 2, I think it’s for the socialization and getting him used to being away from Mommy and Daddy. Trista said that it’s two days a week and as a teacher, I find it’s good for both Mom and child.

Cortney on

All the kids are cute! Murphy, what a cool name for a girl.

Kelly on

pretty sure that in most states 3 is the youngest you can go to any sort of school like setting.

momto boys on

people take birth control for numerous reasons. One, not to get pregnant, two, to maintain your period – some women it fluxuates, three, to help with cramps – like for endometriosis, five, acne, yes for people with bad acne, sometimes it helps. Those are just some of the reasons. Lots of people think birth control is only for preventing a pregnancy, but it can be used for other reasons.

Kara on

My kids both started going to a morning program at 2. It was from 8-11 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, just enough time for them to get a little socialization and for me to get my grocery shopping done. I am a stay at home mom so they don’t go to daycare or have a nanny, and it was important to me that they get to know other adults and learn to share with other kids. They don’t have cousins yet and the kids in the neighborhood are all teenagers, so this was the perfect solution for us.

I’ll be the one thumbs up for Trista’s hair, I love the bangs.

michelle on

As an early childhood specialist, many families choose to send their children to school earlier than 5 for the socialization opportunities, not to mention the added benefits of having a person trained in the field of child development working with their child and family. We have many families who bring their children for the enrichment that a quality early childhood program can provide, in addition to families who need childcare due to their work schedule.
Hopefully one day, there will not be a negative stigma associated with putting your child in an early childhood setting outside of the home. If they are operated following developmentally appropriate practice with highly qualified teachers, they are wonderful environments that are so beneficial to developing the “whole child”!

Melissa on

Max is adorable!

I, like some of the other commentors am on BC for endometriosis, it is supposed to help. There are alot of different reasons to be on it besides preventing pregnancy.

Ryo on

When I was 12, I went to see a gynecologist because my periods were always extremely painful – the point where I couldn’t even go to school some days because I couldn’t get up. One of the things he wanted to try was actually birth control, although we eventually opted to try something else first. So birth control has a lot of uses.

Seraphina on

Just to clarify on what Ruth said – the birth control pill does not assist a woman to menstruate. If you are on the pill, you are suppressing menstruation and the five day non pill taking part of the birth control cycle is a withdrawal bleed, not a part of menstruation.

However, the birth control pill does assist with regulating hormones, which is helpful for those of us who don’t produce enough on a regular basis to have the normal 28 – 35 days cycle.

I think Max and Blakesley are cute (even if Blakesley is a strange name…and I don’t care that it is a family name. It’s a mouthful!) and if she and Ryan are content with their family undergoing the Essure procedure sounds like a good decision for them.

Mia on

I think Max looks like Britney Spear’s, Jayden James because of the blonde hair, esp. in the first picture. When Blake was first born, I thought she looked like Trista, but now I think she also looks like Ryan, cute kids.

Mia on

P.S I love the cake!

wbenny on

Trista …your kids are so beautiful. I loved watching you on the show.You sound like your a great mom! God bless your family.

Tracey Martin on

Great interview. Glad they had a great time with the little ones at the birthday, even though it was raining. Sometimes, winging it is the best anyway!!!

trina on

i’m 30 and i started going to preschool when i was two.

Cece on

I really like this down to earth family. The children are adorable, and it looks like she really had a great party!

Lisa Gapinski on

My kids absolutely love The Jumpitz. We saw them in concert at Legoland on the 4th of July and they were amazing. I definately recommend them to anyone with pre-school kids!

Krystal on

I don’t like reading her interviews anymore… they’re all ‘product’ placements… it’s hard for me to read and relate when i feel like she’s a walking commercial.

Bee on

Cute party! Trista’s kids are adorable.

nsmith on

Maybe they didn’t go “all out” this year because they didn’t have as many advirtisers as last year.

Allison on

What a sweet family! I loved seeing pics of the birthday boy and his cake. I love that the cake came from a grocery store (that’s where my kid’s b-day cakes come from) and not a fancy cake store. Kids don’t know the difference between and $15 cake and a $50 one!

I’m interested to hear how Trista’s Essure goes. I had a hysterectomy (for other reasons than birth control), but before that, I was thinking about the Essure.

Wish there was a picture of Ryan in there!

Elyse on

Wow I had no idea she had family in Fort Collins, that’s where I grew up. I always wanted to go to Vail, maybe I’ll have to go visit Ft Collins and take a side trip to Vail 🙂

Both her kids are adorable! Max is a cutie and Blakesley is just a doll. I am digging Trista’s bangs, of course I’m a fan of bangs 🙂

Shannon on

I’m sort of with Krysatl here. I do like to read what she has to say b/c I loved them on the show and I think they are an adorable family, however, every time I see an interview with her I always have to roll my eyes at least once when she goes into her speech about whatever product she’s currently promoting. I mean I know she makes money to do that, but come on! Every single time?

michelle on

Trista’s interviews do always sound like commercials, but I always get the impression that she is being grateful to the people who have been good to here. Not that she was trying to get free stuff, but that she was saying “thank you” for free stuff sent to her. She can’t help it if companies send her things or want to give her things. The grocery store probably offered her the cake for free and she felt the need to mention the name in her interview to say thank you.

Mrs. R. on

My daughter is 2.5 and starting school this fall. There’s nothing wrong with starting a school program early. It’s NOT like it’s elementary school – It’s a morning program that essentially is playtime for the kids, and a little circle time where the kids listen to a story, maybe sing a song, and practice taking turns doing things. It essentially teaches a small bit of independence from mom & dad through the daily separation, and then how to socialize with other kids.
NOT REAL SCHOOL folks! I’m a teacher, I know the difference.

FC on

Max is such a blonde version of Ryan. He’s so cute. And Blakesley is adorable with her pinchable, round cheeks of hers, and her little smile. 🙂

The party seemed nice, and that shirt Max had on was very cute. 🙂

Lynn on

I love Trista and Ryan, they have a beautiful family.

Christine on

Max is looking so grown up I think the last time I saw a picture of him he was just a little baby.

As for the birth control thing I was on it when I was 13 to the time I was about 15 to regulate my hormones because I wouldn’t get my period for 5 months and then get one for 5 months which would end up very light but still be there after the 1st month. I don’t take it anymore because now my periods are regular without the use of bc

daze on

max looks like the spears’boys! and i love his shirt. but not a fan of trista new hair colour, i think it makes her look older

eva on

I think her hair color and style is pretty and young.I cannot imagine her as a blonde! is that her natural color?

Anne on

Not liking her hair colour and bangs. It makes her look much older. I didn’t even recognize that woman as Trista. Blond streaks and no bangs suit her better.

brannon on

Jumping on the couch… Not a great lesson but in response to school issue – my son began at age 2 in a real school. Curriculum based and so forth with certified teachers so they do exist. –

Kristin on

Absolutely precious :-). They are such a cute family!! I wish them the best of luck! Blakesly is definitely going to be a heartbreaker ;-). And Lis some women take the pill who have hard periods like heavy flow and bad cramps.

CelebBabyLover on

brannon- I think Mrs. R. just meant that some people seem to assume that school for 2 year olds is the same as Elementary school. By “not real school”, I think she meant that it’s not like Elemenatary school or even pre-school for, say, 4 year olds. In other words, real school for 2 year olds is different than real school for older kids. She has said in the comments here on CBB in the past that she teaches 1st Grade, so I’m assuming that she DOES indeed know the difference between Elementary school and Nursery school for 2 year olds. 🙂

Susie_Gal on

If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all. Love everything you do Trista! 🙂

brannon on

I also teach elementary school and I too know the difference. However, implying that all preschools are just play time is silly. There are real schools with real classes and real curriculums for preschool aged children. My 3 year old is almost reading, has basic math concepts, conducts science experiments and has been exposed to a variety of world cultures. Does he also get to socialize and have recess with his friends? Of course – just like elementary school 🙂

Irish Cdn Debs on

Loved reading this and seeing the pics from the party! Sounds like a good time was had by all despite the weather.

mason_says on

Max and Murphy look like siblings! Love the name Murphy for a girl too! Very cool!

CelebBabyLover on

brannon- I don’t think Mrs. R. was saying that all Pre-schools are playtime only. I think she just meant that most two-year-old preschools probably don’t include all the things a pre-school for 3 and 4 year olds does. 🙂

missy on

OMG – I didn’t even know that was Trista! I thought it must’ve been her mom or something. I like her A LOT better with blonde hair.

deedot on

Yikes Brannon, your preschool sounds awful!

Stephanie on

Looks like Max had such a good time at his party! And I sent my toddler to preschool starting at 18 months, he was in the 1’s class last year….and why can’t it be called preschool?? They just have an age-appropriate “curriculum” if you want to call it that – and what’s age-appropriate is learning how to be away from mom and dad, sharing, listening to teachers, etc. He LOVED it, and it also gave me a good break to spend time with our newborn, win-win 🙂

andy on

i love this family, trista is so blessed to have her son, i read some articles that she had some problems and now to have a beautiful daughter. She is so blessed. I couldn’t say that enough. This family looks so happy everytime i see a picture or read a magazine. They truly look happy. Congratulations on your family.

and-her-son on

What is it with Americans and themes? Not meaning that in a mean way but man apart from a few fancy dress parties I’ve never been to a themed party. Especially a 2 year olds.

I dont know much of this couple other than what is on here and other gossip sites but they seem really great and loveing. Max and Blakesly are beautiful.

and doesnt Max look alot like his friend Murphy?? Shes a beauty.

terri on

hes getting handsome as well as cute