Meet Bandit Lee Way!

07/31/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy LynZ Way

My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way introduces daughter Bandit Lee, 9 weeks, with a twitpic on Sunday captioned “we don’t have to go to comic-con to have a good time.”

Baby girl wasn’t the only one at this costume party! In a separate photo, new mom Lindsey ‘Lyn-Z’ Ballato appeared dressed as Robin while the family dog was dressed as the Joker.

Bandit is the first child for the couple, who were married in 2007.

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Lis on

Between the name and the outfit, she looks like a little boy 😦 I so don’t understand parents who make their children look like the opposite sex… i.e. boys with long hair, Angel’s mohawk, the name Jagger Joseph Blue…

This is just MY opinion. I would never want to make people think my little girl is a boy and vice versa.

Daisy on

Yeah, that pink dummy in her mouth is so boyish.

What I don’t understand is people who get so wound up by the harmless choices other parents make with regard to THEIR children.

It’s not a great pic, and at 9weeks most babe’s look the same but she looks adorable anyways. With Gerards’s genes she is bound to be gorgeous.

Jessica on

i think Bandit is a lovely name congratulations Gee & Lyndz she is totally gorgous and im soo glad they made it original insted of a ‘normal’ name its so unique and creative XXXXX and i LOVe MCR !!!

Autumn on

As far as showing off the baby, I guess th pic could’ve been better. Still a ‘baby Batman’ is pretty cute, and I would’ve loved to see a pic of the whole family in costume, like the article mentioned! lol! XD

Kara on

It’s pretty funny, you have to admit. I do wish we could see her face but I suppose that is the reason for the mask.

Anna on

There’s more costume than baby, cute!

kate on

what a cute picture!!! (even though we can’t really see her face) my daughter is named ryan and for her first halloween i dressed her as baby darth vader – complete with a little lightsaber!!! i guess that makes me a weirdo but my husband and i thought it was adorable 🙂

kai on

lol, it’s just a baby in a batman costume and it’s CUTE!

Annabel on

A baby in a batman costume? That’s cute. I don’t care what anyone says. You can’t really see her face, which was probably intentional, but Lindsey is adorable and Gerard is pretty handsome so I think don’t think their daughter will have any trouble in the cuteness department. They seem like a really sweet family, I wish them the best.

Mia on

The picture is adorable + the baby sure is cute! I just don’t understand why you would name a beautiful baby…”Bandit”. As a nickanme, sure, people have nicknames all the time, but as the actual name, I don’t get it, but to each their own.

Lauren on

Still one of the most utterly ridiculous names I’ve heard for a baby, but that picture cracks me up. So cute!

Krystal on

Oh I love it! Adorable! What a great and fun way to welcome this adorable baby! I love the batman! They seem like such an awesome family!

Michaela on

Bandit is sooo gorgeous. I love the name Bandit Lee Way!

JMO on

So not only does she sport the name bandit but she dresses up like batman…what happened to like bat girl or super woman! lol

Cute picture nonetheless!

crimpe on

There is something extremely creepy about this picture…I love her name, and I think the outfit is super cute. I also think it’s cool to release a photo where you can’t see her face, for privacy. But with the flailing legs, oversized outfit, hidden hands, covered eyes and blocked mouth…just seems disturbing.

Ashley on

I’m with Crimpe…Bandit Lee Way is a cool name although I would prefer it for a boy.

Lau on

Definitely the cutest I’ve seen in a long while.

Camilla on

I think the picture is adorable. When my daughters were babies people would always say “Oh, HE’S so cute!” and vice versa when my boy was little. They were even wearing girly/boyish colors. Doesn’t matter to me. I think she’s adorable in the batman outfit.

hanna on

Not funny or cute. At all.

Hea on

Good God they are going to ruin her gender identity! *panic attack*


Seriously. SO cute. My friend just had a baby girl and I bought her a Ed Hardy t-shirt and a black leather jacket today. Baby’s first leather!

FC on

She’s the cutest little baby batman I’ve ever seen, crooked mask and all, lmao. 🙂 And Joker is adorable, too. 😉

Momma Jo on

@ Daisy

It is not a harmless choice that a parent makes when they name a child a gender secific name or dress them in opposite gender clothes. This is from my experience as I am an only child and was given a commonly male name and dressed as a boy by my mom. Who by the way wanted ONLY a boy but alas only had me, a girl. Little girls didn’t want to play with me because they thought I was wierd (bc dressed in boys clothes)It has been a constant source of Hell because ppl expect a boy/man and misspell it or want to know what it is short for. My name is just Jo and it sucks. I am looking into legally changing it.

Daisy on

I’m sorry but when a child is still an infant it doesn’t take much to correct anyone who is confused about her gender. At that stage gender isn’t as obvious. Not everybody needs to conform to pink and blue. By the time she reaches toddlerhood her mannerisms and appearance will most likely define her femininity. At that point questions about gender will tend to be ignorance on the part of the person doing the questioning.

It sounds like the issues you have are caused by more than just a fairly unisex name and tomboy dressing. Hey, I am a girl who was forever dressed in my brothers hand-me-downs and it has done me no harm.

Denise on

I had a dog named Bandit. I know these celebrities want to be different but this is ridiculous. Now “Charlie” for a girl is starting to sound good. At least it is recognized as a human name and not a dog’s name.

JMO on

Momma Jo –

I know a girl with a similar situation. The mom had two boys. Six years later had another baby but didn’t really want a boy and ended up with a girl. I have rarely seen this child in anything girl related. The mother whipped out the buckets of her older sons baby/toddler clothes and the child sports dinosaur tops and pants with trucks on them. Her mom keeps her hair really short and admitted she won’t buy her a baby to play with (even though the little girl loves them when she’s in childcare). The child is three and keeps to herself. The other girls don’t bother with her very much. I feel so sorry cause the poor kid looks confused. I asked her one time what her favorite color was and she said pink! I was so shocked cause I don’t think she owns one piece of pink clothing. And she even is fascinated by other people’s hair clips, earrings, jewelry! I feel sort of bad for her like she’s trapped into being what her mother wants her to be (and well if you have seen mom she doesn’t dress very girly either). I just feel like she’s a confused little girl.

Mary-Helen on

That baby looks very uncomfortable in that outfit.

I still think Bandit is a raccoon’s name, not a child’s name, but hey, to each their own.

Moira on

Hea – Ed Hardy is tacky regardless of the gender or age.

Hilda on

I just can’t see people liking the “name” Bandit. My gosh, not even for a boy! Fruit names are sounding better & better!

eva on

I did not realize batman was a boy’s thing!I missed that memo so I guess when my parents allowed me to buy comic books and have superhero posters on my walls instead of princesses and tiaras they were secretly trying to make me a boy. My little girl must be deprived of any female influence and she does like Star Wars!so boyish!

Momma Jo on

Yep you can name your child Nutty Fruit Salad if you carried them and delivered them but it doesn’t make it right. Anyway Bandit Way is a cute baby and maybe she got her name because she stole her daddy’s heart.

@ Daisy How fab that you had a great childhood with no issues. If your mom had named you Petunia instead you might understand. You are right there are ignorant people out there.

@JMO So sad when a little girl cannot be a little girl. Makes you want to scoop her up and buy her pink head to toe just to spite mom. I think each child should be celebrated. It sounds like she is taking the assembly line route, just keep using the same clothes/toys because it is convenient. The childs situation does sound familiar. It isn’t healthy to be forced into the role of a boy, it would be different if it was the child’s choice. There really are social ramifications that are not realized. Why is it socially ok to put a girl in a blue airplane t-shirt but not a boy in a pink kitten t-shirt? I have two girls and my oldest is super fem and plays with ‘girl’ toys only. My younger baby plays with dolls and trucks etc. I think it is healthy for my children to have a choice in toys etc. I don’t push certain clothes or toys on them but you won’t catch me shopping in the boy clothes dept unless my girls wanted to. 🙂

brannon on

There is definitely a double standard. Friends of mine bought Superman capes for their son and daughter who run around “flying” and being superheroes. Everyone thinks its adorable. Then they bought them both tinkerbell wings. People weren’t as amused. Personally, I hate gender roles and all associations such as pink for girls, blue for boys, etc. My son has pink converse and a cabbage patch kid. Hope he turns out ok.

Cara on


Why oh why would you do that to a child?

Bandit may be kind of cute on a 5 month old – but can you imagine an 80 year old woman named Bandit?

And what kind of response will a resume’ get that has “Bandit Way” at the top of it?

megan on

She does not look comfortable in this outfit, way too big for her. I’m surprised they even gave her a pink binky given her ridiculous name and boy outfit. My husband is a huge fan of superheros and there are plenty of female comic book characters to choose from. For Halloween my daughters were Princess Leia (sp) and Supergirl. This is just odd.

CelebBabyLover on

Denise- Well, the name Shiloh was mostly a dog’s name until Shiloh Jolie-Pitt came along (not only that, but, up until Shi was born, it was considered a predominelty male name!)…and pretty much everyone seems to love her name and I have yet to here someone complain that Angie and Brad gave her a “boy’s” name! 🙂

kate- That’s too cute! 🙂

Daisy- Right on! I wore my brother’s hand-me-downs all the time as a kid…because I wanted to! This included his Super-Man pajamas! Also, when I was around 4 or so, guess what I begged to dress up as for Halloween? Rapheal (not sure if I’m spelling that correctly!), one of the Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles (and no, I wasn’t watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at 4 years old! I knew of them because my brother was into them! In fact, the reason I wanted to be Rapheal is that I wanted to be like my brother!) Not only that, but my parents *gasp* let me!

I also loved Star Wars (heck, I still do!), legos, and playing with my brother’s action figures. However, I also loved playing with dolls, having “tea parties”, and playing school (I suppose boys might play school, too, but it just seems like girls do it more often!).

Oh, and guess what else? I am not all traumatized because of the fact that my parents allowed me to dress “boyish” and play with “boy” things as a kid!

Also, just because a girl does “boyish” things does NOT mean she’ll still be that way when she grows up (in otherwords, she won’t neccesarily have a “gender-identity” crisis when she grows up.). My mother is a perfect example of that. She was very tomboyish as a kid, and much preferred climbing trees and running around outside to playing with dolls or doing other “girly” things.

However, she is now a feminist who’s not afraid to speak up about women’s rights!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and Bandit is adorable, and so is “Joker”! 🙂

Hea on

Moira – Did it make you feel good to call me tacky? I’m glad you don’t know any better…

Elzbieta on

The name is redonkulous. Some words sound like names, but that isn’t one of them. Maybe she’ll go by Lee, because Bandit is really awful. How rebellious *sarcasm*.

and Shiloh is a place, so its neither a boys name or a girls.

I don’t see anything wrong with the costume, but with the name and everything I kinda get the feeling they’re TRYING to raise a tomboy.

JMO on

Brannon –

I think it’s fine if boys want to explore girly things and girls want to explore boy things. It’s a part of growing up and finding out who you are. I only have issues with parents forcing things on their kids or not allowing them to be expressive when they want (with exceptions o course).
My nephew loves to walk around the house in his mom’s heels and carry her purses! It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to be switching teams someday….but even if he does…we’ll love him all the same 😉

Brittany on

that picture is cute.

Daisy on

Momma-Jo, Of course I had issues growing up. Everbody does. Some of the things that I considered normal in childhood are things I only now in my 20’s realise other familes didn’t cope with. Everybody has issues, it’s no reason to slate a family you don’t know for what they name thier daughter. Comes off like you were projecting your problems onto this young and happy family.

And Petunia is a great name.

Elzbieta on

I had ninja turtle pj/costumes. I was Michaelangelo and my bro was Raphael and my sisters was Leonardo.

Kari on

That picture is so cute,Even if Bandits costume is a bit too big on her…im sure this isnt the only time she’ll have her batman costume on lol

Aidan on

ahaha aw, i think bandit is a cute name.

and whatever to the “there are female superheroes too” argument. so what? it’s a costume!! by nature of the name you’re PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE YOU’RE NOT. when i was a kid i fought like hell with my parents to be batman & leonardo (TMNT) and not batgirl or rainbow brite — and though my name is predominantly male, my mother was completely obsessed with getting me barbies & american girl dolls & pink & hairbows.

I think just depends on the kid & the parents. i dont think we should automatically assume she’s going to end up maladjusted and confused because her parents dressed her as batman instead of batgirl and didnt name her michelle. i think we should be more concerned about parents who refuse to let their children ever break gender roles, these are the children who often (not always!) end up confused because they were not allowed to experiment & figure out who they are by themselves.

Kate on

I don’t get why some people get all worked up over the parents choice of name. This isn’t your baby so you shouldn’t worry about it. Also I had a dog named Shilo but you don’t see me in every post with Shilo in it mentioning that Shilo is a better name for a dog then a little girl.

abba on

Who cares what other people name their kids? If you don’t like the name then don’t name YOUR kids that name! Wah lah ,problem solved!

Rock on Bandit!

Hilda on

Seriously, all you people who think Bandit is a cute name, I dare you to name one of your future kids that! I don’t get why people get worked up on other people’s opinions of names on this site. This is a site that has to do with everything babies. As long as we r not disrespectful, we can comment on the names, especially when the names r so far out.
The boy/girl costumes do not bother me in the least.

Alexia on

is so beautiful 😀

Danielle on

Gerard and Lyn-Z picked out a good name! I don’t care what you people think, it’s their baby. It’s not like you complaining about the name, or the costime, or the problem telling if its a boy or girl will make any difference in the world besides annoyed people. You usually can’t tell what gender a baby is at first anyway, thats obvious. You people are being such critics. Its…a…baby. God. This site is just to show the world Gerard and Lyn-Z’s pride and joy, not to judge or rate. People these days, geez. Btw thats one of the cutest babies ever!

ally on

SHE IS SUCH A CUTIE<3 Such a creative name and great taste in costume =] P.S. Hey Bandit Comic Con was really fun!

maria on

It wasn’t introduced by Gerard, It was posted by Lindsey. Just saying…

nik on

awwh, she’s adorable. let anyone wanna say bout the baby. its not theirs anyway. anyway, cute baby!

Mariu on

This picture was posted by Lindsey…not Gerard. Anyway, it’s a cute picture, I love the costume! even if it’s kind of big for her.
Go Bandit!! I love that name!!

Jacki on

omg.. she is adorable!!! JUst like her father. and seriously people her clothes are cute not boyish.

carolina on

my sons name is Alexi. Most people say its a girly name but personally i love it. Some people say it Alexis but honestly i dont give a rats ass. other people dont have to care what OTHER PEOPLE name their children. people should really get over it. Bandit is a cute name. and if she is dressed like a “boy,” Who cares???its not your child so you have nothing to worry or be concerned about. Bandit is waaaaay cute in that batman costume.

carolina on

my son Alexi also has long hair!!!! Bandit is really adorable i wish i new where to get that costume

Pearl on

OMG!!! THAT”S ONE CUTE BABY!!! Congrats new Father Gerard Way and mom Lyn-Z XD !! Big MCR fan since Bullets 🙂

Chloe on

I think Bandit Lee is far better name for a child than Moxie Crimefighter – what the heck???

my aunty had a dog named Bandit….cute dog….
that person who said “charlie” is a human name…im sorry, but get real, its a uni-species name!!! my name is apparently one of the top 10 dog names..does that make my mum a bad person?….

my mum wanted a lil girly girl, gave me dolls, did my hair all pretty, and i turned out like a tomboy, im more “boyish” than my big brother, it doesnt matter what your parent dresses you like, or even names you, you turn out however you turn out. nothing and no one can change that.

i say “stuff it” to gender roles, my first item of clothing was YELLOW! i wore blue as a baby, my younger brother has worn pink things, once it even had a flower on it *gasp* oh my chicken, he must now have a defect! not everyone is rich enough to buy masses of brand new clothes for each child, i loved my hand-me-downs.

when i eventually choose to breed, i will give my child the name i feel they suit, wether it be a girl named Dylan or a boy named Ashley (i have always felt Ashley to be a “girl-esque” name)

Gerard and Lyn-Z felt that Bandit was the right name for her. and i agree with it…i love it. her nickname is Lady B, how can anyone say thats not cute.
p.s if that was Shiloh Jolie-Pitt in that suit, it wouldnt be thought of as, “disturbing”, it would be the next biggest thing….just think about that.

Nicole on

OH MY GOD! who really cares what her name is? nobody who has posted comments on here is either of her parents, so it doesnt matter what you say! shes adorable!

Emily on

I think Bandit is a racoons name :S like really , children ten to be immature and say things like ” oh no look out for bandit ! she’ll steal your garbage ”
yeah ..
but I do think she’ll be very talented and adorable (:

LeAtHeRmOuThfan on

I think the name Bandit Lee way is awesome!!!Celebs these days come up with very strange names…bandit is a great name whether people like the name or not.the pictures Ive seen of her,are really cute…..she is DEF gonna look like her daddy some day…her daddy is really hot

BTW,Im not saying that she will not look anything at all like lindsey either,her parents are awesome, and i believe that she Bandit will grow up to look like both of her totally amazing parents!!!

love_pie on

I think Bandit is a wonderful name, it’s not boring like Sally or Sarah or Kim or something common that 100000 other people in the world are already called. And also it does annoy me how some people dress their baby girls in pink and pink ONLY. I mean just because they’re a girl doesn’t mean they should be dressed in pink all the time…And wow I had no idea batman was considered boyish, does that mean I act like a boy cause I like batman and spiderman?!?!?

Ellie on

I saw this picture as soon as Lyn-Z posted it. And may I say, Bandit is the cutest babe I’ve ever seen. I mean, come on, she pretty much had to be, considering who her parents are. Those two are both very attractive.

And, I don’t feel sorry for her for her name, because I think it’s original and adorable. What I do feel sorry for her for is when she grows up and she’s sitting around the television with her friends and whatnot, watching MTV. And then, out of nowhere, they have one of those old flashback videos, and it’s “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”. I can just here it now….”Dad! WHY DID YOU JUST KISS UNCLE FRANKIE!”

(Because I know Gerard and Frank aren’t related, but I can just imagine Bandit growing up calling them Uncle Ray, Uncle Bob, and Uncle Frank. Uncle Mikey is a given…)

Skylar on

At least her name isn’t Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii.

gigglebug on

Adorable, and great first released picture since you can’t see her face.

Bandit, in my opinion, is an amazing name for any kid, its very original and creative. Stay off that subject, she’s not your kid.

I’m not at all surprised that she’s in a batman costume. I would be shocked if her first released picture was a frilly pink dress. Its great, very creative.

Frances on

I think that the name is cute and congrats Gerard!!!! Always been a fan!

Avril on

i love the name Bandit!! Bandit looks soo cute! congrats to Gerard and Lynz!!! I am huge fan of My Chemical Romance and Mindless Self Indulgence!!!!

Lyzz on

most adorable little baby i have ever seen! EEEP!

Mellissa on

She’s absolutely adorable =) As for all you commentators gripping about the little one’s costume, back off, she’s not your kid. No parent has the right to criticize another simply for that fact.
As for her name, more power to em. I’d rather have a unique name instead of being one of forty “Heathers” on the playground.

amanda on

she is just a baby!!!! are you going to tell a girl she can’t dress like a doctor for halloween?? or that a boy can’t be a singer??!!!! I personally think bandit is a beautiful and original name. Not everyone wants to act and dress the same it’s called being UNIQUE. she is a gorgeous baby 🙂

M. Hayes on

Honestly, Bandit is very original, and the costume reflects the parents tastes. as a fan i am thrilled. she is adorable

Amber on

I think that Bandit is a great name and she is really adorable! I dislike that some people are saying that she looks like a boy, because she isn’t wearing any pink. I disagree with that, I think she is very beautiful. Well, congratulations, I wish you well! (:

Carly on

I really dont understand why people are complaining about the outfit. Oh my god, batman is a guy. So what?! That dosent mean theyre trying to make her look like a guy.
And I for one like the name, its really creative.

MCRsavedVallensLife on

Okay, seriously guys?
Imagine having your first baby and you’re totally in love with your husband and all, and you two have a child and name said child a name you think rocks…
You’re so proud of this child and want to share him/her with the world, but suddenly, everyone’s like
‘ew I hate that name!’
‘what kind of a parent are you?’
‘what kind of outfit is THAT?’

Wouldnt you feel bad?

Gerard Way and Lyn-Z can do WHATEVER THEY WANT with their baby as long as they’re kind to it. If you read all Lyn-Z’s posts on twitter they’re about how much she loves Bandit.
If they wanted her to be a ‘tomboy’ they wouldnt call her ‘Lady B.’

You cant make a child into something. That child is their own person and can do whatever they want.

Bandit is a beautiful baby, and will be a beautiful child, and a beautiful adult. Gerard Way is a very sexy man and I am sure he will pass those traits on to His daughter. W

And I myself HATE all that pink girly stuff. I cant stand it. Right now i’m in hawaii and am wearing a pink dress, with a Dodge car hood ornament around my neck, though I would rather be wearing my Black Parade shirt. I’d rather have a gun than a sword. I listen to My Chemical Romance and cant stand artists like Beyonce, Kesha, and Lady Gaga!

Doesnt mean I am ‘gender confused.’

Seriously guys, CHILL OUT.

Anonymous on

Gender is fluid.

Chloe on

I love unusual names but to me this is a little too far. Sure if she doesn’t like the name get everyone to call her Lee! The only problem there, her name would be Lee Way.. But it’s obviously their choice and it shouldn’t really make a difference, a name is a name. I’m sure she’s adorable 😀

SamanthaJae on

I love different names, my daughter has one, but, do you usually name your pet Bandit?

Jessica on

The reason she’s in a Batman costume is because they said, “We don’t need to go to comic-con to have fun.” Batman is not a boy or girl thing. When I was little, I loved playing with my brother’s action figures instead of dolls. I liked horror movies more than I liked princess movies. Big deal. I turned out fine, I wear dresses and I do my makeup. When Bandit gets older, she’ll wear girlier things. When babies are 9 weeks old like she was in this, it’s hard to tell if they’re a boy or girl unless they’re like, naked.

Nim! on

i think she is a big cutie! and so what if she looks like a boy! all babys look the same! damb with her mum and dad who they are, she is going to be the next mozart! but a cooler version!

Bethany on

I hate how everyone’s talking ablut how the name Bandit is a stupid name and it’s for a boy rather than a girl. If you know anything about Gerard Way, you’d know he’s anything but typical. The name “Bandit” is also anything but typical. It’s original and creative, much like Gerard himself.

I also hate how people are saying that Bandit shouldn’t be dressed as Batman. So what? It’s a costume, for crying out loud! I was a pikachu for Halloween last year, and pikachus are commonly known to mainstream American culture as male Pokemon.

My point is, Gerard and LynZ naming their daughter Bandit Lee and dressing her up as Batman for one picture is not going to lead to them smothering her with masculine clothes and toys. Her parents are known for embracing their differences, and they’re going to encourage her to be whoever she wants to be and dress however she wants to dress.

Seliah on

I think the name is fine.

Being exposed to boyish things as a young child isn’t harmful. In a room full of Barbies, I chose the Wolverine action figure! People will grow up how they want, and how they end up is their choice. And you know what? Bandit will end up as greatly as Gerard and Lindsey. I’m 100% sure that she is a happy little four year old.