Cindy Crawford and Kaia: Coordinated Cool

07/31/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
Dean McDonald/Broadimage

It’s in the genes!

Cindy Crawford and Kaia Jordan, 7 ½, sport semi-matching outfits during a mother-daughter trip to Nobu in Malibu yesterday.

The 43-year-old former supermodel is also mom to 10-year-old Presley Walker with husband Rande Gerber.


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tippy on

wow! that girl does NOT look 7! she is gorg but still…

emma on

Wow she looks about 11-12 years old not 7. She is still very preety though

Mia on

Wow, that girl is a carbon copy of her mother, that is crazy!! She is probably very tall for her age + will be tall like her mother, so it would make sense that she looks older than 8’ish. I don’t think she is wearing anything inappropriate, just having fun w/ her mom. She is a gorgeous girl.

Jazz on

Kaia is a beautiful little girl. And I agree, she looks much older than 7!

Elli on

For a 7 years old too stylish and not appropriate, in my opinion.
Of course she is the daughter of a former topmodel but what will she wear when she is 10 years older…??

Bugs on

She’s gorgeous but i wish i could see Kaia in normal girls’ outfits.

fuzibuni on

wow, that little girl is feelin it!
it’s like the world is her runway.
work it girl.

emma on

I don’t see anything wrong with the outfit at all. All it is cropped jeans, tee shirt and and a jacket. What is wrong with that?

Mia on

When she is 10 or older, I am sure she will wear whatever her mom is wearing. No damage done, she is just having fun + her mom IS Cindy Crawford, No more, No less. She will have a great time experimenting with new looks when she is a teenager, I am sure her mother has a giant closet full of clothes + shoes!!

Andrea_momof2 on

She’s a stylish kid, and pretty too! I think that’ll be how Suri will dress in the future if you consider the dresses she wears now.

Lola Marie on

LOL wow I did not know Ms. Kaia was only 7! God help the world as she gets older because she is going to be beautiful and you know she is going to know it!

mel on

is kaia the most beautiful girl in the world or what???

Lis on

Is she a super-model in the making, or what? Gorgeous little girl.

m-dot on

She’s so pretty! She does look very adult. I dont think the outfit is the issue, but the way the package comes together. If she had on that outfit with two ponytails and no makeup she’d look a lot younger. But with the makeup, older outfit, hat, and the fab layered haircut…

Tyannah on

The girl is sure pretty but for me it’s not a way to be dreesed at 7 years old. Separately there is nothing wrong but come on, the hat, the necklace, she is is 7!

She has time to be classy and to wear that kind of things! Too sad, in my opinion. I work with children everyday and with 7 years old and I’ve rarely seen one dressed like this. They have flowers, cartoons themed dresses, colors, yes sometimes more adult pants or shorts but not all that stuff.

I hate it when an adult wants to make his/her mini-model of his/her child. Yeah maybe the child is asking, so what? We have to agree with everything? She will have time when she is older. In my point of view both her children are unnatural and child model of their adult personnality and looks, so sad.

I have nothing against a child dressed the same way their mom/dad, from time to time, or want to copy their mom/dad. But she has always this kind of clothes…and each time I tell myself that it’s a sad.

For me being the children of xxxx ou xxxx do not mean you have to forget your childhood and look like this… I’m from France and in one of the school where I’ve been we have children of a famous football player and of a model… Normal children…normally dressed.. In the class of the little girl i’m currently baby sitting we have the sons of an actor..famous worldwide… All normally dressed, and not like magazine models. So being the child of a famous person is not a reason, at least when the parent wants it…

She is dreessed just like the 12/16 where I work… Ridiculous, -even if not ugly-, for me!

Emily A. on

What a beautiful girl! I like what she is wearing. Yes, it’s rather unusual for a 7 yr old but when you’re mom is Cindy Crawford fashion is part of your life. But I’m happy to see it’s modest–she’s just dressed up her cropped pants and Tshirt with a jacket, jewelry and hat. Very tasteful and cute! 🙂

FC on

If Kaia isn’t a little fashionista clone of her mother, then I’m the Queen of England. 😉

Christina on

This little girl always looks too grown. And its not just the clothes, its almost the way she carries herself…like a teenager already and she’s only 7. She’s a gorgeous child, almost an exact replica of her mother. But I just wish I would see more innocence in her. She has this worldliness about her that is unsettling.

janie on

Very pretty girl but it is a known fact that she does wear makeup which I very strongly disagree with at that age.

She does not dress or act like a 7 year old. Kids need to be kids. You have your entire life to look and act like an adult.

Cortney on

I still remember when Kaia was in the Diet Coke commercial with her mom as a baby she already looked older than her real age. Remember that kids imitate their parents no matter who they are, it just so happens that this kids mother is a model and she is fashionable and carries herself with poise so of course Kaia will want to be seen the same way. You all know that if Cindy was walking around town and her kids had on Granimals outfits and looked anything like an average 7 year old you would have something to say about why isn’t she dressing them up in name brand clothes like every other celeb baby that wears 500 dollar dresses and shoes just to go to the sand box.

shawna on

That child is 7??? My daughter is 6 and still looks like a little girl. Personally I think she has the rest of her life to look like a little fashion model and her mother should let her be a child instead of a dress up doll.

annie on

Shawna I couldnt agree with you more, and comments before,what is the rush,children grow up so fast enough as it is,while there’s nothing inapropriate about this outfit it just seems a bit too ”grown up”’ for a 7 year that is only my opinion and to each his own and yes I know she is not my child

JMO on

Is that child gorgeous like her mom? Absolutely! Is her outfit inappropriate? Not really. Does she look like she’s 7 going on 27 with attitude? COMPLETELY! Oye I would not want to be her parents when she’s a teenager!

shalay on

I think Kaia is beautiful! Wow, there’s so much harping on how she looks older than 7, but really, what is inappropriate about what she’s wearing? So she’s accessorized and she “carries herself” maturely… I think that’s quite a feat for a young child! She always looks very happy in photos, so I don’t see the problem.

People are acting like she’s lost her innocence, but she can be every bit the typical 7 year old when she’s at home or with friends. But honestly, some kids just mature faster than others. I know when I was that age, I was more interested in what the adults were talking about than what the other little girls were doing. And maybe I’m in the minority, but I always LOVED getting older and being able to do more grown up things. Do I feel like my precious childhood was cut short? Not one bit! Despite Kaia’s age, she should be treated according to her maturity level. Not every kid is a textbook example of their age.

brannon on

I don’t get the uproar? This is exactly how I would dress my daughter? My son is 3 and totally rocks a fedora 🙂 is there a certain age to be stylish? Sorry but my sons keeping his designer clothes and will not ever wear anything with a character on it (except for his vintage Superman t which he loves) to each their own but it personally drives me crazy to see little girls in dora dresses when there are so many cuter options. (and no it doesn’t have to be expensive or designer – one of my favorite places is crewcuts!) this girl is going to be a heartbreaker!

L on

Its an outfit and now all the sudden she isn’t innocent?! Give me a break, we know nothing about them…nothing wrong with her outfit at all; who cares…shes GORGEOUS nonetheless!!!!

daze on

i have nothing against little girl wanting to be pretty but this picture is just a little disturbing. the make-up, the clothes, the brushing, necklace and earrings…. it’s just too much in my opinion. more like things a girl would wear to look sexy, so definitely not appropriate. i agree that take one by one it would do no harm but put together….

well this is just my opinion and if her mom think it’s ok then maybe i’m making a big deal out of nothing!

Lola Marie on

Christina you said exactly what I was feeling…

brook on

is this child always wearing makeup…let her be a little kid- who cares who her mom is or what her mom does/did for a living- she is a 7yr old whose mother lets her wear makeup consistently!

eva on

I know there will be many complains about this comment but still, it bothers me that it’s okay to dress this way because she’s a fashionista and the daughter of a beautiful supermodel but when someone like Angel Iris gets a wacky hair cut it’s ugly and bad parenting,when a little girl is dressed in a tomboy-ish style it’s lazy parenting and so on.I’d say some people need to make up their minds and respect individuality for everyone or openly say that they approve of fashion when it’s pretty,adorned and fashionable.

christina on

Yuck! There is something very creepy and just “off” about this picture/her outfit. She just looks way too old/mature for a 7-year-old. Cindy should let her be a kid — or insist on it if necessary!!

Elzbieta on

I don’t think the outfit is inappropriate however, I am strongly against anything that makes a little girl seem remotely adult. She looks a bit too grown up for my taste, but the outfit itself is not inappropriate, just more suited for a 12 or 13 yr old.

Mary-Helen on

What is wrong with this outfit? She looks like a little girl trying to dress like her mom!

My daughter has a fedora and loves all things fashion and accessories and still looks like a little girl and she is 8. She would likely love that outfit. She still has her little girl dresses and such, but she also likes to be “trendy.”

sat on

Yeah, this is a little on the strange side.

Mary on

Kaia is so pretty! As long as she’s not dressed ‘slutty’ I think it’s appropriate to wear what she’s wearing. You don’t want to discourage creativity, even in their clothing choices, as long as it’s appropriate.

Kresta on

Kaia is a willowy girl who looks older than seven. I don’t mind her outfit. It’s rather simple and plain and isn’t revealing. I do feel she is wearing too much bling and a young girl just doesn’t need to wear make-up.

Topsi on

How can anyone tell from this picture that she is wearing makeup??

Cortney on

I dont think she is wearing makeup. If she is it is very little.

momto boys on

Kaia looks like a mini version of Cindy.

Mimi on

Cortney, on another site there’s a closeup of Kaia and it’s pretty obvious she’s wearing eyeliner at the very least.

Now this particular outfit isn’t the problem. Like another poster stated, if she wore this with a ponytail and no makeup, she’d look seven. It’s the makeup, the styling of her hair, the overall look. She looks like a teenager and her mom being a model is no excuse. You think Heidi Klum will put makeup on Leni when she’s 7 even if Leni begs for it? Makeup at that age is for dress up at home, not for running errands. Yes, jmo, but little girls are so hypersexualized in the US, why would a mother like Cindy add to the trend? Heck, even Lourdes (whose mom is a proud slut) manages to dress her age and look cute and hip without being sexualized. If Madonna can do it, then any mom can do it.

Mary-Helen on

Is she wearing makeup? I can’t tell.

Cece on

After skimming the comments mine is not original but here goes – Kaia is beautiful like her Mom, but dressed like a 13 year-old, not a seven year-old. Is it possible she looks older than her years? Maybe. Well, some celebrities/models view fasion and how their children should look differently than most….

sage on

She looks fine to me. I am more worried about those mothers given 3 year olds spary on tans, fake eye lashes, being in swimsuit competitions etc… that to me is a kid not being a kid.

danigirl on

There is a difference between looking “sexual” and “older”. Sometimes as a little girl I would dress in things that were a little more adult (NOT sexual) and I thought it was great! I was still very innocent and it didn’t steal my childhood or anything. No matter what I wore I was still into my Barbies and Disney and Nancy Drew books. IMO, its no wonder that some little girls feel the urge/desire to look older than their years. From the time we’re able to grasp a toy we have family members giving us baby dolls to play with, easy bake ovens, plastic makeup and Fisher Price stoves to make fake dinners in and Wedding Barbies to go with our Ken dolls. Then as we get older some of us play with our mothers perfume and pearls and heels. I think Cindy knows her daughter best and is probably doing a great job. The only thing I would be concerned about is if Kaia feels insecure without makeup. I personally wouldn’t allow my daughter to wear makeup outside of playtime and plays/recitals. Other than that I think the way she is dressed is totally cute and appropriate. So what if she seems to “carry herself” a certain way? Its not her fault she’s so fierce!

megan on

If her daughter is the one picking out the outfits (which I doubt) then I might be ok with this. Otherwise, she looks a lot older than seven- be a kid and don’t rush life! And yes you can tell she’s wearing makeup- that is sad.

Heather on

I just try to make sure that my children look their age–they have plenty of time for fashion, they need to look like children. I’m also always worried about pervs who like little girls dressing this way…

Terri on

The outfit is very cute and Kaia is an adorable little girl, but I think the outfit looks a little ridiculous on a 7 year old. Just my opinion.

JMO on

Kaia is MOST def. wearing makeup but that’s not the first time we’ve seen her in makeup.

I am completely against makeup on children….there is no need. It’s as if we already tell our kids that this is what you need to do in order to “look better”…there is a time and a place for using it and going out of the house at 7 is not the place. But we’ve been down this road with this family before. It’s obvious they value their looks when out in public!

chloe on

Sad to see a seven year old looking like this.

anna on

Look at Cindys legs. Amazing.

danigirl on

I’m pretty sure she is wearing a shirt by GapKids. Reading CBB in general you see these two types of thinking: some people say things like “I’m the parent and I’ll choose whats appropriate” but if the reader perceives that it may have been the parents choice of wardrobe for the child (and don’t like it)they say things like “I’m not okay with this unless the child chose to wear it”. I was accessorized a lot as a little girl, sometimes real jewelry like gold and pearls and other times with plastic Hello Kitty necklaces. Sometimes I wore jeans and other times I wore frilly more grown up things. I didn’t feel like I was being rushed to adulthood.

gaia's mom on

This reminded me of being in elementary school. I remember there were girls who dressed a little more maturely and kinda treated me in my brown corduroy overalls and pink turtleneck with light up sneakers(I.e like a 7yr old in the early 90s) like a little kid though we were in the same class!

My point, which is not directed at the crawfords is that a desire to dress more maturely is often attached to a desire to grow up and be perceived differently. I look at my daughter everyday and try to come up with a way to keep her from growing up too fast, because it is SO easy. In some ways it happens to us all, but I don’t want my kid getting into boys, fashion, or material things too early.

"Jane" on

I think she looks cute. I doubt she dresses like that every single day. It’s probably special for a night out with Mom.

CelebBabyLover on

Heather- If an adult is sexually attracted to children (in otherwords, a pedophile), they’re not going to care what the kid is wearing. The kid could be wearing a snowsuit and they could still be attracted to him/her!

CelebBabyLover on

Also, I can’t help but notice that, when Joely Fischer’s 3-year-old daughter True was seen clearly wearing lipstick in these pictures: , no one batted an eye. Why the double standard with Kaia?

Candy on

I don’t understand all of the hoopla over these pics. What is so grown up about her outfit…. it is jeans a t-shirt and a jacket with flats. No big deal. She looks adorable to me. People are judging Cindy Crawford based on an outfit and that is ridiculous! Both of her children dress very normal. Her son dresses like a little beach surfer, and nobody says anything about that. I think it is just because Kaia’s face is strikingly beautiful and (since her mother is taller) she is probably a little taller than an average 7 year old so it makes her look more mature. ALSO. . . . someone commented about it being a known fact that she wears makeup on a daily basis. THAT IS JUST RIDICULOUS! Come on now do you REALLY believe that. Cindy hardly wears makeup on a daily basis let alone her daughter.

Lily on

Kaia is a cute girl, she’ll probably be a knockout like her mom when she grows up, but yeah, the way she’s dressed is way too mature for a 7 year-old. It’s overkill. Let the kid be a kid. I have absolutely no doubt that this child dresses like this because of the mother too. Just because you were the hottest supermodel for a generation, being rich and known globally, doesn’t mean you have to make your kid follow in your footsteps or be some daring fashionista. Maybe Cindy needs to take down the modeling fotos in her home, put the portfolios with all her work away and quit marketing that makeup line that encourges women to stay wrinkle-free and beautiful, so your daughter doesn’t feel FORCED to always look hip, cool and pretty. Maybe then Kaia might stop wanting to emulate the mother. I like Cindy but, as a mother, she needs to set her priorities straight.

Lily on

Also, didn’t Cindy market her kid in some bikini a few years back? There were some pics that showed Kaia in bathing attire for some magazine or catalogue? I tell you, already making her a swimsuit model.

Mary on

not a big fan of little girls who basically dress like older girls. this isn’t what a typical 7 yr old wears. most don’t put outfits together like this. she looks so much older than 7 in this getup. so 10 yrs from now at 17 she’ll be lookin closer to 30 at this rate. all the makeup and such…i mean what’s the hurry?

pelin on

ı dont agree that because her mom is cindy , she has to wear that kind of dress.She is just 7 and that clothes are not for a 7 years old kid!anyway, its their choise,but ı dont like it

stephanie on


mae on

CelebBabyLover – Are you kidding? I think it’s pretty clear that in that particular picture, True is wearing lipstick just for fun, as a sort of joke. You can tell by the way it’s all smeared and such. It’s not like her face is perfectly done or anything, so comparing a toddler playing around with mom’s make-up to Kaia is just ridiculous, IMO.

Andrea_momof2 on

Well, they are going out for lunch. What do you want her to wear, pajamas? We don’t know how she dresses on a daily basis (at school, etc.) because we obviously only see pictures when they’re going out to places where you should look decent.

Lyssia on

I don’t know what the big issue is with her outfit. Has anyone been in Gap or Old Navy lately? That kind of stuff is ALL they sell, and it’s put together the way on the displays as well. Kid’s clothing has changed drastically since we were 7, and everything in the stores are mini versions of adult stuff. When I took my daughter shopping for shorts earlier this summer all I could find was booty shorts which I don’t think are appropriate for a 6 yr old but you can’t buy something the stores just don’t make

leonor on

I would’ve gotten made fun of at school if I wore things like that when I was 7! Maybe it’s different in LA…

leonor on

it’s true that these days it’s hard to find clothes made for “children.” A lot of the clothing out there looks like shrunken adult clothes. It annoys me. so maybe that’s what kids are really wearing now and MY kids will be the ones that get made fun of at school for wearing “kid” clothes!

cécile on

Well,Lyssia, obviously some moms, and even famous ones, manage to find outfitq that are not mini versions of adult stuffs,because I see girls looking like children on daily basis.
I can think of pictures of Ava Phillippe or Emerson Tenney who are older than Kaia and wearing clothes clearly picked from a children department.
One can dress one’s child like a mini verison of oneself just because it’s pleasant or satisfying but the “I do it because I can’t do otherwise” is a weak excuse.

Mary-Helen on

So, let me get this straight: if Kaia were wearing a little frilly dress, everyone would come down on Cindy for dressing her daughter like a “baby” and not letting her look her age. Now that she is wearing a perfectly acceptable outfit, she is evil for letting her “dress like a slut”.

Has anyone tried shopping for a tween these days? I have an 8 year old daughter and believe me, it’s not that easy to find what some deem as age appropriate. This outfit looks like every outfit you find @ Gap, Old Navy and yes, Wal-Mart. My daughter didn’t have a bathing suit until July because all we could find were string bikinis! Add in the fact that Kaia looks VERY tall for her age, chances are she has to purchase clothes in older sizes (10/12) as opposed to those in her age group. Not to mention, I cannot tell for the life of me that she is “wearing makeup”. I don’t see it @ all. But then again, it’s mom and me time, maybe they were out somewhere getting their hair done and they decided to get a little lipstick too. One day in Sears while I was buying makeup, the woman @ the counter offered to put some lipstick and mascara on my daughter and have a “free makeover”. I let her and she had a blast! Not everything is some parent “sexualizing” their child.

sassenach on

Cindy has ALWAYS let Kaia dress this way. There was even some controversy a couple of years ago about some pics of Kaia that Cindy let her take.

Tricia on

Why is it a “fact” that this child wears makeup? Has her mother actually said she does? Maybe she has dark brows & lashes, like her mother, which accentuate her eyes, and perhaps she wears lip balm or clear gloss, which looks like “lipstick”. Come on! She’s a strikingly beautiful girl–if you looked at pictures of Elizabeth Taylor or Brooke Shields as young children, they’d look like they were wearing makeup, too, even if they weren’t. Also, her clothing is fashionable, yes, but modest at the same time. Cindy always looks very classy, so I’m sure she’s not going to let her daughter look like a tramp.

However, since she’s never going to be able to please everyone, I think she should just stick Kaia under a rock until she’s 21!

Elzbieta on

That picture is SO wrong. Wow. A little fake tattoo on her lower back??? WRONG.

Patrice on

My goodness, what a beauty! Cindy and Rande might be in for some trouble with that one when she gets older : )

diana on

She looks like a mini (or not so mini) Pretty Woman.

CAM on

i think they look cute. My 4 year old…likes to dress up and fold up her jeans like that and wear hats…and fake’s what little girls do. We don’t see her on normal occasions when she’s just in shorts and a t-shirt…but I’m sure people would criticize that as well.
I think it’s a great picture of mom and daughter. she does look older than 7…but sometimes my 4 year old looks 7. Just how they look sometimes.

melissa on

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions but really who cares how she dresses or if she wears makeup? She has parents and they know what’s best for THEIR child,a simple BEAUTIFUL child comment is all this needs not some debate on if she’s too young for this outfit,etc…Now with that said..Kaia is one BEAUTIFUL child and Cindy always looks FAB!

jade on

what’s too mature? maybe she looks older because of her heights, but she not dress to mature. that jacket that she’s wearing is for a kids from old navy. so she really shopping in kids section.

jade on

there’s nothing wrong with her clothes,(make up maybe wrong, but clothes?) seriously, tottaly agree with brannon. whats the rule of fashion that said every kids clothes have to be pink and full of cartoon? and if not, it’s for adults. come on. she have a mom that have taste, thats all. and by the way her jacket is in KIDS section from old navy. now what you gonna say about that?

Jessica on

I see no make-up. I’m so sick and tired of people judging Cindy’s parenting skills from a photograph.

She’s not wearing heels
She has a shirt and a pea coat on (only tweeners are allowed to wear pea coats?)
She’s not showing her belly and she has on cropped jeans/capri’s (no booty shorts)
Is it the fedora? She’s going to a fancy restaurant not school. Nobu isn’t McDonld’s.

And people still think she’s dressed age inappropriate? Why? So dressing fashionably is dressing inappropriately? Should Suri return her dresses?

The people on this site need to stop judging Cindy and Kaia so harshly. And some of you have the nerve to mention self-esteem. I would feel like crap if I (or my mom) picked out a banging outfit for me and people were constantly telling me I’m dressed inappropriately when I wasn’t. That would hurt my feelings.

Jessica on

Here’s a picture of then 7 year-old Piper Palin wearing a similar outfit (and she’s also carrying an Louis Vuitton but I regress). Is she inappropriately dressed.

Here’s also a pic of Piper Palin sporting a fashionable haircut. Is this inappropriate.

They are both fashion foward girls who are dressed appropriatly

Leyla on

Is it just me or does Kaia look like Miley Cyrus here?

deedot on

Look, its the MAKEUP that we all are complaining about. And that IS a bit weird/freaky I don’t care how you liberal “my kids will be stylish too” people slice n dice it. There ARE stylish looks for 7 year olds that do not ape older peoples clothes. I think just shrinking the clothes of a tweenager is as boring and un-original personally as head toe Dora. And by the way, when you do have kids, and they love love love something so much, even if it kills the fashionista in you, you will buy them the Dora or Thomas the train engine pajamas or whatever it is they love. Because making them ridiculously happy becomes more important than feeling cool and hip when you are a parent.

Kristi on

I think she looks adorable. My niece is 11 now but she has been a little diva for as long as a I can remember. When her sister was born three years ago, I had to spend the night with her to make sure she got off to school in the morning and my sister told me to make sure to pick her clothes out with her the night before otherwise she would be late for school! Some girls just have a thing for fashion early on!

CelebBabyLover on

deedot- Well, like other posters have said, we don’t even know for sure if Kaia is wearing make-up or if it’s an every day occurence.

As Tricia put it, Kaia could just have dark eyebrows and eyelashes and other distinct features that make it look like she’s wearing make-up. She could have long, full eye-lashes as well, which can make a person look like they’re wearing mascara. Tricia also pointed out that she might wear lip balm or clear lip gloss instead of lipstick. If you look at close-ups of Kaia, it’s very clear that, if she’s wearing anything on her lips, it’s lip balm or clear lip gloss.

As for the photo of her at 5 with a fake tattoo on her back…I see nothing wrong with fake tattoos for kids, as long as they don’t depict anything obscene, especially the transfer-on kind that you can buy at the store. I do agree that kids should probably wait until they’re at least tween age before getting a henna fake tattoo.

Melissa on

I think they both look great. I’d rather see her wearing cute clothes like this that may seem too “old” for some than in the little kiddy clothes that brannon was talking about. I would not want my future daughters wearing pastel pink, lavendar, and yellow 24/7. Kaia is a gorgeous girl and I don’t see any makeup on her whatsoever. It doesn’t even look like Cindy is wearing any either! She may appear to look older than an average 7 year old but look at her mom! Cindy’s kids are lucky to have her genes, I’ll admit that!

Jennifer on

kaia looks like a younger version of Miley Cyrus!

Kewky on

Crazy Mommy(and Daddy) freak-out time!!!!!!!
But in reality……. 1. Just because she’s not wearing tons of little bows and cartoon character print stuff doesn’t mean the outfit is inappropriate. 2. Make-up is fine as long as it’s supervised and not worn at school. 3. She’s tall she looks older!
4. BTW I don’t see any make-up!
5. I bet she decided what to wear-NOT Cindy!