The Stefani-Rossdales: Home Sweet Hotel!

07/30/2009 at 05:00 PM ET

Gwen Stefani holds onto son Kingston James McGregor‘s scooter while the 3-year-old tot plays near their hotel in Irvine, Calif.

The 39-year-old songstress is currently on a tour stop there with the band No Doubt.

Also present — see extended post — were Gwen’s husband Gavin Rossdale, and Kingston’s baby brother — 11-month-old Zuma Nesta Rock.

The couple were married in 2002.

Click below for a photo of Gavin and Zuma!


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Berkeley on

I am absolutely in love with this family!

ericka on

I looooooooove them!

I love Kingstons blonde dyed fauxhawk so cute!

Vanessa on

Hahaha Zuma is so chubby & all Gwen. Gotta love him!

Laura on

So everyone gets mad about Angel Iris’ mohawk, but no one says anything about blonde highlights in Kingston’s hair?

Liz on

Are Zuma’s eyes brown now?.What a cute family hopefully they have a girl next

Melissa on

There was a big argument over kingstons hair when they did it last month

Andrea_momof2 on

Wow, some people really like to bring the mohawk into every topic about hair now? Oh well.

It’s cute to see Gavin & Zuma, we don’t see a lot of pictures of them out together (and no, I’m not assuming they are not close!).

Erin on

Gwen looks so good! I’m younger than her and if I wore that outfit I’d look like a fool! Vanessa, I agree – Zuma looks like his mom. His nose is too cute!

Me on

GORGEOUS family… (especially Gavin!)good to see them together again after a long summer away from eachother! x

Ryo on

What does putting a Mohawk on a 2-year-old girl having to do with a 3-year-old boy having highlights in his hair? And maybe you missed it but there WAS a huge thing over Kingston’s hair right when she did it; but people are mature and don’t moan about stuff they’ve already talked about. And maybe the people who don’t mind Kingston’s hair don’t mind Angel’s either so they didn’t say anything.

lina on

I think funny how Zuma still looks a baby LOL

Mom of Boys on

Totally love all 4 of them! She is a great mom even if she puts higlights in her kids hair, not something I would do but it’s her perogotive.

On another note, I just saw No Doubt and Paramore perform on Monday at Universal and the show was great! All their original songs, totally enjoyed every second of it!

P.S. I do have to say while Gwen is soooo fit and hot, especially after having 2 babies……I saw stretch marks, yes we were that close. It felt like ahhhh some celebs are just like us everyday moms, just with a personal trainer, lol.

Γ—RENΓ— on

Wow. Kingston’s all Gavin and Zuma’s all Gwen. What a cute family. I hope they get a girl the next time around!

JMO on

Zuma-licious that baby is!!!!!!!!

I so hope they go for one more and try for that girl…although they make great boys so that wouldn’t be so bad eithere πŸ˜‰

JMO on

Laura actually if you look back at the first photo of King with the mohawk and highlights ALOT of people got upset. You must of missed that thread!

cas on

cute! he’s growing so fast!!

jen on

Cute kids. I think kids are cute naturally. Putting unnecessary chemicals on the head of a three year old seem ridiculous to me. I could never imagine doing it to my three year old. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

dianna on

i sure didn’t like kingston’s hair at first,he’s too cute for that mohawk and highlights,but he is the son of rock royalty so what do you expect? and i definitely don’t like angel iris’s do,they could’ve left some hair on the sides,but she is a real cutie otherwise seems so happy,we need more happy people in the world..the stefani-rossdales are a real cool family and i love seeing pictures of them.i love jmo’s term zuma-licious,that was so cute!wish i’d thought of that!

ljc on

Gwen is my mom-body wanna be. After I have this baby I want abs like her. This family is so cute. They look like they have fun together.

Elizabeth on

I heard a rumor that they are announcing their divorce after both tours have concluded. Please no! I hope it isn’t true.

Vanessa on

What really funny is is that not only Zuma’s face is all Gwen, so is his skincolor while Kingston is as “dark” as has Dad and yet they look really brotherly-alike πŸ™‚ great fam!

Lis on

While I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this family, I cannot believe that anyone would dye a 3 year olds hair! I mean, come on??!! What is the world coming to?

Daisy on

Oh gosh don’t come on here starting divorce rumors…goodness!!! Gwen looks a lot thinner in this picture…must be the tour..she looks great though…gorgeous boys *all 3 of them*

Holly on

DONT YOU DARE COME ON THIS WEBSITE STARTING DIVORCE RUMORS!!!! They are a wonderful family, why would they be getting a divorce???? They always seem super happy, don’t try and say they’re not. This is a G-R-E-A-T family, Zuma like Gwen, Kingston like Gavin, while the brothers still look like each other. Gwen is the Queen of Rock&Roll, or Queen of Pop!!! She has WAY better music then Madonna,I think. Anyways, I love this family, and I hope they add another to the brood. A girl would be awesome, but then again, they make beautiful boys too! Wonderful family, hope that those divorce rumors 😦 aren’t true. Great family, I will say over and over again. One of the most beloved on CBB!!

Holly on

As for dying the hair, ya’ll need to lay off. That’s what PUSHES some people to divorce… cause ya’ll are too worried. If your kid, fine… if it AIN’T, lay off!!! Some people pressure celebs too much, and you need to understand you can’t be too bad. See, I think Kingston kinda already has somewhat blond hair, so who really cares?? Its their kid not yours lay off on the beautiful family!!

Mia on

I think the media just has nothing to write about, so they are going to say ridiculous things about Gwen + Gavin (also Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie, and, Jennifer Lopez + Marc Anthony..etc)
I really hope its not true + doubt that it is (no pun intended lol). Gwen + Gavin have both stated that the most important thing in their lives in their marriage + children together, and I don’t think they would let their careers take over that. I think they might just say that because this is the first time they have both been on tour extensively at the same time since they have had kids, and it has been a lot organizing to keep everyone together. They are such a happy little family, and hope to see them have more kids. I also think its funny how Zuma is ALL Gwen, but King is ALL Gavin, yet they do look a like. I would love to see them have a baby girl πŸ™‚

FC on

I can really see Gwen in Zuma. He definitely has her facial features. But it’s cute to see the family out and about, lounging and whatnot. πŸ™‚

Jen on

i love seeing pictures of this family although i don’t understand why they never mention that gavin has a daughter from a previous relationship…

Mia on

Jen, they never mention it because they don’t have a relationship. He was part of her life because he was originally her god father, and then he went off to do his own thing + he just found out within the past few years that his god daughter was his biological daughter, but they don’t have a relationship + he hasn’t been on solid terms with his ex-girlfriend/her mother in a long time. It was just nothing that was ever established or talked about.

CelebBabyLover on

Jen- Not sure if you mean CBB or Gwen and Gavin themselves. If it’s the former, first of all, CBB doesn’t always mention other kids in their posts. Generally, the only time all of a celeb’s kids are mentioned in a post other than when they’re all in a photo or the parents talk about all of them in an interview is when there’s a pregnancy or birth announcement. Also, CBB may just be respecting the fact that Gwen and Gavin seem to prefer to keep that part of Gavin’s life private.

If you meant Gwen and Gavin, well, like I just said, they seem to prefer to keep that part of Gavin’s life private. I’m guessing that Daisy (Gavin’s daughter) probably prefers it that way as well, given the fact that she’s about 20 now. She probably enjoys the privacy. Maybe she has even asked Gavin not to talk about her (just as Tom Cruise has said that Bella and Connor prefer that he and Nicole not talk about them in interviews.) .:)

Holly- I agree about the hair dying thing! I can’t help but notice that hardly anyone ever bats an eye when Maddox and Pax Jolie-Pitt sport highlights of various colors in their hair (people didn’t even flinch when Mad had blue highlights in the twins’ debut photoshoot last year!). I don’t know why there’s such a double-standard with Kingston. It’s the same thing with the mohawks that Mad has sported off and on since infancy. Nobody bats an eye about that. But when Kingston is seen with one, or more recently when Angel Brown debuted hers, there’s a huge uproar!

Daze on

I love Gwen’s outfit. Is that from her collection?

Andrea_momof2 on

Gavin’s daughter from a previous relationship already has a father, always has had a father. It’s like finding out you’re adopted 18 years into your life, at that point are you really going to drop your “Dad” and live with your blood-related father?

Mia on

P.S I never realized how much Daisy Lowe looks like her mother!
Link is here (near the bottom of the page, I think):

And I think Gwen is in amazing shape, but she looks a little thin in at the photo. I think its the angle + plus, we are used to seeing her pregnant the past 2 years or so! ‘Love her.