Jude Law Expecting Fourth Child

07/30/2009 at 09:00 PM ET

Update: The mother of the baby is Samantha Burke, an aspiring actress and model from Florida. Due October 6th with a girl she plans to name Sophia, Samantha released a statement through her lawyer on Thursday evening:

“Ms. Burke can confirm that she did in fact have a relationship with Mr. Law and that she has informed Mr. Law that she is expecting his child later this fall. Since informing Mr. Law of the pregnancy, he has been nothing but responsive and supportive of Ms. Burke and the pregnancy.”

Posted July 29th: Jude Law will welcome his fourth child this fall, according to a statement released to Entertainment Weekly. A rep for the 36-year-old actor confirms that baby-on-the-way is the result of a relationship Jude had last year, and that he has since been “advised that he is to be the father.” The statement adds,

“Mr. Law is no longer in a relationship with the individual concerned but he intends to be a fully supportive part of the child’s life. This is an entirely private matter and no other statements will be made.”

Jude is already dad to Rafferty, 12, Iris, 8 ½, and Rudy, 6 ½, with ex-wife Sadie Frost.

In October he is slated to begin a 12-week run on Broadway, starring in Hamlet.

Source: EW.com

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mimi on

Wow, I was not expecting this, and it sounds like Jude wasn’t either.
He appears to be a great dad to his 3 kids with Sadie so I’m sure he’ll be a good father to his fourth child. Congrats!

mslewis on

Well. Okay. But it won’t be private once the tabloids get ahold of the mother.

I do think Jude Law seems to be a good father to his children. But, don’t these stars use protection, not only so they won’t make babies but so they won’t get diseases? And how exactly do you explain a random new baby to the children you already have?

Magdalene Herlioz on

I’m not sure if I understand, if Jude wanted this to be an ‘entirely private matter’ why did he release the statement?

Lauren on

Wow what a little rascal! I’m shocked but I guess it’s not too surprising.

Kay on

well hopefully this won’t affect his run on broadway…i have hamlet tickets for oct.2

Mia on

This is very random, but I hope both parties handle it in a mature situation. His 3 kids are cute + it seems like him/his ex-wife have done a great job maintaining a family-unit amidst the divorce, but I think Jude Law might need to use some self-control or protection, via this situation or the nanny situation from a couple of years ago. Most importantly though, hope the baby is happy + healthy.

Bugs on

Wow that’s kinda cold, but well, i should say congrats.

Andrea_momof2 on

Well, considering we have no idea what happened in the relationship I don’t think we can be quick to judge. Jude has said he’ll be supportive so I have to say congratulations to him! If we remember, some celebrity “fathers” say they’d like DNA tests and then still deny the child.

Lara on

I wonder how long this “secret” will stay secret for….

Chris on

What an awkward statement. Maybe the mother of the baby was going to make the the announcement if Jude didn’t. There was a very recent blind item about…well I’m sure if I write what the blind item was about it won’t be posted so never mind. lol I think it will all work out because Jude seems like a good dad to his other kids. Maybe he’s just in shock.

Tina on

OMG! its his business!

Erin on

I will never understand why men who (apparently) don’t want kids (either more kids or kids with someone they don’t have a relationship with) don’t wear a condom. Can someone explain this to me? You always hear about women trying to “trap” celebrity men into having a child, but hardly anyone ever points out that a man could prevent the situation all together. What kind of person who isn’t in a serious relationship takes the word of someone they barely know that they’re indeed using birth control? Or do they not think about it? Because the last time I didn’t think about birth control was never. Everyone is responsible for their own protection. I’d never trust someone else to protect me in this matter. I’d love to know what you guys think.

Anais on

Lauren – you can still use condoms and things still happen. I’m not ragging on Jude (because I adore him), but the only safe way to prevent pregnancies is to not to it at all, you know?

Ryo on

How do you know he wasn’t using protection? Jude hasn’t exactly been a saint and this is the first time this has happened – I’d be willing to bet he ALWAYS uses protection and this time it failed. No birth control is 100% foolproof. Ridiculous that people jump to conclusions so quickly. He probably did this before some tabloid found out and turned it into something sordid.

Nina on

I don’t think anyone knows if Jude wore a condom. In fact, I do not think that is anyone’s business. The good news is, Jude is having another child. He can afford another child so this really is not a bad thing. I hope he has a healthy child.

Krystal on

I bet this baby will be just as adorable as the rest of his crew 🙂 Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected and unplanned! Congrats Jude!

Erin on

After reading my comment, I felt uncomfortable with how some of it sounded. I didn’t mean to imply Jude wont love his child, or that he didn’t use protection. I don’t know that. But my question was really meant more generally. I’m just curious the situations you hear about…so-and-so NFL star “trapped”into having a baby, or any celeb. Or any guy who didn’t want to have a child and then acts like it was the woman’s responsibility. I was trying to have a conversation. It’s not my business, of course. Please don’t think I was attacking Jude personally (although his PR statement is beyond tacky. “No longer in a relationship with the individual…” Ugh)

Lisa on

Actually he probably did this because she was probably going to come out with it. Or Rachel Mcadams as she is the older sister of the mother of his unborn child. He dumped her when he found out she was pregnant and even denied he was the father!

CTBmom on

I agree…we don’t know what happened, so we can’t judge. However, I am glad that he is going to be a father to this baby and not go the Eddie Murphy route.

jessica on

We dont know all the facts… but there is one fact I do know.. OMG HE IS BEAUTIFUL! Definately my favourite (looking) celebrity 🙂

Mary-Helen on

Well, @ least he is manning up and planning to be a father, unlike say Eddie Murphy or David Spade who demand DNA tests and publically humiliate the mother. Chances are there were rumours about it and he just came out and admitted it. It’s probably an awkward situation for all parties involved, seeing as they are no longer together and that’s why the statement seemed awkward.

christina on

Wow. His enthusiasm just bubbles over. Oh wait…clearly he isn’t happy about this. I pity the child already.

Sage on

It’s Lily Cole, most definitely.

Sam on

Lily Cole

Willow on

I know who she is and she is very, very young, though she is of legal age. She lives in Britain and she is seventeen years his junior. She has her own money and is up and coming in her industry. Wait and see! Further clues pending.

Lorus on

The wording of that sounded off. I’m sure if it turns out he really is the father then he’ll be involved. It seems like he’s a doting father to his other 3.

One word to all these men running around after they’ve had kids and don’t seem to want more – VASECTOMY.

laurie on

the mother is the sister of rachel mcadams, gawker had this story as a blind item a few weeks ago. he had to admit paternity because rachel wouldn’t do publicity for sherlock holmes if he didn’t. there are no secrets in hollywood.

Mimi on

To be fair to all those celebrity fathers who ask for DNA tests, I remember reading about a country singer a few years back who was expecting a baby with his girlfriend. He was very excited during the pregnancy but it turned out the baby wasn’t his. I don’t know how he found out (asked for a DNA test or she told the truth after the baby was born) but he was devastated.

My point is that it makes sense for a man who is no longer in a relationship with a woman to wonder about paternity. Just because the woman says it’s his baby, doesn’t mean it actually is his. Heck, there are married men who have children that aren’t theirs biologically and they have no clue. I mean there’d be no Maury or Jerry without “Who’s my baby daddy?” issues in the world. Once paternity is established though, men should step up, of course.

I have a feeling Jude released this statement in response to forthcoming reports from the tabloids or something from the mother.

am581 on

NO protection method is 100%. Even vasectomies. About 1 in 1000 men still produce a child “post snip”. Thats a low risk, but if you consider how many men do indeed get it done, there are plenty of babies born despite that. Pills and condoms, I think almost everyone knows of a failure with those. If he just found out he is probably very surprised, as I’m sure the mother of the baby was. Roughly 50% of babies are not planned. Dont judge too harshly. I’m betting this child will be just fine, and as many of you pointed out, he is quite involved with his three prior children, I’m sure he will be with this one too.
As for secrets staying secret, look at Minnie Driver. It is possible. Unless I missed something, there is only speculation on that baby’s dad. But I would assume in this case, if he will be actively involved, then we’ll find out eventually.

Paige on

Mimi, the country singer you are referring to was Chris Cagle.

Congratulations, I guess, to Jude. I hope he is as good to this child as he’s been to his other three.

Tina on

lily cole is 21.

eva on

What a formal and precise statement!it sounds so professional it’s funny.

I have no idea what kind of father he is but surely he’ll take time and interest with this new little one, and love her or him unconditionally.

Also, Rafferty is such a cool name!

k on

I assume he made the announcement because a tabloid or other source was about to publish the news. Frankly, I’m going to be *un-cynical* and assume Jude was thinking of the future and didn’t want his unborn child to think s/he was hidden away like the child was shameful, so he is announcing it now as he plans to be a supportive father, as he has been to his kids to date.

french gigi on

wellllllllllllllllll, now THAT is for sure the most random news of the week!

Sydney on

I doubt it’s lily cole, they only started dating a month ago and she was pictured leaving his flat a couple of weeks ago. From the statement, it seems as though it was an acrimonious split and more likely kayleen mcadams or kimberly Stewart. Regardless jude has proven himself to be an excellent father and I am sure both adults will do what is best for baby. Even if there is drama in the run up to the birth, once baby is here it neither will be able to imagine their lives without this little person.

Tammi on

I doubt that it’s Lily Cole. She and her boyfriend Enrique Murciano have been together for a while. Congrats to the would be parents.

Kay on

wait…did i miss something? since when was jude law involved with rachel mcadams’ sister? are there any sources on this?

Diane on

He gets around doesn’t he?

Mrs. R. on

I’m sure it’s someone random. If it was someone famous, then we’d have heard about it already. Clearly whoever the mother is is not keen on seeking fame, or else she would have made a HUGE announcement and it would have been scandalous. Sounds like the two of them are working it out privately, and just really don’t want media intrusion.

It’s pretty reasonable actually.

Lacey on

I lost all respect for Jude, when he was caught with the nanny, and then proceeded to blame it on Sienna Miller.

Sarah M. on

He may not have known for long, and still be in shock. That may be the reason for it sounding so awkward. I would also imagine that he wasn’t ready to have the news out there and heard that it was about to be published somewhere. So he may have tried to beat someone else to the punch and mention it himself first. As for referring to the mother as ‘the individual’, she may not have wanted to be mentioned by name. In which case, he could just be abiding by her wishes. I agree with others, we don’t really know the situation, so we can’t really judge one way or another on what happened.

Either way, he makes cute kids. And it sound like he will be involved and care for the child. We’ve seen worse!!

mslewis on

I do remember the blind item and a lot of people guessed it was Rachel McAdams’ sister. Apparently, the sister and Jude had an affair during the making of Sherlock Holmes and Jude dumped her when she told him she was pregnant. The blind items mentioned something about a promo tour for the movie and how ackward it would be for Jude and his co-star.

It just seems so ridiculous to me that a man of Jude Law’s age and experience would do something like this to the sister of his co-star. I imagine all the information will be forthcoming and it should not be too nasty as long as he admits he’s the father and will take care of the mother and baby, which it seems he has done.

Lauren on

I am really-REALLY-hoping it isn’t Rachel McAdams’ sister purely because I’m a huge fan of hers and as a notoriously private person, this has to be the last thing she would want to happen. I’m shocked the rumors are even being beought up; I would have assumed that them being out and about with each other would have made news while Rachel and Jude filmed Sherlock Holmes last winter. He may be a great actor and seem like a great guy, but for the love of God, he really needs to zip it…

Nicole on

Condoms aren’t all that effective at preventing pregnancy(at least compared to methods such as the pill and IUDs). Women have way more control over this type of thing.

sat on

not surprising! he said on Actors’s Studio, with an impish grin, that his least favorite word was “Should”. That spoke volumes to me 😉

Anna on

He seems like a good father to the children he already has and from the statement it seems he will do the same for his new child.

I think it will be strange for his ex wife, they seem to have a good relationship and she is the mother of his children, now there will be another child.

crimpe on

Jude, man, sure seems like a cad. Wonder if he still has that “Sexy Sadie” tattoo? I do not get the allure with him. But I do want to see Sherlock Holmes!

CelebBabyLover on

Mary-Helen- I agree 100 percent about Eddie Murphy. However, to be fair, David has stepped up to the plate since learning Harper was his (if, in fact, he ever really did question paternity. I never read that in any reputable source). Also, even if he DID request paternity, from what I’ve read, Harper was concieved during a very brief fling with Jillian Grace. Therefore, I have to agree with Mimi. If he DID question paternity, he was right to wonder about it, as it could very well have been someone else.

am581- I agree! The only 100 percent fool-proof birth control method (and that includes “permant” methods such as vasectomy, tubal ligation, and the new Essure procedure for women. Granted, the chance of pregnancy with one of those is pretty remote, but it’s still there!) is abstainence. If you don’t want kids, then don’t do the deed (and before anyone jumps on me, this is aimed at men and women who basically jump from partner to partner. I’m sure most married couples and commited, un-married couples are well aware that there is always the chance of a surprise pregnancy and are willing to deal with it if it does happen.)!

Nina- I agree! What type of contraceptives, if any, that a couple uses is no one’s business but their own! I mean, I don’t think you can get much more personal than that!

CelebBabyLover on

Erin- Well, what was he supposed to do? Lie and say he’s still in a relationship with the mother?

Nika on

Well maybe it wasn’t planned, but a new baby is always a blessing. And any other information is none of our business.. so congratulations Jude!

(I secretely was still hoping for him to get back together with Sienna and that they would have a baby.. because that would be ONE GORGEOUS BABY! Haha lol.)

I just love Jude in ‘The Holiday,’ I totally fell in love with the character who’s a sweet single father of two little girls!!

Celine on

Wow, that is a suprise but I’m happy for him. Jude seems to be a great father for his other kids so it’ll be the same thing for this one. In fact, we don’t know what happen in his relationship, maybe it’s not just a flirt and he’d feelings for the mother. So congrats to him!

Seraphina on

“Mr Law is no longer in a relationship with the individual…”

That says it all right there – who refers to the mother of their unborn child as “the individual”? Hostile.

kai on

kay, I believe the blind item was from “crazy days and night” (an entertainment blog) – jude law was the popular guess. just google it.

congrats anyway!

Hea on

It’s amazing how so many seem to think that condoms are full proof. Really, people, it takes two to tango and nothing is 100%. Use your brains and what sex ed you’ve had in your life.

I hope this all works out for the best. I am pro choice and I think men should have a choice too.

Tammi on

Anna I think his ex wife will deal with it fine. She has a child from her first marriage.

Harley on

Honestly, not something I expected to read lol. He seems to be a good father, but it looks as though this will be a life lesson for his son Rafferty in the sex-ed department.

Sadie on

Haha Nika, I agree – Jude’s character is The Holiday was just divine. Sigh.
I was shocked to learn when my husband went in for a vasectomy that there is still a 1 in 300 chance of getting pregnant after a vasectomy. And I know a girl who was conceived 7 years after her dad got the snip! So yep, the only 100% guarantee against pregnancy is abstinence. Scary, huh?!!

Jess from Ohio on

Well, it’s always unfortunate when a child is created out of a relationship, but I am hoping they can work it out (I mean remain amicable; not neccesarily get back together) and give their child the best life possible. Good luck to Jude and whoever the mother happens to be!

Bri on

LOVE that this entirely his fault. Takes two people to make a baby, people. Maybe calling her an “individual” is hostile to some of you, but we don’t know the whole story. He very well could have found out two weeks ago that she was pregnant – seven months along at that and it was one heck of a shock. We don’t know. The speculation is ridiculous. Both parties are equally at fault here. I’m sure that baby will be loved by both families regardless.

Mary-Helen on

Yeah, I was wondering that too. Did he sneak in an impregenate this woman while she was sleeping? How is it all his fault? It takes two to tango and two to be responsible for birth control. It’s not all up to the man anymore.

Jessica on

EVERY child is a miracle and the circumstances surrounding it’s conception are NONE of your business.

stephanie on

Can I remind everyone that this is an official statement given from Jude’s representative to Entertainment Weekly, not a Twitter or a gossip rag? Especially considering the situation, of course it’s not going to sounds all lovey dovey.

Lacey- When has he ever blame Sienna? Sienna herself said they’re still good friends, that speaks volumes.

It’s not Rachel McAdams’s sister. The Gawker blind item mentioned “recent promotional tour” and Sherlock Holmes doesn’t come out until Christmas. The only appearance the cast have made for the movie is at the San Diego Comic-con and Jude wasn’t there because he was doing Hamlet in London. And Rachel McAdams is so not a C-list actress, imo 😉

Erin on

Wow! Sorry I brought it up, really. Like I said, I was trying to have a back and forth about issues surrounding trust when it comes to birth control. Maybe they wanted a baby, maybe he tried to protect himself and it failed, maybe maybe maybe. Doubt it. Most forms of birth control are very effective. The whole defective condom and vasectomy stories are interesting but sort of like being that person who gets hit by a bus crossing the street. Sure it happens. Rarely. I’m happy to move and to those who said it wasn’t my business, you’re right. But remember, the man involved in this particular case cheated on his fiancee with the nanny and called the mother of his soon-to-be-born child “the individual”. That alone might be a tip off to any woman in his future about using birth control. As in not sleeping with him in the first place.

Carolyn on

Wow. Most random news of the week!

Given the speculation about Rachel McAdams’ sister, I did a search for her out of curiosity. Her name is Kaleen and she is a makeup artist. There is a clip of her here:


She is so strikingly similar to Rachel!


Wow! this was shocking to read, but congratulations on his new piece of heaven 🙂

He seems like a good father, so I am sure he will love and care for this new baby.

I am all for men asking for a paternity test, why would a woman get offended if asked by the man she is sleeping with (not married or living with) asked for a Paternity test. If I was dating a guy for a short period of time and I happened to get pregnant and he asked for a paternity test I will gladly give him one, if I have nothing to hide why not? Of course I might feel offended a little but he has a right I think.

Anyway…can someone explain to me the whole nanny story? did he cheat on his wife with a nanny? I though he cheated on his wife with Sienna Miller?

BTW I LOVED HIM in Holiday! I felt in love with his character 🙂

Kristi on

He cheated on Sienna Miller with his children’s nanny…here is a link to an old People article regarding their break up…www.people.com/people/article/0,,1558340,00.html.

Shannon on

This is why I love this site- you open it up and get the most random news!!!!! I felt the same way when SJP and MB announced they were having twins- totally didn’t see it coming!

Jude definitely has his flaws, but he does seem to be a great dad, so I wish him the best of luck on his newest addition!

kendrajoi on

Given Jude’s history, the mother could be ANYONE. Does he have a gigantic ego or is he just a sex addict?

I’m not trying to be mean to the guy, and I couldn’t care less about his sex life, but there does seem to be some issues there.

Jacq on

Quoting Kay:
well hopefully this won’t affect his run on broadway…i have hamlet tickets for oct.2

LOL – that was funny!

Between cheating on Sadie with Sienna – cheating on Sienna with the nanny – and now an illegitimate child – Jude sure is a naughty boy!

Wake up call, dude – keep it in your pants! :0)

Karen on

This is the statement his rep made as reported in the UK:

“I can confirm that following a relationship last year, Jude Law has been advised by the birth mother that he is to be the father of a child due in the autumn of this year.

He is no longer in a relationship with her but he intends to be a fully supportive part of the child’s life.

This is an entirely private matter and no further statements will be made.”

Alex on

I can’t say that I was at all surprised by this. I know a couple of people who have known Jude quite well and from the things that they have said….it just doesn’t surprise me, let’s put it that way. I’ve always heard of him being a very nice man though. I hope this all works out for all concerned. I want to say congrats as well, hopefully that is appropriate somewhere.

kim on

why do they feel the need to release statements about things if they want them to ‘remain a provate matter’??? By releasing a statement you are doing just the opposite….

Marilyn on

Now they’re saying it’s Rachel McAdams sister who is the woman that’s pregnant. The media will find out I’m sure.

alexa on

rachel mcadam’s sister is and has been dating ryan gosling’s bandmate (zach shields) for years now. in fact, it’s rumored she just had a child (a girl that is about four months old) with zach. there was a picture of rachel and kayleens father holding the girl on set of rachel’s movie a few weeks ago in nyc and kayleen and zach recently attended zach’s brothers wedding in upstate ny (ryan was there too which is why this got into the gossip world) and kayleen asked not to be photographed and was walking around with a baby… so unless she got pregnant when she was already pregnant and about to give birth then this is false.

Lisa on

Congrats to Jude Law. It’s not like he always sleeping around and has three children with three different woman. His other three children are with his ex-wife and just one with another woman. He adores his three children and hopefully, this will be fine.

There have been otehr cases where a celebrity will say that so and so is the father and when they take a DNA test, it turns out it’s not. It happened between Sylvester Stallone and Janice Dickinson. She claimed Sylvester was the father, he broke up with his girlfriend but when Janice had the baby girl, it wasn’t Sylvester.

What about Elizabeth hurley? didn’t the father of her son claimed that he might not be the father? He wanted a DNA test but it turned out true, he was the father but just one look at her son and you knew that he was the father (I have drawn a complete blank on what the father’s name is!?!)

rachael on

i’ve though he was a bag o’ sleaze ever since the whole nanny incident,but he does seem to be a good father.


Thanks Kristi, I will read the article in people.

Helena on

My gosh this guy never learns, does he?
He seems to me like one of the most private celebrities, but he still manages to make such public ‘mistakes’, his dirty laundry is constantly aired for all to see and he’s always open about it, like when he admitted the nanny affair, which is a bit bizarre.
It really doesn’t sound like he was ever in a relationship with the ‘individual’ who has ‘advised’ him he’s going to be as Dad again. Love the wording of the statement!
I do think he’s a good father and at least he’s stepped up and is being a man about about the whole thing. So good for him.

Elzbieta on

Wish it was me. Jude Law is fine. 😛


Kayleen’s spokesperson has denied the accusation and said she’s never even met Law, so it looks like that path is terminated.


Sarah M. on

The mother may not have wanted her name mentioned. So, no matter how it’s phrased, if her name isn’t mentioned it will sound at least a little bit cold. If this is the case, would you rather him have state her name against her wishes? As for him making a statement and saying the it is ‘a private matter’, I would imagine that someone else was about to break the news and he figured it would sound better coming from him. So he probably wants it kept private and was backed into a corner about making a statement. He can’t win for losin’, can he?!

Marilyn on

Now they are saying it’s someone named Samantha Burke, not Kayleen McAdams.

steph on

looks like her name is samantha burke and she has said it is her that is carrying jude’s baby. TMZ has all about it. she said she is having a girl in Oct and will name her Sophia.


Elzbieta on

This is her modeling profile apparently(came up in google).


Kir on

I don’t know how you can have a relationship with someone last year and a baby with them in October?

lina on

welll they could come up… with another way, couldnt they – the mother of the child but the individual concerned… how awful.

Tina on

aww! thats such a nice name!

Elizabeth Harris on

Congratulations to Jude Law!

alice jane on

Sophia is my absolute favorite name for a girl, and should I get to have a daughter some day I would love for that to be her name! Congrats to Jude and Samantha, it sounds like he has stepped up to the plate. I know he has done his share of questionable things, but multiple children by multiple women is not one of them and I don’t know why it’s being made out to look that way by people here.

cécile on

Poor Kayleen Mc Adams, having your name thrown like this on the Internet by some “know it all” people,who are persuaded they’re so good at guessing blind items.
She and her partner (if she’s in a relationship) must have been absolutely thrilled.

CelebBabyLover on

Kir- Notice that Samantha’s statement doesn’t say when the relationship happened. That makes me think that whoever said the rep said the relationship was last year got their information wrong. That said, I DO wonder…How does Samantha know that Jude is the father of her baby?

To those of you saying how awful it is that he called the mother “the individual”, please read Karen’s post. In the UK media, it is apparently worded as “…He is no longer in a relationship with her…” rather than “the individual”. Since Jude is from the UK, I’m guessing the statement came out there first, and the U.S. press probably made some mistakes with the wording.

Erin- Uh, it’s pretty obvious that they didn’t want a baby, as it sounds like Jude was shocked by the news. As for birth control…As another poster said, condoms actually aren’t as effective as some other birth control methods, such as the IUD or the pill. Also, as far as we know, Samantha is not at all bitter towards Jude and is not upset by the wording of the statement.

Anyway, I totally agree with those of you who pointed out that it takes two to tango, and both partners are equally responsible when an unplanned pregnancy occurs. I think Mary-Helen worded it best: “…Did he sneak in an impregenate this woman while she was sleeping?…”

I have always hated the phrase “he got her pregnant” because it’s not true! When a couple gets pregnant, it’s BOTH of them that make the pregnancy happen!

funnyads on

Good for them!

Celine on

Saw one pic of Samantha Burke on another site and she’s very pretty. It’ll be a beautiful baby girl and love the name Sophia. Maybe it was a surprise for Jude Law but he said he’ll be there for the mom and the child. Not all men will do that…Remember Eddie Murphy who was in love with his Mel B…Jude is a good guy.

Nika on

LOL, does he only date women who’s name start with an S? (Sadie, Sienna, Samantha) Just kidding!

But it’s nice for them that they support each other and I’m sure the little girl will receive lots of love!

allierose on

Certainly didn’t see that coming but congratulations to Jude and his former partner. Good to see Jude is taking responsibility and Samantha Burke didn’t treat him like a mere genitor.

Kir on

CelebBabyLover – another site says that they have done a DNA to determine paternity!

pixie on

RE:CelebBabyLover “I DO wonder…How does Samantha know that Jude is the father of her baby?”
Maybe… gasp!She only had sex with one person in and around the time she got pregnant. I love that when people ask “How can you be sure?” Have sex with one person,that would make it pretty for sure with most people.
I thought his released statment was quite proper, there was no it remains to be seen or after a paternity test.
Here is a girl who is very excited about becoming a first time Mum,already has the name picked out and people are using the words trapped and paternity test in describing one of the most amazing and beautiful times in her life.

Jax on

This guy cheats on his ex-wife with a nanny, I believe he knocked her up as well??– If someone can confirm this that would be great, if not then I apologize for the statement. And he has a 4th kid on the way???– C’mon Jude keep it in your pants buddy!!!

pixie on

Jax-You have the scandles wrong lol
Cheated on ex-wife with actress Sienna Miller then cheated on Sienna with the kids nanny and got her(nanny) fired by his ex wife. His 3 children our with his ex wife while they were married he also by all accounts was an amazing step father to sadies(ex wife) son from prev relationship. He seems like a good dad, just likes to party and is wee bit of a horn dog.

Anna on

He didn’t get the nanny pregnant, he cheated on his girlfriend with her. I think Jude is not that bad apart from the nanny incident.
They made this baby together and both seem to take responsibility for it.

I completely agree with pixie about how she would know he is the father! Any decent woman would never have any question over who got her pregnant.

allierose on

I think the “how does she know he’s the father?” and any contraception-related and “he should’ve kept it in his pants” comments are extremely rude and uncalled for. Do you single ladies always keep your legs crossed? How about those of you in relationships? I very much doubt so, yet that doesn’t make you an easy person. Why would Jude or Samantha Burke be? OK, so he slept with the nanny, but that doesn’t mean he sleeps with just about anyone. From the sound of it, these two were in a relationship together, regardless how long it lasted, and there seems to be no ambiguity from any party as to who’s the father of that child and I think the fact that they both seem to take responsibility for it is proof enough.
So before jumping to conclusions and judging someone, why don’t you put yourselves into their shoes? Trust me, it isn’t that hard to imagine how someone would react to one situation.

Alex on

Congrats to him! I wonder if a DNA will be done to prove paternity.

mrs darcy on

Despite what goes on in his private life(which none of US really know about) Congrats to Jude! It seems like he a loving & caring father to his children. He is one handsome man!

Bri on

Samantha is quite pretty. Congrats to them. I’m sure that baby will be loved and treated as well as Jude seems to treat his children with Sadie. Don’t get why it’s so scandalous though. He has three children with his ex-wife, it’s not like he has loads of kids with different women all over the place. He seems like a caring dad and that he’ll do the right thing. LOTS and LOTS are babies are born to people that aren’t married or even in a serious relationship, or end up divorced a year later anyway. It’s wrong that he’s been told to “zip it up” and “keep it in his pants”. I’m sure right alongside Jude, that Samantha knew full well the consequences of having unprotected sex. Takes two!

Krista on

This is all pretty crazy! I went to highschool with Samantha and had no idea about all this!

Lauren on

As long as Jude is taking responsibility for his child, shouldn’t we just wish him and Samantha congratulations? As far as paternity, it is possible to do a DNA test while she’s indeed pregnant. Perhaps they already had the test done, and there is no doubt that this baby isn’t Jude’s. He seems like a wonderful father to his other three children, so why does it matter who he sleeps with and when. The child is the most important thing here.

Lauren on

Sorry, meant that there is no doubt that the baby is indeed Jude’s daughter.

Hea on

If I don’t remember wrongly, Jude and Sadie had quite an open marriage back in the days.

And so what if he likes sex. Like someone pointed out, it’s not like he has kids by different women everywhere. If he has issues about being monogamous, that might be a whole other question altogether. Not everyone is for monogamous relationships.

Sarah on

I can’t imagine Jude Law is happy about this. He’s a relatively private celebrity who rarely talks about his personal life or relationships and wouldn’t release a statement like this.

That it comes from the mother screams of attention grabbing and a jump-start to a non-existent career. Not saying he isn’t going to be involved in his new daughter’s life, or isn’t excited about her impending birth, or will be anyone but the doting dad he is to his children with Sadie Frost, but the wording and timing of this statement leaves a bad taste in my mouth. He’s the celebrity. If anyone was going to make a statement, but should have been him.

Elzbieta on

Apparently they had a week long fling, and the girl is a wannabe actress. While in a nicer world, I’d be inclined to think it was a “oops” situation the reality is that this kinda stuff happens. Some women make a career out of trapping men. I won’t say thats her, but I’d be easier swayed if he’d impregnated a 30something lawyer at a top 10 firm than a struggling model on model mayhem. Luckily my opinion isn’t important.

CelebBabyLover on

Elzbeita- Chances are that Jude knows full well that there’s always a chance of pregnancy when you do the deed, and thus he wasn’t “trapped”. I hate the notion that women can trap men just as much as I hate the notion that men get women pregnant.

I’ve already shared my thoughts on the latter, but as for the former…Do you really think that Samantha forced Jude to have sex with her (and yes, I realize that women can and do rape men, but that definently doesn’t seem like it was the case here)?

gaia's mom on

Firstly I wanna say that a baby is always a blessing. Some of these comments have been a bit harsh. We don’t know her and we don’t know him and I’m not inclined to judge her by career choice. However, I will say I read the fling thing on google, and getting pregnant on a fling with an a-list celeb is going to look fishy no matter what.

Another thing,Laws comment specificially did not mention her name, and I find it a bit sad/odd that she wouldn’t appreciate the privacy, a lack of confirmation on her part would’ve given her. I mean now for the next two months she’s going to have paparazzi following her to the piggly wiggly.

on the other hand, I feel a bit bad for his new daughter because its one thing to make a child with someone you love and cherish(sadie frost) its another thing to make a child with someone you did the do with for a week or two. That’s the reality. I really hope, everything works out for Jude and his daughter.

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah- Jude WAS the one who made the initial statement (well, actually it was his rep). Samantha’s comments came AFTER that statement.

Mia on

Well, said gaia’s mom. I was about to comment on the same thing but I couldn’t have phrased it as well as you.

Elzbieta on

I for one feel men have very few rights when it comes to things like parental rights. If a man impregnates a woman no matter the circumstances, he has to take care of that child(there was a case involving a TURKEY BASTER!!). I’ve heard redonkulous stories, about missed birth control pills and pinholes through condoms. That is being trapped. Perhaps my comment on against her was premature, but I do think a man can be “trapped” and I find it unfair.

Patrice on

I’m sorry, but this type of thing is seriously starting to make me angry. Not the child on the way itself of course, but it is becoming incredibly apparent more and more to me these days, that grown adults are starting to feel like safe sex is no longer importatnt. I’m positive that there will be some naysayers to my comment here that “we don’t know whether or not birth control was used” concerning all of these people (Lance Armstrong only knew girfriend a couple of months, Carolina Kurkova was the same,etc.) but come on, do we honestly think that all of these kids are being concieved with the use of protection? I do believe that all children are in fact a blessing, but I certainly hope that we do not need to relieve the horror of what happened in the 80’s again to remind us that unprotected promescuity (short lived “relationship” or not) can in fact be deadly. Let’s hope it doesn’t have to come to that but it seems we are forgetting.

Patrice on

Erin: Your first comment was INCREDIBLY well said. I also could never imagine being so loose about protection. As for my own comment, I forgot to mention Mel Gibson’s mistresses name into the mix.

Hea on

Elzbieta – Sounds like an episode of Sunset Beach.

Aitch CS on

wow! Jude Law can’t seem to keep it in his pants!

CelebBabyLover on

Patrice- I don’t think Lance is the best example to use. I mean, the guy thought he was sterile due to his cancer treatments! Also, he and Anna (his girlfriend) presumably know that neither one of them has any STDs. Therefore, since Lance had basically been told that he would never concieve a child naturally, I can definently understand why they chose not to use protection.

As for Mel Gibson’s girlfriend’s name is Oksana (I forget her last name). 🙂

Hea- That DOES sound like an episode of some Soap Opera or something (not saying Sunset Beach is one, as I don’t know what genre it is)! I’m not saying it never happens in real life, but I’m betting that’s pretty rare. Also, my point is that most men know full well that no protection is fool-proof, and thus it’s possible for a couple to get pregnant if they do the deed (even if it’s just one time!). Therefore, if men (and, like my previous comment, I’m referring to men who basically hop from partner to partner, not married men or men in commited relationships!) don’t want to have kids, they shouldn’t be doing the deed, period!

Aitch CS- I’m sorry, but I think that was a very rude comment. I notice that, whenever these types of stories come out, people either bash the man for not “keeping it in his pants” or the woman for not “keeping her legs closed” (women even sometimes get the latter remark hurled at them when they have lots of kids, especially close in age…even if they’re all with the same guy!).

I rarely ever see both partners being criticized. Like I and others have said, it takes TWO to tango, thus both partners share the responsiblity for unplanned pregnancies (the one exception obviously being when a woman gets pregnant as a result of being raped. In that case, the woman is not to blame AT ALL for the unplanned pregnancy, as it was basically forced on her against her will).

Also, even when pregnancies don’t occur, it takes two to “do the dance”, if you will. Therefore, Jude’s former partners are just as guilty as he is for the fact that he’s done the deed with a number of women. I mean if, for example, the nanny didn’t want Jude to cheat on Sienna with her, she could have refused to do the deed with him.

We women are not helpless!