Halle Berry and Nahla Make a House Call

07/30/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Perched high atop Halle Berry‘s shoulder, a serene Nahla Ariela Aubry appears to enjoy the view!

The beautiful mother-daughter duo were spotted in Los Angeles on Wednesday en route to visit with a friend.

Nahla, 16 months, is the first child for Halle and partner Gabriel Aubry.

For more of Nahla, take a peek at our gallery of her first year!

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Shelby on

I usually hate when people say this but I really think Halle is pregnant again; that or I’m just hoping she is! They make gorgeous babies and this picture is evidence of that. Gorgeous family!

Lynn on

Shelby, I’m also convinced she’s pregnant again. The outfits she’s been wearing lately have made me think so. I wasn’t convinced at first, but now I am.

Nahla is adorable. I love seeing her, Halle, and Gabriel out.

Lisa on

I absolutely love this family

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Nahla is such a beautiful little girl. Is it just me or is she really tall for her age? As far as Halle being pregnant again, I’m not seeing it.

N on

I second the Halle pregnancy ๐Ÿ™‚ Yesterday Perez had some pretty convincing pics on his sight and now she is using the old “toddler covering the belly” technique. I sure hope she is, they make beautiful babies!

Gen on

Nahla sure is a cutie!

Halle does not look pregnant in this picture, but I have seen others lately where she has been wearing loose fitting tops, and could see why some might think she is possiblyexpecting.

Me on

some of the pics i’ve seen in the last few weeks have been showing definate growage in the tummy area, i hope she is expecting! Nahla is such a cutie, i’d love to see her with another! here’s a pic of her with a rather rounded belly;



kristin on

Thrifty, Nahla does seem a bit tall for her age. Gabriel is a tall man and she has his genes, after all (lucky girl!)

All the better to be a supermodel someday. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ashley on

Halle definitely does not look pregnant in this picture. I don’t think she is. Her daughter and her are very beautiful though!!

mae on

I’ve truly never seen such an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL child in my whole life !!! Every time I see Nahla I am stunned by her great beauty. And Halle is gorgeous as always !

emma on

Nahla is a cute little girl. She looks about 21 months-23 months not 16 months.

Marilyn on

I just saw some photos of her two days ago and she definately looked pregnant but she doesn’t look it here. I wonder why there’s such a difference in how she looked then and now.

TMia on

Nahla is a pretty little girl. And I agree with other posters, she’s definitely tall!

cas on

she’s gettting so big!!!!

Jessica on

I’m pretty sure that the dress Nahla is wearing is Little Maven by Tori Spelling

Emily on

I agree with PPs. Nahla is really tall for her age (like her dad!). My daughter has those exact same sandals and in the smallest size they came in, they are still to big for my daughter…and she is three months older than Nahla! What a beauty!!

starr on

A beautiful family.

Ann deLourdes on

so pretty

Anon on

While I think Halle, Nahla and Gabriel are all gorgeous, sometimes I think some of the comments about Nahla are a bit over the top. I dunno maybe its just me, but I find it hard to swoon over a baby. She’s a very pretty little girl, but some of the comments(not in this particular post) act as if shes some celestial creature gracing us with her otherworldly looks.

Oh and I’m completely jealous of Halle’s waist line!! Thats like what? 26, 27. AH! Working out in the AM.

Anon on

Oh and I really don’t think halle is pregnant. In that Perez picture the wind is blowing. If she’s pregnant that would be cool! They’d have THE most handsome little boy ever.

gaia's mom on

I kinda love everything about Halle Berry. She seems beautiful inside and out and I enjoy seeing pics of this family. Elzbieta, I see what you’re saying. I get told my daughter resembles Nahla quite a bit, which is odd because in my mind she’s a baby and its weird that my kid gets told that she looks like some other baby. Eh. If I’m honest I think sometimes people just like to be over the top. Positive comments shouldn’t be faulted.

dee on

She is a really pretty girl nd I love that I have never seen Nahla in anything pink. It’s just kind of refreshing.

kai on

halle has a crazy body, it’s hard to believe that she’s the age she is. (and, please, how does she look pregnant??)

anon, totally agree! it’s the same with shiloh. not that she isn’t ridiculously cute, but people act like she’s the second coming at times. it’s like there’s a contest among celebrity babies, weird.

mae on

I don’t think it’s over the top to find this little girl as one of the most beautiful out there. We all have our personnal visions of what beauty is, and to me Nahla represents this. And excuse me, but when it is/was Shiloh Jolie-Pitt no one did bat an eyelid about the ‘oh she’s almighty ‘ comments. ๐Ÿ˜‰

gaia's mom on

Thats. I could’ve sworn that said Elzbeta. Anyway, I think those comments on shiloh are outrageous and its not just about Nahla. I actually like this photo a lot, because she looks like the toddler that she is, as a opposed to a mini-lady. I think its because the photo is sorta in profile so her feline eyes aren’t the focus. I read from this website called dlisted.com, that makes fun of the whole st. Angie and her cherubs business..I find it all amusing.

daniela on

My goodness, I’d do anything to have a Halle’s bod! How can one look that fit after having a baby? It ain’t right!!! LOL! I may be having my second baby at her age, I hope I can look a fraction that good after baby!!! She’s gorgeous and so is Nahla!!!

CelebBabyLover on

mae- Actually, some people HAVE complained about the Shiloh comments. That said, the only issue I have with the Shiloh comments is that people gush over her whenver pictures of her come out…but completely ignore Zahara, who is usually also in the pictures. Zahara is a beautiful girl, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

RM on

Nahla is clearly a beautiful child. That said, she looks very much like many of the beautiful biracial children I come across everyday, including my own daughter. Her curls, her hazel eyes, her golden brown skin. . . these features are very common in biracial children. I think because her parents are beautiful and famous, she tends to get some of the over-the-top comments. When I see those comments, though, it just makes me smile. When my daughter was Nahla’s age, she looked exactly like her. I’m sure Nahla will grow up to be a beauty just like her mother. ๐Ÿ™‚

lulumay on

Well I happen to think she is a very pretty little girl…but I think that is b’c she reminds me of what I envision my little girl will one day look like…if I have one. LOL. Fingers crossed. My coloring is similar to Halle’s & I am told I sorta look like her (I don’t but I’ll take the compliment!) & I am on the hunt for a Gabriel look-a-alike so it could happen. Ha! Please note this was written very tongue in cheek!

dutchmom on

RM, I totally agree with you. Nahla is a beautiful little girl, but she also is a typically biracial beauty. I have two little girls who look just like little Nahla. I do believe that some of the comments are over the top, just imagine saying these things to Halleยดs face. She would be freaked out! Believe me, cause I have been there with my eldest daughter. I was on holiday and the hotelguests would say things like, what a beautiful creature, what an unearthly beauty. That is not a compliment, thatยดs just scary!

FC on

The older she gets, the more I want to say she takes after Gabriel…and that is definitely not a bad thing..lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Waves on

Nahla is a cute little girl. But I totally agree with Dutchmom! My daughter is soon to be one and since birth I have had people literally stop me physically so they could see her. It does get kinda scary especially when huge grown men stop in their tracks to exclaim how pretty she is. I was totally shock by this! I mean I know my daughter is beautiful to me but of course I am biased but when strangers gush over her for long periods of time and I’m just trying to get out of the store it is a little freaky. I literally had to resort to covering her face when she was little because she would draw a crowd. Someone even asked if my husband and I could have a baby for them! So I understand why Halle never wants to come out of the house!

Terri on

She has a cute little girl and they look nice togeter