Candace Cameron Bure Sees the World Through Young Eyes

07/30/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

Although she was married at 20 and a mom at 22, Candace Cameron Bure has no regrets. “I feel like I lived a whole lot of life before that,” the 33-year-old former Full House star tells Cookie magazine. “Both my husband [former NHL player Valeri Bure] and I were ready to have a family right away.” Mission accomplished! Together, the two are parents to Natasha Valerievna, turning 11 next month, Lev Valerievich, 9, and Maksim Valerievich, 7 ½. Candace says,

“I love being a young mom and taking my kids everywhere with me. I’m blessed to say my kids have traveled all over the world, and we’ve never brought someone along to help with them. It puts my obsession with etiquette books to good use! I also get to see the world through young eyes and do things I might not otherwise because of it.”

Her relative youth also means that Candace has lots of energy, and from the sound of things she needs it! A typical Saturday for the family of five involves 9 a.m. hockey practice for the boys or a 40-minute family workout session. “They do everything my husband and I do,” she notes. “Then it’s all about the kids — tennis, swimming, lunch, more sports, and dinner. It’s basically about how we can tire them out!”

While she clearly has things under control, Candace isn’t immune to the occasional frazzled mom moment — and one stands out in particular. “Boarding an airplane on my own when I was 6 months pregnant, trying to keep track of my 1 ½-year-old and my 3-year-old, and carrying car seats, luggage, and pushing a stroller,” she recalls. “No one offered to help, and the airline was no use. I was crying by the time I sat in my seat.”

Click below to read about what Candace won’t tolerate from the kids.

The couple “mostly agree” on how to raise Natasha, Lev and Maksim and Candace says she views her own parenting style as a mixture of both good and bad cop. “I love to have fun with my kids, but I don’t put up with disobedience,” she explains. When asked by the magazine what her own mom was most right about, Candace replies: “Showing an attitude of gratitude throughout your day that is reflected by the little things you do.” She adds,

“My mom brought cookies to every taping of every show I did to say thank you for having us. It sometimes felt silly at the time, but now I understand. My mom always taught us to never take anything for granted even if you earned it, and to show your gratitude toward others for it. I’m trying to continue that legacy in my own life and teach my children.”

Source: Cookie

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Anna on

LOVE HER! She and her husband worked very hard to keep the family together and do things as a family. It shows in a happy family! Congratulations!

Alicia on

I love you DJ Tanner!!!
Isn’t it great that her kids can watch “Full House”? It’s such a nice family show. Nothing too embarrassing for Candace not to show her children. I’m 22 and I STILL watch it. It just brings me right back to childhood.

Sunny on

I just can’t believe she is a mom to an 11 year old. We are almost the same age and I remember being that age and watching her on TV.
Anyway, she sounds like a great mom with a good head on her shoulders.

Kelly on

I’ve always loved Candace and his family life. Her children are all so aborable, behaved and well tolerated. Full House remains one of my fave TV shows. Yeah for DJ Tanner!

Vera on

I grew up watching her, and I love that she’s not another messed up child star! She’s obviously an amazing mother and wife and sounds very happy

Ava on

Does she have 1 girl and 2 boys? Sorry I’vee never heard of the names so I don’t know if they are boys or girls names…

madylane on

“Together, the two are parents to Natasha Valerievna, turning 11 next month, Lev Valerievich, 9, and Maksim Valerievich, 7 ½.”

I believe Valeri is Russian. In Russian language Valerievna is “daughter of Valeri” and Valerievnich is “son of Valeri”. That is how you tell the boys from the girls names 🙂 So Natasha is a girl and Lev and Maksim are boys.

SH on

does anyone know the significance of those middle names?

ElenaS on

Wow I didn’t know that she is a mom of 3. I can’t imagine her like that ( like 33 years old and plus mom) since here we still have reruns of Full House almost every year and I enjoy watching her and the rest of the cast. I wonder If they are still in contact with each other?

r on

It’s not really a middle name. Russians don’t have middle names. We take our dads name and that is how you get Valerievna and Valerievnich.

robinepowell on

I’ve always liked Candace, I guess for one thing because though we’re the same age, she has always seemed more mature. I guess that’s what you get, growing up in front the camera.

She and her husband are one of the few celebrities out there who are managing to make their marriage work. Maybe it’s because of some old fashioned values, or because their marriage has never ever been in the tabloids.

I remember seeing pictures from her wedding, it was like a fairy tale. Three kids and 13 years later she’s managing to do it all. Congrats to you Candace. 🙂

Janet on

Candace is great! As I type this a rerun of Full House is on the tv!

Brodie on

Elena, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere the cast is still very close. I remember when MK and Ashley Olsen got their stars on the Hollywood walk of fame, nearly the whole FH cast was there to cheer them on. And I also read they were all involved in staging an intervention for Jodi Sweetin during her drug addiction.
I can imagine they would feel like a second family after all those years together.

Marissa on

Candace is such an inspiration to many. I read her testimonial about God on her website, and then the next day I found out she is coming to a church out here in AZ to be a guest speaker! I am so excited! I follow her on Twitter and she is awesome! Beautiful family!!!

Ann deLourdes on

young mothers have an advantage. I was not a young mother by any stretch of the imagination.

Shea on

Candace is an awesome young woman! She really has her head on straight and she will never be another “Hollywood” story like so many other kids that grew-up on TV became. She writes a regular column on Christian Women Online that is really good. She is a very devoted wife and mom. I give her parents a lot of props for raising her and her brother Kirk so well, they both grew up to be such outstanding adults, still in the business and still happily married to their first husband/wife and such devoted parents. You can tell they grew-up in a loving, caring “Normal” home despite being showbiz kids. I applaude the Camerons for the job they did!

alana on

here’s a pic of the family from their wine website, just in case anyone was curious!:

Cortney on

I love Candace and her family! With everything else she does she even owns a cafe – Milk and Honey!

Julie on

I have been a fan of Candace’s for a long time….she is such a good role model, and I’m so happy for her and her family. You can tell they are truly happy.

eva on

The “middle names” are patronymics.The terminations “yevna”, “ovna”, “ishna” are added to the father’s name in the case of girls, for boys its “ievich”, “ovich” or “yich”.

In the case of these children the patronymic literally means son of Valeri or daughter of Valeri.The sons and daughters of Maksim’s would be Maksimovich or Maksimovna. Lev’s would be Lvovna and Lvovich.

April on

eva – that is so interesting! how is it decided which ending the name will have, is it based on something in the father’s name itself or is it personal choice?

JMO on

For some reason I remember when her daughter was born it was reported that her name was Natalia. And I do believe I have heard her in an interview call their son Maks(Max).

I just saw they did a Save by the bell reunion photoshoot for People mag. I’d love to see a Full House reunion as well!! That was my favorite show growing up. My mom even knew someone that worked with Bob Saget’s mom and I would get signed autographs often of Bob and the cast!! And even though I’m in my 20’s I can still sit down and watch FH and repeat much of the dialogue (pathetic I know) but it’s such a great show and one that will live on for generations to come!!

Doreen on

Love Candace!~! Now, THIS girl IS a role model!! 🙂 She is sooo lovely!! I was actually just reading her message on Twitter earlier today about how Natasha hurt her nose on a roller coaster but she’s ok~she showed a pic of it. She has some Twit pics up of her and the family! Very nice!!

sage on

I Love Candance so mucha nd her family is so adorable!
JMO-You are correct her name is Natalya but they call her Natasha

Jazz on

I think Candace is fabulous. I have liked her ever since her Full House days and I really respect how she keeps her family out of the spotlight. And her kids are so cute!

meghan on

natasha is the diminutive of natalya – sort of like a nickname…

it depends on the name as to what ending the patronymic will have – and of course whether the child is male or female.

Alex on

Sounds like a great family! I think its so adorable that all 3 kids have Russian names.

robinepowell on

madylane: Thanks for explaining the middle names.

Let me point out that Valeri’s sons may not follow the Russian tradition and decide to give their future kids actual middle names. They were raised in the U.S. and presumbly with Candace’s religon, so anything goes. 😉

shawna on

When I hear her say she doesn’t tolerate disobedience it makes me shudder because she has been very open about her choice to use the Pearls’ No Greater Joy which is a horrible child raising book full of incredibly abusive parenting tactics. I would rather have kids who act out sometimes than have kids who are beaten into obedience. But that’s just me.

kim on

I went to school with Candace before she started acting. She starting acting in 2nd grade, her first show was ALICE.Our whole class was very excited to have a celebrity amoung us(not really but when your 7 it is very glamourous) She was always very nice as was the family. I did in fact meet her brother Kirk before he was on Growing Pains.
Good to see her so successful after all this time and that she didn’t get typecast from her role as DJ

Bancie1031 on

*sign* I love her and Kirk …. wish we could see more of their kids but I understand them keeping them away from the spotlight …. Candance is so gorgeous as is her family 🙂

Terri on

What a beautiful family!

Angelia on

I loved her in Fullhouse! She turned out to be a lovely person and mother. I was the same age when I had my first baby!

Mary on

i’m sure Candace is a great mom. sounds like she’s instilling some great values in her children. i just love seeing her on the show Make It or Break It. i’m glad she decided to return to television. Full House rocked!

LB on

Love her! I still have the celebrity paper that spotlighted her wedding. I grew up watching her and love that she is in a new show now too.