Twins Max and Emme Make Cameo at Birthday Party for Jennifer Lopez

07/29/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Kevin Mazur/Getty

For Jennifer Lopez‘s surprise 40th birthday party last Saturday, husband Marc Anthony wanted her to have everything (and everyone) she loves, including her 17-month-old twins Maximilian ‘Max’ David and Emme Maribel. The evening started with a surprise Look Who’s Talking-style video starring the babies, who toddled around their Long Island manse as a voiceover said,

“Mom, we want to come to the party. Mom, I can’t believe we are not there.”

In another scene, the twins were seen “talking” on the phone. Then, Max got into his car seat and tried to buckle it, as the voiceover said, “Buckles are too hard for me.” After brother and sister were shown trying to climb out of their cribs, one was seen typing at the keyboard as a voice said, “Let’s Twitter Mom and figure out what she is doing.” At the end, Max, dressed in a tuxedo with a red bow tie and Emme, in a pink party dress, were seen running down the hallway screaming “Here we come Lola” — Marc’s pet name for Jennifer.

As the birthday girl watched the video, laughing, the lights went out and Max and Emme came out onto the stage dressed in the very same outfits. “Like they had just run out of their house to the party,” party planner Liberty Woodman of Lady Liberty Catering & Event Planning tells PEOPLE. “Jennifer was in shock.”

“It was one of her favorite parts. She was surprised and very happy. She said, ‘These are my babies.'”

After their late night appearance, the twins went back to the hotel where the family had a suite. Five hours later, after a night of non-stop music and dancing, “Lola” and Daddy called it a night and joined them.

— Liz McNeil


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m-dot on

Wow! Sounds so touching! What a great way to start yr 40!

Mary-Helen on

That sounds adorable! Jennifer seems like such a doting mom and it sounds like such a fun party. Marc seems to have thought of everything, he seems like such a devoted husband to Jennifer.

Linda on

Sorry, this is too theatrical for me to feel its anything.

Anna on

I agree with Linda.

eva on

I wonder where Lola came from.In Spanish Lola is a nickname for Aurora so it sounds odd for Jennifer.I’m curious.

Her kids are cute and the video idea was funny,surely everyone present found it amusing and cute.

P on


Maybe Lola comes from LO-pez?

Bb on

That sounds adorable.

kai on

Linda, I agree, but it’s Jennifer Lopez we’re talking about, I expected nothing less;) man, to live her life just one day…

um, yeah, happy birthday!

12 Weeks Pregnant on

Sounds like a good party!

janie on

Linda, I totally agree with you.

This family is much too “over the top” – everything they do is so dramatic!

melania on

I think it’s so touching and sweet that Marc had the idea to do the video. He put a lot of thought into the party for his wife (as it should be) and it shows how much he loves her. I know people will say that he has a lot of money and paid people to put the party together and make the video, etc., but clearly he had a hand in making it something his wife would enjoy. Also, I have have a friend nicknamed Lola and her real name is Leticia (not Aurora). Also I worked with a Lola a few years ago whose real name was Dolores. I think it is just a pretty nickname.

Leti on

For those that believe this family is over the top, you have understand that the Latino family is by nature over the top especially when it comes in time for celebrations we hold no expense it’s in our nature, and so what they the means to live it up and enjoy it how ever they please more power to them

Blurb on

Eva, I don’t know where you got that information but Lola is a commonly used nickname for the Spanish name Dolores.

Not many women go by Dolores anymore and choose to go by Lola since Dolores literally means ‘pains’ in Spanish.

dhdana on

Why do I get the impression that Jennifer really planned the whole thing, not Marc?

Lori on

Does Marc ever see his other children?

eva on

Blurb, I’m my parents are Chilean and Mexican,I was raised in Chile and I’ve always used Lola for Auroras.Everyone around me did.

P,you are probably right!LOL,I’m slow with pet names and nicknames.

Traci on

That’s awesome! Did she cry watching that? I would have. I cried just reading it!

Traci on

I also have to add, after reading the other comments, that I agree with Leti. Family being the most important thing, it is celebrated as elaborately as it can be. This sounds wonderful to me. And as far as I’m concerned, there are FAR worse thing people do. Geez.

It’s a shame that some people will always feel the need to put others down.

annie on

I’m sorry Leti, I have to disagree. While we Latino families are characterized by being very close and that may be over the top the spending excess and self-indulgence of the Lopez-Anthony clan is something different altogether. I hoped maybe Jennifer had learned her lesson from the Bennifer affair about the value of keeping things simple.

Holly on

Sounds cute, but a lil strange. :0 Anywho, my little cousin’s name is Lokkiana. Her nickname is actually Lola. I think her dad is like spanish or something, and I’m not exactly sure what Lola is a nickname for. Nowdays, it’s just used for basically anyone. Very cute birthday video, sounds J Lo.

sash on

all you people who are saying bad things about jlo who gives you the right to judge maybe if you guys were in the position as she you would have wanted the same thing. stop been judgeful
what marc did for jlo was sweet love jlo for life.

Lily on

Lola is a nickname for the Spanish names Dolores, Lourdes and sometimes (but rarely) Yolanda. I never heard of ‘Lola’ being a nickname for Aurora. Anyway, the only thing I can think of, is that Marc Anthony calls Jennifer ‘Lola’ for the slang word “Lolita’…as in “latin Lola” or Latin Lolita…you know, a sexy, little spitfire, his own hot latin lover. Sounds silly, but maybe it’s a joke between them, a name he began calling her that stuck. Lola’s always been a slang term for a sexually attractive latin woman. Remember Amy Fisher, the so-called Long Island Lolita? Anything having to do with sex or sexy refers to this nickname. Marc Anthony married J.Lo so he must’ve thought she was hot..cute pet name with a little spice to it if you ask

CelebBabyLover on

dhdana- Why would Jennifer plan her own birthday party? And clearly she was suprised by the twins’ appearence, thus she couldn’t have planned it!

Lori- I believe he sees at least his two older sons (not sure about his older daughter). I’m pretty sure I’ve heard he and/or Daynara Torres speak about it in interviews.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and J-Lo has also spoken about her role as step-mom to the older boys. 🙂

Mary-Helen on

I know Marc’s daughter is close to Jennifer, as it was reported before that she appeared in Jennifer’s music video for “Get Right” and I remember something about Jennifer helping her explore her interest in horseback riding. Jennifer has mentioned her relationship with the boys, but I think considering the bitterness Dayanara Torres still harbours for Marc, she keeps mum on the subject. I don’t blame Dayanarra for being angry that Marc had an affair with a waitress and then hooked back up with Jennifer so quickly after she filed for divorce, but I think she comes off as very angry when asked about the kids.

As for the over the top-ness of her birthday party or whatever. It’s their money, if they want to have a huge birthday bash or whatever, it’s none of our business. We’re not paying for it. It’s not like it was filmed for a reality show or flaunted in a music video or anything. It was a brief mention in People, and the caterer was the one who told the mag, not Jen herself, so I’m not sure how she’s “flaunting.”

Terri on

That sounds like a cool video and a very memorable 40th birthday party for Jennifer.

Lola on

I can’t believe JLo is already 40. She looks absolutely beautiful. Love the nickname. And by the way …who cares where the nickname came from. My mother’s name is Maria Helena and her nickname is Lola. LOL