Sarah Michelle Gellar: Short and Sweet!

07/29/2009 at 09:00 AM ET

Out and about in Santa Monica, Calif., on Friday, Sarah Michelle Gellar didn’t let a growing belly stop her from sporting a pair of short shorts (or wedges)!

The expectant actress — who balanced out her look with a flowing cream-colored top — and her gal pal reportedly spent the day shopping. Perhaps they were browsing for baby gear?

Due this fall, baby-on-the-way will be the first for the 32-year-old and her husband of six years, actor Freddie Prinze Jr.

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Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Sarah Michelle looks absolutely amazing!!

Lynn on

Sarah was actually with Lindsay Sloane, another actress. I didn’t recognize her at first.

I can’t wait until Sarah and Freddie have the baby. Is she due in September? I swear she’s due the same month as David Boreanaz’s wife.

lydia on

Wow her legs are still slim, with beautiful ankles, it seems she is free from the pregnancy bloated ankles and feet. She looks great.

Ashley on

Sarah Michelle is beautiful and looks great! Can’t wait for the baby to arrive!!

Jen on

She looks GREAT! Good job Sarah for managing to NOT look like the stay puff marshmellow man with a summer pregnancy!

Suzanne on

She looks beautiful…Whenever I’m pregnant I lean toward the elastic waist skirts and flip flops…. lol


I love her!! She looks great. By my 6th month I was so swallon up I had to wear flip flops..ha ha

I love her hair too

Shanique on

Her legs look fabulous!

Anna on

She looks great!

Julia on

Wow, she looks great. I can’t wait until she has the baby :)

kyotoyoshi on


bungalowbliss on

Looking good, Sarah!

CTBmom on

She looks terrific! I agree…her legs look great!

holden on

She looks beautiful!

Lis on

I agree. She looks darling. But I wonder why we don’t see pics of her and Freddie, ever? Is he busy working right now?

Ava on

Lis- He is part of the creative writing for the WWE (wrestling)I can guarentee that is keeping him

On a side note, It looks like the guy behind her is checking her out….Must be nice to still get checked out while

Erin on

Man, she looks great. I’m jealous! Freddie will be on the next season of 24 so he may have started filming for that.

Mariel on

Lis i was thinking the same when i saw her in this pic.
I would love to see her with him!!!! They are a beautiful couple!!!

Lola on

^There are pics of them together from July 23…I don’t know why they weren’t posted her, though.

Lola on

momto boys on

SMG is such a nice and sweet person, I wonder what made her go for this look? it’s like 3 looks thrown together. Yes, she looks great for being pregnant. Kudos she can still wear wedges and have balance, but the pocket hanging out of her shorts says trailer park, but with the Gucci purse, it says otherwise.

Lola Marie on

I don’t know how pregnant celebs do it? I’ve heard that later on in your pregnancy your sense of balance shifts because of your growing belly…knowing that I would be so nervous to wear these sky high heels that these women wear…

Nika on

She is so GORGEOUS!!! Still… I think the guy behind her is looking at the paparazzi.

SMG looks like she hasn’t aged a day since Buffy!

helen knight on

Beautiful lady. Gorgeous husband. She nearly has it all! sigh lol

Allie on

Nika, I was about to say the same thing about the guy behind her. I seriously doubt he’s checking her out (even though some guys do think PG women are the sexiest!). I’m sure he heard the paparazzi and turned around. She does look really good, though! I just have to ask why when Camila Alves wore a pair of short shorts under a flowing tunic she got criticized, but when SMG does it, she looks “cute & terrific?” Makes no sense…..

Stella on

I think Sarah looks so cute pregnant! She is so sweet looking and she looks great pregnant. All the best to her and Freddie on their bundle on the way!

J.J. on

Aww she looks so great!! I’m not sure if this is true, but I heard their baby on the way is a girl according to some sources like Star magazine, can anyone confirm it? I have a small feeling it’s a boy though, but either way their baby is going to be stunning!!

melissa on

Ava-Freddie left WWE a few months ago, bot sure what he’s up to now.

Carla on

He’s gonna be on the next season of 24 !

Milla on

J.J –
I read the same rumour in Australia’s OK magazine about it being a girl. Apparently SMG gave a quote saying the nursery is ‘not at all frilly or princessy’. But who really knows! I can only see Freddie with a little girl, but a boy would be gorgeous too.

Yvonne from Germany on

Didn’t she change her name to Prinze?

Anyway she looks great!

chrissi on

yvonne – she only uses prinze perosonally. professionally she still uses gellar

kyotoyoshi on

Allie – You must be new to the internet because there have definitely been complaints about her shorts. Really, who cares? She still looks pretty put together.

Yvonne from Germany – The name change was personal. Professionally, she’s still Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Mary-Helen on

Ava, Freddie actually left WWE earlier this year to pursue a role on 24, which is filming now. That’s probably why we don’t see him.

However, can I say how jealous I am of her adorable bump and bloat free pregnancy! We’re due close together and I look HUGE and bloated and swollen and horrid.

txgal on

I have always adored her and her style. She is beyond cute and put together and I love how private she and her husband are.
A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! Great legs= show ‘em off!

cas on

so cute!! she looks adorable

Dannie on

SMG looks great, I think she’s having a boy, and I think Nicole Richie is having another girl

jas on

Oh my…she looks AMAZING!! I can only hope to look half that good at 7 months. Go S.M.G!

jessica` on

She looks great but the high-heels are too much at this point. Easy to loose balance, and if she falls… well, think about baby.

Terri on

Sarah Michelle looks great. I never knew Freddie worked for the WWE. That’s interesting.

Ria on

She looks fantastic…and I so want those shoes.

CelebBabyLover on

jessica- Quite possibly she feels more comfortable in heels than other shoes!

Bancie1031 on

awww she looks wonderful … I love her outfit! I’m so glad we’re finally seeing more of Sarah :D

Lauren on

The difference between Sarah’s outfit and Camila’s is that Sarah’s outfit is perfectly proportioned. Calima’s tunic was so long it covered her shorts, making it look like she was wearing nothing underneath and thus appearing skimpy. Sarah’s tank and cardigan are not so long that they overshadow the shorts, and the wedge heels add height without being too trashy paired with the shorts in addition to a stability one wouldn’t get with heels. Her outfit is sexy and body-conscious, which puts her miles ahead of certain other pregnant celebs who do nothing to flatter their pregnant shapes. She’s becoming my new most stylish celeb mom-to-be.

kyotoyoshi on

Jessica – I’m sure she knows what she can manage wearing “at this point” and what’s best for herself and the baby.

Marsha on

To all of you who say you looked puffy and ugly when you were pregnant–SHUT UP!!!! Even if you didn’t think so, you were very beautiful. Never forget that even though you have a negative view of yourself, women are extremely beautiful and at the height of their femininity when they are pregnant. Even though you may think that “pregnancy glow” is from all the morning sickness. :) Besides, you can’t compare yourself to a celebrity who has trainers, chefs and is constantly pampered. We would all look flawless if that were the case.

Mary-Helen on

Marsha, I am pregnant with my third right now and trust me, I look terrible lol. I would love to be able to wear cute shoes…or any non flip flop shoes hahaha and my hair is so dry that my ends are split like no one’s business and I cut my hair a month ago! I have girlfriends who aren’t pampered who look just as adorable with their bumps, so it’s not really the having chefs and stuff, some people just don’t do pregnancy as “beautiful” as others. But the end result is worth it, so you buy your deep conditioning treatment and hope for the best.

kerlyn on

Do NOT click on @Lola’s link it contains harmful worms, etc. Luckily I have a good firewall and I will let my hubby check it out when it gets home. CBB might consider not allowing links to be posted in the comments section and I will be wiser I had a momentenary lapse of judgement … I know better usually!!


We check links first before we put them live and it was fine on our end. Sorry you encountered some trouble!

– CBB Staff

Alex on

I hope they’ll release the baby’s name. Sarah looks amazing!

emilyc on

She looks great, but I just don’t get the “pockets hanging out of the shorts” look!? Looks pretty silly too me!


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