Sound Off! How Old is Too Old for Young Children to go Naked?

07/28/2009 at 10:30 AM ET
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It’s summer, the temperatures are rising, and all your small children want to do is splash around in the sprinkler, backyard pool or anywhere else they can cool off. Of course at home you probably let them wear whatever is comfortable — diapers, T-shirts or nothing at all — but in public, when is it appropriate to cover up?

Brooke Burke and daughter Heaven Rain, 2 ยฝ, drew some heavy criticism when Brooke shared a picture of a topless Rain earlier this summer. And the Today show recently addressed the issue, asking when kids are too old to appear in public sans clothes.

So here’s your chance to Sound Off! Tell us how old is too old for young children to go naked.


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cucpcakemom on

There was an article about this in the New York Times a few weeks ago. It was really cool because it didn’t answer the question with expert opinions, but presented the beliefs and practices of a variety of families to show that everyone has a different comfort level about this. I think it’s helpful to realize that views about the body and nudity are very personal, and to try to respect and not judge when others’ ideas are different than your own family’s. Another thing to consider is that there are a lot of people out there who are not going to worry what other people think when it comes to parenting decisions. A parent who allows their little one to be naked in public is probably not intending to offend someone else, nor is he or she a bad parent automatically.

MissMissy on

My sister and I were allowed to go topless until we were 8. We weren’t allowed to do so outside of the beach, friends’ houses and home, though. The general rule of thumb was–if it was a place where it would be appropriate to see an adult male w/o his shirt on, then it was okay to be less dressed.

Of course, we wanted to push this age back further when we were little; kids don’t care about being naked, they just want to be comfortable!

Helene on

I couldn’t believe the remarks that people made about this toddler not wearing a shirt.
I’m French. I wore only bikini bottoms on the beach until I was about 9. My chest looked exactly the same as all the boys my age. No one suggested that it was inappropriate – in fact, I think it very inappropriate when little girls without breasts wear bikini tops. I think that it draws attention to their “breasts”, even when they don’t have any. Very strange.
In the end, I switched to an all-in-one only because I was a competitive swimmer, and it was my uniform at the club.

Something I find extremely inappropriate and disturbing? Toy guns and war video games. Perhaps you should have a forum on this?

torrie on

It’s really unfortunate how uptight people in this country are about nudity. I recently took some amazing pictures of my daughter, who’s 26 months old, skinny dipping in a stream. You could see her tushy. They were some of the best pictures I’ve ever taken (I’m a photographer), but when I posted them on Flickr I had to make them viewable to friends and family only. Partly because of the many perverts on the internet, but partly because I was weary of the backlash I would receive if I posted a “naked” picture of my kid on Flickr or my blog.

Amy on

I believe that it depends on the parents and what they think is best for their children. I dont believe its okay for children to walk around nude after age 3 or 4. My daughter is 7 and we dont allow her to walk around nude. It seems inappropriate for her to do. My son is 6 and he does walk around without a shirt but he is a boy. I was never allowed to walk around without clothes past age 4.

Lis on

It is so sad that our society has come to this. I was naked in the back yard kiddi pool all summer long. I never thought anything of it. I have a picture of my cousin and I dancing in the kiddi pool at 8 years old. The world has become such a bad place where we have to worrie about our children so much. Kids can no longer be kids. My kids are at my mothers this week because I need a break and she said to me well I had no help. The differnce was that we ran around and stayed outside alone allll day did not come in until night. We never worried about abductions etc…. my world came crashing down with Paul Bernardo here in Canada it was the begining of the age where kids could no longer be kids and we have to watch them 24/7. My kids are never out of my sight. Now we have to worry about little babies running around au-nautural because of perverts etc…. it really is too bad. I bathed with my dad until about 7-8 and I never thought anything wrong with it. We colored on the walls and had fun in the tub. Nowadays if you said that the father would be arrested.
Sad sad sad……inocence has been lost.

Jessica on

I often wonder about this, because my baby daughter and two year old son are often running around in just their diapers. I don’t see the big deal but my husband gets really bothered by it. He also doesn’t like when I bathe them together. MissMissy, I do like you’re logic about places where an adult male wouldn’t wear a shirt, I’ll keep that in mind.

MammaDucky on

I don’t have a problem with young kids running around naked. I want my kids covered up for protection from the sun!

SweetDiva on

Not to say that wardrobe dictates the actions of child predators but covering up a bit encourages a bit of modesty in children. That modesty may be what lets them know when someone is staring at them a little too long or when someone touches them the wrong way. It’s not about being uptight about nudity, but you only need to be affect by child abuse once and you’ll never be the same.

NettieB on

As long as children are in safe surroundings I don’t think it matters until their bodies begin to develop and mature. But come on now! The girl was two years old! Commentary on that is suspect to begin with.

Carolyn on

Jessica brings up an interesting point. Different topic but in the same vein … when should you stop bathing boy/girl siblings together?

I agree that it’s a shame that we have been taught to hide our bodies, but unfortunately it’s a necessary evil because of the sick people in our world. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Deeann on

I agree–it’s sad that are children lose out on childhood innocence because of pedophiles and freaks.
Everything is an issue these days. My daughter is 5 and we let her be naked in our home-or if she’s at a friends house and they want to run naked thru the sprinkler. As long as we are in someones backyard and they aren’t visible to others. You want them to be innocent and have fun and not have to think about those things-but you always have to worry.
When we are in public she is in a swimsuit-one piece. The other day some old man was video taping my daughter twirling in the sun blowing bubbles. It’s just not right.

Jessicad on

Helene I completely agree with you.

Anna on

Lis and also Deeann, do you really think there were no perverts back when you were playing outside although without supervision? Of course there were! Your parents just didn’t hear about them on the news every day so they didn’t smother you like many people are doing to their children now.

Children can still play outside without 24 hour watch, just as we did when we were young.

Children can go naked on the beach until about 3 and without tops until about 10 in my opinion.

noelle on


Kids usualy let their parents know when it’s time to stop bathing together. They just don’t want to anymore. I can’t imagine a 16yr old wanting to share a bath with his sister.

As for nudity among children, I live in Europe and even though we are not that uptight when it comes to nudity, we don’t let our children be really naked outdoors. Topless yes, but naked. Topless women aren’t that big a deal here, so why would a topless child be.. As for pedophiles. It’s almost impossible to stop a pedophile from making photos if he really wants to. Go to the average beach on a hot summers day, there are plenty of photo opportunities there and you can’t attack everyone who makes a photo.

nan on

wow anna – going shirtless in public until 10 may be a bit late. my son is 10 and half the girls in his grade have started to develop and wear bras. i cant imagine being at the beach and him seeing one of them shirtless – his mouth would drop!

Kathleen on

I think in Brooke’s case with being a star she maybe should have used a little better judgement. I personally don’t care if her 2 year old is topless, but with being in the public eye, she probably should have kept that just for her family. I personally will not let my children even 2 or 3 go outside without a shirt on. I just feel like my kids should know that if they go without a top on it should only be inside because certain things are private. I also have my son wear a rashguard with his swim trunks because I do worry about predators! My daughters wear one piece swimsuits and my 8 year old actually had the UPS guy say woo-hoo at her while running through the sprinkler. I think it is ok to be vigilant in our society and if that means your kids losing some of their childhood han so be it to keep them safe.

Andrea_momof2 on

I think it’s all up to the parents. Personally, my children never have and never will run around in public shirtless or naked but if other parents what to, that’s their choice

Lauren on

I think a lot of people are going to disagree, but as far as parents bathing with their children, I really don’t find that appropriate, especially when the child and parent are of the opposite sex. It goes without saying that parents need to supervise their children in the tub and wash their hair, play with them, etc-all of which can easily be done from outside the tub on the parents’ part. Maybe it’s because my parents never did it with me, but I find the concept of bathing with a child very weird unless absolutely necessary, and I think worse of a parent doing it with a child of the opposite sex. I can’t imagine ever having taken a bath with my father naked in front of me and being comfortable with it, even as a child. But that’s jmo.

babyboopie on

My boy sometimes went naked until he was 3 years old. When he turned 4, i began to get worried because he was getting older and it was a bit inappropriate – I was also worried about paedophiles and perverts etc since the whole Maddie McCann thing.

robinepowell on

It should be up to the parents but at the same time not in public, same as adults.

I sent my friend’s daugther these cute underwear and undershirt for her birthday when she was around 6-7 years old and my friend took pictures of her wearing them (posing actually with sunglasses on) and e-mailed them to me. They had this cute cat on the front of the shirt and back of the underwear.

I e-mailed them to another friend and her mother, because they know the friend and daughter. The backlash I got! They were so freaked out that this would be considered porn, it was ridiculous. I never, ever posted them on any sites, but just the same, in their minds I might as well have.

Some of the best pictures we have of ourselves or our kids are of them naked, or wearing cute underwear from when we’re young. So what’s the harm?

Jacquie on

People are probably going to have a problem with this but my nearly 7 yo daughter runs around naked at our house most of the time. Of course, this is INSIDE the house and if we have other people at the house she has to wear something. She also sleeps naked every night. I see nothing wrong with it because she is very comfortable with her body and who she is. I like that about her. She also knows she has to be clothed outside the house, when other people are there, or at other people’s houses.

Maria on

We allowed our son to walk around naked till last year (he’s 5 now) but he doesn’t seem to mind.I just thought that if I were a 5-year-old girl who saw a boy her age naked at the beach I would get a bit more curious about it than I should ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m also afraid of perverts and the fact that it’s probably not very healthy for him to sit on the sand naked.When I was a little girl,I wore a one-piece for the first time when I was 5,and a bikini when I was 8.

Trish on

As I am reading these responses I can see that my 4 year old son has stripped off his swim shorts and is jumping on the trampoline in the nude! I think he’s too old for this so I will go out and put them back on, but I think under three it’s perfectly ok for kids to run around their own back yard in the nude. I think at a beach or other public place, I would be reluctant to let my child be naked because there are so many perverts around.

momto boys on

I think it depends on what part of the country you live.
In America, personally I think 5 for a little girl to go topless – just MY opinion. But if it’s your own backyard, to each his own. Some think nudity/the body is an art. 4,6, 10 and they don’t go running around naked. None of them have a problem with being naked in the house though. It’s their house and I want them to feel comfortable.

Harley on

It’s always seemed a good majority of American’s are quite uptight about nudity. Most European’s don’t have that issue lol. Besides that, “nude” to mean means buck-naked, not topless. We were allowed to be naked up until I think we were 3 or 4 (down in MS/AL), and then I was allowed to be topless until probably 6 or so. Mind you, it was rare that I was topless in public because the majority of my young childhood was spent in Alaska lol. The only times that it happened were around family or at the beach. We would be put in bottoms at public beaches.

Joy on

I have two sons and two daughters. NEITHER WENT AROUND NAKED. Just my opinion. My kids always had on a diaper and appropriate clothing. Never just a diaper, either. In hot weather, they wore shorts, if inside. A top, also, if outside, when little.. No shoes, though, until each was a year old. I read somewhere, that’s good for their feet to be exposed to the air till one year old

Me on

I am from the UK and although I dont have children, i am an aunt.i wouldn’t have a problem with a child being naked in their own home/garden, up until the point their bodies start to develop. not sure about on a beach/in public, topless i dont have a problem with, as somebpdy said earlier, if the girl’s chest is undeveloped theres no reason why not imo. i liked the rule somebody had about it only being appropriate in places an adult male would be topless too. As for pics, i think what is seen as inappropriate for some,others wouldnt even consider. on facebook my profile is private, and at my brothers request had to remove a pic of my 5 month old niece in the bath from there. this i believe to be his issue, and something not many would find offensive/inappropriate.
I would be wary around strangers, mainly because of predators but think letting that fear take over spoils their childhood and is unfair on the children.
Children bathing together i believe to be ok until they no longer want to-myself and my siblings always bathed together, sometimes with 3 in the bath-this only stopped when my little sister started pooping in it!!
I dont have as problem with parents bathing with a child, but to each their own. why not-a mother bathing with her son is natural-she carried him for 9 months so why not? vice versa for father/daughter-there is nothing sexual in it, it is a way of bonding with the child, becoming too uptight will only give that child issues growing up and may make the child wonder why the parent didn’t have that sort of contact with them.

Baby Carriers Backpacks on

Helene, Great suggestion at the end of your post. America has a hangup on almost everything, including this subject.

Meredith on

As the mother of a 4 year old who LOVES to be naked, I have to say that as long as the child is in a safe surrounding, she can wear (or not wear) whatever she wants. I probably will reevaluate the situation when she’s well into elementary school. We’ve just told her that she can only run around in her panties while at home. Never at school or the park or any other place she might be. I’ve never had the problem of at the beach as she always wears a one piece swimsuit. I don’t like bikini’s for little girls.

*AJ* on

I think to each thier own but in my family 5 is the cut off for our daughters to run around without shirts and just underwear. Under that age they are still babies and it didn’t bother me to have my girls running around in just a diaper or in just underwear in our home. If we were out somewhere they were dressed, but those pics of Brooke and Rain were taken at their home and she is just a baby eventhough some view her as looking older and assume. My youngest constantly would run around in the back yard naked, and we’d turn the sprinkler on and let her have fun. In public is a different thing I think, because whether I think it is okay or not I have no right to push my rights, beliefs, or opinons on someone else who might not be comfortable with it. My belief is to each their own, but just remember it is just that “your own” and it’s not right to force your own on someone else. What works for some doesn’t at all for others and we need to all be respectful of each other’s difference’s rather than look down upon them for it. I don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding out in public and am sometimes offended when someone is out doing it right in front of my children. To some its natural but to others its a private natural moment shared between the baby and mother not the world. Same with naked children in public places. You want your child to run naked, your freedom, but don’t be offended that I am NOT for it and don’t want to associate my children with yours. Just as it is your right to have your children running naked at a beach for instance it is mine to move down the beach and avoid you with dressed children.

fuzibuni on

While it’s important to protect our children from the dangers of the world, it is also important to realize that kids will internalize all our fears and beliefs.

If you feel that the world is full of predators who want to sexualize your child, then your child will feel the same way, even if you don’t directly verbalize it. Eventually your fears and modesty will cause them to see their bodies differently, and no longer feel free and natural in their own skin.

If a child wants to be naked, but you keep telling them to put their clothes on, eventually they are going to think there is something wrong with their bodies.

I feel bad for american kids today because they have a lot to deal with when it comes to sexuality. Our society at large is over-sexualized, and we are paying the price. While some parents are dressing their toddlers in pink mini-skirts and bikini’s, in the same breath they will tell you that it’s wrong to let the kid go topless on the beach. Its mind bending.

It makes me want to move to another country to raise my future children. Because if they want to run around naked in the sprinklers I will let them, but there will be probably be some well meaning next door neighbor who thinks they should be wearing bikini tops because child predators might be lurking.

I wish we could all relax a bit and let kids be kids, without all our grown-up judgements…
but since that might be impossible, I am thinking about designing a ‘baby burka’ line of clothes and making a bunch of money off all this.

Lanna on

I ran around in my yard and at my home topless until about age seven, no one had any problem with it. I started to develop early so by eight I required a shirt but I believe that as long as a child isn’t developing and the child and parents are comfortable then it shouldn’t matter.

And my little brother and sister are two years apart and they stopped bathing together once they started to notice that they were different.

Doreen on

Did any of you see the recent episode of ‘Raising the Bar? If not, you may still be able to catch it On Demand! It was about a Dad who took a picture of his Son in a tub and it ended up being on a Porn site. The Dad was arrested and there was a trial. Scary! I don’t agree with people posting nude pictures of their babies/kids on the net. Anyone can take them and like on the show, a perv will post it on a porn site and sell the photo/s! It’s better to be safe than sorry. One a pic is out there, it’s out there for the world to see and do whatever with it. I’d def at least put a one piece bathing suit on your little girls even in your backyard. A lot of creeps out there. Just watch the news. Every day pedophiles are taking little girls and boys and doing horrible things to them and then killing them. Check your area for pedophiles…you’ll be surprised how MANY you find right in your area!! I was almost taken myself as a child right on my sidewalk with a friend. ‘They’ tried to lure me with candy and I took my friend’s hand I remember and we ran into my house. If I hadn’t done that, she may have been taken or both of us. God was definitely watching out for us as kids but PLEASE take every precaution that you possibly can as Parents!

Shan on

My daughter who will be four in October goes around the house in her undies.(Started with potty training.) She also does it outside at my parents since they have a private yard. I make sure that I don’t post pictures of her without a shirt on myspace or anything like that because who knows what kind of people are looking.

Elzbieta on

To address the question, I think a child is too old to be out in public naked when they’re old enough to realize they’re naked. Most people develop a sense of modesty on their own and don’t want to be fully naked around other people. Whenever that time comes, then its time to put some draws on. When a kid begins to go through puberty, then they definitely need to have clothing on until as adults they decide they wanna be nudists(I kid but still).

As far bathing them with siblings or with parents, I don’t really see why not its not a big deal at all to me. Like someone said, you made them and one should be able to de-sexualize that(those) part(s) of their anatomy or put some trunks on.

Elzbieta on

and lets stop pretending like Europe/America are these homogeneous places. Many parts of Europe have muslim , religious catholics, and conservative jews, that are not okay with public nudity either. Many places in America are liberal about nudity. So this isn’t just Americans being “uptight” and Europeans being loose and free. Public Nudity isn’t really common in Japan or China either for that matter.

Lauren on

Growing up I was never allowed to go topless/naked even at 1 years old. I dont feel like any part of my childhood was lost, with or without that shirt.. it all didnt matter to me.. I also notice a lot of people are commenting about bathing your kid when your the opposite sex. My dad used to give me a quick bath every weekend while my mom cooked dinner, he did this until i was about 6 or 7 years old, and he always wore swimming shorts..

michelle on

I agree with the comment that it’s fine for them to run around naked until they realize what naked is.

I am not for running around bottomless – more about hygeine than modesty – but topless is fine to me. Especially if you live where it is hot. I would say that topless for boys is obviously fine and for girls it’s fine until they start school and begin interracting with children of much different maturity levels. But a 3 year old girl topless at the beach (wearing tons of sunscreen of course) is fine with me.

And I have no issues bathing siblings together until the ask not to. My neice and nephew still bathed together when they were 4, but wanted to bathe separate when they turned 5.

Lauren on

“I dont have as problem with parents bathing with a child, but to each their own. why not-a mother bathing with her son is natural-she carried him for 9 months so why not? vice versa for father/daughter-there is nothing sexual in it, it is a way of bonding with the child, becoming too uptight will only give that child issues growing up and may make the child wonder why the parent didnโ€™t have that sort of contact with them.”

While it is inevitable that a parent is going to see their child(ren) of the same or opposite sex naked, it’s the concept of a parent getting naked with their children that I find strange. I truly don’t understand why a parent would desire to get naked in front of their child or why they feel they need to get naked with their child to bond with them. And as someone whose parents never did such things with me as a child, trust me when I say I don’t waste a second of my time wondering why my mother and father didn’t get naked with me and would be curious about someone who regrets not having a sort of contact that is most often reserved for one’s sexual partner with their parents.

gaia's mom on

I only have one child, 14 month old and she usually had a tee shirt on. I can admit sometimes being naked is comfortable but it really offers little protection from the slightest draft. Its not a matter of being uptight. In regards to her being naked in public, she’s still at an age where she shouldn’t be exposed to too much son, but I don’t see anything wrong with her not having her top on, tho I wouldn’t intentionally not have her wear one.

I might get some backlash, but my daughter has seen me and my husband naked(oh gosh). My husband has taken a bath with my daughter(oh nos!) so you can faint now. My husband made her for crying out loud, she’s going to be living with us for the next 18 yrs at least. There are parents out there who are nudist! What would you say to them??

I fail to see what the big deal is.

gaia's mom on

I have a bunch of spelling/ grammatical errors…ehck!

tara on

Really, I can’t believe there was fuss about this. How sad. My daughter is almost 3 and I still have pictures and video of her without a top on. A video of her and my one year old son just in her pull up and him in his diaper running around right after a bath acting like babies and toddlers. It’s the photogs following celebs around and taking pictures of their topless children that should be in trouble here.

tara on

ok, I just viewed the original post and I don’t think there is anything wrong with the picture of Brooke and Rain. I do think that some of the comments are horrible and one of the problems in this country is that people try to force their opinion on others by using fear. Maybe this happens all of the world, but I have only ever lived in the US. This happens with all major issues in this country and it is tiresome.

eva on

My rule would be that as soon as the first signs of puberty begin nudity should become a private matter for young ones. However, I never asked myself this question because my daughter is very shy and doesn’t like anyone seeing her topless or even on a towel out of the shower.

It truly depends on the child and the environment they’re in.There are no males in our house and I feel very comfortable with nudity but not my child.Ever since she was little she felt aware of other people at the beach or in public bathrooms when we go camping and she even refuses to walk around in a swinsuit,as soon as the comes out of the pool she puts a t-shirt on and she’s only 10.

I am one of nine siblings and hence we grew with a very skewed scence of privacy.My sisters and I would see each other nude or topless in the bathroom on a daily basis and as little girls used to swim and play topless with our brothers. It was completely innocent and carefree. I see nothing wrong with prepubecent children seeing each other topless.

Would I allow the same freedom infront hundreds of 40 something males? No, probably not but there are places, even in public, where things are family friendly and safe under mommy’s watchful eye.A family’s backyard is totally fine with me.

My daughter marches at the beat of her own drum when it comes to her body and that’s how it should be.If she wants to cover herself and keep her nude body out of everyone’s sight (mine included) it is her decision and I completely respect it.As she grows into a young lady I’m sure I will be glad she hates short skirts and short shorts.But I don’t censor other kids who feel free and comfortable being topless or even nude. As long as it is a natural thing and not a morbid, twisted issue among friends I’m totally okay with it.

Jen DC on

Ahhh, the nakedness debate. As at least two others have said, I think it’s fine until they begin to realize, “hey, I’m naked!”

I also don’t mind the toplessness for girls until… well, until “that day” whatever that day is. I think – earlier than for boys – a girl will notice that she’s not wearing a shirt, and that other girls (older girls, the women around her) are and will want to emulate them more than be concerned necessarily about her modesty.

I really don’t see the need – other than hygiene and protection from the elements – to put “clothes” on an arm baby or a toddler. A diaper is sufficient for their needs and they are essentially “sexless” anyway, i.e., you can’t tell most of the time whether it’s a girl or a boy without some other identifying characteristic.

In terms of protection from “perverts,” well, sadly that’s not completely possible. People are going to look at and sexualize children regardless of the clothing choices of their parents. Yes, it’s easier if the child is nude, but in reality it’s not at all a necessary precondition for sexual gratification if that’s what someone in that frame of mind wants to imagine/perceive. Clothes are no part of that issue.

In terms of parents bathing with kids, the kid will likely want to stop around the same time they want to stop bathing with their opposite sex siblings. I don’t think it’s a “desire” to be nude with one’s children that drives the bathing together; it seems – for those who have experienced it – to just be a family thing. I think I bathed with my brother until I was about 8 and he was 2 or 3; I wanted to stop because he peed in the water and I was tired of being responsible for keeping him from dunking himself in pee-y water.

While attending high school, I lived in a family home with just my mom and aunt and habitually went nude. Obviously inside the house…

In terms of the different mores between the US and Europe, for the most part Europe has really remained homogeneous until recent history – 50 years. I think it’s ok to generalize about that, particularly since the “dominant culture” in the countries that have experienced influxes of immigrants from more conservative cultures/ethnicities is still less conservative than that here in the U.S.

More nudity by more people will lower the stress that surrounds nakedness for children. Thinking about how Americans view nudity, it seems that it’s regarded as solely sexual – when it’s not. And that’s the big difference between how I think Americans view nudity and how Europeans view it.

Anna on

OMG. She. Is. Two.

I think this is ludicrous. I remember running around topless until I was 5 or 6… no breast buds, no issue I don’t think!

actualsize on

I have to giggle at some of the concerns about parents bathing with opposite sex children (lest they see a naked adult body!) My dad bathed with my sister and I as kids. He worked all day and it was just a fun thing to do when he came home and hadn’t seen his kids all day. It was loads of fun making bubble baths and playing with toys and sticking foam letters on the side. Also, it saved water (and money was tight in those days).

Andrea_momof2 on

I don’t see anything wrong with parents bathing with their children. We don’t do it but only because my daughter is WILD when she gets in the bathtub, always has been. It’s easier when you’re out of the tub. Our son is only a year old so bathing him is also a task… I’m sure other parents can relate!

Jessica on

I wonder if all these prude parents who won’t let their toddlers and preschoolers run around topless were brave enough to get naked when they were conceiving those children ๐Ÿ™‚ As for bathing my kids together, or showering with myself or my husband, we do it out of convenience- not a desire to be naked with our kids. As for the person who said their was a show about a father who went to court because a pic of his son in the tub appeared online, on Tori and Dean, and Jon&Kate there were episodes that showed this kids in the tub, how coe nothing happened to them?

robinepowell on

In the case of Brooke’s daughter, I didn’t actually notice that her daughter was topless until CBB said something. I was too busy looking at the cute mother and daughter photo op. ๐Ÿ˜‰

bex on

As a former ‘nude’ child, my family was really open and easy about nudity. Up until about the age of 10 or so I went nude swimming with my brother and three cousins. No so much in public but at our places, even if there were guests etc.
As adults we are all really comfortable in our own bodies and skins, we get changed in front of each other, my female cousins and I have shared a bathroom cubicle when the line ups have been crazy etc.
A few of my friends who were completely banned from nudity as a child have some body issues are aren’t comfortable in their own skin. My bf and I will definately encourage nudity and being comfortable for our children.
(Btw, where I live in Australia its fairly common for toddlers being naked at the beach and young girls only wearing swimmer bottoms with no tops).

Lilybett on

My folks didn’t hang out in the nude but they didn’t freak out if we walked into the bathroom while we were in the shower or close the bedroom door while they’re getting dressed (It was actually one of my favourite things when I was little to trail after my mum when she was dressing up to go out). I think parents’ attitudes to nudity and their bodies teach kids their attitudes to nudity and their bodies. If you act like it’s something dirty, then it becomes dirty. Freaking out about a naked five-year and telling them to get dressed teaches them to feel more self-conscious about their bodies.

TW on

The beginning of this article says “How old is too old for young children to go naked”. However, topless is different than naked. In public I think little girls should be able to go topless at the beach or home pool with friends over until about age 5-6. Nude is another story. With the world the way it is both genders of children probably should not be nude in public, only @ home.

That’s just my .02.

Melissa B on

It’s sick that anyone would sexualize a 2 year old…Seriously sick…Anyone who thinks its wrong for a 2 yera old to be topless needs to get their thinking straight…What has this world come to? It is gross how everything is sexualized

brannon on

I took my 2 year old sons bathing suit off at the beach the other day to shake out the sand and got an earful from a couple sitting nearby about nudity being prohibited on the beach! They told me I was lucky social services wasn’t around! Then they warned me of perverts at which point I told them it was obvious I was sitting next to two of them. Bizarre. On the subject of bathing, my son and I live alone and if we didn’t shower together at age 2 I would never shower! He would be into everything! Trust me. All he is interested in is how colorful he can make the walls w his shower crayons-

erinbeth on

it IS sick how children are sexualized these days, however, even if you are not the person thinking of them in this light, someone else could be. when toddlers are old enough to start pointing out differences in body parts, then it’s time to put the clothes on. if you let your 8 yr old daughter run around sans shirt, but then at age 10 tell her she needs to wear one due to developing breasts, how much stranger is that going to make her feel about her body, than if she were used to being modest all along? alot of parents these days have boundary issues out of convenience, but you really need to take the time to think long term.

Lis on

I’m probably going to get a lot of backlash for this, but I think that little girls running around topless or children running around in just diapers looks hillbilly! I think babies most certainly are fine to be in just diapers in the privacy of their own home, but not at a friend’s house, the beach, etc.

Rach on

Lis, no backlash at all, I totally agree. I always find it so gross when kids are running around like that. In privacy that is fine, but when your are out, don’t, it looks so trailer trash. My momcalls them little vagrants lol, she bugs me about my son not wearing shoes,muchless clothes.

I don’t think there is a reason for kids to be naked.Even all the little girls I know have little bloomers under their dresses.

Any classy family will have a guest room or somewhere private for you to diaper your child. And when you are out,change in your car or in the bathroom.

I think I grew up aware of creeps and pedophiles.I don’t want anyone putting my child on some hidden website with pics from their long lens and tricks.

Uggh, I remember when we were at the public pool in the changerooms,these old ladies would strip down to nothing and just let it all hang out. They’d be full out showering and scrubbing themselves down there in the public shower sprinkler shower infront of everyone.I had to bring my brother in the ladies change room until one of them complained and said they didn’t want him there. He was 4 and we were there for swimming lessons. I had a freak out because I was not sending him in the mens change room alone. The rule was that children were allowed until 5 years old.But because my brother was “making them uncomfortable”, he had to go into the men’s change room.The rec centre offered to have a male worker go into the change room and help my brother change but we just dropped out.

Jessica on

Rach, my kids run around in the yard in diapers when it’s hot, and I can assure you we’re not hillbillies or vagrants. My husband’s an engineer and we ARE a classy family. It’s a shame you’re so insecure with body issues that you need to insult others who aren’t. Just because I don’t have a problem with letting my kids run around topless doesn’t mean we’re scum or dirty. In fact, we can probably teach you a thing or two about class.

Em on

Hmm topless at two on the beach? I just don’t see a problem!
Children take their clothes off, nakedness is so freeing and they don’t see anything wrong with it. Its the adults imposing adult worries on their innocent young lives. I have two girls aged 3 1/2 and 1. They wear one pieces on the beach as I worry about sunburn. But if its a home, or a friends house then it doesn’t bother me at all.
I can remember aged 8 making a decision not to take my top off anymore, I think its just a natural age progression.
As for parents having a bath with their child, well whats wrong with that??? If either of my girlies wants to get in the bath with husband or me I don’t see a problem with it. Also I don’t ever believe in a locked door policy… what do all you anti nudity people do? Lock yourself in the bathroom when their are children roaming about the house, that may need you?? Cos thats just silly..

Kelly on

Rach, you really need to get your insecurities under control, and also separate nudity from sex. Locker rooms are there for people to change and shower in. What should the women do, shower in their swimwear and tie up the toilets changing? Get real.

Also, your comments about trailer trash kids are completely rude and out of line. There is nothing sexual about a small child who is naked. They are going to get dirty or soaked, so why not minimize the affected clothing? Many of my friends let their kids run around shoeless and in just diapers or swim bottoms in the summer, and *gasp* they’re all biglaw lawyers or political staffers. No trash there.

Nicola on

We’re a generally nude family, within the confines of our own home, and yes, we also shower together. The horror! Our home is always clothing optional (for the three of us — not when we have guests obviously). Especially in summertime, we usually just hang out in underpants. Nobody needs butt sweat on the sofa. In the backyard, which is completely private, we play, relax, and eat without clothes. Its just more comfortable. My parents were relatively relaxed about clothing growing up and I’ve never had an issue with my body or anybody else’s. My son is 5 now and I shower with him every single night before bed. Not because we’re “bonding”, but because that’s when I like to wash my hair and it save a lot of time and effort if we’re in there together. My husband joins us if he wants a shower after work as well. Oddly enough, there is NOTHING sexual about this wet soapy family interaction. It is literally good clean fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Bodies are sexual only when we choose to make them so. Every single human being on this planet has a body.

I also have to comment on the locker room issue from above. I guess I’d freak you out then, because at the Y every week, after swimming, I do in fact shower and, heaven forbid, get naked in order to get dressed! In the women’s locker room. If YOU have a problem with naked bodies, then YOU need to keep out of locker rooms which are meant for showering and changing. Enough said.

erinbeth on

i’d advise getting on your state’s sex offender registry, type in your address, and then tell me how comfortable you are with letting your children run around naked in the garden.

Lisa on

Im a nudey in my own home. However cute baby butts are, I know there are crips out there who are getting off on naked babies & kids so when we are out in public we keep our clothes on. I will have a young baby in diapers when its hot but as the baby grows I will but a tee shirt on. This not only keeps the little boobies covered but also protects from sunburn. If you think that its ok to have your kid running around butt naked in the sprinkler in the front yard, just look on megans law & see how many sexual preditors you have in your neighborhood. See if you dont think differently when a perv is living on your blook. I also keep my little girls in 1 piece swimsuits. 1. its covers the body better because the 2 piece top usually rides up & shows little boobs. 2. bras and undies are made to cover up your privates so a 2 piece suits just remind me of bras/undies & to a perv that is a sexual turn on to what a bra/undies cover. I dont expect anyone to agree with me but this is how things are ran in my home concerning nudity & kids

Elzbieta on

Do you really think a one-piece is a deterrent for someone who is going to think sexually about your child?


I used to lifeguard at a really upscale luxury gym and spa. In the locker room which had private bathrooms but an open space locker room, the ladies had no shame. A lot of them didn’t bother with towels and the gym has a early childhood swim class so boys and girls use it with their moms/nannies. I don’t see why they should do something differently because YOU’RE uncomfortable with their bodies. Its a bathroom after all. Those women were wrong for trying to get your little brother kicked out but they’re logic is just as foolish as yours.

I don’t carry on like that when I’m in a public bathroom, but I understand that some people are more free and don’t mind scrubbing the cheeks when others are nearby. I don’t have a son right now, but if I did I’d take him in the bathroom with me if he was small I don’t care what anyone says.

Rach on

Insecurity has nothing to do with it at all. I find it hilarious and pathetic that because I stated the way I was raised and the opinion it formed makes me insecure. I was raised completely different than you people I guess. My family raised us Christian, and it has to do with that and self respect. Pose nude,do whatever you want, I don’t care. Its your body your child.I love as women though once we take a certain stance against something is happen to be something wrong with you, either you are crazy, insecure,fat , whatever, rather than attaching an intelligent reasoning to it.

In my neighbourhood only the “welfare” (as everyone else calls them) people only dress their kids like that. It is a common known attitude here.And class, please.. I was raised (and I still am) to be respectful to myself.In church, I dress like i’m going to church and not like i’m going to a club, I keep my shoulders covered out of respect.That is what I was raised with. It is the norm to me. What you do with your child is your opinion etc. Maybe there is something wrong with my modesty and the seemingly backward way that I was raised,but I was raised with the mantra “Modesty is the citadel of beauty” and that your body is your temple and not to abuse it with drugs,drink,junk, etc.

I was actually just saying that I have the Elliot Staebler (from Law & Order SVU) mentality. When kids are out like that, all I can think about are all the perverts checking them out. I worked at a courthouse and trust me, when you are aware to these things and how these people go to places where kids frequent to either secretly photograph them with their secret gadgets, or to “check them out”.Yes for a normal mentality, its like whatever, they are a little kid,but to these people they are Cindy Crawford dressed in nothing but fudge sunday.

The sick things I had to hear about people who went to a popular waterpark with a hole in their pocket to masterbate to the little children,men and women and family members who said that the child was provoking them by frolicking like that. I definitely think about these things with the children in my family. I think what is worse is the punishment for these people. It made me realize, if anyone ever did anything like that to my child, I would give them The Pear treatment and throw away the key.

Maybe your neighbourhoods are better than mine and none of you ever have to deal with these things,so who knows.

Rach on

And Elz,I think your read my problem wrong. I had no problem with them, I could ignore them. My problem was in the fact that they had a problem with my 4 year old brother being in the change room with us.They said they felt uncomfortable with him there and wanted him out instantly. That is where I had a problem.You feel that uncomfortable,use the private showers.

Candace on

Really? Is this seriously an issue? Why on earth would anyone care about a toples 2 year old???? They are TWO! It is ridiculous that anyone even thought anything about it in the first place.

Terri on

I’m pretty relaxed on issues of nudity. I think girls can go topless in their backyards or on the beach until about 10 or so, but usually they’ll be too self-conscious to do so and will stop once they enter elementary school.

Rach on

Wow.So much for free speech.So seeing as none of my comments were posted. I guess I will have to give a short summation:

1: There are perverts out there. I worked at a court house,so I know.

2:I had no problem with the ladies at the rec centre.It was THEY that had the problem with my brother and wanted HIM out ASAP because he was making THEM feeel uncomfortable.

I’ve went over my original comments,I really am not sure where the problem was,but I guess it could not be edited. I won’t be coming back to this site. I see if you don’t share the opinion of the masses, then you are called out for so many things. I guess my comments had to be deleted for whatever reason but what about the people who were namecalling saying I am insecure because they read my comment wrong ???

kai on

@FUZIBUNI: loved your post, “mind bending” is a good word!

I guess my family is quite liberal, it’s the most normal thing here to walk around naked after showering or something. (my parents, too) me and my siblings (sister,brother) bathed together pretty much until they hit puberty and didn’t want to anymore for their own reasons. I don’t think there’s anything inappropriate about siblings of the opposite sex bathing together etc. he’s my BROTHER, he’s asexual per definition lol.

and I MISS those days where I could run around in the backyard naked, talk about freedom. We also spent several summers on nudist beaches, I guess you would call it. Back then this was quite normal around here. I would have issues with that now, sadly.

Rach on

Whew, some of you really took me out of context.I was not saying that I was the one that had the problem with the ladies in the change room.I was saying that THEY were the ones that had a problem with my brother being there.I would always usher him past them and divert his eyes elsewhere. They were the ones who went up to the staff and said that they wanted the staff to remove my brother from the change room because HE was making them uncomfortable. That is where I had the problem. I even asked the admisnistrator if he could stay with me this time until my dad or someone we knew could go with him into the change room. We got a no and she walked my brother into the hallway with his stuff to a male pool worker to help change him.

Nicola, it is as if you go one day to the pool and someone removes your child from the change room with you because another person feels uncomfortable with him there because they want to use the public shower sprinklers in the nude. That is where I had a problem. I was not willing to let my 4 year old brother go off with a stranger because some lady feels that way.What I could not understand is if they felt that way, use the shower and changing booths.We stopped going because my brother was in the Navy cadets and my dad was working,so there was no male to accompany him and none of us wanted him to go off with a stranger again.

And the vagrant comment..I was saying that my MUM is the one who says that.Yes I don’t like seeing kids like that at all, especially if they are dirty. I always walk with extra clothes for my baby and if he was ever in a situation like that,I usually put a little vest on him. I am not insecure,although I don’t know where on earth that perspective came from.LOL, my family got a great laugh from that one ๐Ÿ™‚

Elli on

Is “nudity” not a big issue itself in the US, regardless of possible perverts hanging around?
I always thought it is considered of just not being appropriate.
In Europe (Germany where I am from) it is not a big issue. The more you talk about it the more it becomes one! If your little one wants to jump through the sprinklers, you just undress it. Easy as that.
Excuse me, but people who think that parents bathing together with their little/bigger ones is wrong or inappropriate is strongly self-conscious of her/himself! IMO.
Say it with the French – “Honi soit qui mal y pense”…

My sister who lives in the States, gave me some hand-me-downs bathing suits for 2-4 years old which I put in a box as I thought (and still do) that I will never ever use them on European beaches! In terms of sun protection I would rather buy long sleeved shirts etc.

Jessica on

Rach, forgive me, but I’m confused as to how YOU are offended, YOU are the one who said people who let let kids walk around without a shirt on a unclassy, dirty, vagrants…I’m wondering why you take offense to people being upset about it

*AJ* on

I just wanted to agree with a comment that I read. Whether your child is dressed in snow pants or naked…a pervert is still a pervert and if they are sick enough to look at a younger child and think such things, it doesn’t matter WHAT they have on them. But I am offended that because some women aren’t comfortable with letting their children run naked suddenly they are “american” and its a personal issue. I am in fact Canadian not “American” and it is NOT a personal issue but a personal CHOICE. I do not insult you for your’s therefore do not insult me about mine. Just as you find it comfortable for your children to be the way you preferr people need to remember to be resepectful of everyone’s beliefs and cultures and not assume its an “American thing”. People are more worried about who the person is behind the words rather than it just being a mother with a different choice than the one you might have chosen.
Rather than look at people’s views as being “American” or “European” why not just look at it as another MOTHER’s views. Period and be respectful and open minded.

Rach on

I was only offended because they did not publish my original comment. Plus I was in a bad mood because my trainer kicked my butt and I was super sore everywhere.

And once again, people are not reading between the lines they are reading between the words.I didn’t not say that your child is a vagrant,I said that was my mom’s point of view.

Listen, as much as I can tell my mum my son doesn’t like clothes or shoes,she does have a point. My son hates lots of things, but I am his mother and I still enforce it.He hates the taste of certain foods,I still make him eat them,He hates it when he is crawling or touching something he shouldn’t,I still discipline him.

I did not say that your child is dirty because they run around without clothes on. I said I don’t like dirty children and parents who keep their children undressed roaming around and all covered in dirt etc.

When I had my first apartment, these neighbours had their kids running around outside all day with no clothes on,all dirty and be terrorizing the other children.One day the boy took a 2 by 4 and hit a little girl really hard as she was riding her little pink bike up and down on the sidewalk.The parents were completely rude and said it was the little girl’s fault.You see parents like that all over, with the little baby in the grocery store freezing because they are in a diaper alone.I offeneded one man one day by offering him some wet wipes to clean his child’s face (who was sitting in the mall with dirt all over his mouth and face as if he was eating it). I just cannot understand how some parents aren’t fazed by things like that.Like people who let the poor child sit in a dirty diaper just because they want to save on diapers.My cousin works for CAS and she can tell you some really bad stories.

In my life experience, I have never ever seen a “decent” parent let their kids go out without clothes anywhere.That is why I said people call them names here like “welfare” like “only a welfare parent would do that”.It is normalspeak here. You see them everywhere, and they take their kids EVERYWHERE with only a diaper on.That is why my mum says that they shouldn’t treat the children like vagrants,because they should buy them some clothes.Not saying that any of you are like these people.Like I said, maybe your city is better than mine and you live in one of those nice neighbourhoods where you have block parties and stuff..all the nice stuff you always hear about.That is not my situation at all.So I am forming my opinion from that.

I am sorry for offending you with my opinion.I was stating just that,my opinion.

Jessica on

Rach, it appears to be just just miscommunication. In your first post you seemed to imply that all children who only wear diapers are come from dirty families, after reading your last post im getting the impression that you mean people who take their kids out in public half naked, and there I do see your point. I’d never take my kids to the grocery store or to the mall or a restaurant in just a diaper! I think what most people here are meaning is that it’s ok in your house, or at the beach, or in your yard, one poster above said it’s ok anywhere an adult male could walk around without a shirt on.

Jazz on

I remember when I was a kid my friend’s mother would have her younger daughter jumping around naked in the car when she dropped us off at school, which was a bit inappropriate. At home is fine but not out in public.

Lauren on

“I might get some backlash, but my daughter has seen me and my husband naked(oh gosh). My husband has taken a bath with my daughter(oh nos!) so you can faint now. My husband made her for crying out loud, sheโ€™s going to be living with us for the next 18 yrs at least. There are parents out there who are nudist! What would you say to them??”

Well, someone sure gets pleasure out of being a little drama queen-typical response for someone who doesn’t have an actual argument to fall back on. As for your daughter seeing you and your husband naked, she is, if I recall correctly, around 18 months old-hardly old enough to realize that she is witnessing naked people or be aware of her own body. And as for the issue of “nudist parents,” if you honestly can’t figure out what I would say to them after hearing my opinion and rationale on the subject of parent/child nudity, you’re really a lost cause.

Someone said the cut-off should be when the child realizes, “Hey, I’m naked!” For me, I knew what it meant to be naked from the time I was 3 or so and understood that there was a limited time and place for nudity. So while my parents and I occassionally saw each other naked, the concept of getting naked with them to bathe, lie with, etc. would have made me very uncomfortable, and clearly they agreed or they would have done it regardless. Personally, I saw nothing wrong with the photo of Brooke and Rain and wouldn’t have thought twice if people hadn’t complained. And little kids who aren’t aware of their bodies yet will inevitably run around their houses naked, which is fine. The real issue is one of respect for the personal boundaries and privacy of others, which certain self-implied “open-minded” posters are severely lacking.

Sara on

My thoughts

Naked (full nude)-I don’t (and would not) let my kids boy or girl be naked in public. Even babies I think should have a diaper on even at the beach. Also once they are old enough for underwear then they need to wear shorts. I would not let my 4 year old run around in undies in public, but shorts with no top is fine.

Topless- I totally agree with other posts, if an adult male can go topless at that location then so can my children again boy or girl. When my daughter is old enough for a bra then she obviously would not be topless since she would be wearing a bra, and that brings me back to the no underwear in public rule. I think all rules like this should be the same for boys and girls. Yes girls do have more “underwear” then boys, but latest the rule is consistent when it comes to age.

Photos- I don’t take photos, even of babies, where the front is shown. Rear end- same age as the underwear rule, if they still wear diapers then my thought is family and friends probably still see there rear on a daily bases (helping to change diapers or bathing them)

Jesse on

This discussion is certainly colorful and full of opinions. I noticed that there were no negative comments concerning Kingston Rossdale’s shirtless chest in the recent post of his family at the beach. Is it b/c he’s a boy? Just sayin’. I’m personally more concerned abt. Miley Cyrus posing for provocative photos – in magazines and on her own at myspace/facebook/twitter or whatever – than I am abt. toddlers running around semi-dressed. I’m more concerned abt. her dating 20 yr. olds – supervised or not – than I am abt. what photos Brooke Burke chooses to share of her gorgeous little girl. As for pervs, they have always been among us and will victimize vulnerable kids, dressed or not. The real issue is teaching children to set boundaries about their bodies and personal space…after a certain age, we cannot be w/them 24-7 and we have to prepare them to approach the world w/confidence, not fear.

Cristin on

My children have all taken baths with me when they were babies and my girls up until two or three. My children have bathed together. They walk around the house in their underwear or diapers. However I have never allowed on of my girls to take their shirt off in public after the age of two maybe three. I just think we as parents are responsible for teaching children that there are people in this world that prey on them. Running around topless makes your child an easy target.

Terranova on

I am very much opposed to NOT being able to be naked! Only in the U.S. are we so worried about our bodies? There should be no age limit, just let the children decide when to stop. Don’t make them ashamed of their own bodies!!!!

It’s a part of life and this so-called “modesty” that some are pushing on their children is only fueling future generations to become more and more against this issue.

We are all the same so why should be ashamed of our bodies? If you do not appreciate the human figure for what it is, then why do we show the art from the old masters depicting the human form (adult and child) as a beautiful creation?

Let them stay innocent. Let us stay innocent.

Terranova on

I have a quick comment on one of the posts, “I just think we as parents are responsible for teaching children that there are people in this world that prey on them.”

We, as parents, are not responsible for taking away our children’s innocence by telling them about those people until they are old enough to truly understand. We are responsible for protecting them from the ones that prey on them by watching out for them and confronting those people ourselves – Please do not put fear into your child, let them grow up confident and strong.

Sophia on

I didn’t go topless when I was older. However, I’m a teenager and my undeveloped 10-year-old sister had seen my bare boobs several times when I purposely took my short off in front of her cuz it was wet. I asked her if she minded and she said it was a little gross cause ‘mine were bigger than hers’ and she did stare at me for a minute right in the boobs cause she never saw bare boobs before, bu then it was normal. I told her it was fine.

Anonymous on

I have 4 kids a 16 year old son a 14 year old daughter a 12 year old son and a 10 year old son. I let them swim naked only if we are in our pool at home and if no one else is there. My kids have no problem with it if relatives are there then they wear bathing suits.

Dr. Moe Lester Phd. on

Nudist parents are NOT out to corrupt the minds of their children. If anything, we’re here to give them a chance to see life at its fullest without the outside pressure to conform to society. It’s good to be a part of society, but when society begins to control your moves and decisions there is a problem. In the US, we’re supposed to have the right to decide on what we believe. But we are forced into obeying many laws that were passed by people based on their religious reservations and beliefs. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where the problem is.

Jennifer on

I never really saw a big deal with a childs (or even an adults for that matter) nudity in private so long as it wasnt innapropiate. Of course nudity in public is a different matter. My boys at 8 and 13, were (and still are) allowed to be swim nude in the backyard pool if they want to. Of course I have explained when and where it is appropiate and who they can be around naked (only direct family). I allow them to be nude, and they choose NOT to be naked all the time…imagine that…they developed their own sense of modesty.

michael on

I have 4 kids a 16 year old son a 14 year old daughter a 12 year old son and a 10 year old son. I let them swim naked only if we are in our pool at home and if no one else is there. My kids have no problem with it if relatives are there then they wear bathing suits.

Agreed, This is how I was brought up. My sister was 15 when we got our pool and I was 12. Mom said we could swim nude as long as we were comfortable with it and we were in our back yard by ourselves.The only time anyone else was ever over was if my Aunt came over and she would usually join us.There were some awkward times as I went thru puberty but mom would explain why it happened to me and as I got older we just ignored it.

cb on

i guess from the dates i see listed here only ……1 in every 12,000 ever get posted thats a sad thing when your asking for comments.

Susan on

I was born in the US. My mom and dad worked for the us goverment. From the time I was 4 untill age 15 we lived I France. You go to a beach over ther you will see people of all ages nude, topless, while in France I went nude at the beach or topless. I never Had a swimsute with a top until we moved back to the us. Today I have a daugther age 12. About a week ago we went to the beach and I had forgot to pack her swimsute. No body was there so I let her go nude. If I seen anybody I have her to cover up untill they left. At home we have a pool with a fence around it. She likes to lay out in the sun. And swim naked in our pool. I don’t see why people are so up tight about being naked at the beach. And why men can go topless and women can’t. I wish we had more beaches where it your choice. To wear a swimsute. Go topless. Or go nude. And other beaches for people who wish not to go nude. My daugther and I are nudest. We are memberst of a nudise club. That our way of life.

Logan on

When the kid is uncomfortable.

Susan on

I have 2 daughter, ages 6 and 4. And they both run around nude when they are at home. We have a 8 foot high privacy fence around our back yard. I know nobody will see them. My 4 year old runs around nude 24/7. My 6 year old comes home from school. The first thing she does is go into her room and strip off her clothes. They both sleep nude. I like to lay out and suntan nude while my girls are playing in the back yard. We live in Florida and they can run around nude most of the year. When we go to a local beach I let then go topless. I don’t see any reason to make them wear a swim suit top. I do have rules about there nudity. If we have company over or we go out they must get dressed. They enjoy being nude so I let then go naked.

James on

My daughter was raised in hot Houston Texas with a pool in the back fenced yard. From baby to adult I have watched her nude or bikini, string bikinis, and nude again, When she was older she swam nude with this young boy that I could not seem to run off….She calls him a husband. Here is the funny part. One year when I knew they were coming to visit along with 3 grandchildren (10 a girl 8 a boy 6 another boy) , I had the pool spotless. From inside the house I hear screaming and yelling and scrambling . I go out to see that My daughter had said “last one in pawpaw’s pool is a rotten egg” I go out to see that half dressed son in law falling into the pool all the outers totally naked screaming and yelling how their dad was last. In that flash of time that I will never forget, I believe I did a good job raising my daughter. If you have not been kissed and hugged by dripping wet naked grandkids screaming and yelling and having fun, your missing out… Yes Yes for the prudish they put swimming suits on later, but for about 15 min. they were all just kids playing in the pool. Now so long long ago.

anned on

I was raised as a nudist and the family went to nude beaches.
I still go to nude beaches and am 66.
girls have little problem but boys aroun 11 to 12 have erections that they have to deal with or like me i never cared because the girls loved them.

Susan on

I have a six year old daughter. When she home she wants to be naked. So we set up the naked rules. If we have guest over or go out she must get dressed. At home she can be naked in the house or our back yard. We have a 8 foot high privacy fence around our back yard. So I know no one will see her. My husband and I are very open about nudity. For he and like to go to nude beaches. We live in Florida. When I take my daughter out to a public beach. I do let her go topless. I don’t see any reason to make her wear a top. My mom didn’t make me wear a swimsuit top until I was 12.

Lisa on

My daughter is 10 years old. Today she still like to run around the house naked. I have no problem with her being nude. As long she stays in the house or our back yard. We have a 8 foot high wood privacy fence around our yard. And it nobody business but ours. Nudity is no big deal around out home. Our family is going on vacation later this year at a nude beach. And I will let her go nude.