Katie Holmes and Suri Sprint It Out

07/28/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

And she’s off! While on break from filming in Melbourne, Australia this morning, a playful Katie Holmes makes a run for it with her daughter Suri in hot pursuit!

The two seem to be having a great time down under; They were spotted just last week taking a walk around the set.

The 3-year-old is Katie’s first child with actor Tom Cruise. Her new movie, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark — a horror flick co-starring Guy Pearce — is set for release in 2011.

PhotoNews/Splash News Online

Suri is wearing Kidorable English Rose Dots Rainboots ($30).

Click below for a second photo of the mother-daughter pair!

PhotoNews International Inc./FilmMagic

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me on

Suri is in pants?!

alice jane on

So cute!! It’s not important, but I do wonder if the coat and pants are Mom laying down the law, or if Suri chose them herself.. I just remember a few months ago when Tom said that she absolutely refused to wear either.

She’s getting so big though, and looks so much like Katie!

missnorcal on

can we please, PLEASE, stop with the whole pants and coat commentary…people are diverse, even when they are children…some people get cold easy and others don’t…some people like to wear only pants (i am one of them…i haven’t worn a dress in years) and some people are all about the dresses…this child and her parents are doing what is best for them, for their physical needs, their personal style and taste…suri is a girly-girl who adores dresses and shiloh jolie pitt is a tom-boy who likes pants…there is nothing wrong with either…

Lorus on

Looks like Suri has grown out of her dress phase. She looks like a real Tom-boy now. Very cute. She’s really losing her baby looks and turning into such a girl.

Siri on

She is so adorable! My favorite celebrity baby! I read an interview with Gwen Stefani and she said that she love looking through the web for Suri’s pictures even though she think it weird to have people looking for pictures of your child on the web.

Erin on

Isn’t it winter down under right now?

Shannon on

She is such a doll baby! Looks to me like Suri has been picking out her own clothes, just based on the little mishmosh of clothes that always seems to come along with newly independant 3 year olds!!!!

Lisa on

Suri is so cute, active, and beautiful. It is great to see she has such a great relationship with her mom, dad, sister, and brother. I’ve been waiting for Katie to have another kid. I expected them to have another one by now, but hey Its her and her husbands choice, and they are blessed to have 3 kids, so of course if she is done so be it! I would love to see a picture of Connor and Bella with Suri or even Sunday soon!

Nina on

She does wear pants! lol love it. i am really into rainboots too. suri looks great!

kily18 on

This girl is getting more and more cute each day!!!

ang on

it is winter here and it is frickin’ cold so yeah,i don’t think suri has a choice right now lol.

JM on

Is it just me, or is Suri appearing less fashionable these days, and more like a little girl, rather than a doll to dress up? The last few pics I’ve seen have her wearing pants and not necessarily matching. Just to be clear–I think this is a good thing! I wonder if the rumors about Tom and Katie breaking up are true, and Katie is just letting her daughter be more normal?

Ryo on

Talk about a mini-me, Suri is all Katie! Adorable.

Lily on

It is very cold here right now, especially out of Melbourne where they are filming.

Secondly, she’s probably been wearing less girly clothes and fancy dresses because it’s wet, dirty and muddy in Mt.Macedon.

Thirdly, maybe they just didn’t bring her fancy dresses down to Melbourne?

Regardless, she is a very beautiful girl who seems happy and it doesn’t really matter what she’s wearing.

malibu on

awwww sweetness!!!!! she’s totally working the mismatched “i’m three now, so mom you ain’t pickin the threads no more” look.

the super cute apple didnt fall far from the super cute tree

Dinaz on

Awe! She’s cute… yeah, she should wear pants. It’s freezing in Melbourne right now (I live here).. I wish I can catch a glimpse of them someday 🙂

UggaMugga.com on

They look so happy! What a cute pair!

Samantha on

I love all the celebrity babies on this site, but Suri and Shiloh, Angelina and Brad’s little girl have to be my favourite and cutest little angels around. They are so precious looking to me. Just beautiful little girls. Okay, I admit it, I am very partial to girls because I have two of my own!! What can I say?

Mel on

She is gorgeous and looks so much like her mama. I love looking at pics of her, Shiloh cos they were born at pretty much the same time as my daughter.

And yes, it is winter here in Melbourne, and cold and Mt Macedon is no place for skirts or dresses at the moment.

Valerie on

Those two- the best of friends!

Elzbieta on

I like Katie Holmes and Suri. I like to see the outfits she puts on her daughter. I also love Nahla, Zahara and Jaid/Jax!

katya on

precious mom and baby

Ellie on

Just because she is in pants does not mean she is a tomboy.

Glad to see them so happy : )

gianna on

Suri is totally a gorgeous child, love her hair and eyes.

natz on

Suri is a beautiful child!

Louise on

I love watching Katie and Suri together, they always look like they are having fun. What a great mother-daughter pair. And she is so adorable. Getting very grown up looking.

Daisy on

It’s good to see Katie smiling like that, idk why it seems like she always looks sad…maybe shes not and im delusional so dont get all bent out of shape CBB’ers…the long hair reminds me of the Joey days!! Suri is a cutie though :-]

Bri on

She’s adorable. Love the little boots, too! Cute set of pictures.

Some of you really put way too much thought into the private lives and upbringing of other children. I’m sure Tom demands that Suri be put in fancy clothing and now that Katie may be on the verge of breaking it off with him, she’s letting her wear more mud appropriate clothing. LOL That is completely laughable and a wee bit scary to really give a little girl and her mother playing that much thought, don’t you think JM?

Mariel on


sinclair on

I cannot lie–I am/was hoping Katie has another kid w/Tom. I hope they are going strong.

Carrie on

This is the second time I’ve seen her in pants. Kids go through stages so quickly. Maybe this is her showing her 3 yr old independance. I like Katie with the long hair.

nicaw on

Suri is a very cute little girl. But what I noticed was that Tom was absent from this picture and many others of late. Seems kind of odd in a I’m really not shocked kind of way.

Bancie1031 on

I absolutely love these pictures of Katie and Suri …. especially the first one! They look like their having so much fun together …..

Bancie1031 on

nicaw – I believe the reason Tom is “missing” from the pictures lately is because Katie is in Australia …. while Tom might not have went over there while she’s filming or he might be filming his own movie at the moment ….. but this is IMO

CelebBabyLover on

Bancie1031- ITA! Also, I believe Katie and Suri were alone in New York City during part of Katie’s Broadway show run.

Brittany on

Aw they look adorable, Is Katie’s hair longer? And what’s even more shocking is I see Suri IN PANTS! Finally.

Celeb Toast on

She’s soo cute!Suri looks great in pants!love those pictures of Katie and Suri.They look like having so much fun together…A great mother-daughter pair!Love the little boots, too!