Heidi Klum and Her Belly: Basic in Black

07/28/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
GSI Media

Whew! Heidi Klum — and her burgeoning belly! — take a much-needed break during a playdate at Coldwater Canyon Park on Monday, July 27.

The expectant mama watched daughter Leni (not pictured) climb rocks before the 5-year-old showed off her skills on the hula hoop! Later, the Victoria’s Secret model tried her hand at a game of catch with younger son Johan, 2 ½ (not pictured), before having some one-on-one time with Henry, 3 ½.

Heidi and her husband Seal expect their fourth child — a girl! — in October. According to the playful mama, baby-on-the-way will be their last. “The shop will be closed, definitely!” she joked.

Click below for a shot of Heidi and Henry!


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Kristi on

Can’t wait to see what the new baby looks like…her children are gorgeous!

Lisa on

Heidi has got her hands full! Haven’t seen Seal in awhile! She looks big for only 6 months especially in other pictures. Henry looks so big for being only 3! In the other pictures Leni is adorable and helps mommy get up! Johan is also a big boy for being 2! Cant wait to find out what they name their daughter and see what she looks like!

Lynn on

I love this family so much. I think they’re adorable.

I can’t wait to see their daughter and what they name her.

mrs darcy on

Heidi & Seal’s family are so beautiful!
They are one of my faves!

Holly on

Cant wait to see the new baby and see what they name her! Heard boys wanted to name her Vanessa, and Leni wants Susi. Ha. Maybe they will name her Vanessa Susie, that would be cute. Or Heidi and Seal pick a name with Vanessa and Susie as two middle names. 🙂 I am so excited to see all the new babies! 😉 Way to go, Hollywood!

Tina's Mama on

Awhh she looks great!
I have to say as a mom who takes her daughter to that park almost every day, it creeps me out a bit when celebrity sites say which park there at. We were there the other day and some guy was looking for Jessica Alba because he read on a celebrity site that she goes to that park a lot….kind of creepy!

gianna on

Henry has a lot of hair, wonder if he gets hot with all that hair. He is totally a mini seal, just with lighter hair. I think the next baby will favor seal more, all her kids including leni favor their fathers more. She looks good pregnant. Henry is big for his age, he looks so much older

Mia on

I doubt they will do the first name with an “S” because isn’t the family’s last name Samuel? I think Vanessa sounds cute. She is due in early October (I think), so it is almost early August, so she’s getting to the 7 month mark.

Gigi on

they are my favorite celeb family. they look so happy.

malibu on

check out that belly button! she looks fantastic!! so excited for this sweet family

nona on

Hey Tina’s Mama,

I’m not positive, but I think that Coldwater Canyon Park is pretty much the only park I’ve seen mentioned. The paparazzi probably hang out in droves at this particular park. Being recognized goes with the territory of being a celebrity. So… if it was a big problem, it seems like the celebrity parents could go to a different park, or even build one in their own yard! But they make the choice to go to this park. They adjust as best they can to their life in the public eye, I guess. And Heidi seems to handle everything with a great sense of humor.

Suzi on

I love the way she takes her kids to the park. I can’t wait to see what the new little baby girl will look like. I think she will be gorgeous like her mom.

robinepowell on

Why does the caption say “Basic in Black”, when she’s clearly wearing a purple shirt? :p

cas on

she’s getting big!! cute belly

Sarah M. on

They do make gorgeous kids! As for the boys being big, Seal isn’t exactly small. So they probably get their size from him.

eva on

Henry is an adorable little man,I just want to hug him!

Tina's Mama on

Nona- Of course I understand that but as a mom who lives in that area and frequents that park it is a bit creepy to see random men waiting for celebs to show up. I mean it’s LA I could care less about the paps as long as they keep a distance and I don’t mind the celebs most are very nice and down to earth, the thing that bothers me is the creepy fans….

natz on

henry’s adorable!

brannon on

Henry is way too cute! They have such gorgeous children!

Dee on

Robin-LOL I thought the same thing, I guess basic in purple didn’t flow as well. 😉

She’s super cute though, all belly!

Rach on

LOL, good to know I am not the only one who thought her outfit was purple.

LOL its funny when celebrities are still in that “normal person” mode and they freak out or are angry when people photograph them and their children especially, but when they get into their celebrity, “normal” becomes a thing of the past and it is much more accepted and laid back. LOL,I just keep thinking how much Seal has changed toward the paps, he is much nicer and only mean when he is having a day.

I do have to say, they are one of my favourite celeb families. Their family seems much more comfortably intergrated with Seal and Leni and the kids than Brad with the kids..sometimes I find the Jolie-Pitts come off a bit forced and questionable. I say that even though I am a fan of them.

robinepowell on

Well I’m glad to know I’m not colour blind lol! Dee I guess you’re right; “Basic in Purple” wouldn’t sound right, though I would have picked another caption myself. 🙂