Sam and Lola Sheen: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

07/27/2009 at 05:30 PM ET

Courtesy Denise Richards

In a silly Twitpic captioned ‘My Saturday Night🙂,’ Dancing With the Stars alum Denise Richards shows that daughters Sam J., 5, and Lola Rose, 4, take their dental hygiene quite seriously!

The girls are Denise’s children with ex-husband Charlie Sheen.

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Mia on

Does anyone know what Sam’s middle name is? Cute girls. They both look like their father, but I think the older one is more of a mix of both parents.

CTBmom on

I LOVE this pic! The girls are adorable!

Maddie on

Awww! What sweet little girls! Sam looks like such a great big sister! Too cute!

Anne on

Lovely. Sam and Lola always put a smile in my face.

Anne on

Mia, I think Sam’s middle name is Joni Katherine.

Jane on

What a wonderful Saturday night!!

Kimber Christian on

They are so cute!!! I think Sam is the spitting image of her father! I see Charlie every time I see a picture of her. Lola doesn’t really look like either parent in my opinion but is absolutely adorable!

Mel on

LOL…how can you not LOVE/have a big smile on your face after you see that pic!?

Elizabeth on

Wow, Sam is like a perfect mix of both Charlie and Denise. Cute little girls.

Elizabeth on

Mia, I believe Sam’s middles name is just “J”. I thought I had read when she was born that they didn’t want some crazy name so they kept it very simple. I could be wrong but I thought it was just Sam J Sheen.

meghan on

These two remind me ofmy nieces. They are blonde, close in age and total hams!

cami on

Sam’s middle name is Joni, she was named after her grandmother (Denise’s mother)!

They’re soooooo cute🙂

And sorry about my bad english.

Ashley on

Sam’s middle name is just the letter “J”, to honor both her grandmothers, Joni(Denise’s mom) and Janet(Charlie’s mom)

JKE on

Are we sure it’s just “J” or could it maybe be Jae? That is my cousin’s middle name… who knows!

marnie star on

that is soooooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea_momof2 on

JKE, I’m pretty sure it is just J.

Mary-Helen on

omg that is too funny, those teeth are gonna sparkle!

sage on

Cute girls! Sam is all charlie but has Denise’s eyebrows and eye color. Also her middle name is just “J”

Sadie on

I know this comment is going to be unpopular, but I’m so sick of Z-grade celebs pimping their kids publicly to boost their flagging profiles. Denise Richards may want to be famous, but that doesn’t mean Sam and Lola want to be. I’m sorry, but if I was famous, I would do everything in my power to protect my children’s privacy.
Look at celebs like Sasha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher. Of course they can’t control the paparazzi, but they keep the intrusion to a minimum by not releasing pics of Olive and not discussing her in interviews.
I bet this annoys the crap out of Charlie Sheen. There are a lot of nutters out there and these girls deserve a bit of privacy.

sat on

so cute, wish I’d had a sister!

Chelsea on

This is such a cute picture. After watching the last episode of Denise’s show where they showed a picture of Denise as a little girl I think both Sam and Lola look exactly like Denise did around their age(s).

Cheryl on

Ahhhh,my two-year-old daughter exclaimed “that’s a small pattern of Santa Claus”🙂 probably attracted by the foam around Lola’s mouth.
Those girls are adorable and they’re going to be hearbreakers when they grow up.

Lynn on

Sadie, I agree with you. Celebrities need to be much more selective in what images they release to the press. I understand now why Michael Jackson, when he and his family had to go out in public, had his kids wearing masks so the press couldn’t get good shots of their faces.

Erica on

Chelsea, I happened by the same ep while channel surfing and couldn’t believe that old photo of Denise and her sister was not her two daughters! I had always thought Sam resembled Charlie more but it’s clear she’s Denise’s twin.

CelebBabyLover on

How cute!🙂

Terri on

LOL, too cute!

Celine on

Funny pic^^ Sam and Lola are very cute!

Mary on

First, those are some cuties!!!

Second, about Sadie’s comment. Yes, kinda true but at the same time, Denise is just like any other mother, proud to show off her girls. What harm does this picture really do? I don’t think much at all.

brannon on

I kind of agree – its definitely the z listers we see all the time releasing twitter pics and at all the promo parties. This is very cute but is definitely a personal photo. Just seems kind of sad to see some stars using their kids to get publicity😦

Elli on

Ha, Sadie, yours was my first reaction to this pic – I thought that this could definitely not be a paparazzi picture and then saw that the mom herself released it – oh I could post thousands of sweet pics of my daughter in the net on various mother-kid-websites but I don’t as I think it just would not be right.
Why do parents expose their children who cannot speak for themselves?

Angi on

That is adorable! I can see why their mom would want to show it off.

Gina on

If everyone would just except these “Z” grade celebs (whatever that means) as people (mothers) just like you and I are then this wouldn’t be an issue. So she is a proud mom who wants to show off her children. Don’t sit here and tell me you don’t post pictures of your children on your Facebook page. Lord knows I do and Facebook can do WHATEVER they want with your pictures. Did you know that? Bet that won’t make you stop posting them though, will it?

Shea on

Did Charlie legally change his last name to Sheen or are the girls really Estevez? Because Emilio and Ramon are Estevez still and so is their sister (unless of course she is married)…I’m not sure if Martin is legally Sheen or if that is just a stage name, but it makes no sense why the boys would be Estevez if their dad is legally Sheen though. I’m confused, LOL, but I know Emilio’s daughter is Estevez.

morgan on

Does anybody know where Lola’s swimsuit is from?

Georgia on

Martin never legally changed his name. He is still Ramon Estevez on his drivers license (he mentioned it in several interviews). Charlie decided to follow his dad’s stage name and adopted Sheen as his last name. Not sure if he legally changed it. His oldest daughter Cassandra’s last name is Estevez but his 4 small kids all seems to have the last name Sheen. In fact, Denise is seen on her reality show applying to take back her maiden name, Richards, from Sheen after the divorce.

annie on

I agree Sadie. This photo makes me very uncomfortable and sad.

sarah1116 on

This is to Sadie, whats funny is that you got online to look at the photos of celebrity children being pimped out. LOL

gianna on

Denise is pretty and I love her twitter, she seems so nice and a good mom, and also close with her dad. Sam and Lola are beautiful, they both favor denise more. Lola looks just like denise’s family and denise mom. And sam used to look just like charlie but the older she gets, and in this picture, she is mostly denise.

Mimi on

Well said, sarah1116. A little hypocritical of people like Sadie to whine about bad celebrities pimping out their kids when she clearly visits this site (making it money by increasing its hits and ad revenue) even though CBB is all about pimping out kids. Clearly we all feed into it because kid pics are cute (just like this one).

I agree with Gianna that the girls look more like Denise the older they get, though I’ve always felt Lola favored Denise while Sam was a nice mix.

Sadie on

Gina – Actually, I DON’T post pics of my kids on Facebook. I don’t even have a Facebook page. Personally, I’m not comfortable with plastering pics of my kids and details of my life in that kind of forum.
And Mimi and Sarah – The main reason I visit this site is for birth and pregnancy announcements, not to see another staged photo of Denise’s kids that should have remained in the private album.
When I talk about “pimping” kids – there is a big difference between a mother releasing a private picture of her kids brushing their teeth at home, to, say, Violet Garner inadvertently being snapped while on the way to pre-school? One is the action of the parent and one is not.
And I don’t buy it is Denise being a “proud mom”. She’s a public figure and her children’s father is the highest paid actor on TV and part of a Hollywood dynasty. It is hardly the same as the average Joe showing off a wallet snap of her kids!

Mia on

I don’t know, I think there are for worse photos of celebrity’s kids that are out there, like the one of Brooke Burke’s daughter playing naked in the backyard. I think it was published in a photo-spread, and I thought that was a little much for “public viewing” and should have kept private…but 2 kids just brushing their teeth is a not a big deal, and frankly, we only find it interesting because its a celebrity’s kid(s). If any regular person posted pics of their kids brushing their teeth we probably wouldn’t even notice.

And I think CS last name is Sheen, like he legally changed it, but I’m not totally sure, but I would think since his ex-wife had the last name + his 4 youngest kids have it, its probably his legal name. I always wondered about that too, like Bob Dylan + his kids, all of their names are “Dylan” even though that is his stage name + he must have made it his legal name too.

natalie on


goodtxgirl on

So Sadie – to you I say – to each his own. We all have our opinions and when last I checked, we live in American, where we are aloud to state those opinions – so think what you want but be prepared to defend yourself against those who DO like to see the photos of the beautiful children of stars – whether they be Z list, A list or no list – its fun to see cute pictures of other peoples kids – if you don’t think so, then why did you look?

Brodie on

Hey GoodtxGirl, last time I checked not everyone lives in America (I live in NZ for instance).
I don’t get your point, I don’t think (and correct me if I’m wrong Sadie) that she was talking about looking at pictures of kids, she was talking about Sam and Lola’s privacy being sold out by their mum. Yes there is a beast in place, and that beast includes CBB and you and me and Sadie and everyone else with a fascination with cute, famous kids, but what mother in her right mind would actually feed the beast? Tori Spelling is another one, it’s like nothing is sacred, birthday parties, family picnics, you name it, it’s all a opportunity for publicity. Who cares if you like looking at the pics of cute kids, it doesn’t make it right. Anyhow that is my opinion, as you say, we are all allowed to have one. Some people think it is okay and others think it is wrong, obviously this is something that divides people but that’s what a blog is all about.

Mary-Helen on

I don’t think this is really a big deal. It was posted on Twitter, the way lots of moms post little snapshots here and there. It’s not the same as bringing a photographer on vacation and then selling the pictures to People Magazine like the Jolie-Pitts have done in the past or Tori Spelling does pretty much all of the time. I like to show off my daughters to my friends who live out of town and have posted a pic on Facebook or Twitter and made sure no one can see them but the people on my friend’s lists or whatever. Actors are human too and can be proud of their children without being a some calculated ploy.

Terri on

Those girls are just so adorable. I love it!

CelebBabyLover on

Sadie- Her name is Violet AFFLECK!

CelebBabyLover on

Sorry about my previous comment. It’s just pet peeve of mine how some people refer to celeb kids as having their mothers last name (I have also seen Britney’s boys being referred to as Sean and Jayden Spears rather than Federline).

Sadie on

That’s OK celebbabylover… but rest assured it was just a typo! I didn’t intentionally use Garner… just typing too fast and not thinking.

Suz on

They are just precious!

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