Marisol Nichols: 'We Are Officially a Family'

07/27/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
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Actress Marisol Nichols never doubted that she and her husband Taron Lexton were a family, but when the couple welcomed their first child last year, the label suddenly hit home.

“We are officially a family,” she told Celebrity Baby Blog at Bel-Bambini‘s VIP reception on July 17th.

An avid fan of the children’s line — half of 10 ½-month-old Rain India‘s nursery is from the store — Marisol laughs that she loves nothing more than to stock up on clothes for her daughter!

“I’m more attached to the clothes for her than anything,” she admits, adding that baby girl has staked her claim on her Vulli Sophie the Giraffe teething toy.

“That toy, oh my gosh, that toy was like her first favorite-can’t-live-without-it [item],” shares the proud mama.

Click below to read about Marisol’s plans to make Rain a big sister.

Although she may still be too young to play with baby dolls, Marisol laughs that Rain is already showing signs of being nurturing!

“It’s funny, it’s an immediate thing. As soon as I showed her a doll and was like, ‘Hey Rain,’ huge smiles and she grabs the doll. I don’t think boys do that. I think it’s a girl thing and it’s just in there.”

Quickly bouncing back after baby, Marisol attributes her weight loss “hands down” to breastfeeding. “I could not do this without breastfeeding,” she notes.

In addition to nursing, the 35-year-old has regained her figure by following an altered version of the 1st Personal Diet. While the “fantastic” plan revolves around balancing the right foods to regulate the body’s hormones, Marisol has added her own adjustments.

“I changed it a bit and have more portions, because I’m breastfeeding. It’s not necessarily for [nursing] moms, so I altered it so I could make it work. That in conjunction with breastfeeding has been a lifesaver.”

With Marisol and Taron still focused on catching up on much-needed sleep — the two “take turns…so that one or both of you can actually be sane the next day” — they look forward to welcoming a sibling for Rain.

“I have to understand how to get everything settled in with her first,” explains Marisol. “I think probably once she hits two, there’ll be a groove where she doesn’t have to be completely attached. [Once] she can walk and jump and do those things where she’s a little more independent, then [we can] have the attention for a second one.”

— Anya with reporting by Christina Yoon

Rain wears Payless Infant Teeny Toes Crisscross Sandal ($8).

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laura jenkins on

re her comment ” we are officially a family”
does this mean that unless you have children you are not a family?
i’m sure she would not like people telling her pre baby that her and her husband are not a family
maybe she should think before she opens her mouth

Elizabeth on

I don’t think she meant that if you don’t have kids you aren’t a family. She even said in the first paragraph that she never doubted her and her husband were a family. Some people just don’t feel their family is whole without children. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with what she said. Everyone’s definition of family is different. Marisol was speaking of her personal situation. She and Taron now feel like a family. I am very happy for them. Rain is a beautiful little girl.

danigirl on

I think she meant that personally for herself and wasn’t projecting that onto anyone else. Not a big deal.

Tina on

lol :S
thats just her opinion, Rains cute:)

Kat_momof3 on

I agree… she just meant that for HER it wasn’t a whole family without kids…

for some people, they’d say the same thing about their dogs, cats, birds, etc.

Heck, I’ve known people who have all the kids they want who still feel they aren’t a family till they buy that house that they know will be “the one”… the one they live in the rest of their kids’ lives.

For me, I think it was when I realized I referring to my mother in law as grandma so much I called her that myself by accident… and that I had gotten to so routinely calling her Mom without thinking about it… it was having his family become so much mine, too.

Anna on

Until you have children you are a couple. I don’t have children but I think you are not a family if there are no children.

CelebBabyLover on

Anna- That’s not true! My parents had fertility problems, so it took them awhile to concieve. During that time, people were constantly saying things like, “When are you going to start a family?” My mother practically wanted to shout, “We ARE a family!”

Families come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, so to speak. A family can be the classic “nucleuar family”, consiting of a mom, a dad, and two or three kids, a huge family with two parents and several kids, one parent and some kids, two same-sex parents and some kids, a blended family with a mom, a dad, and kids from one or both of the parents’ previous marriages/relationships, a family in which one or more of the grandparents live with the parents and kids, etc. Another thing a family can be is two people: a husband and a wife.

I know several couples who, for various reasons, don’t have children (didn’t want kids, unable to have kids)…and I consider each of those couples to be just as much a family as couples with children are!🙂

jessica on

wow its like she’s holding someone elses child she’s that different to her mummy. saying that she’s still so cute!

BWiley on

Does ANYONE know where she got those cute sandals for her daughter?? I would love to know!

Elizabeth on

Celebbabylover, what you said is right on. I feel the same way and you put things perfectly into words.

Kait on

That baby is absolutely precious! She looks like a doll and her outfit is adorable!

Allison on

I didn’t take what she said to mean she wasn’t in a family until she had kids. Right off it says she never doubted her and her husband were a family. It’s just that that feeling got stronger once she had kids. Which is just how it is. You marry and yes you are a family, but when you have a child/children that are a product of your marriage it just makes the family dynamic stronger. I personally wouldn’t feel complete just a family of my husband and I. I feel complete after having my kids.

Angelique on

CelebrityBabyLover, Thank you! So well said and so true!

It’s funny, my husband and I have one child (who knows if we’ll have more or not) and I’ve heard people here and there refer to us as a “couple with a baby”. I’ve wondered, How many kids do I have to have before we’re considered a family?

But CelebrityBabyLover, you’re right on! I wish everyone saw family the way you describe it.

Angelia on

To me a married couple without kids is just that… a couple. But when you add kids into the mix then you are a family. I was only married to my husband for 3 months before we were ready to be a real family and I got pregnant with our little darling who is now 3.

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Anna, I agree, even more so with more than one child, not that with only 1 child is not a family of course. It personally felt completely different when our daughter/2nd child was born (had always picutred having two if we were lucky enough – felt like someone was missing and is great now she’s here! – just feels complete to us with the two kids and it’s busy enough, lol…

kristen on

baby is wearing sandals from payless shoe source. my daughter lola has the same ones. super cute.

megan on

“To me a married couple without kids is just that… a couple”

What a mean thing to say : /

CelebBabyLover on

megan- I agree! I don’t think Angelia was trying to be mean, but the fact of the matter is that comments like that can be very hurtful. I mean, imagine struggling with fertilty problems and facing the fact that you might never have kids…and then being told that you and your husband aren’t a family!

Angelia on

Oh im sorry I didnt try to offend. I am talking about when a husband and wife chooses not to have kids and then says we are a “family” it just doesnt feel like a complete family to me. To some it is, but I am talking about how I felt before having kids and then adding them.

Daniel on

Marisol has Twitter:

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