Lita Ford Hits the Road With Family in Tow

07/26/2009 at 10:00 AM ET

As rocker Lita Ford crisscrosses the globe in support of her upcoming comeback album Wicked Wonderland, she need not fret about leaving sons James, 12, and Rocco, 8, behind. The family of four — including husband Jim Gillette — has hit the road together, and they are making memories at every turn!

Although “bad food” has become a familiar sight, Lita, 50, notes that at least the cooking wasn’t hers! And while airports have also offered their fare share of highs and lows, the former Runaways lead guitarist puts a child-friendly spin on the extended downtime. “Isn’t security a blast now?” she asks before adding:

“Then there was the bomb threats in Sweden, but hey, the bomb sniffing dogs were cute!”

Wicked Wonderland is slated for an October release.

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Lara on

I’ll probably get flamed for saying this but Mel B got a lot of flack for giving her two year old a mohican haircut…I think an 8 year old with dyed hair is much worse.

Jessica on

Lara, I completely agree…

Forever Moore on

It’s only hair and you are only 8 years old once (it doesn’t looks like permanent hair color either)

What a fun, rock n roll family…Rocco looks like a lot like Lita

Anna on

Even though I think their hair looks ridiculous I don’t think it’s worse than Angel’s hair. When you’re 8 you know very well how you want you hair.

janie on

I think this family looks absolutely ridiculous!

I hate tattoos – especially on women!

TC on

So where are the naysayers that were all over Mel B?? Or because these are boys it’s acceptable?

Jessica on

It’s weird, today kids have so much freedom to do pretty much whatever they want. Even something as silly as dying your hair, when I was growing up, I wasn’t allowed to get my hair dyed until I was 16. I’ll probably have the same rule when my daughter is older. There’s a little girl in my neighborhood who’s about 9 or 10, she had beautiful blonde hair and her mother dyed it black! Why can’t we just be happy and love what mother nature gave us?

Mimi on

An 8 year can tell their mom, “heck no I don’t want a mohawk!” I personally didn’t care about Angel’s or Kingston’s hair, but these boys clearly share their mom’s rock ways so it’s not like she forced little kids to get a goofy haircut. They probably can’t wait for their first tatoo so dyeing their hair seems like small stuff for these boys.

Lita looks great and has a great attitude!

noam on

i think those boys are old enough to have a say in how they want their hair. it looks like they’re just following their parents style…and this may have little to do with it, but it’s summer. growing up, we were allowed to do crazy things to our hair in summer, just knowing we’d have to “fix” it before school started up again. (ie, if my brother had a mohawk, he’d have to shave his whole head so he’d start school with a short buzz; if i dyed my hair, i had to make sure it would rinse out…)

Angi on

Lita is rock n’ roll! So, her kids are going to take after mom. As long as she meets their needs, who really cares about ink and hair dye.

Erin on

Angelina has been dying Maddox’ hair for years.

aurora mia on

I agree with Angi…………what else would expect??

Mia on

Aw, I think its so cute that both her sons look just like her!! And I don’t think its a big deal. I was just at a punk show last night, and there were kids (like 10, or so) with mohawks. Whatever works for them🙂

The only reason people made a big deal about Mel B’s daughter’s hair is because she is a girl. I guess it’s a double standard. Boys can be edgy but girls can’t. They say your personality is fully developed by the time you are 5, so its just a matter of expression, and its only hair..It does grow back, and color (for kids) washes out in a matter of days (like the one that you can use for 1 or 2 days for Halloween..etc).

someone on

if these kids want to be rebellious, they would have to wear normal clothes and haircut lol

em on

What a cute family! I love seeing Lita and what she’s up to nowadays!

meghan on

Haven’t seen James since he was a toddler and this is the first shot I’ve seen of Rocco. I think it’s great that she can travel with her entire family. She’s very lucky and the boys will have some wonderful memories to hold onto!

momto boys on

Now THAT’s a rocker family.

megferg on

Omigosh, she is 50?! That makes me feel real old! I remember when she was in her late 20s-early 30s.

Hea on

They are a happy family. What else can you possibly want?

And regarding hairstyles on kids. I applaud a creative mind. As long as people don’t pierce or tattoo their kids, I am all for being excentric and having fun. Hair dye is not the end of the world, if you think that, you’re in for a haaaaard journey through the rest of your life.

Alex on

I don’t like the hair, but they are old enough to make a considered choice about it, that’s where the distinction is between these kids and Angel Brown, in answer to TC. Having a negative opinion is perfectly okay, people shouldn’t feel the need to defend that right.

I loved The Runaways🙂.

michelle on

The hair color looks fresh, like it might be hair “paint” that washes out – and probably done on the tour bus with mom to pass the time. You can tell by the way that James is pointing to the height of Rocco’s hair. I hope they have a great summer.

martina on

People, this is Lita Ford we are talking about! A rock goddess. How do you expect her family to dress? Like a bunch of accountants? Besides, who cares about the boys’ hairstyles. As long as they are well taken care of, it doesn’t matter.

Sky on

This family looks like fun! I love their mohawks… I wanted one with blue hair when I was 12. Lots of dye these days washes out in a wash so maybe these weren’t permanent dyes.

Momta2 on

Quite honestly, the first thing to come to my mind when I saw this picture was, “they look so happy”. Also, how cool is it that your kids WANT to look like you? Times are different now with moms being younger and more stylish. When I 15 I would have EVER wanted to adopt a fashion style of either of my parents! Nowadays, the average 16 year old will more likely wear some of the same style of clothes as her mom.

Jessica on

I’d be embarrassed if my mother dressed like that, she looks like she slept in a gutter.

Molly Mae on

Newsflash: Not everyone likes to dress like a model for The Gap. They look like a close, loving, happy family. What’s to complain about?

Terri Russell on

If all anyone has to say/complain about with this family picture is the hair, then I say good parenting!

The kids and whole family looks happy together and the boys and dad share the same hair style. So what’s the big deal? Many peopel hope thier kids want to be like their dad when they grow up! It’s just that dad has a mohawk instead of a business suit!

Fact is, not every family is conventional. Fact is, not every family is happy either. This one looks very happy and unconventional. Good on them!

Moira on

All I would hope for any child is that they are loved, well fed with good food, have good medical care and have a safe environment to grow up in. If they choose to have a mohawk or blue hair on tour with their rocker mother on summer vacation, so what. These look like happy, healthy, well loved boys.

Tee on

Someone, I was thinking the same thing! While I don’t care for this family’s apperance, to each their own. They look happy to be together.

Andrea_momof2 on

Um, TC. These boys are 8 and 12 years old, not 2!

A on

Oh my goodness how rude, she does not look like she slept in a gutter!
She looks happy and beautiful, and amazing for 50

Kat_momof3 on

Okay… for most kids, yeah, those hairdos look inappropriate, but when your mom and dad are rockstars, it’s another thing altogether… it would look weirder if the kids were dressed up all preppy with perfectly neat coiffed hair…

plus, those kids are old enough that I know they chose those hairstyles.

My kids aren’t allowed because 1. we aren’t rockstars (yes, they’ve been told this is a reason because that’s where they get the idea of wanting a hairstyle like this) 2. it’s not halloween (we’ll spray color their hair, but only on halloween, because of #1) and 3. in my house, if you want to pick your hairstyle, you have to be willing to let me maintain it or maintain it yourself… that’s why my daughter still has bangs (her hair has it’s own ideas and wants to grow into her eyes no matter what you do)… she has hated hairties and stuff… now this year, she’s gotten into wearing a ponytail, but it isn’t everyday. And she hates getting her hair brushed out in the morning if it’s gotten tangly, so she’ll be getting a trim soon because to minimize her agony, I don’t let it go more than 1″ below her shoulders (or until she starts having the complaints)… and to make school mornings easy, I’m continuing to keep it at a chin length bob during the school year.

Now that she likes her ponytails, though, I’m going to probably keep it longer than chin length, but it still won’t be going longer than shoulderlength during the school year (I’ll just have it be an inverted bob… her knots she gets when sleeping tend to be at the back of the head, so this helps)

My 8yr old only just started going to the salon for his haircuts and is growing out his hair to be like Zac Efron was in HSM (the first one) because he’s now washing his hair everyday on his own, he combs it and brushes it without complaint, and he’s willing to put up with the styling, the trims, the upkeep.

I think it’s teaching them that unless you have the money for people to do your hair for you everyday (and hey, great if you can… it’s one reason my 8yr old is already talking about getting the grades for college and going into something he can earn a good salary at), that they have to be responsible and take care of their body, their hair, teeth, etc…. or Mommy will keep it so that it’s not going to be hours of work for her and ending up with kids who sometimes look like they just crawled out of a mud pit.

Robyn on

She looks like she slept in a gutter????? Are you kidding me?

She looks great for 50..and like someone already said this is Lita Ford we are talking about..of course her kids are going to look like rockers…

They look like an adorable happy family…

Hea on

Gee, if sleeping in a gutter is what it takes, I’m surprised not all wrinkled up stars are doing it because Lita looks amazing. I saw her in Sweden. The lady is still seriously HOT.

melissa on

slept in a gutter ehh?? i think i just might go find me a gutter and hope i come out looking that good and that happy…
Lita Ford you rock..keep on doing what your doing and let the haters hate… gives em something to do while they are drinking the prune juice!!

Robyn on

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the amount of conservative women that post comments on CBB is astounding. Really? Are you people SO small minded that you wouldn’t allow a kid to dye their hair a different color or cut it in a different way? I’m a mom and wife with TATTOOS and PIERCINGS and the looks I get from people is downright ridiculous.

People really need to get past looks and ask themselves: “Does this child look well taken care of, happy, and well adjusted?” I think the answer here is an overwhelming yes. The same with Angel Brown. She looks taken care of, happy, and well adjusted.

So I really think maybe you (whoever views this all negatively), in a different light. But then again, people don’t like what they do not understand.

Julia on

I absolutely agree with Robin, couldn’t have said it better myself. Who cares if they have mohawks and piercings, they look happy.

What I think more concerning is that they don’t look like the “bad food” is good for them. Obesity is far more dangerous than piercings and mohawks!

lawgirl on

Re: Robyn: just because someone is conservative (politically or otherwise) does not mean they are small minded. I suggest you express yourself a bit more carefully in the future.

Jen DC on

(1) It’s hair. Either the dye will wash out or the hair itself will grow back. While I’m not sure my mom would have let me dye my hair, whenever I got it cut or specially styled, her attitude was always “As long as it’s clean…” it was up to me to deal with reactions to my decision. It’s also a great way to introduce kids to responsibility for themselves and to accept that others aren’t always going to like your “style” and how to deal with that.

(2) I wouldn’t say conservatives are “small minded,” more that they believe that the range of “appropriate” choices is significantly more narrow than others believe. Could this be interpreted as “small minded”? 6 of one, half dozen of the other. That being said, this is an entertainment blog. Get over the “insult” lofted at you by a stranger you likely will never in your life meet, let alone recognize if you do.

In terms of being narrow-minded about the sartorial choices your kids choose to make, really I can’t understand why the logic isn’t let the kid do this one silly thing and satisfy that urge rather than suppressing even the harmless urges to greater detriment later.

(3) Lita Ford hardly looks as though she stepped out of the “gutter.” A biker bar, sure; the gutter, no. She’s too clean for that.

There is a whole broad world out there, people. I suggest you get out and enjoy it and see things that challenge you and your beliefs. Otherwise… we really are all kind of doomed to become more insulated, less tolerant and more foolish.

lawgirl on

Re: Jen DC: whether or not I am conservative is irrelevant to my or Robyn’s post, and involves whether or not Robyn wants to alienate those who read her post. If Robyn wants readers to consider her perspective, she would do well to skip the labels and simply share her perspective.

Bella Mama on

what a gorgeous, fun, and happy family.. love it!

danda_lion on

Their appearance is not my style, but they look like a very happy and close-knit family.

martina on

Hi Robyn – I am conservative. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, go to church, have conservative political views and all that jazz. Please read my post on the subject and understand that “conservative” and “small minded” are two entirely different things…..

Who Cares!!! on

I must have missed the page in the “Mom Code” that said you weren’t allowed to have children if you have piercings and tattoos. Come on!!! They look like they’re having a great time! From articles I’ve read over the years she seems like a great mom and if I’m not mistaken – she took off A LONG time to raise those kids – this is her first tour/album since she’s had them. Kudo’s to her! And if that’s what you look like after sleeping in the gutter, roll on over because I’m lying down right next to you! She’s FIFTY and she looks amazing!!

Carie on

Wow. Just wow. This family looks happy, healthy and loving. I find it fascinating how judgmental people are when someone dresses/looks different from themselves. People need to respect that the way they dress/do their hair is THEIR choice and they are apparently happy with it. And honestly, before people start thrashing on hair color there are spray on hair colors, comb in hair colors and other temporary hair colors out there. My 6 year old (yes I said 6 years old) has different hair colors all the time. Just because their hair color is different does not mean their hair was harmed in any way. Take a frickin chill pill people and calm down and worry about raising your own children to not be as judgemental as yourself. Parents who have tattoos, piercings and different colored hair does NOT equate horrible parents. Sometimes they are even BETTER than parents who are pristine. The point is that noone knows these people intimately so why judge?

Ellen on

Could CBB maybe start a Baby-Hair Anonymous support club please.

There are a lot of people here who need to stand up in front of their peers and say “My name is XXX, and I hate hair on any celebrity babies that would not be seen on an episode of Leave It To Beaver”.

Lynne on

All I got to say is that Lita Ford is the greatest living legend and she can do whatever she pleases.

Lorraine Chambers on

Great modern day rock’n’roll family portrait! Rock on Lita & crew!

Jae on

I think Lita and her family looks just like what a rocker family would. I’ll betcha that they are happy, well-adjusted and share a common respect for each other. More than many families today could ever say. More power to her and the family. I’m really looking forward to seeing her make her stop here in South Florida!

Lysa on

Lita and her husband are beautiful!
Only thing that looks better are their boys.
I’ve read that they home school them and that the kids are Jiu Jitsu instructors!
Lots of discipline to do that!
No offense but go back to the couch with your wide load ass and be miserable!
The Gillette family kicks asssssssssss!
Lita is a legend and Jim is the glass shattering vocal king!

Jaine Dwinn on

It’s so weird how judgmental people are about the most ridiculous things but give you all a decision to make about something real “i.e. child abuse, etc.” and you have nothing worthwhile to say. Anyway, I think it’s great to see a happy family, period. Especially from someone who has been in the public eye. And I also think those boys are absolutely adorable and I always think it’s neat when kids look exactly like their parents and those boys look exactly like their dad. It’s too cute.🙂

Sammy on

Honestly most of you are judgmental if you had kids as young as them I’m sure they’d ask for the same thing!! My friends kids are 7 and 5 and on a daily basis they ask their mother to let them get their hair done like that its for sure the in thing and I would let my kids get them. As far as Tattoos go, its her body and she can do with it what she wants. At least shes not showing unacceptable parts to the public like half these under aged girls are on social networks. She has a great family compared to most families out there. So we can quit with the drama now (: thanks

roxxy on

Amazing Talanted woman who could shred a guitar to pieces, and still nurture her wonderful children no matter what anybody looks like. Tattoos and Mohawks make no difference..Loosin your sphincters people..

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