Emily Procter Wants to be Pregnant Onscreen — and Off!

07/25/2009 at 10:00 AM ET
Roger Karnbad/Celebrity

Which CSI franchise star wants 2009 to be the year she becomes a mom? If you guessed CSI: Miami‘s Emily Procter, you’d be correct!

“I am hoping this is my year to have children,” the actress, 40, recently shared at the Monte Carlo Television Festival. “I understand that I am possibly more European in my views of marriage. I am not going to say I’m not going to get married, but it’s not my priority.”

If Emily isn’t expecting by the end of the year, she’s hoping that at least her character will be! “I think the Eric and Calleigh story will work nicely if this is my year to get pregnant, and hopefully it will be.”

Source: E! Online

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Paige on

I hope Emily gets her wish. Love her on CSI: Miami and she is just so cute. I think she’ll be a great mom when the time comes.

leonor on

getting pregnant at 40 may not be so easy…I hope she gets her wish.

brannon on

Hope things work out for her!

Michelle on

I love her and have the same feelings as she does. I love her and Eric’s story line in the show. It would be cute if they got pregnant. It would be sweet.:)

Jess from Ohio on

I really hope her dream comes true, whether it be pregnancy or adoption. She seems like such a great person and I’m sure she’d make a wonderful mom. And I would love to see her pregnant on the show as well.

Shelly on

I would be so jealous if her character got pregnant by Eric. Anyway, I hope mother hood happens for her soon!

Tee on

I guess I’m just old fashioned, but I honestly don’t understand why people have children before marriage. Please don’t attack me for saying this. I’m not being ugly, I’m really trying to understand. Why would you bring a child into the world (especially done deliberately) without being married? The Lord calls upon us to marry first and then procreate. I’m interested in hearing other people’s point of view on this subject. Anyone?

vee on

Very simple, Tee – not everyone believes in “the Lord.” Some of us prefer not to live our lives according to a set of arbitrary rules. And like it or not, women have a finite amount of time to have children, and if you want them but haven’t found the person you want to marry yet, you have to do it alone, or you’ll never be able to. Sorry if that bothers you, but other people’s choices aren’t really any of your business.

Julia on

Well, maybe some people don’t believe that the Lord exists, so why would you follow his orders then?
I also am not married and have a baby. My boyfriend and I deeply love each other and no piece of paper (because that is what marriage is to me) will change that.

Mrs. R. on

Tee, while children before marriage isn’t a choice I made, nor would I… I think the simple answer to your question is that not everyone subscribes to ‘The Lord’, or whatever specific religion you might be referring to.

meghan on

Well she is 40. Maybe she can’t wait for “Mr. Right” anymore. In maybe in a perfect world she would, but it’s not a perfect world. You have to make the best out of the situation you’re dealt and do what is right for your life.

Sanja on

I love Emily and hope she gets her wish:-)

Does anyone know if she’s in a relationship or is she gong it alone?

Shelly on

Tee – Not everyone believes in marriage. My older sister believes in the Lord but she doesn’t think that you necessarily have to be married in order to have children, I also share the same view. She has a 7 year old daughter and she is still with her partner. They have been together for over 10 years now and they feel that they don’t need a piece of paper to prove their relationship and commitment to each other.

Sabrina on

I too thought that because I was getting older and had never been in a relationship that I had to undertake single motherhood. I figured that I could handle it. Lots of women do (even those who were married). After a long and emotional stuggle, I adopted two children. Now, six years later, I wish I hadn’t been so arrogant to think I could be a good single parent. My children deperately miss having a father. It’s really not fair to them.

Between being a full time single parent, working full time, and attending school 3/4 time I am spread too thin. I have no patience and very strict with my children. I do what I can to make wonderful memories for my children but I’m afraid that the bad ones will eclipse the good ones.

For anyone thinking about going it alone as a single parent, I beg you think, not twice, but ten times before you make that commitment. While being a parent might be your dream come true, it very well may turn out to be the worst thing you could ever do for a child.

RIP Michael on


Tee on

Julie, Mrs. R, Meghan and Shelly, thank you for offering your opinions on my question. I always enjoy trying to understand where other people are coming from. All of you are absoluetly right. Not everyone has the same viewpoint on religion or the Lord. Mrs R., I know you didn’t ask, but I figured I would tell you that I’m old order Mennonite.

Vee, there was absolutely no reason for you to speak so rudely to me. My question was worded in a respectful manner. I never said or even implied that everybody should think the way that I do. No one decision is right for everybody. When I was a little girl and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always a wife and a mother. I was taught that there is a reason for the “wife” part coming in front of the “mother” part. It was an honest question. Nobody’s opinion bothered me. I was just trying to understand. You’re right about one thing though… other people’s choices aren’t my business any more than my choices are your business. I didn’t demand for somebody to answer me. I simply asked. If no one had responded to my question, I would have respected the fact that no one wanted to share their point of view with me. I hope that you don’t speak to others the way that you spoke to me. There is no call whatsoever to be rude and nasty!

Crystal on

I too am wondering about whether she is in a relationship or going to be a single mom? Now on the marriage issue: Marriage is not just a “piece of paper.” Being married gives you rights legally. If your partner dies without a will or a power of attorney that names you, you are not entittled to anything. It is his next of kin which could be either his children or his parents. To me it’s just not smart and doesn’t secure your future financially or legally.

vee on

Sorry, Tee, but you stated this as fact: “The Lord calls upon us to marry first and then procreate.” I do not consider that respectful at all. This is an open forum, so you were speaking to everyone, not just religious people, and you should have been well aware that many people who don’t share your views would be reading. Try living in a country where you are constantly told that not believing in god makes you a bad person, and then maybe you’ll understand why people like me get offended by statements like yours.

Anna on

Tee, I don’t think you need to be marries to have children Basically because marriage doesn’t guarantee anything. Would you have more respect for the couple that get married, have a child and get divorced 5 months later or for the couple that don’t get married but stay together a lifetime?

For you it is about doing what you think God wants you to do. But why does God want that? It seems a little superficial to just follow the book without making up your own mind on the importance of marriage.

CelebBabyLover on

Crystal- To YOU marriage is not “just a piece of paper” (and I personally agree with your view, although to me marriage is also so much more than just the legal stuff!), but other people feel differently. To each her own.🙂

donna on

While I wish Emily the best of luck,I don’t want Calleigh pregnant on CSI:Miami. There is too much focus on the Calleigh/Eric relationship.Some of the other characters are not getting their fair share of airtime,and quite frankly,the relationship is boring.Move the focus to the team,Miss Procter’s character doesn’t need any more attention.

MMM on

Sabrina – I feel very sad for your regret, I work in adoption and have never met a single parent through adoption regret it. I’m also a single foster/adoptive parent and while working and parenting is hard, there is so much joy with parenting, I find it much easier than being single with no kids.

Tee – I too am a Christian. The way I figure it (through loads of prayer and wise council) is that the Lord didn’t bring a husband into my life, but He did tell me to care for orphans in their distress.

Best wishes to Emily!

Linny on

Amen to Donna! The relationship is boring and I’m losting intrest in the show because of it.

On Emily wanting to get pregnant by the end of the year. Go girl!

millie on

Isn’t there a difference between a single parent and a lone parent. The marriage issue seems to have been lost in that. I can’t say i agree with the fact women are getting pregnant because their ‘time’ is running out and so their kid/s haven’t got a daddy so to speak, but i dont see the problem as others have said with having a family with out getting married. I think that having a baby with someone is a much bigger tie than getting married will ever be, i mean once you get divorced then it can be forgotten, but once you have a baby with some one you’ll be connected for ever.

Crystal on

CelebBabyLover-I also agree that marriage is much more than just for “financial reasons.” I wholeheartly believe in the sanctity of marriage and hope to get married some day. I was just simply giving reasons why even though you may not feel that marriage is necessary it’s great for legal reasons. That being said it is my opinion and I just wanted to share it.🙂

aroundtheywaygirl on

I love Emily. I loved her when she was on The West Wing. I hope she gets her wish in real life and as Calleigh.

brannon on

Very sad for anyone to regret being a parent. I too went it alone and it was the best decision I ever made.

Tee on

Anna- In today’s day and time, any couple that stays together, married or not, is impressive! The Bibilical principals I have been taught are only one of the reasons that I think a couple should marry before having children. I went back and reread my original post and realized that I didn’t make that clear. Sorry about that. I’m sure I will get a lot of people attacking me for what I’m about to say here…. with the exception of abuse or infidelity, I also don’t believe in divorce. Thank you for offering your opinion to me. It’s always neat to see how other people think.

MMM- You’re right, the Bible does call upon us to care for orphans! Thank you for bringing that up. It adds a whole new dimension to this topic.

Vee- You’re right about one thing. This is an open forum and therefore everybody is being addressed by everybody else. Not everybody is Christian and even amongst Christians, there are different beliefs and viewpoints. “The Lord calls upon us to marry first and then procreate.” That was the sentence that seemed to offend you. I’m sorry, but I still don’t understand why you’re so offended. I didn’t sit here and say, “If you don’t believe the way I do, you’re going straight to hell!” I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I also firmly believe that every opinion can be stated in a polite and respectful manner. My opinion was polite and it was respectful. You can disagree with me all you want. I have to tell you, I feel very sorry for an adult (assuming you are an adult) that feels the need to be nasty and can’t manage to word things in a polite way. You said, “why people like me get offended by statements like yours.” I don’t know what country you’re from but you seem to be the only person offended by my question and/or statement.

CelebBabyLover on

Tee- First of all, I want to thank you for stating your opinion in a respectful manner and for making it clear that you aren’t trying to judge anyone. Because of the way you made your orginal comment, we have actually been able to have a nice, for the most part non-judgemental, conversation about our different points of view, which is something that doesn’t happen very often here on CBB.

That said, I, too, generally don’t believe in divorce unless there is abuse and/or infedility. As my father puts it: “When I said those wedding vows, I meant each and every word of them”. However, sometimes it’s actually better for kids if their parents divorce. I have heard stories from people who grew up with their parents basically at each other’s throats constantly, pretty much hating each other. Each of those people has said that they wished their parents would have just gotten divorced rather than staying together “for the sake of the kids”.

fnhdl on

CelebBabyLover – I come from one of those homes where my parents stayed together “for the kids.” Except they fought so much that it presented a very twisted view of what marriage is to myself and my brother. As adults, we had to overcome a lot of issues with relationships in order to be successful with our partners. My brother still allows himself to be “molded” by his girlfriend, for fear of causing a fight. Now, there was infidelity eventually in my parent’s marriage, but the relationship was irreparable before that point. I agree that divorce should be an absolute last resort. But, if you can’t find a way to at least pretend to like each other in front of your children, I don’t think you should stay together. All it does is mess the kids up even more.

Tee on

CelebBabyLover- Thank you for your kind words. I never meant for a simple question to cause so much trouble! I’ve never given much thought to the “stay together for the kids” mindset. I’m glad you brought this up because it gives me something else to consider.

ali on

well my opinion on having a baby, loving someone, and not being married. is… if u love someone truely, u dont need a piece of paper for your love to be reconized.

Alex on

I hope Emily gets her wish.

Samantha Hawkins on

first of all who cares if emily wants to have a baby without being married. all she wants is to be happy and have a family of her own. married or not it shouldnt matter as long as she is happy. i mean isnt happiness what everyone want in life. yea i understand that bringing a child into the world withour a father figure can be hard on the child but im pretty sure the child’s father would still be in its life. even if emily and the farther arent “together”. im a catholic and yea my religion believes in the idea of marriage before the conseption of a child, but not everyone follows the path that God has drawn out for us and that is okay.

i have a cousin who is a single mother of 3 beautiful children all under the age of four and she is only 20 years of age. yea it can be difficult on her at times but the love that she has for her children pull her through all the hard time. single mothers are heroes in my life. having to raise and take care of her child(ren) but yet still have time to work to make a living and even some have time to go to school. to all the single moms out there good job and good luck in the future.

Csi Miami is an awesome show. i watch it every monday night. i even went out and bought the box set season 1-6. I have waited for years for Emily’s character Calleigh and Adam’s character to get together. they make the cutest couple. i hope that their relationship lastest a long time because the previous relationships on the show just dont last very long. i really want them to have a baby, and them maybe just maybe it will lead up to a wedding. well that is if Eric is still on the show. i really hope he is because Csi Miami just wouldnt be the same.

Emily You deserve to be happy, everyone does. You have decided that this is the time in your life that you want to become a mother. being a mother isnt a right, its a privilege.being pregnangt at 40 can come with some complications but doctors these days are very intelligant and along with todays technology they can work wonders. Emily i really hope all your dreams and wishes come true, especially with the pregnancy. a child is very precious. Good luck in the future and once again may all your dreams and wishes come true. God bless you. Love Samantha.

danielle on

I love csi Miami i watch it every time it is on. It may not seem like it but with Emily being on that show and she being the perfect age and the nicest person she would make the perfect mom.

Carol on

I LOVE Emily Proctor as Calleigh and I really hope that she does get pregnant this year. She is a very Pretty, sweet lady and I think that she would be a great mom. Although getting pregnant after age:35 is NOT an easy task as I have been through it all myself but I will pray for her.

Lucy L. on

Such an old thread that I’ve stumbled upon this evening but I’d like to weigh in on Tee’s question. I appreciate the fact that was so willing to share her opinion with us and to sincerely ask us for ours. I find nothing wrong with her statements or questions…quite the opposite really. I think Tee is like myself, comfortable with our own personal beliefs and confident we are living our lives in the best way we can, for ourselves, with moral convictions that we can feel good about but also recognizing that others do things in their own way, for their own reasons. More than wanting to challenge others on their beliefs, I think Tee wanted to see life through another persective and there were those kind enough, and confident enough themselves, to indulge her in polite conversation. The one responder who replied impolitely and with harsh sentiments was a little out of line and I suspect that to be true because she felt threatened and insecure in her own choices or standards. Possibly a bit of projecting was going on.
Tee hasn’t demonstrated any attitude of moral superiority because of her faith and if I knew her in real life, I suspect I would enjoy philosophizing with her as I tend to be a student of human nature and love to be privy to the thought processes of others. We all have things to teach each other, here on this blog and throughout life. I am not a Christiam myself but my views are similar to Tee’s. Tee’s Lord isn’t an influence on me yet we think somewhat alike. Maybe being “old fashioned” or traditional has less to do with religion than some would think.

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