Angelina and Maddox Touch Down

07/25/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

On her way back from a trip to Iraq on behalf of the U.N. Refugee Agency, Angelina Jolie and son Maddox Chivan, 8 next month, make their way through Heathrow Airport during a stopover on the way to Los Angeles on Friday.

The actress and partner Brad Pitt are also parents to Pax Thien, 5 ½, Zahara Marley, 4 ½, Shiloh Nouvel, 3, and twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline, 1.

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L on

Growing into such a handsome young man, not a little kid anymore!

me on

OMG i still remember to the day when angelina adopted maddox. he was soo little. but now he’s 7!!!!!!!

noam on

didn’t really follow her visit, but did she take maddox to iraq with her? i am all for exposing children to the world, but taking your second-grader to a war zone sounds a little extreme…

Michelle on

Mad is getting so tall. I love how when she and Brad travel they take one or two kids to have alone time. That is cool.🙂 I cant believe that he is already going to be 8 years old. Time flies.

(LOVE- aJ ) on

She’s beautiful and unique woman.

Laura on

Looks like she has Knox and Vivienne in that purse!

rubi on

Awww mommy and son together, Maddox is so cute. Loving Angies bag.

Jes on

Maddox is such handsome boy. Angie’s beautiful as always.

Mallory on

He is such a handsome kid. And Michelle, I agree. They both make a real effort to give each of the kids special alone time. That’s often one of the biggest questions/complaints with large families, and you can tell that’s not the case here.

emma on

Maddox is eight next month wow he is so handsome. Hope to see Knox and Vivi soon and we have not seen Pax for a while to would like to see him aswell.

India on

just fyi there are millions of children in war zones as it is. Angie does refugee work and visits the camps. there is nothing wrong with taking a child there. there a millions of children there as it is. it is important for people to think of the displaced children and families when there a mongering of war.

Mia on

She didn’t take him to a war zone…She was attending a conference about children/and the Middle Eastern conflict, titled “Arab Children Conference. I’m sure it was safe, and no mother would put their child in danger. When she does go on missions (to war zones and places of danger) she always goes by herself.

I agree, they look adorable! He is getting so big🙂 I’m sure the family had a happy reunion upon their return to L.A.

Jamie on

Actually, she did not attend any children’s confernence in Jordan. That was an internet rumor spread by a tabloid who was guessing where she was going and picked up on a press release from 2004, but failed to check the dates. She did attend a conference on children in 2004 but the 2009 conference ended July 11.

From the photos, she did not seem to have Maddox with her, but I agree that there are millions of children who live in those areas and she visited many of them along with the troops in Bagdad, so the trip seemed to be appreciated by many in Iraq.

Andrea on

The classic ” bag infront of tummy to hide a pregnancy trick.” I bet in the next several months she’ll announce she’s preggo again

Andrea_momof2 on

He’s such a big boy now!

blackrose on

i love Angelina and Maddox is adorable!
The Arab Children Conference was here in Amman,Jordan so iam sure Maddox stayed at a hotel or something when she visited Iraq.

noam on

india-i understand that there are millions of kids living in war zones. however, i think that for an eight year old who is living a comfortable, luxurious life, to go and visit for a few days and then leave again would be terribly confusing and overwhelming. i’m an adult and i went to kenya after the election riots. i knew the history of the situation, had followed the newsreports, knew what to expect (kind of, you can never really know) and was still totally shocked. i was there for a month, and when i came back to the states, the disparity between the two worlds was almost paralyzing…i just personally don’t think a young child should go through that, if they don’t have to…
luckily, though, it looks like that isn’t the case here…mia, you’re right, i looked it up and angelina does go to combat zones alone…

J. D. on

Maddox is getting so tall! I can’t believe Mad will be 8 next month. I remember when he was just a baby with the mohawk. He’s certainly a handsome little guy.

Jennie on

Maddox is getting so big! And he is so handsome that boy!

Lara on

I recognise that plastic bag Maddox is holding. It’s from Boots (a store that sells pharmacy and beauty goods) So nice to see something from home & still be able to recognise it!🙂 Don’t know why that stood out so much to me.

What a lovely young man he is becoming, very nice to see him get some Mummy-time🙂

Andrea_momof2 on

Noam, I don’t think Angelina would take him there if she thought it was going to be emotionally disturbing for him. I understand what you are saying, but Brad & Angelina must think it’s ok for Maddox to go with her and they’re his parents😉

yoco on

Maddox probably stayed at the hotel while she visited the refugees and the troops, I didn’t see him in any of the pics

Forever Moore on

She is the modern Wonder Woman!! She really puts her soul and energy into everything she does, I admire that about her. She is a reminder for me to be a strong woman too.

I love seeing Angelina with her first child…you can tell that they really have a special bond. I think it is great that she took Maddox along, what a learning experience about the world.

Mariel on


cas on

she looks beautiful!

daniela on

Wow, Angelina is extremely thin looking…Pax is growing up so fast he looks like a little man!

momto boys on

I never ever liked Angelina when she was with Billy Bob, but she has grown into an admirable woman. I think what she is doing as an ambassador is marvelous and from what it ‘seems’ her and Brad are showing the kids the ‘real’ world. Although he may be 7, Maddox is learning first hand what most kids only hear about. I highly doubt she would take her children into hostile territory if she knew there would be harm done to him. No normal mother would.

Sandra on

Beautiful boy…

On another note; Angelina is so skinny (everybody talks about Victoria Beckham or Tori Spelling), but this lady is way too skinny. Eat something, anything!!

Kami on

#14 “The classic ” bag infront of tummy to hide a pregnancy trick.” I bet in the next several months she’ll announce she’s preggo again”

That was my first thought too when I saw the photo.

Amy on

Angelina isn’t pregnant. Other sites have a lot more pictures and the bag isn’t in front of her in a lot of them. Also there are pictures of her landing at LAX. It’s obvious she isn’t pregnant. I seriously doubt the Maddox went to Iraq much less went to the camps. People can’t just waltz into Iraq and some other middle-eastern countries. They need permission and I can’t imagine that the US government would let an American child into a warzone, maybe if he was Iraqi. He was probably in a neighboring country while Angelina was in Iraq. I don’t know why I’m going to bother to talk about Angelina’s weight considering people have their minds set about it. She has always been very thin. Just look at her old pictures. The only time she had extra weight was when she gained weight for the Tomb Raider films.

Eleanor on

Angelina is to busy caring about others to eat!!! People are stupid when you are fat they complain and when you are to skinny they say stuff. She is an angel touching lives and not caring about her appearance or other cliches. Maddox is growing up so quickly

Ove on

what an ignorant comment. How do you know she’s not eating anything? I would love for someone to tell a fat person to stop eating. It seems acceptable to rail on skinny people but you can’t say anything about fat people.


it’s nice that angelina is taking maddox to these trips, it’s a great learning experience and he’s certainly seeing more of the world than most adults. He’s grown to be such a handsome little guy!

Elzbieta on

I don’t think Angie looks to thin there. Slender? Svelte yes but her thighs look normal and healthy and her collarbones aren’t protruding or anything.

meghan on

actually amy – i am currently in kuwait (which i just waltzed into) and can easily drive up to iraq and waltz in there… the ony place in the middle east where a visa is needed is saudi arabia.

iraq is still pretty dangerous – i would assume that if angelina took maddox – he probably stayed in a hotel the entire time…

CelebBabyLover on

Laura- LOL!

Amy- ITA! In fact, I’ll bet anything that they will be adopting next (Angie even indicated that back when she was doing press for Changeling)!🙂 I think she was carrying the bag the way she was simply because it’s so big that that was probably the most comfortable way to carry it! I also agree with you about her weight.🙂

Anyway, as for the issue of taking Maddox to Iraq…I believe she did, as she said in a recent interview (for World Refugee Day), that she takes Maddox with her on some of her humantarian missions. Like other posters said, I’m sure she wouldn’t have taken Maddox to Iraq if she thought it would be too dangerous for him.

I’d be a little concerned if she were taking Zahara, Shiloh, or the twins on Humatarian missions, but I think that an almost 8-year-old is old enough to get some hands-on-experience with humanatarian work.🙂

agent58 on

Boy he is tall.

Kia on

He stayed in Jordon… that was her base.

“While in Amman, Jolie recognized the contribution of Jordan and Syria in allowing Iraqis access to public education and health care services, urging the international community not to take this contribution for granted.

During her two-day regional visit, Jolie was based in the Kingdom, where she highlighted the need for continued support for those most affected by conflict.”

Mary-Helen on

I often wonder why you never see the parents with all six children. It seems unfair IMO that some children are always @ home while the other children always get to go out. Like you always see Maddox with one of the parents, in fact you see him the most, while Shiloh and especially the twins are rarely seen, and Shiloh is only ever seen out with Zahara. Maddox is the only child seen to have “one on one” time with either parents. I know it’s hard to capture someone’s life from pictures, but it’s so hard not to read favouritism sometimes, especially when Maddox is the only child seemingly to spend time with his parents. If they couldn’t handle 6 kids @ once out and about, then maybe they shouldn’t have planned to have such a large family. Again, I know it’s hard to see how someone’s life plays out in a few snapshots, but it’s still sad that some of the kids always have to stay home while the eldest kids always get to go with Mom and Dad to the movies, the store, or on Mom’s latest trip.

Andrea_momof2 on

Mary-Helen, I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic? If you aren’t, you are contradicting yourself. You’re saying we can’t judge them by a few photos and then assuming you know exactly who goes out with who all the time. For all we know, Brad took the twins out to the park yesterday. They are possibly not photographed every single time they go out.

Erica on

I can’t believe Maddox is eight! He’s always been a beautiful kid but it won’t be too long before he looks so grown-up now. I remember when Angelina first adopted him and how skeptical people were, but how she pretty much proved all the naysayers wrong at every step…I agree with everyone who thinks Maddox probably stayed at the hotel the entire time, and if not, I’m sure Angelina would never put any of her kids at risk. She’s definitely got firsthand knowledge of how dangerous those situations are, but I like that she’s raising her kids to have awareness of those who aren’t nearly as fortunate as them.

cassie on

Mary Helen today is the 207nd of 2009 The Jolie Pitt kids have been photographed on less than 15 occasions this year. Do you think they have only left the house 15 times in 200. Maddox has only been photographed alone w/Angie this trip. He always has ben with PaX when photographed with Brad this year. The girls have also been photographed with one or both parents several times. The twins have been seen once with all the kids in the Japanese airport.Btw I rarely see Sharon Stone with all her sons is she showing Favoritism too? People magazine said Brad and Angie and all the kids sans Mad were out together last week apparently taking the twins for their check up but there were no pics.If they were out with all six then people would complain about them having nannies with them. Let me stop ranting ,sorry

Elzbieta on

Taking an 8 year old out is not quite as big of a production than taking about 1yr old twins, 3,4, 5 year olds. I don’t think its favoritism at all. We don’t’ see enough of them to judge.

Mary-Helen on

My point is that while we can’t tell how often they spend time with the kids, they are only seen with one child for the most part and IMO that doesn’t seem fair that the Jolie-Pitts wanted a huge family, but appear to spend time with one child. Pax is spotted sometimes but only with Maddox and Zahara and Shiloh are seen rarely and the twins not @ all. It’s hard not to see these pics and think “Why do they favour Maddox?” If this were anyone but the Jolie-Pitts everyone and their dog would be screaming. Britney Spears can’t be photographed holding Jayden without everyone complaining about favourtism, even if Preston is right behind her. Meanwhile, the Jolie-Pitt parents appear to spend time with Maddox only and they are praised for “one on one time”. I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt, hence my understanding that we don’t see their whole entire lives play out, but it still makes me sad that this couple wanted six children and appears to spend time with only the eldest one, with rare trips out for the elder 2, while the youngest 3 seem to remain @ home. How sad those children must be to never get one on one time. If these were any other parents, everyone would complain about how mean and horrible they were. Marcia Cross took flack for allegedly carrying Eden more than Savannah, Britney is constantly scrutinized, Denise Richards is trashed constantly for looking the wrong way, but no one can ever say anything negative towards Angelina. I hope they do spend time with the 6 kids, but with Brad’s own comments that he can only handle two @ a time, it makes me sad that the younger kids are likely left @ home while the older kids get another super fun day out.

Tee on

Mary-Helen- I don’t think you said anything wrong. I’m sorry you had to go back and clarify your statements. You clearly said that you realize that you don’t see everything they do or every outing they take. I don’t find your statement as being critical at all. I’ve wondered the same thing on occasion.

Noam- I was actually thinking the same thing when I first read the article. I don’t know much about that area of the world, so I really don’t have a good grasp on what part is safe and what part isn’t. I get a little angry when people jump all over other people for saying something that could be concieved as a critical statement. You weren’t rude in what you said. You were simply stating a question/ your opinion.

It’s nice to see Angelina and Maddox out together. I’m sure he enjoyed his time alone with Mom. It’s hard to believe that he is almost eight. Time flies!

Andrea_momof2 on

Mary-Helen, while I still don’t agree with your view, I find your point about Britney Spears and her kids hilarious (no sarcasm) because it’s so true. I’m going to remember to use that in the future….🙂

kristi on

Oh god people slay me on this site, absolutely hilarious. They really should step back and read what they’re typing and how it comes off as, too funny.

Maddox has grown a lot, he’s a handsome little boy.

Becca on

Mary Ellen obviously each of us is entitled to our opinions but I think you’re making a lot and I mean a lot of assumptions based on a only a few pictures. How does this make any logical sense? And just because other celebrities take unnecessary and equally illogical flack doesn’t make it right.

Also Brad never said he could only handle two at a time. When the twins were only 4 months old he told Oprah, “Four is usually my limit. On my own, so far. I hope to advance to six.” He made that statement almost 8 months ago. Don’t you think that’s there a chance that things have changed since then?

You write, “but it still makes me sad that this couple wanted six children and appears to spend time with only the eldest one, with rare trips out for the elder 2, while the youngest 3 seem to remain @ home.”

If we use your logic by only looking at the pictures taken of the JP kids from this year then the above comment is wrong. A quick search on CBB shows (1)Zahara and Shiloh with mom coming out of Lee’s Art Store in NYC. (2)Z&S with Brad shopping in NYC. (3)Z&S with both mom and dad at Stop & Shop on Long Island. (4)Both Z&S with mom coming from dance class and not shown on CBB, (5)Z&S flying with mom.

Then there are pictures of (1)Maddox & Pax, Brad and his parents on a boat at Niagra Falls and on the same day coming out of Dunkin , and (2)the oldest boys with Brad coming out of a movie theatre, (3)the boys with Brad going to a restaurant in NYC. On top of this we saw all six kids at the airport in Japan. Maybe I’m missing some photographic evidence but I think we’ve seen pictures of the two oldest girls more than any of the other kids. Does this mean that the two girls are favored above the rest?

There’s been sightings of the JP kids in any number of combinations since they’ve been in LA. Angie and Shiloh at the store. Brad, Angie and Shiloh at the dentist. All the kids at the doctor’s office. Brad, Angie and the twins in West Hollywood. Brad’s parents and the girls at the zoo. Brad, Angie and kids at McDonalds. Now just because people twitter these sightings doesn’t make them true but because there aren’t pictures of these outings doesn’t make any of them untrue, either. Pictures never tell the full story.

SMH on

Mary Helen Brad said he could handle 4 kids at once not 2 and that was like a year ago and there’s more pics of the girls out there than anyone else. I swear celebs are damned no matter what. SMH

CelebBabyLover on

daniela- Maddox is the one in these pictures, not Pax.🙂

Becca- I completely agree! For all we know, they regularly take each of the kids on one-on-one outings, but the paps just haven’t captured the moment. As for taking all six out at once….Can you imagine what a hassel that would be. I mean, Brad even said in an interview this past Winter that it takes them at least a half an hour to get ready when they’re taking all six kids some place. They have to buckle everyone (except possibly for Maddox. He’s old enough that he might meet the height and weight requirments for using the seatbelt only) in their carseats, make sure the diaper bag is stocked.

Then (according to Brad), Shiloh is likely to want her silkies, or Zahara wants her blanket or something.

Finally, to the issue of the twins having not been seen out (in photos, I mean) since Janaury….First of all, they’re 1-year-old BABIES! They probably still take two naps a day, and at that age they really don’t want or need to go out that much, anyway.

Also, the paps are nuts enough as it is, but when Shiloh and the twins are with the family, the situation is usually 10 times worse. I’m sure Angie and Brad are just trying to protect the twins a little.🙂

Mia on

I would imagine you don’t see the 8 of them out together is… getting 6 kids together is probably a hassle. When Brad Pitt was on Oprah last November, he said “Ha, We don’t go to the mall” and explained all of the stuff it is to get all 6 kids into the car, its an adventure/errand in itself. I think its ridiculous to consider this photo as “evidence” of favoring one child or another…It’s a 1/1,000th dimension of their everyday lives. People are not documenting every single move of the Jolie-Pitt’s lives, and definitely a lot less than a year prior. Thankfully, I think they have strategized a way to keep more privacy around their family, and more boundaries from the media + paparazzi. Unless you live in their house, and see what goes on, I don’t think anybody can make an assumption on how they spend their time with their family, either with each child, or between each other as a couple.

And when they say “spend individual time with each child”, they usually are referring to mostly at home/everyday life-which is most important. They have explained in numerous interviews that they all spend time together relaxing at home, or playing outside, or will spend individual time with each child as each are on their own schedule (example: away at school). The younger kids spend time with mommy/daddy when the older kids are at school, and when the younger kids are napping, they spend time with their older kids-usually later at night..etc.

Both Brad Pitt + Angelina Jolie have said they always keep the family together, and also in that Oprah interview, Pitt said “the rule is, we always stay together”, so clearly its working + no need to worry.

sassenach on

Mary Helen, you are entitled to your opinion but research a little research first before you make it.

Two weeks ago there were Angelina sightings at a farmer’s market where she only had Shiloh. Last week People mag said that the Jolie-Pitts had all of the kids sans Maddox and they were at an office building and later at a Dr. check up. While they were staying in NY Bard was constantly spotted taking Shiloh to school and staying with her in her class. Were they only favoring Shiloh in these cases?

Even when Angelina was pregnant and they stayed in Austin while Brad filmed “Tree of Life” he and Angelina took Shiloh ALONE to Brad’s piano lessons. Why was there no outcry about them only being with Shiloh then? When Angelina was filming Salt the director said that the younger kids and babies were always on the set. The Jolie-Pitt kids are rarely seen and heavily protected, which they do a marvelous job of, so please do not feel sorry for them. They are loved and cherished and not paraded in front of the cameras weekly like so many other celebrity children.

cassie on

I find it interested that Mary Helen mentioned that the youngest 3(the biological kids )seem to remain at home. I have yet to see a pic this year of Zahara w/o Shiloh beeing there. They were both at the grocery store, the art store , shopping in DC w/dad, flying with Mom and dance classes w/Mom. I’ve noticed on other sites that people want to see the bio kids more than the adopted kids In Mary Helen 1st post she says Shiloh is only seen with Zahara as if Shiloh is an after thought. Maybe the girls are best friends and always want to be together. As for the twins if you look at most of the pics dance class,grocery store, movies, arcade, Niagara Falls, flying The twins wouldn’t likely be at these places. If you remember we only saw Shiloh a couple of times during a 1st year.

jenny on

Sandra: Thank You! Everyone jumps all over Tori for being to skinny, and I don’t see a bit of difference between her and Angelina!!!!!! They are both naturally thin people, but I guess it’s ok for her?

mazzie on

mary-helen, the two eldest girls are the most photographed actually!!! not poor little maddox… why shouldn’t he enjoy one-on-one time with mommy?!

CelebBabyLover on

Mia and Cassie- Very well said! Cassie, I, too think that Z and Shi are probably best friends. There are some pictures in the set of them going to dance class where they’re interacting…and it is adorable! Shi is clearly very interested in what Z is saying, and Z seems to be very eager to tell Shi whatever she’s telling her (you can tell that she was even making gestures with her arms!)!🙂

FC on

Maddox is such a young man now. I can’t get over it. I still remember when he was just a baby. But he’s a handsome little man.🙂

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