Meet Clementine Grace Taylor!

07/24/2009 at 05:00 PM ET

Rachel Griffiths — caught with the sun in her eyes! — stepped out with daughter Clementine Grace, 5 weeks, in Encino, Calif. on Monday.

The Brothers and Sisters star, 40, brought her newborn to a well-baby appointment at her pediatrician before meeting up with husband Andrew Taylor and kids Adelaide Rose, 4, and son Banjo Patrick, 5 ½, for lunch at The Stand.

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Mallory on

Did I miss the name announcement? It’s cute! And so is she!

You didn’t! It’s been floating around the Aussie papers, but we just finally got a rep confirmation on it earlier this week.

– CBB Staff

amy on

i love the name clementime! and that baby is just too cute for words! but is it just me, or does that baby’s neck need to be supported a bit more? i know – it’s not like she’s holding the baby upside down or anything.. but still..she’s only a month old! my daughter is almost 5 months old and i can’t imagine carrying her around like that!

Jen DC on

I love it when people are on their third of fourth child – you can always tell by how casually they handle the baby.

Mrs. R. on

So I saw this pic on perezhilton earlier this week, and he slammed her for how she was holding Clementine.

I had to laugh, because 1. she’s on her third kid, it’s totally not surprising that she’d carry her in a casual, but secure way; and 2. my daughter HAD to be carried like that for the first several months because it was the only way her gas and acid reflux could be kept in check.

I love the name Clementine, and it goes so well with her other children names. Adorable!

Angie on

I also love the name.
I had to carry my babies around like that for a long time… my first baby was only happy and would only fall asleep if she was held like that!! The babys head is resting on your arm, so its not like its flopping around🙂 Heck, I would usually hold the baby in just one arm… their body tummy down on my arm with my hand between her legs to support her. Then at least I had my other arm free🙂

holden on

That seems like a pretty secure way of holding the baby, but I do think she should be wearing a hat, maybe? It seems very sunny.
Clementine is a wonderful name!

And-Her-Son on

I am right this minute watching Muriels Wedding, she is so fantastic in that film.

Mrs R I saw that on PerezHilton, and I too had to laugh. I wonder how many times he’s held a baby.

Clementine Grace Taylor is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby.

Cassandra on

Clementine is adorable! I think she looks a lot like her mom.

Amy – Baby’s necks are better supported that way because gravity is literally working with them. And they can see a lot more. My little brother loved to be carried that way at that age. He really didn’t like being cradled in the crook of our arm. I think its more comfortable for the baby cause I haven’t met one that didn’t like to be held that way. But thats just me.

amy on

i guess i’m just inexperienced because my daughter is my first child. another baby or two and i might be holding my baby like that! lol

Callie on

I agree with some of the others that her daughter may like to be carried like that. I’ve worked with many children who were very particular about how they were held, including those who had to see what was going on in front of them and be held outward- even at 5 weeks! I must say, looking at this photo, that your hands always show your true age! Her hands look really aged in this photo. She needs some good sunscreen on her hands, and a hat or shades.

Mrs. R. on

No No Amy, I wouldn’t say you are inexperienced! You are a momma – you know what’s best for your baby! I hope I didn’t imply that in my post. I just meant perez hilton doesn’t know what he’s talking about – he’s a gay man with no children of his own. Who’s he to tell a 3rd time momma (Rachel) how to hold her baby!

It might look like the baby needs more support, but believe me, she’s OK. I had to carry her like that when my daughter was tiny just like Clementine, and holding her like that supports the whole core of the baby and her head rests against your elbow. It’s very safe, secure, and an excellent way to ease gas pains.

Ellen on

Perez Hilton giving parenting advice?? Well that gave me my laugh for the day.

Elzbieta on

Ugh I stopped visiting perez’s site, hes a nasty person.

I like the name Clementine, it reminds me of the south.

Maddie on

My sister had colic when she was born, and I remember her being carried alot like that for her first 3 months. I also saw this on Perez and had a laugh. I think someone who has had 3 children should know how to carry a baby correctly (and comfortably).

CTBmom on

I agree that you can definitely tell that this isn’t her first baby…she looks totally comfortable and experienced. I only have one, but with my sis-in-law, who has 4, I saw her go from “wash your hands, support her head..have you been sick in the last month?” with her first child to “don’t worry a little dirt won’t hurt him, and I’m sure you just have a cold so it’s okay if you hold him while I run to the bathroom” with her fourth child, lol.

jk on

Before kids, when I was working, I used to eat at “The Stand” a couple of times a week with my office staff. Great hot dogs, veggie dogs, kiddie dogs, etc.
It’s been in the 100’s here in the valley of SoCal so I understand carrying your child that way in the blazing heat. She’s totally safe and her body isn’t being heated up by Rachel’s body..
I love, love, love Rachel as an actress. So happy for her and her growing family!

Rach on

I don’t necessarily think that it is a third or fourth child thing.My son is my first child and I have often carried him like that (when he was a few months old). My breastfeeding ginormo mommy boobs were always in the way and it was just really comfortable.

I definitely think that people are much more nicer to a “seasoned” mother than a new mom. I had gotten so many people saying “omg !!! do you know what you are doing?” “baby will have such and such disorder when they are older”.

My mother just hated me carrying him like that because acoording to her “stop carry the child like a little vagrant”

And Perez…pffftt… didn’t the few taps he got from the B.E.P. guy teach him a lesson ?

gaia's mom on

I held my daughter like that…I thought I’d invented something new lol! Cradling her made me feel kinda unsafe.

Jessicad on

I held my fussy daughter like that a lot too! Looks like it’s her safest option considering her arms are full and unable to hold her head! I loved Rachel on 6 feet under, miss that show so much. Perez Hilton is a jerk, why are people famous for making fun of others?

Sarah on

Classic colic hold, cute baby. It’s making me smile.

traxie on

LOVE the name Clementine … and as others have said, it suits the rest of the sibset perfectly!

sat on

such a cutie! i think Rachel Griffiths is beautiful.

CelebBabyLover on

Callie- She’s barely one month old! You don’t put sunscreen on the hands of a baby that age, as they tend to stick their hands in their mouths! Most babies that age also aren’t going to tolerate sunglasses (I don’t even know if they make sunglasses for babies that young). Also, when was the last time you saw ANY newborn wearing a hat or sunglasses?

CelebBabyLover on

Also, if you look closely at the bottom of the picture, it looks like the hood of a car is peeking out from the bottom left corner. Therefore, they were likely outside for about two minutes at most, going from the store to the car. You hardly need a hat or sunglasses for that little amount of time!

eternalcanadian on

wow, either the baby is really small or rachel has huge hands! :-O

Megan on

CBLover – Oh Duh. Callie was talking about the mother, not the baby!

Tamar on

CelebBabyLover – I think Callie was saying that Rachel needs to put sunscreen on her own hands, at least that’s how I took it. I don’t think she’s saying that the hands of a five week old baby look aged.

Camilla on

I think Callie was referring to Rachel, not Clementine : )

michelle on

I love Rachel, but is it me or does it look like her spray tan has faded in more places than others? Like maybe she was getting regular spray tans, but hasn’t been in a while?

Stepford Dreams on

Re: sunscreen hands- For goodness sake, she is 40 leave her alone. You yanks always want people to look like Barbie with perfect skin and no wrinkles. Rach is a true aussie so what she has some lines and traces of a sunny lifestyle?! She is beautiful because she is real unlike the plastic freaks you see in Hollywood. Her baby is gorgeous and such a lovely name too.

I suggested it for our little girl but my husband said it sounded rural like a cow’s name but I think it is so pretty.
Babies need Vitamin D. Popping from the car into the paediatrician’s office is a few seconds of Vitamin D for her little one. Good for her.

As for holding the baby like that. Well my baby would ONLY settle if she was held like that! The midwives at the hospital called it the “football hold” and it was all we did til she was 3 months and decided she liked to be upright.

ericka on

i cannot believe how many people on perez were up in an uprawr over how she’s carrying that baby!

I’m not going to read the comments on here either lol

Sam & Freya's Mum on

Stepford Dreams: ITA about the US/Yanks, and glad I’m not the only one/first to say it, so not just me, lol (not sure where you are, but are more down to earth I think here in NZ, biased of course, lol), from the comments a lot are very image-conscious, into more superficial things, plastic look, urgh (not all of course but is the image we get here downunder!), leave the woman alone. She’s a down to earth Aussie! Like Grace, but not sure about Clementine. Love the way she looks a relaxed mum…

Diana on

It looks like sort of an awkward way to hold her but not unsafe. I will say when I first saw it I was surprised and had to look at it again.

brook on

Sam & Freya’s Mum Says:
Stepford Dreams: ITA about the US/Yanks, and glad I’m not the only one/first to say it, so not just me, lol (not sure where you are, but are more down to earth I think here in NZ, biased of course, lol)…….

ITA about the US/Yanks…really???? This coming from a KIWI???

deedot on

Leave her alone…sunscreen, how she holds her child…you guys give me the creeps. She has a NEWBORN. She is dressed and at a doctors appointment. Kudos to her.

Sarah M. on

What, we’ve mentioned how old her hands look and how she’s holding the baby, but not the fact that she has formula in her shopping bag. *sarcasm*

A baby I nannied for had acid reflux so bad that she spit up half of her bottle each and every time for the longest time. That was her favorite way to be held. I have never seen a baby that didn’t like to be held like that.

Clementine is precious!

Marilyn on

Maybe they weren’t in the sun very long so she didn’t need a hat nor sunscreen. Also, the way she’s holding her looks fine — the baby looks comfortable and Rachel has a good grip on her.

Rachel from Boston on

aw, Clementine is my absolute favorite name – and I’m a Rachel. lovesit😉

Terri on

I don’t see what’s wrong with this picture. Her baby looks safe and she’s looking down, out of the sun.

mmh on

That is so funny you all are calling this a “colic hold.” My son was soooo cranky for the first few months of his life and we finally found he loved to be held like Rachel is doing there. I never put it all together until now!!! I wish we hadn’t been so far away from family (re: experienced mothers!) when he was born — might have learned that trick sooner!!!

Alex on

Cute baby!

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