Heidi Klum's Humpty Dumpty Theory, Explained

07/24/2009 at 05:30 PM ET
Tom Meinelt/Splash News Online

In a playful appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly, supermodel Heidi Klum joked that her heritage has a lot to do with her ever-expanding brood. Of husband Seal she quipped, “I never let him rest,” before adding, “I’m very German…That’s it.” The couple are currently expecting their fourth child, and second daughter; Heidi revealed that if big sister Leni, 5, gets her way baby girl will be named Susie, while big brother Henry, 3 ยฝ, is partial to the name Vanessa.

Having two boys and two girls “is perfect,” according to Heidi, who proceeded to share Seal’s theory on how each of their children came to be. Hedging at first — telling co-host Kelly Ripa that it was an “off-camera conversation” — Heidi eventually gave in!

“My husband has a theory because they do say that the girl is a little slow in swimming … But they don’t die as fast; The boys are very, very fast but if they’re not there at the right time they might die…When we kind of looked back at the calendar, after we found out, we looked back and he was like, ‘There is something definitely to this.'”

When co-host Regis Philbin struggled to connect the dots, Heidi did so for him! “There’s no headstands or any strange things happening,” she said before clarifying,

“When the woman ovulates and you do the humpty dumpty on the day you’re ovulating, then you are more likely to have a boy on the day of the humpty dumpty. If you do the humpty dumpty on the days you’re not ovulating, you’re more likely to have a girl.”

One thing is for certain, Heidi will be paying much closer attention to when she does the ‘humpty dumpty’ going forward! “The shop will be closed,” she says of having more kids. “Definitely!”

In addition to Leni and Henry, Seal and Heidi are parents to 2 ยฝ-year-old Johan. Baby-on-the-way is due in October.

Source: Live with Regis and Kelly

— Missy

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Michelle on

That happens to be the cutest thing I ever heard. And I do know that my friends did that same thing as she states and it came out how she said. 4 times and everytime they were right.๐Ÿ™‚

brannon on

Hysterical (and I so want to know if this worked for anyone else!)

Beth on

Oh, gosh, that’s adorable … the humpty-dumpty! *smile*

And, yes, it is true that female sperm swim slower but live longer, whilst male sperm swim faster but die off sooner: so trying to time things in favor of one or the other can be effective. A woman needs to have cycles she’s really sure of though.

emma on

I love henrys idea of Vanessa for a name

annabelle on

We have two boys … and I completely agree with their theory!

Jo Ann v. on

I’ll have to remember that !๐Ÿ˜‰

Alice on

haha I like how she explains it! :p

It’s true btw. That’s because the Y chromosome is smaller so the male sperms are lighter hence faster.

Susie is not bad but then they’ll all end in ‘i’ except Johan… but with Vanessa they’ll all have 2 syllabes except her๐Ÿ™‚ I expect something more original from Seal and Heidi anyway.

Mrs. R. on

I can JUST imagine Heidi with her accent saying ‘Humpty Dumpty’!
It should be her new catch phrase!

Amy on

That is exactly how the book “How to have a Boy/Girl” explains it. Without the “humpty dumpty” description of course!! LOL! We were a little too impatient for the theory. Maybe next time I’ll try harder for a little girl!!

Jessicad on

She’s so darn cute!

I had a girl, and when I checked the calender this theory would make sense!

Lisa on

Aw shes so cute and so are her kids. Question does the last sentence say that she is done having kids?

Olivia on

My mother has sworn by this theory for years…but my husband and I conceived on the exact day I ovulated and we had beautiful twin (fraternal) girls. I think there’s definitely some credence to it, but at the same time, I also think some families have tendencies towards a gender…on my maternal side, my brother is the only grandson, and so far…only great-granddaughters to continue!

Heidi looks great, and I’m so happy Leni will have a sister. Girls need their sisters!!!

robinepowell on

I’m with Heidi’s son Henry, I like Vanessa, not that there’s anything wrong with Susie, just most people assume it’s short for Susan.๐Ÿ˜‰

Emily on

I agree! We were trying for my son and conceived on the exact day of my ovulation. With my second, we were not trying at all! I didn’t think we did the “humpty dumpty” around my ovulation at all. It was a girl!!

Anita on

She is to funny!

Karen on

Hey, this story is so cute. Does anyone know where I can watch it online? I want to see the interview.

JMO on

that’s cute. I always thought she was very funny! She’d make a great guest co-host for Regis!

Lauren on

lol??? Humpty Hump?? lol..

Mia on

Yes, that theory is true. It’s about 80-85% accurate. I am really curious to see what they will name their new baby girl?!๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe they will compromise with their kids and do like a first name/middle name combination. I guess we will see soon.

And I was also a little confused about the last statement, but I think the “Definitely” was just like a continuation or after thought, like -On the topic of having more kids- “The shop is closed, definitely”

Kelly on

Gotta love the Shettles method! I believe it it wholeheartedly.

jen on

We have 4 girls and we really do believe in this method.

CelebBabyLover on

Heidi’s description is cracking me up! And her “I never let him rest!” comment about Seal….Priceless! It sounds like we know what Heidi and Seal do in their spare time now! LOL!๐Ÿ™‚

michelle on

If I was married to either one of them, I would be doing the “humpty dumpty” a lot!!!

Lorus on

We did the deed 2 days before ovulation and ended up with a girl. Your chances are definitely higher following this method but not 100%.

kai on

I must be the only one who doesn’t find her cute. I find her rather embarassing. (I’m German btw)

anyway, can’t wait to hear what they name the little one:) love all of their names.

Sara on

It doesn’ hurt that Heidi is a fertile woman married to a fertile man! Technically you can only get pregnant during a 3 day window each month. I’m assuming Ms. Heidi ovulates like clockwork๐Ÿ™‚

Amanda on

Glad to hear Shettles worked for so many people, including Heidi Klum ๐Ÿ˜‰ Our two girls definitely followed this method, and the one I am pregnant with now we ‘tried for a boy’ using Dr Shettles book (though there is a little more to it than just timing), I guess we’ll see in the next few weeks if it ‘worked’

Ella on

@kai: No, not the only one. I don’t like her either, might have to do with watching her on Germany’s Next Topmodel (I’m also German).

But I think her kids are really cute and I love the name “Leni”, so I’m excited to find out the name for this little one.

Rebecca on

According to the Shettles method my youngest should have been a boy (we did the deed the night I ovulated). It’s not 100%.

blackrose on

okay i might sound stupid but whats a “Humpty Dumpty”??

erinbeth on

after having 2 sons, we knew we were ready for one more and longed for a daughter. we used this method to conceive our daughter and it worked! our irish daughter’s name is Avelinn, which means “longed for child ” :0)

marlee on

The Shettles Method is not 100 percent – but I think pretty effective. Worked for each of my kids! Google it if you think you might be interested in trying it.

“Blackrose” – Humpty Dumpty was Heidi’s euphanism for having sex!

Sarah on

Love Henry’s suggestion of Vanessa, its such a cute name.๐Ÿ™‚

Piper on

My husband and I used the shuttles method for all three of our kids and ended up with just what we wanted…two girls and one boy. So i really do believe that timing has a lot to do with gender.

MamaNikki on

Yes, Heidi explains it right. We tried a few days before ovulation for our girl and it worked and now I’m pregnant with our son after trying the day after I ovulated. We also read Dr. Shettles book with the same theory.

HeatherR on

Leave it to Heidi to come up with a cute explanation for the “birds and the bees” ๐Ÿ™‚

Babs on

I really wish these two would stop incessantly talking about their sex life. Enough is enough! It’s brought up somehow in practically every interview. Way too much info!

CelebBabyLover on

Babs- Actually, I think Heidi managed to be very tasteful about in it in this interview. I have heard plenty of celebs sharing way more information, and in much more detail, than that!

Heidi, IMO, managed to tell about her “theory” without getting into the “TMI” category.๐Ÿ™‚ Also, at least the way Heidi and Seal talk about each other means that we can safely assume that their marriage is strong and healthy.๐Ÿ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I also meant to say that I LOVE the post title! It sounds like the title of a humor book: “The Humpty Dumpty Theory, Explained!”. LOL!

Mia on

FYI, Heidi didn’t really come up with the term “Humpty Dumpty”. I think its a variation from the song by Digital Underground “The Humpty Dance”.

Terri on

LOL, the Humpty Dumpty!

Lisa on

I wasn’t trying this method with either of my children, but it is how it worked out for me too. When we did the dance, my BBT rose the next day, and my son was conceived. With my daughter, I wasn’t tracking my temps. I had really bad ovulation cramps two nights after we had sex.

Rach on

Actually, the opposite was true for me with both of my children. We concieved our daughter on the day of my ovulation, and with our son we had sex a couple of days before. I was also really good at timing my ovulation b/c I do ultrasound and was able to scan myself daily.
BTW, there are many people who concieve boy/girl twins on one try. Shettles theory whould definitley not hold true in this situation. Just a FYI.

Lou on

It worked for us too, although I would not have minded if it had not worked, I was curious and timed for a girl this time. It worked!

Bella Mama on

we are trying for a boy and did the “humpty dumpty” on the day i ovulated.. we’ll see what happens..

k on

this post is hilarious!
and fyi, my hubby & i did the “humpty” the night i ovulated and i’m due with a boy november 6th.๐Ÿ™‚ i’ll have to remember this method when i’m trying for a little girl next time!

Nina on

Another factor that keeps the Shettles method from being 100% effective is the fact that some men produce more X chromosome sperm than Y chromosome sperm and vice versa. That’s how in some families, regardless of timing around ovulation, you still end up with all boys or all girls.

gianna on

Kai I don’t find her personality cute either, she comes across so phony and annoying on interviews. She looks cute pregnant though, but she always rubs me the wrong way when she is on interviews.

Lisa on

Worked for us! We have 2 boys, timed it differently the 3rd time for a girl, success, and we are now expecting another girl. 2 & 2 – perfect!

alissa on

This theory definitely worked for us! We tried for a girl and we got a girl!

Lisa on

I use fertility charting as my method of birth control and so I’m really in tune with my body. I used the Shettles Method to conceive my son and daughter and it worked both times. It’s the only gender selection ‘theory’ that makes sense.

Diane on

Although I love seeing/hearing stories of this loving family, why not just go with whatever God blesses your family with…just a thought..I grew up in a family of 5 girls (although always wished I had a brother), but although may have wished for a boy, was thrilled that we were all healthy girls….

Ruthella on

The Shettles method didn’t work for us! The opposite happened twice; we tried for a girl and got a boy (whom we sadly lost) then we tried once more. This time I had one month to get pregnant before a holiday (otherwise would have had to wait because of flying etc) so we waited til OV day for the best chance (I had all but given up on conceiving a girl by then) and along came our Little Princess!

It kind of makes logical sense, but personally I don’t believe it. Like someone else said, what about boy/girl twins? And wouldn’t people having IVF, where they are injected at the most fertile time, all be having boys?

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