Estela Celebrates Her Birthday With a Beach Bash!

07/24/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Happy Birthday to Estela Ines! Ali Landry‘s daughter turned two on July 11th and celebrated with a party at the Pirate’s Booty Beach House in Malibu, Calif. Event planner Marley Majcher of The Party Goddess went with a Shirley Temple theme, loosely based on the song “On the Good Ship Lollipop.” The party featured life-size lollipops, a lemonade stand, a cake by The Butter End Cakery and more.

Estela, Ali and dad Alejandro Gomez Monteverde were joined by celebrity pals Marissa Jaret Winokur and Zev Isaac, 1, Nancy O’Dell and Ashby Grace, 2, and The Superstars co-star Lisa Leslie and Lauren Jolie, 2.

The party’s goodie bags included items from Mabel’s Labels, Baby Eggi, Omega Swirl, G-Cube and the Jumpitz’s Celebrate Animals! DVD.

Christine Chang for use on CBB

Many more photos below!

Christine Chang for use on CBB
Christine Chang for use on CBB
Mike/Splash News Online
Christine Chang for use on CBB
Christine Chang for use on CBB
Christine Chang for use on CBB

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meghan on

That is the most incredible picture I’ve seen in a long time! Look at those eyes!!

Lis on

Estela is gorgeous! I love, love, love how she is dressed, especially the big bows in her hair! (Scary Spice should take note, LOL!)

cecily on

@ Lis
I find those big bows to be kind of ridiculous. They’re reminiscent of the ones that Elisabeth Hassewhateverhernameis adorns on her kid’s head. And very 80’s. lol.

Anna on

The photos are cute. It’s just sad that her birthday was turned into a commercial event meant to make money.

N on

I’m a southern gal who LOVES big bows! If you can’t have big hair, you might as well have something big in your hair! I think the way they dress Estella is so stinkin’ cute!

bonnie on

this one looks to me like they had a lovely party.. Ana I don’t think the party was for press but I think this article was to make it about paying back the people who gave free stuff. Boy it seems the same people are doing the same things for free who gets paid these days?

Harley on

That first photo is freaking adorable!


I love the way Estela is always dressed and I love the bows! I am so girly and so is my daughter🙂

The cake is so pretty, this seems like a nice party, yet not over the top like others celebrities. Estela is such a beatiful little girl. What a nice family.

Ps. Go Ali!! what a bod!!!

Renee on

Seriously, she’s 2!! Look how many outfit changes the poor thing had. Just let her enjoy the day. The mom too. Cute little girl though.

Brooklyn on

Cute pictures! I love how in the one with Lisa Leslie, Estela is turned away! lol.

Meream on

wow, that is an amazing photo.

Shannon on

I love bows on little girls!! My youngest just turned one and we wear bows all the time. I have always loved the way Ali dresses her daughter- so girly and beautiful!

Crystal on

I ♥ Ali and Estela!! Estela is super cute and I love her big pink hair bow!!! It seems like they had such a good time. Lisa Leslie is one of my favorite sports mommies!!!🙂

J-Lin on

Her eyes are mesmerizing! Beautiful picture.

dee on

I think the huge bows are ridiculous, but I must admit they don’t take away from the absolute gorgeousness of this little girl. Looks like everyone had a ball and that’s all that matters.

L on

I’m a huge fan of bows, but not huge ones. I don’t think Estela’s bows are too big. Besides, Ali is from Louisiana and bows (of all sizes) are the rage in the South. You rarely see a little Southern belle without a bow.

annie on

I agree with Anna. These kids birthday parties are clearly little more than product placement events…and look, it worked! Every company that donated something got free mention on this and who know how many other blogs.

Kolby on

It’s written in the post that the party had a Shirley Temple theme – hence the big bows. They may have been just for the party and not they way Ali dresses her daughter every day.

Sally Block on

The Good Ship Lollipop cake is out-of-control in creativity. I have had cakes in the past from butter end cakery and I want to tell you that the cakes always taste as out-of control in taste as the creative cake designs as well. They are a superb choice if you want your cake to stand out above the rest.

Jen DC on

I was raised in the South and yes, big bows on a baby’s head a de rigeur. And she looks adorable and is at the age where if she really didn’t like it, she’d rip it out herself.

That first picture is an amazing shot of her – a great portrait with her big brown eyes. Just so beautiful and sweet!

As far as the “costume changes”: Well, really. You undo the top button on any of those dresses and just whip it over her head and on with a new one. Maybe the others (ha, “maybe”) were destroyed with candy and cake and sand and whatever. She seems to thoroughly enjoy herself – or they didn’t release the teary-eyed pix!

Lauren Jolie is adorable – look at her little ruffle butt swimsuit!

Sonia on

My daughter and I attended the party and had a wonderful time! Ali, Alejandro and Estela are a beautiful family and gracious hosts!!! And the cake was out of this world fantastic!!! Not only was it a work of art, it was also incredibly delicious!!! I can’t wait to order my next cake from!!

andie on

that cake is dope.

Susan on

So adorable and such a cute theme! I love the hair bows too. A friend of mine owns a hair bow business and her hair bows were in the goodie bags as well. Her website is Cute stuff!

L.J. on

LOVE the BIG BOWS! They are darling, and Estela wears them soooo well🙂

L.J. on

Cecily, i find your comments ridiculous. Sooo full of negativity. Lighten up, find some happiness🙂

Claire on

I am from Louisiana, where Ali is from, and I have a daughter. I am not a girly girl at all BUT my daughter does wear the big bows in her hair. It is a Southern thing. Why is it such an issue? She is a cute little girl… leave it at that!

kris on

The picture of the whole family is very cute. Without any of them looking at the camera it just seems to capture a nice family moment. Looks like the b-day girl was having a good time.

RB on

The bows in the swag bags were provided by The Girly Girl Bowtique ( because of Ali & Estella’s love of big hair bows.

And-Her-Son on

Estella is beautiful.

I just cant get my head around party planners for a 2 year old birthday party. But it does look like she had a blast and I love the theme.

I really like the bows and I’m Scottish.
When I was little my best friend’s mum always put ribbons in her hair and I was so jelous, I would always root threw her ribbon box and pick out ribbons and watch her mum put them in my friends hair. So I love the classic ribbons in bows in hair.

CelebBabyLover on

I wonder what Marissa did with the bow in Zev’s gift bag (since there were bows in the gift bags according to some other posters)? LOL! Anyway, Estela is adorable, and Lauren….Zahara Jolie-Pitt, you have got some competition!🙂

Edwina46 on

Any time you’d like to join the little people in the real world Ali (you know, the one where there’s a financial crisis) feel free. Unbelieveable.

jessie on

she’s gorgeous!

deedot on

Not my style…OTT bows. I do hope this child grows up to be a punk or a goth. Grposs over consumption but thats America for you.

Kasee on


Way to judge hundreds of millions of people with your comment. Like every kid in America has a birthday like this. Not a chance.

CelebBabyLover on

Edwina64- So Ali shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate HER daughter’s birthday the way she wants, or spend HER money the way she wants? She’s a celebrity, of course she’s going to do things differently than us “regular” people!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and it looks like Estela had a blast, and that’s really all that matters!🙂

Jennifer on

Estela is simply a stunning little girl! I, personally, love the way Ali dresses her and think the big bows are darling. Happy 2nd Birthday, little princess! =)

bonnie on

CelebBabyLover Ali did not pay for this party it was paid by, by sponsors.. that is how all of these work which is why they had to name products. If this was just a party that Ali through for her then they would not name the products and just give the inside scoop.

partyplanner on

Bonnie is correct. When you read about private Celebrity events like Estella’s birthday party, 9 out of 10 times the celebrity/guest of honor did not pay a penny for any of it. Companies look at opportunities like this as marketing due to the media coverage it will likely receive and the possibility of either getting a photo and/or endorsement from the celebrity. The best way to gauge whether or not a party was a “freebie” for the celeb is to discern whether or not any products or brands are mentioned or how much press it received. Chances are, if you are reading about it in a magazine or on a website, everything from the cake and goody bags to the planning of the event itself were “donated”. That is how Hollywood works, be it right, wrong or indifferent. Once you are famous, you don’t have to pay for much! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

bonnie- I never said she did. However, obviously it was Ali who choose to have her party sponsored. Thus my comment about her being allowed to do what SHE wants for her child’s birthday.

Bella Mama on

what a gorgeous baby.. Estela eres muy hermosa!

Allie on

Everyone claiming big bows are “the rage in the south,” where do you live? Being from Florida, I’ve seen very few toddlers/babies wearing them in public. They’re mainly used to dress up pictures. I agree that they look absolutely ridiculous. But, that’s my opinion. Both of my daughter’s did/do wear bows, just ones that look proportional to their heads (like Lauren and Ashby’s).

QueenB on

Allie – Most of FL is NOT “the South” unless you are somewhere north of Gainesville Being from FL you probably know that hardly anybody in FL is FROM there anymore.
“The South” refers to N.FL (panhandle), AL, MS, GA, TN, NC, SC, etc. where bows have been B-I-G for years.

Allie on

Queen B — I AM in North Florida, Jacksonville to be exact. My family has been here since the 1800’s (actually earlier if you count my Native American roots) and we know plenty of true, “southern” Floridians. Nice assumption, though.🙂 So, like I said, in MY part of the south, they’re not so B-I-G. Never have been, and hopefully never will.

lizzielui on

I just don’t get why it is such a big deal how anyone’s birthday party is paid for. My twins had a party sponsored by two companies last year seeking free advertisement with my brother’s company and my sister in law’s restaurant. It was a blast. It was very tastefully done and all of the kiddies had an amazing time. In fact, the party planners gave me great ideas on games and activities for the kids that I would have never thought of on my own. The bill or lack thereof at the end of the day was irrelevant to the ones the event mattered to the most: My girls. I would do it again in a heartbeat if given the opportunity.

QueenB on

Allie, sorry if I offended you with my comment. I was just addressing your question of where all these folks who keep saying bows are big in the South actually live.
My friends in Jax tell me that it is definitely not all that “Southern” anymore. My husband’s family is directly related to Capt. WD Collier (Collier County), so they too are true FL natives, although not the slightest bit Southern in the truest sense of the word.
If your children are friends with several children who have double names like Sarah James and Mary Cole then you likely know people who put bows in their daughter’s hair. Otherwise I agree with your initial comment Allie, in that perhaps bows are not big “in the south”; It should have probably said “Bows are a Southern thing”. Southern is a way of life, not a geographical point on the map. You’d have to live a little further North to get to the true South.

bonnie on

I think it is fine if you have something sponsored lizzielui but the challenge is.. that what the reader wants to know about is a little more detail about the party just not the plugs so this is all loosing interest and while the economy right now is not great it would be nice to hear of advertisers doing more positive advertising then spoiling celebrity kids. maybe if ali had a charity component to this it would seem nicer and give us a good picture of how you can take advantage of special opportunities and help others.

CelebBabyLover Edwina64 was commenting on the economy right now and you said.. – So Ali shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate HER daughter’s birthday the way she wants, or spend HER money the way she wants?

yes, she can celebrate it the way she wants.. but Ali did not spend money on this and it is quite obvious. so don’t make that comment if you don’t think someone is going to call you on it.

Allie on

QueenB, It’s cool. I’ve been to all of the southern states (even lived in GA & TX), and I still do not recall seeing little girls running around with their over-the-top bows. Even in Savannah!! Oh well. About what your friends said, depending on where you go in Jacksonville, the people change with the sides of towns. There are definitely parts that are still very much “old southern Florida,” and there are parts that are straight up shanty.

Catherine on

In response to the “southern thing” about the bows, I’m from Texas, and it may not be a southern thing, but it’s a Texas thing. I don’t know one little girl, apart from people who don’t dress their kids well, that dosen’t wear a hairbow as big as her head. You can’t get em to big in Texas!

Mia on

Just to note on the bows issue-Ali Landry is from Louisiana, if that means anything, and she said like “thats how we dress up down there”.

And in other news-All the pics of everyone are adorable, everyone looks like they had fun. The first picture kind of reminds me of something in a Tim Burton movie lol I think its just the lighting + the extreme close up, I don’t know.

I just can’t believe all of these babies are 2!

Edwina46 on

CelebBabyLover…It all becomes clear, you haven’t a clue about figures…46 not 64…that’s why you don’t appreciate a financial crisis…for the record I didn’t say Ali wasn’t at liberty to spend her money as she pleases however I am at liberty to judge her choices. Having said that, as has been pointed out, Ali wouldn’t have paid for the party…NO…she pimped out her 2 year old to make money…and you’d better believe I judge her for that.

Karen on

Estela is such a gorgeous little girl. That first pic is just amazing and OMG that cake!! I want one lol

Anh-Chi on

The party seemed amazing and everyone looked very happy especially adorable Estela!!! The way Ali chose to celebrate her daughter’s bday is not only the norm with celebrity parents but it’s an excellent way for companies to gain more exposure. Even without the press these companies get to hand out tons of gifts not only to the bday girl but to all of her friends. This kind of PR is
sometimes more effective than traditional advertising and it’s the only way up and coming brands can gain true credibility. If the celebrity gets to experience the product or service firsthand that could do wonders in terms of word of mouth buzz. So in a sense these parties do address offer a fresh avenue during a slow economy. And Ali is not exploiting her child by any means unless she is making money from these parties. Estela loves dressing up and has a beautiful bond with her mom. If you follow Ali on you will find she is a very compassionate and inspiring woman.

FC on

I adore that first close-up shot of Estela. She’s such a beauty, and I love her big dark eyes in that shot.🙂 Her b-day party looked like fun, and that cake looks too cute to eat…almost, lmao. I’d have to see if the cake tasted as good as it looked.😉

CelebBabyLover on

Edwina46- Okay, so I made a mistake! Thst said, I will admit that Math is not my strong suit. In anycase, I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree.

Like I said, Estela looks like she had a blast, and that’s all that matters!🙂

hello on

estella is absoulutely beautiful- what a doll. For those of you who dont like bows, dont you put them in your kids hair. I love the way estella dresses- its so stylish and sharp. Ali is a class act! here is a girl whos never into the bar scene, just a hard working business woman who puts family first- so much respect to her. They would have such a cute boy too!!!

Martha on

OMG what an absolutely magical cake!!!! It looks way too much fun to eat!!!!

Lioness on

I absolutely despise the bows they put in Estela’s hair, I think they look completely ridiculous… but other than that, she’s such a cute kid. Great pics.

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