Britney Takes Her Boys on a Stockholm Stroll

07/24/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
MALABAR/Most Wanted

Mom may be less than thrilled with the flashes lighting up the night, but Sean Preston, 3 ½, and Jayden James, 2 ½, checked out the paparazzi while out for an after-dark stroll with Britney Spears in Stockholm, Sweden on Monday.

The popstar, 27, has been making her way around Europe with her sons as she performs her Circus tour overseas.

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Daisy on

Britney looks cute & so do the boys! Sucks she cant do regular mommy stuff without them stalking her every move.

Mariel on

i love her
she is just so cute
i love she brought the boys to the tour

Ashley on

Sean Preston is such a ham for the camera. I am so happy that Kevin and Britney have put aside their differences for the boys because they look so much happier than they did a year ago.

Lis on

She even gets followed in Sweden? Poor Britney😦

But on a cuter note, those boys are darling! I just love how SP is “cheesing” for the paps!

Guest on

love ya, brit

ingrid on

cute kids… it’s funny, seeing those big boys in a stroller😉 my son never would have stayed in one at that age.

Jess on

Their adorable, All three! Brit is very pretty and her boys are just too cute!

Amber on

Question to the mothers as I am not one. When do pediatricians suggest getting rid of the pacifier?

Carol on

I don’t believe in a child that age still having to need a pacifier. I also believe those kids are too big to be in strollers also!

jlove_taylor on

With all the paps around plus TWO little ones.. a stroller probably easier for her. I have twin sisters and they would run in opposite directions(lol)! I saw the video of her almost dropping jayden..if you watch that video you notice there are HUNDREDS of paparazzi and people around her…then she gets slammed in the media. I’D have my babies in a stroller too

Jackie on

Again..why The pacifier crap again? Leave her alone..It’s her children not yours dont judge there are alot of things people can judge other parents for..So why bother judging that? I also believe that those kids aren’t any of ours..Let her raise them her way..She’s their mother Not you Not me Not anyone but her!

KateRose on

“Question to the mothers as I am not one. When do pediatricians suggest getting rid of the pacifier?”

About 12 months generally. Anything past that is very bad for their teeth, increases their chances of getting ear infections, and can cause delayed speech.

jerryca on

Katerose, where do you get your information from? i have not seen a 12 month old infant without a pacifier. stop being so judgmental of Britney. when other celebs do the same thing ya don’t criticize them as much as ya criticize her. by the way i have seen a bunch of 4 year olds with a pacifier. every child is different.

CelebBabyLover on

jlovetaylor- That was Sean Preston she almost dropped, not Jayden (Jayden was, in fact, in her tummy at the time!). I agree with you, though!

Lis- I love that, too!🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and to the pacifer thing…I have read the pacifer use isn’t a huge concern as far as teeth developement is concerned until the permanant teeth start coming in, which is usually around 1st grade age (6 to 7 years old).🙂

Kit on

LOL! I can always count on supermom advice/ (read: criticism) when it’s a Britney thread…some of ya’ll really take the cake!! Holy hell, she’s keeping them all contained in a stroller, let’s call the national guard and get those kids taken away, oooh, better yet, one has a pacifier, that CLEARLY makes you a better mommy than her! You should get mommy of the year award for not having your child in a pacifier. Seriously, I had a wake up call after my second child was born and I realized every kid is different, it’s a role of the dice. Some are easy some are more difficult, every child will challenge you in different ways. Until you’ve had 11 kids (like my Mom!) than I’d suggest you just hold your tongue because Karma’s a b’word…I *NEVER* judge parents based on these petty BS issues….are they clothed, fed, obviously loved and generally doing “ok”?, Than it’s all good! Britney has so much to be proud of!!!!

caroline on

I sucked on a pacifier until I was 5 and my mom finally put a stop to it because I was starting school. It’s harmless as far as I’m concerned.

Camilla on

Great comment Kit!

Anna Skeen-Kuhni on

Not to be funny, but since it is summer in Sweden it must be incredibly late to be walking around with the boys. The days are very long there! I guess maybe in show business kids have a completely different schedule but I think sleep before midnight is pretty important.

Jackie on

I loved to know why you guys judge her so much..No Mother is perfect and It’s easier for her to have the kids in a stroller im pretty sure any mother would say that if they had two young kids. We all have our different Parenting..Nothing is harming the two..Im tired of reading bullcrap about Britney. She’s back she’s herself she’s a great mother. Why cant any of you see that? I had a Pacifier untill i was 4..My teeth are fine im fine and im 18 years old in college who By the way graduated two years ahead of my class..So you telling me something is wrong with me cuz i had a Pacifier?

Q on

I can’t believe what a little ham Preston has grown into.LOL I remember when people were worried because as a baby he wasn’t that expressive & didn’t smile much. Now he loves the camera!

I really don’t get the stroller comments. Since when is 2 years old to big to be in a a stroller? They obviously make strollers big enough for older children, so what is the harm? Plus from what i’ve seen JJ seems the type to want to run off. So I think it’s safer in this case.

Hea on

“She even gets followed in Sweden? Poor Britney :(”

Yeah, and we who just recently learned how to make fire here…

Actually, much of Britney’s success is because of swedish producers. She’s been here a lot and yes, she is followed but not by as many paps as she usually is. She and the boys have been able to have a pretty laid back time here.

The picture is taken very late at night. Hence the paci.

Hea on

Anna Skeen-Kuhni – It’s probably quite late yes, but it’s also starting to turn darker day by day. Also, asleep before midnight… Yep, absolutely, but perhaps she has not bothered to turn the boys over on Swedish time? It’s quite hard.

KateRose on

“Katerose, where do you get your information from? i have not seen a 12 month old infant without a pacifier. stop being so judgmental of Britney. when other celebs do the same thing ya don’t criticize them as much as ya criticize her.”

I get my information from the American Pediatric Association. And the fact that you have not seen a 12 month old without a pacifier means nothing in regards to the question of the previous posters that I was answering. I was not answering a question about when the average child stops using a pacifier. I was answering a question of when pediatrician’s recommend that the pacifiers stop.

I wasn’t being judgemental of Britney, I was answering a previous posters question. But it doesn’t really matter if I was being judgemental because I do not need your permission to do that, and I will continue to have any opinion I feel like having whether you like it or not. You DO NOT get to decide what kind of opinion I will have.

And as for the last part of your post, where you claim I’m always criticizing Britney but not other celebrities: this is probably the 2nd or 3rd comment I have ever made on this site, and the first one I have ever made in a Britney post. So you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about when you claim that I’m always criticizing Britney.

KateRose on

“I really don’t get the stroller comments. Since when is 2 years old to big to be in a a stroller?”

What stroller comment are you even referring to? The only stroller comment I see here is the one where someone said they couldn’t get their kid to still sit in a stroller at that age. There was no part of that comment that criticized Britney – it was only a statement about what her own child did. Some of you Britney fans are ridiculous with the way you jump all over people and claim they said horrible things about Britney when they never did.

Julie on

KateRose, Carol said they are too big to be in strollers. You sound very cranky. Maybe you need a paci to keep yourself calm🙂

kim on

I’m actually quite amused at all the posts on the topic… WHO CARES WHETHER HER KIDS STILL HAVE A PACIFIER!!! She obviously knows her kids best and has decided that it comforts them and is not causing a hinderance. Both my daughters had them and we had no problems with teeth, speech or anything else for that matter. Would most of you cynics feel comfortable saying the things you write here to Britneys face?? probably not.

KateRose on

“KateRose, Carol said they are too big to be in strollers. You sound very cranky.”

No, my comment doesn’t sound cranky. You seem to be projecting a bit. All you had to do was point out that there was a comment I missed and I would have gone back and read it. I was under the impression that others were talking about ingrid’s comment.

Sarah on

“She obviously knows her kids best and has decided that it comforts them and is not causing a hinderance”

It’s a huge myth that mothers always know their kids the best. And there are some aspects of childcare where there are no gray areas. And pacifiers not being good for children who are no longer babies is a proven fact.

Tee on

Jerryca, your nasty comment towards KateRose was uncalled for! All KateRose did was answer Amber’s question. She didn’t say anything judgemental about Brittney at all. What in the world made you jump down her throat like that? You don’t have to agree with her opinion. That’s fine… everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I usually try to stay out of these kinds of disputes, but this time I couldn’t. You were horribly rude and there was simply no cause for it at all.

shawna on

In regards to the pacifier – some of us don’t base our parenting decisions on what a doctor says! *gasp* Some of us breastfeed for years, don’t vaccinate our kids, and many other choices even though the *gasp* doctor says we should. In other words, some of us use our own brains and make our parenting decisions based on what is best for OUR child.

Tee on

Shawna, you go girl! While I think that doctors provide an invaluble service, I would never take their word as law. Any parent or caregiver has instincts and more often than not, those instincts can be trusted. I look at advice and opinions from the health field as suggestions and guidelines, not the gospel! No two children are the same and there is no reason to treat them like they are!

melania on

Those boys are so cute. I love how she keeps their hair on the longish side. All children are different (even within the same family) and guidelines cannot possibly meet the needs of every individual child or parent. I do not think the paci will do him harm. I bet if you polled the “experts”, most of them used a paci and bottle after 1 year on their own kids. Even after my doctor suggested that the baby sleep in her own bed, he admitted that all 4 of his kids slept with him and his wife as babies. Of course doctors will suggest what is recommended by the APA, but at home they will do what they think is best for their own children just like everyone else.

CelebBabyLover on

melania- Excellent comment!🙂

Terri on

If you don’t like another parent’s or doctor’s advice: Just don’t take it! Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

kim on

well said shawna!

Shannon on

I actually think it’s a sign of her good parenting that she has the boys in a stroller! I mean think about it- can you imagine the ripping she would get if she didn’t have them in a stroller and one of them pulled away and bolted right into the massive paparazzi crowd surrounding them? Some of you would have given her hell! She’s a smart mama for making sure her boys were safely secured with that many people around.

And as for the pacifier? My 2 oldest used them until they were 2 1/2. Shudder! And the PEDIATRICIAN (who some of you seem to think is God or something) told me it wasn’t really an issue until they got to be about 3 or 4, and even then it was more of a social concern than physical.

natz on

KateRose, you did sound a bit cranky, especially your last 2 comments. If you’d read the other comments properly you wouldn’t have reacted the way u did in 25 with seemingly such conviction…just saying!!!

KateRose on

“KateRose, you did sound a bit cranky, especially your last 2 comments”

Well I guess since a complete stranger on the Internet things something about me then that makes it true. Oh wait, no it doesn’t.

CelebBabyLover on

KateRose- You sounded a bit cranky to me in your comments, too. However, I realize that it can be awfully hard to “read” people’s emotions over the Internet.🙂

Amber on

Ok, um, I’m almost 18…I’m babysitting this summer. I love CBB…
because I THOUGHT we could talk about celebs AND parenting.
I asked “what do pediatricians recommend” because that’s what I wanted to know. That’s it. One of the kids
I look after is 6 and still uses it. Not an issue for me, but I think its kind of weird and gross. Saw this Britney post, thought to ask…so I did. Didn’t even mention her. Geez. I didn’t say it was “the gospel” or “the law”. I just asked a question. AND prefaced that I am not a parent, I’m in high school…*gasp* we sometimes ask questions. Do I need a disclaimer next time?

Smile. It’s the weekend

CelebBabyLover on

Amber- I don’t think anyone was attacking you. I think the critcism was aimed more at the people who answered your question.🙂

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