Audrey McGraw's Gummy Grin!

07/24/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
Agent 47/WENN

Someone’s missing a tooth! Audrey Caroline McGraw, 7 ½, stopped by a pet store to look at puppies with mom Faith Hill on Wednesday in West Hollywood, Calif.

The duo were shopping their way down Melrose Ave. with Tim McGraw, Maggie Elizabeth, 11 next month, and Gracie Katherine, 12, before stopping for lunch at Johnny Rockets.

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Jennie on

I love how they just look like normal people-no fancy clothes or jewelry, no makeup on Faith; and that genuine happiness on their faces!

Courtney on

same here and little Audrey is adorable

Daisy on

She looks just like her daddy!!

Daisy on

Faith, don’t window shop puppies at pet stores! Puppy Mills need to be shut down, don’t support the businesses who engage in supporting these breeders by giving them any amount of attention! Teach your kids while they’re young. Pet stores are NO PLACE for dogs.

Mimi on

Nice speech, Daisy. I do love being lectured which is why I come to political sites like CBB so I can get the up to date tongue lashing about whatever cause an anonymous person feels is important.

I am not a fan of Faith and especially Tim’s but they’ve chosen such darling names for their daughters. Real classy.

Lis on

I love the name Audrey!

holden on

look at those teeny tiny little legs! That girl is skinny!!
I agree that the girls have beautiful names. And if Audrey is anything to go by, they have those adorable faces to match!

Cortney on

Well Audrey is Faith’s first name. She does look a lot like Tim! Too cute! I hope they have more kids.

Michelle on

I agree Daisy… thanks for posting that!

pam on

Audrey is Faith’s true first name…so that is where they got the name from. Audrey was born premature so that may explain why she is on the smaller size for her age. This is the first pic I’ve seen of her in quite a while. Darling young lady as are her sisters.

celebsarah on

First thing I thought of too, Daisy! Thanks for posting.

I love this family. They seem to be very close!

Nikki on

I go to pet stores to look at the cute puppies too but I don’t buy them…they were probably just looking! I can’t believe she is 7 1/2 already! I remember seeing her on magazine covers at the store when she was born! Time flies!

crimpe on

Mimi, you’re right – lots of lectures here. But, like most of the other posters, I agree with Daisy! I only get my animals at shelters, as in “the pound”. No one wants to hear it when I recommend they do the same. Shelters are smelly, often a bit dirty, loud, and rarely just one stop from Johnny Rockets. So I’m not surprised. Audrey looks very sweet. I didn’t recognize Faith.

Erika on

I love the way they are dressed so normally!

While I agree that a shelter is probably a better option, I have two ‘pet store’ dogs and they are wonderful dogs! So I don’t think people should be judging where others get their pets from, I don’t think there is anything ‘wrong’ with the dogs that come from pet stores, so whats wrong with playing with them every once in a while?

Erica on

There’s nothing wrong with the dogs sold in pet stores (or window shopping, which is all it looks like they are doing), the problem is with the cruel methods of the puppy mills they came from. Obviously people will do what they want but turning a blind eye to the issue won’t make it go away.

Audrey is the spitting image of her dad!

Cheryl on

Oh I love Faith Hill! She is such a great singer and her and Tim McGraw make such a great couple. Their children are so adorable! I wish them all the best!

Kari on

Totally agree with Daisy and others. That’s the first thing I thought of too! I have 4 rescued dogs, 2 of which came from a puppy mill that was around for the sole reason of churning out puppies for pet stores. Ella, a 9 year-old girl Chihuahua was in such an awful condition when she came to us from the Animal Rescue Foundation. She had fleas, worms, a huge hernia from all of the puppies she was forced to breed and she has to be on several medications for the rest of her life due to conditions she developed. Ethan, a 6 year-old boy Chihuahua, was so unsocialized and neglected that he was almost euthanized until we agreed to take him. It took him two years to be able to have me harness him and leash him for a walk, as he had been chained up in a dirt pit and severely abused. Every time I brought the leash out, he would start urinating as he was so scared that I might be about to hit him or chain him up again. He also has numerous health problems. It is sad that so many people take the easy way out and get a puppy in a pet store or a newspaper classified ad. Puppy mills exist because of people like Paris Hilton toting Chihuahuas around and suddenly everyone wants one or everyone wanting a Lab after seeing Marley&Me. 11 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year from no fault of their own- they were simply born, unloved and unwanted. They deserve a home too and it’s selfish to stay away from pounds because you don’t want to hear all of the barking or disorder. REALLY PEOPLE- do you honestly think those dogs WANT to be in such a scary, chaotic environment???

Please adopt and if you want a puppy or a breed-specific dog, there are MANY rescues across the country that specialize in certain breeds. PETFINDER.COM is a great resource and you can search for pets in your area and choose the gender, breed, age, etc. BEFORE YOU SHOP- ADOPT!!

P.S. Check out the numerous Humane Society and ASPCA stories involving puppy mills- one more was just raided recently.

Lisa on

man all they did was take their girls to LOOK at puppys. kids enjoy that. Believe me, her daughter is the biggest animal rights person I am sure they wouldnt buy one from a pet store

Myra Robinson on

well,those who know Faith and Tim,know they already have 4 dogs,one is named Palio and is from an adoption shelter. they were all gotten from that shelter. I know this because it was mentioned during the time Ellen had adopted a dog and without permission from the shelter gave it to someone else. I read this information on the Mcgraws dogs during this time. there was also a blog about them having palio groomed for their last tour. they were just visiting the shelter. oh,and by the way,I think Audrey still looks like her Mom. and that is true,she was very small when she was born,because she was so early. she only weighed 3 11 at birth. this is why she is small for her age,but all the girls are healthy. I love Tim and Faith and have the greatest respect for them.

Myra Robinson on

Faith said in a recent article that Gracie,their oldest,who looks a lot bigger than Maggie,who is only a year younger, that Gracie looks and acts exactly like Tim. she made the comment that Tim gave birth to her! she said she is all Tim.

CelebBabyLover on

Mimi- LOL! I love your comment! That said, I DO agree about puppymills. They should be shut down! However, Faith and Audrey were just LOOKING at puppies! There’s no harm in that!

Also, not all pet stores get their dogs from puppy mills. For example, the two pet stores I shop at for my dog are HUGE supporters of adoption. In fact, one even has a computer that is set to, with a sign above it reading: “Please think adoption first!” (or something like that. I can’t remember the exact wording) That particular store, to my knowledge, does not sell dogs at all.

The other store I go to occasionally offers dogs….from local shelters (they call them “Adopt-a-dogs”)!🙂

timandfaithfix on

The name of the pet store is Orange Bone. If you go to their website you will see the dogs are 100% rescues and not from puppy mills.

Check it out before you judge them.
Love you Tim and Faith keep up the good work in everything you do.

Lisa on

Actually yes Audrey is skinny but she is tall for her age. Doesn’t have anything to do with being born early. Maggie is also just as tiny and always has been. on

Erika, please visit our website for your free puppy report. You have a right to know where your two pet store puppies REALLY came from.

TimandFaithFix, thanks for the info on the store – it’s great to see stores out there like that, and even greater when celebs promote them. The story has a link to Johnny Rockets, and they should have also linked to the pet store.

Audrey is adorable!

Maggie on

Erica, your petshop puppies did not come from the petshop puppy tree. When someone buys a puppy from a pet store, a few hundred miles away its mom is suffering nonstop in truly sickening conditions.

Of course, some self-professed dog lovers don’t really care, as long as they don’t see it. If they saw the puppy’s mom in real life, they’d probably move heaven and earth to try and help her, but stores like Petland make it possible for them not to see the parents. Out of sight, and all that.

It’s kind of like that movie The Matrix. Some people just want to take the blue pill, and pretend that their choices don’t make them an integral part of the puppymill horror.

Loralie on

Faith has always been really thin and so has Tim, so it could also be genetics. I was a preemie at birth– weighed less than Audrey did and I was not as thin as she was when I was her age.

Audrey is adorable!

LisaM on

Audrey looks so cute, and Faith looks like a Mom not a big celeb.

I remember when Faith did that show about her life she mentioned that she was so skinny as a kid and all legs. If you have seen pictures of Faith as a kid, Audrey is the spitting image of her and all legs like Faith was. Faith was also very skinny.

Maggie is the petite one in the bunch, she takes after Tim’s sister Tracey who is small and petite. Maggie will be 11 next month and Audrey won’t be 8 until December but she is tall as Maggie.

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