Kendra Wilkinson's Bikini Belly

07/23/2009 at 02:30 PM ET
Michael Williams/Startraks

Enjoying the sun, sand and surf on Sunday in Malibu, Kendra Wilkinson showed off her barely-there bump at the Pirate’s Booty Beach House.

The Girls Next Door and Kendra star, 24, expects her first child with husband Hank Baskett on Christmas Day.

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pam on

My daughter who was due Dec 26 (but has since miscarried) was bigger than Kendra when she was just 9 weeks pregnant. (she miscarried a week after finding out) But I do agree with an earlier statement Kendra made…..her boobs have gotten ginormous!! She’s cute with her little belly no matter what though.

Lola Marie on

Wow! Looking good Kendra! Pregnancy does not have to always be traditional🙂

I would love to have her preganant body…its still better than mine😀

Lis on

Did her bump shrink? Looks smaller than in the pics posted yesterday… Maybe if we got a side view😉

Alyssa on

Bump…what bump?

Courtney on

it could just be the angle of the camera taking the photo that makes it look smaller Pam i’m sorry to hear that you miscarried your unborn daughter that’s so sad nobody deserves to be put through that pain & heartache

missloUiSiAna on

She is too precious! I can see the beginning of her bump zooming in from my phone lol

Hea on

Belly size this early in a pregnancy has a lot to do with gas and swollen bowels too, people.

chrystiana-simone on

for someone 5 months along she doesn’t look pregnant

meghan on

I’m already getting sick of seeing her.

L on

CBB when was this picture taken…in the ones yesterday she looked so much bigger!?
Anyways…her boobs do look a lot bigger then what they were…and thats saying something lol…shes still cute though!

Brooklyn on

Maybe it’s just the angle!?!?

Hayley on

meghan Says:
July 23rd, 2009 at 5:18 pm
I’m already getting sick of seeing her.

then don’t look…or comment lol lol

i thinks its sweet xxxx lovely body xxx and just look at her so happy to be having a baby xxx its lovely xxxxxxxx ihad a teeny bump with my munchkin till i was 6 and half months…then i just blew up lol lol xxxx good luck hun xxx

Aly on

Pregnancy doesn’t seem to have slowed Kendra down a bit!

jenny on

Her “girls” are bigger than her head!! HA LOL…I wasn’t very big with my son until about 6 1/2 months. Wore jeans until then. Popped out in my 7th month. I suspect she will do the same

SH on

i agree with meghan. this woman’s a camera hog. oh well, it will be over after her 15 minutes.

Bancie1031 on

awww she has a cute little belly ……. She is sooo pretty!

ericka on

aww so cute!

you can actually see her breast are starting to look less fake as they are getting bigger.

she looks great


Woah, people are so negative. If you don’t like her, don’t click on the picture and don’t take the time to comment!

I, personally, love seeing Kendra. I think it’s going to be a girl!

Danielle on

While I do like Kendra, I have to agree that I’m already sick of her. This is going to be a long pregnancy.

Liliana on

Camera hog? Really? There are plenty of others, on this site, who are featured multiple times in the same week.

She looks so pretty and happy. Best wishes to her and Hank.

Candace on

Enjoying those pregnant boobs!🙂

elle on

yeap i was due on xmas day .. march 20 was my l.m.p lol but had my son on jan 2 !

RIP Michael on

Camera hog? Its not as if she’s running around posting the pictures on all these different websites herself. Most times she’s out and about or at an event and a pap takes her picture. We are the ones creating the demand for her. So if u want her to go away don’t look at ANY more pics of her.

SoCalMama on

I love Kendra, I think she looks great. Work that bikini while you still can😉

SH on

Well, no, she may not be posting these pictures herself…but she IS out there sharing her exact due date, sharing names they’ve chosen, shopping for blue clothes, posing in pink bikinis with her gigantic boobs, telling that they’ll find out the gender of their baby next week,…and you know she’ll let us know what it is 5 minutes after they find out themselves…so yeah, sorry to offend anyone, but i feel she’s somewhat of a media hog. sorry.

Julie on

I like Kendra. But I agree, a bit of an an attention seeker with regards to being pregnant. I doubt anyone would have even guessed she was expecting unless she had made an announcement. To each their own, of course. But, honestly, in some pics (including this one) she barely looks pregnant at all. She quickly got engaged, pregnant and married and it all seemed surprising after watching the girls next door. She and Hank seem like a great match though.

Patricia on

I love Kendra!

her bathing suit is super cute!

Can’t wait to see her bump get bigger over time🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Courtney- Pam said it was her DAUGHTER that had the miscarriage, not her. I agree, though. I’m sorry that happened to your daughter, Pam.

gargoylegurl on

I think Kendra’s great. I’m excited to follow her pregnancy!

RIP Michael on

Well someone has to post what she says…once again its not Kendra putting it on the websites. I think because its Kendra who a lot of people find annoying/slutty. If she were Jennifer Garner being very open about her pregnancy I think more ppl would have a positive opinion about it. I’m assuming she is excited about her baby and she wants to share. Certain people complain that some pregnant celebs are too private…

Mariel on



kaitlyn on

I think she’s adorable! Just wondering, is she Kendra Baskett now and just using Wilkinson professionally?

marimel on

@Kaitlyn, I read somewhere and I believe she also said on her show that she would be changing her name to Baskett, but I assume she’ll use Wilkinson professionally.

Moore on

meghan and SH, I completely agree. She’s one (psuedo) celeb that will be overexposed by the time the baby comes around.

RIP Michael, she is not the only celeb I get tired of seeing and that has nothing to do with her work. I don’t dislike either of them for any reason but too much Jenn Garner is still too much Jenn Garner, same with Kendra.

For those talking about ‘negative’ comments. Just like some tell us to bypass articles like this one (which I do to the majority of these overexposed people) you can also bypass other people’s comments if you don’t feel the same way. Its not necessary to point it out all the time.

Trina on

Moore- this site is called celebrity baby blog where pregnant people are followed. If you or any other person thinks they are annoying then don’t come to this site. I’m happy for kendra and its her first kid. Let her say what she wants! And just to remind everyone in the rules it says no name calling or being mean. Can’t adults follow rules?

Danielle on

No one is bashing on the woman. I think everyone who has made “negative” comments has done so without being harsh. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Moore on


Did I not mention that I pass on the posts of the majority of these overexposed people? Kendra? Pass. Rachel Griffiths? No. Drea de Matteo? No. Why? Cause they’re not one of these overexposed people. Maybe I glance at this site for people like them. Not for you, not for Kendra, but its great you feel like you should tell me what site I’m allowed to go on.

Also, I’m pretty sure this site can moderate their own comments but thanks for being nice and adult-like enough to comment.

CelebBabyLover on

Moore- Trina was just saying that if you don’t like seeing “overexposed” pregnant celebs, you don’t have to come here.🙂

RIP Michael- I think you hit the nail on the head! I rarely hear people complain that we are, for example, seeing too much of Nicole Ritchie during her current pregnancy, and we’ve been seeing her just as much as Kendra!

Moore on

CelebBabyLover, I’m pretty sure I read the comment correctly (responded in kind) and didn’t need you to jump in and “clarify” any part of it. And did you read any of my comment cause its sounds like you didn’t.

and btw, as if its anyone’s business anyway and in case anyone feels the need to continue to harp on it, I opened this post to see what all 30 or so of the comments were for and if people were still on the same issue as the last time I read a kendra post. I saw Meghan’s comment and SH’s, agreed with them cause I think they are true, responded to someone who was actually making a point about something, responded to people complaining about non-malicious posts and left it at that. If your feelings were hurt somewhere in there, sorry, but you don’t have to come here either.

The “positive” people who are telling “negative” people to leave are sounding mighty mean and negative.

PS: Nicole Richie is also photographed often, just like Kendra. Excuse me while I go write that in one of her many posts that I’ve been avoiding.

Moore on

Just to clarify it for you, CelebBabyLover and Trina if you’re so inclined, the middle section is a general statement to anyone. Reply if you want but its not personally for you. No names attached.

CelebBabyLover on

Moore- Mostly I was defending Trina. I personally don’t feel that her comment was nasty or that she was trying to attack you in anyway. Basically what I was trying to say (and yes, I DID read your post) is that I think you took her comment the wrong way.

Anyway, I think this is one of those threads where we’re just going to have to agree to disagree.

Trina on

Thanks celebritybabylover I hate when people are so negative about things. This is a sight where pregnant celebs can share things about there pregnancy. When I was having my first baby I told the world! She’s excited and wants to share unlike a lot which I’m glad for. I was just saying to people to lay off kendra and be happy for her.

Bren on

She looks so cute!

MiB on

Kendra is just like so many of my pregnant frieds, so excitet that they just can’t sop themselves from talking about their pregnancy. She has just got a much bigger audience!

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