Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Back in Black

07/23/2009 at 09:00 AM ET

Running errands after work on Monday, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was spotted on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, toting bags — and a booster seat!

The View co-host, 32, expects her third child on August 11th. The baby — a delivery suprise — will join siblings Grace Elisabeth, 4, and Taylor Thomas, 20 months.

See Elisabeth and other moms-to-be in our recently updated Who’s Due Next gallery!

Elisabeth carries the Clec Olli Booster Seat ($90).

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Daisy on

Aww her bump is soo cute, shes all belly!!

Dee on

I hope that backless booster isn’t for one of her kids…:-/ With the oldest only being 4 all of them should still be in a 5pt harness.

Lisa on

yes,,I agree..she is all baby and looks way too cute pregnant.

Lis on

She looks AMAZING for being so far along in her pregnancy! Is she tall? Is that how she carries it so well?

I wonder if she’ll have any more after this baby? As cute as she looks, she should always be pregnant😉

Morgan on

Elizabeth looks adorable! I hope that the rest of her pregnancy goes well and that her baby will be healthy.
Dee, seriously? You can just barely see the booster seat and even so, it’s kind of, sort of none of your business.

Colleen on

She looks totally cute! I’m really sad to think of her putting a 4 year old in a backless booster…yikes!

Brandi on

She looks great all belly. Can’t wait to find out what she’s having.

Don’t know how many of you are new yorkers but we usually don’t even use car seats in cabs and towncars. Bad I know but we mostly walk everywhere and take the train.

Mary-Helen on

So jealous! I am due around the same time and my bump isn’t nearly as cute!

Stacey on

She does look great for being weeks away from delivery. @ Lis, I don’t think Elisabeth is very tall, but she is a former college athlete and she’s still very into fitness now (running, weight lifting). I think being in really good shape before you get pregnant can help how you look and feel throughout the pregnancy.

kate on

she’s just beautiful. and I can’t believe that’s how awesome she looks that far along with her 3rd. i’m jealous😉

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Elizabeth looks fantastic!! I think it’s gonna be another girl.

Anna on

Some people are so obsessive about car seats, it makes me sick to see people judging others for nothing!

Lauren on

She looks so fantastic. Good for her.

kami on

I love her shirt!!!!!!!!

Sandra on

She’s awesome and a great role model for a lot of women! She’s a really classy woman.

SH on

Anna, people are obsessive about car seats for good reasons other than “nothing”. Google “5 point harness carseat” or “Kyle David Miller” and you’ll find out…

Cheryl on

What are the laws in NY regarding car seats? Where I live it’s legal to use a booster seat as long as your child is 40 lbs. and meets a certain height requirement…lots of 4 year olds here use them…and we have to have them in those seats until they are 80 lbs….so, just curious.

She looks great!!

Brooklyn on

She looks great! I can’t wait till she has the baby, I want to know what they’re going to name is as I love Grace and Taylor! I didn’t even realize it was almost her due date…is she still on the View or is she on maternity leave already? I don’t get to watch it…

lauren on

what do you guys think shes having?

Brianne on

while I am not a fan of hers, she looks fabulous! I can’t believe how great she looks for being ready to deliver her third child! She definitely is a fantastic pregnant mom!! props to her!

Erika on

I don’t know if there are weight limits but I do know that when my sister (who is 12) was little, children were only required to be in a carseat until they were 4. I think they changed it to 6 like 4 or so years ago. So if it were 4/5 years ago, Grace could be out of a seat already, so let’s not forget that. Since they live in the city, they probably use cabs a lot, and it’s probably easier to put a booster in there, than a full blown carseat. Everyone is so judgemental!!

Bb on

She looks lovely pregnant.

JMO on

The carseat requirments are a little excessive if you ask me. I have a cousin who is 4’10 and is 80 some pounds and guess how old she is?…..20!!! Is she required to be in a carseat too while driving because she’s so short and light??

All 3 of my niece and nephews who are only 4 use the same type of carseat Elisabeth is carrying. I do agree they really offer no support that’s why we atleast keep the high backs attached and then we use the seatbelt buckle.

And it’s true in nyc most people just sit kids in buckles or on their laps because you can’t be carrying around a 60lb highback 5pt harness carseat around town while shopping! So be happy Elisabeth is atleast using something for Grace.

Tia on

How do any of you even know that Grace uses this? The articles just says she was running errands and carrying a booster. Grace isn’t identified as being with her. Maybe she picked it up from a friend who had borrowed it. Maybe she was taking it somewhere to show it to someone. Who knows!! You see a split second snap shot and want to judge as if that’s her entire life.

Anna on

Wow, 24 comments and so far no mention of Elisabeth’s political views!

She looks adorable🙂

Max'sMom on

I think she is having a girl.🙂

Rebecca on

Actually, the safety of children is everyone’s business. I find it funny that when people voice concern over something like this they’re told to mind their own business, but if something terrible happens to a child one of the main things people say is, “Why didn’t someone speak up!” Because you were telling them it wasn’t their business, that’s why!

Delaina on

I’ve decided I’m done reading the comments on this site due to the santcimommies who think they know best for everyone in every situation and know everything that happened from a PICTURE. I wish to God I was as freaking perfect as some of the moms on this site. Just like Tia said – you have NO idea what the circumstances that led to her carrying the booster seat are. You don’t see Elizabeth fastening Grace or Taylor into the booster seat – it doesn’t have “Grace’s booster seat” in big pink letters across the side. I’m not a fan of Elizabeth’s but it is not my place to attempt to judge her from a PICTURE.

kate on

I think that we should not be commenting on what car safety she chooses to use for her children or anyone else uses for that matter

Jenn on

She’s walking around in NYC. Do you really think she should be lugging around a Britax Regent or a Sunshine Radian? Please.

Back to her…she looks great! Can’t wait to see what she has!

marimel on

ahahahhaha JMO, you’re hilarious!!! You’re posts always crack me up! A 20-year-old in a booster seat, now that’d be a site to see hahaha. But you bring up a really good point, what about people with dwarfism? Many of adult dwarfs DRIVE, so are the booster seat laws really that necessary? I’m not saying it’s a pointless law, but there are some clear inconsistencies. If a 30-year-old 3ft tall woman is fine to not be in booster, then really, how much damage could, say, an 8-year-old 4ft tall really endure? I’m not a mom, and by no means am I saying “out with booster seats,” but I have to agree with JMO that parts of the law are kind of goofy. I used to nanny for a girl who was 11, and although she met the height requirement, she didn’t meet the weight and so she was in a booster. To me, it was kinda ridiculous seeing a girl in junior high climbing into a booster, but then again I was riding in the front seat at 11, so perhaps it’s just a change of times.

Sar on

I saw this pic and immediately knew someone would make a comment on the booster. I have a four year old (5 in two more weeks) and she’s in a booster she’s been in one since she was was 4…. I remember when I was her age and I just buckled myself in a normal seat… Geeze I must have had the worst parents ever…. I don’t understand how so many of us survived our chilhoods … (note the sarcasm)😉

Melissa on

Wow, how do you know someone didn’t just give her that and she has never used it?

I think she looks great!

Shelby on

Amen Delaina! I’m done, too. Perhaps CBB should set up a forum instead where sanctimommies and non-sanctimommies can “discuss” issues like celebrities and their use of booster seats.

Morgan on

Yes, just as some of you have pointed out, what bothers me is that so many of you judge these celebrities based on these photographs. These are, as Tia stated, just snapshots of their lives. I see no need to overanalyze them. Yes, I believe that the safety of a child is everyone’s business, but that is kind of irrelevant in this situation. Who’s to say that either of her children are in danger simply because their mother is seen crossing the street carrying a booster seat? None of us know why she was carrying it.

It just blows my mind because I look at these pictures and think nothing but positive things. Then I make the mistake of looking at the comments, often to find that there are some people who are able to pick out something negative. Why? How does that do anyone any good? Do you think that you’re saving a life? Does it make you feel better about yourself? It’s pointless. It’s judgmental. It just makes me feel a little sick, to be quite honest. Give the woman a break.

Sarah M. on

I think Elisabeth should carry lug around a huge Britax car seat through the streets of NYC for awhile. Especially when she is pregnant and so close to her due date! Or maybe she should strap and unstrap a Britax, and carry it around when not in the cab, several times a day instead! Again, while being pregnant and so close to her due date!! *sarcasm* There’s a reason my aunt always makes me strap in the car seats when they need to go from 1 car to another. They’re a pain in the tush even without a pregnant belly.

I am curious as to what the laws regarding car seats in large cities where people usually walk or take the subway or cabs are now.

I really don’t know why I even read the comments anymore. I hear so much negativity everywhere else, I don’t need it here to. I simply want to see some pictures of cute kids and families. I only even go into the comments with certain celebs to see how soon it takes someone to make a negative comment! How sad is that?

JMO on

Most pictures of kids and their parents are highly predictable on what people will comment on:

Pacifiers over 2, bottles over 1, boys with long hair, kids without helmets, kids without life jackets, kids being carried and anything regarding Tori Spelling….will always for the most part have negative comments.

So as long as one doesn’t click on those photos you will avoid any negativity!🙂

marimel on

2 more to add to list… any picture of Suri not wearing a jacket or pants/leggings in the cool weather, and apparently any story regarding Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett.

again, JMO, your wit kills me🙂

Angie on

It’s really disturbing to hear people saying that it’s “none of your business” what kind of car seat she uses. WRONG. The safety – and in the case of car seats, the life – of a child is everybody’s business. And those who are trying to justify it should be ashamed of themselves.

“I’ve decided I’m done reading the comments on this site due to the santcimommies who think they know best for everyone in every situation and know everything that happened from a PICTURE.”

Delaina: You’re entire post was sanctimonius. Pot, I’d like to introduce you to kettle.

KateRose on

It’s funny to me that people are all up in arms, calling those who questioned the car seat sanctimonious, considering that I recall Elisabeth going on a carseat rant on The View about some kid on a reality show who wasn’t sitting in the correct car seat. So if she can dish out the criticism, then I think she’s fair game when it comes to other people criticizing her.


I had barely glanced at this photo for a second before I KNEW this was going to turn into a Carseatier Than Thou contest.

She looks fantastic.

momOfmany on

and yet car accidents continue to be the number one killer of children in the US. Who needs higher safety standards, when its clear that other things are more important.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

amandamay on

I’m curious (And not being snotty) what those of you who are so up in arms about the booster seat would suggest as an alternative? It’s easy to use a giant Britax etc when you live in the suburbs and drive the same minivan/SUV everyday and don’t need to move it or carry it with you everywhere. For people who live in the city, that’s just not practical and nearly impossible. What would you suggest? I’m truly curious/interested and not meaning to sound rude (It’s hard to tell tone when reading these things) For moms who walk/ride subways and use cabs, what can they carry with them that would satisfy you? Could you carry a full sized 5pt harness booster everywhere you go? I know I wouldn’t be able to. I live in a suburb and never have to remove my giant Britax (Which I can barely carry by myself for 20ft let alone all over town) I have no idea what the answer to this is… I will admit to having used no car seat for my son while taking cabs in New York on holiday (And in general I’m a crazy over-protective, safety-crazy mom) We couldn’t walk around all day sight-seeing and carry a car seat with us. If her daughter is tall and meets the weight requirement of a backless booster, I see no problem with it. And like others have said, we don’t even know who the car seat belongs to.


Amandamay, of course those mommies who are attacking Mrs. Hasselbeck would carry their 5-point Britax seats around with them, because they are better moms! They probably also never pacifiers, and wouldn’t be caught dead carrying their babies in those awful Baby Bjorn infant torture devices. It’s so great that we have them to lecture and judge the rest of us morons.

In all seriousness, my daughter is still in a Britax Regent, harnessed, at a few months shy of 5-years old. However, I recently flew (pregnant) to Boston and took my DD, and we brought a high-back booster for use on the trip because there was NO FREAKING WAY that I was going to be able to handle my luggage, my daughter AND a carseat the size of a small pony alone while pregnant.

KateRose on

“They probably also never pacifiers, and wouldn’t be caught dead carrying their babies in those awful Baby Bjorn infant torture devices.”

It’s really ridiculous to compare car seats (which are a life and death matter) with pacifiers, and it makes you look foolish.

Dee on

My kids used Pacifiers sorry to pop your bubble and I had a baby bjorn…. mommy torture device would be more accurate.

But I do keep my kids in safe car seats. My 6 1/2 only now uses a booster (High backed) on a part time basis. Car seat safety is for the child’s safety not mommy’s convenience. Parenting is NOT Convenient… sorry it’s not. If you want a convenient life get a cat.

4aeg on

Wow, this is so funny. I figured this would have many comments on the type of seat she was carrying, but goodness. I don’t think any one was saying the Elizabeth was a horrible parent/mother/person for carrying this particular seat for whatever reason. It’s funny how a little comment could possibly be seen as being an attack on a person or their decisions. Those that are “up in arms” over this seems to be those who took the comment and blew that out of proportion.

Elizabeth, you are beautiful, your family is beautiful and many blessings to your growing family.

CelebBabyLover on

amandamay- Very well said! For all we know, Grace meets the height and weight requirments for the booster.

mommyof3 on

WOW! Sorry but when it comes to my childs safety I would lug around a 100 lbs car seat if it meant keeping them safe. @@.
I can’t believe people are actually talking more about their convinence then the safety of their children. Now that is just sad. I cared enough about the safety of my kids to lug around 2 car seats even when I was pregnant and about to bust.

That being said as long as her dd is 40lbs and sits properly she really is fine in this seat. While it isn’t ideal, if she sits properly she is fine.

crb on

We all know that extended harnessing is safest, but as long as her child is 40lbs Elizabeth has every right to use a booster over a harness. My 6 and 5 year old are harnessed when we do road trips on the highway at high speeds, but use boosters otherwise. I think that using a booster is pretty good of Elizabeth considering in most states you don’t have to use anything in a cab regardless of the age of the child.

gel on

yeah, just because we live in NYC, we dont have to follow safety laws, because its just to inconvenient when we’re out shopping!

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