Aoki Simmons' Red Carpet Moment

07/23/2009 at 04:30 PM ET
Johnny Nunez courtesy Rush Philanthropic

For Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons‘ daughter Aoki, the A-list apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

At an event held at her father’s East Hampton home on July 18, Aoki, 6 ½, and her sister Ming, 9 ½, worked the red carpet, posing for photographers.

But when a friend of Aoki threw a lollipop her way, the celeb-in-training caught it, shot the little boy a fierce look and said, “Don’t throw something at me when I am on the red carpet.”

And with a toss of her hair, she faced photographers again with a big smile.

But a moment later — channeling her famous mother — she turned back to her friend and said, “but thanks, I love it!”

In addition to doing her mom proud at the event (the Art For Life tenth anniversary party, which raised $1 million for Rush Philanthropic) Aoki got to rub elbows with Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon.

And while she may act like a diva on the red carpet, Aoki and her sister are far from jaded: Both were thrilled to meet the teen star.

— Rennie Dyball

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Lauren on

…is that story about a 6 and-a-half-year-old “celeb-in-training” treating a “friend” like a low-life fan supposed to be endearing or something?

Forever Moore on

I didn’t find that story cute at all…the little girl seems to channel her mom’s attitude, that’s for sure. Don’t think that is a good thing though…

Chris on

LOL I can picture Aoki doing this.


Ha ha ha…I can so picture Aoki doing this too.

L on

Oh please lol shes 6 1/2 don’t all 6 1/2 year olds have that little sarcastic bratty attitude at times!? Aoki is definitely the more vocal one while Ming is so relaxed all the time…pretty girls though…I wonder how much they love baby Kenzo!

LauraSW on

She is going to be a nightmare when she gets older.

Skipsie on

Which one is Ming and which one is Aoki? For two sisters with a three year age gap, they are very close in height! Both beautiful girls.


I can see it now,She is going to be a nightmare when she gets older.She shouldn’t have an attitude at 6years old.Someone should teach her some manners.If I was her mother she would have some manners and she sure as hell wouldn’t talk to anybody like that.

noam on

while it’s true most six and a half year old girls can be kind of bratty (at least some of the time), the vast majority of them have someone to check their behavior, and they eventually grow out of it…from what i have seen of kimora lee simmons, that’s not going to happen here. she’s an adult and acts like that. i don’t know much about russell simmons or kimora’s boyfriend, but i certainly hope one of them has a healthier attitude about what is acceptable and what is not. otherwise, that diva behavior could get out of control.

Mimi on

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one put off by that story. I’m sure Paris Hilton was a “diva” too at six and she sure turned out super as an adult. I want to like Kimora, I really do, but she’s raising her daughters to be horrible people because they’re rich and can get away with it. If these were poor little girls, no one would think this behavior was cute. They’d worry about their future.

Jessica on

Ming looks just like Kimora and Aoki lie Russell.

MZ on

how do we know her dad didn’t reprimand her privately later? we don’t. i don’t think it’s fair to say things like “she’s raising her daughters to be horrible people.”

janie on

These girls act just like their diva mother Kimora.

Russell seems so nice.

juliet on

WOW! Those grew up so fast! I remember seeing them on Kimora’s reality show and they seemed to look so much smaller and younger.

melania on

She has a one in a million personality from what I have seen of her on the show. I think she is hilarious. But I’m a little on the sassy side myself!

RIP Michael on

Lol LOVE that story! How divalicous was that, but what would u expect from Kimora’s child?😉

Both girls are so smart and well-mannered.

J-Lin on

The boy threw candy at her. She responded.

As much Kimora primps for the camera, she keeps the girls in check. They’re polite, articulate, and very intelligent. Just because she privilledged doesn’t mean she will be a nightmare.

Most of the folks commenting on how Aoki will be as an adult are probably the same folks that think Kendra Willkerson is cute.

michelle on

Sounds like her parents have taught her some manners. I am guessing she realized she said something hurtful and added the “but thanks” as soon as she thought about what her mom might say.

Mary on

hate to break it to Aoki, but there’s no red carpet, just green grass lmao!

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

I have no idea who they are but those girls are beautiful!!

pam on

How do you pronounce her name?

baines on

I can see myself doing something like that at age six or now — when you’re totally focused and the spotlight is on you, having a boy throwing candy at you??? Nuh uh. I think the natural reaction might be to shoot a warning look! And she recovered and was sweeter right after. Anyway, not evidence in and of itself of diva-ish-ness (okay, that can’t possibly be a word).

Helena on

I’ve seen Aoki on Kimora’s reality show and she is the most hilarious child ever. I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with what she said. She’s just a confident six year old.

Lis on

Ya know, I think teenage/tween girls these days are completely out of control…and I think the mindset that thinking a 6 year old (like Aoki) is cute, funny, “sassy” or “confident” when they act full of attitude and disrespect is why so many older girls act like brats these days. Shows like Hannah Montana with all her attitude just feeds into it even more. I’ve seen little girls act like they think they’re cute when they talk full of attitude…like they’re “cool”. I’m sorry for going on a tangent, but I think it’s getting out of hand. Young children shouldn’t have the attitudes they have these days…it is only going to hinder them in the long run…

Alex on

Lis, I think you’re exactly right. I had a sharp intake of breath when I read this story. You can still catch attitudes at that age, I sincerely hope someone does, or you’ll be seeing the likes of Aoki on My Super Sweet 16 in a few years time. And those kids are just deplorable. Maybe this was a one off though. Hopefully.

Jennifer on

I think those of you making the negative comments about Aoki have not watched the reality show her mom did, “Life in the Fab Lane”. If you watched, you would know these girls are very respectful and mannerable and the have their mom’s “divatude” too. They are children and they act as such. Also, if you have seen the show you can clearly imagine the scene that was described above and laugh becasue it fits right into her personality. Had she been talking to an adult I would agree she needs to be more respectful and be taught manners, but we must remember she was speaking to another child. Let’s not be so disgusted by her comments.

Lis on

Jennifer, so it’s okay to show disrespect to your peers? And it’s okay for her to act like that becuase her mom has “divatude”?

Daisy on

pam: A-O-KI

Maura on

People get a grip! Watch the show featuring the girls before you cast judgement! My goodness. This site with the comments coming from all of these “goody goody” people is getting old. Lighten up!

Nona on

The thing is, I’ve never been on the red carpet. I don’t know what it is like for an adult OR a child of a celebrity, who didn’t ask to be paraded around. maybe you don’t want ppl throwing stuff at you when you’re already dealing with more responsibility than even the average adult.

I also have no idea what kind of parents Kimora and Russell are. I’ve never seen Kimora’s show. I’m not saying they’re right or wrong, good or bad, just that I really don’t know the whole story.

Tee on

I have never seen their show. To be honest with you, I don’t have the slightest idea of who they are but it doesn’t matter. I agree with Lis. There is no reason for anyone at any age to have that kind of attitude. I was horrified to read this story and then realize that other people thought it was “cute.”

Jennifer on

Lis, How is it disrespectful to tell someone not to throw something at you? There are photographers taking tons of pictures of the girls at all times. They are focusing on that along with tons of people screaming their names. Then whop you get something thrown across you. What, are you gonna say thanks that was great? no it’s probably goona shock you a bit. Get over yourselves people honestly. It’s her personality. Clearly some of you peopled on’t know who her parents are and therefore you also have not taken a peek inside their lives (via reality shows) to know how respectful and good these children are. So your opinions based on this one incidence are null and void.

Tee, Russell Simmons is a HipHop mogul who was the head of Def Jam until recently and helped launch the careers of LL Cool J, Run DMC and others. He now does tons of charity and hosts Global Grind. He is also the brother of Rev Run who is a member of Run DMC. Their family too is on reality TV (Run’s House).These children also have manners and yet are still able to have their individual personalities. Kimora Lee Simmons is the head of Phat Fashions and was formerly a supermodel. That’s who they are.

Tee on

Jennifer, thanks for filling me in on who they are! I don’t watch a lot of television, so I really hadn’t heard of them.

Terri on

I thought it was funny. I don’t like people throwing things at me ever! At least she knows to thank people despite all that she has and gets.

Nina on

It’s pronounced eye-OH-kee.

FC on

I agree, Jessica, Ming is her mama’s clone while her sister takes after Russell. :)The older they get, the more it becomes apparent.

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