Angel Brown Gets a New 'Do!

07/23/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Marcos Vasquez/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic

Check out her fro-hawk!

Angel Iris Brown, 2, shows off her new hairdo while out with Melanie Brown, husband Stephen Belafonte and Phoenix Chi, 10, on Wednesday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The family ran errands before stopping at Angelina’s Frozen Yogurt for some sweet treats!

A second photo of Angel and Stephen is below!


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Ashley on


Andrea_momof2 on

Well… not my cup of tea but whatever floats their boat😉

Angel has a very pretty face, she’s a doll!

Elisa on

Poor girl!! that haircut is so weird… not nice for a little girl as cute as Angel…

Ashley on

Gawd, that little girl is too cute! Just wanna scoop her up and hug her! Aw!

Christina on

Why? Why would they cut off that baby’s hair like that? Such a pretty little girl. Hopefully it won’t take too long to grow back.

Ivey on


Ashley on

Why why why why why??????? What on earth must they be thinking. She is a beautiful little girl and this is just absurd!

Gingi on

Whatever. I can see giving a boy a mowhawk, but giving a girl one is not for me.

Kaela on

Ummmm….who thought THAT would be a good idea? Looks more like a cry of attention from the parents than anything else. This little girl went from super cute to hot mess with the flick of an eletric shaver. Sadness. BTW, no I don’t mind it when parents give their kids funky hairstyles — but at least make them look good!

Breana on

WTF! Who would do that to a little girl!

irishmomma on

What a ridiculous thing to do to your daughters hair, someone should do the same to Mel and see how she likes it, Angel is too young to approve of it !!

nan on

Maybe the mom should do that to her own hair if she likes it so much!! doubt it…..
very cute baby either way though!

gaia's mom on

LOL! You guys crack me up. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but to me whatever a boy can do style-wise a girl can too, especially considering boys can have long hair or mohawks like kingston rossdale. I think she’s old enough and feminine enough that she wouldn’t ever be mistaken for a little boy. Her hairstyle reminds me a bit of grace jones. Love it!

lina on

from the first picture, I would definitely guess she has personality to wear it…

canyr12 on

Maybe the girl wanted it. Some parents let their kids pick out their own clothes/hairstyles, regardless of whether it’s a hot mess or not. It’s just hair, it’ll grow back. It’s not like they gave the girl a tattoo or anything.

eva on

Angel looks perfectly happy to me.The only way she’ll feel like a “hot mess” instead of a normal little girl is if some oh so mature adults and their kids start making comments and criticizing her. There are not tears on her eyes or shame on her expression so let her be. I do not like the haircut but it’s just hair, not a tattoo on her nose.

Skipsie on

I actually think it looks cool.
My friends little sister got chewing gum completely knotted in her hair (both sides) when she was four. It went all the way to the scalp, her Mum was in bits, the hairdresser could not do much with it, and she ended up with something similar to this. She too had an afro, and the little girl loved it she kept on saying “I just got a party on the top!”
Hair grows back.

Brooke on

Man, I see ALL Eddie Murphy in that second pic.

Summer on

Maybe she had a little ‘accident’ with some scissors and they just had fun with it. 3/4 of my kids had some kind of haircutting incident lol.

Allie on

Obviously I’m the minority, but I agree with Gaia’s mom! TOTALLY CUTE!! She has a very feminine face and it looks good on her! It reminds me of Rihanna’s new haircut. And besides, it’s only hair. It DOES grow back.

lis on

I love how almost nobody can even imagine that maybe the little girl WANTED the haircut.

It’s hair. It’ll grow. Not worth getting uptight about.

Erin on

Maybe the little girl likes Rhianna?

JMO on

canyr12 –

As that may be true.

Does every parent do as their two year old ask???

I can just see little Angel asking, “hey ma I’d like a mohawk how about it”? And Mel goes, “well sure honey I guess, I mean if that’s what you want it’s your hair not mine!”

I def. have a feeling Angel didn’t decide this. And well I can’t be totally surprised as her mom’s a bit of a rock chick… to each their own I guess *shrugs*

yeah well

SH on

ok, the only explanation for that is if that girl got gum in her hair or had already cut it with scissors or something because that looks YUCKY.

nettrice on

That ‘frohawk is so AfroPunk cute and that little girl looks so happy with hers! I love Angel already and she is dancing to the beat of her own drum (with or without Eddie). 🙂

Vero on

How much you want to bet she did that to get back at Eddie Murphy? Eddie must be pissed. LOL Poor thing. She is cutie though.

Lilybett on

I used to babysit a little girl who screamed and screamed about hating her hair. She hated having it brushed, she hated having anything done with it, everything! She ended up getting a pair of scissors and cutting a huge chunk out of it, so her mum shaved it all off. She was the happiest little thing after that.

perhaps it’s a fashion thing, perhaps it’s a pain/trouble thing. Maybe the little girl just wanted her hair like that. Who cares. I think she looks cute. Girls don’t have to have long hair to be cute.

Chloe on

I think its terrible, Mel should perhaps try it herself then she’d see how it really is. That poor kid probably had no say in what her mother has done to her and I think Mel has no right to give her such an outlandish hairstyle at such a young age.

Becky on

I wonder if that was to piss Eddie Murphey off. Wow….

babymama on

I’m with Skipsie.
When I was about 3 years old, I found a pair of scissors and gave myself a hair cut. It wasn’t a very good one, and my horrified mother took me to the beauty shop and had the rest of it cut, too.

Elzbieta on

I was just gonna suggest that maybe she got something stuck in her hair. I like the hairstyle, its spirited. It seems like they even let her wear makeup to complete the punk-rock look!

nettrice on

Such silly, immature responses. The girl seems so happy in these pics and I’m happy for her. It’s her style…like it or love it!

marimel on

just curious, but did I miss something? I thought Eddie Murphy denied that Angel was his (even though the paternity test proved he was) and wanted nothing to do with her, so Mel’s husband was pretty much her father. If that’s the case, why would she do this to piss Eddie off? And just to cover my own butt, I really am curious if I missed a story somewhere, not trying to a smart-aleck.

Nina on

Angel is 2…do you really think she actually cares what her hair looks like? I doubt shes going to wake up tomorrow crying when she looks at herself in the mirror. By the way, I think its cute and she rocks it!!! She looks like a happy little girl with an awesome personality. Let her be 2…before long she will grow up and have to deal with judgmental people!

Sarah K. on

“I think Mel has no right to give her such an outlandish hairstyle”

Actually Chloe, she does have every right- she’s the child’s mother.

And lol at all those posters who are horrified. We don’t know the circumstances. Like some have said, maybe she got gum in it or cut it. Besides, the girl totally rocks it.

It’s just hair.

Doreen on

She’s an adorable child!! I wouldn’t do that type of hairstyle if I had a child! She’s a lil baby practically and shouldn’t be having a style like that. Too young! I don’t think at 2 yrs old she’d be the ONE asking for that cut. She wouldn’t even know about a style like that! Bet ya Scary Spice brewed that one up herself!

Cela on

What a terrible haircut.

If gum or something required it to be cut like that, that’s understandable, but for it to intentionally be cut like that, that’s ridiculous.

No two year old can ‘rock’ a hair cut. They just have to deal with it, while their parents multilateral their locks.
It looks awful.

kay on

Fair enough, her mum can do what she likes to her kid’s hair, and yeah she may have got gum in it or something,but I’m afraid all I can see is a mini Mr. T, sorry!

katie on

You may not like it, and that’s fine. I like it and it looks like she likes it, too!

Tina on

wow ppl be HAPPY! its not your kid, if angel likes it thats all that matters.

jlm on

“I think its terrible, Mel should perhaps try it herself then she’d see how it really is. That poor kid probably had no say in what her mother has done to her and I think Mel has no right to give her such an outlandish hairstyle at such a young age.”

lol you think a 2 year old sat still for that without being willing?? I hardly doubt it. Any two year old I know (and I know lots since I work at a daycare) who didn’t want that done, wouldn’t sit for three seconds to let it happen, and instead of two perfect lines there would be like 18 random chunks.


“Does every parent do as their two year old ask???”

If my child said “Mom, I’m just gonna wear a t-shirt in this sub-zero whether, is that ok?” I would say “get your coat on or we’re not going anywhere.” Because that would be unsafe. If my child said “Mom, I want to get my hair cut in a really odd way, is that ok?” I would say yes. There’s unsafe and there’s freedom of expression. Obviously a parent isn’t going to allow their child to do something completely foolish and unsafe. But there is NO harm WHATSOEVER in a haircut. So that’s far too broad a question to ask. You fight the battles that matter, not the ones that will grow back in no time.

I’d without a doubt let my child get a fun haircut if they wanted one. I personally think that Angel is rocking this hairstyle hardcore. She looks awesome. I’d let my child have that haircut in a heartbeat. I’ve always said if I have a little girl I’m gonna give her a fauxhawk sometimes if she’s ok with it. And if one say she was like, I want a mohawk I’d say sure thing. Letting kids do this kind of thing helps instill confidence in them and gives them pride in their choices. Who cares what other people think? It’s just hair people, get over it.

Renae on

I like it.

Leyla on

In my opinion, it’s fine because she looks really happy. She’s just a little girl. Maybe she didn’t choose that haircut but she doesn’t seem too upset about it. So what’s the problem?

Marilyn on

I read somewhere she (Angel) wanted her hair like Rhianna’s (the singer), so her mom had it cut like that.

ericka on

I think her hair is cute and very stylish…it goes with how cool her mother is.

No one would be complaining if this was Kingston…why is it such a big deal? Cus she’s a girl? I would even go so far as to say are people having issues with a mohawk because she’s not white? Its really rediculous…it’s just hair it will grow back but for now she’s rocking the cool haircut!!!!

Sky on

I love her hair. She looks happy enough to me and if she hadn’t wanted it she wouldn’t have sat still and let them do it.

Brooklyn on

I would never ever do that to a kid who doesn’t really have their own opinion. Plus…I don’t think it looks very good…

Whitney Sterk on

I thinks it’s super cute on her and probably is a lot cooler then having a head full of hair. It’s so hot in the San Fernando Valley(in LA county) everyday I want to chop it off.

Elizabeth on

Thats quite a hairdo. Not exactly what I would choose for my daughter but if that makes Mel and Angel happy then more power to them. Angel is a real cutie.

AJ on

Maybe Angel wanted it like Daddy’s and this was Mommy’s compromise. It’s just a haircut; it will grow back. She is adorable no matter what her hair looks like. (I think the cut is super cute on her!)

AJ on

Brooklyn: what two-year-old doesn’t have her own opinion?!?!?

Jessica on

I can’t imagine ever doing that to my little girl’s hair (or my son’s for that matter) but she seems happy and it’s only hair. Life would be no fun if we were all the same!

gemini on

i think it looks cute…and seriously what does it really matter…it shouldn’t matter to anyone here…IT’S NOT YOUR HAIR AND IT IS NOT YOUR CHILD, so who cares…there are seriously worse things that could the issue here…it’s hair and it will grow back

Patti on

“Baby Scarey-Spice, Indeed!”

christina on

That is sad and disturbing. As previously noted, this reeks of a sick publicity stunt for attention seeking parents.

Jessica on

YUCK!! Not a fan, but not my kid… At least she’s rockin’ it with a little sass in her step!😉

j on

I disagree with all the nay-sayers. its hair, it will grow back, and this is obviously one very happy child. mel b went through a horrendous situation with this baby girl’s biological father and appears to have come through as confident, successful, loving mother. i applaud her.

Robin on

I am so hoping that Angel was playing with some scissors and then Mama had to fix it and that this is result…I hope, I hope!

gaia's mom on

When has Mel B ever used her kids for the spotlight. For the most part when I see her she’s alone or walking with her kids minding her own.

I don’t see what’s so ‘yuck’ or outlandlish about this haircut…what exactly is so despicable about it? I can’t respect other peoples opinions but some of the comments are way over the top.

momto boys on

in that second picture, her eyes are just amazing!

Jen DC on

I think she looks absolutely adorable and if anything, it brings out her cute elfin features!

Not only that, but it really will grow back. And people are taking pictures of Mel B with or without her daughters; I hardly think this is a “cry for attention.” All the woman needs to do is slap on a bikini, 5″ heels and head off to the Chateau Marmont and pictures will be taken…

Candace on

Oh dear.

To each her own!

Mary-Helen on

Who cares? There are alot worse things a parent can do that cut her child’s hair in something a little out there. It will grow back. Mel B rocked a mohawk during her Spice days, maybe she saw a photo and said “me too!”

Q on

I don’t like the haircut, but her face is so adorable.

As usual some of these comments are way over the top. How the heck is this about Eddie Murphy?? He has ZERO to do with Angel’s life, has never met her & isn’t her dad(in a way that counts). So really how is the hairdo any concern of his? Has no right to get mad about how Mel & Stephen raise the little girl until he steps up.

So I guess when Gwen & Angelina give their kids similar off the wall hairdo, they’re doing it for attention as well….

SH on

ericka Says:
July 23rd, 2009 at 8:23 pm

No one would be complaining if this was Kingston…

Actually, ericka, most commenters DID complain awhile back when Gwen and Gavin did something similar to Kingstons hair…

brannon on

Love it! She looks adorable!

cat on

I really don´t like the mohawk, but Angel is adorable.

Sarah on

Whoa! Everyone is so quick to flip out! While I do not necessarily care for this hair cut, it’s hardly a big deal. It’s just hair, it will grow back!! I personally have never done anything extreme with my hair, but whenever my brother wanted to have a new style or a crazy colour, my mom let him do what he wanted, because like I said, IT WILL GROW BACK!!! And whether it was Angel’s idea or not (and frankly, I doubt it would be Mel B.’s idea to shave half her kid’s head) doesn’t matter. Angel is a beautiful little girl, and obviously she is happy with it!!

halifaxhoney on

I actually think her hair looks pretty cool.

Jessica on

It looks very cool and it will always grow back but I wouldn’t do this to my little girl because it’s too severe. I (personally) don’t like children with shaved heads at all, it would have looked better of they had just cornrolled the sides so it looks like she has a faux-hawk.

Andrea_momof2 on

I just have to LOL at the person bringing race into this. I’m sure it has nothing to do with her being black. You can’t deny that it’s not common that people shave their daughters hair into a mohawk at age 2.

dee on

Love her haircut. She definitely has the face for it.

Courtney on

I have to say that I think it looks adorable…

My son who turned 2 started saying MOHAWK MOHAWK and rubbing his head. We showed him pictures of mohawks and he started sleeping with them and everyday he was begging for a PURPLE MOHAWK. So…needless to say he has a mohawk. He turned 2 in June and everymorning goes and gets his spiderman comb and his own bottle of gel and stands in front of me to do his hair. He’s a boy….I’m not sure what I would do if my daughter asked for one.

My girls have asked to get their hair colored or highlighted…we are waiting another year for that…but we have allowed them to use manic panic and have cool colors.

They are kids…kids don’t deserve to have people talk so mean about their hair. Its not your kids…not your hair…

Angel looks happy! Thats all that matters!

alice jane on

Seriously people?? She’s a little girl, what’s with the nasty comments? There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing a bunch of adults (and parents) criticising a little girl for something so trivial. That’s the perfect way to teach this child that something is wrong with her style, when in fact, there is nothing wrong with it.

I think Angel’s adorable, and look at that first picture – something tells me this child’s got a lot of spunk. For all we know she loves her hair; she sure looks happy. Honestly, her hair wasn’t the first thing I noticed. I immediately saw how happy she looks, strolling along with her dad and the rest of the family.

SoCalMama on

Thats horrible, just horrible. Poor girl

Thrifty Sisters Coupon Clipping Service on

Angel is such an beautiful little girl and seems like she has spunk. I think her new do really looks sooo cute on her!!

michelle on

I think her haircut is great! She looks absolutely adorable.

If your child can pull off a mohawk and wants one – go for it. Now’s the time to let them have that freedom before they get into adulthood and might have to conform a bit if in the business word.

Why is everyone so offended? Why woulnd’t you let your child have a purple mohawk if they wanted one? Are you more worried about what other people will say? I am not being sarcastic or rude – I am serious. I am really curious as to why this is so offensive to some of you. And just replying “because she’s a girl (or baby)” is not a reason. What about this fro-hawk is so offensive?

michelle on

I should clarify that one of the reasons I am really interested is because this is a similar topic to what I am writing about in my thesis. I am writing about breaking down stereotypes and why people hold to to them as long as they do and how sometimes they are passed down from generation to generation without future generations even understanding why it is they discriminate. This is a very interesting topic to me.

Tia on

I love it! This little girl looks over the moon about life.

It is hair. It will grow back. So trivia to project YOUR own style and feelings onto a 2 year old and her family. This is why children get complexes. If you let the child be happy and not judge it because it isn’t your thing, then there would be no issues. She will only think something is wrong IF you make her believe it is wrong.

There are worst things that could be happening. A hair cut is NOT IT.

unclelaverne on

Seriously who cares? It’s hair. Last time I checked a haircut was not permanent. Own it baby girl!

Erica on

I’m all for freedom of expression, but I highly doubt Angel herself asked for that hairstyle. If she did then I stand corrected. If not, Mel should shave her own head if she wants more attention.🙂

Mina on

…someone PLEASE tell me Mel didnt shave that poor girl’s head! Why are all these celebs doing it now?!

CelebBabyLover on

ericka- I doubt people are being so nasty because of Angel’s skin color, since nobody ever says a word when Maddox and Pax Jolie-Pitt sport funky hair-styles, and they’re both Asian. Obviously if it was a race thing, people would be nasty about them, too.

Anyway, I think Angel looks adorable, and I doubt we need to feel sorry for her. Look how happy she is in these photos.🙂

Amber on

I honestly don’t find this style to be cute or at all flattering on her. I certainly don’t mind funky dos, but it should at least be something that doesn’t look like someone without much professional experience did it.

Lorus on

I think it’s awesome! It seems to match her spunky personality perfectly.

Heather on

A terrible haircut to give a little girl! Awful!

Stacey on

come on everyone…look at her sweet face in the first pic. she looks so happy and proud of her new haircut. Solange, rihanna, etc. are all shaving this summer, maybe they are her idols and wanted hair like theirs? who the heck cares. if she likes it…

natz on

She’s such a beautiful child!!

amy on

hehe she does look cute and is defo rockin that do! she’s got such a beautiful face. at first i was a bit like whatttt??? but its grown on me and thou i wouldnt do it, its gotta be easier to manage and its a whole lot cooler than the bob i had through childhood!

Diane on

What were they thinking? Obviously, they weren’t.

Helena on

I think she’s look adorable, but I would still never cut my child’s hair like that. Oh well. It’s her child and it’s only hair. It isn’t that big a deal.

Sandra on

Such a beautiful girl🙂 ; but ridiculous hair-cut😦

Hea on

What’s with the panic, people? And especially the panic because she’s *dramatic pause* A GIRL *hears the screams of anguish*. Come on, it’s just HAIR! It grows back. I think it’s adorable and daring. She obviously likes it and she’s sweeter than candy. She’s a rockin little girl.

Miranda on

Who in their right mind would do this to a little child? It is just going to look bad on the parent you know? People are going to look at this beautiful little girl and go WTF? Why would a parent cut their girls hair like that? Thank goodness hair grows back. Wow, what were they thinking????

Angel_Eyes on

If Mel cared what will people say she’d not be a celebrity…
besides, it is ONLY hair (as many of you pointed out), what’s the big deal….

Chris on

I find it odd that Mel didn’t do this to her own hair, or that of her older daughter. Poor baby.

Diana on

Not a fan but after seeing some of these comments I have to agree I highly doubt a 2 year old would allow this if she didn’t want it!

Ericka – WHY??? Seriously? Bringing race into it? COME ON!

Vanessa on

Would you do that to your child? Me thinks no.

ellen on

Well it’s certainly not my cup of tea but who knows the story behind it.

It may have been Mel’s choice, it may have been sonething they needed to do to cover up a chewing gum/scissors accident. Does it matter?

Alex on

Oh, IMO it looks horrible. Just horrible. I’m sure there was a reason for it, but I can’t even begin to imagine what that might have been, or how strong it was. This actually shocked me.

Jane on

She seems so happy in the first picture!! I bet she loves her haircut. She looks a lot like Melanie to me, and I think also resembles the actress Raven Symone!

Shannon on

I don’t think there are a whole lot of 2 year olds out there who give a darn what their hair looks like. I highly doubt the reason she’s so happy in these pics is just b/c of her new hair. If it were cut like a girl’s, I bet she would still be just as happy, KWIM? That’s just her personality it seems. I can’t help but wonder if Mel B liked the cut, and put it on the baby b/c she knows the baby doen’t care how it looks. For what it’s worth, I’m not trying to baby bash here- I think Rihanna and the others doing this now look completely ridiculous too.

Jane on

Shannon, you must be of the young texting generation! KWIM- had no idea what that meant!

Lis on

Celebrities are so bizarre.

jen on

Too funny. She can totally pull it off. She looks very cute. A little fashionista she is.

Alex on

I gotta say though, I don’t think mohican cuts suit children at all, it’s not a girl vs boy thing, at least not with me.

AJ on

Whatever happened to if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?!? She’s just a little girl and it’s just a haircut. It’s not like it’s going to ruin her life. Quite frankly, it’s not even our business.

Sarah on

Why would they do that to that poor girl? It’s not cute.

J on

But at the same time AJ, why aren’t some allowed to say politely that they don’t care for this cut. Some are scolding other for their opinions as if to say that you are only allowed to like the cut or else keep your mouth shut. How is that fair? Yeah it’s hair and it grows back but why is it so horrible that some don’t like the cut and comment on that?

It IS a surprising haircut, lets be honest here.

Michelle on

Aww…she looks pretty happy to me. Let her be…do what you want to do with your own child’s hair.

Eliza on

Angel is a gorgeous little girl, but that haircut looks ridiculous!

sil on

OMG ….no comment.

Daisy on

That is completely ridiculous…why would anyone do that to their little beautiful baby girl…she can do whatever she wants with her baby but damn that makes me irritated!!!

babymama on

ditto, aj. why is this anyone’s business? as long as children are happy, healthy, and loved, who cares about the what/why of a simple haircut.

seriously, people. it’s a two year old’s haircut. build a bridge and get over it.

em on

I think it is dreadful, but…it’s just hair, she’s just a baby, it will grow back and even one day she will be old enough to do what she wants with her own hair. Though I really don’t like it either…there are so many more serious things in the world!

french gigi on

115 comments over a childs haircut! well, if mel was looking for a reaction by doing it than she certainly got it!

i see nothing wrong here. my child has leukemia and has no hair at all, i would never comment on another childs hairstyle.

Mariel on



nan on

“J”….i agree with you completely as you said exactly what i was thinking!! If you express an opinion on here that you honestly don’t like something or disagree with a choice you are accused of “flipping out” or “panicking”. I think most would agree the baby is adorable and while some don’t mind the haircut, others are stating it’s not for them. We don’t need to be reminded that hair grows back – of course it will!!

Angel on

What a precious little girl. She is beautiful and seems so happy!!

Amanda on

I’m one of the minority because I really think this is being blown way, way out of proportion. You wouldn’t think twice about shaving a boy’s hair so why not a girl’s? But than again, I’m all for breaking down gender sterotypes.

Who cares what her hair looks like? Some people are just never satisfied. The comments on CBB have gotten more and more judgemental and critical in the last 18 months or so. Angelina won’t dress her kids in colour, Katie always has Suri in dresses, etc, etc. It’s too much!

It’s just hair, it’s just clothes! Angel seems to be a happy, confident little girl. She has a family that loves her, a roof over her head and food in her belly which is a hell of a lot more than some children can say. I rather think that in the grand scheme of things, her hairstyle is of the least importance.

Lisa on

These are pictures you look back at when you are older and want to slap your parents for. One word…FUGLY!

babyboopie on

I think it’s not very nice, as she looks like a boy but then again my son has the traditional long hair of a french boy and I think he looks gorgeous even though people sometimes mistake him for a girl. As long she’s happy and healthy, that’s all matters really.

Mariel on

i will NEVER do that to my little girl
honestly i wont

crimpe on

She looks happy and quirky. The style is unexpected and crazed and looks adorable. Mohawks really freak people out, to be sure. But look at her! She looks independent and thrilled and animated. Kingston’s mohawk is not as flattering, and despite his clothes and hair, that child is older than Angel yet is often carried, strolled, pacified, and seems more of a demure kid. ANGEL has more charisma than any of the adults!

mochababe73 on

Even if Angel asked for the hairdo, since when do we allow 2 year olds to make those types of decisions. My 11 year old boy asked for a mohawk, and I told him absolutely not. Especially since I am paying for it.
She’s a cute little girl, and I hope that she had an unfortunate accident. If this was done on purpose, her mother should be ashamed. I don’t care about this notion of girls and boys can rock the same ‘do.
By the way, she’s cute as pie.

Tracy on

I say to each their own. Angel looks like she is enjoying all the attention. Look at that cheeky grin. Hair is hair, and grows back quickly. She has a lot of hair for her age. I had no hair until 18months. I live in South Africa and the majority of black people will shave their babies heads on a regular basis. Even in the indian culture here they shave their baby’s head on a certain day after they are born. So if people are allowed to do these things for religious reasons, why not for fun too.

Robyn on

I don’t understand why everyone on this site that posts comments is so conservative.

IT’S HAIR! Who cares? And mohawks are awesome. When you tell your kid no over and over again, they’re just going to act out later in life and do what they want because they’re free from your bad parenting. People, your child is it’s OWN person, NOT an extension of you and your wants. So if you don’t like a mohawk, who cares, maybe your kid does. Let a child express themselves however they want. If my daughter wanted her hair cut like that, you can bet I would let her.

Some of the moms on here just make me sick to my stomach. It’s not 1950.

Nettrice on

I would ABSOLUTELY do this to my little girl’s hair…as well as mine. ‘frohawks are in. Just ask Rhianna and Cassie.

Mari on

My head was shaved at around 2-3 (cultural traditions). My mom says I didn’t care. I always had really short hair. With two sisters having really long hair, my mom wanted one of us to have a short cut. I think she looks happy, so who cares? It’ll grow back…. sheesh!

CelebBabyLover on

Lisa- I think we ALL have at least one of those pictures!🙂

Ceebs on

I can’t help but wonder if perhaps Angel happened to attempt to cut her own hair, and this was the best that could be done to fix the situation. I know that with a cut this extreme, it might seem like a stretch, but who knows ? My little girl is 3, and in the space of 60 seconds while I answered the door, she managed to use safety scissors to hack off the whole front of her hair, giving herself “bangs” which looks like a mullet ! No fixing THAT, but it made me wonder if there was more going on than we know about !

Adele (UK) on

Has anyone though maybe her afro hair was a bit heavy in the hot weather & this haircut made her feel cooler.
She is 2 years old & a child starts expressing themselves at this age so maybe she did ask for the haircut & Mel let her have it.
It suits Angel so well as she looks a feminine toddler so she can get away with having a haircut like that.

Jessie on

Okay, I don’t like it at all and think it looks kind of like baby Mr. T, but she’s not my kid, and really – who cares? It’s hair. It grows back. She’s two. It’s not like she’s in elementary school where other kids will be making fun of her. At least Mel didn’t subject her to bleaches and dyes like some other kids.

Terri on

Wow, what rude comments. You don’t have to like the child’s hair. I don’t happen to like the long hair on boys that some celebrities favor, but it’s not my kid either. Stop judging Mel as a bad mother because you don’t like her daughter’s hair. It’s just mean and petty.

Marcia on

EWE…I do not like at all.

Nina on

I got no problem with the mohawk, but I think it could’ve been done more tastefully, maybe they could’ve trimmed the top low or left a little hair on the sides or made it into a faux-hawk or … something.

FC on

Whoa. Her mom went all out when she decided to give Angel a mohawk. Nothing faux about it.

Not my cup of tea, but hey, Angel is so sweet and that smile just melts me. She can make a person forget anything out of the ordinary with that smile.:D

Elle on

Has it occurred to anyone that maybe the little girl got hold of some scissors or clippers and cut her own hair and this was the best they could do to shape it up?

maggie on

i agree with a previous comment i don’t think any of you guys would do this to your daughter especially if you even think this is cute. also i doubt that a 2 year old would know who rihanna is even if her mom was like scary let alone get a haircut like her’s.

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